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 Verathius [APPROVED, 0-4+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Verathius [APPROVED, 0-4+]   Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:03 pm

Chapter One: The Physical Build

Name: Verathius
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Organization: Shadow Espada Primera
Height : 6'4"
Weight: 200 Lbs
Theme Song:
Physical Description: As the haze clears and the shadows dance, the figure among them comes to the surface, his eyes were cold and red, the stare of blood in them. They appeared to of seen the ages come and go, dealing death to figures large and small. These eyes size you up, taking in every detail. His face one that is shockingly human, stares at the abyss of your soul. His expression calm without a meaningful emotion upon it. Though the male expresses them, through words and actions. He doesn't appear to experience them like us, his top worn is a simple tattered Arrancar robe from the days of old, the clothing is torn across the chest and legs. The back is simply a mess of holes in random places, he looks primitive at first glance. But when one studies deeper, they noticed a rather complex quality to his body and expression. After finishing the look over, his arms seem to be fairly ordinary overall. Nothing on them though, the skin is pale white. Kissed by the moonlight, his black hair darker then the shadows dancing around his body.

To describe his build, it appears rather built for fluid motions. Going from one to the other, his frame seems set on motion alone. Not sheer power, the body appears weak and yet fast. But his weapon would tell an entirely different story, the weapon carried by him is a Poleaxe, absolute silver and glowing all the way done. His black hair hanging to his shoulders as his gaze lingers on. When looking at this figure, one cannot helped but be reminded of the image of the Reaper. His features appear to be a mix of masculinity and a feminine build upon his body. Lean muscles all the way down his frame hint at a long life of combat experience, fighting just to stay alive perhaps. But those eyes tell a different story, they are telling the story that he isn't the one who has fought to live...they have.

Chapter Two: The Personality Build

Beliefs : Verathius isn't known to be overly dramatic about this or to get into screaming match, once he's stated it no more arguments or flaws will be brought forward. He has marked his line in the sand and will stand by it. He isn't a braggart nor does he believe in killing needlessly, but once the line is drawn, those who cross it die. No one will be given mercy or forgiven for crossing the line, some may find fault with his beliefs. However he'll remain quiet and give no answer to the dogs of this world. Who bark like the braggarts they are. His belief is firm and he will help the innocent from those whom he believes are wrong, races don't matter. Something he learned later within his life, he became more clear on the fact that he's not going to care about what side is what. He'll fight the Gotei 13 and Espada alike if he must. His belief will be upheld and his will shall not bend for anyone or anything. This fact will always remain true and nothing done shall change or challenge it.

People may draw their lines in the sand over different reasons, be they honor, trust, or respect. But once a line is cast it shall never be removed, this is the fact of life. These are the facts, we may fight and fight for centuries or eons. But blood spilled without a purpose is meaningless, blood spilled cannot be brought back. It's something that is much like the lines we make in this world. Peace is a fantasy, one that, someone such as I have no right too.

Customs: While being different from those around him Verathius is known to believe that what has happened cannot be changed, unless by action. By action the deed was done, by action it shall be undone. By his customs he normally won't get involved in conflicts of a small nature, his beliefs prevent him from siding with most people. If he were to help someone a few obligations would be had. He would either need to be in love with that person, an emotion that he's never felt will make him capable of moving. The cause must benefit the masses and not one being alone for even then he will not raise a hand, but for the masses that cannot. However to say that he will not be ruthless when fighting would be a lie, he's ruthlessly killed those that crossed the line countless times. And countless times he will do it again. He stands along neither good nor evil, he is the neutral blade that will divide these times.

Quirks: Yes even Arrancar have the quirks that other species do and he's no different, one of his far more interesting quirks is that he speaks of lines both in a physical and meta-physical context, making them out to be things that everyone must draw or guard. This no doubt came from his time guarding the most known entrance to Hueco Mundo. However he does speak of the lines often and of what they mean. For example he stood for centuries upon centuries guarding a line a voice had told him to do so. The place is something he put the line in the sand and did his duty. Thousands beyond thousands died, it wasn't a low number. He wasn't given a number or a reason for the goal. He simply stood there guarding for the eons as they passed. The female left a good impression on the sturdy hollow, he did his duty and wouldn't fall for anyone. Captains or otherwise, this gateway could link to the Soul Society. The Forest of Meno's and Hueco Mundo were easily accessed by one from here if they tried. The order stood and the body count would rise.

