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 [RED TEAM] Shadow Fall Mission - Operation: B.L.O.O.D. [LARGE-SCALE EVENT MISSION]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: [RED TEAM] Shadow Fall Mission - Operation: B.L.O.O.D. [LARGE-SCALE EVENT MISSION]    Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:11 pm

Word Count:259
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Post Section

well.. this was bad, the female, magnolia had found her attack caught and pulled by the lone female, of course she had one trick up her sleve. The kick she had planning to do, probably would have little to no affect the way her attacks where effecting the little girl, which is why she decided to take action as her sword was wrenched out of her hand, she was tired of this little ass whipe tired of her "HeHAW IM all that MOTHER FUCKERS!" attitude, so she did what she knew she could do, a fucking after incantation Kidō, and a strong one at that. A Kidō ranging in the 90's known as Senjū Kōten Taihō (千手皎天汰炮, or :Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling-Sear. Due to the lack of distance needed to travel, the Kidō's affects where near instantanious, the ground bucked and swayed as the onslaught continued. Happening right as rose had found herself repeating the "Snatch and grab" Motion, which had lost magnolia her sword moments before. Thanks to this being a after incantation Kidō, it had its full power minus the annoying lag that would have derailed the whole thing. It was thanks to magnolia's wit, that she could pull it off, and her audacity that had allowed her to do it in the first place, so instead of the formal hundreds of spears converging, it was more like pinpricks of light, exploding as they came into the fray. Point blank, up close and personal, and to further make it less likely that the foe was able to dodge it she had even released her sheild as it had been caught, offering slight tension, and readying her kick like she thought nothing out of the ordinary would happen. Of course those jarring strikes had alerted her to the fact, this was no nut that would crack anytime soon, it would be wise, extremely fucking wise to retreat. While the foe seemed to be spot on.. strong and deadly and even somehow managed to lol nope, her spiritual effect in the blinding flash of the blast which not only would leave a scorching hole in the ground atleast the size of a city block but made it impossible to see, even for magnolia who used this time to flash step.

She even as a failsafe, did one more thing as she flashstepped, and a lone red dot, formed in the center of the battle feild lone indeed it was pencil thin. Its purpose quite unknown and hopefully it would hardly be noticed in the fray and spiritual titans that where onslaughting the general vicinity but for now though once she had flash stepped a safe distance away the exchange of moves was only momentairy even split second at best. But magnolia whistled abating her spiritual pressure to the sealed state her sword had been taken sealed decrypted but that did not change the fact her Zanpakutō was sealed within a tatoo in her chest, though what ever the case, it didn't work this particular time, meaning that what ever the female had done; it was something short of a brilliant work on her part, not only managing to deduce and react in just a way that had fucked magnolia over in the first place and she watched while the blast gained velocity, and began chanting, a two fould incantation at that mixing this after cantation with a entirely different one, the second one was iffy at best, and it would fucking drain her immensely. But Old Bolt brains, needed a lesson in edicate 101; your ego is your worse enemy . . . So as magnolia had lost both her weapons she had little choice now and even though the drain would make her fucking tired. And probably she was going to take alittle "Nap" after this she began the after incantation and twofould incantation, combining the two to make it a quick but devastating combo.

The first would be dissipating at this point, the bang that let her evade dissipating, but now a black box would begin to erect as beads of sweat formed over magnolia's face the strain nothing short of titanic, on her body which is why she drew on her reserves the box erecting in the aftermath of the blast, around where hopefully this fiery red head would have been stunned. Done to also give no reprieve and hope to god stop this little red head menace or atleast slow her the hell down, so the timing of the two would be only a seconds delay enough time for magnolia to have flashstepped (as explained above) a good distance away from the blast radius though she did have a nice burn tan on her face curtesy of what a close scrape it was.

Now, she began the chanting.

Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness.-
Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep!
Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired!Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!

