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 Nepeta Leijon [APPROVED, 2-2+, BEAST]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Nepeta Leijon [APPROVED, 2-2+, BEAST]   Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:23 pm

Beast Sugiura Template


Name: Nepeta Leijon
True Age: Around 1300
Gender: Female
Nepeta is the most pawsibly happiest and carefree Sugiura you would probably meet. It’s never a day where you don’t see this little cat girl angry and sulking. Nepeta is also quite childish, loving the play games, especially if it’s like a hunt. Nepeta, of course is not always cute and cuddly and can infact be quite dangerous. She is very cunning and stealthy, watching those and others actions carefully. She also has a slight sadistic side as she finds joy in the chase of a hunt and if caught she may use your skin as a pelt to wear for fun or use your blood to draw on her shipping wall. She is also known to be quite strong.

Nepeta also doesn’t seem to know the concept of personal space. She is always showing someone she likes showers of affection, even if they seem to like it or not. Nepeta also does not follow having just one love. She believes you can have up to four. It goes up the red and black quadrants. She is also known to ship her friends mostly for her amusement.

The Red Quadrants (Redom): It is known for having the red and pale loves. Both known has matespritship and moiraillagence. Nepeta is known to commonly ship her friends in the redom area.
Matespriteship: The flushed quadrant is akin to the human emotion love. It is basically finding a person who you will wish no harm upon and care immensely for. It is usually symbol with a heart ( <3 ) and is the reddest of quadrants.

Moiraillagence: This is the pale relationship. The symbol for this quadrant is a diamond ( <> ) and basically this is like finding your soul mate in a non-romantic sense. The two in this relationship must care for each other and be willing to help the other. The two must be able to be able to move within this quadrant as if it’s like a dance, if one partner is not cooperating with the other it could end terribly for both of the parties and could possibly end horribly and may need to go into the ashen quadrant.

The Black Quadrants (Blackdom): This is where a more of a hate romance comes in. Both quadrants in this category are known as the caliginous and ashen quadrants, known as kismesissitude and auspisticism. Nepeta also ships blackdom but it is very rare.

Kimesissitude: The blackest of the blackdom quadrants and is represented with the spade ( <3< ) It is quite strange as you hate your partner but also feel a sexual attraction towards them. It is commonly frowned upon if you kill or defeat your kismesis as you would lose the relationship. A kismesis is similar to an arch rival, they are there to give you a challenge but they are not able to bring any of the other quadrants into this caliginous dance.

Auspisticism: The ashen quadrant that is represented with the the club ( c3< ). Typically you can feel hate for more than one person but you may have only one kismesis, thus an auspitice is formed to mediate between the two who are black for another to a point where it is almost feelings that of a kismesis and avoid a black infidelity. An auspitice is between three people, with one of them being the mediator who mediates interactions between the other two and keeping their relationship functional. If the mediator does a poor job or is uninterested in keeping the peace, the two who are black for each other may delve into much more torrid emotions.

General Appearance


Animalistic Traits: Nepeta is very close to having cat like qualities. Her horns are shaped like cat’s ears while her eyes are cat-like. It is unknown what animal could give her strangely colored eyes, and the grey color of her skin. Her horns seemed to be similar to that of cattle. Specifically cattle originally native to Africa called the Ankole-Watusi.
Appearance Age: About 13-17
Height: 5’6
Weight: Around 90-100 Ibs

Natural Abilities


Magic: N/A

Sacred Weapon: Clawkind. She has a pair of gloves that when unsheathed reveal 4 long blue curved claws with a curved triangle on top.
Other Weapons: N/A
Guardian Beast

Origin: An Origin is what is the basis of your character. No, not a base form. An Origin is, at the purest form, what your character represents. Origins are anything and everything.


-Powers credited to: [THEFROST]-

Fervid Soul: What is Fervid Soul? This is the primary set of Nepeta's powers as she deals heavily with the emotions of the heart; which means she has based many of her abilities that are forged from this power around Happiness, Love, Support, Personal Space and her carefree nature. So, as you will see below, Nepeta has incorporated these attributes in many unique ways. However, it is worth noting that she can only use two to four of these emotions at a time. This is to prevent her body from being overwhelmed by the benefits and powers that they grant her.

Joyous Soul: Based off the emotion "Happiness", when Joyous soul is activated, Nepeta is seen to experience a massive augmentation boost in her powers, physical limits and even some mental capacity. This can be seen in Nepeta obtaining superhuman strength, speed, stamina, endurance and so on; even being able to smash through steel without thinking twice, lift entire buildings with great speed, enduring more hostile attacks from opponents naturally and being able to sustain more amazing feats with greater control based on her stamina being increased. It can even be taken to higher levels if Joyous Soul is activated two times in a row. Meaning, she can take this to a Supernatural capacity; being able to smash through varying Kidō spells, attempting to dismantle barriers with her bare hands or even having a better resistance to otherworldly powers so that they have lessened effects on her body when Joyous Soul is activated.

