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 Nozomi, The First Quincy [Approved 0-2++/0-1 in any release]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Nozomi, The First Quincy [Approved 0-2++/0-1 in any release]   Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:05 pm


---Basic Information
Name: Nozomi
- Nickname: The First Quincy
Appearance Age: 23 Years
True Age: 6580 Years
Date of Birth: March 28th
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Gender: Female
The Host Race: Quincy

Appearance: Nozomi is a rather tall female at five foot and eleven inches, consisting mostly of the thin frame that she calls her body. It is an expression of agility, not of strength as if what muscles there should be are hidden. In fact, she is borderline anorexic and lacking a majority of the curves a full-grown woman is supposed to possess. The girl's weight is actually rather light in comparison with her height; below average with ninety-two pounds. Her lanky frame attests to such a weight, and it shouts flexible and agile at whoever looks at it unadorned; with so little fat it makes it look even unhealthy. She has an obscenely pale white skin tone with an unblemished texture, despite the unnatural thinness. Now Nozomi's soft and small face remains as the focal point of her visage, with harrowed crimson eyes that speak of centuries past in her life, and a bantam set of features that seemed to only fathom up to ten different expressions along their existence, that being a small amount. A thinly-plucked pair of eyebrows resided over the girl's hues, and appeared to be able to follow into a furrow a little too easily with their own tale of sorrow to tell; while, contrastingly, Nozomi has allowed her eyelashes to grow somewhat long, and seemed to display a note of her better days. She sports a healthy full head of dark blue hair that is long and flowing, generally ranging from below the waist to below the neck. Her bangs generally fall upon her face, and are able to nip at the bridge of her nose.

Personality Traits---

Triality: When a mind grows to great for one person, it begins to house different personas within it, fully-fledged alternate egos of a single origin that can be difficult to justify they are the same person. Each of these personalities, which are referred to as mind frames, has their own space in Nozomi's brain to develop and perhaps scheme, and each of them is incredibly intelligent and wily in their own right. Generally, Nozomi assumes one of the three mind frames at a time, and its personality becomes the woman's forefront, while the other two mental frames are relegated to behind the scenes, only able to assist when the need calls. Usually, these mental states switch to and fro erratically, without any rhyme or reason. However, one can possibly break through to take control if any given situation calls for it strongly. The three mind frames are "Ernst", "Lustig", and "Ruhe". The Ernst frame of mind is an unpredictable, flippant side of Nozomi that enjoys a good time, and can sometimes be called a state of insanity. She is always energetic while in this frame, and mostly just wants to have fun. The Lustig frame of mind is the polar opposite; cold and serious, always assuming superiority over others. It's a much darker personality that wastes no breath or time on things she considers pointless. Finally, the Ruhe frame of mind is the image of tranquility, a benevolent personality that seeks understanding and order. There's something to be said about the adoption of the Ruhe frame being fairly recent, as previously there was only a duality of egos for Nozomi. Ruhe is the most unstable of the mind frames, and can easily be switched away from if something triggers it.

Ernst Frame:

Playful: Even over six thousand years, Nozomi still hasn't lost the kindred spirit of joy and fun. It is even a more spectacular fact when one takes into fact her tragic past. In the Ernst mind frame, Nozomi prefers a familiar and laid-back approach to a majority of her situations. Not to say a sense of seriousness is lost on the woman (see Lustig Frame), but there has been too much stress and hardship in life for her to take everything deadpan humorless; that is her belief. It creates a casualness of her that allows other people to become comfortable around her, even should they be strangers. Funnily enough, this trait can find itself present even in the most dire of situations, turning a fight into a game for her own amusement. Messing with people is like a pastime for her, and she just has that enjoyable aura around her in and out of combat, especially when she's in a good mood. It stands strong as one of Nozomi's strongest traits, six-thousand years down the path.

Show-Off: Another trait of this woman that plays off of her casualness; Nozomi is oft in the spotlight, or would like to be. She does it often in small ways, such as her love of seeing the reactions on other people's faces when she pulls off a fancy trick that she really shouldn't be able to. One can see the flashy antics in her moves and tell that she fights not just for victory but for show, even if the only person watching is her enemy.

Smart-Ass: Nozomi can definitely qualify for a smart ass if she decides to be. She is just too intelligent for her own good, and chooses to be obnoxiously self-assertive and impudent in the Ernst Mind Frame. She likes to circumvent main points and uses sarcasm quite a bit for her own self-entertainment. She can be pretty good at annoying the hell out of people, if they so let her. To an extent, her smart-alec ways can be considered rude, and most likely are. Another thing is that Nozomi tends to think too highly of herself, and this part of her is partially why she is also a smart ass. She wouldn't consider herself as cocky, is pretty powerful, and there's the fact she can perceive most anything. Yet, still she has this infallible thought that she is superior to everyone in the immediate vicinity.

Actress: One thing a person has to get used to around Nozomi while she's in this mind frame is the fact that she pretends to be anybody except for herself almost all of the time. She finds a certain joy in acting out personalities that do not belong to her, hiding her true self behind an impenetrable mask and leaving others only to guess at her nature. Over thousands of years of practice, she has mastered the art of portraying a pretense of herself, making her performances a wonder to behold for their skill and their authenticity. She is unreadable unless she wants to be read, expressing emotions she wants to show.

Masochistic: This was a deeply inlaid within Nozomi's personality of the past, one that was truly unique from others. She has the curse, or gift as some may call it, of masochism, meaning that any pain she feels will feel like pleasure to her. This doesn't alter damage, merely her perception of the sensation of agony. When she goes into extreme pain, the full effects of her masochism reveal themselves, turning Nozomi into a reckless, sinister person who enjoys pain way too much.

Lustig Frame:

Calm: In the Lustig mind frame Nozomi has an unwavering ability to stay cool, calm, and collected. She feels rage, she feels sadness, and she feels any other extreme emotion like a human being would. The difference is (going over this again) age, having granted her the power of control. It is improbable that there would ever be an experience that Nozomi could take on and not manage with an impassive expression. That is not to say that if she is barred from showing these emotions; it merely tells that she is able to control her emotions if she desires. This often takes people off guard due to her appearance—it contrasts with her actual age, and any attempts to rouse Nozomi are pitiful in her eyes. She looks down like a giant at an ant and shakes her head in disappointment.

Serious: Try joking with a six-thousand year old entity, and try to get some results: Nozomi keeps things at a professional level at all times, because she is just so distant from casualness, lightness, and humor. That being said, she understands humor, and understands when one is trying to be funny—if she wanted to she could join in with the comedics, but she prefers not to. Also consider her internal darkness in this state, and the nature of her sealed beast, and it also explains why she strays from mingling too well with others. At the core Nozomi is a down-to-earth straight-to-the-point kind of person. When she says she is going to kill you, she usually intends to.

Resolve: Nozomi is one of resolution, sure of herself, and sure of the course of action that lays before her. She does not hesitate to do what it takes to complete a mission or defeat her enemies, even if it costs her part of herself—physical, mental, or spiritual. She is more than likely to remove all instances of desperation in her actions, and lock down all emotions that may hinder her from moving forward. From her roots, she was always a strong girl, picking her goals and striving for them no matter what. As a subnote, Nozomi is also incredibly stubborn, which plays into this trait. She remembers grudges long in the past, she stands obstinately close to the ideals she chooses to uphold, and she pushes aside help she may need if only because she believes in personal struggle.

Tactician: Nozomi is a very successful person in positions of combat; it's her own brilliant mind that knows the way to victory too well. Through her own personal struggle, she has built experience at a very fast pace, making her an accomplished fighter. She utilizes high skill in terms of observation and analyzation to gauge the situations she deal with at a very fast pace. She is capable of quickly noticing connections or quirks even amidst combat and confusion. And then she is able to craft a strategy that utilizes the tools she possesses, which more often than not will lead to victory, excepting the cases when the difficulty of the object is far too high. She is also able to employ many different sets of tactics involving subterfuge and confusion, which are capable to defeating enemies who are stronger than her. She is willing to hold herself back to keep some tricks up her sleeves, and provided an opportunity is not hesitant to take advantage of it and strike.

Ruhe Frame:

- Kind: In the Ruhe frame of mind, Nozomi adopts a compassion with others unseen in her other states, allowing her give a smile and erase hostility in seconds with ease. Even those who can be considered her enemies, she finds no ill intentions toward. There is an overwhelming desire for her to do good and act in the sake of altruism, which is likely the driving force behind her dream for Utopia for all people. This trait is up to such an extremity that others often find it unbelievable, but the best part about it is that it is completely out of her generosity, irregardless of anything Nozomi gets in return. To be fair, however, when a being has acquired such a level of power, there's not much in the world to want. Completely selflessly, nothing is holding Nozomi back to give her all for the people around her and that she cares about.

Friendly: Nozomi is an outright friendly person, capable of killing the initial alien tensions of being unacquainted with her benevolent and light-hearted personality. And of course, her playful spirit born of a great friendship with characters in her past by names of Tonya Prailius, Lanzou Roma, and Kagami was a big factor in this. Also playing a role in this is her unwavering capability to stay cool, calm, and collected. She feels rage, she feels sadness, and she feels any other extreme emotion like a human being would. The difference is Nozomi's age, having granted her the power of control. Combined, the two traits allow her the ease of quickly making friendships, as the world needs more of those lately.

- Serene: More than just a personality trait, but an aura around her that affects others around her; Nozomi exudes an unwavering calmness that makes it easy to feel safe and secure. A bomb could be going off nearby and there would be nothing to worry about. Nozomi has the capability to easily resolve any matter that could possibly come about, and so there is never anything that could pose a problem to her. With that resolve, she can act with complete focus and controlled pace; a perpetually sober mind. This is much like the calmness displayed in Nozomi's Lustig frame, excepting the condescension. With Nozomi around, you know that everything will be all right.

---History Information

Alternate Reality, simple for some to grasp, difficult for others. The self-contained and separate realm our protagonist was born and existed in was an alternate reality; alternative meaning it was coexisting with another side by side. This was Nozomi's home, this alternate reality, and she lived on a planet not too different from Earth itself in 'actual reality'. For this reason, a lot of her back story will be irrelevant to most as none of the events applied to any other person besides the woman herself. However, to know Nozomi's past is to know how she became the person she is today. So, let's start from the beginning, on a world called Ingoo:

Birth Arc: Nozomi was born into the Uchiha clan on March 28th by a hardworking father and an always-calm and thoughtful mother. Her father was just a civilian, and had no use of any powers at all. Her mother, however, was a skilled user of her gifts. When Nozomi began to develop, she showed an extreme love and respect for her parents and the nanny that sometimes took care of her. But she didn't talk with others and usually stayed away from them due to an overwhelming sense of shyness. One day she showed her mother a dance she made herself, and her mother noticed how every movement was fluid and without a single mistake. She said she had not seen such grace in a child before. The elders of her clan began making plans on how to start training with the girl. At the mere age of six, a friend of Nozomi's father was told to instruct her in the Uchiha history and techniques. Nozomi developed an easy-going relationship with the man and started learning at a steady pace. She absorbed the information with indifference, however she found one thing interesting to her; this Uchiha "super power", the Sharingan. She had an unusual infatuation with the doujutsu, and continuously tried her own methods and rituals to get the Sharingan for herself, despite her instructors assurances that it wouldn't work that way.

After she learned the history, Nozomi started out with two instructors each day to teach her taijutsu and ninjutsu, the clan's names for hand-to-hand combat and energy-based powers, respectively. In the mornings, she would exercise and practice fighting. Her instructor for that session took into account her grace and balance to create a variant of the Uchiha style. However, she was constantly berated for her incompetence in strength and endurance. She could sprint so fast but not for very long. In the afternoons she would practice with her techniques. She understood the subject of chakra—her energy type—and using ninjutsu, but she just couldn't perform well with it. She used a little too much chakra for simple techniques like doppelgangers and transformations. The other ninjas her age surpassed her and that made her a bit bitter. At age 7, Nozomi began sparring with her instructor. He was surprised to find out how fast her strikes were, but not how weak they were. Because of this, he decided to branch off and teach her a style in which she could use her opponent's strength against them. He taught Nozomi anatomy and all about fighting stances. This would be one of the first major fields of knowledge she would learn, thus beginning the library of information her mind would turn into in the future. She would be able to flip her instructor over once in a while, instead of having a one-way fight all the time. In addition, they subjected her to learning the clan's famous fireball technique. Unfortunately for Nozomi, she couldn't do it at all. She had no capability to use the ability, and this disappointed her father.

Academy Arc: Nozomi trained under her father's friend and her mother until age 10, when she was finally sent to the academy. She was indifferent about anything non-ninja related. Thus, her grades were average at best. But the good part of the academy was the ninja part, of course. They taught her about shinobi weapons, from the shurikens of the Uchiha clan to the symbolic ninja kunai's. She developed relationships with the instructors and talked to them about how her childhood was, and things she likes and dislikes. But she also got to learn more about certain techniques. The teachers offered to help her out personally, and she took the offers often. She practiced hard and they helped her finally be able to reduce the usage of chakra on her ninjutsu to normal. They went beyond that and started teaching her how to use wire, to concentrate chakra to use for walking up walls and on ceilings.

Nozomi didn't stand out during the academy training sessions, or anything else. She was almost invisible to the other students, as she didn't converse with them like she did the teachers. The only time she was noticed was when her clan name was used in conjunction with her first. She didn't care much, but she noticed it. At age 11, she discovered that she liked how pain felt--physical pain, anyways. She liked the aches that came from lying uncomfortably, and the scrapes and bruises from tumbling and fighting. Sometimes she would perform a double-edged attack on purpose just to feel the slight pain. It wasn't any serious affliction according to the academy instructors, so she just went on doing it. Finally at age 12, Nozomi graduated from the academy with average scores. Nonetheless, her teachers and her family were happy for her. After the ceremony, her parents threw a little party for her. There were sweets and drinks and activities, but best of all: Gifts. Her father was first, giving her a custom yellow and brown top with a small Uchiha insignia on the back. Her mother gave her a matching brown scarf. Her favorite academy instructor gifted her with her very own set of ninja weapons, along with a weapons pouch to hold them. There were other trinkets and knick-knacks, but those three were her favorites.

Friendsies Arc: Finally, Nozomi was a true konouchi, able to fight for her village and clan. Her father's friend, the ninjutsu instructor, wanted to try the fireball jutsu once more, to no avail. After graduation, it seemed almost every day that her father pitted her against a clanmate shinobi to spar or one of his friends to train. She was set up in a healthy learning environment, with the chance to meet dozens of new friends and learn new things. She was shy around people her age, of course, but there was the occasional chance that she got over it. The first true kid around her age that she met was a boy prodigy named Setsu Kuroji. He schooled her in the spar that her father set up, and even a last ditch effort wasn't enough to catch her opponent off guard. Nozomi lost the spar and was knocked unconscious easily. Her skills had not tested the waters yet, hence the fragility. As an act of kindness, however, Setsu carried her body all the way back home to her father. When Nozomi awoke the next day, Setsu had disappeared from the village. It was too bad she fell in love with him all too easily...

Seto Kaguya was the next boy she met in Kirigakure, though not by a spar of her father's creation, but of her own design. Nozomi came across the Kaguya in a time of trouble, as he was being attacked by someone more powerful than him. Nozomi, through valiant efforts was able to stall the attacker and keep his attention away from Seto. It was unfortunate however that he was much too powerful for Nozomi as well, and that Seto had not wanted her help. Nozomi labeled him arrogant. That would certainly not be the last time Nozomi saw Seto, because as it turns out, she was finally drafted into a squad for her village! Yes a squad of 4 under one of the village's most elite warriors, Kagami. The other two members held little to no place in Nozomi's memory, but Seto held fast by being the most uncooperative and annoying team mate of them all. When Nozomi was put in charge of the team mission, Seto refused to go along. Kagami was no help, though, as he was off taking care of his own business. Yes, that was Kagami's legacy to Nozomi; always having to take off, always having something more important than his students to deal with.

Lanzou Roma would become the very next friend Nozomi made... a true friend. At this time, Nozomi was transforming into someone else. Her shyness had disappeared, her intelligence was proving more than just human, her personality going through changes. Instead of being unhelpful and unsocial, she was able to come to Lanzou Roma (who at the time was in distress) and attempt to help him solve his problems. Nozomi tried to convince him to stay on the side of the law, while his friends gave him a taste of the gang life. Nozomi left Lanzou, after believing she had failed in persuading him... When she really had succeeded.

Then it was Tonya Prailius who became a neat little bud for Nozomi, one of her spars set up by her father. They fought on a lake where Nozomi was capable of displaying her mastery over water. Though she won, she had to get a little too close to Tonya to save her from drowning, and accidentally discovered that she was not as normal as she percieved. She had a 'thing' for other girls it seemed. The next day, Tonya sought out Nozomi again where they would spar again at night, except on land and only using Taijutsu. It was that night, with a kick to the face, that Nozomi unlocked her Sharingan for the first time. The Sharingan, being one of the most powerful perceptive abilities in the world. Life was going up and up for the girl.

Transformation Arc: Things had to get better before they got worse, though: Nozomi finally got her chance to prove the Uchiha clan's worth and strengthen her position in her hometown through a tournament with an opposing village's ninjas. She expected a fight with some average anybody from the foreign village, but actually got paired again the Empress of that Village. She could only try to hold her ground, but in the end was overpowered and defeated by overextending herself. If it weren't for her sensei, Kagami, protecting her, she would've lost an eye to the Empress that day. And when she woke up, she heard tales of how no Kirigakure shinobi had won their fights. What game was Tengakure playing? That same night, an act of terrorism occurred. An explosion was heard throughout the housing district, to which Nozomi acted against. A strange child whom Nozomi would later know as Shadou Yajuurou, was attacking the village for no seeable reason. She, with others, tried to stop him, but he was able to get away due to a mythical figure appearing, made out of bats. This woman would turn out to meet her later in life and become the one who made her the being she is at present day, but that's in the future. Instead, Nozomi went home to tend to the hole in her stomach, caused by Shadou. She had just recovered and now this. She was bedridden the next few days.

Nozomi now had to change, and drastically. She lost her kindness in exchange for bitterness. She would be a smartass in cases she'd previously be gentle. She had effectively been disillusioned to the world, and broke things off with her parents by moving out. She could support herself with money made from village missions and was intelligent enough to train herself. She would meet Lanzou again, as well as Seto. For a time, those two, along with herself and Kagami as the sensei, would be the combat squad for her village. Though Seto eventually was cut out of the picture, leaving the strongest squad of Lanzou, Nozomi, and Kagami. This would endure for a long long while into the future, just before chaos. But before even that, Nozomi signed up for the Chuunin Exams of Kirigakure. Truly life-changing.

Chuunin Exams Arc: Nozomi was classified as Genin, the first level in the hierarchy of shinobi in her village. At some point, it was necessary to advance to the next rung and become a Chuunin. When Nozomi signed up for the exams, it wasn't too far off to say she had some real experience, and a brand new cocky attitude to go with it. She went in alone; even though there were dozens of other combatants, Nozomi made this choice by herself with her own self-assurance. She wanted to hold more power than she had, and this was the way. She knew many others, including people like Mei Kurei, Tonya Prailius, Kazu Yuki, and even enemies like Tenzo Cauthon. She chose to stay outside of the group, and move into the great tower Eye of Hiz on foot over water. The ride to get there was at the very least invigorating. The first challenge was set up in pairs. Nozomi was with Mei, the clay explosives artist with a goody two-shoes fix. Their task was to get from the very bottom of the Eye of Hiz to the very top, solving puzzles and avoiding traps the whole way there, to find a puzzle piece and escape with it. The good news was that their team made it through without much hindrance, and absolute success. They were the second team to pass the first round, or so they were told. When they reached the end, they were knocked out by a mysterious force

The second round was not as smooth as the first. The two-man squad was not very resilient, as the second round didn't even involve pairs. Instead, the entire remaining group of genin were chained together by the wrist, in the shape of a distraught circle. And one hooded woman played dollhouse with the lot of them, torturing them with cuts, electrocution, and illusions even. Nozomi was driven into her masochist state by the pain that she was given, and spoke out her true thoughts to the 'proctor'. Apparently, this proctor did not like Nozomi's words, and sent her away with failure. Feeling disillusioned and betrayed, Nozomi walked out with as much dignity as she could muster. Though Nozomi failed the exams, the council would circumvent the proctor's judgment and deem her impressive enough to give her the title of 'Chuunin'. But still, the damage was done already. After the Chuunin Exams, one of the victory combatants who went through all four rounds, by the name of Sagumi Sumashuu, came to Nozomi. It was sort of an attempt to console her, but to Nozomi, she only tried to get information out of him. The next thing that Nozomi had to deal with was that during the Chuunin Exams, Kagami had apparently left the village without much explanation. Neither did she see Lanzou either. Turns out that a couple more days after the Kiri exams, they both were back; Lanzou took part in a foreign village's exams and failed, while Kagami tried to find his way to some sort of enlightenment and failed. Nozomi only figured this out by stealing a letter that Lanzou had tried to deliver to Kagami. Was she not meant to know? After all, these were her supposed team mates.

Rise to Daybreak Arc: This was what Nozomi's life was becoming: Something that would be considered as a damaged childhood, since Nozomi was still considered a child. The more Nozomi became aware of the world, the unhappier she would become, and the less sane her decisions. Her moral sense was also being damaged in a way. Of course, she tried to correct it, but couldn't revert it back to normal. Instead, Nozomi became neutral; a compromising force. She would try to do bad things with good intentions, or good things with bad intentions. She destroyed her love tie: for too long had she been fawning over the long lost Setsu, and now it was time for her to move on. This was done at the time she placed herself into a meeting with Lanzou and Kagami. She wanted to talk to both, and received only a lot of grief. The next day they met again, to train, but nothing really was accomplished. Kagami had stopped being a help to her, only a burden. All she had left for him was trust; her eventual downfall. Truth be told, Lanzou was her only true friend left.

Nozomi started to become a reader, educating herself with literature, where experience could not. She read into historical figures, village events, clans, nobles; all the public knowledge. She started her own personal library in her apartment where she could consult her books for knowledge. However, it was rarely needed now with the memory Nozomi had. Her mind was growing as well, to an extent that should not have been possible for someone her level or age. With her mind came a need to make a better world, and she began searching for a way to do so. Her answer came in the form of an organization's history. The most famous organization of them all: Akatsuki. According to all the experts in the book, they agreed to one thing: That Akatsuki's goal was to make a better world with indomitable peace. However, their methods were twisted into something sinister and evil. She read how they tried to capture these mythical tailed beasts called Bijuu, and utilize their power to become an unstoppable force. She also read how they would use other methods like taking over all the other villages and using fear as power, or how sometimes they just waited for the right moment to strike and take control. From this, Nozomi derived a way to peace as well. She believed that the world needed one ultimate leader, who was all-powerful, incorruptible, and unbreakable. She believed that she would be that person. Only her mind held such understanding of the world to do so.

On the day of revelation where Nozomi chose to unveil her revival of the organization, her old Sensei Kagami had his own set of plans. He was choosing to plan a coup of her village to take the head spot. She was invited to join this coup, but in a condescending matter she declined his offer. In turn, Kagami figured out her plans to bring the Akatsuki back, and it turns out he had a tragic past with them. Nozomi could sense her sensei's instability of the mind, realizing that not only was his coup a flawed decision, but that he was not seeing the relationship of student and teacher between them; before Nozomi knew it, he was attacking her. Though her newfound power allowed her hold out against him, he had too many allies on his side for the coup, and she would be heavily outnumbered. This was her last stand, as she was on the verge of drowning at the hands of her former sensei's water abilities. Before she died, she performed one last action, by transferring every thought contained in her mind forcefully into Kagami's through the use of a mysterious telepathic ability.

Then she breathed her last breathe.

Destiny Arc: Kuroji Setsu, former Byakko, Heavenly Demon. The boy prodigy was one of Qilin Amatsu's star pupils back when he was emperor. This means nothing to you, no, but it was happening at the same time Nozomi was dying, in a far away village. Now Amatsu, or Nameless as he referred to himself these days, hears of Setsu's defection from not only the Heavenly Demon but the village as well. This was simply far too disappointing for the man, and something had to be done about it. But why waste the time doing it himself? He had an organization and much bigger plans to deal with now and they couldn't simply be sidetracked by even this. So an alternative was presented to the man as he returned to his empire to speak with the second Heavenly Emperor that had taken his place in his absence; he desired the creation of a copy, disguised as one of the boy's old friends, but rigged to follow the Nameless one's sinister deeds. The choice would be made, and a shinobi belonging to clan called the Shugendo by the name of Saren was taken from the village; an orphan child that nobody would miss. She would turn out to be the host for his new servant, Nozomi. When the Nameless One had previously tampered with Setsu's mind, a girl named Nozomi had the been the last memory to disappear, lingering. He used his Aishado mind-sculpting abilities to erase everything that made Saren herself, and then he implanted a new self into her. It was a poor mimicry of Nozomi Uchiha based on Setsu's memories, his own encounter with the girl, and educated guesses. The second part of the procedure was performed by Shioni Sourui, the Heartless One, a medical master without comparison. Saren's body was completely changed to represent Nozomi based on his own view of her, but just a little bit older. Altogether it was a total mock because Qilin didn't really know Nozomi, and Setsu had only met her once.

Regardless, this new creation, Nozomi Shugendo, served under Qilin. Her primary task was to get close to Setsu so that the Nameless one can be in a position to do as he pleases when the time comes; yet there was a modicum of freedom granted to the girl. She was allowed to live a normal life as long as she followed under the Nameless one and his Amanozako organization, carrying their assignments out when sent her way. However, the fall of the organization came swift and suddenly as the Nameless returned to Tengakure seemingly in control of things. Amanozako no longer existed, but Nozomi still had to follow under him. Each day Nozomi's power grew stronger and faster than could have been predicted, acceleration not seen in the normal human being. As Nameless even announced that he was returning to his sane self, Qilin Amatsu, his attentions surely began to draw away from Nozomi due to the fact that Setsu was no where to be found and there was nothing else that she was accomplishing. Her power grew without his scrutiny or knowledge... and Nozomi took note of this.

