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 Hitoshi's Gear

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Hitoshi [Adalric]
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Hitoshi's Gear   Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:31 pm

- Hollow Snaring Glove: In his quest to find a way to combine the powers of Quincy, Shinigami and Hollow, Hitoshi has spent a lot of time working with old logs and experimentation in Hueco Mundo, making the Hollow Snaring Glove. In appearance, this glove looks like an exact opposite of Hitoshi’s Bankai Ensnaring Glove, being white with a blue print of the Quincy on top of it. This device is one that follows an old principle used by the Vandenreich, but after lots of modifications and testing, has been enabled to do a very peculiar thing. Using the Quincy Sklaverei, Hitoshi has literally enslaved the Reishi particles making up a very powerful Hollow, sealing it’s essence inside a special metallic seal, integrated in the palm of the glove. Unlike his Zanpakutō that has been sealed inside, the Hollow is not alive anymore, it’s reishi making up the power stored inside, capable of being released by Hitoshi when the need for it rises. When the glove is activated, it functions similar to an Arrancar Resureccion, though instead of gaining powers that were hidden away like them, he gains powers stolen from another Hollow. Over time, the Glove might become stronger, though that still remains to be seen.


Hollow Name: Muramasa
Hollow Appearance: Muramasa takes the form of a humanoid Hollow, it’s body covered mostly in white armor made out of the same material as the Hollow’s mask. Starting at the feet, it has two pointy nails, running up to form shin-guards and armored tassets above it. The back of his fist and the entire back of his arm is covered in white Hollow material, capable of blocking quite some damage. In this form, Hitoshi’s hair grows out to fall well below his back, reaching all the way to his knees. His face is covered with a white mask that runs through into his back and chest armor, protruding shoulder plates and two small horns on both sides of his mask. Wrapping tightly around Hitoshi’s body, the Hollow’s power basically functions as a bodysuit, mostly used during moments when close combat is required. The white armor makes it much easier for him to withstand blows in close combat, while making his own hand to hand attacks much stronger in the process. One would think that it would be hard for him to see in this form, though he is capable of looking through small slits in the mask. Having nightmarish fake eyes on his lower arms, shoulders and shins, the entirety looks like a demonic Samurai.
Hollow Powers:
- Regeneration: During Hollow Mode, Hitoshi has control over a form of High Speed Regeneration, making it hard for enemies to take him down through conventional means. Unlike the stronger, pure Hollow and Arrancar, Hitoshi can not regenerate his heart or his brain.
- Cero: The signature move of all Hollow, Hitoshi can use the Hollow flash during his Muramasa form. Firing the signature red blast of energy from his hand or from the front of his mask, it is highly destructive, like all other Cero always are. Hitoshi is not capable of firing Bala, for he is not a true Hollow.
- Acid Skill: Like a Hollow, Hitoshi’s touch becomes acidic in this form, making normal kicks, punches and grapples more harmful then one might think. Hitoshi’s Acid skill has a few special abilities, for they affect his very Reiatsu. When one of his attacks hits an opponent or target, it can start searing or even melting flesh and bone. Capable of imbuing his bullets and strikes with this acid, he can invoke great pain in those that would choose to fight him.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Hitoshi's Gear   Wed Jan 16, 2013 2:22 pm

Everything looks good to me. So I'll be approving this equipment and moving it into the approved section.


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Hitoshi's Gear   Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:04 pm

Moved into archived

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Hitoshi's Gear
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