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 Joshua Lyle O'Brien [Sugiura][APPROVED, 1-1+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Joshua Lyle O'Brien [Sugiura][APPROVED, 1-1+]   Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:01 am

Sugiura Template|スグイラテムペラツ

" I'll live. I'll live and seize tomorrow! That battle. I'll fight to live! "

General Information

Name: Joshua Lyle O'Brien (This is only what he goes by and what everyone but Odysseus know him only as.)

True Name: Ulysseus Joshua le Rouge de Loi

Alias:Mister Bushido (ミステルブシド)

Appearance Age: Mid-to-late Twenties

True Age: About 9000

Gender: Male

Element: Lyle's own reiatsu and Reishi

Overall Appearance

All-Around: Lyle is quite arrogant. Despite being arrogant, he's also quite nice to most people around him. Of course, this does not include other Suguiras as he hates almost all of them. He trusts few people as well. He will rarely use his powers. Lyle may also have a slight drinking problem, not that he would admit it. His love of fine booze has gotten him in trouble on many an occasion. While drinking heavily Lyle usually views the world as being against him and is quick to pick a fight. Though his rabble rousing nights are often on days he is on leave, those drunken fits are a sight to behold. Lyle is quick to anger as well as stubborn, his anger may overtake his logic and make critical errors on the battlefield. Watching a comrade in dire straights may anger him into rushing head on. Lyle, also has a soft spot for the ladies and will go out of his way to attempt to put on the old "Aryan" charm. Succeeding often is another story. He moved close to the old shrine in the forest so he doesn't . His main hobby is reading, mostly religious works, as he is a self-proclaimed athiest (Ironic, eh?). His nonchallant attitude is thrown aside, and Lyle is quite serious. He refuses to joke around in battle, and will scold anyone who does. .


Lyle isn't a very tall man. Instead he is just under average height. His hair is a pure yellow blonde, as is all of the le Rouge de Loi family's hair. His eyes were a jade green until his face was injured and his right eye was injured slightly. He could've gotten reconstructive surgery, but he has refused to do so. His right eye is now a teal color, and it is slightly faded. His scar goes from about the middle of his forehead down the right side of his face, crossing the eye, and ending on his neck.

Lyle is almost always seen in either a blue or green military coat. Neither of them have any identifying markings, so it is assumed that they are custom-made. However, the blue one is much more different than the green, as it doesn't have "leg protectors" on the sides. It also is a compound uniform with a dark blue overshirt/jacket and a lighter blue undershirt. When Lyle wears the green uniform, he also wears a haori over it. The reason behind this is unknown, but the haori stands out from the olive green uniform.The interior is a light purple, almost an orchid color. The exterior is a maroon-esque color with the slight bit of sleeves being navy blue. When Lyle is under the guise of "Mister Bishido," he will wear a mask. The mask is mainly black with only the chin and the area directly under the eyes being a dark maroon. It doesn't take up the whole face. It only covers the nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead. The rest is able to be seen.


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 179lbs

Natural Abilities

Master Swordsman: Lyle has been trained in many different ways of swordsfighting, however he prefers the katana and wazikashi in the daishou manner. When fighting, he prefers the katana, but will use the wazikashi.
Left Handed: Lyle's style of fighting is based upon his being left handed. He will use this to his advantage, as it is generally slightly more difficult fighting a left handed person.
Amazing Speed: Lyle's sheer speed is absolutely amazing. He can outrun almost anyone he comes across without using reiatsu or reishi. When using reiatsu and/or reishi, his speed is better than most captains.
Enhanced Durability: Lyle can take a beating and then release one twice as strong. He has been shot by Quincies, stabbed by Shinigami, and once had an arrancar slice open his arm slightly. All of those were followed by the death(s) of the party or parties involved.
Enhanced Tolerance: Due to his special training, Lyle has a greater tolerance to G Forces. reiatsu doesn't affect him as much as the normal spirit being. This also allows him to withstand a good bit of attacks. He also can withstand more poisons than the average Sugiura.

Guardian Beast

Sacred Weapon: Lyle's Sacred takes the form of a daishou pair, a wazikashi and a katana. The two swords match in appearance, with the wazikashi being shorter than the katana. Their hilt guards are golden and attached to the hilt via a small bar on each side. Between the bars, it is hollow, giving the empty space a "bean" shape. The hilt itself is wrapped in an emerald green cloth with small herbal imprints on it. The end cap is golden with the Kanji for Masarao on the Katana and Kinokiita on the wazikashi. Both are carried on his right side, in matching emerald green scabbards.