Obedient: Once you tell him to do something he will do it to the best of his power or be killed in process, he stood watch over something just because the voice told him too. He's very loyal and devoted to the Hollows as a people and will spill blood for them and spill it everywhere, he's known to have an unwavering Obedience unless it comes to the time where it breaks his rules and beliefs. This hasn't happened with the guard duty he's done for the many eons, his job has been one that given him time to rest his weary head, he remains steadfast and true. Verathius simply did as told, he wasn't told details, but he understood the protection it offered them. Soul Reapers and Quincy alike would fall before his weapon, he was the guardian of the hollows. One who protected them, people often forget the cruel and yet odd nature of them. But with this he is different till it comes time for combat. Then he's cruel and unforgiving as the darkness he represents.

Strong: He has a strong personality, when he awoke someone must of saw something in him to leave him as a guard. Because his personality was able to infect those around him, it wasn't hard but among hollows. He'd become a champion, one that stood guard so the young could rest. Those that tried to feed on him quickly found their deaths, he was both a savior and a monster. Verathius will never be a servant to one, but many among his kind. He glances on with a look of absolute one sided blood lust. He hasn't sunk into a true lust for battle in ages. The last time was during a fight against two Captains sent to rid the Soul Society of his influence as he wasn't letting them progress here, the only way in. Of course they did die, people don't seem to realize the strength this male had.

Creative : He comes up with answers to situations that most wouldn't of looked at, this could also be called bright or strategic. But to be honest simply calling it creative would be a suitable notion. He's found solutions in ways that others couldn't find easily. His journey after all wasn't an easy one, he awoke to guard something that no one else would of been able to guard. His name is known, by most hollows. If the goal is worthwhile he will be among those who comes forward to protect the ones who can't. He doesn't seem to notice the vicious nature hollows seem to show. This seems to all be nothing to him, his creative nature is artistic as well. He's able to write poetry and other such things, truth be told the male's gift for writing goes deep. He could write novels if he so chose, but the guarding has had him busy. He's artistically creative but also able to use great detail for things, that come with his powers as well.

Honorable : He does seem to have a good deal of honor in his being, when he fights he never shows the enemy any less then his best. When fighting the Captain's he couldn't of been more pleased with his enemies, they were fair fighters. He'd given them multiple times to get back and leave the land, they simply refused. The Soul Society had ventured into this part and so had those damn Quincy. But it didn't matter, so long as the guardian remained standing. He fought each enemy and wouldn't kill them normally if he felt they deserved a chance to live. His honor prevented him from doing so, but once they crossed the line a second time. The life was forfeit, once you cross it twice..I will not spare you., nor shall fate.

Impassive: Some subjects just don't interest him and he simply speaks his mind and literally become silent without a single word more, he's the silent juggernaut. Built for the wars and front lines, he only see's things from certain perspectives. He's very good at doing this to push himself away from topics he doesn't like. Or from a subject many people feel strongly about or select an elective opinion, he follows his instincts. These things guided him and made him a stronger person for the many years he protected the entrance to this world.

Excellent Leader: He has an amazing air of leadership about him, the charisma to change things that most people wouldn't believe. Tasks's that are said to be impossible have been done by him, when the Captain's were said to unable to be defeated, he beat two of them by himself. The male has shown a great amount of skill to move his enemies with his words alone, but his actions and the way he does the things no one else has done in centuries. His power to lead and guide are beyond the regular, even the two Captains noticed it when he spoke to them. He told them, that crossing a line is something like crossing the thresh hold. Telling them they were ready for a larger war, he also told them. They had a single chance to back down, that no others would pass through unless he died in the attempt of them passing.