By the time her power began to overwhelm the bonds that kept her in check, she would take control of her own life back—turning the chains that bound her into weapons she could use. It was not out of a want to rebel against Qilin, but merely a natural want to be in total control of her own self. She figured out more and more about herself, feeling the emptiness inside her... the lack of certain memories and feeling she should have, but doesn't. Her own personal goals began to rise, not to kill Setsu, such an unimportant task to her now, but to find her past and to find the pieces of her that once lived. One girl of nobility, Patrice Prailius, assisted her secret desire by helping her travel across the world to foreign villages in order to search for the pieces. Once Nozomi heard of the existence of a mysterious island not too far from Bear Country, she had the subconscious urge to travel there, leaving Patrice behind. What she found in this place was a hidden village with her route to salvation. Though she did not understand at first, a man named Shuhei Uchiha lived there who spoke of the girl once known as Nozomi Uchiha, and the memories he had extracted from her mind to pass down to a destined host of unknown origin. Shuhei said Nozomi Shugendo was the new host for the memories, and with an estranged method, the memories that Shuhei was holding for Nozomi transferred to the Shugendo, nearly in an instant. A whole new life was shown to her, and it was an extreme coincidence how the pieces just fit together so well. The emptiness plaguing her had finally been filled... and the transformation was beautiful, bringing tears. She remembered...

Stowaway Arc: After remembrance, it all became clear to her who she was; more than just Nozomi Uchiha and more than Nozomi Shugendo. She was still Nozomi, but transcendent of both her pasts. Her old goal to revive the Akatsuki now seemed childish to her, and any adulation or respect she had for the Emperor Amatsu Qilin was gone in a heartbeat, now knowing it was he who had taken her past love from her. Truth be told, she did not know what she wanted to do with her life now, so she did what first came to mind. Shuhei, she would soon realize, was her old mentor Kagami; yet, she strangely held no ill will toward him for her death. After all, somehow, Nozomi was still alive—maybe not in her original body, but in mind and soul. She forgave him for something so unforgivable, and moved on. Her next desire was to head to her old home where she could meet the friends of her past, so after bidding Kagami goodbye on his island country, she would leave for the mainlands. On her way, she was intercepted by an agent of her home village, explaining that she was wanted captured by the most powerful man alive, Amatsu Qilin. Apparently, he did not take well to her departure, and now was searching the villages for her to take her back under his control. Naturally, Nozomi did not want this; but how could she stand up to such a powerful opponent?

Instead, this agent took her to yet another hidden island, dubbed Joubon. She was told that they would have to wait her until the search would be given up, whether it be days or years long. Though he held no genuine affection for Nozomi, the agent did tell her that he was doing this on someone else's orders. As usual, the chains of command in her home village constantly shifted, and the head leader was now someone she remembered from her past: Sagumi Sumashuu. Though she was not able to see her old friends because she was in hiding, Sagumi managed to sneak out of his office just long enough to visit her on the island, and she was more glad for it than she expected she would be. A touching moment occurred between the two, before he left, leaving Nozomi with a lot to think about. The search was still under ways, so she remained behind on Joubon. In her spare time, she would end up exploring the island to see what she could find. And surprisingly, there was a lot.

The first was another figure from the past, but this one far less amiable and far more mysterious. Her name was Soki Shingasu, and she had been the bat-aligned woman who had assisted the terrorist a long ways back. Like she had felt towards Kagami, Nozomi was not angry and hostile towards the woman for her actions, and simply put her in a new light. Soki was a rather laid-back and flirty character, with a darker side hiding within her. After a clash between the two based upon a misunderstanding, Nozomi would calm the situation down and bring up a subject that rather interested Soki. She detailed the plans she had been considering ever since she got here: To go out and kill Qilin herself. She knew alone that she could not defeat the man, but with the help of many then just maybe it was possible. Thus, Nozomi asked for Soki's assistance, and she would be the very first member to join her unnamed organization against Qilin. She was perhaps the greatest master of sealing on the face of the planet, and had a special eye-related ability dubbed the Eyes of Judgment, which could read abilities with ease and counter them. The next time she went out exploring Joubon, things were even more interesting, as it would be the first time she came upon the creature that would be bound as her partner from this point onward. It was late at night, with Soki alongside her, when they found Xaser, the Bijuu.

Bijuu were tailed beasts of such massive scale and power than they had to be contained to prevent the chaos resulting from any of them being loose. And here one was, just resting in the middle of a forest clearing and untethered to any host. To be honest, out of a desire to gain more assets to use against Qilin, she wanted to seal the beast within herself. Soki the seal master was right with her, and this was a once in a lifetime opportunity lying before her, so she took it. Unceremoniously waking the Bijuu, she attacked it with all her might, only meaning to subdue the beast long enough for Soki to work her magic. It was an hour long conflict that destroyed much of the forest they were in the middle of, and wore the two of them down greatly, but in the end Nozomi and Soki were the victors. As the Bijuu was trapped, Soki managed to activate her sealing prowess and created what she called the "Nine-Tomoe Seal". The Bijuu would be implanted into Nozomi's stomach and locked down, transforming her into what was called a Jinchuuriki in this world. It heavily boosted one's power, but required immense amounts of training to control such untamed energies. Nozomi picked up on things with prodigal speed, but Xaser was so overbearing and so resistant to her attempts to work together that mastery was stalled. For the remainder of her stay on Joubon, she would endlessly train herself to control the energies being released from Xaser, so that she could at least be somewhat prepared to use him in the battle with Qilin. However, the news that came next was shocking to say the least.

Qilin Amatsu had disappeared from the face of the Earth, and his search had been effectively ended. There was absolutely no information on his whereabouts, as though he was just gone. Nozomi was confused, and yet she was more than ecstatic for the news. With him gone, all efforts of his village to hunt Nozomi down ceased, and she was a free woman. She was able to come out of hiding and return to her home village once more, and the first thing she did was go to see her parents. She was happy to see them, happy to come back and live with the Uchiha clan, and happy to finally see peace. Because with the disappearance of Qilin, the wars he brought to this world had ended. As the lands settled down, so too did Nozomi, and she chose to do this with a certain special someone. Nozomi realized that day on Joubon, that she had fallen in love with Sagumi. And now with her freedom to do what she wanted, she simply desired happiness with him. As his time as the leader of her village would come to an end, he would follow Nozomi as she left to go build her own minor village. And they would live happily ever after...

Strange Things Arc: Almost. It was for a dozen or so years before things began to get strange. Yes, Nozomi and Sagumi were now married and lived together in harmony. Yes, the world was in its longest period of uninterrupted peace in centuries. Yet, something completely unexpected was happening to Nozomi, that would only be noticed a decade later. She didn't age; her body stayed fresh and did not even change, while Sagumi actually began to look like he was getting older. It did not take long for Nozomi's perception to pick up on the source of this strange effect, as apparently Xaser's presence within her was causing it. The chakra he was releasing into her body was so dense and lively that it kept her body young though her mind would still be evolving. It was any normal human's dream, and yet Nozomi could already see the complications in the future. Sagumi would become an old man, and Nozomi had just developed a strong enough bond with Xaser that she didn't want to let him go, even if they could figure out some method of extracting him. In the end, Sagumi would be the one to suggest that she choose to keep Xaser and live with him as long as possible. At his recommendation, she would leave things be, and live with him until he died not of battle as all shinobi believe, but in his sleep at a time of peace; old age being the culprit. After the funeral of her beloved, Nozomi would live on looking the exact same she had when she first fell for him, with the company of only Xaser. She was the only one of her generation left—there was nothing remaining on this planet for her. And that thought made her melancholy.

So what could she do? There was no one like her in this world who could never age, as the trait resided only in the Jinchuuriki of Xaser. She did not want to live here anymore, yet she did not want to die either. For the longest time she was simply stuck in a stasis of indecision, passively growing in power by just hosting Xaser within her. It was a couple of years later when the amount of power she possessed began to become so ridiculous that new heights were being reached. She was seeing webs of reality that seemed to be stretched wildly across space and time, and with her perceptive eyes she could see beyond them to something more. One fateful night, Nozomi used her abilities to manipulate the webs and open a rift. It sounds so much simpler than it was at that moment, requiring Nozomi and Xaser's full power and unbroken focus to hold it open long enough to step through into a turbulence of some strange energy. There was a path and a light at the end, and Nozomi could only struggle against the weight of the world as she pushed forward toward the portal. Alone, she was almost crushed by the effort of trying to keep the pathway stable, but Xaser had taken the control, and for the first time in Nozomi's lifetime, had taken the initiative to protect his host from that outcome. He was there to help her all the way to the end, where they stepped out into a new world. They were miles above the new planet, falling from the sky toward the vast expanse of land below. Nozomi slipped into unconsciousness as she descended...

What seemed like only minutes in that wormhole, was actually an action that took over one millennia's worth of time to accomplish, for perception of time was distorted by this pathway. Though it meant nothing to Nozomi who was ageless; a triviality. When she awoke from her coma, she was in a crater, apparently having survived the multiple mile drop into a grassy plains. The very next second she realized her body was in extreme pain, as if it was still stuck back there in the turbulence. Her body wasn't easily controlling the rampaging energy within it, and she could just barely hear the muffled voice of Xaser at the back of her head. Where was her chakra? She could not feel the signature of energy she was used to. It was replaced by a so much more dense substitution, and her attempts to wrest control were stumped by the visceral force. She couldn't use any technique she had learned to stop it, and it just kept burning into her. Yet through the pain she got to her feet and got a feel for her surroundings; she was out in the middle of nowhere with not a single soul in sight. Without hesitation she began heading in a random direction as her arms folded across her stomach, just trying to find a way through this.

A New World Arc: This was the crux of crossing from one reality to another; it wasn't just two different realms, but two different universes that had different laws about them. A universe where the very laws of nature are different—one in which, as just an example, there are no relativistic limitations and the speed of light can be exceeded. In this case, there were several shifts in reality that occurred as Nozomi traversed the boundaries between the two. For one, her chakra circulation system had disappeared, and instead now she was flowing with spiritual energy, or Reishi. The feel was not familiar to her, and thus she could not control it until she discovered the fact. Additionally, her old abilities had been replaced with new ones, simply requiring her to have to learn her new power set. One more significant change was the nature of the beast within her, for as muffled sounds of Xaser's voice feathered at the outskirts of Nozomi's brain, he was suffering pain beyond imagination. He was in the process of Hollowfication, for the Bijuu race did not exist in this realm. Similarly, Nozomi was no longer a shinobi, but what in modern times would be referred to as a Quincy, though that transformation was not nearly as painful. And together they were Ziamichi. For the next several hours, the blue-haired woman spent her time walking the plains, as the pain within her slowly died down. Xaser would become a Vasto Lorde level Hollow while Nozomi began discovering the enigmas of inter-universal travel. When the Hollowfication ended, she would just about have come to terms with the concept of Reishi, one of many steps to achieving the same level of power she had possessed before coming here.

As for where 'here' actually was, would take longer to discover, until she finally ran into a village. It turns out, the point she had fallen from the sky was where modern day Karakura Central is, and for now the current time was 2819 B.C. near the beginning of Eastern Asia's Bronze Age. The Bronze age was actually inferior in technology to the world Nozomi had come from, surprising her. The people she saw also seemed to be human, and yet not capable of using power like she had been able to. Even she was unsure if she could use powers, for the spatial webs were gone and she didn't see a way back. So, Nozomi was stuck, unfamiliar in her own body and in a realm where she didn't belong. She was regretting coming to this plane of existence now... but that regret would fade in time...

For now, Nozomi kept herself out of the way of the human race, trying to come to terms with her new gifts. The first of which was called the Arius: Based off of Nozomi's evolved eyes from before she entered the rift, these were along the same lines in terms of power, just several times more powerful than anything she could hope to achieve. It was through those eyes that understood everything, that Nozomi picked up on everything else within her arsenal. The gemstone previously known as the Amethyst of Ezreal was now aquamarine and capable of channeling the energy in the air with ease, as well as the Reiryoku within her. With it, she could form what was called the Quincy Bow and was her primary ability, firing off Holy Arrows made of the same energy. And with learning that, whole new doors were opened. Spiritual energy could be manipulated in dozens of different ways, heavily affecting the environment and granting a whole new variety of abilities that she had never once used before. Once Nozomi got the hang of controlling those abilities, she began to realize that he scale of power had jumped several hold. She was stronger, faster, and simply better in every way. For over a millennium she spent her time living under a rock and just perfecting her tools. Xaser too was getting used to his new existence as a Hollow, and was suffering through constant pain; Nozomi did not know because she was too distracted and Xaser refused to communicate such things to her.

When Nozomi reemerged into the world, the Iron age was in swing within Japan, which was still far back in history despite the amount of time that had passed. But she was too restless to just keep hiding for so long anymore, that she had to get out and explore this new world. The island country of Japan would be her first safari, and she would get to know it like the back of her palm as she traveled across the underdeveloped lands. The attitude of the people she met were very laid-back, and she was unsure if there was so much as a concept of war to them. It was peaceful it almost made it seem like her time training was a colossal waste. After several more years, she realized that Japan was only a small island piece of the world, meaning she needed to craft a boat in order to explore any further. After she was content with her knowledge of the country, she would craft her own boat and leave for unexplored territory, ending up in China. There she would meet the First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, though the language he spoke was unfamiliar to her. It was just another showcase of her talents when she was able to decode his meanings within the first several sentences. China alone was much larger than Japan, and it was only part of the vast mainland known as Asia. It would take Nozomi centuries just to explore the continent, and by now it was clear what she would be doing for the next couple thousand years of her life. She would travel the world, meeting the significant figures of the various countries, learning multiple languages, philosophies, religions, et cetera. And all the while, unknowingly, something was spreading.

Quincy Genesis Arc: All over the world, evolved humans were popping up with spiritual awareness and the ability to absorb and manipulate Reishi into spiritual weapons. They called themselves Magic Hunters at first, for they were seeing 'ghosts' and 'ghouls' that normal humans could not. The truth was that they could sense the presence of souls of the deceased, as well as the monstrous Hollows. What once would be blamed on a god's wrath was now placed upon these corrupted souls, and the magic hunters dedicated themselves to fighting and killing them. They began training their powers, which strangely enough was the same abilities that Nozomi possessed. They could use the spiritual energy around to create magical bows and fire concentrations of this energy into the Hollow to destroy their soul. The funny thing is, Nozomi was the source of this genesis. As she traveled the world, Xaser's overflowing and contagious energy began to carry Nozomi's Quincy abilities to people she interacted with. And since she was travelling the world, these cases were being scattered in every region of the planet that she had been to. It wasn't until a group of warriors who called themselves "Quincy" gathered in a collected effort to eradicate Hollows, that Nozomi realized their existence.

She was back in Japan in its Feudal Era, when war finally began to erupt as the ruling class of the country were warriors. There were Quincies who sometimes fought in the wars, but Nozomi was far more interested in the dark demonic creatures she was now seeing attacking innocent humans, and the group of Quincies that combated them. She spent her time observing and coming to terms with the advent she had created, though at the time she had nothing wrong with it. They were the first humans to show any signs of power that she was used to, and they were using it to defend innocents from the wrath of Hollows. Though, it was a small group, and in no way could fully combat the full Hollow force. It was then that Nozomi found her first reason to fight; As this group of organized Quincies came upon a force of Gillians that they could not defeat, Nozomi would intervene, using her far more advanced power to destroy the colossi and save the lives of the other Quincies. For after all, she had discovered that it was through her leaked power that these evolved humans were created. It made her the First Quincy, and it made her responsible for these beings. Through her display of power, she awed the small organization and took them under her wing to train them as best as she could. Every member of this group would grow up to become one of the greater Quincies in the world.

The official name "Quincy" would spread throughout the world as they each went there own separate ways. Over the centuries more of these Magic Hunters would pop up and they would no longer be just a small force, but entire armies that could finally rival the numbers of the Hollows. Nozomi would leave her post of training the Quincies, never quite being an official leader, and her name would fade away as she let her students take care of Earth. Fortunately, it was just in the knack of time, for in the eighteenth century, the race would nearly become extinct. This was the point in time she discovered the existence of Shinigami, the Death Gods. They were spirits who called themselves the "Guardians of the Souls", and the "Balancers". They were to govern the souls between the Human World and another realm called the Soul Society, which maintains a balance that if not kept would result in the mutual destruction of both worlds. All souls, including Hollows, were subject to the Shinigami governance of maintaining the balance. Quincies, however, completely extinguished the Hollows with their spirit weapon, thus causing the souls that came to the Human World not ti return to Soul Society and therefore increase the amount of souls only on the side of the Human World. The ultimate result would be the end of the world, and the Shinigami could not have that. At first the Soul Reapers tried to appeal to the Quincies to leave the Hollow-slaying to them, but they refused. Hollows devour souls of Humans, so why must it be that those who harm and kill friends and relatives get sent peacefully to Soul Society? They could not see the Shinigami's logic that the unbalance would bring about apocalypse, and thus continued slaying the Hollows completely.

There was no option left to the Shinigami. With ultimately superior power, the Death Gods would wipe out almost all of the Quincy race, somewhat hurting Nozomi. She saw the reason and reality of the situation, and the Shinigami were right. But the destruction of the race she created was a crippling blow. She could have tried to convince the Quincies, but her legacy had more or less disappeared by this point, and she would not be listened to. She could only watch as they became an endangered species, and she herself would devise a method to hide away from the Shinigami threat. She was far more powerful than any of the other Quincies at this time, but she couldn't fight against the army that the Shinigami possessed.



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Spirit Information---

Ziamichi Spirit Name: Xaser

Ziamichi Age: 10707 Years

Ziamichi Spirit Appearance: Xaser's appearance represents a fox, as seen in the picture to the right. Yet, the two are loosely related, as there are a great deal of differences between the two, the first being the hybridization with a humanoid; the limbs are like a human being's in that the knees bend forward and there are feet and hands in place of paws. The face also is more human than fox, if it can be considered either. It has the over all shape of a human's head, with two eyes at the front, a nose, and a mouth, but two large fox ears. The mouth is strangely shaped, much like a crooked opening; and it along with Xaser's eyes glow a searing white. Rather than one tail, Xaser possesses nine that are each as long as his body when fully erected. As for the bulk of his body, he seems to have as aforemention, a humanoid form with fox-like traits. The figure is an unadorned black as most Hollows are, except this includes his face which doesn't seem to represent any human well. As for the Hollow mask component, it represents the skull of a fox fit over its face. Attached to the back of this mask is a bare-bones exoskeleton structure that seems to loosely mimic the movements of Xaser himself. The hollow hole is located where his gut should be, and at the center of that is Xaser's Excore, explained below.

Ziamichi Personality:

Xaser is a cynical and shrewd individual, along with a somewhat twisted sense of humor. Xaser also has a powerful sense of pride, in a way that speaks somewhat of arrogance and superiority. His stubborn confidence is often a barrier to true cooperation, and a flaw if ever he is defeated. In defeat, he blames Nozomi for not doing her part, for it would wound his pride otherwise. Yet deep down it is revealed that Xaser cares greatly about his host, viewing her with great respect for the way she treats him, like when she used her abilities to tend to Xaser's pain. He had once expressed intense hatred and distrust against humans, mainly due to his long history in the old world where it was forcibly subjugated to seals and used only as a source of power. This was the case at first in Nozomi's case, with a very antagonistic relationship through a dozen or so years under the seal. However, he felt that Nozomi was different from the humans it had previously encountered, actually caring for him enough to shift his views of humans. As the the trust between them strengthened and the seal that kept him trapped loosened its constraints, Xaser was actually more willing to be sealed away with her. Still, he often jokes about being chained to Nozomi in such a humiliating way, getting nostalgiac about the days when he was allowed to freely rampage the island he lived on.

Since his transformation into a Hollow, he gasn't exactly picked up on the usual traits of one. For example, the insatiable hunger for souls has always been a defining characteristic for a Hollow, and yet it does not seem to present in Xaser whatsoever. This is due to a lack of hunger at all, with the Excore sustaining in a way no other Hollow can be. The limitless and continuous stream of spiritual energy that exudes from it is always feeding him, therefore there is no need to devour other souls, even as a Vasto Lorde. Another trait known to be found in Hollows is a general heartlessness and contempt for life. Strangely, Xaser used to feel this way as aforementioned, but the more time he spent with Nozomi altered this viewpoint for the better. If Hollows did not possess a heart, then one was created within Xaser to break to mold and evolve beyond. He is willing to go the distance to protect his host as she would him.

Ziamichi History:

In the reality before this one, where Nozomi herself originated, Xaser was born by the energy of the most powerful beast, by the hands of the most most powerful man. There was a creature referred to by many names, including Progenitor, Ten-tails, and the Juubi. It was a selfish beast, so much so that when man contested lands it considered its own, it would wage unholy war upon them. Though there would be many more humans than this one monster, there were none that could truly stand up to it, not until the cultivation of a great sage by the name of Rikudou Sennin. This man was not just powerful; he could warp space and create all things with his immense energy, and just as easily destroy them. He alone went to stand before the Progenitor and challenge it, trying to end the calamities this beast caused upon the human race once and for all. Yet the beast defied his attempts to erase its existence, immune. It could only be subdued, and thus without much option, Rikudou would tear the energy out of the Ten-Tails out and seal it into himself, and then encase its colossal body in a sphere of earth of epic proportions, and launch the mass out into space where it would become the planet's moon.

For a time, the indestructible collection of energy that was sealed within Rikudou would remain stable and secure, so that it would not cause catastrophe from its release, or worse, return to the Juubi's body. Yet, to contain this energy was a weight upon his shoulders that aged him more quickly. As his body wore, so too did the seal that contained the Juubi's energy. Rikudou knew that the day he died, his fears would come true, and he knew of no other who could bear the burden in his place. So, he made a plan to split the wild energy in to nine different shards of a more manageable size. With his life's last effort, he scattered the nine Bijuu to far reaches of the Earth so that they could not join together again. Xaser was the name of the ninth form created by the split, and the most powerful of them. Unfortunately, upon his birth he was sent rocketing across the sky, so he was reasonably angered. Even though he was only part of the Ten-tails, Xaser was still a calamitous force, and he would unleash this force upon nearby human villages. It would take the collective effort of hundreds, and death of many more, before Xaser could be subdued. Though in no way as powerful as Rikudou's make, the villages created a seal to trap the beast within one of their own much like the sage himself. This would be the mark in history that started the trend of sealing Bijuu away; any of these creatures found were to be locked away, creating host humans known as Jinchuuriki.

This process would fall into a pattern, as Xaser would be chained to a human body without any form of freedom. He could but sit in his host's body, caged away by the power of the seal. The only times anything happened was when the human stole his energy, for the seal allowed the Jinchuuriki to take the Bijuu's great power when in need, regardless of the pain it caused him in the process. That was the crux, the humans did not care who he was, and treated him as nothing but a tool for a means, or a monster when not properly sealed away. Whenever his host would die, Xaser would be released for several minutes, but the human armies would always arrive to subdue and contain him within another host again, starting the cycle over. For centuries and centuries this went on, and Xaser hated humans for it. He was such a magnificent beast with great power, and yet he played the part of a slave to dominant humans. He was far too outnumbered to do anything against their collective efforts; there was a dark voice speaking to him, making him wish for a return to the Progenitor so that something could be done about this abuse.

It wasn't until around Nozomi's birth that Xaser managed to escape from the tenure of the humans. Rather than trying to terrorize, it simply headed away for the nearest body of water so that it could submerge itself to keep out of reach. It succeeded, going where no human had the ability to go, for the pressures at the bottom of the ocean were too great for them to travel. So, Xaser would wait and move along the ocean floor, not being bothered by the species that shared this dark place with him. When he found land once again, it was a very small island, and he would decide after several years of hiding on the seabed, it would be safe enough to head back to the surface to at least take a look. Thus, this is how Xaser came to be on Joubon, the Forest Island. It was well-shrouded from most human beings, and strangely those that he did come across did not bother him. So he would make this mysterious land his home, resting for ten years.

When after that decade of peace, Nozomi arrived to the island and found his relaxing form... the rest is history.

Ziamichi Powers:

Excore: To begin with, this is the heart of what makes Xaser powerful, and plays into all of his abilities, and in consequence Nozomi's as well. It is an incredibly small point precisely at the epicenter of his Hollow Hole, held in place by an inexplicable force. It is, by definition, a source: a source of unlimited power. It draws from no realm, breaking many a law of science as fresh and new energy is created like magic; something for nothing. To understand its existence is to lose one's grasp on sanity, and thus the enigma simply remains unexplained. It is—due to its presence at Xaser's core—however forced to be bound by physics and reality to prevent calamitous amounts of destruction to the fabrics of space and time. The Excore, confined into the space of a small bead, can only release a laughable fraction of a fraction of its energy at a time; though this is more than enough for him to wield as a formidable weapon. The Excore itself too acts as a vital, something that can be struck to slow or even halt the flow of energy. While it is difficult do to its immense density and constant outward flow of force, the Excore can be damaged enough shrink it and close the gate of energy... The Excore's origins date back to Xaser's birth, granted freely like a natural inheritance. The gift has been allowed to thrive within his grasp for millenia, increasing his capacity for energy and control over it every day that's gone by in his lifetime up to this point in time. It alone has pushed the host's spiritual power beyond any being... only bounded by Xaser's natural limitation.

Now that the core itself has been established, what remains is a detailing of Xaser's ability to utilize it. The rate at which power can be pumped out is nearly unrivaled, catching even Captain-level beings off guard. It's like gravity in a sense, where the sheer presence passively warps the fabric of space. This concentration of energy is much like a black hole in that its presence can be felt so easily, even from vast distances, even by those with terrible sensory of spiritual power. Also like a black hole is that it can easily and physically affect the environment around it with its sheer proximity, doing anything ranging from making the atmosphere hard to breathe in to nullifying gravity (detailed later on). This kind of power doesn't seem like something a Hollow should be able to possess, even at his Vasto Lorde level. Truth is, it is rather difficult to do so, as mentioned previously. Drawing power from the Excore is so easy that it sometimes extracts more than can be maintained. Often time measures are forced out of Xaser to erratically expel the excess energy, or risk causing damage to the soul.

