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 Kethel Update WIP

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kethel Update WIP   Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:13 pm

Sugiura Template


Name: Ketheldrein Riva Leonhardt
Titles: Rose of May, Brand of Riva
Appearance Age: 24
True Age: 4,000
Gender: Female
Sugiura Class: Knight Sugiura
Origin: Eradication
Alliance: Suigura Hierarchy |Rank| Euclidean Knight

General Attributes



Ketheldrein is not denying a very beautiful woman. Standing at a height of five feet and nine inches, she is pretty tall for a girl. However, the way her body is built is a lithe, graceful form. Her shape is mostly as one would expect of perfection, with a hourglass shape on her hips, but she yet, on those delicate seeming shoulders, hold a lot of weight. Her bones are strong, and her muscles are well-developed. If one were to touch her body, they would notice silky soft skin, of a nice peach color, fitting with her family lines. But they would also notice the light hardness, as her muscles are well developed to carry on her body. One of the most prevalent features, compared to the rest of her family, is the fact that Ketheldrein has a seize-able bust size. Reaching around the D-cup and more, considering how shy she is about it, this Leonhardt seems to have gained all of the breast giving genetics. It doesn't seem to impeded Ketheldrein what so however, as she easily adapts and adjusts to the fact that her breasts are larger then normal. She has a beautiful face, and seems to resemble the King so very greatly. In fact, if one were to place her hair in the exact same style, they would note that their faces are exactly the same.

In a sense, this proves Ketheldrein's Leonhardt lineage. She has a nicely shaped face, with naturally pink lips. Her Amethyst gaze is piercing, as it seems to shift into other purple shades. Depending on her current mood, the purple may turn redder or more of a blue shade of it. Her long blonde hair reaches to the back of Ketheldrein's thighs, if she allows it to be loose. However, this is not often ; in a typical style, she keeps her hair done up almost ninety percent of the time. In the style she puts her hair, it is very reminiscent of the King's own hair, and is eerily as if she was a bit taller, boobier version of Arturia. On Ketheldrein's face, there seems to be mostly a more stern expression ; however, she does have many expressions and feelings that run across her face. The most common of these is a sort of grin that forms when she's excited. It shows only some of her teeth, but her eyes sparkle brightly. In a sense, Ketheldrein knows she is beautiful ; her movements are trained to be graceful, even though she is a warrior at heart, rather then a princess. This is reflected in her clothing most times as well, and she is almost never seen without a weapon at near hand.

Ketheldrein's normal court going clothes tend to have the shade of purple and gold to it. She wears a pair of black tights ad has a black undershirt under her cloak like top. To accent the fact she is a knight, she wears a breast plate specifically inscribed to Ketheldrein's preferences, and shoulder pads. She even has gauntlets and greaves, that end up in boots as well. She doesn't seem to be perturbed by the fact that she carries very heavy armor. In this classical court appearance, she is seen carrying Besavel, her well known Sacred. That is typically the outfit that people see her in. Although, she may forgo the plate mail at times, and thus show a nice, white blouse that matches with the top, even though she has a black undershirt.

A secondary outfit is the one that she wears when in public, mostly in the human world. Dressed in a black wife beater with an interesting design, and a plated skirt, she has a lot of accessories to go with that. Belts, chains, collar, fingerless gloves, arm band, thigh high boots ; you name it, and she has it. It gives Ketheldrein a very refined, but dangerous look as well. She also binds her breasts a bit, as to reduce their side in order to appear less as herself. Often she seems to be very rebellious and hard headed, and this modern styling of her body proves it. Surprisingly, this is when her ear piercings show as well. Ketheldrein wears this outfit in her own relaxed settings, which may shock those that know her in court or other such official functions. She seems to have no qualms in wearing skimpy clothing either. Her style seems to be almost fashionable, in fact extremely so, almost to the point of dropping jaws. She seems to wear these clothes by nature, and often stuns others that have seen her in just official like settings. This is often the outfit that she's seen on her bike with. (Note: the picture is just an approximation about the outfit, nothing more.)

