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 Cascading Serenity (Open)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Cascading Serenity (Open)   Cascading Serenity (Open) EmptyThu Jan 10, 2013 4:01 pm

Cascading Serenity (Open) Kirito10
Ketai Tsukuyomi
The Black Lunar Swordsman
Tier: 3-1+

It's been an extremely long day, trying to find his way back from a destitute place on the outskirts of district 80: Zaraki. This young shinigami wasn't ill-equipped for the type of environment he was in, Although, From first glance, His personality would make it seem as if he was a novice in fighting alone. However, This young man is in district 80 for his own personal reasons- Some would call it nostalgia, some would call it hanging on to the past, And some would call it a foolish mistake. Alas, It was none of the above, Ketai Tsukuyomi was here for the simple fact of one singular thing; It was comfortable. Once again, Some people would call it an absolute foolish move to stay in Rukongai- Zaraki especially, But, Not Ketai, His lineage was been known in Rukongai ever since Yuri used to live here. It wasn't hard to figure out that Ketai was Yuri's son; He almost wears the same color scheme of what his father usually wears, his hair is the exact shade that Yuri has, which is Charcoal black. Even his oculars are slightly the same color, Being a slightly grey-ish purple instead of the brimming on his father has. But, Aside from that, Ketai was his own person, Through and through. However, Digressing on, Ketai got to what seemed to be the end of his journey- His house. His pace was sluggish at best, It had to be somewhere between 10pm and 11pm as the Sky covered by nightfall, The moon being shrouded by what seems to be a blanket of clouds. Eventually getting to the doorsteps, Ketai removed his Zanpakutō; Eludicator, and his treasured Dark Repulser off of his person, Tossing on the porch before him. Slumping up on the second step out of the three, Ketai outstretches his body and exasperates a bellowing Yawn from his small framed structure. Placing his hands behind his head in a nonchalant matter, The Shinigami reclined back on the porch itself, taking a soft sigh that was then replaced by a smile. Ketai was copacetic, He was merely content with the notion that he was alive, and taking in some fleeting memories that faintly appeared in his mind frame. With the night only getting darker, Ketai swung himself up, Sitting upright with his hands on his lap; looking at the ground with an aimless gaze.

"Well, What to do now ? I'm not even close to falling asleep."

Scratching his head slightly, Ketai shrugs his shoulders as he kicks up from his position. Taking both weapons back into his possession, The Black Lunar Swordsman walks inside of his house nonchalantly. However, He wasn't alone. As he closed the door, several shadowy figures emerge from the cascading darkness, being as covert as possible. Ketai wasn't aware of this at the time, so, He went on with his usual business when he comes home; Getting a quick bite, An even quicker drink, and above all else- A hefty game of Darts. Pulling up his chair to the table to sit down, Ketai suddenly heard the quietest creak from his ceiling. Looking up at it with a perplexed notion, He paid no mind, sitting down and about to bite into his sandwich- Wrong. Another creak occurred, But, WAY louder before the top caved in. With almost no time to react- Or save his sandwich, Ketai slid back as quickly as possible on the chair, Placing his feet on the lip of the table before kicking off of it. Pushing himself in a back-flipping manner, Ketai lands in the living room with his right hand on the handle of Eludicator, and his left on the ground for the initial moment of the landing. Standing up straight, The dust cleared to reveal three men- All with moderate levels of reiatsu, and all armed with different types of weapons; One had a long sword not much longer than Ketai's, The other with what seems to be a chain and sickle, and the last man had a Book. A book ? His eyebrow rose slightly, But, Focused on the moment at hand. It was then the man with the book stepped forward and pointed at the other sword that was on his back- Dark Repulser. Holding out his hand, The Mysterious man opened his book, Beginning to speak in a low, Ominous tone of voice.

"That sword- No, The ore it's made of, Belongs to me young man. Hand it over, and your death with be painless. Twenty Years ago, It should have been mine, But, That stupid bitch had to get in the way."

The other two men stepped forward once before readying themselves if Ketai was going to use counter-measures- Oh, Counter-measures don't even begin to describe whats fluttering around in His mind. The note, The Inhibitor Orb, Sachi. It's been 20 years, 20 long and painful years among the smiles and the laughter for Ketai ever since finding Sachi's house engulfed in flames. Ketai was suddenly filled with vengeance, The men that killed Sachi stood in front of him, looking to finish what they started twenty years prior. Grinding his teeth slowly, Ketai places his left hand on the handle of Dark Repulsar, Unsheathing both of his Weapons in an offensive brandishing standpoint; This was the long sword that his beloved Sachi made before she died. It was rumored that she was one of the best Blacksmiths within Seireitei at the time. While Elucidator is meant for Swift slashing type attacks, Dark Repulser is used for piercing like attacks. The weapon itself feels like the soul of Sachi is in it, Giving him that feel as if she was still with him. Once again, This is a double-edged sword, Allowing a full strike with either side of the blade. However, the handle of this weapon is about twenty-eight centimeters; With the blade itself being about one hundred centimeters even. Even though this weapon is longer, Ketai only uses this sword when dual wielding- You'll never see him only using this sword. Plus, He never, EVER. Uses Dual-wielding unless being out classed, or outright pissed off- Which one do you think it is ? Pointing Dark Repulsar at the shaman-type man, Ketai's reiastu begins to climb steadily before muttering in an infuriated tone.

"Belongs... to you Huh ? Yeah, IT BELONGS IN YOUR FUCKING CHEST!! IF YOU WANT THIS SWORD, Take it from my cold stiff hand."