Esper: The energy created by the Excore has special properties beyond the norm, the first being the corruption or conversion of any other type of energy it interacts with. When making contact with foreign energies, the Excore's energies, dubbed Esper, will begin to overtake the foreign energy and assimilate it into more Esper with its superior density and volume. The rate is slower against high-tiered energies, and it also decreases in speed the further away from the Excore that it is; opponents who are higher tiered in terms of power are capable fighting back through willpower and masterful control of their own energy. The other exception seen is any attempt to invade a foreign soul itself, which requires special methods. When interacting with the environment, Esper weaves into the air and physical objects, which plays into a great many sub-techniques. Esper is visible only to those with skill invested in spiritual sensory, but just in dense formations. It can be thinned out to hide from the view of all but the keenest of sensors.

Esper energy is like an infection; a flood of corruption that spreads out from the source into whatever it can infest. The constant release of Esper from the Excore is what makes this possible, then relies on the discretion of the host to let it loose and keep it flowing. This 'infection' can be maintained from miles away, and will work its way into any non-powered individual or object no matter its type. Foreign energies in the way will gradually be overtaken and assimilated, only increasing the rate of spread. There are different methods of injection, but this is the most commonly used and easiest route to take to carry it out. Over time the presence of Esper in an area can quickly become out of control, pervading every square inch of an environment and only becoming further concentrated each second after. As more of the energy fills the atmosphere, its various capabilities become stronger. Every post after the first in which Xaser spreads this dark energy, the total effectiveness of each of Esper's abilities increases by five times from the base, which continues to ramp up as long as he stays within this field. He can gradually move this mass of energy along with him as he moves, but if he moves to a new area too quickly, the bonus is lost and reset unless he moves back into it.

While Esper can easily grow out of control and become dangerous for enemies to face against, there are several core rules of it that prevent it from being simply a superior energy type to others. It is by far the slowest of spiritual energies, something that takes time to become powerful. Xaser is always at his weakest at the beginning of a fight, where there is initially no Esper present and must start from scratch. Secondly is its infection ability having difficulty converting 'active' energies; or energy that has already been formed into abilities. When energy is actively being used, Esper's spread against it can be slowed, stopped, and in some rare cases, reversed. It also is incapable of passing into the body of a spiritual being by itself, meaning that those with powerful enough energy are safe from having it be infected while it is inside their bodies still. Only certain techniques within Xaser's and Nozomi's repertoires can inject Esper within, such as the Holy Arrows.

Capabilities: Esper is much much more than just an energy; more than just a spiritual presence. Esper is the medium for both Xaser's and Nozomi's vast capabilities, and grants them power beyond measure. Esper's capability is that of being able to will into reality—to create, destroy, and manipulate as the user sees fit. It can be said to be every single power at once, and is only limited by the energy in the vicinity and the imagination of the user. Every ability used requires only a thought and a will, and the Esper will carry it out. These abilities are always one or a combination of the three base acts of "Create", "Destroy", and "Manipulate". "Create" is the ability to form matter by expending Esper—a simple equation, but with all the possibilities and the understanding that goes into being able to create not just an atom, but billions upon billions upon billions of different atoms that create molecules that create various forms of matter is a feat for only the most powerful minds. "Destroy" is a much simpler trick, taking what Nozomi views in her mind and using Esper to devour it and transform it into more of itself. Finally, "Manipulate" is the act of taking any existing thing and controlling it as she sees fit. Together, the possibilities are literally endless. Here are just a few things Xaser and Nozomi can achieve through their prowess:

  • Gravitate — A dense field of Esper spread through the air can greatly alter the gravity affecting a certain area, whether increasing or decreasing its scale. Gravity can be completely nullified even, while in the opposite direction it could be possible to crush a building under immense pressure, and beyond. It, referring to the penultimate strength that can be achieved with gravity, all depends on the user's proximity to the affected area, as well as the amount of Esper present there. It gets better, as the direction of gravity can be shifted in different directions.

  • Temper — This ability affects temperatures of imbued objects. It's really simple: The user can alter the temperatures of any object imbued with Esper down to one degree Kelvin at its lowest, and up to fifteen million degrees Kelvin at its highest. This can affect more than just solid objects, as liquids can be altered just as much as the air itself.

  • Control — This ability works on living things or souls with no capability in using Reishi (unpowered beings). It allows the user to essentially assert mental domination over the afflicted entities. This can also be used upon those with powers, but only in highly conditional situations. First the difficulty of infusing Esper into their body must be achieved, and then their will must be beaten down and made to submit in a clash of minds. Luckily, in such a case, the Excore's host will have the advantage with their overwhelming Reiatsu to assist them. A blue energy will burn in the victims' eyes as the only indication that they are being controlled.

  • Harden — It is a common ability to be able to use Reishi to increase the durability of one's body; this is simply taking it to the next level. This ability can affect any matter imbued with Esper and increase its density, weight, durability, hardness, and ever other synonym for defensible beyond any known material. It's capability to stop attacks is a reflection of the user's level of power.

  • Alter — This is where Esper's capabilities begin to transcend the basics, no longer quite bound by physical laws. To 'alter' with Esper is to modify, add, or remove various properties of an object. It begins with imbuing the targeted object with Esper, and then rewriting the physics of that object to have the desired effect, even if the outcome results in something that couldn't normally exist—it will exist for as long as Esper's grasp holds it. For an example of what one can do with this ability, a simple rock can altered to be acidic enough to melt through titanium. It can become poisonous, explosive, conductive to heat or electricity, malleable, magnetic, flammable, soundproof, fragile, digestable, invisible, et cetera, et cetera. Additionally, various values of the object can be tinkered with such as melting point, density, weight, speed of aging, and other values tailored to specific objects. These factors can be changed within any object that Esper can be imbued into, and revert back to normal when Esper leaves the object. The most common and practiced usage of this ability is the ability to transform Esper itself into explosive energy, creating massive plasma-like blasts on demand that deal devestating damage to enemies.

  • Warp — A very advanced ability of Esper is its capability to warp the very fabric of time to a limited degree, over a definite area. Essentially, it targets a bubble of space and causes everything within this controlled area to run at a different speed than the space outside of it, as its timeline is wrinkled or stretched by the power of Esper. Due to the absurdly advanced nature of this ability, not only can the boundaries of the affected area be seen as indicated by a translucent orange layer (due to color of Esper), but once the boundaries are set, this bubble cannot change its position in space. There can be any number of Warp spaces set at a time as long as their total volume is under the normal maximum of twenty-five cubic meters. Each new area has a start-up time of one second before time itself is gradually altered to the desired speed, allowing ample time for anyone quick enough to react and escape. Finally time cannot be completely stopped and is very difficult to get close to absolute zero, while time can only be set at up to five times the normal speed when accelerating it... all of these weaknesses prevent this ability from being an end-all, but it is still an extremely useful ability, and shows Nozomi indeed has mastery over the fabric of time; a declaration.

Radiance: This is Xaser's substitution for the typical acidic touch abilities all Hollows possess. Hollows, being the corrupt souls they are, tend to burn the skin of other souls by touch. However, Xaser's Esper, Demonic Radiance, takes the entire process to a new level, with an outpour of Reishi so overbearing, that touch is not even needed for the basic effects to activate. By simply being within one-hundred meters of him, a soul's physical body will begin to burn at the skin if lower than a full main tier below him. Meanwhile, unpowered living beings and inanimate matter will erode away. Additionally to souls of all power levels, the Radiance will work against enemies by constantly draining their energy for every second that passes, and doubling the energy consumption of all abilities they attempt to use and any actions they attempt to make. At a closer proximity of ten meters to Xaser, these effects double, and unpowered beings can be made to light up in flames and disintegrate instantly from the unparalleled Reiatsu. Only those of zero tier can possibly manage enough spiritual power to stop from burning away. Finally, full contact with an enemy is dangerous, causing Esper to forcefully inject into the victim and begin disintegrating their physical body to the bone, or if there are no bones then just eradicating them altogether. The spread, though, is relatively slow and can be stopped by severing the affected area from the body before it spreads further. At will, Xaser can turn this aura off, ending all of its effects.

Garganta: This is the Hollows' method of moving to and from dimensions. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway. Then, freely, the user can walk through the portal to the other side before the rift is closed. Xaser's level of power has allowed quick use of this ability, so that rift can be ripped open and sewn close in a fraction of a second, to quickly move between not only dimensions but different places within the same world. This is an alternative to travelling long distances, acting as a sort of psuedo-teleportation. Xaser's skill also allows him to open multiple Garganta at once, without even needing to be near them. They can split wide enough to swallow entire battleships with enough power behind it. (Quick teleportation cannot be used in the midst of combat, however.)

Black Hole: This is an advanced variant of Garganta utilized by Xaser which creates a very volatile rift. Rather than normally opening up a hole, space is warped around in a sphere that can be entered from all sides, that can be maintained at anywhere from one foot to ten meters. It is completely pitch black, hiding the destination of this Garganta until one passes through into the rift. Unfortunately, once one passes through this Garganta, there is no return, as it acts as a one way gate. Still, the most significant factor of the Black Hole Garganta is its namesake, as it sucks in all mass, energy, spiritual or not, with an extremely powerful vacuum. Its suction affects areas of up to one kilometer in diameter, albeit one only feels the true power of the Black Hole up close within one-hundred meters. In that area an almost inescapable force will pull whatever it can into the locus, ripping it to pieces and deforming it if necessary. The point of no return is anywhere within five meters of the Black Hole's outer radius, where even the most powerful beings will be unable to escape the overwhelming force. It takes longer to form this type of Garganta however, giving others a chance to sense it somehow before it begins consuming the area around it.

Negacion: This ability is a field of light that can be released from any of Xaser's limbs to engulf a certain target in a strange transparent barrier. It is mainly a tool used to rescue allies by isolating them from the current dimension they are in, pushing out all foreign souls with an unstoppable force if they happen to be caught by the Negacion beam. This light is nearly impossible to break through with any ability from either side, requiring several times more force to punch through than was used to create it. Although useful for protecting an ally, it also contains the target and prevents them from utilizing any abilities, to make it balanced. The Negacion beam will travel at 150 meters per second, and ignores anything that isn't a soul. The best way to end it is to stop Xaser from maintaining the technique.

Cero: The Cero is a highly powerful and relatively swift energy blast that can be fired from various body parts, such as the mouth, tongue, hand, or fingers. Reishi is collected into a spherical shape near the body part, and condensed for a duration. The attack will require approximately three-fourths of a second to be charged beforr firing, but the speed of the blast and range make up well for it. With a capability of travelling at one-hundred and fifty meters per second for up to two-hundred and fifty meters away, it is already quite far-reaching without a great width of up to twenty-meters. Still, even so powerful attack is quite common for a Vasto Lorde, and is used as a generic ability to greatly damage rather than obliterate. Xaser can charge and fire up to ten of these Ceros at any given time, and take on the Esper's orange color, with black corona. Wounds created by Xaser's Cero will have a passive effect that resists all forms of healing and regeneration. They will never heal by themselves, and can resist healing abilities stubbornly. Only zero tier medics can come up with a technique to repair the damage, and not without exhausting efforts. Naturally, all Cero techniques are formed of large amounts of spiritual energy, especially the more advanced techniques that follow. The more powerful that ability, the more energy that is required:

Cero Kouu: This is a variant of the typical Cero that splits the one collective blast into a massive strike array of smaller blasts. It's like firing a machine gun with missiles as the primary ammunition: instead of charging up one ball of Reishi, many many small projectiles will simply exude from Xaser before blasting off at a speed of one-hundred and fifty meters per second, for it doesn't take much time at all to form these projectiles. While in flight, the missiles will actually be directed by the user's mind, capable of slightly adjusting their trajectories to hit their intended targets. And when hitting a target, they detonate into small energetic explosion three meters in radius, superheating anything within the blast and most likely incinerating it. Stronger foes can take one and be okay, but this is a technique that can fire off roughly twenty-five missiles per second at a constant rate, proving difficult if multiples hit their targets. Wounds created by Xaser's Cero will have a passive effect that resists all forms of healing and regeneration. They will never heal by themselves, and can resist healing abilities stubbornly. Only zero tier medics can come up with a technique to repair the damage, and not without exhausting efforts.

Cero Imari: This is a highly advanced Gran Rey Cero, or rather an overcharged Cero attack capable only due to Xaser's Excore. The first step, much like a normal Cero, requires the collection and condensation of Reishi into a spherical shape, at any of numerous places near the body that can be pointed and aimed—usually at the front of the mouth. Unlike Nozomi, Xaser can fire Cero Imari without injuring himself. It can be held in place with a great control after being formed, but the feat is difficult and imperfect; the sphere will erratically pulse and vibrate, destabilizing and backfiring if held longer than a minute—a premature detonation. Then from that point the attack can be fire in one of two ways at the user's discretion: An explosive projectile or as a beam.

The projectile launches the sphere as is, carrying it along a straight trajectory in the desired direction up to seventy-five meters per second for up to a maximum distance of three kilometers. The first obstruction it hits that won't immediately be incinerated by the concentration of Esper (Cero Amari being ten times more powerful than a normal Cero), will cause the projectile's explosion, else it can be detonated manually with a thought. The explosion is the impressive part, with a blast radius of one-hundred meters at a force equivalent to one megaton of TNT. The inner twenty-meters of the blast is the core of damage and destruction, transforming the affected area into a blighted crater and most likely destroying any and all life within it. The twenty meters past that is at half the full power, yet still transforms the land into a hellscape and heavily damages anything unfortunate enough to be within range. Lastly is the remaining sixty meters of the blast, still a force to be reckoned with as it scorches the land and causes twenty-five percent of the full damage.

The alternative firing method detonates the sphere as is and simply involves controlling the explosion itself. It is projected out in the intended direction in the form of a conical beam up to twenty-degrees in spread. The width of the beam can be fine-tuned either for piercing power or for widespread destruction. Logically, a wider beam will increase the spread of damage, while a thinner beam will allow the alternative. The latter is more geared for a single powerful target, while the former is for use against multiple weaker targets. The range of this attack is up to three-hundred meters, and is superior to the projectile variant in that the head of the beam can move at speeds of two-hundred meters per second. It is also advantageous in that the focus fire of the explosion increases the destruction caused by this attack by a scale of several times the projectile form.

Either method's explosion brings temperatures up to a point between 800 and 2000 degrees farenheit at the initial detonation, and very gradually decreases over time. Oxygen is quickly depleted within the targeted areas, and said areas are infested with mass amount of Esper energy. Fires can be spontaneously created due to the heat as well. Wounds created by Xaser's Cero will have a passive effect that resists all forms of healing and regeneration. They will never heal by themselves, and can resist healing abilities stubbornly. Only zero tier medics can come up with a technique to repair the damage, and not without exhausting efforts.

Cero Sori: This is a highly advanced Cero that channels Reishi to a single unobstructed point far away from them, rather than at one part of their body. While it's being channeled, the Esper energy of the point will become visible as a small sphere of cackling chromatic energy, though it's pretty subtle and lasts only three seconds before it can be released. Once the channeling ends the sphere will suddenly expand into a fifteen-meter large chromatic thunderhead, with similarly colored bolts of Reishi similar to lightning crackling within and around it. The cloud will send out these bolts at any soul within its attack range of fifty meters to shock them for as long as they remain in range. While anyone is being shocked, they will not be able to form, use, or maintain Reishi, thus preventing them from using any abilities while they are caught by the attack. Xaser can maintain one of these storms at once, but as long as desired otherwise. Wounds created by Xaser's Cero will have a passive effect that resists all forms of healing and regeneration. They will never heal by themselves, and can resist healing abilities stubbornly. Only zero tier medics can come up with a technique to repair the damage, and not without exhausting efforts.

Cero Saigai: This is a strangely executed Cero that is not so easily foreseen as others; The Esper swirling around Xaser's body will begin reversing direction to be absorbed into his body instead of flowing out, and condense greatly within him, slowing him down for a short time. After a full post of charging, he will suddenly unleash a raw and extreme discharge of Cero energy in all directions that will outright obliterate the area and any hapless enemies to close. The landscape will be desecrated and even equal tiered-enemies will be incinerated within five meters of the blast radius. As the Cero explosion continues in all directions up to a radius of one-hundred meters, the damage will drop off, but still shouldn't be underestimated. Wounds created by Xaser's Cero will have a passive effect that resists all forms of healing and regeneration. They will never heal by themselves, and can resist healing abilities stubbornly. Only zero tier medics can come up with a technique to repair the damage, and not without exhausting efforts.

Sonido: This is a high-speed movement technique that allows Xaser to move faster than the eye can follow for a split second. The focal point that determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main point of the technique the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps. This Vasto Lorde's approach to the Sonido technique is much more voluminous than the norm, however, by collecting an increased amount of spiritual energy into the technique. He can blast off with such visceral speed that it will create a high-pitched sonic boom through the battlefield, disrupting the inner ear of those too close to the origin, disorienting them, and pushing them away with the sheer force released by the move. Also, if this Sonido is utilized on a destructible surface, a load of debris will be kicked up from the initial area. In the end, Xaser's speed will actually outrun the sonic boom to save himself from harming himself. In his fully released form, Xaser's Sonido is so fast and so wild that his displacement will also create a vacuum in his wake. Any object near the vacuum will be sucked toward the origin with a nearly unstoppable force until the void is filled. And generally being caught means being crushed by the unstoppable force. Durability plays no part in defending against this pseudo attack; the best option is to avoid close proximity at all, or at least keep out of the epicenter of the vacuum.

Demonic Anatomy: There are several physical parts of this Hollow that give it a unique set of abilities. One of these features is the nine tails this creature possesses; they are surprising the most powerful limbs on his body, capable of being controlled easily and with three times the speed and strength the legs or arms can manage, each. One would think them soft, yet the Reishi flowing through these limbs naturally makes them heavy and unyielding. They can plow through thick leaden walls and pierce like a Bankai-level blade with their tips. Another unique feature of Xaser's physique is exoskeleton attached to the back of the Hollow mask, which spans the back and the four limbs. These 'bones' are for sheer defense. They have lackluster coverage, but it is made up for by the sheer concentration of withstanding might. It is practically indestructible and immovable by any aside of Xaser himself, and best avoided altogether.

Amorphous Form: Excepting Xaser's mask (not the skeletal figure attached, just the mask), this Hollow's body is completely amorphous, meaning that he is capable of shifting freely from solid and liquid, and capable of manipulating this form to his desire. It does not change colors or sizes like a shapeshifter might, and is generally a combat application for survivability and maneuverability. It also means that the Hollow's body is immune to most physical harm as it can easily be morphed away. However, following the time limit rule, Xaser must return to his original form at least once three posts after transforming, for a minimum duration of ten seconds. This form cannot splits parts off of the main mass, lest it lose control of the severed part until contact is made with it again. This ability renders Xaser's own regeneration redundant, thus transferring the regeneration ability to Nozomi instead.

Esper Armor: The Excore passively releases so much Reiatsu that its exertion alone can protect Xaser's body from harm. When not in an amorphous state, a natural layer of Reishi armor is formed around his body, able to block attacks wit his bare skin just because his extreme Reiatsu passively outmatches the density of the opposing assaults. This armor is about an inch thick in all areas, with immense density that causes it to equate to sixty-four feet of titanium. Since the Excore continuously pours out Reiatsu, this armor will automatically repair itself after each attack in a post-long process.

Esper Tails: Xaser's tails are capable of stretching far far out up to one-hundred meters, and he is in complete control of them as if they were additional limbs. Xaser's strength is great, but these tails are deathly stronger with the same durability as the Esper armor itself per square inch. The amount of strength that these tails can exude at any given time is twelve-thousand and eight-hundred pounds, which is a combination of velocity and kinetic energy. Since the Excore continuously pours out Reiatsu, these tails will automatically repair themselves after in a post-long process if they are partially or completely destroyed.

---Benefits of Host
Unique Traits:

- Excore: See Above

Garganta: This is the Hollows' method of moving to and from Hueco Mundo. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway. Then, freely, the user can walk through the portal to the other side before the rift is closed. Nozomi's amazing control has allowed quick use of this ability, so that rift can be ripped open and sewn close in a fraction of a second, to quickly move between the two worlds. This is an alternative to traveling long distances, acting as a sort of psuedo-teleportation. This is usable by Nozomi due to the Hollow within her, and she has taken it to a whole new level, being able to open multiple Garganta at once, without even needing to be near them. They can split wide enough to swallow entire battleships, even. Also, one of the most annoying traits of Nozomi's Garganta is its ability to simply disregard the typical limitations and specific defenses meant to counter travel into restricted areas. Thus, she could open a Garganta straight in the middle of Seireitei, or into one's own personal dimension as long as it physically exists, meaning mental planes or Zanpakutō realms are inaccessable. (Quick teleportation cannot be used in the midst of combat, however.)

Black Hole: See Above

Cero: See Above

Cero Kouu: See Above

Nine-Tomoe Seal: Before one can move on to the heightened forms that Nozomi is capable of releasing, the Ziamichi seal must be detailed. This specialized formation of kanji and symbols lies on the woman's stomach, holding back the Vasto Lorde Hollow known as Xaser. Strangely, the Hollow was not sealed into her to protect people, but simply as a method of gaining more power. By the help of a long past friend, the creature was defeated and sealed away within Nozomi. The design was called the "Nine-Tomoe Seal" because it had nine tomoe shapes in a ring around it, signifying nine tails, nine releases. Each stage of release would cause the seemingly constant ink to turn outwards and glow a molten red as it activated. It also would release a modicum of Xaser's full power, up to nine times. When all nine tomoe were released, Xaser would be capable of assuming complete control over the host, but by that time it was expected that Nozomi would develop a control over the beast.

For this seal also specialized in strengthening the bond between the host and spirit. It allowed free transference of certain powers and thoughts between them, and allow easy communication without much effort. It was much like the Tenshintai in how it automatically could materialize the Ziamichi spirit in reality, and vice versa; yet, still the possessor of the seal would be able to push the spirit back as long as one Tomoe remained closed. Over the millenia they spent together, they would develop a bond successfully despite their radically different personalities, due to this advanced seal. It certainly helped them become the team they are now. The last purpose of this seal is the restriction of the intense spiritual power that naturally exudes from the Hollow within her. Without it, Nozomi would have been crushed the moment it had been sealed within her; she needed to learn to control the power of the Excore little by little, and that was possible through this seal's make. As of now this purpose is rather decrepit, for Nozomi has mastered whatever Xaser can dish out.



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Host Forms---

Nine-Tailed Fox Form: This is the progression system of the Nine-Tomoe Seal, represented by nine tomoe shapes located in a ring around the bulk of the seal. Each one was a heightened state of release, further opening the threshold between Nozomi and Xaser. Whenever one was activated, it would cause the seemingly constant ink of the respective tomoe to turn outwards and glow a molten red, granting her new powers along the way, and making her more animalistic as her personality became closer to Xaser's. When all nine were finally released, the Ziamichi would cease to be herself as Xaser took her stead in form and consciousness; then it was up to him to change back. At Nozomi's current level of control over the seal, she can easily open the first eight due to her training and grand control. The ninth requires intense emotional stress or hardship, and for her to give Xaser the reigns of control over her body. But, for the most part, Nozomi tries to keep emotions out of her fights, making the last stage rather rare. When a stage is unlocked, new abilities will be granted, or otherwise old abilities will be heightened in effectiveness due to the increased outpour of energy. That is the core of these forms: each one increases the amount of Reishi that can be exuded and projected, the base rate of Esper spread increased by 0.5 times per post per tail released, thus synchronously increasing the powers of all Esper related abilities by that much.

Esper Armor: As aforementioned, each stage of the Nine-Tailed Fox form unlocks a greater capacity for the Reishi that can be extracted from Xaser's Excore. This is the natural layer of Reishi armor that is formed around Nozomi's body from the first stage and onward. Think of Zaraki Kenpachi, able to block spiritual weapons with his bare hands just because his extreme Reiatsu passively outmatched the density of the opposing spirit weapon. This is the same idea, as the Excore passively unleashes enough Reiatsu to create a visible layer of dark orange energy around her, to stop a great many attacks. With each level, the armor becomes more and more opaque, and increases in density. Imagine the following; this armor is about an inch thick in all areas, with only density increasing. So, equating this armor with titanium, the first level would equal one foot of the metal. The second would equal two feet, and each level after that would add two feet to the thickness up to sixteen feet's worth. Since the Excore continuously pours out Reiatsu, this armor will automatically repair itself after each attack in a post-long process.

Esper Tails: This is the other ability Nozomi begins with when unleashing her first-tailed form, and applies throughout every level. Made of the same energy and color of the Esper Armor, a fox-like tail will sprout from the back end of Nozomi for each stage that is unlocked. These tails are capable of stretching far far out up to one-hundred meters, and Nozomi is in complete control of them as if they were additional limbs. Although Nozomi's strength itself is not increased by this form, these tails will become deathly stronger for each stage unlocked. They also seem to have the same durability as the Esper armor itself per square inch, making them incredibly weighty and hard. For the amount of strength that these tails can exude, it begins at level one with the first tail able to unleash fifty tons of weight in any direction, which is a combination of velocity and kinetic energy. Each level adds a tail, and doubles the total amount that can be handled by all of them. Since the Excore continuously pours out Reiatsu, these tails will automatically repair themselves after in a post-long process if they are partially or completely destroyed.

Sonido: This is a high-speed movement technique that Nozomi unlocks at stage two of the nine tail forms. It is like a Quincy Hirenkyaku or a Shinigami Shunpo; it is the act of moving faster than the eye can follow for a split second. The focal point that determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main point of the technique the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps. This visceral approach to the Sonido technique is much more voluminous than the norm, however, by collecting an increased amount of spiritual energy into the technique. She can blast off with such visceral speed that it will create a high-pitched sonic boom through the battlefield, disrupting the inner ear of those too close to the origin, disorienting them, and pushing them away with the sheer force released by the move. Also, if this Sonido is utilized on a destructible surface, a load of debris will be kicked up from the initial area. In the end, Nozomi's speed will actually outrun the sonic boom to save herself from harming herself.

Cero Sori: This is a highly advanced Cero unlocked by Nozomi at stage three of the Nine-Tailed form. It channels Reishi to a single unobstructed point far away from them, rather than at one part of their body. While it's being channeled, the Esper energy of the point will become visible as a small sphere of cackling chromatic energy, though it's pretty subtle and lasts only three seconds before it can be released. Once the channeling ends the sphere will suddenly expand into a fifteen-meter large chromatic thunderhead, with similarly colored bolts of Reishi similar to lightning crackling within and around it. The cloud will send out these bolts at any soul within its attack range of fifty meters to shock them for as long as they remain in range. While anyone is being shocked, they will not be able to form, use, or maintain Reishi, thus preventing them from using any abilities while they are caught by the attack. Nozomi can maintain one of these storms at once, but as long as desired otherwise.

