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 [Iramasha, 0-4-] Kanama :: Turquoise Cross Commander

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Iramasha, 0-4-] Kanama :: Turquoise Cross Commander   Thu Dec 20, 2012 5:17 am






• Name: Kanama Iramasha
• Age: 500
• Gender: Male
• Race: Demon Iramasha
• Branch/Position: Turquoise Cross Commander




• Appearance: Kanama is actually a surprisingly charming looking young man. With dark skin that looks a bit milk chocolate in tone, and a sort of aimable feministic body, Kanama seems to be rather attractive. His hair is surprisingly a blondish white, more of a cream or eggshell color. However, sometimes, his hair may take on strange shades due to it mainly reflecting light in tones. Kanama stands at around 5'7, and seems to have a very friendly face. There's just the right balance between baby fat and adult bones to make him look young and slightly feminine. His movements are also graceful, as his body is well proportioned, and he seems to like confusing people with his looks. He tends to where a strange outfit, comprised of a white undershirt, and white pants that remind people heavily of the Middle-easter deserts, and a white cloak with a red underlining. The gold clasp, embroidery and even the sandals and gauntlets he has made him sort of look like a typical mage, if one were to consider Middle-eastern looks. Sometimes, he does switch to a black undershirt.

One of Kanama's most remarkable feature is his eyes ; although typically they remain green, they may shift to a more purple or blue color as well. Kanama has more then one apperance, but this is the most common one ; an eye catching thing is the golden earring that he wears on one ear only. There is a giant sapphire colored gemstone incrusted into the golden design, with light pearls of jade hanging below. It seems extremely ornate and unique, and gives off a gentle sheen. Another item he is commonly seen carrying is a beautiful white silver staff, topped with a gem that looks almost exactly like the one in Kanama's ear. In all he gives this sort of bouncy and yet cute feeling, and could pass as a woman if he had longer hair. He has an elegance of movement that may seem royal to some, and is almost never seen dishevelled. If one were to look at him carefully, they would notice that his features actually seem to be similar to Kin Iramasha.


• Personality: Kanama is seen as a very calm person generally. He has this sort of soothing smile and attitude that many associate with a principal. He has the look of discipline and his students seem to enjoy having him around. He has a lot of wisdom and a fair bit of common sense, so he seems to be quite sensible to talk to. He likes to listen to others, and then help guide them through their issue ; he may feel like a counselor at times, as often his need to help others gets away from him and he starts to be quite unique. The Iramasha is not necessarily pushy, but he seems to have a hard time understanding no, and tends to do things that may seem unnecessary. Due to that eternally calm and smiling face, some may feel uncomfortable around him as the male tends to not react as normal people would. After all, he seems to be perpetually the surface of the pond ; never bothered, disturbed or otherwise put into uncomfortable situations. Even then, he seems to be more so divine in his own way ; he doesn't lose patience, or even gets angry with people.

Needless to say, that's the face of Kanama that everyone knows. Few really understand his true methods ; a little bit manipulative, and quite opportunist one could say. This was more or less developped by years of having to dodge around questions, and lying about his friendship with a certain Iramasha, and eventually having to throw his cards in when the situation called for it. Not that Kanama is a jerk ; he is a relatively kind person, and doesn't necessarily seem to wish harm on others. He's rather organized, and hates disorderly conduct, but can stand it if needed. Relatively? Kanama may be seen as a push over, but he's rather under-handed. The polished personlity that he crafted is relatively the personality he assumes when he has sealed his powers, thanks to his Seishin Buki. But the more he releases his powers? The more unstable his mind gets ; that was because his powers were forcibly gained, not learned, due to him being impatient to be at Kin's side. In fact, he seems to view Kin as a true flesh and blood brother, even though that's not exactly the truth.

And Kanama's love may seem a bit warped, as he always seems cold and yet distant, but always there if he's needed. One may seem to think this Iramasha is a tsundere, but there's no room in his heart apart from Kin. Adoring his elder, he has a bit of an obsession with helping him. And if teaching the young ones to becoming efficient is what he needs to do? Kanama will do his duty towards Kin without a second thought. Almost fiercely loyal, this seems to distort the more he releases his powers ; soon adoration becomes obsession and obsession becomes disaster. Kanama is always loving to learn something knew, and if he hadn't to teach younglings, he would certainly be a scientist. He has a love to learn any and all things, and seems to treat people kindly, but more as pet projects sort of kindly. He seems, even polished, awfully detached from the actual situation, even though he can analyze it perfectly. To be fair? Kanama doesn't really seem to understand others per say - it's like he ignores personality as a factor, and simply tries to understand things logically.