Even more then that? It's also possible to spread this sort of effect to her allies. However, she must telepathically give them a heads up and they must first accept the offer for it to go into effect. In addition to that? This power is limited to a one mile radius of where her and said partner are. Meaning, that if they aren't within at a least a mile range of Nepeta? They most likely will not experience the effects Joyous Soul can have others outside of Nepeta. Furthermore, she is only capable of supporting a team of four to eight people before she must give up somebody from her control. This is because there is a limit to how far this ability can go before Nepeta begins experiencing side effects like aches in her body, extreme headaches and some dizziness.

Outside of that, however? Everything else has the potential to last until Nepeta runs out of energy to support this feat. The longest she can support Joyus Soul would most likely be twenty post in a row OR until she decides to switch into an alternative mood power.

  • Jovial Bounce: This is a technique of Joyous Soul that allows for the reflection of a wide range of physical and metaphysical based attacks. By summoning a burst of intense happiness, Nepeta is capable of summoning a sudden burst of joy on to the area that materializes itself in the form of a repelling shield. If an attack or enemy happens to hit this force? Chances are, their assault will most likely be reflected from Nepeta. She is capable of using this up to three to five times per post, but takes a small bit of Nepeta's energy each time it is used. Meaning, if it's abused too often, it'll eventually tire her out.

  • Chipper Restore: This is another technique that Joyous Soul holds for Nepeta. By summoning yet another burst of happiness, Nepeta is capable of healing up to four people within a five hundred meter radius. In this range? It's very likely that she can heal upwards of twenty to forty percent of the allies overall health. It's even possible, if Nepeta is in stable enough condition, that she can bring back upwards of ten to twenty percent of their lost energy. However, after performing Chipper Restore, it has a ten post cooldown before she is capable of performing this attribute again. Even more then that, it can leave Nepeta feeling a bit tired if it's used too much or on too many people. Lastly, it's limited to only being able to be used three to four times per thread before it is discontinued.

  • Perky Regen: This technique yet again takes a sudden surge of happiness that radiates within Nepeta's body, expels itself in the form of her spiritual energy and then proceeds to seal up wounds, burns, cuts or other similar injuries with relative ease. However, it's main purpose is to regenerate another sort of lost limbs, organs or body parts from her allies. Say if a ally had lost an arm? Nepeta would use Perky Regen in order to release her Jovial Spirits, have it become attached to whatever was left of that body part and then go on to form a new limb comprised of her energy. This can apply for internal organs, eyes and things like that; but it isn't possible for her to to do this on someone who is dead. So, more often then not, she cannot bring a person back to life if they had lost their brain or heart, but could bring those organs back if they had managed to cling on to life somehow; despite those lethal injuries. In any case, this technique is capable of being performed on four people at a time and has a one to two post cooldown if it's used three to four times in the same post and will bring down Nepeta's energy gradually for each use of Perky Regen.

  • Bliss Screech: This is an offensive based technique that was formed from Joyous Soul. By taking bits of Neopeta's spiritual energy and combining it with the attributes of Joyous Soul, Bliss Screech was given birth. It is summoned by Nepeta letting out an ferocious, yet happy shriek throughout a one hundred meter area. If all goes as planned? Varying attacks, abilities, techniques or other offensive/defense/augmentative attacks will temporarily be negated for a span of two to four post; having assaults like cero's sometimes become vaporized on sight when this howl is generated. However, she is only capable of performing it two times per post and, in order to generate it,. she will need to give up bits and pieces of her spiritual energy; so it isn't something that she can spam easily. Additionally, since it's restricted within a certain area, certain opponents may be able to dodge it if they can sense it coming.

Buoyant Soul: Buoyant Soul represents the carefree spirit that Nepeta has in her personality and emotions. This manifests itself in the form of her gaining an ability that "breezes" through limitations, spaces and boundaries. An example of Nepeta utilizing Buoyant Soul would be to temporarily make herself intangible for one post. Working on the concept of ignoring troubles, her body is capable of becoming intangible for one to three post, with a one to two post cooldown before it is possible for Nepeta to perform this attribute again. Yet, even more then that, she also retains the functioning power to have a limited range of objects, people or space around her, within a one hundred to five hundred meter range, become intangible as well for that same duration of time. This can come in handy in order to prevent her allies from taking a surprise attack by having them become ethereal. And, while they may not be able to attack the opponent during this time, it gives them more then enough time in order to heal themselves, come up with a plan or do some further augmenting to their body or buy for time.