Automatic Regeneration: This is an ability that Xaser seems to be without due to his Amorphous Form technique, but can be passed onto Nozomi instead. It is a Hollow's typical capability to regenerate wounds at high rates, and Nozomi unlocks it at stage four and heightens its power for each level released after that. This first level of the regeneration automatically targets any minor wounds such as cuts, bruises, cracks in the bones; and then it sews all of them up starting from the moment they are made, back to as good as new, relatively quickly too. Then the next level will provide the same treatment for moderate wounds that actually can affect Nozomi, such as deep lacerations that constantly lose blood, or broken areas in the skeletal structure. It will begin to heal those at a reasonable rate, taking one to two posts depending on the scale of the wound; and at this point the minor wounds are fixed instantly. When tail six sprouts, heavy wounds begin to heal up, like shattered bones, ruptured organs, and small missing parts of the body. Cell regeneration is greatly heightened to return all of these injuries to renewed flesh, a process taking two to three posts. Moderate injuries now are healed within the post as well. Stage seven is where it starts to get ridiculous as now severed limbs and obliterated body parts can be regenerated, within two to four posts. Heavy injuries take one to two, and moderate injuries are healed instantly now. Stage eight is the final change, where even if Nozomi dies by destruction of the body, the regeneration can regenerate her body back to a living state as long as a sizable clump of her Reiatsu remains. Though, she would come back in a coma that would last for a week if that happened. Any other lesser injury can be fixed within the post.

Radiance: When this ability is unsealed at stage five and any higher, Nozomi taps into the power of Xaser's Radiance, his substitution for the typical acidic touch abilities all Hollows possess. Hollows, being the corrupt souls they are, tend to burn the skin of other souls by touch. However, Xaser's Esper, Demonic Radiance, takes the entire process to a new level, with an outpour of Reishi so overbearing, that touch is not even needed for the basic effects to activate. By simply being within fifty meters of him, a soul's physical body will begin to burn at the skin if lower than a full main tier below him. Additionally to souls of all power levels, the Radiance will work against enemies by constantly draining their energy for every second that passes, and doubling the energy consumption of all abilities they attempt to use and any actions they attempt to make. At a closer proximity of ten meters to Nozomi, these effects double, and unpowered beings can be made to light up in flames and disintegrate from the unparalleled Reiatsu. Finally, full contact with an enemy is dangerous, causing Esper to forcefully inject into the victim and begin disintegrating their physical body to the bone, or if there are no bones then just eradicating them altogether. The spread, though, is relatively slow and can be stopped by severing the affected area from the body before it spreads further. At will, Nozomi can turn this aura off, ending all of its effects. This effect remains at a constant level of power from the point it is unlocked.

Full Release: This is the ninth and final stage of the seal, completely releasing Xaser and allowing him to utilize Nozomi's body as a medium. In exchange for the loss of control, Xaser's full abilities will be released, and his physical speed and strength will jump up drastically compared to the last level, by ten times. In exchange, no Quincy ability may be used, nor may any of her items, as those are Nozomi-specific. Her Reishi color will shift to orange, as the Esper takes over.

Drawbacks: Now, Nozomi already possesses the three-sided personality disorder that shifts her persona from one type to another erratically, yet when she revels too long in the ultimate power of the Excore, this disorder begins to worsen, making the shifts far too common for comfort. A loss of control over her actions is something Nozomi absolutely hates, yet control is one thing she will lose in addition due to overuse of Xaser's unsealed powers. Though generally level eight or lower do not create these issues, level nine makes causes her to absolutely lose control. One surefire drawback that is caused by fully releasing Xaser causes Nozomi to lose touch with him after reverting back to normal, for at least a week. It disallows her from using the Excore's energy and any other of his powers granted through the seal. This greatly drops her tier of power and restricts some of her own powers that require too much Reishi to utilize. She will also run out of energy much more quickly, as opposed to almost never at all with the aid of the Excore.

Control: As of recent, Nozomi's control over Xaser has grown drastically as a result of her own mastery. She's found a vast power of her own that can triumph over Xaser's, and thus force him to accept her as his master completely and totally. She's gained control over eight of the nine tails of his, and only gives up control to him during the final release. Due to this, her control rating is a nine due to almost nearly having complete dominance over Xaser, but not quite.

---Host Soul Evolution

Human Talents:

Supreme Willpower: Nozomi has been a determined person all throughout her life. She doesn't give up, and has the willpower to push through almost anything. It has gone to such a level that she can will moderate things within her control to start or stop. For example, she can control her feelings, force pain to go away, force herself asleep, and push herself beyond her limits. She can even use this inhuman willpower to force herself to remain conscious where others would not be able to, to push against mental attacks that would pry into her mind, and resist control. However pushing too hard with this can and will have harmful effects on Nozomi, as it goes beyond the natural tendencies of the body. Luckily, this usually just results in a longer sleep than usual the following night. One of Nozomi's focuses is the strengthening of the mind, thus it should be emphasized how powerful here resistance to mental abilities are. Truly possessing a mind of her own, she is extremely adept at pushing foreign influences and peeping eyes out. Trying to extract any information from her mind is a fool's errand; subtle mental influences don't even work; and her presence in a mental battle is colossal.

Millennium's Worth: Six-thousand five-hundred and seventy-eight years of life, Nozomi has lived for quite a long time. Millennia upon millennia, never knowing old age, truly. With time came experience, wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge that could come no other way; in all four of those categories she strives. In combination with her perfect memory, she has developed a grand library of information and acumen to help her along the rest of her life. From the beginnings of discovering Shinigami and Hollows that exist alongside human beings and their respective realms; to witnessing the history and wars of Earth dating back before the "birth of christ"; to innumerable fields of knowledge ranging among cooking, mathematics, anatomy, religion, etc—Nozomi has it all down. The list can go on and on, that it isn't even worth listing off everything in her repertoire of understanding. Though, granted something isn't kept a secret or she hasn't interacted with it, chances are she probably knows about it and most likely in great depth.

Hyperkinesis: Hyperkinesis is the mastery over kinesis, or movement. There are many things that go into this to give Nozomi such a power, but the overall ability gives her the ability to strike any targets with near-perfect accuracy as well as the ability to predict trajectory of objects in motion almost instantly. To list all the bonuses of Hyperkinesis; Nozomi can have near-flawless aim, near-perfect balance, near-perfect hand-eye coordination, greatly enhanced motor skills, and a great understanding over kinesis in general. However there are weaknesses. Her abilities are linked to her emotional state; agitation, tension, sadness, anger... all of these emotions get in the way of Nozomi's powers to make them inconsistent if not completely dysfunctional. In order to use her Hyperkinesis she must be calm. In fact... if Nozomi cannot control her emotions, this ability will go in the opposite direction, and she will have a harder time than most at hitting targets.

As examples of Hyperkinesis; if there were 5 targets in view, and the she had 5 throwing knives, each blade thrown would hit a bullseye directly in the center. The reason this is possible is because perfect hand-eye coordination and enhanced motor skills come easily to her due to her enhanced mind. However, at this point in her life she would be able to ricochet a knife off of several different surfaces and straight into the heart of an enemy in the middle of using Flash Step. Unless one masters complete and perfected unpredictability, or literally can see into the future, dodging is one of the worst options against her. It is advised to block attacks rather than attempt to evade attacks from Nozomi due to this perceptive precision. But these are just examples of projectile throwing; Nozomi can strike an opponent where he or she wishes with ease, even in intense close combat. She can perform aerobatics and gymnastics without falling out of step.

Contagious Gifts: Technically, Nozomi is the origin of the Quincy race, due to her overflowing power threading into various humans and granting them some of her abilities. It would be later to this present day that the rule applies, as still her energies overflow. People her are not spiritually aware and spend time around Nozomi are able to become spiritually aware faster than when being around other various souls. Whats even more is that humans who spend extensive time with her are capable of gaining Quincy Powers of their own. The less power said human possesses already, the more probable it is that they will become a Quincy. Remember, this strange effect does not occur to every human, and it does not work on other races, Ziamichi included.

Evolution Powers:

Arius: The trinity of eye-related powers that makes a perfect set of awareness and comprehension. When Nozomi's soul transcended beyond human limits, this was the gift bestowed upon her: the Arius. They are a set of eyes that have three specific powers that work together in perfect synchronization and are more effective because of it. The first ability is the Issai, the eyes that see all. The second ability is dubbed the Bunkaido, the eyes that understand all. And finally there is the third of the trinity, Kouindo, the eyes that end all. They are not offensive abilities nor do they directly fire off offensive attacks, however their supplementary abilities have allowed the creation of other abilities that rely on the Arius' all-encompassing sight. Primarily, it is the perfect tool of awareness, plain and simple, yet so grand in scale. The Arius shifts the appearance of Nozomi's eyes when in use, erasing any evidence of irises and pupils and simply darkening the entire eye to a solid black color. And as of recent, she has completely mastered the art of passively keeping these eyes active at all times.

  • Issai — The Issai are the eyes that see all, serving as a medium for the other two eye-related abilities. Their purpose is to be aware of every cubic inch of matter and space around the possessor of the Arius, within a massive radius and in all direction no matter where she is situated. This is accomplished by three-hundred and sixty degree vision, and yet it's so much more than that. The Issai allows Nozomi to see any point within range from any angle and at any microscopic or macroscopic level to a certain degree. This degree is around one-hundred times zoom, though not precisely and not so commonly used to such a scale. Regardless, it shows just how all-encompassing this vision is, and still there is more. All colors are crystal clear, and even some infrared and ultraviolet rays are detectable by the eyes. This vision penetrates any barrier or visual hindrance as if it were not there, such as when needing to look at something underground, or through a wall. All of this inputs into Nozomi's mind at once, making sure she knows where every particle of mass is at every millisecond in exact measurements. And finally the immense range of this vision; the Issai's dominion stretches out three kilometers in every direction.

  • Bunkai — The Bunkai are the eyes that understand all, and acts as the filter for everything she sees. It is an incredible mental force that can internally take apart any system, object, or person and understand it completely just from looking at it. As Nozomi's eyes behold an object, the Bunkai will break the object down mentally within her mind, and analyze every property, capability, and inner working of the analyzed object. The ability works for analyzing mechanical, biological, energy-based, illusory, and numeral systems, and has been proven to rapidly analyze human behavior as well. It can be used to understand the complexities of cause and effect that allow them to have an effect of accelerated probability. All the aforementioned systems can be fully comprehended by the process of the Bunkai, several fold more swiftly than a normal brain is capable of. Simpler systems can be solved within a glance, not leaving Nozomi confused for a second. However, complexities such as an unfamiliar being with unusual powers, or a highly-advanced device of unusual purpose and make. Certain factors that can increase the time necessary to analyze an object include foreign nature, unusual capability, unknown materials, massive sizes, and limited focus. However, the quality and quantity of the information within the sensory nervous impulses is vastly improved by the Bunkai, which allows a complete analysis in a short amount of time regardless. Nozomi's mastery of this ability allows her to see, recognize, and process everything in their field of vision simultaneously, making them many times more perceptive and coordinated than a normal being.

  • Kouin — The Kouin are the eyes that end all, and is the force that empowers Nozomi's mind beyond what is capable for a human being. Since it's activation, the full potential of the brain was unlocked. Hey memory has become perfect, able to relive any moment in her past with perfect and vivid detail. She could make connections and notice things that others would not be able to even see, and could run several thought processes throughout her mind without impediment to any of them. But the cream of the crop, metaphorically speaking, was the capability to increase the mind's processing speed infinitely. What this means, is that her speed of thought was so fast that Nozomi could perceive time around her passing at hundreds of times slower than normal. The Kouin's full power could freeze time before her, allowing her an unlimited amount of time to perceive and understand the situation at hand. This makes her reflexes infallible and instantaneously if she so desires to use the Kouin.

Shatterpoint: From the point Nozomi unlocked her Arius, she could perceive shatterpoints which could best be described as "fractures." The status of the two phenomena as one and the same was implicit in the description of the fractures, which could be manipulated by finding the critical point. It was more than just in objects, but in people and in events as well—it was a complex phenomenon akin to fault lines; similar to different pathways of actions. A single strike, or action, could cause events to transpire completely differently than they might otherwise have. And often existed for only brief moments, as they could be affected by even the smallest actions. Shatterpoints could also be discovered in the physiology of living beings, by focusing on where one had been healed, a shatterpoint could be found where the old wounds were, and it could be struck to reopen them. When applied to physical items, as was the simplest of routes, shatterpoints worked much in the same manner. An individual would view an item through the Arius, noting where it came together and also noting weak points in its composition. By allowing her Reishi to surge through them into the weak point, Nozomi could effectively "shatter" the object no matter how near-indestructible it might have been, causing it to break into multiple fragments. For an object to be without shatterpoints, even subtle ones, it needs to be perfect in every way. However, these shatterpoints require nothing less than pinpoint precision to accurately strike, as even a nanometer off will achieve nothing, and neither will area-of-effect attacks that happen to encompass them.

Shatterpoints can also be mended just as well as they can be completely broken; the opposite of shattering, Nozomi can heal where a shatterpoint lies to undo injuries, scars, instabilities... nearly anything that ails it and causes it to be imperfect. With enough power and precision, Nozomi can perfect the shatterpoint, erasing it completely and thus resulting in something that is superior than it could have been otherwise. This would increase its traits greatly depending on what it is; a sword would become sharp enough to cut through anything and nigh indestructible, for example. It is important to note however that Nozomi cannot tamper with the nature of her targets too much, preventing her from ever completely removing all shatterpoints in an object. Through this ability, she cannot make something imperfect into something perfect. Still, this is not quite considered as healing nor enhancement, for reversing a shatterpoint is akin to removing imperfections, and is classified as such. It is due to this fact that reverse shatterpoints become a far less efficient method for achieving feats that either healing or reparation could already achieve, being more costly in energy.

Shatterstyle: This is Nozomi's mainstay physical combat style that requires no expenditure of Esper or her own spiritual energy. It utilizes the abuse of shatterpoints weaved into a fighting form, as well as a new form of energy called "Vis" that flows throughout every iota of space much like Shatterpoints do, and can only be seen by those of eyesight on a similar caliber as Nozomi's. Shatterstyle is a lithe form, where strength and power is not necessary, and precision is the most important factor. So long as Nozomi is capable of striking the correct shatterpoints in the midst of combat, she can turn aside any blow with ease, and obliterate anything in her path with the simplest touch. By manipulating a shatterpoint, she can subvert the momentum and force behind it at will, and as such her main defense is parrying whatever attack comes her way with a simple tap of her finger or palm. In the case of offense, it is simply striking enemy shatterpoints and causing them to break. Naturally, if something is perfect already in every way, then Shatterstyle has no effect on them.

One of the key components of the shatterstyle is the "Shattersurge," which can be used whenever Nozomi accurately triggers a shatterpoint. She can cause it to burst in such a fashion that it triggers other shatterpoints nearby in a chain reaction. To put it into perspective, it is the same as shooting a glass bottle at a specific angle that causes the shrapnel the break other nearby glass bottles. Theoretically, this can keep chaining together if the shrapnel keeps hitting other glass bottles, though such a series of events is impossible to predict... for anyone besides Nozomi. She is able to control the Shattersurge to such a degree that it effects an entire object with one strike, controlling each and every one of the shatterpoints at once. As such, she can detonate an enemy's body, or freeze them in place with a simple touch.

Vis is the final factor of the Shatterstyle, an energy that goes hand-in-hand with Shatterpoints. Vis permeates every inch of space in existence, but usually goes unnoticed and unused for the most part except in rare anomalies linked to willpower. Nozomi, aware of this energy, can manipulate her own willpower with her own shatterpoints, calling upon the Vis to enhance her attacks without expending any energy of her own. The Vis imbues into parts of Nozomi's body, and allow her to strike that which usually cannot be struck, and injure that which cannot usually be injured. The target of the Vis is the opposing willpower, and by injuring that willpower, you can take away their capability to act... their ability to do anything. A being that is made completely of water and thus has no senses or vital organs but still somehow lives... it has a will. A Vis-enhanced attack will strike that entity as if it was no more than a organic creature, whose toughness is determined by their willpower. With enough damage to their willpower, they can be defeated and killed. After all, to move is an act, and to breathe is an act, and to live is an act. When the ability to act is taken away from you, you cease to live. Vis allows Nozomi to physically best any being with a will.

Telepathy: This is a miscellaneous in which Nozomi can freely communicate with any consciousness within the range of her Arius, by projecting thoughts, feelings, words, images, or any combination of such thigns to him or her at the speed of thought, and also receive such thoughts in return. Due to the 'speed of thought' what could normally take days of explanation would instead take a few seconds; an entire conversation could occur in the blink of an eye. This does not allow Nozomi to forcefully peer into anyone's mind, and only can receive thoughts from somebody who wants to project them to her.

Ageless: As Nozomi's soul has evolved, she is no longer tied down by dying cells resulting from age. From age twenty-one she has been frozen in time, her body not aging a year older through the several millennia that have passed up to the present. She is incapable of dying from the wear of the typical human aging process, but is still able to be killed in battle. So, simply put, Nozomi is semi-immortal.

Needs To Workout: Despite all the power Nozomi can wield with a simple thought, there is one blatant flaw plaguing her, which would undo her if she did not have Xaser to support her. That weakness is the fact that her physical attributes are equivalent to those of a powerless human, making her as fragile, as slow, and as weak as one normally. Hell, if it wasn't for Xaser, Nozomi's spiritual signature would barely be noticeable or distinguishable when in a crowd of people, sporting such a small pool of spiritual energy when alone. This is due to the fact that she has always had Xaser to rely on and grant her his endless supply of energy, and so her own power adjusted to this fact, incidentally working against her. She needs Xaser's cooperation in order to fight at the level she is perceived to be at.

- Subtle Suggestion: Through the mental ability granted by this form, Nozomi can forcibly influence the minds of others, as long as they have eyes and a consciousness. It is a relatively simple technique requiring eye contact and the use of the voice. If an opponent is unfortunate to make said eye contact, a minor hypnotism will occur that will draw their focus to her eyes, further deepening the effects of the hypnotism. Through this, Nozomi can use her voice softly to voice certain commands or statements to the target, which will be enhanced; The victim's mind will be imprinted with her command, which if used against people with untrained minds, will force them to concur and most likely obey. The simpler commands that don't clash with the victim's desires drastically will almost always go through, while ridiculous orders such as slitting one's own throat will probably not without extra convincing to a weak-willed person, or a higher level technique altogether. The longer and more frequently one is under this spell, the weaker their will to resist it will become, and the easier they will fall prey to it and the commands. The magnitude of her hypnotism against victims based on their willpower is as follows:

Beginner Willpower: When Nozomi targets this ability on somebody with this level of willpower, there really is no option to resist it. From the get-go, the victim will practically do anything Nozomi tells them with this power.
Adept Willpower: More or less the same as above, someone with adept willpower will have a terrible day when put under this spell. Commands of insane proportions are the only types that can really be resisted, but not without a great deal of struggle and an exhausting, focused effort on the victim's part. Commands that are only above average in contrast to the victim's wishes are also capable of being withstood, but even more difficult to break out of than aforementioned, and even in success it will cause brain damage to the poor victim. Someone with this level of willpower who falls under this spell for two topics will have their willpower dropped to beginner in any following use of it.
Advanced Willpower: People of this level are able to resist the mental commands of this ability with sheer willpower now, albeit not without a strong and consciouss effort. Also, it would only work if the command is conflicting with their inner desires, while it's still relatively easy for Nozomi to will minor actions without their notice. Someone with this level of willpower who falls under this spell for two topics will have their willpower dropped to adept in any following use of it.
Master Willpower: At this level, someone can completely control themselves when asked to do anything drastic with Nozomi's influence. The biggest issue is still the subtle small commands such as making someone blink or making then say a certain phrase. Everything in between generally takes focus and effort to overpower, but isn't nearly as big a problem. Someone with this willpower can not have their level dropped unless they make the conscious decision to give in.
Grandmaster Willpower: The penultimate of willpower; Grandmasters can shrug this technique of particulalrly easy, and cannot have their level of control reduced. The only possible way this ability can affect someone with this magnitude of willpower is through dirty tactics, such as using it on them when they are barely conscious, or utilizing it in a sneak attack.

- Cleanse: Nozomi's advanced knowledge of the mind allows her to peer into it and cleanse mental affliction's such as mental disorders, foreign influences, and even wake people from comas. The first step involves direct skin contact; Nozomi's hand to the patient's forehead. Then the shadowy energy of the Esper will withdraw from the eyes and project through the palm into the target's brain, where with Nozomi's discretion it will search and detect problems within it, study it, and attack it with a solution if possible. Generally, there isn't an unsolvable affliction that her power can't fix, let alone one she can't fix within the second. Nozomi can take care of mental abilities affecting another's mind even if the ability was used by someone more powerful than her; however, it is these qualms that can take minutes or even hours of focused efforts, and the patient will need a respective recovery period of one day to two weeks afterwards to heal from the invasion.

- Gorgon's Lament: This is one of Nozomi's mental abilities while in her demonic form, utilizing the power of the Arius in eye contact. By projecting absolutely unfathomable and unthinkable thoughts of agony through them, anyone who sees even a sliver of her dark eyes will feel the full unrelenting force of the mental attack. A scream louder and higher in pitch than the ears would be able to recieve is projected straight into their mind, blotting out all other thoughts and breaking their concentration; only a will stronger than Nozomi's is capable of even acting while under this onslaught, while anyone else will be prevented from utilizing abilities. Secondly, their senses will distort heavily and only be able to correctly focus their eyesight on Nozomi's eyes, while their body will either be frozen in place (Advanced Will or lower) or moving at speeds of one to five percent their original speed (Master Will or higher). This technique has lasting effects, meaning that even after breaking sight of her eyes, the senses will still be dull, unfocused, and distorted. The scream will linger in their mind as echoes, hurting their concentration and weakening any abilities henceforth for a short time (Beginner Will - 10 posts, Adept Will - 5 posts, Advanced Will - 3 posts, Master Will - 1 post). Only a Grandmaster Will can stifle these effects well.

- Mental Block: This is a highly restricted ability developed by Nozomi that is used to stifle enemies who lack variety in their abilities. But first, it requires an understanding of a technique that has already been used previously in the fight. Once the ability has been studied and understood, she can transmit a mental attack into the mind of an enemy that lies dormant. It only triggers when they attempt to utilize the studied technique, which causes the mental entity to 'stop' and 'eat' whatever brain wave or signal that allows him to utilize it. In effect, Nozomi can stop an enemy from using a specific technique, only requiring her to focus on maintaining the mental block for the duration of the fight. As drawbacks, there can only be one mental block at a time being maintained, and it cannot be controlled if she is not within proximity of her enemy (meaning if she leaves the area with Garganta or simply walks farther than a kilometer away, the block will be removed). Someone with a stronger will than Nozomi can use their technique through the block, but only at half the total effectiveness.



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Quincy Bow:

- Jenova: As Quincy evolve their powers, sometimes their spiritual weapon takes on a new identity to reflect the change. Jenova is the final progression of Nozomi's own Quincy bow, the weapon of a nascent deity. Free of the necessity of a Quincy Cross, Jenova can be formed at Nozomi's will from either the energy surrounding her as normal or using her own. It does not manifest solidly, but instead consists of radiant light blue energy, said to be the brightest of all Quincy Bows. This is not all that is strange; Jenova is not formed of one solid piece, being broken up into four main segments with a dozen miniature diamond-shaped light shards all suspended in the form of the weapon. These four segments are the bow's limbs, spread out equidistantly as a cross. They extend twenty-five inches out from the epicenter, and then the various fragments left seem to revolve around the weapon both clockwise and counterclockwise simultaneously, forming a spectacular display of light. All of these glowing parts never make physical contact with another, or with Nozomi's hand; all of it is held in place as if by telekinesis. The parts will move as Nozomi uses her weapon, expanding out and glowing more fiercely as Nozomi prepares her attacks, or snapping back as arrows are fired. Additionally, she can enclose the various segments of Jenova around her arm as a sort of armor, both empowering her attacks with that arm and protecting it from most harm. The materialized form of the bow itself can burn through objects with it's extremely condensed energies, which although do not seem to affect Nozomi or any object that isn't directly touching it, will eradicate most anything that comes into contact with it with the plasmatic heat of a star.

Jenova does not need to be fully realized in order for Nozomi to attack, however, and be used as "Jenova Immaterial". The Quincy's first light flows through her, allowing her to utilize Quincy arrows without the weapon's help. In this case, any part of Nozomi's body will take on the form of the light blue energy that Jenova is constructed from, rendering it immune to most harm due to its consistency, and allowing it to unleash her arrow-based attacks at a cost of their full power. While parts of her body are in light form, they can achieve the same maximum speed as its namesake, but no more than 50% of Nozomi's body can be shifted to light at any given time. Additionally in light form, the Quincy's body parts become amorphous, allowing her to stretch them as far and wide as she wishes as long the volume is never increased beyond the original size. Any part of her separated from her while in light form cannot be controlled, and automatically reconnects to her.

Jenova does have minor synergy with the Excore, allowing Nozomi to inject Esper into another's body if she manages to deal a significant injury to them with one of Jenova's attacks. Additionally, she can manifest Jenova's light anywhere from where her Esper is present, and then fire the weapon's attack from that point as though it was from Jenova Immaterial. Lastly, while Holy Arrows are travelling through an area controlled by Esper, Nozomi can cause them to vanish, and then reappear at another location at a different angle within the Esper after a short delay; during this time, the space where it will reemerge is determined by a gradually intensifying light.

