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 Zeda Yuudeshi - 2013 [Approved : 0-3]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Zeda Yuudeshi - 2013 [Approved : 0-3]   Tue Jan 01, 2013 10:04 pm


• Name: Zeda Zin Yuudeshi
• Titles: Yuudeshi Prodigy
• Gender: Male - Straight
• Appearance Age: 17-18
• Age: 202
• Affiliation/Rank: Gotei 13 - Yuudeshi Network - Yuudeshi Family

• Appearance Description:
Zeda is a tall well built and lean 18 year old looking individual. He possess a slender body which compliments his perfectly edged face. Zeda has dark brown hair that naturally spikes up above his head, his eyes resemble a similar color all though the pupil inside shows sight of a black color. Regularly, Zeda wears a black attire which resembles the one worn by shinigami; the attire is held together by a red ribbon which keeps his Zanpakutō up and in reach. Around his left wrist he wares a bracelet that's supposed to be a good luck charm; a item that he received from a girl he met a while back.

Near his left hip, he holds a solid sheathed red Zanpakutō whilst around his neck he wares a rather bright and fascinating amulet which is a form of his Zanpakutō and finally on his back he has a large Zanpakutō that reaches from his back, downwards and to most people the weight of the blade is rather overwhelming all though Zeda is rather used to carrying it and only carries all three blades on certain occasions.

Around his right arm, just past his wrist he wares bandages which wrap firmly around his arm and reach just below his elbow, this is part of his look but is also kept there as a slight form of defense through out the duration of his fights.

• Appearance Picture:


• Personality:

Born Leader:
Being born into the Yuudeshi family and his father being the leader of the vizard cords; Zeda inherited some of his characteristics that make him an excellent leader and a strategist in the midst of fights. He tends to be rather relaxed when he handles something as having a relaxed mind can at times lead to the best solution therefore he simply follows his instincts and due to his natural intelligence his able to derive tactics and strategies rather quickly

Zeda is extremely loyal to anyone around him. However his loyalty must be deserved as he wont be loyal to any old person; essentially if some one proves to be worth it, he will die in battle for them through sheer loyalty in order to keep the sacred bond between the two individuals. However, if the matters regard any of his friends or family, not a question has to be asked as Zeda will back any of them no matter the consequence. Above all his extremely loyal to his father, Zin and his Uncle Shadin as they are the two individuals who he had looked up to since birth.

Zeda is extremely caring for a shinigami. Individually he would help any one that seek it, all though he would easily help women due to his unpredictable preference. Firstly, he despises seeing innocent people get hurt and would without a doubt stand up for someone who didn't deserve the punishment they were receiving; if in the midst of battle one of his allies is injured he either quickly requests a healing unit to support the ally or aims to end the battle he may be engaged in, just so that he can support the ally in need.

A Show Off:
Like most boys at his age and his father, Zeda is a rather big show off. He considers the Yuudeshi clan something to brag about but he also finds it a way to portray his strengths to any individuals in the asininity in order to look good in front of every one, especially women.

Loud and Active:
Zeda can at times be loud, during which he simply laughs and makes jokes at everyone whilst pointing at them in order to single them out from a group of people just to have a laugh or two. But once he begins his extremely hard to stop unless the atmosphere in the area suddenly changes. This is viewed as a good thing as most of the time it cheers people up around him and presents him as a fun and social person that he is. However, even though Zeda jokes with people, he want's them to all ways keep in mind that he in no way hopes to hurt their feelings which he clearly states either before or after his jokes.

Above all, Zeda is one of the most determined people he had ever met. Alone he trained his body, mind and soul in order to improve his capabilities and uphold the title of Yuudeshi. If he falls he gets back up and tries ten times harder, he rejects faliure and fights back with a barrage of success with the hopes of never giving up no matter how intense the situation as in the end there will be a worthy outcome which is either improvement in strength, getting a grate looking girl or being acknowledged by a member of his family.

Zeda is very familial, he tends to put his family before every thing else and any time they require his presence he arrives in order to receive information regarding what was taking place in that period of time. His family mean the world to him which is why he is very protective over each and every one of them which is almost a characteristic which he had inherited from his father Zin. All though they don't tend to spend a lot of time together, they share a lot in common which makes them individuals, but at the same time it makes them father and son.

Zeda is fond of women, they are one of worlds best creations in his mind and as long as a women has the right curves and looks he begins his streak of success. No matter the situation, he will always flirt with good looking girls, he disregards any disagreements and simply overshadows them with a smile that is known to make women blush or some words that were known to arouse the women he spoke to. Most of the time Zeda didn't spend long with the same women, it was mostly a single night after which he usually looses all interest in them unless they have something rather exclusive that attracts his attention. At the end of the day, he wants to enjoy his time and relax with a grate looking girl that will take his mind off things.