Kanama is no push-over and can be extremely sadistic once his anger is roused. Like mentioned, he's under-handed ; by using manipulative methods, and reprehensible tactics, one learns that angering Kanama? Leads to a lot of punishment that one does not like at all. In fact, he loves to terrify his enemies, or rather, find out what he can about them and use their fears as a weapon. The more released he is, the more sadistic pleasure he finds in tormenting others. In all, Kanama is the sort of sleeping dragon that is best left alone, no matter how welcoming, charming or friendly he might seem. He has no issues being strict or cruel and generally teaches lessons to people that he meets ; after all, he has been a teacher for long enough that it has stuck in his attitude. But in all? If the right buttons are pushed, Kanama may become something like a monster.




• Background: Kanama doesn't quite honestly know what to make of his childhood. His parents? Were supposedly known as dead by the entirety of their clan ; and took themselves into hiding without his big brother, Kin. Kanama wasn't quite sure why they had to move a lot, or why he wasn't allowed to make many friends, and why he had to keep his last name a secret. He wasn't quite sure of that as a child, as his parents asked him to constantly keep a necklace of sapphire like stone with him at all times. What Kanama didn't know is that this particular stone repressed his energy and thus his progress into discovering his powers. The boy lead a semi-happy live, along with his sister. He just choose to be a happy kid, and smile ; and that was how he spent his childhood. Loved by the schools and classes he went to, a good student, but someone that always left.. and was always forgotten. Not that Kanama cared, he always had something more precious ; little dream like visions of a person that looked like him, but older, and someone that was alone. This person was precious to Kanama, and the boy would suffer with him. If Kin ever felt like he was being watched? It was probably Kanama. Even though his abilities were surpressed out of fear, he still developped past the limiter.

One day, he was witness to something horrible ; everything that Kin had held onto, destroyed. That was the first time that Kanama found himself angry ; and even more so when the other demon children beat up Kin. That.. that made Kanama angry. He had kept a long patience, and just viewed these dreams as something seperate ; but when he heard his parents whisper about their son Kin, and what he was doing, the male had understood, and was furious with his parents. The male had packed up his things, and told his sister he would try to find Kin ; and left his pathetic parents. He never knew if she followed him or not ; the male was much more focused on his goal. Finding Kin. Using each dream he had as a guide? He walked along many paths. The Arrancar that failed to kill their parents properly had found Kin ; Kanama, panicking, was trying to find Kin fruitlessly. And Kanama cursed his luck, as someone else saved Kin. Having arrived just for then? The male Iramasha simply watched Kin and Shadin.. and if the Arrancar survived, Kanama followed it.. and murdered it quite interestingly to say the least. The male never elaborated which chain of events occured, and simply smiles when he recounts this. In any case? That was the day he began to follow Shadin and Kin, but more so Kin then anyone else.

And Kanama was a witness to Kin's turn over ; and thus, he disguised his features from immidiate recognition, and kept tabs on Kin via the army he joined ; Ender's group. Not that Kanama cared much for it, nor did he participate visibly by others ; but he was there, working in the background, learning everything he could. Why? To help Kin when he would need it ; if Kanama could become stronger.. then perhaps he could help Kin. Due to his minor role, he wasn't killed in the major massacre that had taken place.. so when Kin contacted his division, hidden away, to join his new army? He accepted.. however his superior didn't want to. Kanama took his place, showing the entire division what would happen if they didn't follow him. That was the first time that Kanama actually knew something was wrong ; there was a large crack in the sapphire like gem that his parents had given him, Unconcerned with it, he went to the Kokuryuteshi. And he brought with him one or two others, as he smiled at his big brother. Kanama never told Kin of their blood relationship, but still served him.. until the day that Sapphire gem cracked. And Kanama's one wish was to be able to stay with his brother forever, regardless of if his brother loved him, forgave him, or even wanted him there. And unknowingly, Kin was granting it by leaving Kanama to his side. However, back to the gem cracking ; this happened during the war with the Soul King.