Without a moments notice, The man said softly, looking at the tome in his hand as he did so.

"Done- With Pleasure, Tsukuyomi-Chan"

His eyes widened as He never told him that he was from the Tsukuyomi clan, which made him rage seethe even more. However as the man uttered "Done." The one man with the Long sword Lunged in with a sweeping arc slash towards Ketai's Head from the right- Too Preemptive! Lifting his right weapon to parry the strike, Ketai pivots on his left foot at the same time, Allowing him to now reside on the mans now exposed right flank. Wasting no time, The Black Swordsman thrusts his left arm forward, Driving the tip of Dark Repulser into the assailants latimuss dorsi. Removing it quickly, the other man attempts a strike at the currently preoccupied Shinigami to no avail as Ketai jumps upward through the now massive hole in his roof, Landing outside the front with a surprise that startled him- Men as far as the eyes could see within the Darkness, As Ketai stood in the middle, Swallowing down the little modicum of fear that manifested in his throat. Surveying the area, At all of the men, There had to be at least Fifty men surrounding this young shinigami, And things to not bode well for him at this point. A suddenly explosion erupted from the house behind him- His home. Stumbling forward slightly from the concussive wave of the blast, Ketai's eyes widened as an instant flash back entered his head; Sachi, The day he didn't come home soon enough. Tears slowly formed on the edge of Ketai's eyes as the shaman rose from the flames, Holding the tome high above his head in what he seemed was a for sure victory. Shifting his head at the shaman, The Shaman's Malice-filled eyes stare directly at Ketai before saying softly.

"These flames look exactly like the ones from twenty years ago. Time to close the Curtain on the Tsukuyomi Blood line here, as well as the apprehension of that sword- This is it, Tsukuyomi-chan."

Ketai gritted his teeth before gaining some lost resolve.

"Bring it on! This weapon will be the death of you! I swear it."


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Cascading Serenity (Open)   Cascading Serenity (Open) EmptyFri Jan 11, 2013 3:57 am

Cascading Serenity (Open) Tumblr_me96t2IqZF1qlcmswo1_1280

He pushed through the madness separating these fools ranks as they stared the fear had overcome them the trail of blood he carried through dripped a true trail of breadcrumbs for the wolf, the head in his hand still had that look, blatant fear.

It was a cold night within the reaches of Rukongai 80, recently nicknamed by the locals as rukongai zaraki. Central 46's orders had been clear the disbanding of a movement lead by an enemy of the state the orders had been given directly to the soul society and the 3rd company. Wolf had grown to miss his old home, the bloodshed and violence how could he not long for that so he had immediately taken on the task.

He walked through the streets darkened by the night in his hand he held a bottle of grog Fenrir sat laden on his shoulder, so far his search was inconclusive. although his lack of care towards this matter wasn't that great anyway so it didn't disturb him in the slightest. There was a ruckuss starting within the town as a large group of men ran past the wolf each bumping the man as they went past it was kinda getting on his last nerves so as one of the stragglers ran past the wolfs hand had reached out clasping onto his head. The Wolfs fingers dug into his skull the man screaming out in pain he looked to the now grinning face of Wolf.

Where do you think your going sunshine?

squirming the fingers now actually crushing into the mans skull cracking it at points he let out a shriek aiming his finger towards the large gathering in front of this odd house from the roof an explosion occurred and a figure launched out of it. this energy it was like nothing he felt before someone who had some skill to him perhaps it was wolfs lucky day. he dropped the man who was now foaming at the mouth and began walking towards this source of power but the endless rabble wouldn't stop there. A small group veered off about 4 of them stood in front of wolf their swords pointed at his face

Who the hell you think you are? get the fuck back before we kill you!

without a moments notice the blade of the shinigami had sliced through this mans throat as if it were butter lopping it from the seems but it wasn't fully off so Wolf proceed to latch onto the mans long hair and with a bit of a yank he ripped this memento from its owners body the other men backed away in fear as Wolf walked past his gaze never averted from this source of rising power whom now he could see was resonating from a young boy with a smile he walked through the crowd parting it like the red sea

Now isn't this an interesting little one?

as he approached the front of the crowd another set of goons had submerged onto him the whole mass of people now roaring prepared to fight the shinigami in front of them. the blades of the these riled up men come upon his position, as the shining metal fell down towards him Wolf let his blade fall from his shoulder he sung into a 80 degree arc cutting through the chests of about 6 of these men but it wasn't enough to stop the striking metal from cutting down into his back the wounds gaped open blood pouring out as wolf brought his sword over his head smashing it down onto the skull of the man directly behind him. but already more blades were coming stabbing at him Wolf however was persistent leaping out into the opening in front of him Fenrir began to slice the area in front of him the men kept coming and even wolf knew that one man against approximately 50 was crazy at this current level .... but crazy was just how wolf liked it. upon his blade a massive surge of black reiatsu began to cling as he swung the jagged sword he proclaimed to the world just what he was doing


his blade pointed directly at the center of the crowd a massive burst of reiatsu exploded out into this amassed rubble as it hit a target the unstable reiatsu expanded out in all directions creating an immense explosion encompassing the area of 20 m collecting about 20 out of the 50 in his blow with a grin he shouted out to the area letting all know he was here


turning towards what was about to become the true fight he let out a bit of a sigh, why was it always him that got the leftovers.


Cascading Serenity (Open) M9rTQZk

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