Through out his life time and the past several hundred years; Zeda had read numerous books regarding engineering and programming, but originally he was extremely clever striking IQ levels that were far above average. His extensive IQ allows him to easily brake into computer systems or software databases with little trouble but he is also able to create code brakes and security systems that prove extremely efficient and are really successful. But this side of his personality is backed up by Zedas extensive love for the computer world and his fascination in the Yuudeshi Network.

Zeda takes honor into consideration through out the duration of every fight he takes part in. Never in any of those fights will he attempt any thing devious in order to beat his opponent, as success fair and square is the key to being honored in his opinion - rather than being deceitful and beating the opponent in a manner that shows no consideration or success; a way of cowardice. Through out his fights he keeps in mind tactics that could be used in order to counter the opponents attacks and succed in the battle in-comparison to winning through some petty tricks. There is one extremely big thing to consider, Zeda would never kill any of his opponents unless the situation called for it however if the opponent had harmed a member of his family or one of his friends that persons fate would be sealed.

Zeda doesn't consider himself worthy of the title bared by the greatest fighters of the world, the title of the Yuudeshi family. All the time, day in day out he aims to please his father and uncle Shadin in order to prove to them and his self that he is able to carry the strength brought fourth by the name Yuudeshi.

Zeda doesn't really care about fighting, he would gladly fight in order to improve but unless it was required he wouldn't burst into a fight viciously. But if Zeda does begin to fight a opponent, he tends to stick strictly to the point and attempts to end the fight as soon as possible; however there are times when Zeda tends to enjoy fighting and aims to have some fun with his opponents prior to ending the fight the instant boredom strikes.

• Likes:

- The Yuudeshi Family
- Women
- Training
- Gotei 13
- Vizard Corps
- Success/Victory
- Improving
- Proceeding in life
- Making a difference

• Dislikes:

- Annoying people
- Being interrupted
- Fighting for no reason
- Arrancar that pose a threat
- Cowards
- People who hassle or harass women
- Being late
- Being bored
- Barbarians
- Not making the Yuudeshi Family Proud.

• History:

Birth – Early Age:
Zeda was born into the Yuudeshi family; being born into such a noble family he had to live up to grate expectations from birth. Zedas father is Zin Yuudeshi the greatest vizard in the world along with the strongest leader around! To most commoners Zeda is the son of the greatest vizard in the world which makes him rather special and important due to he had to show strength and courage from an early age. Zeda is not like his father in some sense however he spent a lot of his time studying computer programming and everything with regards to mechanical development. From birth and early age Zeda kept his body in excellent shape by training alongside his father and by training his speed with his Uncle Shadin.

Even though Zeda wasn’t too keen on fighting and violence he began to master the arts of Kendo at a young age along with numerous other fighting styles! He also trained at the Shinigami academy long before he was the required age to qualify for entry simply because the soul society has respect for his family and decided to take the young prodigy aboard. Similar to his Uncle Shadin and his father he managed to graduate the shinigami academy long before anyone else and upon finishing he headed straight into the Gotei 13. Throughout his time in Gotei 13, Zeda learned more about the world of computing whilst serving under Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi of squad 12 who presented his knowledge and improved Zedas intelligence and knowledge in computing by a lot!

Gotei Leave:
After serving in the Gotei 13 for a prolonged period of time Zeda decided that it would be best for him to take a break. He began by meeting with his squad captain from who he receive full recognition and confirmation to take a leave from the gotei 13; he was removed from the squad listing in the thirteen court guard squad as he aimed to leave in order to train alongside his fellow comrades before returning to the soul society in order to improve his skills in every manner before returning!

Shadin Yuudeshi:
Within the first year of his leave, Zeda began to train alongside his uncle Shadin Yuudeshi also known as the speed demon. Zeda began by training his speed along with Shadin, they launched into a variety of different training methods in order to improve speed for both people!

Firstly, Zeda began by playing several games of tag alongside his Uncle; firstly Shadin started off rather slowly which prolonged the game of tag, however as the days passed the games got much tougher due to his increased speed up until it became nearly impossible to Zeda to catch Shadin even though he hadn’t reached maximum speed yet. From there on Zeda trained hours on end on every night after his training with Shadin in order to catch up to him and prove that he can improve if he sets his mind to it.

Zeda set his mind to it and after several weeks he began to near Shadin even though he couldn’t actually catch him at that point! His focus switched from training to computers therefore he delegated his tasks just so that he could train whilst improving his computing skills and learning the original build of the Yuudeshi Network so that he could generate some new forms of defences for it sometime in the future.

After weeks on end of training, Zeda managed to catch Shadin several times over up until he increased the speed of his movements once again which intensified the task and made it much harder to get anywhere due to the large speed difference; during that time, Shadin directed Zeda to Kisuke Urahara who was known to be rather renown for training people and the fact that he trained Ichigo Kurosaki, the captain of squad 13 at the time inspired Zeda to approach the individual for some training!