Guardian Beast: Lyle has two guardian beasts. Masarao ( マサラオ; lit. Strong Man/Person) and Kinokiita (キノキイタ; lit. Smart Man/Person). Masarao and Kinokiita take the forms of two matching suits of armor. In fact, other than the color, the only physical difference between the two is the shape of the "horns" on the side of their heads. Other than that, their personalities are almost polar opposites. Masarao wants orderly chaos caused by fighting. He{1} doesn't want to stop fighting at all. Kinokiita prefers to stand back for a while and gather up strategies and tactics for fighting. This has caused him to be called the wiser of the two. However, he doesn't prefer fighting, but he does not support surrendering.



Guardian Beast's World:

It is a large castle-like structure. Inside is an armory that Lyle will use to train in.

Techinques: This is where you post what your guardian beast allows you to do, whether it be elemental or spiritual. Each guardian beast holds a power over a certain element or something you can control.

Magic: The Sugiura's have a list of their own Magic they use as well as Shinigami Kidō, you can have up to a bit of Kidō but not every single part of it, also mix it between the magic and Kidō. They cannot be a Kidō master, but can be quite talented at it. however a sugiura could be a master at their magic spells of course. depending on the the type that is.

Guardian Beast Unsealed

Joushou|ジョウショウ: ("Ascending") Kinokiita no Ken (キノキイタノケン; lit. Blade of the Smart Man/Person ) -
The daishou pair is transformed into larger versions of themselves with different blades and hiltguards. The interesting feature is that both of them can be combined into a dual-bladed weapon. The blades can each fire energy waves known as "Claws" that split into four separate attacks each with the equivilent power of the Trecera Espada's Cero. When they are together, the attacks are of the strength of the Segunda Espada's Cero.

Zenou|ゼノウ: ("Almighty") Masarao no Ude (マサラオノウデ - lit. Arm of the Strong Man) -
The daishou pair is now transformed into two black hilts for a katana and wazikashi. However, the blade is not there. Instead, there is a hole going slightly into the hilt. The blades on the swords are made of Lyle's reiatsu. They can be extended to where the Katana is the length of an Odachi and the Wazikashi the length of a katana. However, this is only if he can get someone to "lend" him some of his or her own reiatsu. They can also do the "claws" from Joushou. However, the strength is bumped up to the Primera's Cero for the Katana/Odachi and the Segunda's Cero for the Wazikashi.

Kyuu Kyou|キュウキョウ: ("Ultimate") Shukumei no Shinjin (シュクメイノシンジン; Destiny of the True Man) - It is rare to see Lyle release his Kyuu Kyou. It is because it taxes him more than almost any other Kyuu Kyou. This is due to his massive amount of weapons. Carried on his waist are two short swords. His legs have swords that are controlled via Lyle's thoughts and their blades are made of reishi attached to them. He has a pair of spiked knuckle guards on his hands and from his fingers he can create a long reishi blade from each of them. On his right shoulder, there is a large "buster sword" that is empowered by his reiatsu with smaller blades that are detachable. On his left shoulder, there is a large shield that contain miniature versions of the buster sword that are also telepathically controlled. On the left side of his back there is a large cleaver-like broadsword. On the right side there is a larger claymore-like sword.


History/Roleplay Sample

Character Background:
Birth to Banishment

Lyle was born Ulysseus Joshua le Rouge de Loi. According to "The Prophecy of Roberto," he was to be the one that would lead the Sugiura Clan. The le Rouge de Loi family was very religious at the time of Lyle's birth. Lyle's schooling started early because of the prophecy. He had no idea what was going on. All that he knew is that he was being taught how to read and speak the old language. The Old Language was basically a fusion of Russian, Mandarin, and Latin. His ability to be able speak in both languages at the same rate and the same went with him reading.

When he was only six, he began combat training. He was exceptionally skilled in swordsmanship, though his use of the Sugiura magic was quite good for someone only six. When he was seven, he was able to choose a weapon that he would keep as his own. At the armory, Lyle chose something odd. A daishou pair. A sword that was almost as tall as he was and another that was taller than him. This amazed the instructor, but he could not make the boy reconsider his choice.