  • Heilig Pfeil — This is the primary attack used by all Quincy. Like all Holy Arrows, these projectiles can be created by collecting any type of energy into the bolt's shape, and then are fired. However, from Quincy to Quincy each Holy Arrow often has different qualities and capabilities based on their powers, making them unique. This is where Nozomi stands apart from them, for as she was the original Quincy, her arrows are very standard. Her specialty is not in any additional effect imbued with the arrow, but rather how versatile and powerful her attacks are. Nozomi's Holy Arrows surpass any other's in the order of strength. With Jenova, she can release a particle of light that is effectively her Heilig Pfeil. Depending on how much Quincy energy was imbued into the particle, and Nozomi's will, determines the bolt's power and purpose. Nozomi's standard Holy Arrow is the most common attack seen from her, a particle that travels at the speed of light (1,000 meters per second with Jenova Immaterial) for up to five kilometers, overcharging the air around it to make a path of luminance and also vaporizing everything caught in that path with a star's fury. At the end of its course or when Nozomi wills its end, the particle erupts with its stored energy, unleashing an energetic explosion on the scale of a tactical nuclear warhead. A massive area is swatched in Quincy energy with both extreme heat and force. In addition, there is an 'obliteration zone' of five meters in diameter, marking anything caught within that range for instant death due to the concentration of power at such close range, even with powerful defenses in place to protect one from it such as barriers or absorption.

    With simple modifications, Nozomi can widen or shrink the thickness of the particle's tip, or the size of the explosion at the end. She can also suppress that finishing detonation, or cause the particle to be invisible and harmless while in flight to produce a surprising explosion. Given that this is Nozomi's own energy, she can manipulate the trajectory to a limited degree. Once per shot, she can instantly alter an arrow's path to any extremity, and besides that she can curve the particle in flight slightly, more when Nozomi causes it to move slower than normal. And this is the capability of only one single particle... Nozomi is proficient in utilizing Licht Regen, the Quincy technique to launch multiple arrows at once or in quick succession. She can easily blot out the sky with the masses of Holy Arrows she can fire, numbering in the thousands per second (Only ten per second using Jenova Immaterial). Beyond that, she can even split any existing arrow into multiples, or cause a bolt's explosion to release a scattershot of Heilig Pfeil its own.

    Blitzkrach — One of Nozomi's newer Quincy abilities, is a short to medium range attack that is extremely hard to evade, but not especially strong for someone of her caliber. Blitzkrach is a technique that requires one of her hands and takes a second to charge up a small marble of light. Then that light can be held onto for any amount of time so long as no other Quincy Arrow techniques are used by the hand that charged it. Upon release, the energy is released in a blinding flash of light in a wide cone where she aimed it, bright enough to knock unpowered beings out in an instant, and disable the eyes of others for one to three posts depending on their visual sensitivity. Not only that, but anything the light touches in that instant will spontaneously combust with a white fire charged with Quincy energy, burning away at matter with searing heat and intense vibrations. This type of power is not very impressive, and thus is mostly used for its blinding effect and ease of landing the attack. The range of this attack is limited to twenty-five meters at most, with more powerful effects at closer ranges. With the Jenova released, Nozomi can tip a normal Holy Arrow with the power of her Blitzkrach, allowing her to unleash the attack from a distance and freeing her of need to hold it with her hand.

Other Quincy Abilities:

Ahmt Alles: Using her Quincy Cross, Nozomi is able to gather both spirit energy and particles and transform them into this weapon, a sword with one interesting power. The manifestation of this sword is one of a single-edged straight sword as thin as a typical katana. The blade is 3 feet and 8 inches long, with a scalene right triangle tip, and is one and a half inches wide. The metal is as reflective as stainless steel, but the metal is painted black, with the razor sharp edges detailed white. The collar of the sword is also black, and is oval-shaped with a 1 and a half-inch length and a 3 inch width. The handle is meant as a hand-and-a-half grip, jade green in color and akin to wood; a black fabric criss-crossed all the way down the handle. There is no scabbard for this particular weapon due to fact that the weapon can be materialized and dematerialized at will. It cuts and stabs like a katana should normally, and is light and easier to wield than swords with heavier stronger metals. Yet it very durable and able to stand up to Zanpakutō and equivalent level weapons.

The blade of Ahmt Alles is enchanted with the Excore's Esper energy, granting it a power similar to the olden Vandenreich medallions. This ability causes it to react quite extraordinarily whenever it comes into contact with another powered weapon. From one touch and Nozomi's will, Ahmt Alles will transform into a perfect copy of the blade it clashed with, special abilities, released forms, and more. The exceptions are any spirits or entities correlated with the blade, which under Ahmt Alles' control will appear to have each and every color in their appearance inverted, their personality muted, and will recognize Nozomi as their master. This process occurs by drawing out whatever energy makes the weapon unique and gives it its special abilities—not stealing all of it, just a small bit like a DNA strip—from that piece of energy, Ahmt Alles will replicate everything else necessary to create a complete mimicry of the weapon, whether it be a simple magically-sharpened knife or a Captain-level Zanpakutō. Now, once copied, Nozomi is capable of using this weapon as her own, though it may take some time to adjust to and figure out.

When a weapon is copied by Ahmt Alles, it will immediately take that form. However, as Nozomi disperses the form, it will not be saved for later. This is offset by the 'Slot Method'. If at any time Nozomi desires to keep the mimicked weapon to use later on, she can have Ahmt Alles save the blueprint of the weapon in one of a maximum ten slots contained within the base of Ahmt Alles. Then, even after being dispersed the weapon can take the form of the saved blueprint once again. There can be no more than ten saved at a time, and if she tries to do so, one of the old ones will be permanently removed. One last note; one of these forms can be forcefully ejected from Ahmt Alles by an enemy; meaning that a blueprint and its materialized form will be permanently removed. If Ahmt Alles is at any time broken into an unusable state, whatever mimicked form it has taken will be removed from its slot.

    Current Slots (Requires Owner Permission):
  • Nozarashi (Zaraki Kenpachi)
  • Minazuki (Retsu Unohana)
  • Onzon Purotekuto (Ryushin Chaozu)

Brecher Schild: Using her Quincy Cross, Nozomi is able to gather both spirit energy and particles and transform them into a shield. The manifestation is not physical like Ahmt Alles, but rather complete energy as Jenova is. When formed, a rectange-shaped plane of translucent light blue energy will form, approximately Nozomi's height and four and a half feet wide. Swiftly after that, the single plane will crease vertically in two places and form three symmetrical facets, which bend around Nozomi at forty-five degrees back. This shield will be created on the back of Nozomi's hand, but can be transferred to the other. When dropped completely, the shield will evaporate. This metaphysical shield isn't just a barrier between Nozomi and an attack, even though it can block most assaults as well as her other defensive abilities, all depending on how much Reishi is fueled into the shield. However, what makes this defense different is that when its outer faces come into contact with any type of energy mass, the shield will glow bright white as it completely absorbs that mass even if it only skims the front. When against solid attacks like a swing of a sword, the attack will still be blocked as the shield can absorb kinetic energy as well. Though this shield is superior in the way that it can completely block an attack bigger than the shield itself, for every time it does that and absorbs an above average-sized attack, it disperses and cannot be reformed until one post as it cools down. This is because the attack that it absorbs will be broken down and analyzed at superior speeds than Nozomi's Arius would normally allow, figuring every detail of it within seconds as though it were dissecting the sample attack. Good for moving in the way of attacks and protecting others who might get hit by it, or sacrificing energy to more quickly discover an attack's full capability.

Lichtsäber: This is Nozomi's Quincy weapon of choice whenever the situation comes to close combat, as rather than a firearm, the Lichtsäber is a pseudo-melee weapon. reishi and energy are collected into the form of a handle, an eight inch silver grip with an emitter on the top and a black cap on the bottom. To use, Nozomi will channel her energies into the grip, and then expel it through the emitter in the form of a blade of light. This blade is constant for as long as the user maintains it, with two-hundred thousand degrees of destructive energy contained within a straight line. This line can be extended up to fifty meters long almost instantaneously, but does not grow heavier or clunky to wield in the process. The weapon simply cuts, slicing most every object it comes into contact like a hot knife through butter, and setting it ablaze if its even remotely flammable due to the insane temperatures that are twenty times the temperature of the sun's surface. Finally, if this weapon manages to connect and damage an enemy's body enough to draw blood, then it will have gone deep enough to imprint Esper within them without the use of sophisticated methods.

- Spur Kreis: This is a secondary Quincy weapon that can be created with spiritual particles channeled through Nozomi's Quincy cross. A silver ring that is eight inches in diameter is formed, easy to throw and catch thanks to the great hole in the center. At will, Nozomi can light the ring with Reishi, causing blazing white energy to fan out up to ten feet in any or all directions, and spin rapidly clockwise like a buzzsaw. The searing energy phases through her body harmlessly, but mercilessly cuts through everything else like plasma. This disc can then be thrown and manipulated by the mind, effective at slicing both foes and other attacks in half. It becomes more defensive when turned sideways, using the extreme heat and high energy content to destroy attacks before they reach the other side of the disc. At their fastest, they approach the speed of sound, though their maneuverability suffers in contrast to how fast they're travelling. The light disc in itself is only vulnerable by the small ring in the center, and cannot be hindered or destroyed by targeting the rest of the wheel. Nozomi can create and utilize up to four Spur Kreis at once, and the energies of the individual discs will not interfere with each other. Alternatively, Nozomi can cause the discs to 'split' into two discs, so long as it doesn't push them over the limit. This allows the disc to very suddenly change direction, while the cloned disc heads in the opposite direction.

One of the sub-abilities of the light disc is to absorb other types of energies and attack into itself when it comes into contact with it. This is where it gets its name as the Spur Kreis, or "Tracer Wheel". Upon clashing with another attack, the Light Disc can be triggered to absorb that attack, slowing both it and itself down, and then generating a powerful pull on it until only the light disc remains. It does this by temporarily altering the origin of the ability before it starts absorbing it, causing it to forsake its connection to the one who fired it and become Nozomi's, making it easy to combine the two. The dominant 'element' or 'property' of the opposing attack will now apply to the energy surrounding the ring, enhancing the Spur Kreis. For example, a frost spike will change the energy into a blizzard that freezes things in addition to what the light disc could do before. If the attack attempting to be absorbed is too complex for the disc, it will shatter, only managaing to have slowed the attack down. This ability cannot be used if it already has an element applied to it, but the previous element can be discharged harmlessly at any time, proceeded by a two post cooldown, before allowing the disc to absorb another element. Finally, the changes made to one disc affect them all.

The Spur Kreis are most dangerous when their 'Overload' ability is used, which causes them to come to a complete stop for a half of a second, before releasing massive amounts of energy. The ring is disintegrated, and a spinning ball of energy rapidly expands from the center, covering a radius of twenty meters. The flat disk part expands an additional thirty meters past the edge of the sphere. Anything struck by the energy of this detonation is damaged in much the same way as if it had hit normally, physically, at least. The true damage caused is on a spiritual/energetic level, as the energy rapidly shreds the flow of energy so that it heavily impairs it or completely restricts it, permanently, until otherwise healed. This means that abilities that require energy to move through the damaged area are impossible, including self-healing. When enhanced by an absorbed element, the explosion gains additional effects based on it.

Hardlight: One of Nozomi's Quincy abilities, using Reishi to create what is called 'Hardlight.' It is not an uncommon ability for a Quincy to be able to create platforms beneath their feet that allow them to walk across the sky and float—this platform is absolutely solid, and from that a creative mind can expand upon that simple concept with many possibilities. Hardlight is that extension, the ability to create solid substance from the spiritual energy Nozomi collects. This element is like holographic light, vibrant and translucent, and solid to the touch. Nozomi is able to create two-dimensional objects using hardlight but can warp and bend the surfaces to suit her needs; she cannot increase the thickness of hardlight. This material acts as both a barrier and a slicing weapon at the same time, and naturally will provide a powerful light. The durability to the hardlight relies on the spiritual power of the Nozomi herself, and has nothing to do with its size or brightness. Similarly, its cutting ability follows suit, making this similar to a Shinigami's Zanpakutō.

Nozomi can create Hardlight at will anywhere within ten feet of herself, and once it has taken form, this form cannot be changed, shrunk, or grown; only moved or turned around. The color of the hardlight may also change. Once created, Nozomi has a range of one-hundred meters in which she can manipulate the Hardlight, but she cannot control it beyond that. Still, in cases where the hardlight is sent outside that range, she can still cause it to maintain form up to another 300 meters before it dissipates completely. If Hardlight is destroyed, it shatters much like glass would, losing its power and becoming fragile; shortly thereafter it fades to nothing. Another interesting trait about hardlight is that the weapon does not have weight nor does friction affect it—the force behind its attacks comes solely from its momentum and the strength of the wielder, Nozomi. Hardlight also gives off an intense heat equal to that of her Quincy arrows, capable of burning matter. Aside from the aforementioned restrictions, the only other limiter to Nozomi's Hardlight ability is how much energy is available. As long as she can maintain the costs necessary to use the ability, she can create and manipulate as much hardlight as she wishes.

Hirenkyaku: Hirenkyaku, otherwise known as God Step, is an advanced Quincy movement technique that allows Nozomi to move at high speeds by riding on the flow of reishi created below her feet. Essentially, it is the Quincy equivalent to the Shinigami's Shunpo, or the Arrancar's Sonído. Through a swift process of gathering spiritual particles under her feet, she rides them to the desired location at speeds that cannot be tracked by a normal eye. Visualize a platform of Reishi stuck to the bottom of the Quincy's feet so that she may stand upon it. Then, instead of the Quincy herself moving at increased the speeds, the platform is the object moving, carrying her along with it. It can also be used to hover or fly for long distances, essentially allowing Nozomi a form of free flight. Nozomi's own personal skill with this ability is quite impressive, along the lines of speed equivalent to Soifon and her Flash Step. What is more extraordinary is how effortless this movement is to her, making almost as easy as walking due to the Excore's generous power.

Reishi Absorption and Control: A typical Quincy uses the Reishi in the atmosphere and combines it with his or her internal Reiryoku to create weapons such as their bow, or a sword in some cases. It also makes up many of their abilities. They ordinarily fight using the power outside, thriving in environments with higher concentrations of spiritual particles such as in Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. However, other Quincies don't have the gift that is the Excore. Nozomi mixes Xaser's Esper with her own spiritual energy to produce her weapons and use her abilities, thriving in any area because it is all contained within. Though, that does not restrict the option for Nozomi to pull in external energy from the environment. Maybe redundant, but still an option, Nozomi has mastered absorbing all types of energies over her millennia of practice, and using it to boost her power. Since she is capable of drawing in any energy variant without bias, there are occasions where said energy may be corrupt or poisonous to Nozomi. Thankfully Nozomi is an intelligent individual, and has formed a special system of metabolism within herself, that breaks down foreign energies and takes only the necessary power while it expels all negative compounds of the energy absorbed. This makes it so that tainted or poison energy types will not interfere with her soul or powers, and that the energy taken in is fuel and nothing more.

Now as for controlling this energy, Nozomi has vested well in that too. It was inevitable, due to the specialized training imposed on her by Xaser through the Ziamichi seal. The Excore would constantly release energy, but the Ziamichi seal would keep it in check so that Nozomi's body would not be crushed under the pressure of the mass Reiatsu. Little by little, the seal would open up as Nozomi practiced wielding the voluminous amounts of Esper, up to the present day where she is capable of controlling it with the Ziamichi seal fully released. Her control over the Esper has advanced even beyond Xaser's, and it shows in the woman's capability to perform more advanced techniques. She hardly ever falters or even bats an eye at her own vast power, utilizing it's full force.

Ransōtengai: This is a high-level technique that allows a Quincy to form any number of strings out of Reishi, which can then attach to certain objects. Then, by controlling the spirit energy with their brain, they are able to move the strings to manipulate various objects at the end of these strings as though they were a puppet. This was an old Quincy technique which was generally used to control one's own body to allow them to move freely despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would impede normal movement.

  • Ransōtengai: Glitzern — While this is a great utilization of Ransōtengai, Nozomi has taken the concept beyond what can normally be done. Her variant of the technique is called 'Glitzern,' named by the strings' almost complete invisibility, except the rare and very slight glimmer of light that appears when someone is being cautious enough and observant enough to notice it—it is otherwise undetectable even through senses that would normally detect energy. Glitzern strings can replicate the basic Ransotengai technique normally, but more than that, Nozomi can extend them beyond her own body into the environment around her. She can freely manipulate the strings within one-hundred meters of herself, and can maintain them for three-hundred more meters, but not control them as far. They also share the same traits of weightlessness high-intensity energy; an energy that can slice through a person with ease if they so much as walk through one (like lasers).

    Glitzern strings can be attached to any visible material (meaning she can attach them to clouds but not oxygen), and then be 'locked' into place, preventing them from being moved. Or, they can just be swung around to slice or incapacitate enemies. If Nozomi attaches one end to her fingers and another end to any other object, she can then move that object at will as though she had telekinesis, disregarding its weight and size as she does. This ability can also work on enemies, allowing Nozomi to control their movements if she manages to pierce into their body with one of her Glitzern; even so, this can be resisted with a strong enough strength or spiritual pressure (nothing to do with willpower). Glitzern are not indestructible, but they are hard to destroy as most attacks will simply be sliced in half when they strike the wire. To destroy a single Glitzern wire requires it to be cut, which requires a powerful focus of energy in one spot, that must be able to affect other types of energy. A normal sword would do nothing, for example. In addition, Nozomi can sacrifice the subtlety of the Glitzern to thread multiple strings together into one thick rope, massively increasing its durability and energy output.

  • Ransōtengai: Beständig — This is a sub-ability that utilizes Ransōtengai to great effectiveness, by surpassing one's own normal limits by masterful use of these strange puppetry wires. Nozomi will attach the wires to her own body parts just as if using the normal version of the Ransōtengai, yet instead of utilizing them to rehabilitate a broken body, they will be used in symbiosis with Nozomi's own movements to increase their speed to great heights. When performed correctly, as Nozomi's techniques tend to be executed, she will be granted a short burst of speed for a movement that cannot be seen by the normal eye except for a slight shimmer, like Shunpo for the body parts. The maneuver will take place so fast that some will not even catch it until it already has happened. This is great for making up for her lack of speed compared to other more physically attuned The weakness to this is two-fold: For one, it follows a cooldown after so many subsequent uses, needing one post of rest after three consecutive times. And second of all, this is not very cost efficient to simply possesing great speed. It takes twice as much energy for Nozomi to replicate the speeds of someone truly fast. Though, the Excore is good at making up for this.

    Movements made by using this technique cause the affect body parts to glow like light for the duration, and the speed of them causes a vast increase in weight due to the nature of mass. As such, Nozomi can use Ransōtengai: Beständig to not only keep up with her foes, but unleash devastating physical attacks irregardless of her body's state. At its best, Nozomi can achieve the speed of light for merely an instant, and she can use that instant upon impact to create an explosion of force and energy that can equal and sometimes surpass the strength of a physically-focused fighter. Albeit, this technique is often self-destructive to Nozomi's body as the rapid speed deteriorates her flesh and no protection is offered from her opponent's blows.

Spiritual Awareness: As spiritual beings, all Quincy can sense Hollows and other spiritual beings at a significant distance or tell in what direction they are in with a surprisingly natural proficiency. However, in tune with her Arius abilities and advancement in this area, Nozomi is stunningly perceptive of Reiatsu no matter how subtle it may be. In addition to the basic sensory of Reiatsu, she can tell exactly where any trace amount of spiritual energy is residing without even looking in its direction, as long as it remains in range of the Arius eyes. Plus, she can track a person based on aged reishi that would be left behind by their mere presence. Every person has their own signature energy, and Nozomi is capable of distinctively telling each apart by any subtle difference. Her perceptive sensory of Reiatsu can tell her many things about a person, such as certain personality quirks and tendencies; things one would not expect to be discernible from their Reishi, yet are through Nozomi's keen observation. This ability has very well been mastered by the Quincy, making her quite the detective.

This type of investigation is possible due to how one's energy signature is reflective of one's character. Simple sensory methods can already discern killing intent, a gentle warmth, or an eerie feeling from energy alone. Nozomi takes it a step further by delving deep into the core make-up of an energy signature and deducing a character based on her findings. Of course, this is difficult information to read, and thus takes time to decipher. She can only slowly piece things together as long as they're hidden from her.

Wisps of the First: Something that's always plagued Nozomi is the fact that she possesses a special supply of energy that continuously pours energy out at an uncontrollable rate. Not even using all her mental capability and powerful resources to create a seal could prevent a constant leak. Thus, as Nozomi traveled the world, this leak infected the normal lives of others around her, which began the legacy of the Quincy and solidified her as the very origin. Only recently in her time has Nozomi's excess Esper began to manifest in a strange way, one way Nozomi could mold into a useful form. Wisps of the First; spiritual remnants of this energy so solidified in reality that they have become entities of their own. Albeit, spirits born in this fashion only have the most basic of capabilities, wandering through the air at very slow speeds across continents indefinitely unless disturbed by some cruel force that would destroy them. What Nozomi has done is maintained her link with each and every one of these wisps, projecting her awareness through them and using them to collect energy over long distances across the world. Additionally, Nozomi can take the place of any of these wisps in nearly an instant, an alternative method of travel aside of using Garganta, though not quite as versatile. In the midst of combat, the process of teleportation takes a few seconds to occur due to the chaos in the area. The wisp that she will substitute herself for will glow subtly brighter for a few moments before exploding into a mystical flare upon her arrival.

The Wisps are not useless in combat either, and gain a set of abilities while within the field of Esper Nozomi creates. Up to one can spawn during each post, floating slowly through the air. If they do happen to be in position or close enough, they can intercept attacks that come into contact with them. The wisp will sacrifice its soul to protect its creator; a singularity is spawned at its core, rapidly sucking every single bit of mass and energy in the attack up until there's nothing left for the Wisp to suck up, before promptly vanishing in a twinkle of light. This automatically occurs when struck by an ability, meaning that an opponent can destroy the Wisps with a small attack first if they so wish. Offensively, the Wisps also trigger if an enemy comes too close to the them, as they give off a dull pulse of light every few seconds outlining an area of ten meters. Upon sensing an enemy, the Wisp will double in size and burn bright like a miniature star, while dozens of smaller lights spawn and begin to orbit around the Wisp like electrons. They become locked onto that person and accelerate from slow to fast at an exponential rate until it hits them and sticks onto them. The core will melt wherever it touches while the circling lights shred them to pieces over and over. This lasts for up to two posts, or until the target leaves the Esper, after which, the Wisp implodes on itself.

Wahrender: Heilengel: Nozomi's equivalent to a Vollstandig form, and her second most powerful: Heilengel is the penultimate of her skills as a Quincy; the First Quincy. The major difference between this and a Pure Quincy's final form is the fact that a Hollow is sealed within, which would normally corrupt such a level of power. The solution is a modification to the Ziamichi seal that would allow Nozomi to temporarily extract the Hollow, Xaser, so that she can complete the transformation. Because of this unorthodox method, she cannot immediately enter this state from zero to one-hundred under any circumstance. As Nozomi fights her power grows and she releases more and more of Xaser's energies over the course of time: It must have been at least five posts of combat before enough energy has been collected to bridge the gap, and when she does it comes with a great eruption of Esper. Xaser will be expelled from Nozomi's body but linked to her by a tendril of extremely dense spiritual energy that is—for all intents and purposes—unbreakable. This tendril acts as a leash to keep Xaser registered to Nozomi's Ziamichi seal, so that when the time comes for the form to be dispelled, he can return to his host without any complications. It will additionally provide a mental link through which the two can communicate with thoughts and synchronize their actions. In the meanwhile, Xaser will act as a separate entity as if he were fully released.

While in this form, Nozomi loses the various abilities she usually possesses as a result of Xaser being within her, including manipulation of the Esper energy, any Hollow powers, and her nine tails forms. This is the sacrifice she makes to amplify her Quincy Powers manifold with a Wahrender form. And because she is the Genesis of all Quincy, it is only fitting she possesses what is the most powerful version of it. It starts with a glorious flash of light, a shift of her light blue energy to a radiant white that is tinged with a very subtle light blue corona. She assumes the ascendant form of an angel with six wings made sheerly from her energy, which aren't attached directly to her back even though they may seem like it. She'll glow from the aura of energy that she'll exude, a source of light in and of itself. Her hair will be shifted from the regular dark blue to a gleaming snow white that flows unnaturally as if it were suspended in water. Finally, six orange-sized spheres of her energy will form around her, apart from her but moving along with her. These are hyper-condensed with energy, and are the source of most of her abilities while in this form.

Nozomi Ascendant: In her most powerful form, incredibly vast amounts of Reishi are flowing through her to increase all aspects of her combat, from strength to speed and durability to energy output. The speed at which she travels with her Hirenkyaku becomes her normal speed, required eyes of an advanced nature to even track her movements. The terrain she steps on will tear to pieces from the sheer kinetic force in her dashes, while such velocities will cause a gale of wind to trail her. Her enhanced strength will turn the world into her playbox, as she will be able obliterate a peak with her strikes, cause small quakes with her foot, and topple skycrapers with a punch. In fact, the force of Nozomi's attacks in this form can produce so much force that they can release shockwaves and effectively strike enemies without even touching them, with bone-shattering force as well. And then her new endurance will make every single molecule of her body hard and durable beyond most known materials. Every centimeter of flesh will be equivalent to the 640 centimeters of solid titanium battleship hull, and even the internal organs follow this trait. Another inhuman capability comes in the form of true flight, defying any force that pulls her in any direction such as gravity, and fully able to control her own momentum at will. The list goes on, as Nozomi will acquire all the mental boosts and abilities from her Demonic Form as though she were in it. And Nozomi's copy sword will no longer limit the rest of her abilities while in this form.

Regarding the energy that surrounds her like a suit of armor, this adds an additional level of defense that is much weaker than her flesh, but gains a massive boost in defensive powers against abilities that Nozomi completely understands. When she has fully broken down a technique in her mind so that she comprehends all its strengths and weaknesses, this armor adjusts to that knowledge, which intensely weakens said technique if it ever comes into contact with her. Combined with the toughness of her flesh, this can completely neutralize most attacks alone this way, with exceptions varying against stronger techniques of a 0 tier character. The way this armor works prevents Nozomi from being damaged by her own techniques. Finally, Nozomi's wings share many of the same traits as her bow, Jenova. They can burn through objects with their extremely condensed energies, which although do not seem to affect Nozomi or any object that isn't directly touching them, will eradicate most anything that comes into contact with them with their one million degrees farenheit heat (much like plasma). These wings extend fully up to ten feet on either side of her, and are the brightest lights exuding from her in this form.