Kisuke Urahara:
Zeda alongside Shadin visited a candy shop in Karakura; there he met a shop owner who wore green clothing along with a triangular hat and some rather weird shoes all though he had a rather funny appearance Zeda didn’t comment on it as the man introduced his self as Kisuke Urahara. He was a rather tall figure who seemed like a shinigami all though he might have been retired or something of the matter. He was rather cool and funny in a sense however Zeda was aware of a lot of information regarding this person which made him a rather interesting character to meet.

Upon Uncle Shadins departure, Mr Urahara showed Zeda the underground room that was used for training; the damage dealt to the ground made it clear that this was a training ground that had been used in the past. Zeda didn’t question Urahars ways as they both began to train the strengths of the Zanpakutō. Firstly Urahara did not take Zeda on which lead to a prolonged fight since of the two individuals had released their Zanpakutō nor did anything illogical up until Urahara moved rather quickly in order to evade one of Zedas strike, simply to end the fight there and then! A day later, Zeda found his self-recovering from a deep cut that had healed rather quickly but either way, even with the damage Zeda carried on training without a single question.

This time the two individuals began clashing Zanpakutō over and over whilst both remaining in Shikai, it was clear that this man was indeed a Shinigami but what had happened to him was rather a mystery but either way this training was crucial for Zeda which stopped him from asking many questions! In summary the training lasted around a month or so in which time it seemed like Zeda had improved drastically; his mind improved which made him a better strategist and so did his physical body which allowed him to cope with more damage, either way this training was of course worth every minute of it! Upon his departure from the shop owned by Urahara he came across a rather interesting women who had camouflaged herself as a cat throughout the course of the training period with Urahara; the women was commonly known as Yoruichi Shihoin.

Yoruichi Shihoin:
After several days he requested training with Yoruichi who luckily accepted to train Zeda in order to show her strength. As they began to train her vast amount of strength was shown throughout the course of training; Zeda wanted to pick up throughout the course of her training! However alongside her strength she had extreme speed which was analysed by Zeda as he trained alongside her.

She was a rather good looking woman in Zedas view, he didn’t care about the age or anything however he knew that his training was essential throughout this duration therefore he planned not to do anything foolish whilst he remained in training. Firstly, she began by attacking rather slowly which improved Zedas reflexes as he dodged and blocked any incoming attacks in order to increase his speed and endurance; however as time passed she began to show more of her skill which was rather frightening as a women of her calibre had such immense strength and speed which turned out to be a deadly combination. But due to the training that Zeda had performed with both his Uncle and Urahara he was able to match Yoruichis speed for a while until she mentioned the fact that she wasn’t going all out and once she was he couldn’t see or touch her. After a month or two of training alongside the flash step goddess it was times to return to the soul society and his training leave was over.

After his successful training, Zeda returned to the soul society in order to apply for a place as captain. He knew that he had now improved and was much stronger than before which would likely be enough for him to have the opportunity to become a captain of a squad and share the experience passed onto him by some of the Gods of the world! Furthermore, he was aware of the Leadership roles the Yuudeshi family stuck to which encouraged him to succeed them and prove that all of the Yuudeshi are strong after all he was tagged as the Yuudeshi Prodigy from a young age for a reason.

OOC - I had no idea what to write!


• Reiatsu Color:
Dark Red -

• Zanpakutô Spirit Name:
Zedas Zanpakutō is unique in a very diverse way. Originally people have one or two linked souls who tend to act as the wielders Zanpakutō spirits, however Zedas Zanpakutō has three Unique spirits who form together in order to create his bankai. The first one is called, Mia. The second one is called, Hoshi. Whilst the third and final one is called, Kio.

• Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Mai is rather a little cute girl who has long hair that reach just above her shoulder blades. She wears black robe clothing as the color black is her absolute favourite; to compliment the black color, underneath the robe she wears a white tight piece of cloth that is wrapped around her chest in order to make her stand out. She is very considerate and even though her clothing presents her dark personality shes always rather light with her Master; but if he ever requires any help, a side of her body changes and begins to set alight which portrays her anger and desire to help.

Kio is portrayed as rather aggressive; he wears a demonic suit of armor that is completely red – soaked in the blood of his opponents. He has two extremely large blades that were forged in the lava surrounding the inner world that alone makes his swords extremely potent. Overall he has a demonic attire; everything has jiggered and aggressive edges that shows his violent nature but in the end even with his horns, his always calm and collective around Zeda therefore forever remaining loyal.

Hoshi is rather a free spirit, his always calm and relaxed wearing a white robe which covers only his left side of the body whilst underneath he wears a while and black designed piece of clothing that has several patterns and drawings on it. Hoshi wields a long Zanpakutō that is almost as tall as him, whenever his seen his always wielding the Zanpakutō by its red hilt. His rather well built and muscly and has a toned body along with blue hair.