For those that are lucky enough to catch Ketheldrein at her home, they will notice a huge change in her clothing. In fact, she seems much more like a motherly figure, due to wearing mostly baggy clothes, aprons and other household like clothing. In fact, she even has the remainder of her clothes that she had during her maiden days. She seems to like wearing them. But she isn't a slouch either ; she will also fight near naked if she has to, and quite successfully to boot. Her clothing tends to be in shades of white, pink, or other girly colors. She doesn't seem to mind being feminine nor looking motherly, often found with a ladle at meal times, ready to smack those that are late. She seems to be almost out of character with these clothes, and yet it fits her completely, making her seem very warm and kind to everyone around her.


Ketheldrein seems to almost be three people at once : the Knight of the Court, the Sister and then the Beast. These aspects seem to shift, and inter mesh at times, and yet, compose Ketheldrein in a unique manner. Regardless of the shifts, Ketheldrein has a few main composing aspects of herself.

~ You know just whom I am ~
Ketheldrein in all her aspects has a sense of pride. She is proud of her family and herself : and she developed an acid tongue and a trigger finger blade in order to defend herself and those she loves from all attacks. Ketheldrein uses a lot of her instincts to get things done. Those gut feelings she get, she often relies on : as such, she's developed a sharp intuition that sometimes puts others ill at ease. The way she has of disassembling people with a few accurate thoughts tend to make her a little too perceptive. But even with that, no one can deny that Ketheldrein is sort of girly. She likes pretty things, even as a knight, and seems to reflect that : her clothes are elegant, her poses are elegant. She likes aesthetics and seems to like looking good more then not. She does get antsy if she can't bathe for a while. But even so, Ketheldrein has a high set of morals : she has a few things which she lives by, and judges other by. Her morals aren't flexible for herself, but they are part of her, and often colour her perception of others.

~ What lives must I take, for Fealty's Sake? ~
The Rose of May is one of Kethel's titles : the title she obtained with her own knightly attributes. This is the one of three shifts. In this shift, Ketheldrein's sense of loyalty is quadrupled : she would never betray those she had sworn fealty to, even should their actions be wrong. Her honour is such she will not strike without warning, nor will she take down a downed opponent. There is a high sense of duty, accomplishing the mission even if it results in her death. However, Ketheldrein seems to be unconcerned about some methods she uses, which should clash with her honour. However, Loyalty and Duty trump Honour, for Honour is a luxury, not a right. So should the previous two attributes call for something which is not honourable, Ketheldrein will do it regardless. She will however, punish herself and repent later : however at that point, should it be convenient, honour will be discarded. This allows Ketheldrein to, in a sense, become a demon for the good of those she is serving. It makes her extremely efficient and with her natural talents, but this also gives her an extreme guilt complex. Forcing herself to discard honour, as a knight, harms her general pride ; but yet, for the good of her lords, she will do whatever she has to. And as such, she will always feel guilty to those that have erred and earned the wrath of those she served. However loyal, she does still have a limit. That be said, she will serve those she had sworn fealty to ; but not their descendants, no matter how carefully worded the vow is. This is Ketheldrein's own grown ; for respect is earned, not given. With a level head, she does not seem surprised by anything. Many seem to think she is a cold knight, but the girl is kind and gentle until needed otherwise. However, she is a very strong person, and even so, her light temper is met with a calm mettle ; in a sense, insulting her lord will call for a duel, however, she will make it quick and painless. She doesn't seem to care much for long lasting battles. The faster she can finish the fight, the better.

~ That's the Supreme Shape of love isn't it? ~
The Rebellious Punk Sister seems to be fitting into Ketheldrein's role in the family. She loves adventure and exploring : this is tempered with hotheadedness, which often gets her into rows and debates, and even fights. But it doesn't help that Ketheldrein's even more stubborn then a mountain, never yielding no matter if the other is right or not. Unless Ketheldrein herself can come to the resolution and the conclusion, expect nothing to be done. Ketheldrein in general is easy going like this, and actually, is a very caring and sort of motherly person. She likes cooking and making things for her siblings : feeling worthless most of the time compared to her siblings, she often seems to purposefully rend herself from them. Often times, a lot of her rebellious act seems to counter balance her sibling's general attitudes and to keep herself from getting too close to some of her more inner feelings. However, she does have a stronger bond with the younger siblings, because she had often cared for them, such as Kakeru and Feraki. Although she may purposefully keep herself from her family, Ketheldrein is almost yandere like in her siblings well-being. She will often stalk suitors, crush them in battle or even check their worth. Very defensive with her affections and her actions, Kethel is mostly indulgent, preferring for her siblings to seek what they want actively of her. But in a way, the girl is very protective, and will easily lose her temper at anyone that insults or tries to harm her siblings. There is a rumor amongst the male soldiers that Ketheldrein once shot one in the nuts for masturbating to one of her sisters too loudly. In any case, she is like the mother bear of the family. She has an intense love for her siblings, which might seem creepy at times, but she always means good for them. Her love doesn't know any bounds, as it becomes quickly evident. However, even though she loves her family, she can get angry at them. She seems to hold some sort of issues towards her parents, seemingly growing impatient and unsettled each time they are mentioned. She also enjoy touches more so at this stage then any other, loving to sneak up and hug people. This state of mind doesn't seem to apply only to family, but her lovers too.

