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 Glen "Echo" Brandt

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Glen "Echo" Brandt   Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:18 pm

| Z I A M I C H I |


Name: Glen "Echo" Brandt
Gender: Male
Age: 14
The Host Race: Quincy


Glen is a rather small boy being only 5'4. Glen also has a slim yet muscular build with tan skin and bright red hair that's spiked yet fluffed. He has large eyes with sharp pupils and is normally seen grinning a smile that makes him look that he is up to no good. .Glen tends to wear red and black themed clothing, wearing a skin tight maroon shirt under his sleeveless red jacket with a black fur collar. He wears a three layered brown and black belt that separates the bottom half of his jacket which hangs over his black pants with red designs. He also wears furred wristbands, fingerless gloves and red shoes.





Glen is a wild person as he tends not to really listen to what most people say to him as he could care less as to what people say. This is because Glen likes to do things his own way and not let people control him. Though Glen does have some understanding of authority as Glen is one to listen to those that he knows are superior to him in command. But this is something that does not happen a lot. And when people who have no business ordering Glen around give him an order. He tends to give them a very negative response, by calling them names and things of that sort. As Glen is one who tends to stay by himself. As he is an Outsider who does not fit in with most people that he comes into contact with. Since he is not even like most of the Quincy that he knows. This has caused Glen to become an outside and spend most of his days by himself. Though this also do to the fact that Glen with the most comfortable when by himself or those that he is really close to. But one of Glens biggest things that makes him stand out is his impulsiveness.

This is one of the most noticeable things about Glen as it gets him in a lot of trouble. As most times Glen will just run into a situation without thinking about himself or his comrades. This tends to make a lot of people not want to do team things with Glen as his impulsiveness tends to get most of the people that are with him hurt if they are not able to hold their own. And because Glen knows this he himself tends to now like to work with people as he does not want to worry about others getting hurt for his mistakes. Though Glen doesn't really have a conscious he just does not want people getting hurt and him having to deal with it in the middle of a fight, or mission. Since Glen feels that no matter what it is his job to help his team out even if he does not like them or want to.

And because of this the few people who do not mind working with Glen love to have him on their side. Since Glen is one of the most loyal people that you can find. Cause no matter what he will not leave his team behind. Though this can sometimes get Glen into trouble, as some people say that is one of his most fatal flaws. Since no matter the odds of the situation Glen will do whatever it takes to save them. Though most people do not understand why Glen is one so bent up on saving people. When Glen is a person who has no conscious about his actions, but it is due to Glen knowing that one most always help those on his side for without them he may not make to the end.

Another thing about Glen that a lot of people do not like about Glen is that he is arrogant. As Glen always feels that he is superior to most people that he comes into contact with. As he feels that his powers will never fail him and he can take on the world. And because of this Glen tends to never back down from a challenge even if he feels that he has no chance of winning. This is because Glen is one to never show fear to anyone. Plus Glen loves any challenge that is thrown at him. As he feels if there is no challenge in it then there is no point in doing it. This is something that tends to get Glen In a lot of trouble. As Glen from time to time finds himself in fights with opponents that are way stronger than he is, and it causes him to pay. Though unlike most arrogant people Glen understands that he is not number one and can be defeated in battle, he just knows that not a lot of people can accomplish that task.

One of the biggest things Glen has trouble controlling is his temper. As Glen is very hot headed, getting mad at some of the simplest things. As Glen has a lot of trouble trying to keep his cool. As Glen has a very fiery nature about him that can just been seen when he is looked at. Though unlike most people Glen can be calmed down very easily if you know the trick. But things like insulting his race or making fun of him or those that he is close to is something that will instantly set Glen off. Glen also can’t stand when people think that there is no one in the world that can defeat them in a fight. As even Glen understands that he can be defeated in a battle. Though one can easily calm Glen down by getting him away from the situation or feeding him, as Glen is a person who loves to eat food no matter what it is.

Even though Glen seems like a lot to handle he is the way he is because he does not want anyone to have to handle things for him. As he is sick and tired of people having to fix the problems he has caused and sacrificing their lives for him. And so no matter what Glen does whatever he can to make himself stronger so that he will ever have to let someone else fight his battles. Since he feels that the least he can do for his family now that they are gone is handle himself like they would of wanted him to so that they may rest in peace and never have to fight a battle for him again. Though most people do not know things like this about Glen as he is a very closed person who keeps his feelings inside.