• Inner World:
Zedas inner world is rather unique; it’s almost like a Gothic cartoon like castle that lies in the middle of nowhere simply surrounded by boulders and lava. The area itself is one large city in a sense, the rocks in the vicinity float around the castle guarding any UN-authorized entrances. In the depths of the lava stands Kio who is resistant to the intense heat; on the long pathway leading up to the castle stands Mai as innocent as she is she always a company’s Zeda on his journeys into the inner world whilst at the peak of the castle stands Hoshi seeming almost like a guarding even though the three spirits are in fact one.

• Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance :
Zedas sealed Zanpakutō divides into three parts. Firstly he has a red sheathed Zanpakutō that resembles a regular katana, the very same that he wears on his left hip; Secondly, he wears a necklace around his neck which is the second part of his Zanpakutō representing another spirit whilst the third and final one is a large sword that his just smaller than Zedas height, that alone is quite heavy which slows Zeda down but conveniently he hardly ever carries all three Zanpakutō due to the Kidō he invented in order to bring forth the designated weapon upon request.




• Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

In the sealed state Zeda can control and manipulate Plasma and/or has the ability to send waves of fire at target's when he swing's the Zanpakutō. The Plasma though is created in Zeda's body and when used it is a darkish Blue color due to the plasma being about 500 degree's Celsius. He is also able to form this plasma into weapons of all different sizes and shapes

Heat Resistance:
This is what allows the Zeda to hold his Plasma without being burned by it. As his ability grows, his heat resistance rises and is always equal to the heat of the plasma that he able to create. This does cause fire attack's to be less effective on him, but not immune to it unless the level of the attacker is two tiers weaker.

Plasma Frag:
Zeda forms a ball that resembles the size of a basketball; this forms in the center of his hand. The ball then begins to condense until it reaches the size of a tennis ball. Zeda can then choose to either throw the ball at his opponent or drop it which triggers its effect; the ball will quickly blow up with in several seconds after escaping his hand. The ball itself is condensed plasma; therefore it will literally explode due to the particles having a more compressed surface area and thus seek a way to spread into the atmosphere. The initial explosion resembles an explosion from a frag grenade, the only difference being that it releases a combination of flames and static over a similar magnitude to that of a grenade.
Drawbacks: N/A

Close Combat Master:
After intensive training, Zeda is rather a close combat fighter, he uses a combination of speed and strength in order to annihilate his opponents; being a close combat master his able to take on people a lot stronger than him and bigger which maximizes his potential. He combines fire with barrage of attacks which aim to damage the opponent!

Bring forth (Kidō):
This Kidō is used by Zeda in order to bring forth his Zanpakutō – He has three different states of Zanpakutō therefore it becomes a hassle carrying them all especially the biggest one! Therefore he swings his arm which generates a void into the atmosphere there stand the Zanpakutō that he had placed prior to arrival; after taking the Zanpakutō he wishes to use the Kidō seals shut which prevents any one other than Zeda from having any influence over it.

Nebula Dragon:
Upon usage of the technique, plasma will generate in mid-air which then swirls and transforms into a dragon. The dragon has a rather precise design which makes it rather aerodynamic and allows it to swiftly move towards its target, at times this technique drips plasma as it moves which usually burns everything it touches including the ground. However if the excess liquid makes contact with the opponent it will likely lead to first degree burns or worse depending on the opponents tier.
Note: this take's one post to complete but doesn't effect Zeda

Nebula Cloud:
Zeda inhales and focuses reiatsu. After doing so he will exhale which generates a could that covers 10-25feet in diameter. The plasma is sizzling hot and is capable of causing 2nd degree burns upon contact with the opponent. A addition to this ability is that the shape or compression of the plasma can be manipulated by Zeda, this is usually used to cover stuff up or distract the opponent. The plasma cloud alone is quite thick and shines a light yellow color which makes it rather hard to see through however it can be blown away by a strong gust of wind.

Firefly Storm:
Upon usage, plasma will generate in the air surrounding Zeda; the size and shape of the plasma will resemble fireflies at times they can be mistaken for the real things which makes them rather deceitful. Only this technique gives the plasma a yellow or greenish color instead of the normal colors that are associated with different stages of plasma; this is because the insect looking plasma creation compresses the plasma in order to make a kamikaze attack! When ready the flies will travel to a designated location ad latch onto something prior to exploding. Alone these fireflies don’t tend to cause much damage however when their numbers are rather large they effects can be extremely fierce. Over all it takes 5 plasma fireflies in order to give the explosion some force and power which resembles an attack that could potentially be generated from grenade; furthermore Zeda is only capable of creating 50 fireflies in total. Also, these fireflies can be used for another technique which is rather supplementary.

Fly Scouter:
Even though the fireflies can be used to attack they can also be used to scout an area. These fireflies aren’t normal in a sense that they have no organs or relative intelligence. But through this technique, Zeda links the plasma particles to his cellular mind processes in order to view the location of the plasma and witness whatever is in the vicinity. This can also be used as a trigger to generate explosions over long distances but when Zeda uses this, its rather hard for him to concentrate.