Six Dawns: When Nozomi enters Wahrender, six spheres of her energy form around her, hyper-condensed to the size of an orange. These spheres surround her like electrons to a nucleus, and are the source of many of her abilities while in this form, including all of her specialized arrows. Once a sphere is utilized for an ability, it disappears, reforming only once enough energy has been collected to create another (Takes 3 posts). Now, these spheres passively possess enough energy to incinerate most things they touch in exactly the same fashion that Nozomi's bow and wings do, like miniature suns. She can manipulate them only up to fifty meters away at the same speed she could move any of her limbs. However, the spheres can additionally expend themselves completely to unleash much more impactful abilities.

The most basic of them is a directed explosion, which expels the compact energy from the shape of a sphere in any or all directions, possessing the force of a nuclear detonation behind it without the radiation or fallout—simple and sweet, but powerful. The second ability of the spheres acts as a reset, releasing an incredibly bright light that encompasses an area of one-hundred meters in every direction with purifying capabilities. It instantly heals any non-fatal wound done to Nozomi or those she wishes to share the magic with if it covers them in the light; and it removes negative status effects placed on her and her allies by an enemy (with rare exceptions). It also disrupts those she considers enemies if they get caught by the light, interrupting their train of thought, any abilities used during this time, and manipulations of objects outside of their body for as long as the light remains. This light remains for three seconds before fading. The final basic ability of expending a sphere creates a mimic of Nozomi, which acts as an extension of her full body, sharing thoughts, energy, capabilities, and spiritual signature. It causes Nozomi to lose individuality, meaning that if either the original or the mimic is killed, Nozomi assumes the place of the other as if it had always been the original. A special note about this ability is that the sphere cannot reform for as long as the clone exists, and does not even begin the process of collecting energy until the clone dies (Takes 3 posts after the clone is killed). Additionally, clones do not recieve their own Six Dawns, and merely share usage between each other.

New Holy Arrows: In Wahrender, Nozomi's bow is enhanced, as one might expect. She may now use the following three advanced arrow types with her materialized bow.

  • Supernova: Supernova is one of Nozomi's greater Holy Arrows that she can only use while in her Wahrender, and is the most generic. It requires taking the energy from one of her Six Dawns and loading it into her bow. Once loaded the sphere is stretched back like an arrow, so that it assumes the form of a bolt, which takes at least one second. Then it is released as any other Holy Arrow, travelling at a sluggish speed of four-hundred meters per second at up to ten kilometers away, unleashing all the compact energy at once upon hitting the first spiritual or physical object. The explosion is great enough that it can wipe an entire city straight of the face of the map in a near instant.

  • Armageddon: Armageddon is one of Nozomi's greater Holy Arrows that she can only use while in her Wahrender, and is the most generic. It requires taking the energy from one of her Six Dawns and loading it into her bow. Once loaded the sphere is stretched back like an arrow, so that it assumes the form of a bolt, which takes at least one second. Afterwards, Nozomi releases it straight up into the air where it will disappear from view once it reaches a grand height. A short delay later and a shower of meteors made of Nozomi's energy will rain down from the skies in an area of up to one kilometer in every direction from the point the arrow was shot at. These meteors are ten meters wide and move at speeds of two-hundred meters per second, capable of having their trajectories manipulated by Nozomi herself. A total of one hundred of these meteors will fall, each causing a massive explosion five times their size with an inner and outer blast zone of fatal temperatures. The inner blast zone is five meters in radius with a temperature of fifty-thousand degrees farenheit, which almost definitely means complete obliteration. The outer blast zone is five-hundred degrees farenheit, and still dangerous even if it doesn't compare to the inner blast zone.

  • Dragon: Dragon is one of Nozomi's greater Holy Arrows that she can only use while in her Wahrender, and is the most generic. It requires taking the energy from one of her Six Dawns and loading it into her bow. Once loaded the sphere is stretched back like an arrow, so that it assumes the form of a bolt, which takes at least one second. When it fires from her bow, it rapidly begins expanding in size, shifting mid-flight into the form of a Eastern Culture type of dragon made purely of energy. This 'arrow' twists and turns like a living creature, able to be manipulated much more fluidly than any other arrow she possesses despite its speed of six-hundred meters per second. The entirety of this 'arrow' is heated to five-hundred thousand degrees farenheit, which allows to incinerate most anything that it passes through. Additionally, this dragon form can open its great maw and unleash a breath of energy that assumes the properties of fire. It can sweep across a vast area and burn objects with the destructive power of Quincy energy, disintegrating enemies over time. This arrow lasts longer than any other, for up to two posts long.

Null Field: This is a persistent effect that lasts as long as Nozomi is in her Wahrender form, affecting spiritual beings within an area of one kilometer of Nozomi due to her dense spiritual pressure. It acts like incredibly amplified gravity, forcing enemies to expend more energy against her than normal and make their abilities more sluggish, unless purposefully excluded from the effects by Nozomi herself. All abilities used by enemies will be increased in cost of resources by up to 100%, directly depending on their proximity to her within the area of effect. This will also effect Nozomi who cannot exlude herself, making her abilities cost 50% more than they normally would. Additionally, the effects of gravity on her opponents will be increased by up to one-hundred times, also directly depending on their proximity to her within the area of effect

As a more deliberate action, Nozomi can flip a switch in her mind and essentially reverse her field, nullifying gravity within the area and launching objects into the air telekinetically to throw off their balance and sense of direction.This can last as long as she desires while in this form, and can be ended at will with a sharp return of gravity, sending affected objects and entities flying back down to the ground with a brief overpowering kinetic force. Afterward, the Null Field will return to its default effects.

Tides of Salvation: This is a persistent effect that lasts as long as Nozomi is in her Wahrender form, affecting spiritual beings with strange pulses of energy that intermittently radiate out from her body. Once during every post, she will release a shockwave of her energy in every direction, like a white barrier rapidly expanding away from her up to one kilometer in diameter. When this field passes through an enemy it will disrupt them, freezing their momentum while it passes through them and breaking apart any abilities they may have been charging at the time, UNLESS they remain relatively still (Movements of organs and fluids within the body don't count, breathing or other actions that create movement visible from the outside of the body DO count). Nozomi can willfully cause these shockwaves to repulse enemies, masses, or energies in the direction of them, sending them flying away with a massive concussive force equal to the strength of one of Nozomi's attacks in this form. She can also cause the shockwave to attack one's mind when it passes through them, causing it to deliver a mind-splitting pain to them that does not truly harm them but provides an extremely powerful illusion that can wittle down even the strongest of willpowers. This mental attack is directly affected by the Willpower skill, and thus affects a person greater based on their stat. Nozomi can purposefully exclude entities from the effects of these pulses, and can also completely suppress them at will.

Hand of the Goddess: Perhaps the most important ability Nozomi possesses while in her Wahrender form is this, and it is culmination of her supreme mastery in control over spiritual energy, and also the main element that allows her to retain this form for extended periods of time. All Quincy can absorb Reishi from the environment to some degree, before combining it with their own to sustain combat. This takes it to a whole other level, essentially enslaving flowing energies of all types over a vast area, and assimilating it like a black hole in both nature and scope, a point where almost no energy can resist. Even in areas with low amounts of spiritual energy, Xaser will still be releasing his Esper at a constant rate to serve as her fuel. With Nozomi's experiences coming into contact with all sorts of energy from Chaos to mere electricity, she has mastered being able to utilize them all, and even analyze foreign energies on the fly to eventually be able to use them as well. This, along with a special energy metabolism contained within her body, she can break down the energies to take only the necessary power while expelling negative compounds that would usually be included. Tainted or poison energy types will not affect her in any way, but she will recieve slightly less energy from them. A great and very common example of this is how she can take Xaser's corrupt Esper energy, and purify it despite its incredible complexity. This grants her a vast reserve of energy already, as well as retaining the percentage bonus to her physical capability and overall power that Esper's field would normally grant her.

Nozomi's touch will be like deadly poison, as making contact or even coming close to something with some type of energy will suck the entity dry like a vacuum would, ravenous and gluttonous. One touch could kill most lesser beings from the sheer speed of the energy absorption, and also greatly weaken some stronger beings. Plantlife will wither to brown from even being near her, as will many small creatures such as insects of Hell Butterflies. This effect can be resisted relatively well if she is not touching the target, but direct skin-to-skin touch will cause dire effects to the victim despite most defenses, because many defenses tend to thrive off of energy as well. Nozomi can willfully control this effect, however.

The final and most notable capability of this skill is that of being able to produce and wield absolutely gargantuan amounts of a Quincy's raw energy, the same type that goes into making a Holy Arrow. Most Quincy have definite forms for their energy, whether it be a bow, a gun, a sword, an axe... Nozomi has the benefit of being the very first Quincy and therefore can freely manipulate this bright white energy. It retains all the same properties of her Holy Arrows, but amplified in her ascended form. This energy is capable of eradicating mass with ease in its ten-thousand degree Fahrenheit temperatures, especially effective against Hollow and Arrancar mass. There is hardly a limit to how much she can control at once, usually only stopped by how much energy is available to use. And each moment that passes increases that amount, snowballing out of control rather quickly.

Render Fiction: The gift to will away your opponent's futile attempts to harm you, is a powerful one, and Nozomi possesses that power while in this form. Any single power that is utilized, no matter the size so long as it is only one thing, can be rendered into nothingness with a mere thought on Nozomi's part, its effects never taking place, never harming a single thing. Additionally, all energy that went into making it would be purified and transferred to Nozomi, increasing her own power as she performs the technique. This is the power to make reality fiction, and displays the godlike power she possesses while in her Wahrender form, however it does not come without its limits. The first limit is that of a cooldown, only being able to be utilized if it has not taken place in the last post. Additionally, it does not affect more than one single object or power, so that scattered projectiles or rapid fire attacks will hardly be effected by this. Additionally, while the action may seem to occur instantaneously, in reality it proceeds as such: an invisible barrier will encompass the object and shift form if it does, then after one complete second complete its effect upon it. This cannot be dodged, but it can be blocked with barriers that can blot out energy (and strong ones too). This does not effect characters.

Words of a Goddess: With the mere sound of her voice, Nozomi can bend the wills of those who hear her, causing them to obey her commands. If she utilizes her Words of a Goddess, any who can hear it will be susceptible to the effects, which influence people to varying degrees based on their Willpower skill. Starting from the bottom, a person with Beginner Willpower will absolutely not be able to resist the words of Nozomi, immediately acting upon her voice without hesitation or question, nor even discontent. In fact, obeying her will deliver an utterly euphoric sensation to them. Next, those of Adept Willpower will have similar troubles, almost entirely incapable of resisting her voice and receiving the same pleasure from obeying her. The only exception here comes from commands that are so heavily against their nature that there is a glimmer of hope to resist it: They must use every fiber of their being to resist the command, and reassert who they are. If they cannot grasp a complete hold of their own identity, they will fail to resist. Still, even if they manage to break the hold of such a command, it can cause severe damage to their own body as both the heart and the mind wish to obey, leaving only the soul left. Internal ruptures, loss of sanity, and permanent disabilities can all be caused by resisting Nozomi's commands. The damage that can be done is so much that it might even be better to just obey. For someone with Advanced Willpower, resisting actually becomes feasible, especially if Nozomi orders them to do something so erratically against their nature, or to kill themselves. They will receive a nosebleed or a headache or something along those lines, but they will be able to resist by remembering who they are and telling Nozomi to get the hell out. However, if the command is moderate or small, and not opposing one's personality, they will have much more difficulty, being able to cause the same damage to themselves as an Adept would trying to resist a command at all. Then there are those of Master Willpower, who will be able to resist most commands with no trouble. Only the minor ones will give them trouble, and cause minor mental and physical pain, but not completely force them. At the very least, obeying Nozomi will still grant them a pleasurable feeling. Finally, Grandmaster level Willpower will render a person immune to this ability, though they will be able to sense that is being used.

Spirit of Light: When Nozomi assumes such a transcendent form, her physiology alters and becomes something more than just human. The reason behind the glow that radiates off of her is because she transforms it into an energetic being, which alters key attributes of herself. No longer is she affected by pitiful things such as poison, pain, madness, exhaustion, or any status effect that is not self-inflicted by herself. She cannot be debilitated by foreign magics or abilities, negating dirty tricks that would normally bring her down to another's level. She is pure of such nonsense due to her altered make-up. Additionally, this form allows her to move in a new and superior fashion; as she is energy, she can travel as such, disregarding her physicality and shooting through the air like lightning, in terms of speed and fashion. As she is energy, she also is capable of incinerating matter by touch with up to one-hundred thousand degree Fahrenheit temperatures, if she wills it. Another aspect of this complete energetic make-up is the fact that Nozomi is no longer confined to a set physical form, as it is now completely amorphous. It is more comfortable for her to assume the shape and colors of her human for, but she can completely transform her looks to that of another person, or undertake an inhuman shape. She can stretch, shrink, grow, split, twist, and mold her form based on the energy around her. Due to this, Nozomi's consciousness cannot be eliminated by targeting the vital organ that usually controls that: The brain. In fact, damaging her at all can prove quite difficult, as only by destroying the energy (not breaking or bending it) will she ever take 'damage'.

Wish: A last ditch effort hard-coded into the form, when Nozomi is backed into a corner with only one way out. When the only path seems to be death, a miracle occurs and makes another option, sacrificing all the energy left within her and reducing the lady into a state of comatose. In a flash of white light that can be seen from the moon, she and Xaser will evaporate into nothingness, disappearing from any known dimension. In a process that takes a month, energy will be collected in the quest to bring her back to reality in her original form, in a random area within a spiritually-concentrated realm (From Earth, to Soul Society, to Hueco Mundo). Furthermore, Nozomi will be in a weakened state that nullifies her own powers and forces her to rely on Xaser for another month afterward. She will need much rest to recover after using this ability.

Power Overwhelming: While in this state, Nozomi wields an extreme amount of power while retaining her human form, and this unfortunately clashes drastically. Some a soft and vulnerable body was never meant to contain such power, and Nozomi pays the price for it by lacking perfection—there are several crucial weaknesses that can be taken advantage of. For one: Nozomi possesses a physiology that is very difficult to harm, but cannot be maintained all the time due to its reliance on energy. So, when Nozomi is using powerful techniques that require vast amounts of energy for offensive purposes, her defenses falter. For this window of time, Nozomi is thrust into a half-human and half-energy state in which she cannot ignore the limitations of her human body, and can be damaged by physical means as well. Not only that, but her armor weakens as well, making it easier to pierce. The harder offenses Nozomi uses, the weaker defenses she retains.

Secondly, without Xaser inside of her body, she becomes that much more fragile and loses some degree of control over her own power. Without Xaser, she is capable of overexerting herself and damaging her own body when she pushes to hard. If her output becomes too extreme, flares of her energy will rupture out from her body, temporarily disrupting her concentration and perhaps weakening her abilities for a short time that can be taken advantage of. However, the most devastating effect of this is something that only occurs once Nozomi returns to her normal form. For every rupture she caused, a massive wound will be reflected upon her body that glows orange-hot with Esper energies, making it difficult to repair. These injuries leave Nozomi weaker and make it difficult for her to move until they're healed, which can take anywhere from a week to several months depending on the severity.



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True Form: At this level of power, Nozomi has achieved a state that transcends race; Godship. It is a form that has nothing to do with her Quincy blood, her humanity, or the Hollow Xaser that resides within her—she has reached this height through power alone, and while it is not anything near a true god's omnipotence, this form boasts an otherworldly strength that can easily threaten the safety of the very world she stands upon. Nozomi is no longer an entity bound by her flesh and blood, as shown when she reveals her true appearance in this new form of the Goddess. Her lower body seems to fade away into a star-littered darkness as she floats upon the air. Tendrils of darkness rise from her black clothes like plumes of steam, while in contrast the pale skin of hers emits a dim white glow as though it is formed of light. Her form seems to be ethereal, as if nothing more than an illusion. Her eyes are the most unearthly of all, a piercing red that can be seen even when others look away, as if one is always aware of her gaze even if they can't tell from where it is coming from. The size of Nozomi is variable, as she can will herself to nearly any size she desires, whether it be able to fit within the palm of a hand, or the gargantuan size of a colossus.

While this may be her true form, it is not always appropriate to assume it all the time. This power thus remains within the heart of Eldrazi, protected by the empire's defenses. From there, Nozomi can send a body or multiple bodies that resemble her human form and possess her base powers across the world, controlling them remotely. They are her senses and her will, and even should they die it would be no great loss to her. However, should the power of the Goddess ever be required outside the walls of Eldrazi, she can be summoned on top of one of the bodies by consuming it, essentially releasing her final form. While Nozomi is in this state, all powers granted by her Wahrender: Heilengel form are at her command, as well as improved by up to ten times their original strength. Additionally, new abilities are known of a greater power, rightful for one who calls herself a goddess:

  • Lodernstrahl — This is one of the new Holy Arrow types of Nozomi's goddess form, one which radiates with so much energy that it glows with a blinding light that burns at everything its luminescence touches at a constant rate. The arrow flies more slowly than others and can be maneuvered more easily due to that. The longer this arrow remains in the air, the longer its light is able to vaporize the material around it. The strength of this light is more than enough to burn away a whole person in one post, and all other mass seems to evaporate just as easily. The only protection against the light, of course, are the shadows, and it takes a slight fraction of a second under this special light before it starts affecting something, so it is not unavoidable. The arrow itself is not especially strong upon impact, but when it finally hits something it expends all remaining energy within itself to empower the radiant burn for one last post, causing anything within one-hundred meters to be incinerated at a much faster rate. Overall, this holy arrow can last three posts maximum as normal before it begins the final process automatically. Blocking it or destroying it also results in the final process as well.

  • Licht Elemental — Licht Elemental, or otherwise the Light Elemental, is an ability of Nozomi to create entities from her Quincy energy at will, whose form is amorphous and changeable at will. These shapeshifting creatures are not affected by exhaustion, poison, gravity, or other such things given their make-up, and they are capable of acting independently of Nozomi's will if the need arises. Licht Elementals possess the same Quincy abilities that Nozomi possesses while in her base human form, excepting the Ahmt Alles. They also possess the same "Spirit of Light" trait from Nozomi's Wahrender due to their energetic form. Hundreds of these entities may exist on once and their only limit seems to be how much energy exists in the area to sustain them. This ability allows her to summon an army at will even if her own followers are not present; such is the power of a Goddess.

  • Verheiland — There is no place safe from a God's wrath, as Nozomi can make the very ground beneath one's feet betray them. With Verheiland, she can touch any given mass and imbue her energy through it rapidly, causing it to temporarily shift into the searing Quincy energy that Holy Arrows are made from. Upon the transformation, it loses its previous state of matter and other traits, meaning that one cannot stand upon it, and it will vaporize most matter it comes into contact with temperatures akin to the sun's surface. Additionally as it becomes Quincy energy, Nozomi can freely manipulate it as so and release Holy Arrow attacks from this energy as though she fired from her own weapon. When Nozomi's influence leaves the affected matter, it reverts back to the state it was in before. This ability cannot affect gases or other types of energy.

  • Sternefall — This is a powerful Quincy ability in which Nozomi seems to call down the very power of the stars to assist her. With one thought, a great ball of light falls from the sky, starting from beyond the atmosphere of the planet (or similar distance if the setting is away from Earth). This 'star' is made of highly condensed energy, and can be made to be any size from a small marble to a city-sized meteor, to varying effects. The density of this attack causes even the smallest size Sternefall to be incredibly devastating, capable of shattering through most obstacles and causing an explosion akin to a bomb dropped from a warplane. The largest sized attack that Nozomi can call down has possible world-destroying capabilities, easily enough to send a large country into oblivion from the blast alone. Any attempt to destroy the larger-scale Sternefall would only cause it to break apart into an array of smaller ones that scatter in a spread upon the battlefield. Due to the unbelievably destructive nature of Sternefall at its greatest, it is best utilized within the pocket realm of The End.

  • Lebensterne (Event Only) — Not only can Nozomi call down the stars in her God Form, but she can birth them as well; a creator of the galaxies, she could be called. By collecting excessive amounts of spiritual energy into a very small point, she can cause a powerful reaction that results in the creation of a star-like ball of Quincy energy, with the power of a normal star confined into a smaller size within the palm of her hand—which can change depending on Nozomi's current size. This pseudo-star is strong enough to give powerful light and heat to an entire country, which is incredible when experienced from a distance... but can easily set the land and skies ablaze when up close, melting away anything with low tolerance to the radiation. This ball can also be thrown like a projectile, but it moves extremely slowly, especially the larger it is, only difficult to dodge due to its immense size. At will, Nozomi can even cause the star to go nova, releasing all of the Quincy energy at once in a calamitous explosion that can rock the world. Otherwise, the ball of light remains self-sustaining due to constant reactions of energy inside, much like a normal star.

    An unusual secondary ability of Lebensterne can be caused if Nozomi overloads the energy collected during the birthing process, with more than sustainable amounts of power. This will cause a black-hole-like sphere of energy to be created instead. It blazes pure white as it its gravitational pull is not great enough to pull in light, however it still can tear up the nearby crust of the planet and anything unfortunate to be on top of it with its pull. Also different from black holes is that things don't disappear when passing into it, and instead will just be compressed with immense forces from all sides while simultaneously being incinerated by the energies making it up. Nozomi can terminate this variant at will as well, causing everything trapped within its core to suddenly hyper-compress into a soccer ball sized sphere of matter.

  • The End — A pocket dimension known as the End was created by Nozomi that consists of an endless space, where gravity exists flowing eternally down, but there is no matter within, and no place to land on. It is completely pitch black except for an array of faraway stars in every direction that make it appear like a clear night sky. No matter how far one goes, they will never reach the stars, however. Nozomi is able to impose this dimension over an existing one using her abilities: She summons a marble-sized black sphere and channels her energy into it for one post to activate it, causing it to rapidly expand up to a radius of one-thousand meters before locking. Anything that is captured within the area of the sphere is placed into The End, while everything outside is kept from passing into the pocket dimension by the membrane of the marble. While inside, there are no boundaries and no exit until the dimension is dispelled, after which the marble will shrink again and everything caught within is thrust back to where it was before in the real world. However, any changes that occurred within will be carried over, including death.

  • Mercy — Like any god, Nozomi has those who follow under her and fight for her, and yet if her power were only the destruction she could cause, then her followers would fall alongside her enemies. Such is not the case, for the light of the Quincy Energy Nozomi produces affects those she deems allies in a completely different way, restoring their life rather than taking it. An ally hit by an attack from Nozomi will not be damage whatsoever, and instead be healed from the same amount that they would lose normally, with the only exception being that this power cannot restore life to the already fallen. If one were to be bathed in the light of an overwhelmingly powerful attack that would claim their life several times over, they'd instead find themselves completely healed and rejuvenated in an instant, making it extremely hard to take down those under Nozomi's care. Also, if an attack would be so powerful that it could heal them completely and then some, then a shield of light will encompass them, protecting them from an amount of damage equal to that extra which would have been restored. However, this shield will last only one post before fading.

Saca Dila---

Aera the Living Shadow: Meet Aera, the Black World construct formed in Nozomi's image, or rather, against her image. Meant to be her 'opposite', Aera is a being almost as equally powerful as Nozomi, but representing the element of chaos wherein Nozomi represents control. The two were meant to have fought one-on-one, but such a fair match had never taken place. Rather, the original had acted preemptively, locating Aera in an undeveloped fetal state within the Black World before promptly abducting her. Rather than let the spawn take its natural course, she shaped and molded the being through its growth, placing chains upon her before she became uncontrollable and perhaps a major threat to the world. Thus, when Aera reached adulthood, rather than becoming the epitome of chaos, she became Nozomi's own personal bundle of controlled chaos instead. She was bound to the First Quincy as her shadow, only released from this state upon Nozomi's will. And it was Nozomi's will that dictated her every action, allowing her to abuse the best of chaos with her power of control. Of course, Aera doesn't quite care, given as how drastically her personality was altered. The being can hardly represent chaos anymore in her current state, being nothing more than a servant to the First Quincy.

Still, even though Nozomi can direct this entity as she wishes, she is the only one who can truly predict what will come next from her with perfect accuracy. To everyone else, Aera is someone—or something—that cannot be controlled or expected. Her actions and her powers turn any fight into disarray, leaving enemies unsure of her, and unsure of themselves. She possesses major themes of disruption, probability, and reality-warping techniques that throw all the normal rules out of the window. Once Nozomi awakens this beast from her latent slumber in her shadow, this usually becomes the curtain call for her enemies, for Aera is almost as powerful as Nozomi, and possesses an Excore of her own. The combination of control and chaos usually becomes too much for anyone to handle. For the most part, Aera possesses many of the same abilities that Nozomi does, excepting her alternate forms. Those are replaced with her own set of abilities, as follows.
  • Disruption Field — Aera passively emits a wavelength not of energy, but of a concept: essentially, imaginary force. Despite technically not existing, it still is powerful enough of a concept to have an effect on reality, and this effect is of pure chaos. Normally ten meters in radius, anything within this range is assuredly sent into a state of disarray, disrupting the flow of energy drastically so that abilities either cannot be formed at all or backfire horribly when attempted. Attacks that pass into the sphere go haywire and end up failing in one way or another. This chaos works more than just on abilities, however, as people inside feel the effects on their mentality, causing the nerves to send their signals to the wrong places or not at all—this would cause an attempt to move one part of the body to actually move another, or allow a person to hear something they otherwise would normally see, or just not be able to move or sense things at all. Their emotions could possibly go haywire, random thoughts popping into their mind that they did not actually think of, or thoughts of their own disappearing. It is almost impossible to fight within such a range of Aera due to this. And naturally, other devices would malfunction or not work either, such as electronics, constructs, or other tech.

    There is an active component to this as well, that works up to as far as Aera can reach with Esper energy. She can forcibly produce this same sort of disruption in areas she directs it to, but to a lesser degree. While as the area around herself is the penultimate of chaos, the areas she creates are minor, and can be resisted with powerful control, focus, and willpower. It is because these fields rely on the power of Esper, while the main aura does not. As for exceptions, anything that is already pure chaos or very close to it would not be affected by this power, just as neither Aera herself nor Nozomi are.