Glen was born into a pure blooded family of Quincy, The Brandt. His family would be one of the biggest family of pure Quincy left in existence. Though a lot of people hated his family for the business that they did, as the Brandt family were also known as the “Burning Hunters” As the Brandt family was known for their special Quincy abilities and their bounty hunting business. As the Brandt’s were trained to be the best bounty hunters that money could buy. As it had been said that the Brandt’s never missed their target and always got the kill no matter the cost, though one could not expect a family of bounty hunters to go on for centuries without gaining a few enemies along the way.

Glen would be the third child of the head family in the Brandt family. Glen had to older twin siblings. A brother and sister by the name of Ken, and Kira. Though Glen did not always feel like he was meant to be in his family, as he could never live up to the family name. As Glen was like his older brother and sister who were pure prodigies when it came to their Quincy abilities. And this caused him to stick out among the rest of the family. Especially since the head family were suppose to be the leaders of the Family, as well as being the best. But Glen felt that he would never be able to become one of the best as he could never live up to what he was suppose to be. This would be due to the fact that he could hardly even summon his bow let along shoot arrows, at the age of six. And this would be the age that most members of the family were well along in their training. Though their where members like Glens brother and sister who could make their bow by the age of 4. And because of this Glen looked even worse than some of the kids who could not even make a bow till like thirteen. As he was suppose to be a prodigy like his brother and sister.

This made Glen somewhat of an outsider among his family, since no matter what Glen did he could never fit in. Since even when Glen did manage to accomplish something people would always bring up how his brother and sister managed to accomplish at a younger age. This tended to make Glen hate his siblings for all the talent that they had and he didn't. And because of this Glen started to become even more of an outsider never training with his family or spending time with them. As Glen felt that the only way he could ever get out of his siblings shadow was for him to become a new person and accomplish everything on his own. Though on one sad day Glen would leave his family house and get spotted by a very powerful demon who knew who Glen was.

And before Glen even knew what was going on the demon would end up using Glen to get into his family’s house and killing most of his family. Though Glen and his main family were the last to die as his brother and sister would sacrifice themselves to kill the demon and save Glen from death. This would make Glen feel like it was his fault that his whole clan had just been killed. Since if he had not tried to go out and lead the demon back to the house. Or if he had even been able to fight and help kill the demon then none of this would have happened. And now Glen was forced to live with this on his hand. As well as the fact that he would also now a homeless orphan. Since the house had pretty much been burnt to the ground during the fight. And at the age of nine years old glen had no idea what to do. This would lead to Glen just wondering around the world from place to place.

Until one fated day Glen would meet a demon who knew of Glen and his family. This Demon would offer to take Glen in and bring him to the demon world to live with him. Not having many choices Glen accepted the Demons offer. Once in the Demon world Glen would take on the Name Echo so that people would have a harder time finding out whom he was. On top of the Demon taking him in, the demon would also help Glen finish his Quincy training so that he would be able to hold himself In a fight in case anything ever happened to him in the Demon world. Though the Demon Seymour was somewhat only using Glen. As the demon had a plan for Glen, since the man did not just take in Glen for no reason. As from day one Seymour knew that he would need a host to hide himself off and hi felt that Glen would be the perfect person. And so one day Seymour would go to Glen and tell him the truth of everything and the possibilities of what could happen if Seymour sealed himself inside of Glen. And since Glen wanted the power he gladly took the offer that would change his life forever.

After the sealing Glen would go back to earth to try and live a normal life as a kid. Though he did have some problems, like with his new powers hollows were more attracted to him meaning more fights. Plus the fact that Glen had to deal with he had no place to stay. And so he would end up staying at a foster home for boys in the city until he could get the money to find his own place. Since even though the home was crowded with other boys and not what Glen was use to, it was better than living on the streets like he use to.