Absorbing star:
Zeda begins by focusing his spiritual pressure over his skin in order to let the skin become lighter and allow it to absorb the rays that are emitted from the sun. This then allows the spiritual pressure around his body to become slightly denser yet more energized which allows the melarome pigment to take effect in his cells to prevent burning but at the same time it infuses the cells with plasma in order to increase the body temperature by 5 degrees which over all raises the heal of his plasma by 40 degrees.

Drawbacks: The user has pale skin and seems to glow while in moderate shade.

Side notes: The user has to be in sun light, or moderate shade for this to work.

Electrical Burst:
Throughout his training with his Uncle Shadin, he managed to get some control over the electric element that he possesses. This electrical affinity can be used on a layer of flame in order to maximise the attack upon contact! Electrical burst converts Zedas spiritual pressure to electricity and coats part of the body he wants the electricity to be directed to in order to maximize the damage. This works by the electricity coating a designated area and sending a shock through the opponents body upon contact along with intense flames that scorch the opponent.

Electrical Component: This works on a similar way to the technique where Zeda covers his body in flames however on top of the flames he has the ability to cover his body with electricity which makes it a rather deadly opponent if someone with similar strength is there to match the pressure of his attacks. One the two layers of spiritual pressure fuse together it maximizes Zeda potential which acts in a similar way to stunning the opponent upon contact whilst burning them with the intense flames.

Static Control:
This ability works when Zeda punches his opponent, in an instant his spiritual pressure rushes up his fist whilst changing to its electric nature and entering the opponents body at high voltages; to people who are weaker than Zeda, this attack can be rather devastating however to people with similar strength it does rather moderate damage unless their body’s unable to cope with it!

Fire Clash:
When Zeda uses anything fire related, he channels a extra layer of spiritual pressure in order to amp up his powers which make the collisions with the opponent more powerful and devastating than before and if not stopped it could pose very harmful to the opponents body.

This works by Zeda channeling both fire and electricity into his Zanpakutō, the electricity gives it a better cutting ability whilst the fire is able to burn upon contact. This combination works rather well as the electricity particles that collide with the opponents skin are able to distance the cells that connect one another whilst the fire burns through the skin and leaves the opponent rather devastated.

Regen Cell:
By coating a injured part of his body in fire his able to magnify his defense, this works by the fire naturally closing up the wounds just so that he doesn’t lose more blood and has the chance to carry on fighting however if his health or strength is lower than a third he is unable to use this ability.

Liquid Sheath: This operates by applying a tiny amount of Reiatsu around the blade of his Zanpakutō in order to create a protective liquid sheath that attaches to any form of clothing or skin to allow quick and easy availability. The sheath is the same strength as a regular sheath if not stronger due to it being made from Reiatsu. However, the sheath can’t be used separately to the Zanpakutō as the Reiatsu doesn’t have an explicit shape to take. The sheath can change shape or cease to exist at the users will nevertheless it’s in no way used in an offensive manner, though if Zeda was to extend his Zanpakutō it would exit straight through the sheath as the pure design is suited for the blade.

Zeda also has the ability to generate and manipulate fire from the palms of his hands for a variety of effects, from creating high-speed projectiles of fire to summoning forth a lance-like flame which he has demonstrated to use as a close-range weapon; he is also capable of using the flames to deflect enemy attacks by using a steady stream of fire as a makeshift barrier. The weapons tend to cause moderate burns upon contact with the opponent and his only able to deflect the attack if its similar strength or weaker than his defense, however if the opponent applies a lot of energy to the attack it will make the block much harder than usual.

Zeda also has the ability to generate and manipulate lightning or electricity from the palms of his hands for a variety of effects, from creating high-speed projectiles of electrict or lightning bolts to summoning forth a lightning dragon through simple manipulation. His only able to deflect the attack if its similar strength or weaker than his defense, however if the opponent applies a lot of energy to the attack it will make the block much harder than usual.

Sun Flare Ball:
Zeda is able to make an enormous fireball that closely resembles a miniature sun. Though it explodes on impact, it is stable enough beforehand for Zeda's comrades to strike the fireball, sending it flying at enemies with additional force. All though Zeda is capable of causing the flare ball to explode with the click of his fingers as the way he performs this sends a sound wave that is specific to Zeda and cannot be mimicked in order to trigger the reaction in the plasma ball.

Immense Spiritual Pressure:
Zeda is known to be a wielder of immense spiritual pressure, at times it can overpower enemy’s that are weaker than him and can even cripple those who are much weaker than him which presents the strength of his power. This spiritual pressure can usually be felt as a heavy force that is dragging the weaker opponent down unless they have similar spiritual pressure which is able to match his own.

At captain level, shinigami are tough how to compress the size of their Zanpakutō as originally the size of Zanpakutō is based on the wielders spiritual pressure. After some training Zeda managed to master this and by manipulating his own spiritual pressure his able to extend his Zanpakutō or shrink it based on his decision.