~ Good night to the Brilliant Heartland ~
A secondary aspect of this, is a sort of Hot Headed Friend. This is mostly towards those that are close to her, but not as close as her family. In a way, she is a bit watered down from her normal attitude ; however, she also seems to have moment of the other two shifts mixed into this. She is a hot headed person, ready to go off and fight with a grin, but also has a sense of calm until insulted. She isn't very touchy feely with her friends unless they are female. She does have the tendency to turn around and smack her friends or otherwise beat them up in hilarious manners if they do something strange. She always does take care of them afterwards however. She will defend her friends with her life, even though she may seem cold to them initially. She doesn't seem to realize that perhaps staying quiet about her issues would worry other people, and instead tries to shoulder all of their pain. She doesn't often admit her true feelings, denying them. She also has the tendency to make excuses for things she's done that may seem like very caring, which often makes her seem like a Tsundere. She does blush often and seems generally more awkward at times then she normally would be. But she genuinely cares, as she's often seen stopping at nothing to help her friends. A good extent of this can apply to comrades as well.

~ Devour, Devour suffocate your own empire ~
The Blood Lust is the shift that used to appear rarely. It mostly in control in a larger, twisted form when Ketheldrein becomes more and more corrupted from her Origin. When told to attack during a heightened emotion, often times, Ketheldrein becomes an unleashed beast : she will rampage, destroy and kill with no remorse. This basically takes all that is Ketheldrein and shoves it out the window : mocking, arrogant, cruel. All things that seem to match perfectly with her alter form, almost scarily so. Some can say that Ketheldrein becomes heartless : that when unleashed, she looses her path to the light and becomes a creature of darkness, almost beyond evil. The fear that Ketheldrein expels during blood lust is almost drowning : and the feelings that she finds during the blood lust are addictive. These feelings, once unleashed, try to come out more and more. These feelings are more or less all of Ketheldrein's negative aspects rolled into one neato package of destruction. This lust is held back by Ketheldrein's will, and only unleashed should one she considers worthy commands her to. Yet, it may come out during a particularly strong fight, or an opposing person. In a sense, this is Ketheldrein's more trigger happy state, as she enjoys a good fight with an almost zealous need to destroy and kill, as her origin is ''Eradication.'' So it makes her enjoy fighting, destroying and dominating, a lot more then she normally should. Sometimes, it also comes out whilst she's in another form, which may make things a bit weird. This seems to affect some of her shifts a bit more then she wants to admit, as when she feels she has a good challenge, or her pride is insulted, a minor fraction of this keeps slipping out. She gets competitive, a bit snide, and seems to generally be arrogant. It also magnifies her Yandere like capabilities towards her siblings almost intensely, as seen when she tried to kill Kakeru because she wanted him to stay by her side. In a sense, this shift is often very dangerous, and it's recommended to avoid it as much as possible.

