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 Viata Vampiro [Sueki]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Viata Vampiro [Sueki]   Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:22 pm



Name: Viata Aljambre
Age: 200
Gender: Male
Orientation: Rogue


Jiro's appearance is that of a warrior. With his long, trailing red cloak, and the blade normally hidden by it at his side, it is clear whenever he comes into play that he is the one who is prepared. His mannerisms are simple, moving with a determined stride and always making sure he is strapped in.

JIro wears what looks like a witch's cap with a large brim and a buckle that circles around it atop his head. The reason for this is that this way, no sunlight can ever reach his face, as the largebuckle latches it tightly ato phis head so it isn't blown away and he is not harmed by the sun's rays. His hair is long and blue, going down past his shoulders. He has very attractive features, it is true, because he always looks to be just a little bit over the age of 18 when he takes his requirements (AKa blood and sex). He wears a white undershirt, with a blue collared shirt over that. Around his neck he wears a blue ribbon, as well as a pair of yellow-tinted goggles. In his mouth there are many small nicks and scars.

He has straps around his shoulders, as well as the long flowing cloak that he wears around himself, held onto him by a belt with a buckle around his chest. On his legs he wears a pair of white underpants, a pair of jogging slacks over those, and over those the red leggings that most people see, held together by yet another belt around that. at his left hip he keeps his Silver Blade in its sheathe, and around his hands he wears a pair of gloves that have black latex going down the middle and index fingers and orange latex around the pointer, pinky, and thumb. On his wrists he has yet another buckle that holds his gloves on, and he wears two pairs of socks along with black dress shoes on his feet.

Finally, although he has the waste organ down under, he lacks his sexual equipment in the form of his testicles. He cut them off with The Silver Blade shortly after he became a Sueki.


Viata is a very conflicted Sueki. He doesn't wholly deny his nature, merely the things that it requires. He dislikes harming those who don't deserve it, and greatly dislikes it when he cannot control his own ravenous libido, apparent from the fact that he is circumcised as well as lacking of testicles. The same lust is found in his lust for blood; he greatly enjoys partaking in the extraction of another's life force, but he always feels bad about it afterwards, apparent from the many cuts in his mouth.

The one and only reason that Viata has lasted for so long is that he has the rare ability to control his own foresights. He can see many variables simultaneously, going through the motions to produce his own survival. Of course, his conflicted nature often collides with this, but he always manages to make it through by making sure he has extra time for his instability.

He really, really doesn't want to be a nymph. However, he lacks the will (And technically, the body) to resist the urges that he has. Most of the time he is in control of it, but he occassionally has dark spots where he can't control himself, feeling like he's in a dream. In addition, whenever he engages in sexual activity, his general awareness goes down for up to twenty four hours after that, making him not as sharp as he usually is and more prone to screwing up and doing it again. He does everything he can to prevent it, wearing all kinds of clothing and obviously the whole lack of testicles. Interestingly, if he does have sexual activity one time a week, the negative effects don't quite reach him... although he often can't limit himself to just once a week, unfortunately.

Hair Trigger
Due to his past experiences, Viata moves on the drop of a hat. His body is constantly ready to go again, and the slightest noise can freak him out and make him run. He is a bit like an animal in this way; but he can usually calm himself down after his initial reaction. However, this is the biggest reason why he has been able to stay alive; he trusts very few beings and allows even fewer to get very close to him.

His biggest problem with both his hemophilia and nymph-like nature is that when he is presented with either situation, his willpower is drained. Kinda sucky, get it?, but true. Occasionally he'll go on a small rant where he doesn't drink any blood or have any sexual activity for three or four days, but then the physical limits of his body get to him. Ironically, because of his own limitations, his libido is extremely, extremely high, even for a Sueki; in a way, he's mostly responsible for the regret he has afterwards because he always goes beyond what is considered normal. Again, testicleless.

Old Values
The reason why he rejects the requirements of his nature so fiercely is because of the way he was raised. He was raised heterosexual, first off, and would be beyond disgusted if he were ever to satisfy his requirements with another man. The second value was that all women should be treated with dignity; something that directly goes against the nature of the Sueki, especially a hetero Sueki, as Sueki only take from their victims and violate their dignity in some way. He has a strange kind of instinct, as well. If the one he is fulfilling his requirements with is a virgin, he will leave them as he found them, unless he is sane and they do not wish for him to leave them as they were. Finally, in his rational and irrational mind he finds orgies disgusting, never taking part in them if he is abe to help it.