[b]• Release:

Zeda's Zanpakutō has three release phrases all of which can be used in order to release his Zanpakutō. First - Burn Mia: Second - Open my eyes to the truth Hoshi: Third - Incinerate all in my path Kio. Each release of the shikai is unique in its own way!

• Shikai Description:
The Zanpakutō appearance it self doesn't change, however the entire blade gets engulfed by a thin coat of flames that are only a couple of inches thick, the flames make the blade seem rather orange or crimson. The previous colors of the blade are still visible and all of the three Zanpakutō change state, however Zeda is able to designate the Zanpakutō he wants to use through out the course of his shikai for example he could use the necklace or have the katana either way it would still have the same appearance and abilities.

• Shikai Abilities:

Zedas shikai has two stages! First stage is the one that is activated at the Shikai release where as second stage is optional - When ever Zeda can use stage one in conjunction with stage two.

Stage 1:

Cinder Comet:
Zeda begins be swinging his blade in an upwards arc which creates a fireball the size of a basketball which is launched in the designated direction. However what makes this more than a regular fireball is the trail of fire that spills from the rear of the flame and descends until it reaches the ground. From this attack several embers are emitted as it travels through the atmosphere, there embers are quite dense and can move up to two meters at most. The speed of the fireball alone is around 10 meters per second alongside a range of 50 meters; past the 50meter mark Zeda begins to lose control of the flame which leads to it expiring or vanishing almost instantly. The fireball itself does moderate damage to those of similar strength, to people who are weaker it will likely cause moderate to high amounts of damage but if the opponent is stronger than Zeda it’s likely to do little damage.

This is not some software the removes viruses from his computer. By pointing the tip his Zanpakutō outwards or towards the ground, a baseball sized firewall is generated. The fireball travels in a linear direction and can be stopped by Zeda; once the fireballs stopped a wall of embers is created which spans 12 meters in length along with 2 meters height – The flames alone travel up to 5meters per second – The same damage as the previous ability applied.

Searing Rain:
Zeda begins by raising his Zanpakutō to shoulder height before violently swinging the blade in a downwards direction; upon doing so a basketball shaped ball forms which has a dark yellow or reddish color which quickly ascends for several short seconds prior to stopping and remaining at constant. The fireball travels at 6 meters per second and can be detonated by the user at any required moment. Upon detonation the fireball explodes in mid-air and crates a ring of 12 equally sized fireballs each of which resemble the color of Zedas ribbon. These flames span out over a maximum of 15 meters in diameter; they then begin to descend – each flame reaching a maximum of 4 meters in height and two feet in diameter. The flames last only two posts before expiration and can only be used once per post. Down side being that over usage of this ability leads to a 3-4 post cool down.

Ruining Fire:
This is a simple attack. Zeda begins by stabbing his Zanpakutō into the ground which creates a stream of fire that can be manipulated in several ways. Zeda posseses the ability to change the shape of the stream or redirect it to another destination; however upon stoppage at the required area Zeda can maximize the potential of this attack by withdrawing the Zanpakutō from the ground and moving it in a upwards arc which sends a five foot tall flame across the path in order to strike the final destination. Furthermore this ability has a second part to it which generates a tornado of fire around Zedas body which constantly circles him; this can either be used for offensive reasons or defensive – the principle of defensive being that since it’s a circle the opponent might have a tough time going through the flame in order to attack Zeda.

Flame Beheading:
Zeda first imbues his blade with fire, before slashing in the direction of the desired enemy, resulting in the creation of large arcs of intense flame that follow the trajectory of the previous swing. Zeda is capable of surrounding the immediate area with a circular wall of flames, incinerating multiple targets even if they approach from numerous angles simultaneously.

Fire Arc’s:
When Zeda swing’s his sword(s) he is able to send small to medium size waves of fire. Depending on the amount of energy he put into the swing of the sword.

Stage 2:

When stage two of his shikai is activated Zeda becomes engulfed in heavy reiatsu that glows a blue color with a hint of red; his Zanpakutō then vanishes out of sight by melting down into flames that are absorbed by Zedas body but are mainly directed to his arms which is why that specific area is the hottest part of his body through out that duration. Furthermore due to this being a ability generated by his Zanpakutō he becomes immune to the burning sensation generated by his own flames but can easily manipulate the fire in order to burn other people. He can deactivate the flames at will however he has to wait 3-4 posts before regaining the ability to re-emit the flames.

Spiked arms:
The flames the cover Zedas arms extended in every way in order to create spikes around his arms and fists; this can be used to hit people which can burn into the opponent skin due to the design of the spikes! He is also able to swipe his arm in order to deal the same effect as the spikes remain on both his arms and fists. The flames are rather compressed which makes them rather devastating and impaling which radiates a burning sensation upon contact. This can be quite painful to anyone that can’t match Zedas spiritual pressure all though some may still be able to supress the pain. This may also be used in conjunction with Fire absorption.

