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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Eric's Final Form Upgrade

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Eric's Final Form Upgrade   Tue Dec 18, 2012 9:31 pm

  • Name Of Character: Eric Zarathos
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: Since ending his ties with Shadow Fall and being defeated; Eric been searching for ways to resurrect his fallen powers the mad demon had journey throughout Antartica when through a few challenges to obtain the dark power in the process the demon managed to obtain a final form of his mad demon powers. Show some iramasha guards who is the boss
    What Are You Upgrading: A Fourth/Final Demon transformation

    » Final Mad Demon State Appearance:

    » Final Mad Demon State Benefits: True Demonic Immortalized Strength: From the combined strength of his powerful transformations and the strengths of his fallen comrades. Eric's physical strength is really unbelievable of such a very high level that even his simplest actions cause destruction and damage in his mad demon form. Much stronger attacks might hurt him but they wouldn't have power of defeating him, Eric can actually block attacks depending on their strength. He's able to greatly overpower/withstand an person's bankai with his big hand or one punch yet it hurts when does but thanks to new superb strength it doesn't hurt as long. Even with his Final Mad Demon's strength, Eric can actually punch a large espada hard in the face. With maximum force behind it, he's able to break through the walls to destroy buildings and structures

    True Demonic Dragonoid Durability: Due to many magical incantations & dragonoid armor fused within the spiked demonic skin. Eric has a unbelievable supreme resistant to damage all due from the body which happen when he defeated the former mad demon king. Most of the defensive powers of the dragonoid demons combined within the final mad demon form. It would take a whole lot of attacks well stronger ones which may hurt me perhaps worse. The armor can be destroyed leaving the demon can be little bit open for damage

    Demonic Bloodwing Flying: Yet Eric has the ability of flying to different places whenever he wants do so because of his spiky blood wings allowing him to travel many places at much faster pace then any of his transformed states. The bloodwings can create air current allowing them much faster then normal demons and transformed demons. The demon can actually travel almost like a bullet depending if he used the affinity of hell with the bloodwings.

    Ultimate Dragonite Demon Claws: He has superb drgaonmetal-like claws on his hand which can be used for slashing, cutting rocks, cutting metal and gutting people when he gets angry, attacking, defensive or wanting to kill something. He can extend them for longer slashes even retract them when friends are around. Stronger enemies may feel 89% of the attack if it blocked by barrier or strong defensives. Eric can use his zoa power or affinity of hell to empower his claws with energy to do certain energy slashing attacks as well.
    Claw Attack Powers
    Augmented Shadow Darku Claw: An augmented version to Shadow Dark Claw which his hand will actually grow as with his claws. The demon claws will start turning black unleashing energy from each claw tip. When delivered darker and supreme energy slash faster and stronger then the original. Stronger enemies will feel the pain of the attack while weaker opponents will have their skin rip off from the demon claws.

    Higher Demon Ability Knowledge: Eric Zarathos was trained constantly to use his demon abilities when he was a child he started fully understanding a demon's natural abilities. Throughtout this knowledge was helpful throught his battles yet he started studying the many other benefits of different demon abilities. He constantly uses the Affinity Of Hell with his normal form and demon states for stronger and new powers. The demon uses Curse Effect to implant curses when he has a good chance of winning a battle or wants to make his enemy's life a living hell. The Sacrifice Incantation is used whenever he wants to upgrade and enhancing his body with deadly and destructive powers. The best demon ability that he likes using is the Black Inferno Blast which is one powerdul blast of destructive energy the best thing he's ever seen. Yet the demon is good learner and powerful warlock in the use of the Art of Demon Magic when it using it powers to heal himself or using different magical demonic powers and effects in battle.