  • Living End — Nothing is more final than Dead Matter a type of matter that any substance can be transformed into, but can never be turned back. This black viscous sludge is useless, as it cannot be transformed into anything else, it does not provide energy and cannot be used as a fuel source, and no energy can be imbued into it to cause it do anything other than lie there. It doesn't matter if the affected mass is a legendary artifact, an indestructible armor, or a magically-imbued amulet. This is the ultimate end, and Aera's very touch has the ability to turn anything into this Dead Matter state. Any part of her flesh that touches any other part of matter can be used to cause this shift, though the process is slow and it cannot spread more than five feet from the original point of contact. This degradation will indeed spread through the object and any other object touching it, including the air, but will stop after five feet. It is Aera's hands that are the most dangerous, for the spread occurs much more quickly when she uses that part of her body to cause it, but she has less control over it and often ends up destroying the things she touches. That is why she wears those white mittens, which can suppress Aera from using her power with her hands even if the mittens too can be melted by it.

    What's hypocritical about Aera's power is that she can actually make use of Dead Matter... Not through manipulating it with Esper, but again by using an imaginary force, a conceptation to control it. She is the Living End and thus she is able to will this state of matter as she pleases, using it to attack or defend herself by creating form out of the sludge. While it does not have much physical durability or power behind it, its main power is to extend her death touch to anything that makes contact with the Dead Matter, thus spreading the corruption further. With this ability, the Dead Matter can quickly grow out of control, but luckily, it goes back to just being regular pointless sludge while Aera is not controlling it or she becomes latent. It is a fun fact that not even Nozomi can manipulate Dead Matter.

  • Masochism — Another passive ability of Aera is her powerful trait of masochism. It is more than just receiving pleasure from pain here; Aera's power grows stronger the more damage that is inflicted upon her, up to infinitum. When she receives wounds, her durability, physical strength, speed, and vitality all increase greatly, and grow exponentially the more damage she receives. Notice that even her vitality grows, meaning that even being dealt a normally lethal wound would only make her feel more alive, not put her down. This power of Masochism keeps her alive, allowing her to act even if she should not normally be able to; yet another imaginary force. One lethal wound is enough to cause her physical traits to equal the average of a zero tier's power, and beyond that it can grow to unimaginable heights. Theoretically, if she was to be completely destroyed except for a single particle, her power would approach infinity, effectively more powerful than any other entity in the universe, though at that point Aera could not effectively act. Still, this means that Aera is more effectively suppressed than she is dealt with through harm. For without any bodily harm dealt to her, she remains with only the same physical power as Nozomi herself without enhancements, barely stronger than a powerless human. Note that physical harm is the only type that activates this trait, as damage to her spirit or her mind does not count.

  • CHAOS WORLD!!! — Aera's signature technique is Chaos World, an ability that affects a massive area with her a chaotic surge of power, affecting all those caught within with unpredictable waves that warp reality in a completely random matter. It begins with a single pulse that expands out to five miles before creating a barrier between the world they are currently in and the Chaos World. Those within are the ones trapped in the Chaos World, no longer inhabiting the place they were in before. This ability only ends when Aera terminates it, or the barrier is broken, though the barrier can only be broken with equally powerful techniques used upon it, something on the level of ultimate abilities for zero tiers. Now, after being activated, an ability occurs once at the beginning of every round of posts, starting with Aera's, though exactly what happens is determined by chance. A d70 is rolled to determine the effect, which is taken from the following table. The effects are permanent unless otherwise stated.

    (01) Nothing happens.
    (02) Hundreds of thousands of Vecta Luctuosa Wasps suddenly spawn all through the Chaos World, attacking any nearby living thing with ferocity. For each wasp that dies during this round, another one spawns, but no longer reincarnate after the round ends.
    (03) For the duration of the round, smooth jazz plays directly into the minds of all beings within the Chaos World.
    (04) For the duration of the round, storm clouds immediately form and begin to rain literal cats and dogs of various breeds over the area of the Chaos World, turning to normal heavy rain after the round ends.
    (05) For the duration of the round, all non-plant living things shrink down to the size of an ant, before shifting back to their original size afterward.
    (06) A unicorn magically spawns within ten feet of Aera, unsure of how it got there.
    (07) For the duration of the round, all blood that makes contact with the air outside of one's body instantaneously explodes with the force of ten dynamite per ounce.
    (08) For the duration of the round, all living things within the Chaos World lose all their powers and gain the ability to shoot ten-feet wide fireballs from their palms instead. This does not cancel Chaos World.
    (09) For the duration of the round, all living things within the Chaos World lose all their powers and gain the ability to shoot confetti from their palms instead. This does not cancel Chaos World.
    (10) For the duration of the round, all living humanoid creatures within the Chaos World uncontrollably vomit an unidentified rainbow fluid from their mouths.
    (11) For the duration of the round, all non-powerless characters within the Chaos World gain the ability to instantaneously teleport at will.
    (12) For the duration of the round, gravity reverses within the Chaos World.
    (13) For the duration of the round, all living things within the Chaos World become hopelessly intoxicated as if by liquor. After the round ends, their stupor is replaced with a terrible hangover.
    (14) For the duration of the round, all living humanoid beings within the Chaos World shift into the opposite gender if applicable. At the end of the round, if they identify more with their new gender than their old, then they retain the gender permanently.
    (15) All living things within the Chaos World acquire an embarrassing permanent tattoo on an unclothed part of their body.
    (16) All sunlight within the Chaos World now severely burns living matter for 1d6 rounds, capable of burning away flesh of any character irregardless of their tier.
    (17) All horizontally flat surfaces within the Chaos World now behaves like lava, which can be sunken into, is extremely hot, and releases smoke, but does not change appearance or flow like normal liquid. This lasts 1d4 rounds.
    (18) A chocolate muffin hits all non-powerless characters in the forehead.
    (19) All characters of zero tier within the Chaos World lose their spiritual sense and sense of sight for the duration of the round.
    (20) For the duration of the round, all living humanoid beings within the Chaos World have the bottom half of their body turned to stone.
    (21) 4d6 minivan-sized meteors fall from the sky over the Chaos World.
    (22) All living humanoid beings within the Chaos World acquire one physical trait from their favorite animal upon their body.
    (23) For the duration of the round, all living beings within the Chaos World cannot speak except by yelling loudly.
    (24) All material possessions within five feet of all living beings is turn into solid gold.
    (25) The eyes of all living beings within the Chaos World emit a bright light like a flashlight for the duration of the round.
    (26) All characters within the Living World have a 50% chance to have their age reduced to 7 for the duration of the round.
    (27) All clothing within the Chaos World turns to steam.
    (28) A Star Destroyer ship appears in the atmosphere above the Chaos World and begins firing its weapons down into the area. This Star Destroyer is fully staffed with imperials and storm troopers. It does not disappear when Chaos World ends, but stops firing.
    (29) All characters within the Chaos World must change their face claim for the duration of the round. When the round ends, if the character identifies more with their new appearance, it becomes permanent.
    (30) The gravity within Chaos World increases by ten times for the duration of the round.
    (31) A random tsunami with a height of one kilometer hits from the West of the Chaos World and disappears in the East.
    032) The weaponry of all characters within the Chaos World turns into gingerbread.
    (33) Clothing of all clothed characters within the Chaos World is swapped with their nearest enemy.
    (34) A one-kilometer large three-headed Hydra appears somewhere within the Chaos World. Whenever a head is cut off, two more grow from the stump to replace it in the next round.
    (35) The empire state building falls from the sky onto a random character within the Chaos World.
    (36) A stampede of endless bulls appears from the South and rampages to the North for 1d4 rounds.
    (37) For 1d6 rounds, whenever any proper noun is spoken by a character, lightning strikes within 1 foot of the speaker.
    (38) A huge pit opens up beneath Aera that is one-hundred feet wide and one mile deep.
    (39) For 1d3 rounds, all characters become extremely famished, and cannot take any action unless they eat something during that round.
    (40) A geyser of lava erupts from directly below each character
    (41) For the duration of the round, all living humanoid beings within the Chaos World forget how to walk.
    (42) For the duration of the round, all characters no longer wish to fight and instead act friendly toward each other.
    (43) The hair of all living beings within the Chaos World spontaneously combusts.
    (44) The first ability used by all zero tier characters within the Chaos World fails spectacularly, until the end of the round.
    (45) For the duration of the round, all non-powerless characters within the Chaos World grow to become 1 kilometer tall, then shrink back to their normal size afterward.
    (46) For 1d4 rounds. all non-powerless characters within the Chaos World acquire a pet dog on a leash that they cannot let go of. Any damage inflicted upon the dog is doubly inflicted upon the owner.
    (47) For 1d4 rounds, no living being within the Chaos World can tell a lie.
    (48) A fake nose and mustache appears on the face of all living beings within the Chaos World that hurts when pulled off.
    (49) A random object within ten feet of Aera becomes sentient and can move on its own.
    (50) For the duration of the round, all living beings perceive all other living beings as kittens.
    (51) For the duration of the round, all characters become strongly magnetized, and attracts all metal within 100 feet to them.
    (52) For 1d6 rounds, all characters within Chaos World lose the ability fly or jump through any means.
    (53) For the duration of the round, a perfect replica of the Titanic appears and floats through the air within the Chaos World, then falls down to the ground after the round ends.
    (54) All characters within the Chaos World suddenly become chained by the ankle to an indestructible Anvil.
    (55) A giant red fire-breathing dragon is spawned within the Chaos World and attempts to attack any non-powerless character.
    (56) For 1d3 rounds, all characters within the Chaos World drop whatever they are holding in their hands and cannot hold anything in their hands for the duration.
    (57) For 1d3 rounds, all projectiles launched by a character home onto that character without fail.
    (58) For 1d3 rounds, all living beings within the Chaos World begin to slowly wither unless they are indoors.
    (59) For 1d3 rounds, all living beings within the Chaos World begin to slowly wither unless they are outdoors.
    (60) A dandelion sprouts from the heads of all living humanoid beings within the Chaos World.
    (61) A piano falls from the sky onto all characters within the Chaos World
    (62) A powerful tornado appears in the Chaos World that homes in on the nearest character.
    (63) Any weapon a character within the Chaos World is holding suddenly teleports to the last place they had slept.
    (64) For 1d3 rounds, hundreds of thousands of pieces of popcorn will wink into existence over the duration with an audible pop, throughout the Chaos World.
    (65) For 1d3 rounds, all NPCs react to the PCs with astonishing ferocity.
    (66) For 1d3 rounds, all NPCs believe that the PCs are actors recording for a movie, and cheer from the sidelines.
    (67) For the duration of the round, each character within the Chaos World must reveal at least one horrible truth about themselves to another nearby character.
    (68) For the duration of the round, the skin of each character becomes incredibly adhesive.
    (69) For 1d3 rounds, a powerful earthquake rages on within the Chaos World
    (70) Roll 3 d70s and produce the effect of the roll of all three as determined by this table except this one.

  • Unknown Power — As fitting for a being of chaos, Aera's full power can't quite be mapped out, as she can always perform some trick that could never have been expected. That kind of power is represented by Unknown Power, which can literally be anything. While rarely seen, Aera can pull out an ability from nowhere and utilize it if the situation is demanding of it, whether it be because she is pushed to an extreme, or because of the significance of the moment. When that case occurs, she pulls the Unknown Power out of the throes of Chaos and slings it out irregardless of her lack of experience with that power. The strength of that ability can never truly exceed her own level of power, however.



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---Host Equipment


  • The Paragon: The Paragon is a specialized firearm that can take life away in a flash, no matter how powerful the victim is. The weapon is a long-barreled, 13mm Gauss Handgun known only by the name "Paragon". A Gaussgun is a type of projectile accelerator that consists of one or more electromagnetic coils in the configuration of a synchronous linear electric motor. These are used to accelerate a magnetic projectile to the extremely high velocity of two-thousand meters per second. The Paragon consists of a solenoid coil of wire, and an electromagnet with a ferromagnetic projectile placed at one of its ends. The clip for the Paragon holds a single round, and reloading the weapon is a hassle. Firing it only once generates enough heat to melt a person alive with the mere exhaust of the weapon; there is an exhaust port that projects the steam away from her after each shot for about three seconds. Even then, the cartridge cannot be ejected until temperatures are brought to a safer range, injecting a long cooldown between each shot of the hand cannon (1 shot every 2 posts). Only after can the weapon be reloaded again and prepped for firing. This heavily limits the potential of the weapon, but the payload is often worth the wait. The power output of the gaussgun has been witnessed to be able to puncture and perforate a modern American-calss battleship from any direction and fly out of the other side with more than half its initial strength. Needless to say, a human body will be obliterating by a single well-placed shot.

    What makes the weapon even more dangerous is the type of ammunition Nozomi has constructed for the weapon, specialized against beings with energy signatures. In other words, the Paragon is essentially purposed for slaying superheroes and supervillains; anyone with the ability to manipulate energy, use superpowers, or is somehow beyond human capability. The material used in the weapon—of unknown origin—reacts violently to the presence of these factors and wreaks havoc on them. Again, in layman's terms, the projectile will cause catastrophic damage on the bodies of superpowered individuals, beyond the already destructive force of the round itself. The more powerful they are, the harder they will fall. The projectile does not react to anything supernatural; it pierces any defense or offense made through one's powers and destroys it utterly. This does not have the same effect on natural armors or technology; only the supernatural. Nozomi has a finite amount of rounds for the weapon given the rejection of energy that material possesses, which she can store within her Sleight of Hand. She carries twelve of these shots on her person at once, and once she runs out she'll have to manually create more back in Eldrazi using specialized equipment. She cannot produce more on the fly with her abilities.

  • Flute of Piercing Melody: From all angles, this appears simply to be a stainless steel flute, with all the right keys and a length of one foot and two inches. Well, it's primary 'ability' isn't anything special either; it's a flute, and thus it can spew music if one knows how to play it. However, Nozomi's inventive mind added a few little bells and whistles to the flute that allows it to produce an intense high-pitched sound that can cause sonic damage to those unfortunate to be within fifty meters of the flute while it plays at top volume, even if they attempt to cover their ears with their hands. The sound can easily vibrate through flesh and most any object used to cover the ears due to the make of said objects. A device has to be specially designed to counteract voluminous sounds in order to prevent harm from this flute. Otherwise, the tone will deafen the victims to all other sounds, disrupting any thought processes they are having, disorienting their senses and balance, and causing their ears to bleed. Too much of this treatment can permanently hamper one's ears, or otherwise permanently deafen them.

  • Electro-Magnetic Pulse Device: This is a small, lightweight metal remote build to be perfectly formed to Nozomi's grip, with a silvery top half bolted to a black bottom half. Upon the top half are three buttons easily reached by the thumb, yet not so much that they are accidentally pressed. They are labeled in order of scale, the first reading 'personal', the second being 'communal', and the third and final a very appropriate red button that says 'Holy Shit'. Each of them creates an electro-magnetic pulse of a certain size corresponding to their various designations. The first and smallest, 'personal', fires off a wave in the direction the remote is aimed, traveling out 100 meters and boasting a width of ten meters for good measure. The middle, 'communal', creates an EMP that travels out in all directions for fifty meters which ultimately covers a greater area than its predecessor. The final button, who's title does not need to be repeated, will unleash a pulse that covers a spherical volume of ten kilometers in diameter. For those uneducated, an EMP emits a certain type of radiation that is not harmful to anything but electronics. Said electronics hit the the wave will immediately be shut down and incapable of turning back on for nearly an hour. Electronic signals in the area will also be interrupted by an EMP, as the radiation interferes with them for their nature. The device itself is not immune to its own abilities, but can be reused when it reactivates.

  • Sleight of Hand: These are brown thin leather gloves with a special kanji seal on the inside of the palms, surrounded by a dull yellow circle. They rise up just above the wrists, and have a latex band at the opening to secure it on the hand. Not much more to that than that. These gloves have the capability to quickly seal and unseal objects with a simple thought. The kanji seal on the glove represents an infinitely compact space, where physical objects can be infinitely shrunk and stored within the space. All it requires is a non-living object to have one part of it within a foot of the kanji seal, and the user can will it into the glove. The object will be seen to implode before being absorbed into the seal, yet the unsealing process will reverse this process and summon the object to hand in the same exact condition it had entered. The strange thing about this glove is that it does not require spiritual energy, and despite its magic its power is absolute regardless of any suppression or sealing attempted on it. Requiring only Nozomi's willpower to utilize it, it can be used even in dire situations.

  • Guardian Contacts: By themselves, these are clear contacts with three black rings of differing sizes, each encompassing the next. When these fuse with one's eyes, it will give the ability of the eyes to transform into any appearance at the user's will, thus rendering its own look invalid. These specially-made contacts do not work in the typical fashion, and instead fuse with the user's eyes with the help of a small prod of Reishi, or diffuse in the same fashion. When fused, these contacts will protect the eyes of most common ailments. For example, any extremely bright flashes or lights that may afflict the user's eyes with blindness are intercepted by the contacts and dulled so that the user may look directly at the source without any issues. Also, any irritants to the eyes from gasses or liquids will have their effects completely nullified as they hit the membrane of the contact.

  • Rebreather Filter: This is a small metallic device meant to be embedded within one's throat without hindering any human functions, and thus is incredibly small. It doesn't have any real aesthetic traits, due to the fact it goes unseen. This is a Reishi-enhanced filter invented and crafted by Nozomi, that is placed into the user's throat in a process of surgery. Once done, it becomes a filter that not only will keep out poisons automatically, but allow the user to recycle their exhalations into breathable air. As long as the user keeps their mouth closed and does not breathe through their nose, they can use the rebreather filter to potentially breathe clean air endlessly.

  • Sonic Mercy: This is a set of special earplug devices that fit discreetly into the ears. They are made of metal, coated in rubber for comfort and to fit better. The whole thing is black, and difficult to see unless looking directly into the user's ears. This set of earplug devices has the ability to automatically plug the ears when they intercept a sound loud enough to damage the user's ears. Normally, the plugs don't completely block out sound, just muffling it enough to keep the user safe during the duration of the loud sound, preventing physical damage, mental damage, bleeding, and other negative effects. As a side effect, all other sounds are difficult to hear while they are plugged this way. However, Nozomi can also manually control these earplugs to shut them with the will of her mind, and is capable of blocking out all sound with them as opposed to just some. This device was created by Nozomi to directly counteract any harmful effect of her flute.

  • Watch Dog The Watch Dog by all appearances is a cellular smart-phone. There is no old-fashioned keyboard, opting instead for a touch screen that is operated by the fingers. The entire device is four inches high, two point twenty-five inches wide, and merely point three inches thick. The liquid crystal display is minimal for this day and age, with its modest resolution of 2250 x 4000 and approximately 1200 pixels per inch. There is a port for a headset, that doubles for a jack into any USB port, but nothing in the ways of a wall plug charger. Instead, a single solar panel is embedded into the back, a design absurdly ahead of its time in efficiency, which can bring the phone's charge up from zero to a hundred five seconds under the sun's rays, or ten minutes under the moon's reflected light; it also appears to even make use of electrical light, but can take upwards from an hour using such a source solely. The casing is not cheap-o plastic, as Nozomi chose to use a metal chassis for this one, supremely sturdy and holds the electronics within in place even under extreme conditions—the phone could be launched from the cliff of a canyon to the very bottom, and not be damage in the slightest. It would literally take some intentional demolishing of the object to break it. Alternatively, the back could be taken off, where one would think would be removed to replace the battery, but unlike most modern phones this plate is screwed in tightly. If it were to be removed, one would find a very cramped, but very well organized array of technology that would be incomprehensible to all but the most profound of technologic prodigies; certainly not anyone with a normal intelligence. Some of the more clear aspects of the parts within are the connectors to the solar panel, and the fact that an incredible amount of miniaturized technology. In actuality, this is called 'Picotechnology', the next step from Nanotechnology, and without it, there is no way this phone could have the horsepower to do what it does.

    Basic Functionality: By basic functionality, it means that anyone who gets their hands on this phone can essentially use these features; what they'll find is what any other smart phone can do, and better. There's no logo or identifier within the phone to indicate what service it appears to fall under, as it happens to poach whatever signal is strongest in the area, and amplify it a dozen fold; very few parts of the world don't have a signal that this phone can use. Bypassing a simple encoding for cellular service is child's play for a device of this caliber, and tested by Nozomi herself to adapt to changes in the encoding. On the other hand, this phone is a ghost in the system, stealthed and undetectable by anything service providers are working with, and thus is probably incapable of being disconnected with shutting down the entire system, or being traced as a typical phone could be. Any charges made will fade into oblivion, as if paid but with no money transferred. It can access and run any application provided in the various stores, using a universal operating system that encompasses the functionality of current generation operating systems. Regarding phone numbers, the user can essentially create their own on a whim, capable of setting it within the options menu in the phone. If the number would be taken anywhere else in the world, the device simply will override the system and steal that number away, leaving the previous owner to deal with the mess of having to get a new one. Now for internet access, this phone continues to steal whatever signals are available and amplify then, providing excellent connections in a user-friendly fashion. It will automatically connect wirelessly to the strongest, ignoring the password required in much the same way it ignores service encoding, as the user moves around the world. Finally, whatever CPU that seems to be running the device accelerates load times hundreds of times, so that there is little to no wait moving from place to place on the phone, accessing programs and changing pages.

    Advanced Functionality: When Nozomi gets a hold of this phone, it's true usage becomes apparent, as she can interface with the device using her technopathic abilities. This unlocks hidden functionality of grand proportions, transforming the 'Watch Dog' into a powerful platform of wireless hacking. Using a specially designed signal augmented with Nozomi's abilities, she can use this phone as a medium and a focus to essentially exploit, override, control, and re-purpose everything electronic within a mile of her. The Watch Dog does have the capability to work within the confines of any system, but generally most security has surpassed such methods already. Nozomi tends to bypass security entirely, transmitting the signal through currents of electricity, or targeting only individual areas of a machine without having to go through the mess of any code whatsoever. She can take direct feed of a device before it goes into the system, or operate an individual servo by itself. In a more advanced nature, Nozomi can pinpoint and strike the force driving the security system and crush it with superior and more flexible coding, before accessing what she needs. And finally if it comes to it, she can brute-force the security with her mind through the Watch Dog, as she can throw millions upon millions of codes out within a split second with her accelerated thought process. Whichever method is used, once a security or encryption is overtaken, Nozomi can directly control the affected device with her technopathic abilities, and even go as far as re-purposing it beyond what it was originally intended for. Transforming a security camera into a laser gun? She could do that given a couple seconds, among many other things. She can also use the device as a base of sorts if it is connected to a system or spider web of signals, delving deeper into it to gain further control or simply access what there is to see. To sum it all up, the Watch Dog can hack pretty much anything when Nozomi uses it, and use it to her liking.

  • W.C.I. Network: Eldrazi comes up short in no regard, especially not its defense. It is vested greatly in protecting its utopia with whatever means necessary. At the core of its security is the W.C.I. Network, Eldrazi's answer to the Yuudeshi Network. As previously stated, the W.C.I. acts like a sort of living code; the currents are very fluid and adaptable. For example, if a section of an Eldrazi building is destroyed or otherwise corrupted or hacked, the flow of information will be able to circumvent and find a new path without hindering the whole of the system. Inversely, as new structures are formed or expanded upon, then the current will pervade it in response. There are, strangely, no signals involved with any information produced by the Network, or otherwise the air would be clogged up with too many of them. Instead, if there is empty space between two ends, then the information will immediately be warped between sides as if they were connected. The data stream created by Nozomi for this network instinctively teleports through a modified garganta only functional for such a case as this. As a result of this method, information travels much faster through the Eldrazi Dominion, able to connect the two farthest points of the Dominion by no more than a handful of milliseconds. Additionally, this method also makes peering into the system difficult, as its combination of technology and spiritual powers require a technique utilizing both to access it. It also must come up with a way to 'catch' the necessary information, for it goes extremely fast and any unauthorized presence into the system will cause the currents to move out of the way and consider the hacked area as "corrupted".

    The Network turns the whole of Eldrazi into a massive living entity, with special abilities of its own. Through the medium of code, it can transform any section of a structure, or even the terrain, into a sensory device. It can greatly harden the substance of a wall or create energy shielding around the edges. It can cause the structures to move and mold itself for whatever purposes it sees fit. And often, it can combat any hostilities by creating weaponry. With the combination of the massive energy circulating through its circuits, and its capability of self-rewriting, nearly any weapon can be formed from the bits and pieces in Eldrazi. Most commonly, it creates what has been coined as the Helion Cannon to fire a refined beam of solar energy from its barrel in a straight line, capable of cutting through the hardest metals on the first go. It possesses a heat equal to the temperature of the core of the supergiant star that it retrieves its energy from.Beyond physical combat, the W.C.I. Network is proficient in cyberwarfare, or the sabotaging and hacking of other electronics systems remotely. It can run its code through other networks, using its superior, almost organic complexity to take them over. Purely synthetic code has a limit, so that no matter how complex it becomes, it can not advance beyond the organic variance of the W.C.I. It can resist for a time at best, which causes the takeover to be slow. A unique side effect of this organic code is the creation of the holographic avatar of the W.C.I. network, or Virtual Interface. Named Vi, this virtual interface can appear in any two-dimensional or three-dimensional space as a holographic image made of light particles. It appears as a female woman, though its visual may be changed at any time.

  • Arbiter: This is Nozomi's eye in the sky, a gargantuan technological construct that hovers one measure further than the typical human satellite, with the capabilities of a warship and an observation station. It appears as a sleek silver ship with gentle blue glows lining the outside, and lenses littering what is presumed to be the main bridge. It is completely autonomous thanks to the W.C.I. network, with Vi essentially piloting it. It can accelerate up to a speed of 50,000 miles per hour, see from every angle visually except directly behind it, and has an entire suite of self-defense systems. Its main purpose is to be able to see down to Earth from a bird's eye view with excellent clarity despite its distance from the planet, and it succeeds spectacularly at that. With that capability it becomes a source of information and feeds that information to the W.C.I. for Eldrazi's and Nozomi's sake.

    At any time, Nozomi can call down an Ion Strike from the Arbiter down to the Earth, which will cause the ship to charge a dense mass of ions for a few moments before releasing it in a beam straight downwards. This beam, a ten meter thick pillar of blue-tinged white light, will near instantaneously strike the ground and cause an energetic explosion upon impact that can vaporize matter in a one-hundred meter radius. Not only that, but all electronics within a mile will be knocked out as a result as the ions interfere with the currents. The area will become a dead zone temporarily. It takes two posts for the weapon to cool down before it can be fired again. As for its space warfare capabilities, the Ion Strike is unreliable. Instead, it utilizes Quincy like abilities to defend itself.