~ Never give up, never back down ~
Also, in general, Ketheldrein is a quick learner : with an easy capacity for memory, and even more so a hand's on way of breaking down things, it make Ketheldrein the most adept to modern world technologies then her sisters, and even gives her a sort of easy morph into the actual world, since she can adapt to just about any environment through sheer force of will. Ketheldrein never seems to be brought down by a new area, and instead can easily survive just about anywhere. This said, she also seems to have a near obsession with motorcycles, even equipping one for battle. Many think it's the need for speed, which they may be right. She also seems to have a natural aptitude to be a blacksmith and weapon creation, as seen by Aealain, her battle cycle. She also has the tendency to use her guns to shoot at people when they annoy her. Ketheldrein's easily the most technological amongst the girls, loving the feel of technology under her finger tips. This makes her highly adaptive to most technology, liking to keep herself at the point of the wave. This means, if given half a chance, she could probably figure out some of the more insane technological aspects of the world. Her mental capability to assimilate, dissect, study and link are on the genius level, although not recognized. This is because her genius is more or less a more underground like thing, as it is the capability to link more then one intelligence, and effectively govern them. Unwillingly, this intelligence gives Ketheldrein a good charismatic figure, and she often gets a fan club or five. With the way she cares for people, albeit a bit run-about at times, she tends to get the younger ones under her care. With her natural desire to protect in most cases, and sometimes just eradicate the bad things, Ketheldrein can be considered the underdog's best friend. She uses all of her skills in things she is committed to ; no matter how afraid she is of her true nature, or angry she is at her parents for shunning her like that. Regardless of her own problems, she always dives in, even if it would hurt her. This makes Ketheldrein a very strong friend, as she never gives up.. even if she should or has to.

Animalistic Traits:

Ketheldrein doesn't have any visible animal traits. However, that doesn't mean she doesn't have any. The knight seems to be almost too ethereal to be entirely devoid of animal traits ; and people are right about that. In fact, Ketheldrein's entire body seems to be rather different in nature. If one was to look at her eyes, they would notice her pupil shrink and widen in minute detail, much like animals. Also, looking at her teeth, they would notice how her canines are much sharper. They would even notice the jagged bump in her canines, almost like a snake. Each of her movements are actually pretty elegant and sinuous. A little known fact is that Ketheldrein actually shed flakes of her skin at times ; it would explain why she gets antsy without a bath. Her hair is actually also very strong, a single strand capable of lifting up a 500 page book. Also, her body responds in many ways to the environment around her, as if she had a particular sense of the area. In all, Ketheldrein seems to be almost eerily animal like in her movements, and yet has tamed that with human mannerisms. Thus her traits aren't as visible as others, but instead make up minute parts of Ketheldrein's physiognomy. However, as she becomes corrupted, more animalistic traits begin to show up visibly, such as her canines becoming fangs, or her entire body starting to crouch as if ready to strike. However, no one's been able to sit down and figure out just what changes as Ketheldrein becomes more and more corrupted by her Origin.



Character Background:

The day when Arturia was born is remembered greatly. It was a private affair with the King and Queen, Uther Leonhardt and Beatrice ''Bice'' Castiglioni/del Testa de Oro-Leonhardt, and their midwife. It was pretty quiet, but a long affair, as there was the birth of Arturia, but also her sister Ketheldrein. In fact, there were triplets it seems, but Ketheldrein can't seem to get the story straight. In either case, where there is great light, there is a shadow to follow. Arturia was seen as holy ; her compability to the legendary blade Exaclibur was amazing. However, augeries were rolled on the birth of the children ; and Ketheldrein's predicted a darkness that would overwhelm her. Unbecknowst to the kingdom, it was a snap decision ; they decided to try and kill Ketheldrein, as her origin was more then likely too powerful. It was a painful choice, but it was the decision to save the Sugiura rather then let something that could end them roam. So Ketheldrein was entrusted to the midwife, whom's name remains murked, and she went out and brought the child through the Western forest. Taking a day or two for the travel, she left the child near a river bank, and prayed for it to find a good next life. Leaving the crying babe, the midwife could feel her heart hurt. But this was a mission.

Mere hours after the midwife left, there was a soldier that heard the cries of the babe. Arriving, he saw the cute little thing crying, along with the appearance of a beautiful doll like girl. She seemed odd, as her very presence was almost transcendant. ''Brand of Riva.'' she said softly, calling on the male's name. Or rather, his title. The male was startled, as he took a step back, but the girl smiled. ''Do not worry. You sense the evil of the child, do you not?'' she asked him, as he took in a breath, and nodded. The evil was overwhelming, but underneath it, there was a gentle light. It was just a child, cursed with an Origin that was evil. The girl knelt, and picked up the child, carrying it towards the male. From behind Brand, came a younger male, carrying a large broadsword. Stopping upon seeing the female, he stared, as the orb in his blade glowed. ''Ah.. you are here too. Then I beg of you, take this child.'' she asked softly, walking towards the both of them. The male with the broadsword flinched, as he felt the evil. But the girl's soft lullaby seemed to calm the evil, as she held the child, placing her into Brand's arms. With a smile, she stepped back, and tilted her head. ''I will guard over her from the inside.. so raise her well. I understand you have temporal modifications? I wish for her to accomplish her destiny.. so raise her for fifteen years, and then send her back to this place for five. Does that make sense?'' asked the girl. Confused, Brand stared at the male with the broadsword. He nodded.