Ziamichi Spirit Name: Seymour Guado

Ziamichi Spirit Appearance:
Seymour is a tall demon who has blue eyes, light blue hair with two long locks similar in appearance to horns running down his back, and a large bang of hair falling over his face. He wears the ornate robes of a follower of Yevon, which are predominantly dark blue with red trimmings and a green sash. The robe above Seymour's waist is open, exposing his chest, and his sleeves fall to partially cover his hands. Seymour's fingers are more pointed than a human's, his ears are pointed as well. The veins on Seymour's face are pronounced, another trait passed from his father.

Ziamichi Personality:

Due to his cruel and lonely upbringing, Seymour has nihilistic views on life. Due to Sin's seemingly endless rebirth, Seymour believes as many do that Sin will always exist and sees death as a release from the sorrow and pain of life.
Though Seymour appears courteous and affable on the outside, this is merely a front to hide his sinister motives, and when called upon he drops the pretenses and reveals his true nature as an arrogant and cruel man. Seymour has no qualms with killing anyone who stands in the way of his objectives, rationalizing that by murdering them, he has saved them from the pain of life. Despite his negative traits, he does have a few redeemable ones: Like Seymour does care for Glen like he is his son, which is one of the reasons Seymour grants Glen full control over his powers without fighting back.

Ziamichi History:
Seymour was born a half demon to a woman of low class and a high ranked Demon. This would lead his child hood to be very different from most of the children that Seymour knew. As a lot of the children that lived around Seymour would have nothing to do with him as their parents feared that Seymour would hurt their children. This would lead for Seymour to spend most of his time by himself or with his mom, as the only person Seymour really any sort of relationship was his mother as she was his best and only friend. Though one day Seymour would be forced to live with his dad as his Mother was killed, though at this time without knowing Seymour was able to save his mothers soul.

At first Seymour was not custom to living in the demon world as he did not understand all the customs or the way Demons were towards each other. And this would lead to Seymour getting himself into a lot of trouble. As he would always somehow manage to offend some demon making them want to kill him until his father stepped in and saved him. Due to this Seymour’s father figured that it was now time Seymour learned how to use his Demon abilities and learn the rules of the Demon world. And so Seymour was sent off to a Shadow Fall Academy way off in the Demon world. Since his father figured that this was the best and only way for Seymour to learn how to handle himself in this world since his mother had babied him all of his life.

Seymour had trouble at first getting use to the way of the Academy as they pushed him to use his natural demon ability which was something that Seymour had never done before. Though it would soon be easy to tell that Seymour had a knack for Demon Magic, as it came easy to him like he was riding a bike. This would lead to Seymour being put into a group at the Academy that focused just on the use of using magic and nothing other than that. And so because of this Seymour’s skills in magic would quickly advance to levels that had never been seen by a half demon. This would shock all of the teachers at the Academy as they wondered what drove Seymour to this level of magic.

Though unlike the others that Seymour went to school with he had no ambition to go and join Shadow fall as he just that he did not fit in with the members of Shadow Fall. Though there was one thing that Seymour felt that he did need Shadow Fall to help him with. As Seymour felt that if there was anyone who could help him become one hundred percent demon then that person would be working for shadow fall. This would lead to Seymour doing everything that he could to find the one person he was sure would be able to help him. And though it took Seymour some time he would find the man he would help him get rid of his Human side. Though this would make it were Seymour would never be able to gain his human traits ever again. Though Seymour felt no reason to ever need that part of him back with his mother gone.

After the losing of his human self Seymour would return to his father’s home since it had been years since he had seen his father, and at this time Seymour would learn that his father had been killed in a fight with another Demon family. With no family left Seymour had no idea of what he was suppose to do. This would lead to Seymour into living on an abandoned island in the Demon world. This would be were Seymour would spend all of his time working on his magic and learning how to utilize the Summons that he had become able to use. Though every now and then Seymour would take time and go off the Island and share his new findings in magic with members of Shadow Fall like Tindera Gracling, Amos Kane, and other members of Shadow Fall that Seymour felt were masters of the way of Demon Magic.

This all would go on until Seymour would find a young Quincy by the name of Glen Brandit. Seymour would take this Quincy and start to mold him into a vessel so that Seymour may be able to seal himself in the body of the boy and one day completely merge himself with the boy and become one being. But until then Seymour would just buy time focusing on using his powers and knowledge throw the boy. As Seymour felt that this boy could one day be something that could change the whole Demon world.