    Of Lightsteel: The Arbiter's form is made of a mystical alloy called 'Lightsteel', the cheaper substitute to Darksteel, both of which were created by Nozomi. Lightsteel is an advanced defensive material that varies in hardness and durability, which is reflected by a dull sheen. Normally the alloy itself is particularly dense, more difficult to penetrate than the thick titanium hull of a modern battleship. It sounds impressive, but really falls short of the job when it comes to facing the deadliest of foes, which is where it's abilities come in. The metal gets its name from the subtle shine it gives off when its barrier is up; an outer layer of energy that acts as a buffer to incredibly powerful attacks. Light strikes and basic blasts will merely bounce of harmlessly without touching the Lightsteel; the barrier will also thwart some high tier assaults with little effect. It takes an incredible attack to break past this barrier... But it only takes one seam to disable the entire field, rendering the Lightsteel dull. From there the Arbiter is considerably more vulnerable, and damage to the armor itself is a lot more permanent. Because, once the barrier of this armor is down for some time (One minute), it will recharge full-force.

    Quincy Weaponry: The Arbiter utilizes Quincy energy to power it, fire its weaponry, and defend itself, the same type that goes into making a Holy Arrow. When the Arbiter is launched into space, it leaves with a large reservoir of this energy, and must return to the ground to refuel, given as there is no energy in space to steal as a Quincy would normally be able to do. The Arbiter possesses an array of cannons capable of expelling this energy in the form of Holy Arrows. This energy retains all the same properties of Holy Arrows, capable of eradicating mass with ease in its ten-thousand degree Fahrenheit temperatures, especially effective against Hollow and Arrancar mass, but just as able to do the job against anything else.

NPC Information---

Hadelinde: Hadelinde is Nozomi's first exploration of creating life by herself. She constructed a suit of armor and breathed a living soul into it, a soul that she had created by her own power. What resulted was an animate entity capable of self-awareness and an intelligence not only rivaling but surpassing the capabilities of a normal human mind. It also turned out to be the prototype for a later line of constructs that would serve as Nozomi's elite forces. Hadelinde herself however, was given the purpose of being her creator's personal body guard, linked to her by the power of the Excore.

Der Rüstung Streiter: Der Rüstung Streiter, a small army of twenty-six identical constructs of armor, are the result of her experimentation with the prototype 'Hadelinde'. She would not only imbue an individual living soul into each of them, but beget upon them the powers of a Quincy. While there may only be a few of these, each of them is capable of handling an army by themselves, around the level of a Gotei 13 Captain when it comes to raw power. They are brutal, cunning, efficient, and completely obedient to Nozomi's word. They serve her as a personal elite force, Der Rüstung Streiter

Quincy and Graustrom Quincy: As Nozomi created her own empire of Eldrazi, she became a queen. And any good monarchy has its own army. The main army of Eldrazi is composed of both Quincy and a variant race called Graustrom, ranking from tier 2-1++ to 0-5. The Graustrom are not unlike standard Quincy, though they are much more resilient than standard Quincy and all have one thing in common: They are resurrected souls of ancient Quincy exterminated long ago. Now, they serve as Nozomi's footmen, taking care of everything from standard policing to military duties.

Praetorian Forces: Another force of Eldrazi's fighting force, the Praetorians are machines that act as the primary policers and enforcers of Eldrazi law. They operate solely within Eldrazi borders, and cannot travel outside the boundaries of the land. It is up to them to keep the land of Eldrazi running smoothly.

Draken Armada: The Draken are the air force of the Eldrazi military, steel dragons imbued with technology and a soul their own. They possess Quincy-like abilities and watch over Eldrazi from above. The citizens tend not to see them, and if so only rarely. Outside the borders, they are a little more common, keeping watch for any who would threaten the security of the empire.

Eldrazi Titans: The final cornerstone of the Eldrazi military are the colossal behemoths known as Eldrazi titans, who represent what terrifying force the empire possesses when it comes to war. They do not fight much, and act more as a deterrent to would-be enemies. These are not seen inside the borders of Eldrazi for the simple fact of being too big, and too destructive.

VI: V.I. stands for Virtual Interface, though it also doubles as a name. Meet an artificial intelligence that expands the entirety of Eldrazi's lands, permeating every inch of of the ground, air, and structures. It is easily surpasses the capability of a human mind, and seems to have the same autonomy and willpower of any living thing. Vi doesn't have a set form, but it can cause itself to appear anywhere in the world using light particles to create a hologram, and interact with people by manipulating sound waves. Vi is empire of Eldrazi, alive.

---Extra Information

Ziamichi Class:

General Skills:
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Quincy Skills:
  • Archery: Master
  • Hirenkyaku: Master
  • Reishi Manipulation: Grand Master
  • Tool Usages: Advanced

Hollow Skills:
  • Acid Skill: Master
  • Garganta: Master
  • Cero/Bala: Advanced
  • Regeneration: Advanced

Ziamichi Skills:
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Master
  • Control Over Spirit: Master
  • Seal Strength: Master
  • Sync Rate: Master

Will Skills:
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Grand Master
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master


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Eldrazi Information---

A new empire rises! The Dominion of Eldrazi, or simply Eldrazi, was once an amalgamation of countries in southern Asia under one doctrine. Nozomi, the First Quincy, subjugated the governments of all of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, replacing them with a more standardized system that all falls under her rule. However, as the circumstances of Earth became to hostile for her own tastes, Nozomi sought to bring this empire elsewhere—into the stars. Eldrazi has been reconstructed, transformed into a self-contained stellar object approximately the size of Luna, Earth's Moon. With an outer shell of metal, its denizens are protected within where Eldrazi's manufactured-yet-natural landscapes are sustained.

For the most part they are still left to their own devices, but always give the last word to their leader, for good reason. In the advent of Eldrazi, she has swept away the old society and replaced it with a new utopia; a civilization of the future. With Eldrazi, Nozomi has sought to solve many of the greatest issues of the world, from the dependence on money to limitations on resources, standard of living to the complications of climate. These problems that plagued the world had always persisted, seeming impossible to resolve, but Nozomi would find a way by implanting herself into the structure of Eldrazi, using her power to produce the resources and direction that her Dominion needed. And with that, most problems seemed to subside in due time. Despite holding total control, she has developed a strong policy of putting her people first, sacrificing to make sure her population is more than content—a feat that had never been achieved by previous great leaders. Nozomi was a being whom could create resources from nothing, whom could address every individual of her Empire personally and perceive their desires. Whatever was necessary, Nozomi would create with her own power. Nozomi became more than just a ruler; she became Eldrazi. The Dominion is an extension of herself.

Eldrazi began in a very rushed state. Many countries were taken over at once, and as they were annexed their society would become changed over few days. Some were thrust from their homes—Nozomi proclaimed herself capable of reading the intentions of their minds, judging certain people to be undeserving of the coming Utopia, reducing the population of countries by no small percentage of 20%. Those that remained beheld the transformation of their architecture, standard modern structures being replaced with gleaming towers and silver streets. In conjunction, Nozomi would seamlessly terraform the natural elements of the land and incorporate them alongside the technological architecture of Eldrazi. She took the best of nature and the best of artifice and combined them to impose her vision of beauty. Yet, it was more than just aesthetic purposes; it had function. Throughout the substance of each and every inch of Eldrazi was a code beyond any that had ever been created before. It was both synthetic and organic in nature, with Nozomi as its heart. This code, coined as the Worldly Cooperation and Intervention Network (W.C.I. Network), was like a mind in itself, very fluid and adaptable like a living organism. Yet it was just as efficient as a machine. It allowed the structures of Eldrazi to shift and improve themselves, and for any one facet to communicate with another regardless of distance. Eldrazi comes out to be a well-oiled machine compared to systems of other countries. This, along with Nozomi’s own efforts, allowed for the transition into utopia to occur very quickly.

Economy: People who once lived on the streets and foraged for scraps now lived like kings, and no man or woman was left behind in this way. Eldrazi’s economy works differently than in most societies in that there is a lack of one; there is no money and there are no price tags. A recognizable class system does not exist. People are allowed to have nearly whatever they desire, and if it cannot be found within Eldrazi’s borders, requisitions may be composed to import foreign items. That made jobs and businesses largely unnecessary, meaning that the W.C.I. Network would take care of the vacuum that that left. In short, Eldrazi held a monopoly over every single product within it, though with price being a non-issue and most designs being tailored to the customers every detail, it worked out rather perfectly. There were no imports besides the requisitions into Eldrazi, and Nozomi maintained the previous exports of the sub-countries only for the sake of not disturbing the rest of the world’s economy. It did beg the question, though, as to what people would aspire to if anything at all. With no need for money, and no real jobs to take, there was still an obvious void. It is true that should a person wish to do nothing with their life but revel in the gifts given by Nozomi’s utopia, they could. But it is when a person has aspirations to something that Nozomi listens, and gives them the resources to allow them not only to follow those aspirations but become great in them, even if unnecessary. When this happens, it is something born of passion, and not for the necessity of wealth. It eliminates the stress factor and allows a person to pursue formerly repressed dreams. And if they go above and beyond, they could even end up influencing the future of Eldrazi with their ideas or inventions.

There remains a sizable vacuum even despite this system, leaving many people who wish to achieve nothing and possess everything. Nozomi has recognized a new form of currency arising in the world: Power. The existence of the spiritual realms is no longer a secret, and the masses are aware of the magic around them. Spiritual power is not a thing that can be bought; it must be unlocked from within, or granted by another. It is at the deepest roots of a human being to desire power, and yet for most, it seems like an impossible feat. In Eldrazi, Nozomi has created a system much like schooling, which develops powers within a person and helps them utilize them. Anyone can go, from the youths to the seniors, starting with or without powers, and they will spends decades honing spiritual power. This system shall always be maintained, and there shall be no shortcuts regarding it. Through it, there is always something people may choose to aspire to, and work towards for their lives. Nozomi urges the people of her Dominion to use this education and to enlist with her military force, to protect the utopia she has granted them. Those who take this path become a part of a new generation of Quincies.

Infrastructure: Eldrazi architecture can be recognized easily, as it is so far different from that of any other place on Earth. It is comprised of two parts; silver and green, each color representing a different aspect of Eldrazi. Silver represents the metal structures that make up most residencies and functional buildings such as schools or outlets. This does not mean that everything is literally silver, for there are many splashes of blue or orange intermixed, and with residencies specifically people are allowed to customize the colors of their home much like they would paint an ordinary house. Now, silver architecture is very sharp and angular, utilizing many 45 degree turns throughout the structure. Another interesting aspect of it is its verticality, with Eldrazi cities rising high into the skies. Some of the structures seem to defy gravity by floating in the air without being connected to anything. Most of the time they serve only an aesthetic purpose though. The color green represents the natural aspect of Eldrazi, from plant-life to lakes, and animals and insects. It is a highly-controlled nature, especially cultivated to bring additional beauty to the land and remove the problematic elements that harm more than they help. This controlled nature replaces what once was—the middle-eastern deserts and their searing climate, as well as the overgrown jungles in southern Asia with their sometimes dangerous wildlife. Together, these two colors craft an exquisite utopia for the people of Eldrazi, almost too perfect.

Besides the looks, Eldrazi works like a very well-oiled machine, one that has access to nearly limitless resources. We begin with the source of energy, something needed by all modern civilizations. Nozomi has reached into the final frontier, picking out solar masses extremely far out; planetless, supergiant stars. Giving birth to a new era of solar energy, she has created power plants that house within them a highly stable rift connecting directly into these stars. Energy would be extracted directly from the core of the star, housed within powerful machines capable of containing it. Should the machinery ever be damaged, the rift would close immediately, to prevent a potentially worldwide cataclysm. That being said, the risk of this technique would easily produce enough energy to run everything within Eldrazi a billion times over, for a billion years. Even if the supergiant star would be exhausted of energy, a new one could simply be chosen as the next host. This energy would be transferred through the W.C.I. Network to translate it into most applications, and best of all there would be zero emissions to this energy. The biggest downside of these power plants is the size of the structures needed to contain everything, with each the size of a small town alone. Thankfully, few are needed and are spread far between.

The applications of energy are a great many in Eldrazi. Nozomi has already displayed her prowess in being able to create matter from energy; now, she's created machines that do that same thing, but on a more specific basis. A restaurant in Eldrazi would take a mass of energy from the W.C.I. Network and then convert it into a meal of the customer's preference. A library in Eldrazi would retrieve a book's 'blueprint' from an archive and then use the energy to create the book, in paperback, hardbound, or holographic. A toy store in Eldrazi would take specifications from the customer to create whatever toy they like, using the same energy. Any material object, save for certain restrictions, could be created so long as one goes to the right place. Energy is also expended in order to maintain Eldrazi's strange atmosphere: an aura abound with power. It has properties that energize its residents, keeping them in good shape and in a good mood. The air smells sweeter, the colors seem more vivid, and the temperature is just right. And those with spiritual power feel stronger than in any other place, for this aura enhances their abilities a great deal.

Regarding transportation, you'll find few vehicles. It is not a necessity in Eldrazi to have a personal mode of transportation, when most things are already in reach. Any place that one needs to be, they can get to using Rift Stations: There are hubs scattered about the cities of Eldrazi with portals, portals that take a person from any one place in Eldrazi to another instantly, provided they indicate where they are going before entering. Tickets are given out to bystanders by friendly Praetorians, with a specific ID coded to a place in the Dominion. This ID is scanned and expended when a person moves through a portal with it, sending them to their destination in a split second. Should a person be unsure of where they are supposed to go, they can always consult a Praetorian to educate themselves. Despite the existence of the Rift Stations, there are individuals who acquire and drive their own personal vehicles anyways. However, only hover models are allowed within Eldrazi as the streets are reserved for pedestrians (there are no roads for land-based cars). Additionally, people must either learn how to drive safely and acquire a license, or allow the car to drive itself based on speech, to keep the airways safe. Accidents are few, but have occurred before in Eldrazi.

Education has largely been cut out of the nation, unrecognizable from the systems of other countries. There are no schools for general education anymore, as they have been replaced by a far more efficient and effortless program, publicly available to all residents. Nozomi has the capability to transfer complicated thoughts into the mind of another near-instantaneously, and thus, she can also create machines to do the task in her stead much like she did with her matter creation ability. Taking only about five to ten minutes per subject, willing individuals can imprint years' or decades' worth of information into their mind. This imprinting method also makes it harder to forget the lessons learned, so that the information sticks. There are restrictions to this system, however, as it can only be done so many times a day, and overall, so that the recipient's mind isn't overloaded. Praetorians firmly uphold these limitations to protect their citizens.

Culture: Living in Eldrazi is as much the same as it is different from life outside; at first the changes stand starkly. Starting with the citizens, the people of Eldrazi are much more likely to feel worry-free of situations, knowing than anything bad would likely be taken care of automatically by the mechanisms of the Dominion. Crime has long fallen by the wayside due to the systems in place, and the empire's defenses would surely protect them from any outside attacks. They are also provided nearly anything they could want, and thus are more likely to just go with the flow and not bite the hand that fed them. Eldrazi's citizens are much more civil and friendly than outsiders would be used to, for it has been the focus of their leader to improve their lives. One can assume that any person living within Eldrazi will be friendly, content, and passive, due to an environment that efficiently and effectively gets rid off crime and hostility. These people are often seen in public if they are the social type, taking advantage of the pedestrian-only streets to go to the parks or community hubs scattered about the land. The introverts of Eldrazi are more likely to stay inside their own homes, as they can acquire anything they need without needing to even move. Also being the home of the Quincy, many can be found here in Eldrazi.

Besides the people, the synthetics of the Dominion are also often seen: From the friendly Praetorian drones that hover about, to the occasional Draken that can be seen far overhead like a plane in the sky. They patrol primarily, but also have their own specific tasks as well. The Praetorians function as the citizens' guides should a terminal not be nearby, or as police should a situation call for it. Draken make sure everything is in order, and wait to be called upon for more dangerous tasks that the Praetorians cannot handle. One thing to get used to will be the shifting structures of cities, constantly optimizing the layout of the land, or otherwise creating new structures for the cities. Through one night, a library you frequented could be replaced by a movie theater; thankfully, friendly Praetorians would always be available to direct you to the library's new location. This aspect makes people consider Eldrazi as alive in a way, which would be accurate. It makes the idea of utopia feel more real.

Speaking of perceptions, it is every individuals right to believe in whatever they want, with no doctrine or religion forced upon them. In fact, Eldrazi will support them in their religions, constructing shrines or places of worship for them if they want it, and recognizing their beliefs as partially substantial. Many people kept the old religions of their old countries, without any repercussions. However, such drastic changes in culture have created new beliefs within Eldrazi. Given the deeds of Nozomi in creating this new utopia, doing the impossible things she did to achieve it, some have changed their views to regard her as some sort of deitic figure. She publicly refutes it, but certainly does not mind the religion she's spawned. Additionally, due to some encouragement on Nozomi's part, a resurgence of the Manifest Destiny way of thinking was created. She, along with a sizable group within Eldrazi wish to spread the Dominion all across the world, sharing with all their utopia.'

Culture: Eldrazi comes up short in no regard, especially not its defense. It is vested greatly in protecting its utopia with whatever means necessary. At the core of its security is the W.C.I. Network, Eldrazi's answer to the Yuudeshi Network. As previously stated, the W.C.I. acts like a sort of living code; the currents are very fluid and adaptable. For example, if a section of an Eldrazi building is destroyed or otherwise corrupted or hacked, the flow of information will be able to circumvent and find a new path without hindering the whole of the system. Inversely, as new structures are formed or expanded upon, then the current will pervade it in response. There are, strangely, no signals involved with any information produced by the Network, or otherwise the air would be clogged up with too many of them. Instead, if there is empty space between two ends, then the information will immediately be warped between sides as if they were connected. The data stream created by Nozomi for this network instinctively teleports through a modified garganta only functional for such a case as this. As a result of this method, information travels much faster through the Eldrazi Dominion, able to connect the two farthest points of the Dominion by no more than a handful of milliseconds. Additionally, this method also makes peering into the system difficult, as its combination of technology and spiritual powers require a technique utilizing both to access it. It also must come up with a way to 'catch' the necessary information, for it goes extremely fast and any unauthorized presence into the system will cause the currents to move out of the way and consider the hacked area as "corrupted".

The Network turns the whole of Eldrazi into a massive living entity, with special abilities of its own. Through the medium of code, it can transform any section of a structure, or even the terrain, into a sensory device. It can greatly harden the substance of a wall or create energy shielding around the edges. It can cause the structures to move and mold itself for whatever purposes it sees fit. And often, it can combat any hostilities by creating weaponry. With the combination of the massive energy circulating through its circuits, and its capability of self-rewriting, nearly any weapon can be formed from the bits and pieces in Eldrazi. Most commonly, it creates what has been coined as the Helion Cannon to fire a refined beam of solar energy from its barrel in a straight line, capable of cutting through the hardest metals on the first go. It possesses a heat equal to the temperature of the core of the supergiant star that it retrieves its energy from.Beyond physical combat, the W.C.I. Network is proficient in cyberwarfare, or the sabotaging and hacking of other electronics systems remotely. It can run its code through other networks, using its superior, almost organic complexity to take them over. Purely synthetic code has a limit, so that no matter how complex it becomes, it can not advance beyond the organic variance of the W.C.I. It can resist for a time at best, which causes the takeover to be slow. A unique side effect of this organic code is the creation of the holographic avatar of the W.C.I. network, or Virtual Interface. Named Vi, this virtual interface can appear in any two-dimensional or three-dimensional space as a holographic image made of light particles. It appears as a female woman, though its visual may be changed at any time.

Praetorians — The W.C.I. doesn't work alone in Eldrazi's defense; there are the Praetorian Drones, whom serve as internal defense and general assistance synthetics. There are almost as many Praetorians as there are people within the nation, and it is easy to spot them flying through the airways by just looking up from the ground. These machines are fully integrated into the W.C.I. and act as its arms and legs.

Draken — In addition to the Praetorians are the Draken, serving as the main part of Eldrazi's air forces. True to their name, these synthetics take the form of dragons, and are a much more fearsome sight than the simple drones. Half of them fly so high in the sky that they are specks in the air when seen from the ground. The rest are either deactivated and grounded, only to be restored for war purposes, or otherwise watching over the cities like sentinels. Unlike the Praetorians, Draken may travel outside the boundaries of the Dominion.

Quincies and Graustrom — Eldrazi could be known as the land of the Quincies, not only because its leader, Nozomi, was the first Quincy, but because it originally had begun as a haven to the Quincies who rejected the heretical Vandenreich. It still is in a way the home to the Quincies, for Vandenreich has disbanded. Nozomi welcomed whoever would come into her land's borders, doing her best to give them the life of their dreams. In addition to that, new Quincies would be cultivated through Eldrazi's "Power economy". Irregardless of their origins, Nozomi would strongly urge these Quincies to join her military and help defend Eldrazi from would-be enemies. Given everything that her utopia has granted, this call would not go unanswered. Thus, an army of Quincies would make up the majority of her ground forces, though compared to others this would be much smaller in strength. As a solution to this problem, the Graustrom would be introduced—all the of the Quincies that had been killed during the Quincy-Shinigami war were resurrected in a distorted form, almost like zombies. It still did not expand her army further than other major contenders, but it allowed her to rival them.

Titans — The Eldrazi Titans are Nozomi's nuclear deterrent, an alien organic race created by Nozomi for one thing: Destruction. These mindless beasts are held on a leash by the First Quincy and made to do her bidding, and they wield the power to bring unbridled devastation. These gigantic amalgamations of flesh are kept outside of the walls of the Dominion, wandering around them so that they are safely kept apart from the population. These titans are only called upon during wartime or with special need by Nozomi herself.



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Subject Post 9PostSubject: Re: Nozomi, The First Quincy [Approved 0-2++/0-1 in any release]   Mon Mar 28, 2016 11:18 am

It defies reality and physics with its very existence, and is incapable of being stopped or destroyed by any force in the known universe."

I want this to be corrected. The reason I'm not allowing this is because of the absolute rule. I don't care if it's difficult to be stopped or destroyed, but I won't allow it being incapable to be destroyed. I'm not budging on this.

"The only limits to the wielder of this generator is the amount of energy they can withdraw from the Excore, and the control they can hold over this energy. "

Since this is similar to the URE Sphere, I'd impose the same limit: the more damage Nozomi's body takes, the harder it should be to draw from this energy. As, at some point, it needs to deplete. Otherwise, it's non-sense.

"Every post after the first in which Xaser spreads this dark energy, the total effectiveness of each of Esper's abilities increases by 1000% from the base,"

Nah @ 1000%

You are gonna have to rework that a different way. I don't mind augmentation boost and what not, so try and work it in a way that says: "Every post after the first, his base is improved by five times" or something like that.

Also, since this ability is pretty extensive, I'd like to see another drawback or limitation to it. @ Esper

As for Capabilities? I'd want her to only be able to use one function at a time. She should also only be able to use 4-5 applications of it at a given time.

With a lot of the stuff in Radiance? Please just convert that into post as opposed to seconds or minutes.

And, with a lot of those cero techniques, it should be obvious, but leave a note that they drain a bit of energy and focus from her since they are performing pretty intense feats.

Esper Armor should also have a weakness or limitation associated with the amount of damage that Nozomi/Excore takes. Since, at some point, all defenses should wear down.

That's all for now before i move on to the next post.


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Subject Post 10PostSubject: Re: Nozomi, The First Quincy [Approved 0-2++/0-1 in any release]   Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:32 am

[THEFROST] wrote:
I want this to be corrected. The reason I'm not allowing this is because of the absolute rule. I don't care if it's difficult to be stopped or destroyed, but I won't allow it being incapable to be destroyed. I'm not budging on this.


Since this is similar to the URE Sphere, I'd impose the same limit: the more damage Nozomi's body takes, the harder it should be to draw from this energy. As, at some point, it needs to deplete. Otherwise, it's non-sense.
Just outdated words from an old version of the Excore, fixed it. Gave it appropriate weaknesses, the capability of being damaged.

[THEFROST] wrote:
Nah @ 1000%

You are gonna have to rework that a different way. I don't mind augmentation boost and what not, so try and work it in a way that says: "Every post after the first, his base is improved by five times" or something like that.

Also, since this ability is pretty extensive, I'd like to see another drawback or limitation to it. @ Esper
So... 500% 1000% is just another way of saying 10 times. I'll change it to your version though. I also added a new paragraph elaborating on Esper's weaknesses and how it is not simply just superior to other energies.

[THEFROST] wrote:
As for Capabilities? I'd want her to only be able to use one function at a time. She should also only be able to use 4-5 applications of it at a given time.
That being said, can I get this repealed? While Nozomi may need more weaknesses, I feel as if this area is not one that should be targeted. A lot of her abilities require the combination of many different capabilities at once to fight fluidly. Additionally, mental strength is her best point, so maintaining multiple different attacks at once should be someone like her is capable of. I'd say that what it comes down to is how much energy she has so far brought out, meaning her abilities are weak and limited at first but grow as time moves on.

[THEFROST] wrote:
With a lot of the stuff in Radiance? Please just convert that into post as opposed to seconds or minutes.
Eh... I'm not sure if you read it the whole way but I'm not using "seconds" as a timer for the ability considering Radiance is a constant effect. It's just how I worded it.

[THEFROST] wrote:
And, with a lot of those cero techniques, it should be obvious, but leave a note that they drain a bit of energy and focus from her since they are performing pretty intense feats.
Can I pass...? Okay sue me for being lazy but I feel this goes without saying. UNLESS specifically stated that something doesn't require energy, everything requires energy for my abilities, and an appropriate amount based on how powerful they are. I hope you can trust me when I say I wouldn't abuse the wording of my abilities to be literal to the dot. I'm not cheaty.

[THEFROST] wrote:
Esper Armor should also have a weakness or limitation associated with the amount of damage that Nozomi/Excore takes. Since, at some point, all defenses should wear down.
Same here, kinda. Esper Armor is an armor of energy, so to repair it and maintain it requires energy. It has a proper time frame of weakness for Nozomi to be wounded, and afterwards, energy is drained to replenish the armor. -nod nods-

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Nozomi, The First Quincy [Approved 0-2++/0-1 in any release]
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