Senjū Kōten Taihō!

apon casting she puked blood, apparently that girl had gotten a good hit in, probably when magnolia was blinded a damned good one too, by her spiritual pressure going out of control magnolia gathered spiritually a good damned blow had been dealt and physically if she had been a normal shinigami, she would be in a coma right now, feeling around as she was exhausted she felt her right shoulder blade hairlined with fractures down that and the inner hip bone, seemed to have evulsion fraxtures running through the proximity of it, her spiritual pressure though that was the problem, it was erratic now, and pretty unstable she had damaged it to the point, that it no longer generated electricity, meaning that her bankai was pretty much fucked. Once a bankai was damaged, it was not brought back again or atleast it took a LONG ass time to do so, which is why as her form was panting from the exhertion, she cursed to herself silently. Annoyed that she had been so stupid as she was. It was dumb it had been rash and she was sure as hell regretting it now. Which is why as she puked up more blood, pain lanceting through her collar bone and rib cage as well. She'd have to get someone to check that out, but for now despite the pain, she hardened her spiritual pressure into her body, using it to keep her from blacking out. It was a feat of will that she was still standing, bruised and blood running from her lip but still standing her arms crossed and nearly out of her mind in pain before signing hugely..

"Skank yourself, i don't babysit little kids"

After the captian commander.. told her to back off, which she was more then obliged to do. Also for now, she flash stepped to mayuri wincing lancets and tendrils of pain fucking her side, as she spoke clearly hating to say this but she had no other fucking option she had to stay in this fight, she had to keep her body moving and keep herself from becoming a casualtie there was little else she could do, and mayuri was not the least bit busy what so ever, and the man though he was cruel, did have knowledge of disection, and thus a working knowledge of the anatomy of a person. As much as she hated it she let the words flow from her lips blood running from her split lip.

"..Patch me up mayuri, i want to see this fight. the other guys not going anywhere"..

with that said, it would soon be time to see, Too see well? What the fuck was going to happen next.

Summarizing Paragraph Section

And this would be where the summarizing paragraph, would go. So look here for the general idea of things if you get lost in the complexity of a post.


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: [RED TEAM] Shadow Fall Mission - Operation: B.L.O.O.D. [LARGE-SCALE EVENT MISSION]    Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:35 pm

Mayuris eyes flickered as he analysed nearly everything in the area in order to comprehend the advantages that he may possess if someone challenged him in any manner. The moon was still bright above the sky as it generated long piercing shadows of each individual that had been in this area; Firstly Mayuris eyes glanced at the moon in order to briefly determine the rough distance and movement patterns of the could which would potentially allow a shadow that possessed a maximum height of the shadow would be around 1.3645 of the individuals current height: Secondly Mayuri glanced at the small read headed individual that lashed out at the vice-captain throughout which time Mayuri phased out in order to deal with more pressing issues at hand! The red headed girl seemed to pack some power into her rapid and devastating attacks which allowed Mayuri to grin rather sinisterly whilst watching the women suffer from the wrath of the little one!

Almost a second into his through process he recalled what the tall skinny brittle individual spoke out as he requested Mayuri to refrain from fighting as supposedly it would be purposeless! Mayuri glanced at the individual as he spoke, “What warrior are your talking about your degrading, dull, deadpan arrancar?” He didn’t care for an answer he simple wanted to divert the individual’s attention as he awaited the arrival of that useless girl that was late once again! The racket the raced from one side of the battle field where the vice-captain and the arrancar fought was rather demeaning although the genetic structures of one of these individuals would be a rather prised possession to dissect. However prior to receiving a chance to transfer the worthless individuals to something more interesting the captain commander known as Xaver Chayton von Bréanainn the individual that was on Mayuris list of testing and was indeed an interesting vizard began to command Magnolia to retreat! It was pathetic in Mayuris view that this rueful women was the vice-captain of squad 12, how despicable.

The instant Magnolia retreated to Mayuri she began requesting some help or assistance as she rather rudely asked him to “Patch” her up! As she spoke directly to Mayuri his eyes widened as he twisted his head to one side and looked at her with his commanding eyes, “PATCH YOU UPP?” he shouted whilst he voice screeched across the atmosphere, his voice alone would likely generate some tension in the atmosphere and present itself as distracting which would without a doubt attract the attention of the nearby individuals! As he paused he simply grinded his teeth in order to speak once again as he calmly spoke out, “Now, now is it my fault that you got wounded? IS IT?” his voice and eyes remained fixed on Magnolia as he spoke he wasn’t about to back down nor change his mind but as the last two words escaped his mouth the sound of the senkaimon shutting echoed through the area as a new spiritual pressure entered the scene.