''Good. Then, this child's name is Ketheldrein Leonhardt. Give her that name when the time comes.'' said the spirit, as it was appearant now. With a soft kiss on the babe's forehead, the figure dissipated, leaving the babe, Brand and the man with the broadsword. With a sigh, as the orb within the blade glittered, and seemed to coo a song, the male shook his head. ''Still not used to this. Come on Brand, let's go. We've got a girl to raise.'' he said, taking the male, the babe, and fading.

That was the start of Ketheldrein's new life. She was named Beldrein, as a mixture of her own name and their particular naming pattern. Raised as daughter to the King, she was mostly given to Brand's dominion. He established rules for her, and taught her swordsmanship, and how to fight. He also brought her to several places in order to adapt. In a way, he was her father, and she embraced that ; she was also given culture lessons. She enjoyed those a bit less, as her origin kept pushing her to fight fight and fight. But she took the time to learn how to preform household chores, on how to charm people and a bunch of other things. In a way, she was being taught how to survive away form them at a small age. Beldrein was brought aside when she was twelve, and was asked to touch the swords, until one suited her. Surprised, she touched many of the blades ; but none suited her. None had rung out with a beautiful tune, and the people were confused. The King, although Beldrein had never thought to learn of his name, walked up to her, and put a hand on her shoulder. Softly, he brought her hand to the Orb that lay in his great broadsword. The people almost began to panic, Brand's face worried. But curious, she touched it, and it seemed to purr, turning a soft pink. Popping it out of the blade, the male let the girl hold it.

''Just let your heart free.'' he said to her softly. Nodding, she closed her eyes. A big flash of light blinded the area, but once it was gone, there was a blade floating in front of Beldrein. She gave in a small breath, as she looked curiously at the King, whom took the Orb out of her hands. In her hands, there was a small jewel. With an innate understanding, she placed the jewel in the hilt of the sword, and drew it. Amazed by the blade, the song of it rang out in the hall, making everyone look with surprised wonder. The girl was then slowly taught in the ways of her blade, exploring the powers she could gain with it. She was also often taken to the side by the King, in order to learn something even more. Kethel still isn't sure what it is, but he insisted that it would help when she ready. Learning these things, Beldrein's life was hectic, at least until her fifteenth birthday. That was the day she was told that she had to leave this place, and venture forth towards another place. That she had to find her destiny. It saddened the girl, immensely, as her father, Brand, had passed away recently. He had no sons, nor other children apart from her. So as a gift, they nammed her ''Brand of Riva.'' and with her title, she was sent towards the Leonhardt castle.

Arriving, she used her good manners and smiling face to quickly infiltrate, or rather, meld within the society of the castle. She was quickly one of the favorite maids, not only due to her good manners, perfect housework, and her gentle will, but the fact that she ressembled the daughter that they had long ago discarded. What the King of Riva had forgotten to tell her, was her true name. So Ketheldrein was helping during the birth of the twins Kakeru and Feraki. And easily, she became their baby sitter, raising them as well. She was their big sister, or so they liked to call her. Strangely, she always took care of the girl Arturia when the other would let her, seemingly not aging. It was strange, as she celebrated her birthday on the same as Arturia's ; however, she never mentioned it to anyone, unless they asked. For the longest of times, only Kakeru and Feraki would give presents to the blonde haired girl, as she accepted them, but scolded them afterwards. But they still did it. In a way, it was a nice childhood, as she became their assistant after they had grown up. In secret, however, Beldrein continued with her training, even adopting some of the Sugiura's styles. Her thirst for knowledge was intense, as she ressearched what she could, generally sheepish if someone caught her. But she was very careful, to say the least, as to not let her fighting capabilities be known.