When the gem cracked, Kanama's powers came rushing out in a gush ; and in mere moment, the minor battle field he had been on? Had turned upside down into a massacre, leaving none of their, or the opponent's forces alive. The rampant powers made it hard for anyone to approach Kanama. He doesn't remember who managed to knock him out, but he understood once his conciousness was cut out that he needed the restraints, due to his parents accidentally enhancing his powers by sealing them for so long. The problem? He had lack of control, which made him too dangerous. So his Seishin Buki formed into the sapphire crystals ; but more then one, just in case. Considering how much Kanama's powers grew in that minor exposure? He didn't want to take the risk. Thus he missed the critical battle.. and was sealed in the realm along with Kin. But slowly, inch by inch? People began to break out of the realm, to go beyond it ; although, Kanama never bothered, and began to teach himself control. Eventually, an out of control student was given to Kanama, as it was similar to his case. His skillful handling made people he could fit as a teacher.. and thus he took up that mantle, to be useful to his brother. Kanama wasn't sure if Kin knew that they were blood related.. it was never addressed. But even that considering? He was happy to serve his brother, and observe.

And that's what Kanama would do, as he slowly tried to find a way to make things happen into the human world... for Kin's own wish to come true.



• Seishin Buki Name: Restrain

• Seishin Buki Appearance: Restrain takes the form of a sapphire like gem. These gems are set into several things surrounding Kanama, such as his earring, and his staff, along with a ring, necklace, and under linked bracelets/anklets. The Seishin buki is also present through his room as sapphire like flowers, looking soft and delicate. If anyone were to bother to sense for his Seishin buki, they would find it permating almost anywhere Kanama is.

• Seishin Buki Abilities:

抑える [Osareru lit ''Restraint'']
-- This ability is adptly named, due to the fact that is the main source of the Seishin Buki's power. What does this do? Basically, as long as Kanama has a single fragment of this around, he cannot release into his ulterior forms. He is permanently stuck into his restrained form. Now, someone needs to take all pieces of his Seishin Buki from him, or that he willingly breaks his bond with it in order for him to activate his forms. However, it only restrains his access to his full, uncontrolled power ; but he remains the same tier. How does it do this? It circulates his entire energy into a different set of abilities, retaining his strength in a more control set of powers, unlike his original powers. Therefore, Kanama has an alternate set of abilities, thus making it much easier to control his overwhelming power in fragments. So he doesn't change tiers when he unleashes his forms ; simply has his powers released in their full capacity. These effects apply only to Kanama.

永遠に咲く [Eien ni saku lit ''Forever Bloom'']
-- This secondary ability simply touches on the fact that his Seishin Buki is always present in the physical world, in some place ; either it take over a flower to bloom into the strange ones that the Seishin Buki makes, or finding a fragment in some trusted person's house, the Seishin buki is never fully destroyed, not even by Kanama. Since the Seishin buki follows a simple rule ; if one thing is destroyed, another takes it's place. This means each time a fragment of the Seishin buki is destroyed, another forms. Kanama carries typically 10-15 of these fragments with him at all times.



• Powers:

夢の姿勢 [Yume no Shisei lit ''Dream Stance'']
-- Kanama has a unique ability ; some call it forsight, and some may call it omniscience. However, Kanama doesn't believe in either of those description. He likes to think of it as an instant camera connection to those he loves. Relatively, this ability was so strong that it manifested itself regardless of the restraint and seals he places on himself ; as such, each form has a different version of this. Relatively, it has both a common use and then a more juice use.

Typically, Kanama can view current events and situations that are happening to a certain set of people. There are several conditions in order to make this work, but if they are present? Kanama can, without his will, drop in on them with his sight at any time. This sight has a bird's eye view of the situation, and follows if it needs to ; generally, it tends to remain in a third person observer mode, typically where one would place a camera to catch all of the movements. It tends to randomly happen each time he closes his eyes for more then a minute. This means that Kanama has a hard time sleeping also, due to the fact that sleeping qualifies, and the visions will construct themselves in his dream regardless of his will. Keep in mind that Kanama does not control these visions ; they come to him randomly and from any of those that match the selected pool of conditions.

The conditions to be affected by Kanama's sight is simple. These conditions do not stack ; one needs to qualify for only a single of these to be affected. Though the more that one's affected by? The higher of a possiblity that Kanama's sight will fix itself onto that person. One is a Blood Relation, no more distant then immidiate cousin. Another is that Kanama Loves the person in question truly, to the point of giving his life for them. This one includes Bestfriends, and lovers, even friends, as long as love is put in the equation. Another is a complete and utter hate for someone ; in other words a pure enemy. This hate helps to act as a focus lens to find the person in question.