As the echo of the senkaimon sunk into the large deformed buildings Mayuri called out in relief, “Finally…” his voice was now rather relaxed and coy as his eyes looked over at the Arrancar that was the individual who was chosen through sheer odds to fight against a death defying foe known as Mayuri Kurotsuchi! As he breathed out, he rotated his head in order to look ahead and watch his target! It wasn’t like him to simply lash out at opponents without viewing their potential abilities which was the reason behind the new arrival that had recently joined the destructive scenario! A girl with short purple hair performed the shinigami flash step in order to appear at Mayuris side as she appeared she quickly spoke directly at the tall diverse man as she whispered rather shyly, “My apologies master” but as she spoke Mayuri looked over at her his eyes seemed to pierce through her soul twice over; but he didn’t speak nor did he flinch or react in any manner but it seemed the instant he turned his head back to glance towards the Arrancar she knew what she had to do! But prior to any movement Mayuri spoke out to the Arrancar rather eagerly, “Well it seems I will be carrying away a dissection subject, how exciting - Sekienton” ; the last word of his sentence was the trigger to a Kidō that almost instantly took action! As the last word crawled off his lips,orange smoke burst around Nemu, Mayuri and Magnolia in order to place them out of sight for a few seconds.

As the smoke engulfed the individuals, Nemu charged from the smoke, her trajectory was the Arrancar that wore rather unique attire and wielded some form of a pole ax! As she escaped the smoke, she vanished, only to appear in front of the man; her right fist flew in through a wide arc that was designated to strike the man’s chest with full pressure. What made this punch rather powerful was the fact that the punch had the speed of her flash step alongside her weight that lowered the air resistance in the punch for almost a bone crunching shot. Moments after the strike, Nemu hopped back as she began her second strike; firstly her hip pivoted over on her right leg forming a solid whip handle then her left leg knee bent upwards and projected to the center line of the opponent, at the last second her foot snapped into her knee and into the opponents head, the kick potential traveled over 80MPH and was designed for maximum impact to the head! The force applied would usually break an opponent’s nose but it has the potential to drive the nose bone back up the Arrancar head and straight into the man’s brain! As the swung made contact she moved it back in order to align her body with the Arrancar. As she aligned her body, she regained from wasting any time as she quickly raised her right leg and pistoned her foot into the lower leg of her opponent essentially hitting him with the hardest part of her heel this impact wouldn’t just knock an opponent down but could potentially permanently damage the opponent’s knee cap! As she performed her last attack, she used flash step in order to re-join her master, Mayuri at which point he began to criticize the girl for her sloppy work as he said, “How clumsy of you NEMUUU; you known a dead insect makes for a bad test subject” His voice seemed rather frustrated but a grin crept across his face as he looked at the opponent in order to analyze the damage dealt by Nemus attacks…

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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: [RED TEAM] Shadow Fall Mission - Operation: B.L.O.O.D. [LARGE-SCALE EVENT MISSION]    Fri Jan 18, 2013 5:20 am

Hehehehe. It's almost like somebody was trying to get under her skin. Well, she could certainly feel it. A coward eh? There's no way that could be possible. Ashlei was the utmost top of her league so what does she have to fear? Nothing! Nothing at all... right? Right!? Sadly, no matter how strong you might be, there will always be something that scares you stiff. Something that would make you run and oddly, Ashlei was walking straight into it by not fighting. Rose didn't seem all too impressed and her words of appreciation didn't come across as happy, but a sarcastic sting that her eldest sister wasn't what she should be. And Xaver calling her a coward. Something that ran from the sight of danger. No. no. no. no. That's not right. That can't be true. Can it? This rung through Ashleis mind for a moment as her steps slowed and she walked out of sight of everyone.

Around a corner on her own where she could see people being torn apart. Hollows and demons alike leaping at civilians, being struck down by shinigami defending them and slowly reinforcements were arriving to kill them all. What was she trying to gain from doing this? Why are we here? Why does everyone have to die? Ashlei stood perfectly still and just stared. A severed torso was gasping his final breaths as he reached out towards Ashleis leg. She hadn't noticed him until his hand slipped onto her ankles. She looked at him, dying rapidly. The girl bent down and picked the man up by his head, staring at the dangling corpse. Intestines hung onto snapped bone with blood gushing out from the missing lower half. The man couldn't say anything. He was practically dead with a pulse. Ashlei's sympathy was stretching too far, and even she realised that. Rapidly, as if she hadn't even moved to do it, she swung her left arm round and landed a punch straight into the mans face causing the entirety of his body to shatter into an explosion of blood, bone and gore. The blood sprayed over Ashlei, and she welcomed it. The red ooze landed in her mouth, dripped down her face, got in her hair and eyes and drenched her body even more so than she was already.