Lyle's skill with his katana and wazikashi skyrocketed. It was when he was training with the two swords that the instructor learned that Lyle was left-handed. While he trained more with the daishou pair, he was still training with other swords as well. He never could get used to the Rapier, so they discarded that training. By ten, he had only a few types of swords he would use. They were a claymore, a cleaver, and a short sword. All of them were direct contrasts with the quick-strike style of a katana and wazikashi.

Lyle's final ceremony began when he was eighteen. He was led underground and into a large dungeon. Inside of the dungeon were the "holiest" Guardian Beasts. These included humanoid figures, armor, and things of that sort. In order to gain the spirit, he must strike them with his hand. A white and black suit of armor charged at Lyle. Lyle grabbed the suit's fist as it almost punched him. This caused the binding ceremony to enter the final phase.

The area around Lyle stopped. In fact, the area around Lyle went monochrome and time stopped. If one were to walk into the dungeon, they would just see Lyle's body in a meditating position with the other guardian beasts far away from him. All of the monochrome was in his mind. As he started to regain his balance, he noticed that all throughout the room there were grey-handled katanas and wazikashis. These looked exactly alike. Before him stood a single figure. It was the white and black suit of armor from earlier. The suit armor charged at Lyle, and he grabbed a katana. It blocked the attack and stood firm. However, it soon turned into a puddle of silver liquid.

The process continued until there were only two daisho pairs left. Lyle had been cut in several places. The white suit of armor stopped. He spoke "If you choose wrong on this will have failed and will be banished." Lyle brashly grabbed a Katana and charged at the suit of armor. When he hit the armor, the blade broke in half and Lyle regained conciousness. He looked beside him and saw a puddle of the silver liquid. He was brought before the grand court right after that. The grand court immediately banished Lyle out of the Sugiura lands. This caused him to fly into a rage. With so, he slaughtered the grand court with a sabre from one of the guards. He immediately left and disappeared into the Soul Society.

Soul Society to Seattle

While Lyle was in the Soul Society, he began training. A man known as Hisoka tried to train the boy, but he failed as he wasn't a Shinigami like Hisoka thought he was. Lyle soon ventured deep into the forest that surrounded the Seireitei. There was a temple to Shimura quite deep in there. It had been abandoned for many years. There he saw two statues that resembled the suit of armor he fought. He ran and stabbed through both of them with his wazikashi and katana. From the stab wounds, a large bright light shone. Soon, the monochrome situation began again.

There were only two daishou pairs now. However, there were two suits of armor attacking him now. Instead of being brash, he studied each one of the katanas. As he stared more intently at one, the handle glowed red. He immediately grabbed the one that didn't glow and sliced the chest of both of the suits of armor in one fowl swoop. In the turn he made, he grabbed the non-glowing wazikashi and struck both as well. As soon as he stopped the second turn, the monochrome ended. He didn't have a new weapon either.

This made Lyle wonder what the hell had just happened. He looked and he saw that both of the statues has the marks of where he had cut their chest. He then noticed the katana and wazikashi were there in front of the statues, where they had been laid on the ground neatly. He picked them up and noticed they were lighter than usual yet cut with twice as much force. This made him know that he had gained his Sacred. He smirked at that acomplishment, but he could not return to the Sugiura lands.

He stayed in the temple and killed small animals for food. He drank the river water as well. He was also constantly training. Over the next 8500 years, he learned Joushou, Zenou, Kyuu Kyou, and mastered all of the Sugiura Magic he had learned. He quickly sliced the temple in half as he opened a portal to the world of the living. When he arrived in Seattle, Washington, he was unable to be seen. He spent many years learning the language of the people there. It was when a travelling spirit salesman sold him a Gigai in about the year 2290 that he was finally able to enter society.

Humble Restart

Lyle in 2299

After settling in a house in northern Seattle, he learned of a prototype type of plane known as a "Flag." It was able to slightly transform into a mecha. However, it needed test pilots. Due to his enhanced tolerance to the elements, Lyle took the job. Over the next year, the Flag was given limited production status. He met two men on the job. One was Daryl Dodge, an African-American man who had been selected for the job to get out of a white-collar crime charge. The other was the son of the man who had designed the Flag. His name was Howard Mason. Both of them enjoyed their time with Lyle. In 2301, the second design for the Flag, the complete Military Issue, known as the "GN Flag" was created. This led to the creation of a special operations unit known as "Over Flags." Lyle was to lead the unit.