Ziamichi Powers:

Summoning: Seymour is a very powerful summoner. Having trained in the way of summoning since he was a child. This is one of his main skill's and one of the main things that he tends to use since it is so powerful and allows him to control the field and get upper hands on his opponent. Seymour is so good with his summoning that he is even able to cast multiple summoning spells at a time. And still have a good amount of his energy left. This is mainly because of his intense training as a child to become a master summoner. And the fact that his main summon is his mom who he is very connected to. This makes it one of his most powerful Summons that he has. (All summons will be made outside of the app and in the Demon Magic Section)

Demon Magic: Seymour since a young age has showed great skill in the use of Demon Magic. At it is something that has always come natural to him. Seymour is one who uses demon magic for almost everything. As it his magic is his main offense and defense. Because of his intense use of magic and never taking the time to utilize his own personal Demon abilities. Seymour has become able to to use magic as though it was his own personal power being able to cast multiple spells back to back, as well as being able to utilize more then one spell at a time. Because of this Using multiple magic spells does not effect Seymour like it would due some demons. (Note all spells will be made outside of the app)



Unique Traits:
Glen gives off the spirit pressure of a demon even though he is not one. As well as the fact that Glen has many demon like characteristics. This allows for Glen to blend in with the Demons around him as well as confuse people about him being a Quincy. Since most people do not expect for him to be a Quincy when they battle with him.

Demon Abilities: Due to Seymour being inside of him Glen has gained all of the natural demon abilities. This allows for him to fight as he is a demon himself as well as even blend in with Demons as if he was one.

Demon Magic: Due to his power from Seymour Glen has gained the ability to infuse demon magic with his Quincy arrows allowing for his arrows to have a double effect. As one does not suspect Glen's Arrows to do some of the things that they do. If hit by these arrows one will feel the power from the regular Quincy attack as well as the Demon magic this serves as a double edged sword for Glen. As Glen can shoot a duel layered arrow that on the surface is just a regular Quincy arrow and will deal normal Quincy Arrow Damage at first, but then will proceed to deal the second layer of demon magic as well witch could be something like Demon fire which could possibly burn the target alive


Using to much of Seymour's power can cause for Glen to completely drain himself and cause himself to go into a deep sleep for sometime. Since he must no only regain his energy bu Seymour's as well. Though Glen is able to tell when he is using to much of Seymour's power. Since when Glen starts using to much of Seymour's power his head will start to hurt and the more he uses Seymour's power the more his head hurts till he passes out.

Glen also faces the possibility of Burning out his Quincy powers if he is to use Seymour's powers to much. This is do to the fact that Demon and Quincy powers do not work the same and if Glen were to use his Demon powers gained for Seymour it would cause him to lose his control of his Quincy powers making them burn out and making them unusable by Glen.

10 Glen has perfect control over Seymour since Seymour does not try to fight Glen, but help Glen keep his powers and Glens in sync with each other. This way Glen does not spend a lot of energy trying to control his powers as well as worrying about Seymour trying to break out. Since Seymour chose to seal himself inside of Glen he is perfectly find with being inside of Glen till he deems that it is time for him to come out.




- Quincy Items:

- Quincy Cross:

- Quincy Abilities:
Ransōtengai: Ransōtengai is a high level technique that allows the user to control their body parts using strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain, forming lines or strings out of reishi. Using this technique, the Quincy can control their body like a marionette, allowing them to move freely despite paralysis, broken limbs or any other force that would impede normal movement.

Flaming Quincy: Being a member of the Brandt family Glen has the element of fire whiten his blood. Glen is easily able to manipulate his reishi and turn it into fire allowing for Glen to shoot out fire arrows instead of normal arrows made of regular reishi. This allows for Glen to not only be able to shoot regular arrows, but arrows covered in his fire that allows him to do more damage.

Phoenix Drop: Glen will charge up one arrow a little longer then he charges up his regular arrows, then shoot it straight up into the sky. The arrow will go up about 20 feet taking one post before it comes back down. Once it comes back down the arrow will take the form of a phoenix crashing down and swooping over the field burning everything around Glen. This can only be used once every 3 post.