However she said nothing. She didn't even swallow any of it. She just stood there and watched everyone else have the time of their lives. This was the sight of war and it brought back so many unwanted memories. The bodies being sliced apart by shinigami sword and tooth of Hollow. The screams of anguish as men and women were cornered and eaten alive in cold blood. Even the screeches of Hollows desperately trying to hunt to survive. Ashlei could see many Demons trampling smaller Hollows under their feet as they marched on in a wave of death. The entire thing was a mockery of her. Every sound, death, drop of blood and Hollow mask crushed was a stab at the Hollow Queen. What was she doing here? That question rose up again? Why? Why? why? why? why?

She tried to turn. Tried to move herself from her position but oddly, she stood stiff. Her legs wouldn't move. In fact, her arms wouldn't either. She tried to blink, but her eye lids were frozen open. She fought against it. The blood queen forced herself to blink with one strong movement where she ended up on one knee from simply trying to do that. The ground had turned black as she stared at it trying to keep herself from falling over completely. Then, a gist of wind blew, rather violently into her forcing her to look up. The area around her was black as well. What was happening? Was her vision going? No. This had happened before. But why now? What was causing it to happen now?

Hehehe, look at her. She couldn't even close her eyes without falling down. This bitch has grown weak!

She's fallen far... Truly pitiful

Whos there..?

Ashlei spoke last as two male voices echoed before her. They were not present. In fact everyone was gone other than the empty void of darkness that had come to greet her. Slowly though, in the black, two figures were slowly materialising like dust collecting pieces of colour together to create people. One wasn't wearing much, but she could tell who it was. Green skin, jeans and the body of a humanoid shark. It was that radioactive monster that had stood in her way many times up to this point. Why was here here. The shark lifted an arm and pointed at Ashlei, laughing. That's all he did. The second person was also male and wearing blue. His silver hair was combed back into place and his face was as stern as Ashlei had always remembered it. This man was the elder brother Hitsugaya: Rihiku. He just shook his head, repeating the word Pitiful. The shark man then walked over, lifting a leg and bringing it down on top of Ashleis head, slamming her into the floor and keeping her pinned. However, the voice she was expecting wasn't Radio's nor rihikus, but that of Mana. She was here now, and the other two had vanished. The black boot of the demon queen was sharp and painful as it dug into Ashleis head.

Oh, sorry Missy. Didn't see you there being all weak. What was it you once said to me? You were going to rule this world? hehehe... I think I'm doing a much better job than you sweetie. Give up...

Ashlei groaned under the pressure. It felt like every muscle in her body was seizing up, especially her brain. Something had a firm grasp around it like a barbed wire cage that was slowly shrinking. Luckily, Ashlei could deal with pain but it was enough to make her breath harder. In fact, some strength was coming back. The pushing down was looser than usual as if something lighter was there now. Ashlei took the chance. These people are not real. Its one of those dreams again. She sprung up, grabbing who she though was Mana by the throat and aimed to punch her square in the face with whatever force she had remaining. However, she stopped. An inch away from her face, it was Flea who was quivering in Ashleis grasp.

Wh-wh-why is Ashy....hurting flea?

Ashlei froze in terror. What was she doing. Wait, wasn't that Mana. Where'd the shark and Rihiku go? Why was flea here? Ashlei lowered her hand and dropped Flea to the floor. She bounced onto her feet and stared back like a little penguin like she usually does. Her big eyes watering as her elder sister was trying to hurt her. Ashlei backed off, taking steps backwards in disbelief but oddly, bumping into someone else. She spun round, trying to get a look at who it was this time. This however was the one person she expected to be here. A woman. Rather tall with long white hair, markings across her face, white glowing eyes under a black hood. This was Monica...

How are you darling? It's been some time since we last talked...

Ashlei responded angrily. With intent of doing some damage if Monica continued what she was doing. This had indeed happened before and it caused Ashlei to go into a coma. These intense hallucinations were powerful.


Monica chuckled with one hand up to her mouth and the other across her chest. She found the entire scene comical. Ashlei, struggling through a wave of people she knew saying things she didn't like. Oh how sad.

Oh no reason. I was just curious... as to...