OverFlags in June 2301

While leading Over Flags, Lyle met a man known as Andrew Waltfield. He was a Lieutenant in the US Air Force when he was selected to be a part of Over Flags. Andrew despised Lyle, as he thought himself better than Lyle. However, during a conflict with Canada, most of Over Flags was shot down because Andrew and Lyle were giving out conflicting orders. Only Andrew, Lyle, Howard, and Daryl continued flying after the mission out of the 15-man team. 5 of the pilots were killed, 3 were severely injured and couldn't fly again, 1 is in a coma, and the other two were captured and executed.

Over Flags and Professor Billy Katagiri in March 2302

Lyle was given the rank of Commander and Andrew was left at his rank. This would separate their command authority completely. Soon after that, Russia launched an all-out attack on the USA. The Russians had their own version of the Flag, known as the Hellion. Hellions were basically Flags with a different exterior. Over Flags was put in charge of taking out their carriers. Within one month, the entire Russian carrier fleet was destroyed, as well as over half of their entire Hellion count. On a mission to destroy a Russian ICBM cruiser, Andrew broke formation and charged the cruiser, only to be shot down by a submerged submarine's SAM.

Over Flags in May 2302, with Lyle's GN Flag in the background. Note the rifle is on the left arm.

Near the Amero-Russo War's end, the Russians launched all of their Hellions towards the USA. The limited number of the superior Flag was quite a hinderance to the USAF. Over Flags was deploye first and destroyed most of the first wave on their own. However, on their return, a pack of SAMs fired from the Russian fleet beneath them. Daryl turned around and sacrificed himself for Howard and Lyle to return to base alive. It turned out that they had focused most of their Hellions into the first wave, so that was a plus to the situation. The war was stopped soon after that with the transfer of power from Col. Gobolski to Maestro Dio Elceara.

Lyle and Howard, the only two survivors of Over Flags about to take off from Seattle Base

In 2306, Dio Elceara was assassinated and his sister, Delphine, took over. Delphine immediately redeclared war on the USA. The rebuilt Hellion fleet was assembled and took off. Quickly, the coastal Air Force and their Flags were assembled. This included Over Flags. Only two GN Flags and about 150 regular Flags against about 400 Hellions. For three hours, the battle went on. The Flags were taking a slight beating but the Hellions were being pounded. Delphine herself deployed in an enhanced Hellion colored white. When she arrived in the battlezone, Howard immediately charged at Delphine. This caused him to undershoot her, and she shot him down. Afterwards, the battle went south for the Russians, who pulled back within an hour.

Lyle standing over Daryl, Howard, and Andrew's respective memorials.

After Howard's death, Lyle stole his GN Flag and crashed it into Delphine's carrier. He ejected himself from his Gigai and went towards the bridge. It was when Delphine's guards could attack and harm him that he knew something was up. Their bodies exploded, revealing they too were gigais. Inside were numeros-level Arrancar. They attacked Lyle, who used both of his blades to take all four of them out. When Delphine stepped down from her throne and in front of Lyle, he knew she wasn't just a human. She was an Arrancar with abilities that allowed her to break glass, then control it. Her demonstration of this was when she broke the light above Lyle and gave him the scar over his right eye. The fight was over quickly, with Lyle releasing his Zenou. After that, Lyle sank the carrier and donned the guise of "Mister Bushido."

Mister Bushido. Approximately 2376.

Lyle used the Bushido guise to appear back in the Sugiura Lands. He checked up on his family (all of which was dead other than Odysseus, his younger brother) and the royal family. He did not tell Misaiko or his brother the truth behind the mask. He soon left and disappeared into North Rukongai. While there, he decided to start reading the old texts again. While doing so, he was able to find out that Odysseus was actually in violation of many laws, but he did not speak a word of it and decided to keep it as leverage against his sibling. It was well after that when Lyle decided to become the Gotei's unofficial ambassador to the world of the living, which is where he is today.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Joshua Lyle O'Brien [Sugiura][APPROVED, 1-1+]   Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:40 am

Well, it seems i have held off on checking this long enough, i am going to Approve him with a 1-1+, but when going into Kyuu Kyou or Zenou 0-3+ ^ ^ otherwise that, Approved!

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Cleaning this out! Feel free to pm me to move it back!
Don't worry this isn't deleted! Your app is now in archives!

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Joshua Lyle O'Brien [Sugiura][APPROVED, 1-1+]
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