Until the day an assassin had gotten to Feraki's room. Beldrein heard the scream, and saw Kakeru banging at Feraki's door. Without warning, her foot expertly smashed it open, surprising the assassin. And without much of a split second, a flurry of blades had impaled the would be assassin, as the blonde haired girl picked up Feraki, and Kakeru, and then moved away, as the soldiers came to see what was going on. Placing the children into Bice's arms, the blonde haired girl just gave a terse smile. The soldiers were confused at the blades, as the knight walked towards them. The blades vanished, the assassin falling to the ground, as she single handedly picked him up, and handed him to the soldiers. ''He's ready for questioning. I don't know how long he'll last with those wounds, but you should get the information you can.'' she spoke softly, as she went to cleaning the mess he had made of Feraki's room. Everyone seemed a bit surprised, but moved into action. However, the girl could sense Bice's eyes on her, as if questioning. But she would not answer ; she refused to acknowledge that feeling, as once she was done cleaning, she bowed and removed herself, to let the woman comfort the two children. It was almost scary, how fast she had lost control. If she had not watched herself, she'dve killed that man for even attempting to touch Feraki.

That was the first time she had fought someone else or even used her abilities seriously since she had left Riva. The girl found herself knowing that she loved this family, almost if they were her own. She felt immensely comfortable around the children, but the two parents seemed to piss her off, even though it was much lesser towards Bice. But that was of no issue, as Ketheldrein quickly found herself in a hard position. Kakeru needed training, as he was reaching the age of learning combot and getting into too much trouble ; but no trained knights had the time to spare, considering the human world upheavals that were going on, amongst other things. So Beldrein found herself in front of Bice, and asked her if she could train Kakeru and Feraki, considering that the others were busy. There was only one condition ; that she show her might in a tournament that was being held. Agreeing to that, Beldrein participated in the tournament ; and nearly won first place, but was defeated by another knight. However, the fact that a well known maid was capable of holding her ground was surprising ; and with that, she began to train Kakeru and Feraki. She also kept working as a maid, often interacting with the other Leonhardts, from helping those that were after Kakeru and Feraki growing up, or assisting the elders in cleaning their belongings and dressing, even bathing if needed. In all, Ketheldrein was always helping the children, even finding herself assisting Bice on an occaision or two.

However, it had been close to a thousand years now, that she was serving the Leonhardts in such capacity. So as the world seemed to change, she easily found herself wandering with Kakeru into several things ; the two worked as a duo, often a trio when Feraki came with them. Although, Beldrein was always called back to Arturia's side, she supported the family in any ways she could. However, one day, there was a squad of betrayers, that had kidnapped Feraki. Unfortunately, the girl seemed to be a favorite target of kidnappers for the family, considering her relatively weak powers and lack of prescence. Ketheldrein arrived at the site, and after slaughtering the lot of them, took Feraki home. That was when the title, Rose of May began to be used. It was a sort of anology, a saying coined for a person that would serve unwaveringly, even to the deviant path of darkness. In essence, it fit Ketheldrien very well, and often times, the missions that others did not want the royalty to see, or even things that most would blanch at doing, she was found doing them. She was a powerful force, as she never stopped if her duty meant for it. But soon, it began to strain at her. It came undone pretty fast.

One day, she was training with Kakeru. That was a day where he began calling unto his Origin ; Order. However, Ketheldrein's Origin, Eradication, was it's opposite. Without warning, their clash became violent, and they almost killed each other for the first time. That was when Feraki first used her Requiem of Balance, to ease the two from their fight. However, the damage had been done ; Bice more then likely knew her true identity. Not that Beldrein understood that, but she felt exhausted that night, and slept hard. But the darkness had been unleashed ; so that Eradication would walk. Thus, in her dreams, Aura began to speak to her, to teach her and to counsel her, like she was meant to do. Teaching Ketheldrein about her power, she did not yet reveal her identity to her. Instead, she would wait for the day that the Leonhardts would need her. As such, Ketheldrein found herself a steady rythm for a thousand more years ; and that was when the Northen Sugiura had become a bit stronger. But the years kept passing by, with only refinement and training for Ketheldrein, and her deep missions.