    Brute Hand to Hand Combatant: While not showing any technical of formal skill in hand-to-hand combat, Eric relies entirely on a brawler style of fighting. Whether he possesses any skill in swordsmanship is unknown as he never uses his Zanpakutō in combat. His skill in hand-to-hand combat combined with his unbelievable strength makes him quite a dangerous opponent. Eric is able to fight barehanded, using swift movements to land blows on his opponents before they can even react.
    Energy Based Punch Attacks
    Destroya: This is an Demon-exclusive technique that hardens the user's zoa koa and releases it in a swift yet potent blast within the fist. While similar in function to an arrancar's Cero, the technique is not nearly as powerful, though thanks to its composition its speed is 20 times faster and allows for it to be fired in quick succession. In addition, it possesses more concussive force than a typical Cero does.
    Enhanced Destroya: Already demonstrating his ability to fire consecutive Destroya blasts at the enemy, this skill is further improved. In his Manta Brute form, this technique can easily hurl an enemy away at a large distance, destroying part of the field of battle at the same time. It is proportionally bigger and stronger in accordance with Eric's arms increase in size
    Dragon Fist: The Dragon Reaper explosion. Eric absorbs the massive amount of zoa koa energy into his body, which covers him from head to toe in a blue aura with sparks surrounding him. He then proceeds to throw a punch that takes the form of a giant demon dragon which devours the unlucky enemy and inflicts a massive amount of damage. If the defending opponent's speed & defense is higher the attacker's while Dragon Fist is executed, the opponent will dodge the attack and no damage will be done.

    Eye Lasers: These are precise laser-like beams shot from both eyes. The potency of the Eye Laser technique varies, but most of them are very fast and able to nullify weak attacks and small projectiles, as well as cripple opponents when they are greatly damage and damage other objects. This can blocked or dodged easily.

    Shadow Plasma Beam: The Shadow Plasma Beam is formed when cupped hands are drawn to the user's side and the demon shadow energy is concentrated into a single point between the cupped hands and the hands must be really close. The hands are then thrust forward to shoot out a streaming, powerful beam of shadow & plasma. The blast can also be used, generally under extenuating circumstances, with just one arm. However the attack has a big flaw if the user too weak or hurt the focus of the beam won't hit the direct target which can be big trouble.

    Final Punisher: The trump card attack wheres he lights a spark of energy on his index finger. Once enough energy is gathered, this spark may grow to the size of a small moon and is thrown towards the target. Typically, this attack is used to destroy many buildings or a small city or as a last-ditch effort to severly wound an opponent. When it hits something it almost like an big and massive explosion but it can be destroyed if it blasted in right in the center depending enemy's attack power or by a much stronger energy attack. However this can be charged into a much stronger attack which is called 100% Final Punisher which takes 3 posts to charge and the user must completely still when gathering energy for the attack. If the user is attacked the attack is no more which he have to do it all over again. The 100% Final Punisher is made when he places his hands forward as she forms a sphere of deep black energy that has another gray sphere inside it that turns black in the center and has red electricity flowing around it. If he charges the attack for a few seconds, it seems to take on a decagon shape, but most commonly looks like a circle. Once he fires it, it leaves a shot black trail of energy behind before it hits the target, very easily causing a medium nuke-sized explosion.

    Body Manipulation: This is a natural ability that all demon's possess if they wish to activate it or perform it. Most Demon's have full control over every aspect of his physical make-up, able to stretch themselves to obtain insane heights such as being thirty foot tall, being able to change their skin color, having the ability to shape-shift into different people that they are able to remember and, on much more powerful levels, being able to even detach, generate or fuse body parts together in order to increase odds of surviving. Though, this does not occur until at least one tier, and even then it's weak compared to the 0 tier version. Additionally, it can even be used for offensive or defensive purposes. For example, a demon can use Body Manipulation in order to generate a layer of steel-like skin around their body in order to increase their defense and block out outside sources from entering their body by clogging every pore on it. Or, for another instance, they could use it on the offensive side by hurling body parts at their opponent that are extremely hot and turn into acid blood, using their increased height to smash down on most opponents and the same may even apply for some more powerful demon's attacks; or finally, in an avoidance way, more powerful demon's could even control their body in order to be broken down into a liquid, wind or fire type form in order to gain more ways to escape or evade attacks.

    Judas Priest: A wizard called this move dispel bound but in the past it was given another name. A shadowlike defense move used by various witches and warlocks. The user must be severly hurt when using his move and one hand must be on the ground. If attacked by an enemy by some sort energy blast, cursed, sword attack, almost getting impaled, etc. The user's own shadow will block the attack immediately however it can be only used five times if used a sixth time the user will die.
  • Any Extra Notes: Will learn more powers in the near future
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Eric's Final Form Upgrade   Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:51 am

I don't see anything wrong with what was listed here. If someone else does? Feel free to post. But for now?
I'll be approving this upgrade and moving it into the Approved Upgrade Section. Go ahead and add this in your app.


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Eric's Final Form Upgrade
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