Chapter Three: The Powers Build

Kinetic Force: By swinging his arms or weapon, he generates a larger amount of force then expected by the enemy and it often sends out a wave of power four meters out. The amount of strength in each blow appears to come from the fact, he's spent alot of time training and fighting during his time as a gate keeper. His body has memorized the fighting style and with or without his weapon he's very dangerous. With a swing of his fist, he sends out a large powerful shock wave of force. This normally has enough power to send the most durable people sliding away, in lesser cases he's broken people in half. Their is no real levels of strength to this, his knowledge and skills as a user of the kinetic force around his fist and weapons. He generates a small amount for his using. His body does such a motion normally and generates a higher amount then the regular swing.

Hierro: His Hierro is a tad better then most, the male has an impressive one. But he's able to channel his armor to a single point and take the damage out of attacks, it's like absorbing an attack and it's kinetic energy of the blow. The power does catch some people off guard, however it isn't perfect, he's not able to guard his heel. This power has made him similar to the legend of Achilles whom's heel cost him his life. The weak point is a fairly big one that he doesn't much care for, but it's a vulnerable point on his body and makes it easier to get him. He's able to only guard one point at a time, the Hierro thickens and gets stronger from that point. That is the limitations of his defensive powers when it hits Hierro.

Cero Wave: Unlike the regular cero, this one goes out a ways. It's horizontal expansion is quite large, making it harder for them to dodge. The blast is basically far larger and more like a wave of energy coming at someone, like a tidal wave. His hand lets this power flow forward and he's able to control the amount of power put behind each attack. He's able to limit it to the point it merely knocks people away. Or make it strong enough to blow them into nothing, he's never shown a need for such things as absolute kills. He attempts to restrain himself according to his fight. If the enemy isn't deserving a death or isn't able to oblige him as a strong fight, he normal doesn't use this move.

Kinetic Wave: He's able to generate a moving force wave from his palm, the amount of force depends on the amount he decides to apply to the person. This force is normally used simply to push them away, but he can do it with such an amount of fore. That stopping is a rather tricky task, one person got hit and died by this move. This is more of a holding back move, not resorting to his normal tricks as of yet. The amount of force for this can be changed on levels, if he's no longer playing around. He could use his hand to increase the amount of force sent out to the Cero's and other attacks, speeding them up and pushing them down on to people.

Kinetic Gravity: By swinging his hand down, he can bring about a gravity like feeling on a certain area. Bringing about the effect of being smashed into the ground by a hand, this power isn't very great for one on one. Imagine if you can someone swinging there hand down and bringing about a force of a large mass down upon someone's body and driving them into the ground with it. This force could crush someone if he willed it, however some will at most feel a hard time standing up straight. Maybe feel a little jar to their bodies. The kinetic gravity he can create with this move allows him alot of time to act. It doesn't often kill an enemy, so it's only real use is to slow them down or take them off guard to create an opening.

Shadow Sonido : This move is something that he designed with his powers, using his darkness to create a replacement, the forming of this move is rather easy and can only be performed once. The user must see the attack coming and must be ready for whatever comes next, his eyes are normally able to see things coming. He's only had to use this move once in his life, during a battle with two Captains. Due to the fact the two on one was rather hard without any openings for him to take advantage of.

Shadow: His general power that comes from his swords powers. He's able to control and manipulate the shadow's movements, he generates a small 1 meter cloud around his body only, this is only able to be used for a defense once per turn. His power can block and take a great deal of damage, think of the shadow as a living being. It's darkness free of the regular powers that come with it. Alive enough to come from the ground and protect it's master. These can also be used to attack, think similar to the Green Lantern's powers.

Inside Hierro: This is around his internal organs, but it's due to how strong his Hierro has always been. A field appeared around his organs, protecting them from spells. He was built to be a defensive tank, able to fight regardless of things. His organs are protected from spells, however, they may hurt physically by physical attacks and such. This inner protection grants him a fair amount of defense at the time.