Reishi Manipulation: Glen through his training has become a master at manipulating reishi and is even able to make reishi constructs. This means that Glen can make objects just out of his reishi as most Quincy can just make bows and arrows with the Reishi he manipulates. Glen has taken it to a whole new level being able to manipulate the reishi around him into all types of items. This allows for Glen to utilize the Reishi around him in more ways then just his arrows. This allows for Glen to make other things out of Reishi, like making a shield of Reishi around him and his allies so that they may be protected. With the new way Glen has become able to manipulate the Reishi around him he has enabled him self to fight in new ways that most Quincy have never even thought of. These objects can get no bigger then 3 feet and tend to be very small like little swords, knifes, and balls. As Glen can not make a ball any bigger then the size of a basketball

Mine Field: Glen using his new way of manipulating Reishi is able to manipulate the Reishi around him and form small balls of Reishi about the size of a marble. Glen will be able to make up to twenty five balls using this move. All of the balls will be scatted close around Glen being no farther then 3 meters away from him. If even one ball is touched they will all set off causing a small explosion all round Glen in a 5 meter diameter.

Hunter Eye: This is another Ability that the Brandt Family has. It is one of the three ability's that makes them one of the top bounty Hunter family's in the world. This eye ability allows them to read the world around them. It processes information gathered from the natural world such as broken twigs, shaken dew, broken branches, and all manner of other minor detail and in almost an instant presents the Hunter with a historical record of the area. Using this ability allows for supreme tracking through the natural world, and after even a short time studying a small area, the hunter will know exactly when, and what passed through a certain area for the past day. ( this is to a extent as some people can hide themselves even from these eyes)

Archer Eye:Archers Eye: This is the third and final family ability of the Brandt clan that helps them become masters of hunting targets. When a Brandt activates this the user's eye's become enveloped with the pupil highly increasing their vision. The user can now control how far there eyes can see. Since now they are able to use there eyes like a telescope. The range of there eyes depends on their focus. Though no member can see more then 300 meters with these eyes. Since one can only keep this activated as long as they can stay in focus. But as long as this is activated one can not see anything that is close near them, as everything less then 5 meters away from them is not seable by them. But the main part of this ability is to help with long rang seeing for archery. This is so that they can see there targets better but they still must face the facts of tree's and other things that get in the way of there shot. (Note only one of the eyes can be activated at a time and one must wait at least one post before they can switch between one eye to another. Neither eye can be activated for more then 3 post , then a 1 post cool down will be needed before one can use the eyes again. Note that with Glens current level of training on his eyes he can only see up to 20 meters with them. (Note that the meters does not include the 5 meter blind spot, meaning that 20 meters is actually 15, and 300 is actual 295 meters )


- Type: Bow/sword
- Appearance:
- Reishi Color: Red



- Name: (What is your Vollständig's name?)
- Appearance: (What does your Vollständig look like?)
- Abilities: (What does your Vollständig do?)



NOTE: Ziamichi's will have three to four skill sheets possibly. One for general skills, one for racial skills, one for the host's skill and possibly one for the spirit's skills if they are a different race.

Click here for skill sheet

Ziamichi Class: (Ranging from E to the weakest and A to the strongest; With S being a special class of demons. Don't do anything to this, the staff will decide how strong your demon will be from how good your application is and how good your role playing skills are.)

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced for each section
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced for each section
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept for each section
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept for each section
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Ziamichi Skills
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Control Over Spirit: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Seal Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner



Roleplay Sample: (If you have already made an app on the site, just remove this. Otherwise, show us a RP sample of hwo you Role play)


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Glen "Echo" Brandt   Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:54 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Nice work fixing it up.
Tier: 2-2


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Glen "Echo" Brandt   Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:03 am

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Marksmanship: Adept
  • Blut: Adept
  • Hirenkyaku: Adept
  • Reiryoku Absorption & Manipulation: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Adept
  • Demon Magic: Advanced
  • Shadow Movement: Adept
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Advanced
  • Control Over Spirit: Adept
  • Seal Strength: Adept


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Moving this to archives!
Simply post in this topic here, in order to come out of archives~!

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Glen "Echo" Brandt
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