At least, until Kakeru vanished mid-mission. Ketheldrein tried finding traces of him, but couldn't even do that ; all she could do, was hope that she could find traces of his Sacred, which she had found. That blade had been her gift to Kakeru, and she had an opposing one for Feraki as hell. But, she wasn't sure if it worked. The blonde was then called to a room, where the entirety of the Leonhardts were. That's when Bice organized their family meeting ; and immidiately, Beldrein protested. ''Pardon, but I am not part of this.'' she had said, with a gentle tone. She knew she was considered like family, but Bice's strange smile made her ill at ease. ''And that's where you are wrong. You are my daughter, Ketheldrein Leonhardt.'' said the woman. The feelings were swallowed, as the mission Kakeru was on was laid out. Ketheldrein, still struggling, reported her results. And that's when it was decided to officially adopt Ketheldrein back into the family, and reveal her to the massed. Heavily objecting, there was no time as she was swept up in inumerable things, and presented to the people. Relatively, the hub-bub of Ketheldrein's return would cover Kakeru's disapearance. It was a distasteful reason to Ketheldrein.

And she felt a dark hate in her heart. Taking herself to the human world, for means for ressearch, she spent almost two thousand years in that world. Learning, adapting, meeting ; initially as a wandering knight, and then slowly as a teenager to each era, Ketheldrein found herself amassing knowledge that msot would be afraid of. But she didn't mind. She had found herself visiting her family home at times, learning about her sibblings. In fact, she even found out her love for motor cycles. There was a period in time where Ketheldrein couldn't help herself and often stole Arturia's motorcycle, taking it for a spin. She often snuck around, and enjoyed her joy rides out into the world : letting the wind whip through her hair. She felt a sort of happy, floating feeling : that's when she discovered her love for motorcycles. However, one day, as she snuck out for a joy ride, she quickly got embroiled in a skirmish : and that's when Kethel realized that she held Mystic Eyes for the first time, as one of her opponents was able to tell her. Kethel replied that she didn't care, before slipping their grasp. Unknowing of who or what it was, or why she didn't have her Kyuu Kyou powers and yet held eyes, the girl didn't really care. What she did care was the four hours she spent fixing the scratches on the bike, to make sure Arturia didn't know of her joy rides.

In a sense, Ketheldrein had immersed herself into the human culture, and even more so, didn't understand why she held great power but not. In fact, Ketheldrein had come to realize that she did in fact hold it ; she just could not conciously access it. That helped clarify her knowledge a bit, and she returned to the family around twenty years ago.. only to intercede on another battle. Without warning, Ketheldrein unleashed her Origin, in the measure of defending her sisters from attacks, and ended up destroying about half the castle. It took Arturia's holy presence, a blast from Excalibur, and Feraki's Requiem of Balance in order for the Origin to settle. Since then, Ketheldrein has understood a bit of the sense of ''tragic fate'' that belonged to her. The very fact that her existence was a blight didn't help either. But Ketheldrein felt something stirr in her : and that's when the knight made her appearance. Strangely, many thought that she was a blindsiding force : and yet there was a sudden power house on the premises. And with that determination, and unyielding will, Kethel carved her place to Arturia's side. Because for the longest time, Arturia and the twins Kakeru and Feraki was the only reason Kethel even kept her struggles.

However.. Ketheldrein began to understand, and even maybe come closer to her family. The family she was a burden to. However, the proud woman never let it drag her down : she in fact continued, letting her fire burn. Although sometimes a rebel, and yet the sister that she was, Kethel just let her life continue. And she knew, now, that there was a bigger chapter in her adventure coming. Maybe she would be a bigger curse to her family : maybe she wouldn't. Only time would figure that out, and Ketheldrein was ready for it, with head held high, and her blade ready to be whisked out. Her path as an Euclidean knight only started recently, when she returned ; and then suddenly, Kakeru was at their doorstep. Hugging her brother, the little brother she had raised, trained, fought and almost killed, she realized that he had no memories. Concerned over this, Ketheldrein aimed to help him become whole. Now stuck in between several duties, the knight Sugiura finds herself with a strange scroll, with summons to Riva. After her training session with Kakeru, she felt she had to do something with the world, with the entirety of her family.. in fact, she found herself with a new goal.

To keep growing, to keep evolving, and to adapt to a more complete self.

a beckoned run away leisure

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Moved to OLD WIP due to the expiration of the two week period!
If you would like this moved back post here or ask a member of staff in XAT.
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Well, looks like you're never coming back so I'm going to remove this from Old WIP and put this into the Archives. If you wish to have it put back into WIP then please just post here.

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Kethel Update WIP
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