: Great Spiritual Pressure/b] He has a very high amount of spiritual pressure, the people who attempted to cross that line he was ordered to protect learned of this the hard way. Once they crossed they experienced a sensation like being crushed by the weight of a shadow, like the shadow had become so heavy, as though it pinned to the ground and refused to allow the body to move. Grant it this trait didn't work on all enemies, only those who were weaker then him. It wasn't truly much a of a power, but it prevented him fighting those who were tremendously weaker then him.

[b]Hierro Achilles:
The power of Achilles is what helped him majorly during his time when fighting Quincy's, fewattacks of an energy based nature will be deflected off his body. This hierro raises his immunity to them, making him a far more challenging fighter to take on, this form is one he's mastered mostly. Deflecting energy attacks will depend firmly on what level and how much energy was placed into them. For example if a low level fires something at him, he could easily walk through it. If someone high were too, he would mostly take smaller amounts of damage. Based on the level, wounding him with energy based attacks is harder. Piercing his flesh is also hard with this hierro, piercing spells may or may not work. It will depend on the spell strength and how much energy placed in. This hierro only helps with energy, nothing physical based will work.

Hierro Alexander: This is the only offensive based Hierro form that has been designed by Verathius, it's basic principal is hardening the hand and attack points of the body up by a twenty percent, making the skin far harder then normally. This allows his hands to go beyond the regular skin that one would expect. Now on his hands now is a more offensive weapon, if he were to punch a sword it would be fairly like hitting another weapon. This is both offensive and defensive, but the practical use of it offensively is a larger concept then most can see. To say what kind of metal it is, it would be like an everyday man punching a diamond with their bare hands. This of course makes his hands and body extremely hard naturally, his hierro is considered to be dangerous even offensively.

Chapter Four: The Resurrection Build

Resurrection Name:Oscuridad

Resurrection Release Command: Blackout Oscuridad.

Resurrection Actions: He slams the poleaxe upon the ground cracking it wide. If in the air he simply spins it, making a black crack in the air.

Resurrection Appearance: A cloud of living shadow infects the air, taking a form that seems to send blood chilling down the back of ones throat. Parts of his mask appear to of vanished, wearing an outfit only similar to that of a Grim Reaper, darkness gathers around his clothing. The shadow's able to dance around and manipulate within a larger distance. The male's body is slowly cloaked into darkness, his face gains no real bone structure to it. The bones that he once had, form around his back. A black cape seems to flicker in and out of view. His poleaxe remains the same as it was before hand, once he removes it from the crack darkness fogs the air. This collides with his body, his Resurrection becoming closer to continuing. Long black hair flows behind him, his crimson eyes remaining human based as he stares out. His hands still made of flesh, during his Resurrection he doesn't appear to gain many hollow based traits. His face is wrapped within a lair of bandages, from his ears to his nose it's unknown why. But once this form doesn't speak at all, words are lost as he walks forward. Around his chest and body bandages are wrapped, as though simply a mommy and over his body a hooded cloak is worn, open in the front. The cloak goes from his head to his feet, the hood comes off from time to time. It's what appears to be the cape one noticed.Upon his feet are clogs, a pair of pants that are baggy but go only to his ankles. Glowing purple and black miasma like markings are around his robe and on his bandages.

Resurrection Powers:

Shadow Hide: He has a power that's considered annoying by many, however it lets him slip into the shadow dimension and completely fade away, he was never there almost is the primary belief of many that have come before him. This power will often leave behind a double, the double is only good for a singular purpose. That is being struck, it vanishes into shadows breaking. This move can be used every five turns, creating the double. Once inside of the Shadow world he must come out within five turns of being inside, he may exit from "any" shadow that he chooses. He may come out stabbing or anything that he selects. He may not use the same shadow twice however, though ordinarily he won't resort to the same tactic two times in a row or in the same fight. One benefit of being in there that is noted is that his reiatsu completely vanishes, no trace of him may be sensed. Till the moment he breaches and comes back out.