Monica didn't look right as she said this. Half of her body was changing. It moulded itself with the darkness so Ashlei could only see half of the woman. Then, it slowly came back. Red long hair, red

Which of us is your true mother...?

This wasn't just Monica. It was Claire too. Ashleis real and adoptive Mother as one person. The girl stumbled back again, staring on at the two people combined as one. It freaked her out, especially when this monster started to follow Ashlei.

Whats your answer...? Please tell your mother


Ashlei fell over. tripping over something as she stepped backwards and landing on her back. She lost sight of the two women for an instant, but quickly, a hand came into view to offer her some help. She looked up to see the form of a red haired male with white horns wearing the Arrancar uniform. It was DIablo now. Ashlei reached forwards to grab his hand. The one man right now that believes in her to the point where he is willing to change for her. There msut be some connection between them. Ashlei grasped faster than she would to anyone else. But as she was ready to be pulled up, the mans hand turned to sand. She pulled it off, and looked at half an arm disintegrate in front of her. She looked up, as the rest of the male began to fall apart at a rapid speed.

This isn't the Queen I want to follow

D-diablo...wait...come back!

The man faded into the darkness as his body evaporated into grains of sand. Ashlei looked on at where he was standing. He was gone. So was everyone else. She was alone again. Ashlei moved her legs and tried to get back onto her feet. For some reason, it hurt. Every inch of her body was in pain. Not just her mental state, but her physical state for the first time in years was burning. maybe it was the tears. the red streaks running down her face and dropping to the floor. It hurt. Everything hurt. She took her time, but managed to get onto her feet and bent down, covering her face with her hands and crying. However this didn't last for long. as a hand grasped the womans right arm.


Suddenly, she was raised from the ground faster than she could react and slammed into a wall behind her that she didn't even know was there. The darkness just cracked behind her at the force, and she spat out a genuinely large amount of blood onto the floor. The one who did this, was standing in front of her, looking sternly at the girl as she was stuck into this dark wall. It was Ceon this time. Well, the features Ashlei remembered of him. He just stared for a moment before speaking.

Why did Claire choose you? Your'e nothing special at all...

I'll agree with you on that one...

Out from behind Ceon, stepped a man Ashlei hardly reocgnised. he was wearing all black, but memories of him could distinguish who he was. His name was Matthew wasn't it? The man who...

It's a shame she never made any real friends

She just threw them away...

in turn, from out of nowhere stepped in two girls, one after the other. The first was a shorter ginger haired girl that Ashlei could recognise as Miyuki but the second, was a girl with black pig tails and blood running down a bandaged pair of eyes. This was Miku. She looked on, just the same as every other person here. They just stared. But behind them, materialised more people. The same ones as before. Radioactive, Mana, Flea, DIablo, Claire, Monica. Even Rose and Nyx appeared along with the rest of the Espada dating back to the winter war of 2012 that Ashlei had ever met. Then the final perosn to arrive, appeared directly before Ashlei. It was a man with long white hair and with eyes rotating in their sockets. His smile could crack the sun it was so deadly. This male was Tetsuka. he looked at the girl and laughed.

You woman... what have you accomplished other than death? How many lvies have had to suffer all due to your existence? Everyone here, your families, your loved ones. They all think your dirt. theres nothing to like about you. All you have, is a threatening face that epople don't want to stand up to. Deep down you know it. Your'e worthless. Pitiful. An excuse for the Queen of Blood. Even your youngest sister has acheieved more than you ever will. Give up... its the end of the line for you...

Ashlei just watched. She watched as everyone there began to chant. Their lips echoing the words Tetsuka was saying.



She looked around. Even Flea was chanting, sitting on Radioactives back like a father and child. Diablo looked away, Rihiku stared straight on. Monica and Tetsuka smiled whuilst claire shed a single tear. They kept chanting. more. More. more chanting. Their voices grew louder.



Everyone went silent. Ashlei stood where she was, shivering with red all of her face from the bloody tears. Her mouth ached as she spat out the same words.


Then suddenly.... crack.