Racial Powers:

Kumopu: The ability to burst into an artificial veil of shadows and dash to a target location at extreme speeds and reform back to your usual form. This ability is the Sueki version of Shunpo and Sonido, granting them similar speeds but with a shadowy visual effect. During the moment they are shadows, they become invincible but cannot attack until they have left the shadowy state. The state will only last between the jumping point and landing point.

Viata's Kumopu is highly advanced, as he has worked on it greatly to help him survive. As such, he can perform many Kumopu in rapid succession, as well as perform it on a hair's notice. It is like a second nature for him; and is one of the things that have kept him alive for as long as he's been around.

Kumitsu: The ability to cover oneself in an artificial veil of shadow that blocks of Reitsu from the outside and world and from within. This allows any Sueki that has covered themselves in shadows to become undetectable. Also, if used at night or in very dark places, the Sueki becomes invisible to the naked eye.

Blood Sucking Nymphs:: All Sueki characters live off of two things: sex and blood. If either of these are ignored, then the Sueki will start to age rapidly and turn to ash during the night of the 7th day without drinking blood or having sex. The withdrawal symptoms slowly start to becomes noticeable on the 5th day and get worse by the seventh when the Sueki will look about 100 years old. After drinking blood, the Sueki will feel full and no longer hungry. After having sex, the sueki will feel energised. After both has occurred within 7 days of each other, the body will deteriorate in age becoming more young. The actual age it stops at changes depending on the person. This is the trait that caused him to spay himself.

Child of the Night: When outside in the light of the moon or covered in natural darkness and shadow, the Sueki's body begins to react faster, move quicker, think rapidly and generally become much more aware and agile than if the sun was out. This also means, training and fighting in the moonlight or dark places enhances their potential, increasing their general power by around 10% giving them a small advantage over others that are not one with the night in combat. It's also no surprise that some Sexual activities are held on balconies or in the nearby forest due to the moonlight and darkness that envelops them. It is said to enhance them in the youthing process.

Night Watcher: Most Sueki have the ability to generate a veil of shadows around their eyes, thus granting them night vision. Everything becomes brighter as if somebody had flicked the brightness switch on a video game to the max. This can be stopped by removing the shadows from your eyes. Visually, the Sueki's whites in their eyes turn gray then black.

Solar Frailty: Sueki have a very big weakness: The sun. They cannot come into contact with solar energy or sunlight otherwise the ageing process within their bodies starts to rapidly react and they will die within ten minutes. This makes it difficult for Sueki to fight or do anything while the sun is out and have a disadvantage against solar based characters. Fire, electricity and other non-sunlight abilities do not cause this effect. Thus, candles, light-bulbs etc do not age them.

However, Viata is not like most Sueki. The extreme amounts of clothing that he wears to keep his urgings (or try to keep his urgings) in check also grants him another benefit; it almost completely protects him from the rays of the sun. As long as he has his hat, he can completely cover up his body from the sun's rays, allowing him to move about as seemingly a normal person.

Human State: This is not a form in the slightest. Sueki are capable of entering a sort of meditation that shrinks their fangs so they appear to look like normal teeth. They also deny reitsu access to their powers in this state of meditation. They can move and react as normal as though they were 5-5 tier humans. However, holding this state for too long eventually tires the user.

Unique Powers:

The Silver Blade
The Silver Blade is a Universal Tool, made from the Human Chi, held at Viata's left side inside of its sheathe. The blade is extremely sharp, as well as light; perfect for Viata's fighting style.. However, it is so much more than just a blade. This blade is directly linked to Viata's being, meaning that he can call it forth from shadows whenever he desires to. This sword holds a special signifcance for him; it is his companion, his liberator, and his best friend all rolled into one. It is the tool with which he attempted to neuter himself with, as well as the one that he uses whenever he can't stand the fangs in his mouth, although he can't do anything about those.

The Silver Blade also has the unnique property of being able to cut through shadows and shadow energy. This is the blade's purpose, to cut down Sueki, although that is not what Viata now uses it for. He uses it to keep himself alive and keep himself defended. However, it is still extremely good at cutting through shadows and making them lose their form and sever the bond with whomever is controlling them, making this a very dangerous sword indeed. It is able to perform shadow slashes because the blade rejects the shadow energy with a fury, sending it out sharply.

Shadow Affinity
If there is any part of the Sueki life that Viata actually truly appreciates, it is the manipulation of shadow. He is extremely gifted with working with shadow, and has large amounts of reiatsu in his body with which to manipulate it. If he does not want to be found, it can be very cumbersome for one to find him as a result.