Shadow Monster: He's able to manipulate the ten meters of darkness and shadows he creates into multiple avatars. For example the cloud like darkness he's formed can take on many shapes and forms, think of them like sand in a sand box, he's able to mold them into dangerous attacks out of his imagination. Normally he cannot form large projectiles with it unless it's behind him. He's created a version of himself before, having it fight. The shadow monster he creates moves on tier above his speed, however it's Hierro is one tier below his. The creature normally can fight on par with him almost like a shadow, it can also mimic or fight on it's own accord. It must remain in the cloud however, where it was created. So if one gets out of the ten meter range they are mostly safe.

Shadow Cero Perhaps one of his most interesting powers, he can fire ceros from within the cloud of shadows, the number can go from anywhere to a 100 which will cost him alot of energy to a single one. Size and such are put out based on how much energy he places behind them, these ceros may come from anywhere he selects within the shadows. However he must make a posture for firing a Kidō normally to do it, plus be able to see where he's going. This cero can be fired also from within the Shadow Hide power.

Shadow : Now he may do other things with the darkness that has formed, he cane make it come to life almost. The shadows leaking out and beginning to do something rather special, he may use them to grab on to his enemy, crushing them in certain places or holding them still. In past he's met several able to break free, this power won't absolutely hold them. But breaking free it is still a rather challenging task.The shadows he creates are usable both offensively and defensively. This mode simply makes them stronger then they previously were and extends the range.

True Resurrection: The incarnate darkness within seems to be the monster caged, by the mental blocks that the male Verathius put into play. He keeps in check a massive amount of power. Though rare and hard to find this isn’t anything similar to a second release, but due to it. His true power is rather limited, when this form comes out. The monster within roars an the sun and moon shall die. His hair becomes white as though killing the darkness of black that was once their during the previous release. His eyes lose the white coloring. As the blackness infects the eyes now, making them black with a glowing gold coloring around the iris now. His pupils have seeming to of changed to nothing really. The darkness in the ground can sink into his skin slowly, making suit of shadows. This outfit slowly goes down become a suit of battle. The outfit appears to be a Victorian era outfit worn around his body in a light frame. His power explodes out some claimed this form to be like the entire sky had fallen on them, Verathius holds a true power that is frightening to those who fight him. The only differences really in the powers are that his darkness has become even more vicious. Making it almost lethal just to be attacked by, however the darkness is now part of him. He may attack in any form he see’s fit. The other change is his cero, the true form of it has finally come to light. His true cero has changed the bala and other powers now, allowing the Arrancar to fight at his 100% taking away his attention for defense now to focus on destruction. Only one has seen this form, his fate is unknown to the darkness incarnate. One noticeable change is that the poleaxe breaks and is lost, he does get it back, however this goes into make all of his physical and hollow powers plus one to each. Making him for more dangerous then most would ever expect.

True Cero: His cero has changed so vastly that some may compare the original power to a baby compared to what has changed. His cero’s original power was one third of it’s true destruction. This form of his cero is black with a gray light in the middle. The power he holds over his cero is that he has absolute control over the size of it, making it grow during a firing of it. This makes it extremely dangerous, however he can enter the cero as thougha shadow and come from any path within it. This form of fighting makes him dangerous, Verathius uses his ceros and balas as a means to kill enemies with a far greater amount of power then he has ever shown before. This true power holds some effects that people can call similar to poison, the land may not recover when this cero is unleashed. The Bala and Cero will be similar, he’s able to instantly almost go to their location. The speed is equal to that of a Shunpo or Sonido.

Chapter Five: The Story

This story, has no real beginning nor has it met an end yet. Verathius awoke one day to find himself laying on a pile of stones, a female voice, dark and without meaning, yet it strikes down the hearts of men..and women..Told him to remain and guard the entrance. Verathius did want to argue, but his memories were gone. He only knew this body, he did as asked naturally. However this was becoming a chore, during his first several centuries he fought with a number of people guarding it. Telling them to cross this line was to put a slash across their own throats. He didn't ever cross it himself, Verathius just remained where he stood. The male had some rather amazing powers, he a 100 unit of Quincy's had come in to duel him. They were impressive, but frankly not up to snuff to break him. His hierro was too advanced for them. The fight with them had 60 men die, they tried fighting him at a distance. This didn't work, his development was working fairly well. He gained experience fighting the Quincy as time went on. Till he became gifted enough to kill the weak ones with almost no effort. The Quincy had fallen back, but the questions still bothered him.