Another application for Buoyant Soul is that it can be used to temporarily remove limits from Nepeta or her allies in the form of another augmented boost. However, unlike the Joyous Soul boost, this one focuses more on bringing out the utmost power in a person. Say if someone had the ability to harness electricity in the form of lightning bolts. With an enhancement boost from Buoyant Soul, it's possible for Nepeta to grant them the power to have the ability to become one with electrons; allowing them a form of lightning physiology that grants them dramatically increased speed, increased striking power and being able to have their body entirely comprised of electricity. This would also count as another three to six times augmentation boost, but in all areas: mentally, physically and any sort of power they may have. And, to boot, Buoyant Soul grants Nepeta or her allies a form of pain suppression while it's activate, so that they may ignore the effects of pain while this power is activated.

Though, it's worth noting that this can only last a duration of ten post before having a five to three post cooling period. Not to mention that it's only possible to do this when she has at least forty percent of her overall health/energy in tact. So, if damaged enough ,this attribute becomes null. This boost is also limited to the same area as Joyous Soul; which is a mile wide radius before these effects become invalid. Lastly, Buoyant Soul is also only capable of being sustained for twenty to ten post before she needs a five to ten post cool down to utilize again if she fails to take a brief break before reaching the tenth number. Meaning, if she doesn't take a one post break before reaching ten post, she'll most likely have that five to ten post limit; reaching ten post if she sustains it for twenty post.

Beast Joushou

Joushou Appearance: N/A
Joushou: N/A

Beast Zenou

Zenou Appearance: N/A
Zenou Abilities: N/A

Beast Kyuu Kyou

Kyuu Kyou Appearance:
Kyuu Kyou Abilities: The final stage of a Sugiura's power. This is 100% of their power, and their soul. Their abilities are increased substantially, and most of the time Kyuu Kyou is forbidden to be released. Few have mastered it, for it is so taxing to release it. It is manifested as the true form of one's soul.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: It was long ago since Nepeta first breathed life into the world. Although it was only 700 years ago, she awoken to find herself missing her memory save for her name. She was alone, no where even near a city in sight. Nepeta was alone and scared, having no idea where she was or who she was exactly. Nepeta had wandered for days, trying to find any answers to her lost memory. Soon enough, the young sugiura had passed out from exhaustion. Luckily for the young girl, a guardian beast was on the prowl. This guardian beast was a giant white lioness with two mouths. It watched as the Sugiura had wandered into its territory. She was waiting for Nepeta to let down her guard to attack when she got closer she noticed how this girl was of the race her kind protected. The lioness had taken the young Nepeta into her den and nursed the girl like it was her own young.

It was during this time Nepeta had been under the care of her Guardian Beast, whom she had affectionately named Pounce de Leon. Pounce had taught Nepeta how to hunt and fend for herself. The girl had become feral and had little to no interaction with another of her race. It was when she had been riding on top of Pounce they had found a small town that was not there when Nepeta had first awoken without memory of her life before then. Nepeta, being the curious girl you would ever know, hopped off Pounce to investigate this strange town. It was then she had met beings that were similar to her. It had confused and scared Nepeta as they saw her and approached her. She scampered off before one inhabitant could question the girl. Although this would not be her last visit, as for about years she would continue to visit this small town with Pounce as she watched it grow to become the city it is now. She had gained a reputation of being a guardian herself, protecting the small townsfolk of any harm the forest near them. Thanks to such exposure for people similar to her kind, she had gained the ability to speak their language and begin gaining more human like customs, rendering the girl less feral that she had been when she first stumbled upon the simple town and slowly shaping her to how she is now.

It was during a time where a rogue Guardian Beast had wandered out of its land and threatened to destroy the town Nepeta had grown fond of. She had devised a plan to attack the beast and scare it off, unfortunately she had underestimated the being and was left to limp back to lick her wounds. Outraged that she couldn’t defeat this monster she had came to Pounce, wondering how she could gain power. Pounce had the solution to merge with Nepeta. Once they had done so, Nepeta gained knowledge of what she was, a Sugiura, but not just an ordinary one anymore but instead a Beast Sugiura thanks to the knowledge of her Guardian Beast. Having gained new power, Nepeta had run off to face the beast once more, effectively killing it and saving the town. Once Nepeta had came back limping and bloodied, the townsfolk knew of her actions and praised her for it, looking to her as a protector. Of course once they had begun advancing she stopped patrolling around less and less of the now large and complex city.

Nepeta had now been revered as sort of a legend there because of her past acts. Every now and then she would pass through late at night where she would be spotted by a few late night walkers. Although soon she knew she had no need to protect the citizens anymore, she had traveled to find any others like herself to help her learn what else she could learn about her race and hopefully regain the memory she had lost so long ago. In doing so, she has meet another Sugiura much like her, one that she has quite an incredibly big crush on. Nepeta now spends her time with him, supporting as well as following his ideals and even writing them down for when she find others similar to them, as if she is like his Disciple.

Roleplay Sample:

General Skills
Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
Sugiura Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Animal Instincts: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Martial Arts: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Beast Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Nepeta Leijon [APPROVED, 2-2+, BEAST]   Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:55 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: BEGINNER


Tier: 2-2+


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Nepeta Leijon [APPROVED, 2-2+, BEAST]
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