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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Bird of Another Feather

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Bird of Another Feather   Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:13 am

  • Name Of Character: Stefan Soan
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: Stefan is 0-2 now and I haven't really added a lot to his application power/ability-wise in quite some time, so I'm doing that now. He also obtained a GM in Weapon Skill recently, was promoted to the leader of the Monsuta, is in multiple fights, etc. I'm also finally adding something to his outdated Ressureccion, which sorely needs to be done.
    What Are You Upgrading:
    Raven Form
    This so-called 'form' developed when Stefan began to further evolve his powers and recently came to complete fruition, him mastering this relatively quickly and easily. One could draw parallels between parts of this form and what Colin Washi's powers do, and those parallels may not just be pointless banter because they are arch rivals and their powers may show similarities because of such a relationship. Whenever Stefan uses any of his Zanpakutō, whether it be his Shikai or Bankai, or Hollow powers, Hollow Mask or Ressureccion, something rather interesting happens. The main difference between non-Raven Stefan and Raven Stefan is the fact that he grows giant, magnificent wings that extend from his back to a great maximum wingspan of twenty five feet. The wings appear to be odd. Though they are in fact made up of feathers, hundreds of thousands of them, they feathers are created by compacting nothingness itself from Stefan's Void into something physical, something that couldn't be done until he absolutely mastered his Bankai (which he has successfully accomplished). The wings can take quite some punishment, being able to handle even extremely powerful Cero-type attacks as well as physical hits from some of the strongest fighters in the world, and can thus be used to block hits Stefan might not be prepared for. Stefan also gains a shadowy, pitch black aura that seems to emanate and radiate from his entire body and wings, granting him a more sinister appearance.

    Stefan also has the ability, while these wings and the aura are active, to disperse his physical body into four hundred pitch black raven-shaped 'birds'. These birds appear to be so dark feathers, eyes, skin, etc, aren't visible and are only shaped by their just-as-dark outlines. Each bird is approximately the size of an average Corvus tasmanicus (Forest Raven), being about fifty to fifty two centimeters in length (nearly two feet). When Stefan turns himself into these 'Void Ravens', he is high invulnerable because to defeat him, every single individual Raven would have to be damaged, injured, or even destroyed as well, which while daunting is not impossible. Stefan cannot maintain this form for very long though, having to revert back to his normal form after just a little while in order to preserve valuable energy. Stefan can also split the amount of Ravens into smaller portions, and can create 'clones' out of them that when hit disperse back into the Ravens and usually flock back to the main body. The clones themselves cannot hit another person without being forced to disperse, so this mainly functions as a trick or distraction, or even messaging technique instead of an offensive one.

    Multi-Form Zanpakutō
    When you think of Stefan Soan, you may think 'Wow, that guys pretty handy with a sword!' Or 'He's a really good swordsman, isn't he?'. While yes, he is extremely skilled with swords of various shapes and sizes (but prefers the katana for combat), it should also be noted that he is not just skilled with his katana Zanpakutō. No, you see, he is a Weapon Master, a Grandmaster of All so to speak. Possessing a Grandmaster in both Weapon Skill and Zanjutsu, his skill with the sword is far, far above that of nearly all people in existence last this point, however he is also extremely skilled with essentially all forms of weaponry, surprisingly including ranged weapons such as guns. Due to this, Stefan's Zanpakutō has developed an ability that goes right along with this Jack-Of-All skill. Thanks to advancing his Shikai, Bankai, and Zanpakutō, Vague Katti has been able to develop the ability to transform itself into any weapon a man can use for Stefan. This means that if a man can wield it (ie not a tank or any vehicle really, or anything of massive size), Stefan's Zanpakutō can near-instantly turn into it. The appearance of each weapon form will appear rather plain, though with the color purple on them somewhere, to reflect Stefan's attitude towards weapons. Also, he can turn it into multiple weapons if that weapon has multiple forms, such as two chakram or a daisho pair. Stefan's main list of weapon forms he uses most often include: cane sword, daisho, tachi, katana, wakizashi, tanto, ōdachi, nagamaki, naginata, scythe, kusarigama, gauntlets, sword and shield combo, claymore, scimitar, 2H war hammer, 2H battle axe, dual war axes, bow & arrows, tiger claws, and even a razor-edged Spartan-esque Shield.

    Sui-Muko (Swift Void)
    Modeled after Stefan's arch rival Colin Washi, Stefan created this technique to compete with Colin's own abilities. This technique can be supplementary, offensive, ranged or non-ranged. The supplementary part of Sui-Muko has to do with severely increasing Stefan's overall speed and strength to levels of which he cannot normally obtain or reach increasing both exponentially, the offensive form includes creating extraordinarily powerful attacks to be used on enemies, both ranged and non-ranged. How does he accomplish such magnificent feats, you ask? Well, it can be considered complicated or simple depending on the reader asking. Stefan has access to a Void dimension of which he can control completely, allowing him to control empty space itself, and because empty space has mass he has access to this technique. Based on the relativity theory the speed of time is directly related to the density of space, so by decreasing the density of space within/around certain parts of his body, he can 'speed up time' in that direct area, though in a realistic setting he isnt technically speeding up time so much as he is speeding up space. Using this, he can speed himself up by transferring this area to various parts of his body to not only make himself steadily move faster and faster, but it also increases the momentum of the blows he delivers to opponents which his fists, legs, and even his Zanpakutō. However, this consumes his own personal reservoir of energy while it is in use, and takes up more based on how much of his body he speeds up, though if he is in Shikai or Bankai he has access to more energy that can be consumed by this technique. Also, while he does possess an extreme form of control over his Void powers, he simply cannot do this instantaneously. Whenever Stefan speeds up only sections of his body, he can maintain the increase in speed for much longer than he could his entire body, which means he usually sticks to just a single limb at a time in most situations.