Why could he remember nothing but awakening here, nothing but this point in time. His history before that was blank, simply a mystery that he didn't know. Why did the female ask him to guard this, so many questions that yet lacked an answer. As he guarded, more died and the count rose from the numbers of which people could remember. He was called many names, but the Gate Keeper is one that stuck. Soon the Quincy's stopped coming the way they had, but soon after a being who fought close range came. They carried swords, but also wore black robes from a Japanese origin. It was hard to describe them to someone if they looked, each were different. The beings were known as Soul Reapers, mostly low ranks third to fifth seats fought. The first couple that came were destroyed without us of his poleaxe, he'd flexed his energy and scared them away. But they came back with more, a fight came from this now. They fought valiantly against the Gate Keeper, but it was for not. they simply lost and were blown away, the fact of the matter was simple as that. They were impressive, some of them had swords that changed into things that he'd never encountered before.

the fights were brutal on his body, but he remembered each duel like they were part of a dream. He knew the outcome even when he fought the best they could offer him. Two men wearing white Haori's known as Captains, one was of the Ninth Division sent to check what wiped out their men. The other was of the Seventh, a combat based fighter. They both did their best, but met death. The duel was a two on one, he was able to fight them without much effort. Till they both released something they called Bankai, then it became to a point were he released. Using tactical advantages he figured out what powers they had. His judgement and watching how the powers worked. He pulled his ace in the hole, creating a double not one for attacking however. They struck it down like a dog, it was only after a moment they realized the error they'd made. When the Captain of the Ninth had a hole in his chest, breaking the spinal column in half. Using the man as a shield, Verathius blocked the other attack, the man whom he'd destroyed use paper like explosives. The other could shoot lighting from a distance, he'd raised the Captain up. Letting the lighting zap the Captain whom was stuck. Using a kinetic push with his hand, he shot the body at other Captain.

The other Captain showed a weakness, by breaking the wounded man's fall. He caught him, this lowered his guard only for a moment. But the moment was it, he fired a large cero engulfing both Captains in the blast. The two were critically wounded, he finished them off at the same time before either one had time to react. Bringing down his poleaxe down upon them. With this his studies on the races had grown quite wide, he'd fought Pure Quincy before. Fought most races that he could come across, however his studies on facing down Shinigami were the most complete. His knowledge expanded, realizing the Queen left him here. Ashlei Clixx, he'd never met her officially outside that day. Demons, Iramasha, and all beings that crossed the line fell. He has a high amount of knowledge and cunning when dealing with races. His knowledge on fights and how they feel is pry equal to most who've fought one of each race. He's encountered almost every type of being during this time. Eons have passed, Aizen Sosuke came and went like the bat of an eye lash. It was his personal belief that Aizen wasn't a complete man.

But he wouldn't ever elaborate on it for anyone who'd asked him, most hollows regard the Keeper as simply a being who's been around and is old and wise. Yet now days no one has crossed that line, other entrances were made and the Gate Keeper's poleaxe kills less men then it once did. The times were changing and the guardian's time here was about at it's close. He still guards, waiting for the order from the one person whom matters in this world. The Queen, he's loyal to her law at the moment. It has been eons upon eons, time has passed through this world as though nothing has happened. The world of the Gate, has changed by the Keeper hasn't. He's not aged a day, his memories are pieces, a puzzle that is missing from his world. Ashlei Clixx, holds the answers but for now. We will wait, we will wait frozen in time.

General Skills
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength:Master
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
[list][*]Perquisa: Advanced
[*]Sonido: Advanced
[*]Cero/Bala: Master
[*]Hierro: Master


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Archived as there is a newer version approved.

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Verathius [APPROVED, 0-4+]
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