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 Rumble in Antartica [Open]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Rumble in Antartica [Open]   Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:44 am

The demonic bible it was said to be lost forever to the demons all due to the iramasha clan, Eric what happen the first time with the first demonic bible the demon was defeated by shinigami long ago. After his defeat, Kade was traveling to South America to hopefully find whatever the villagers found in some sort of cave after some well planned thinking and violence. Eric managed to obtain the demonic bible but the demon didn't have time to enjoy it the iramasha clan was on his tail just as things were getting worse. The demon managed to use one of bible's deadliest moves Judas Destroyer which led to the demise for 60 iramasha warriors most of survivors were running away from the demon seeing the destructive power. Except one being a iramasha woman and angel kind iramasha so to speak with all her powers she managed to defeat the demon in the process, Eric dropped the demonic bible. She used her chaos blast to destroy the evil bible completely but that was years ago and the demon had another demonic bible finally in his grasp. The Iramasha clan was using the Yuudeshi network to track anything yet everything looked quiet until the mad demon emerges from the ground. The satelities within space were looking at him and they started reporting the mad demon had something of great importance but the mad demon was coming up from the icy caverns. The dragon Lucifer Sinn emerge from the ground as well still the mad demon didn't believe it but he actually did it in gathering all seven of the runes and summoning this great beast at his side. Even Shadow Fall and Demonica doubted that he could perform such a task it a damn shame that he left the organization but the demon had his own path to follow. Eric was thinking about it again did Shadow Fall them him lies when he joined with them they said they'll help in finding the people responsible how foolish was he to think evil would help in their dark nature.

However things were going to change now he had some means of getting answers now with the demonic bible perhaps justice is at hand. Now with the demonic bible the demon could relearn his techniques again but then someone was comig in his direction it was some iramasha guards were given orders to search some caverns undergound. But iramasha guards spot Eric Zarathos out here now if some iramasha guard were to defeat this demon of madness they would know as hero, Eric return to the abandon camp site to rest up while reading a book near the camp fire he created with his fire magic. The guards surround the camp site as the mad demon's senses kick in but the demon needed to keep cool about the situation he wasn't a killer anymore. Still did they not know the mad demon had some big backup in the form of big dragon but maybe their stupidity will get the best of them sooner or later as the mad demon was trying to rest. The Iramasha guards have their guns focus on the mad demon, Eric wasn't worried as much they weren't even in his league why would he care what happens next nothing they had would hurt him.

"Eric Zarathos, I'm taking you in dead or alive but use guard prefer you dead which is why we got the guns trained to your face if you try anything...Any last words" Iramasha Guard #1 said.

"Oh Lucifer wouldn't be happy if anything happens to me so you tell your bosses that the bounty on me whatever it is should be dropped right now...or my dragon oh yes I've resurrected the ancient beast from his slumber...isn't that right Luc???" Eric said.

"YES MY MASTER THAT IS TRUE" Lucifer Sinn said.

The iramasha guards stopped with they doing wondering who else was with the mad demon they were given orders to search the caverns not deal with a demon. One of the guard wanted to know who else was here and then after looking around the tent, Lucifer was resting peacefully then gave look at the iramasha guard giving a howling roar. The iramasha guard ran for his life running away dropping his weapon, Eric thought that was one dawn and twelve to go. The Iramasha guards look at the big dragon they back away from Eric started running away two of them were pissing in the pants must be frozen piss right about now. But that didn't end in any bloodshed which was a good thing too he didn't want to get any fowl mood because dealing with Hanako again was something he didn't want to happen. However some o those iramasha punks weren't afraid and started attacking the mad demon, Eric was angry and started attacking the iramasha guards giving them a good ass beating yet he didn't kill them. He beated up about 200 of them in a fast pace then he started looking at the warrant fo his arrest seeing that it was a fake somebody playing him for a fool and he didn't like it.

"You Iramasha freaks this thing this warrant is a FAKE....Now you LISTEN UP you better pray and thanks the gods that I chosen to help the good side.....Playing pranks on me yeah you got what was coming to you now pick up your friends and get out of my new home....Koichi's guards eh weakness at best" Eric said.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Rumble in Antartica [Open]   Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:41 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Rumble in Antartica [Open]
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