    Raitongiri (Thousand Lightnings)
    As discussed previously, Swift Void Sui-Muko can take an offensive form that doesn't just consist of empowering Stefan's body for stronger attacks and faster movement speeds. Raitongiri, which is occasionally shortened to just Raiton Strike, involves concentrating an absolutely massive amount of Stefan's Void 'energy' into one central location: His hand. This consists of concentrating and compounding a great amount of energy from within his own body, mixing it with his Void from within his Zanpakutō to give it the traits of said Void, spinning the molecules of energy involved at an absolutely insane rotation speed, and bouncing said molecules off of each other. While this might usually have an odd, different effect, thanks to the added control he himself has over the energy involved, it instead forces the energy in question to take the form of lightning. This lightning is pitch black with a small tinge of bright white on the very edges of the 'electricity', similar to most of his normal energy. When Stefan transfers it to whatever hand he plans on using it with, it seems to form an ever-changing 'sphere' raised about half a centimeter from the skin of his palm. However, the shape isn't usually discernible because various bolts of electricity are constantly swirling around it and shooting off of it in all directions, though many of the bolts primarily travel up the length of Stefan's arm. This energy is rather extraordinarily volatile and destructive, ripping essentially everything it hits to shreds, though it does not even burn Stefan's own clothing thanks to the tremendous amount of control over it. After controlling and manipulating the energy to the point of placing the bulk of it into the palm of his hand, Stefan can strike someone with it (hence the name 'Raiton Strike') by shoving the palm of his hand into a person, object, or weapon. If this were to hit someone directly in the abdomen, not only would it cause severe burns, break bones, tear a person's muscles to shreds, and/or potentially shatter the armor they are wearing, but thanks to the fact that it significantly increases the 'sharpness' of Stefan's hand and arm, he might even be able to tear straight through someone's body with this technique activated. Due to the immense power of this technique and the sheer amount of control necessary to create and maintain it, it requires a rather significant amount of energy to use, much more than even a Cero (as it happens to be many, many times stronger than the average Cero from Stefan).

    Raitongiri Imbue
    While Raitongiri is an extraordinarily powerful technique, it is still limited by the fact that Stefan, while skilled in Hakuda and hand to hand combat, is much more skilled in the use of various weapons, especially weapons such as swords, mainly katana. Because of this, he cannot use Raitongiri to it's and his own absolute and full potential, instead only being able to cause a fraction of the potential damage as he could with his Zanpakutō. However, Stefan has rectified such a potential weakness by developing his Raitongiri even further to what is known by him as 'Raiton Strike: Imbue', something that uses his skill as a Grandmaster Swordsman and his skill with Raitongiri to their up most. Imbue is activated when Stefan manipulates the black electrical energy to gather in the palm of his hand, however instead of stopping there, he transfers the energy into whatever weapon he happens to be holding at the time. By transferring the energy into the blade/impact area of his weapon, he can do a few things: Severely enhance the cutting power of bladed weapons; Severely enhance the blunt force power of blunt weapons; Cause massive explosions just by making contact with other people/objects if he so chooses; Burn and electrify victims of his hits. Not only can it be used with his normal Zanpakutō, but it can also be combined with his Roaku technique to further exponentially increase the damage of both. However, Stefan cannot do this more than four times a thread because he risks shattering his Zanpakutō from over use of this ability. Also, Imbue takes more energy to use than Raitongiri usually does because he is placing the energy into a solid object instead of controlling it with his body, aka hand.

    Tracking Evasion
    This is less a power, ability, or technique and more of a passive side effect from the power his Zanpakutō possesses. You see, Stefan is nearly impossible to track even by some of the best in the world, for a few reasons. When it comes to physical senses, Stefan has no unique scent at all. In fact, he doesn't have any discernible or otherwise scent at all. His clothes don't have a particular scent, even if they we're just washed (due to actively being near and effected by Stefan's powers on a regular basis), he doesn't smell like a human/shinigami/living being at all. Even if he just washed his hair with a very strongly smelling shampoo, the shampoo will immediately lose it's scent after being used on his hair and after touching his skin. Something else trackers would need that Stefan lacks as well are fingerprints. Yes, his fingers are normal fingers and appear that way as well, but he does not leave fingerprints on objects he makes contact with in any form. Whenever he steps in sand or snow, footprints aren't made either, making him difficult to track in those types of terrain. An extra little side effect is that his blood also possesses 'nothingness', microscopic 'pieces' of his Zanpakutō's Void, which makes his blood impossible to be controlled by himself or anyone else with those particular powers.

    Focus to Master
    Potentially Hollow Control to Master
  • Any Extra Notes: (Anything else you want to add?)

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Bird of Another Feather   Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:24 pm

Everything looks good to me. Approved.

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Bird of Another Feather
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