Shadow Slash
By running shadows down the Silver Blade's edge in a current, Viata can create an extremely sharp shadow slashing attack that fires out in a crescent towards his targets. However, this slash does not explode, but rather cuts right through, the entire wave condensing and increasing in sharpness if it cannot cut through the target until it is either able to or cannot condense anymore, at which point it vanishes. In addition, Viata can emerge from the shadow slash, linking his energy to it before shooting towards it to appear within it instantly, as he is immune to its cutting power.

Shadow Slash Combination
Due to how skilled he is with shadow, Viata is able to perform many Shadow Slashes in rapid succession, firing a whoe stream of them if he desires or just infusing his blade with them in natural combat. This means that he can make his blade sharper by adding more shadow to it, as the Shadow Slash still keeps its effects while it is on the blade.

Light Goggles
During the day time, Viata can wear the special pair of goggles around his neck to see in the light as he could at night, as he often moves around during the day thanks to all of his clothing. These glasses also remove glare, meaning that light attacks meant to blind the target do not affect him as long as he is wearing them. These are another Universal Tool, which Viata received after he became a Sueki from an old friend.

Shadow Armor
Shadow energy is affused within Viata's very skin, hardening it and making it much more durable than a normal person's, and enabling him to fight on par with the hierro of the arrancar, as well as use it for training and other uses as well.

Umbra State Appearance:

Every form he takes is an exploration of the senses...

This is the crazed state that Viata can enter when he suffers overexposure to one of his vices, or needs to release more power and has no other choice. He dislikes entering this form, because this one lacks any kind of sense of his values or survival; it merely wants to take everything it can at that moment in time. Except for the heterosexual part of himself. He holds onto that trait on principle.

This form is much smaller than his normal one, as in this state the monster is not the outside of Viata, but rather the inside. His hair changes to a blood red color, and his eyes become yellow with small slits forming in their centers. His extreme amounts of clothing are replaced by a black wind breaker and white button-up shirt, which is completely unbuttoned showing his bare chest. In addition, although her wears a belt around his waist, he never zips up his fly; he just doesn't on principle. Around his legs he wears dress pants, and black shoes around his feet. In addition, his testicles grow back.

Umbra State Abilities:

Vocal Desire
Viata has a bit of a flip flop from the normal Sueki customs; as his sealed state is the one he prefers to do combat in and his Umbra state usually fulfills his requirements. His Umbra state has a passive effect with sounds that it produces with its vocal chords. The sound targets the pleasure centers of the mind of whomever hears it. However, that is not all that it does. It does not merely pique the pleasure centers; it rapidly assaults them, escalating the target through the roof instantly, although they will not really notice it at first.

Rather, they will merely start to feel their body heat up, as in a normal state of arousal; but instead of the normal functions that have a source of arousal, the source will not be identifiable and the person will feel the same way about everything around them, meaning that they may or may not be convinced by this. Of course, people with high focus or mental deduction will often be able to resist this, but it can still have a distracting effect regardless as it builds up over time, the more that Umbra State speaks. However, he cannot release it in large amounts by this same coin as well; it HAS to build up.

Sensual Touch
His touch is also quite... strange. Whenever he touches another person, his fingers shoot of waves of heat, hot and cold, through the target's body, targetting specific areas that cause reactions which greatly distract the target, as well as causing bodily reactions that help him towards his goal of fulfilling his requirements. Of course, if one is immune to temperature change this has no effect. In addition, those with higher willpower and focus are generally able to work through this distraction, although those with weaker will may just end up losing themselves in the sensation.

Alluring Scent
He also gives off a natural pheromone, which naturally relaxes the muscles of any being that smells it and causes them to be more receptive to the other sensual actions that Umbra Viata uses on them. Of course, it can be fought merely by realizing one's muscles are relaxing and fighting it, but the area all around Umbra Viata smells reaaaaal good for about 10 feet around himself. Again, this can also make it harder for the receptive parties to think, although it can be resisted just like anything else.

Forbidden Taste
Umbra Viata's tongue is laced with a special chemical produced by his body, called Neutralizer. Neutralizer is a highly addictive substance that reacts when it makes contact with skin, entering the bloodstream and triggering all the weak spots of a being's body. Weak spots being pleasure centers, in this case. As such, Umbra Viata's tongue when it makes contact with skin can cause an earth-shattering amount of sudden desire in a person, or just send tingles through their body, depending on how much of his saliva makes contact with the person.