The view of the situation is put into current time ; so at the time that Kanama is viewing, it is currently happening. An example is when he saw Kanama being bullied by the Demonic Children, or when he was being attacked by the Arrancar that supposedly killed their parents. As Kanama searched for where in Karakura that Kin was in, he had to keep an eye on the situation, no pun intended. This brings attention to the fact that Kanama only needs one eye closed for the effects of this ability to continue ; it cannot activate on one eye alone, but once it's started? Kanama can open an eye, and see the continuation of events through the other. Relatively, it allows him to look for someone at the same time as the event occuring. However, should he open both eyes at once? The ability will be cancelled.

This ability will also automatically cancel itself out in battle, due to Kanama having to close his eyes for a lenghty period of time and his focus not on a relax mode.

太陽 [Taiyō [Taiyou] lit ''Sun'']
-- Kanama is Kin's blood sibbling. This is made obvious by the single attribute that both share ;stars. However, where Kin has many, Kanama has adapted to a single Star, a well known one - the Sun. This said, it is not like in any measure the same sort of power that Kin holds ; rather? It seems to show their sibbling symmetry. Since often, the Stars are compaired alongside the Moon and the Sun. Funnily enough, Kanama seems to fit the sun in such a regard.

Passively, this power concentrates around Kanama's energy reserves. Relatively said, Kanama had high energy since he was a child ; due to amazing potential he had held in his body. However? His parents sealed away this potential with restraints ; and behind the restraints, the power grew, so did the energy. Enough to the point that, as he grew, he managed to crack his parent's best restraint, the sapphire like gem that held long years of rituals imbribed into them. And even more so, he easily reproduce those crystals with his unleashed energy. The pure unleashing of his potential could easily flatten the area he's in. It's just that overwhelming ; however, this is taken and observed in a form by form effect.

Generally, in a basic format, Kanama's work of Taiyou is simple ; he drains and uses energy in a much more pure format. This said? Kanama can typically absorb one source of energy, and must, within the next two posts, release it. In a way, he absorbs incoming energies, and then forms them into an explosive force, capable of burning and searing whatever it explodes on. Think of it as pure energy bombs, almost like a nuclear type, but much, much more malleable. He may absorb energy, but not elements and certainly not attacks. A perfect example is if someone fired a Cero with the extra element of darkness towards Kanama. Kanama could absorb the cero, but the darkness would still attack him as intended. Relatively, he can also use the energy he absorbs in any of his own abilities, or release it in a straight shot custom Chaos Blast.

偽の踊り [Nise no Odori lit ''False Dance'']
-- Kanama has always been able to facillitate the running of energy, due to his Taiyou ability ; however, when he lost control, he understood the basic concept of a new ability, allowing him to extend this energy control to a further extent. Now? Kanama can use his energy almost like telapathic waves in their own right, but unlike an actual telepath? He materializes these things in illusions, holograms and sonograms. This is also an efficient teaching tool, which is why he has practiced it's use.

Now, Kanama can, in a more simple way, take his thoughts and mental images, and bring them to life in a sort of visual movie. He can make it flat, 3-D or even life sized. It doesn't matter, as long as Kanama has a flat surface to work off of. This is the only requirement. Kanama is projecting this, not implanting it in people's head. The point of this? Is that he can broadcast, share, and by using chaos energy he disengages, show things that most wouldn't believe. From his memories to conjured plans and examples, Kanama can broadcast anything he can vizualize and hear. This is not a very efficient combat ability, due to the fact that it works mostly as a way to share things he has with others. It could work as a temporary distraction, and generally just seems to be useful to gather information and/or teach others things he knows.