Fire absorption:
If there is fire in the surrounding area he can suck it up into his arms in order to boost his own fire based attacks or keep the fire as reserves. When this is used in combination with Spiked Arms, he can make the spikes up to 10 meters long and 15 cm thick. If one is not careful, the fire he absorbs can be drastically painful for the opponent in the long run. Also when he absorbs the fire, if the fire is located behind the enemy it will rush towards his arms and burn the opponent on the way. The range of absorption is 25 meters. Once he reaches his maximum, he can't make his spikes any bigger.

Fire Bullet (ファイア バレット Faia Baretto):
To begin with Zeda releases a stream of fire like bullets towards his opponent, these bullets are all around the size of baseballs but if they hit the opponent it generates the same damage as being hit with the baseball that is travelling at the speed of 120 miles per hour; once this fire hits the opponent it begins to spear across their body as it burns their skin.

Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame (火竜の煌炎 Karyū no Kōen):
Zeda generates two fireballs, one in each palm; these fireballs are then brought together in order to generate a large giant explosion that practically incinerates/destroys everything around him. To some people it would feel almost like being hit with a nuclear bomb even though since Zeda is the one triggering the effects of the technique he is unaffected.

Fire Dragon's Roar (火竜の咆哮 Karyū no Hōkō):
Zeda takes a deep breath in; when he breathes out he generates a long line of fire that quickly fuses together in order to create a large fireball which is capable of burning its target.

Fire Dragon's Claw (火竜の鉤爪 Karyū no Kagitsume):
Zedas feet ignite with very large flames which increase the power of Zedas kicks; he can also use these strong overpowering flames in order to proper his body in any direction he wishes all though the movement can only be used once per post since it’s not easy for Zeda to ignite his feet.

Fire Dragon's Wing Attack (火竜の翼撃 Karyū no Yokugeki):
Zeda begins by grabbing hold of his opponent; he then channels fire into his arms which take form of dragon wings that pose as a support. He then pressurises the fire into his opponent and throws them in the direction he wants as he does so the fire makes the opponent slightly more earodyamic but at the same time gives them some severe burns. All thought it’s not easy for him to grab his opponent in the end the technique pays off.

Fire Dragon's Sword Horn (火竜の剣角 Karyū no Kenkaku):
Zeda focuses his spiritual pressure around his body in order to ignite his self; upon doing so his whole body ignites on fire and moves to ram into his opponent at full speed the faster the collision the more damage created! Furthermore the top of his head receives a horn like flame which he can also use to head butt his opponent with the tip of his flame which will likely pierce the opponent in order to burn the opponent in contact and/or create a hole in the opponent by burning through the skin. This attack has double the strength of his usual attacks but it consumes a lot of energy and can only be performed once every 3 posts.

Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow (火竜の炎肘 Karyū no Enchū):
Zeda will increase the fire at the tip of his elbow and shoots if off like a jet, he uses that flame to strengthen his fist, and rocket the opponent high in the air.

Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon Fist (紅蓮火竜拳 Guren Karyū Ken):
Zeda rapidly punches his opponent. Each punch causes a fiery explosion. This attack is very powerful and can cause the destruction of buildings. Though using this for a continuous amount of Time can be very tiring for Zeda.

Unique Abilities:

This technique is called Amaterasu which is a jet of black flame said to be fires from hell that is hotter than the sun itself; they ignite at the focus of the users. All though it’s commonly known that the flames are unavoidable, Amaterasu has been avoided few times by people who possess grate speed or people that have discovered ways of stopping the black flames. The flames are capable of burning through almost anything in their path; it is said that Amaterasu flames never stop burning even when whatever’s caught in Amaterasus grasp is turned to ash however the flames may burn for a period of seven days and nights and cannot be extinguished by water or any other normal methods. However the flames burn rather slowly which allows anyone who has been struck by Amaterasu which gives the opponent an opportunity to remove the clothing or body parts that have been caught ablaze. Zeda is able to takes these flames and control and manipulate them as though they were regular fire. This is a very dangerous technique therefore prolonged use can lead to serious strain however Zeda alone is able to extinguish the flames of Amaterasu at will! But due to the techniques danger it can only be used a maximum of 3times in Shikai and 5times in Bankai.

Shield of Black Flames:
Zeda is able to manipulate the burning flames of Amaterasu in order to cover his body and shield his self; this works rather well as the black flames are capable of stopping nearly any thing that comes at him! This works in a similar manner to the technique that absorbs the fire but this can absorb attacks from people who are weaker than him by at least .3 tiers.