This is why his bites are extremely, extremely addictive, as when he bites he applies a large amount of saliva through his bites, and when he kisses someone it causes the reaction to happen almost instantly, due to the direct contact with the inside of one's body.Just like everything else, this sensation can be resisted, but one must have at least Advanced focus to fight off its effects completely.

Shadow Hand to Hand
Umbra Viata does not like using The Silver Blade, as he calls it overcompensation, instead using his fists. Using Shadow Armor, Umbra Viata is able to greatly increase the durability of his body and the density of his muscles, enabling him to utilize a large amount of hand-to-hand, which he is very skilled in. In addition, he can focus shadow energy on certain points of his body, before releasing it when it makes contact with the target so that they explode.


Viata was not born a Sueki, not born a vampire, not born a monstrosity. He was born Viata Aljambre, growing up in Mexico during the Third World War. He could only watch as monsters ripped apart his home and family, before as a small child he fled. He was rescued by another escaping family, who were attempting to save everyone they could that was from their village. They managed to save Viata and a young girl who was also attempting to escape.

Viata was from a poor village; they lacked much news of the outside world and it was not uncommon for people to occassionally go missing, from the chubacabra. Viata had never quite believed those stories growing up, but as he traveled with the family and the young woman, he began to realize that there was something not quite right with her. While he aged normally through the years, she constantly stayed the same, never a wrinkle on her face or a trace of gray in her hair.

Viata often made friends with people in the towns where the family visited, mostly destroyed from the war going on all around them. One such friend was an old man, who shared his suspicions about the final member of their party. He gave Viata a special silver sword, telling him that the blade was once used to hunt the darkest of chubacabra, long ago. Viata was uncertain, but took the sword, often training with it out of having nothing better to do.

However, the woman, a remnant of the Sueki, realized what it was that he had; as it had wiped out her entire coven long ago. So, in the dead of night about a year after he had received the blade, she bit him, injected her blood into him, corrupting him, and then raping him. She told the family that he decided to stay in the village without wanting to say goodbye, and they believed her, as she left him on the side of the road, a Nyu-Sueki.

It was the dead of night as Viata ran back to the nearest village. There lived a smith who had knowledge of the chubacabra, and knew that Viata would never wish this upon himself. Understanding his needs, the smith took him to the local whore house, paying them and waiting outside for the young man who was now over twenty years of age.

When Viata finally became conscious again, a full Sueki due to his unexpected amounts of sudden lust, libido, and blood desire, he fell to the ground before the smith. The smith regarded him coolly, before giving Viata an ultimatum. Viata agreed to it; in exchange for a special pair of goggles and many, many extra clothes to protect him from the sun's rays, he had to cut off his own scrotom and testicles.

This he performed with the Silver Blade posthaste; partly because of the smith's ultimatum but mostly because he was disgusted with his own self. What could he do? He was stuck like this, and realized he was going to have to find out on his own how to survive.

So he did. He found how he could survive; he wasn't proud of it, but he had to learn how to be a Sueki all on his own. After the war ended, he moved to London, where he remained until Mana appeared. That awful night would forever remain in his mind; if it hadn't been for his adeptness at hiding within the shadows, he would have been utterly obliterated.

As such he continued roaming the British Isles, before at long last he came into contact with beings like himself. However, they were different. They relished the special skills they had and their requirements. While uneasy, he decided that he could indeed attempt to establish relations with them, leading him to the present day...

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Sueki Skills
  • Shadow Affinity: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Umbra Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Dependencies: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sexual Amplifications: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Viata Vampiro [Sueki]   Tue Dec 25, 2012 4:01 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Nice work, but may i suggest taking care when fighting in sunlight as your hat may fall off xD
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Viata Vampiro [Sueki]   Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:45 am

This is being moved to archives.

Thank you very much for your service over the years.

If you are ever needed again, you shall be re-summoned once more and moved back to Approved Applications.

Until then, sleep well, my dear friend. Thank you for the good times and for having put up with me for so very, very long.

A peculiar Sueki, that is what you were. A man who held his head high, but at the same time fell to temptation when his will was overpowered by his body... that part of my soul was what you clearly reflected, when you were created. You were a Vampire, plain and simple, and yet also a vampire Hunter. You never even had your skill sheet filled in... I was so negligent. Sorry about that... but for now... I can put you to rest. Goodnight, my Vampire....


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Viata Vampiro [Sueki]
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