教師の魔法 [Kyōshi no mahō [Kyoushi no Mahou] lit ''Teacher Magic'']
-- Kanama is very unique in the fact that he has a relatively advanced mind. He is very much suited to teaching, being a primarily passive and gentle being during his life. His abilities seem to focus relatively on information gathering and teaching things to others. This next ability is very much the same concept. Kanama can, for a brief period of time, connect his energy wave length to another person's, as long as they are willing. He can maintain up to 5 connections of his tier at once, 2 of a higher tier, and 10 of a lower tier. If the tier is 4 or below, he can maintain 20 connections; if the tier is 0, it will then default to the level. If he is in the 0 tiers, he can maintain his 5 connections to his own level. (level refers to the second number in a tier; like 0-2. A concrete example would be Kanama being an 0-4, could maintain connections to 5 other 0-4's. However, if he is connected to an 0-3? He can only maintain two of those within that level. This applies to 0 tier only.) Should he ever connect to a 0-1 tier, Kanama will be unable to maintain another connection due to the sheer power that an 0-1 posesses. These connections are like feedback; it allows Kanama to see and understand the flow of a person's energy in a more intimate level, even assimilating knowledge about their powers, how they work, their limits, and whatever else that may come to mind. This connection also allows Kanama to focus on that person should they find themselves in a fight, and exclude them from his own abilities. A connection can be established in mere moments, and is ever present no matter what form either they or Kanama takes. Even should they be taken over by a Ziamichi, or a demon, Kanama can still maintain the connection, due to having marked their existence.

This mark does not harm, or otherwise affect the holder other then allowing Kanama to freely analyze and access information on abilities, powers, and forms. This skill shows it's main use however, when Kanama has enough data. From there? Kanama could enter the person's inner world, their minds, their souls, and help point out flaws in their styles, in their skills, and other such useful information. Even so, this skill could even help him unlock a person's powers, or even increase their potential by mixing his own energy waves to increase and meld with theirs to a certain point. It allows Kanama to easily bring forward other's full potential, and even give them a useful boost should they require it. As a teacher? His job is to fully and utterly utilize his talents to help his students. As such, this ability mainly aids with this, as it allows him to understand the person he is teaching to a much deeper level then many would realize.

知識の分割 [Chishiki no bunkatsu lit ''Knowledge Split'']
-- Kanama is an informant by nature. The problem with this is how much knowledge he accumulates often boggles the mind. Therefore, the male has this ability to help compensate for it. As he absorbs all the knowledge he does, his mind compartmentalizes it, and puts it into different areas, to recall whenever the situation needs for it. However, sometimes, there's too much knowledge that flutters into the equation. So that's when Kanama activates this skill. Basically, it activates the sleeping potential inside of his mind; his processes become much faster, almost to a lightning level, assimilating and disassembling knowledge. This particular ability is almost permanently activated, as it places no drain on Kanama's energy. What it does do, however, is once the activation is stopped? Kanama is utterly exhausted, mentally and physically. This ability stops him from needing sleep or rest, and even decreases his need for food. Relatively, it speeds up Kanama's own body limitations. However, he does need to rest once in a while; this requires for him to deactivate the ability every 3 or so days, in order to ensure he's relatively safe. He can leave it on for a maximum of 5 days, before he's required to have rest since any further would incur permanent damage. This is almost a purely passive ability, and has almost no effect into battle other then allowing Kanama to understand much faster then normally he would.

• Chaos Moves: -




• Fragmentary Form: (How does your character look when they ascend into either their Angel, Demon or Hybrid form? One paragraph please)

• Fragmentary Form Abilities:

So it hurts to
Be alive, my friend
In this masquerade where
All one day must die

Don't you wish you
Were unborn again
Just for a minute
Just for a minute more


• Angelic Release Appearance: (Same as before. Simply state how they look upon ascending into this form)

• Angelic Release Abilities:

[Adding a Line or two
Just to check.]

The ticking at the tear asunder
The beating from a heart of stone
The loss of your divine prosperity


• Awakened Divinity Appearance (If you have unlocked at least Angel or Demon Form's or have reached 2-3 tier, your character has the ability to create their own unique form. Be sure to tell us how they look in this form)

• Awakened Divinity Abilities:

'Cause it costs to
Be alive, my friend
And this life that someone
Merely gave to you

That's the price you take
Minute by minute
You beg for a minute more



• Class Title:

• Class Traits:

• Skills:

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Warp: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Fighting Style: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Gem Creation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:Advanced.
  • Mental Deduction:Master.
  • Pain Endurance:Advanced.
  • Focus: Master.

Comments/Notes: I'll learn me a new skill while I am at it, and sweet Jesus, Teacher no Chaos up in here.
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[Iramasha, 0-4-] Kanama :: Turquoise Cross Commander
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