Back to reality. Everyone in the city would have heard it. the sound of a plank of wood snapping in half. The sound of a tree falling down. It blasted through the city, and what followed it, was laughter so loud it could probably be heard in other cities near this one. Ashlei was still standing, the blood from the male she punctured occurred only an instant ago. The woman lunged her head backwards and she shrieked a terrific ballad of laughter that shattered windows, exploded the heads of Demons, Hollows and weaker shinigami standing anywhere near her. Ever scratched nails on a blackboard? Well do it to a million at once and amplify the screech. Ashleis body became engulfed in red as her rietsu was unstoppably soaring through the roof. The building beside her was even starting to snap backwards as the foundations exploded, causing it to collapse. The road underneath her feet upturned, sending rubble, cars, people, blood and guts soaring skyward along with a giant red hurricane of reitsu.

then... a moment of silence.


Ashleis body opened up. Her skin peeled at points to reveal her muscles and bone beneath. Out of the side of her head grew a pair of black horns. nothing more changed except the expression on her face. Her smile was lop sided with her tongue slithering out and lapping at the blood on her face. Her eyes were bright red and twisted as if they weren't put in properly. Her right knee was bent slightly as she couldn't stand perfectly, and her neck tilted to one side. This was her resserecion...

In an instant, she vanished. Then suddenly, she reappeared back where everyone else was but this time, behind Xaver and Magnolia. Thing is, she went through the building to get here. Oh wait... suddenly the row of buildings to the side of them caved in and blasted across the street in Ashleis direction crating a blanket of debris that made it hard to see visually. using this as cover, Ashlei charged rietsu into the entirety of her right arm. The entire limb glowed red as it pulsed with electricity, then a second later, she thrusted it forwards.


The end result, was a Gran rey cero the width of the street that would catch everybody in it that was standing in front of Ashlei including her own allies. Ashlei however didn't seem to care, as she charged the exact same thing in her other arm, and fired a second one to follow the first. If this was left unattended, most of the city beyond this point would be reduced to smouldering ash.


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Verathius had little time to act, he spoke calmly into Nemu's ear, letting the female feel the hierro focus to the center of her punch. She'd most likely damaged her arm and did some pretty severe damage. "Sorry young one, but you need to move..A beast is about to roll through..Give Unohana my regards " Bringing up his free hand, the male flicked the female's chest sending her flying away if she took the hit. Several damages were done to her, he'd sent her flying towards the person who'd sent her forward. This movement was just a simple beginning, he'd been observing this in some detail. The flickering shadows around his body seemed to come to life more. Verathius pulled back, his form vanishing now as he seemed to of taken some precaution of this matter. He pondered about perhaps letting the over eager one take him in, he decided to take a ready stance instead. He'd avoided well he'd been paying enough attention to realize that a Kidō spell had been cast. One of those spells and this one sounded fairly high, he'd come across them enough.

Verathius got himself ready in position deciding he would watch now. However his defense and body seemed almost completely ready to fight. He was waiting and predicting the next move, that man would most likely follow him. Ashlei the Queen of hollows indeed, she'd just made this entire battle field a different place. His mind seemed to be focusing on something else. Something of a more grave matter now though, he felt the tattered rags he wore blow in the breeze. These people were following the one with the loud mouth. The man it seemed, so perhaps if he could simply kill him this would end. Verathius looked and focused for a moment. He seemed to be well out of his league if anything, he held his poleaxe in a good defensive position.

This would allow him to counter moves from the back and front fairly well, he had begun thinking about just leaving. He wasn't amused and it seemed his replacement was here. Though Ashlei did seem rather annoyed, perhaps it was just as well that he left this place. Verathius had gotten out of range of those moves, his knowledge of the races came in hand in situations like this. Nothing like first hand experience, it was impressive the girl could pull one off that high. He'd been hit by that one before, wasn't a favorite of his either to be hit by. He'd used his powers and guarded some of the impact of course when he'd been hit by it at the Gate. This version wasn't as big though he noticed, she was tough of course. Though he had to say she seemed a little well loose in her head.

But he would deal with this situation a bit later, he would need to wait and see what the clown did for now. This would be fun, perhaps he'd seen some tricks similar. Though a thought was going through his mind, leaving was seeming like a much better plan then this pointlessly engagement. Verathius, sighed softly as he stood glancing out and waiting for the enemy to come. The explosion had been close enough he could still feel the blast, he pondered about the coming battle more. Nothing to do but fight and see how it went he guessed. His eyes began glowing as the darkness around the area seemed to come life, Reiatsu blasted knocking away all the smoke in the area, his pressure causing blasts of air to blow away the smoke from the destruction.

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[RED TEAM] Shadow Fall Mission - Operation: B.L.O.O.D. [LARGE-SCALE EVENT MISSION]
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