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 Abilities for Nozomi [Unchecked]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Abilities for Nozomi [Unchecked]   Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:18 pm

[Note: Please read Nozomi's Excore ability and her Demonic Form in her APPLICATION before checking.]

Excore Sub-Abilities:

  • Silence | Amplify — As is known, sound in a type of material wave that can vibrate at certain frequencies and travel through all states of matter to transmit certain noises. And thus as it is material, it can be manipulated. By imbuing Onikagahi energy into the mediums that sound can travel through, she can affect the waves concretely. She can completely halt the vibrations that attempt to move through it, thus creating an area of silence. She can also manipulate the volume and even amplify it staggeringly if she desires, composing a deafening scream from a mere whisper.

  • Darken | Illuminate — Light is a type of radiation that moves at stunning speeds, known as the visible spectrum for a normal human eye; as such, it is light that allows the naked eye to see. Still, it is a concrete wavelength that can be manipulated as many other objects can by Onikagahi energy. The method in which it performs this process is strange, yet similar to Silence | Amplify. By casting Onikagahi over a certain area and issuing this command, the light that travels through it in any direction will go through a filter. In order to darken the area, the 'filter' will eat up the light energy (as it is one of many forms of energy) and transmute it into Onikagahi energy, thus creating the desired effect. In reverse, the 'filter' can sacrifice Onikagahi energy by converting it back into light form and passing it along with the light rays that pass through the area, thus brightening and enhancing the area. From complete pitch black darkness to searingly blinding light, this is a useful technique.

  • Soften — This is an Excore technique that Xaser was incapable of utilizing, but Nozomi's incredible mastery over forms of energy along with her Quincy heritage have allowed her to craft such an ability. Using the mechanics and ideas of the Seele Schneider, this technique targets opposing energies in attempts to weaken them. Incredibly intense vibrations of Onikagahi are used to soften the energy that it pushes again, weakening the bonds of formed energy so that it can be stolen by Nozomi and absorbed. Spiritual energy is the easiest type to steal due to being the most understood type of energy. However, Soften is a technique capable of being used on other energies by studying them, and then applying the vibrations. The more times an energy-fueled technique has been used by an enemy, the easier it is to breakdown due to having learned about it, and the easier similar abilities can be broken down as well. Finally, this can even be used on the energy residing within an opponent, but only works through contact. Through melee attacks (can work through weapons as mediums), the Onikagahi can attack the energy within and thus draw it out, exhausting their reserves and increasing Nozomi's own.

Demonic Form Sub-Abilities:

  • Gorgon's Lament — This is one of Nozomi's mental abilities while in her demonic form, utilizing the power of the Aishadou in eye contact. By projecting absolutely unfathomable and unthinkable thoughts of agony through them, anyone who sees even a sliver of her dark eyes will feel the full unrelenting force of the mental attack. A scream louder and higher in pitch than the ears would be able to recieve is projected straight into their mind, blotting out all other thoughts and breaking their concentration; only a will stronger than Nozomi's is capable of even acting while under this onslaught, while anyone else will be prevented from utilizing abilities. Secondly, their senses will distort heavily and only be able to correctly focus their eyesight on Nozomi's eyes, while their body will either be frozen in place (Advanced Will or lower) or moving at speeds of one to five percent their original speed (Master Will or higher). This technique has lasting effects, meaning that even after breaking sight of her eyes, the senses will still be dull, unfocused, and distorted. The scream will linger in their mind as echoes, hurting their concentration and weakening any abilities henceforth for a short time (Beginner Will - 10 posts, Adept Will - 5 posts, Advanced Will - 3 posts, Master Will - 1 post). Only a Grandmaster Will can stifle these effects well.

  • Mental Block — This is a highly restricted ability developed by Nozomi that is used to stifle enemies who lack variety in their abilities. But first, it requires an understanding of a technique that has already been used previously in the fight. Once the ability has been studied and understood, she can transmit a mental attack into the mind of an enemy that lies dormant. It only triggers when they attempt to utilize the studied technique, which causes the mental entity to 'stop' and 'eat' whatever brain wave or signal that allows him to utilize it. In effect, Nozomi can stop an enemy from using a specific technique, only requiring her to focus on maintaining the mental block for the duration of the fight. As drawbacks, there can only be one mental block at a time being maintained, and it cannot be controlled if she is not within proximity of her enemy (meaning if she leaves the area with Garganta or simply walks farther than a kilometer away, the block will be removed). Someone with a stronger will than Nozomi can use their technique through the block, but only at half the total effectiveness.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Abilities for Nozomi [Unchecked]   Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:31 pm

My Ruling

Dude, you should probably put this in Power Upgrade next time. Excluding that, Everything looks legit to me from what I've read over.

As a result, if anyone else has a problem with this ruling, feel free to chime in. But until then? I'll approve this upgrade.


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Abilities for Nozomi [Unchecked]
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