• Bankai Description:

• Bankai Abilities:

In Bankai, Zedas physical strength and speed is increased drastically although his still no match for his uncle Shadin the god of speed! At this stage his able to control fire at free will and can also alter his height to anything from 6ft to 10ft after all its his choice to determine his height. The new Zanpakutō state changes size alongside his height but he still has his regular powers along side the powers of his Shikai.
Soul Blaster:
Zeda fires a scorching solar orb which is generated from a sphere of flames that are generated from his Zanpakutō; upon contact with the opponent Zeda can either decide whether or not he wants the orb to remain there or explode upon contact.

Phoebus Blow:
Zeda attacks with a single deadly blow from the tip of his fist; this is a concentration of his inner power and fire! The intense fist of fire escapes the tip in order to shoot of at the opponent at incredible speeds, if they can’t dodge, it’s likely to pierce the opponent straight through but even if they can block or dodge their likely to receive some residual damage from the flames!

Arrow of Apollo:
Zeda is able to continuously fire red hot arrows from his hands that are covered in intense fire and are set to explode if required!

Fire punch:
When Zeda takes a punch from a distance a molded version of his fist fires from his hands and shots out towards the opponent, it glows a red or gold color but is same size as Zedas actual fist. This technique travels at around 120MPH; when it comes contact with his opponent the damage delt will be similar to a truck striking his body all though it will still burn him!

This is an ultimate technique for Zeda; fire covers his body but deals no damage to him but will help heal all of his wounds. This can only be used once per topic but when the technique finishes he will be unable to use his Shikai for one post and will negate Zedas Bankai for rest of the thread since he uses a lot of his spiritual pressure for this technique! The main purposes for this technique if to help Zeda heal since most of the time when Zeda uses this technique it means that the battle is over but all he has to do now is heal his wounds.
Other Abilities:

Advanced Kidō user:
Like his father Zin, Zeda is very good at Kidō. Throughout his child hood he receive training from both Zin and Shadin which makes him rather good at Kidō!

Enhanced Strength, Endurance and speed: Because Zeda has been on a intense training plan since he was a child set up by his uncle and Father. Zeda has enhanced strength and speed. From all the speed training his uncle put him through; causing him to become a rather fast shingami. But he is still not close to his Uncle shadin's speed all though he inherited his father's Endurance. Making him able to take a good amount of damage and letting his limit's be past those of his tier.

Master Swordsmanship expert: Zeda has trained hard in the art of Kendo for many year's; even as a boy testing his sword against those of captain rank in the Vizard corp's. Thought he was not equal to them. He soon gained skill and became very good swordsmen. But not close to his father Zin or uncle Shadin .

Flash Steps Expert: Zeda has trained his flash step since he was a child. Going up against members of the Vizard corp's and even his uncle Shadin. To see if his Flash step could match the speed of theirs and though he may not be a true expert he is very close to being one.


• PhatomTech:

• Phantom Tech Abilities:
Endrill wrote:

  • Item Name: Body suit
  • Item Type: Available to those in the Yuudeshi family
  • Used For: Offensive and Defensive
  • Item Description: This is a body suit like no other. After doing experiment's on his body Zeda was able to combine his body with a new top of the line body suit. There is a white plate where Zeda's heart is. This is where the body suit is stored. This also makes Zeda a little weak to electric attack's in the chest. By storing resta into his chest and saying the chant Network activate since the suit is voice activated by Zeda's Voice. The suit will start to merge and take over Zeda's body coming from his inside and taking over the outer shell of his body. The suit has a technology and power level sensor's. The technology sensor's help find all different type's of technology but mainly Cybermind technology. The right arm is also a hand canon. It is able to send out Cero and Bala the level of a arrancar one tier above Zeda's. The cannon also has a energy beam flame thrower and ice beam on it. Zeda can change the blast at will. The suit also increases Zeda's physical strength and speed by one tier. And it let's him take more damage as long as it is not electric damage or water damage to the chest
  • Obtained From: Made him self
  • Notes: Since this suit takes a big amount of resta to keep active Zeda can only keep the suit on for 5 post then a 10 post cool down before he can us it again and a 3 post cool down before he can use his Shikia again

• Phantom Tech Powers:
Not Sure!


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master
  • Kidō: Master
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master.
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced.
  • Pain Endurance:Master
  • Focus: Advanced


Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master.
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced.
  • Pain Endurance:Master
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Good job, not too over powerful, but still respectfully strong enough to be considered a viable threat, don't abuse the 0-5 I'm giving otherwise I will drop this app to 3-5 and force you to get Shikai and Bankai. That's my warning, but I doubt I will have to use that. ^_^ Anyway Accepted.
Tier: 0-5

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Moving to archives due to missing activity check.
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Moving back to Approved Shinigami.
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- Upgrade Zanjutsu from Advanced to Master.
- Tier from 0-3 to 5-5 until the revamp is up.
- Inability to use Shikai, Bankai or Shikokai until the revamp.
- However, his spiritual and physical capabilities are still at the Standard of a 0 tier.
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Archiving For Inactivity
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Zeda Yuudeshi - 2013 [Approved : 0-3]
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