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 Operation Blood Updates: The Kuro Sosu Has Gone Into Event

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Operation Blood Updates: The Kuro Sosu Has Gone Into Event   Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:44 am



This is just a thread to inform the people of what has changed with the event. In Team Green, Mana has unleashed the Kuro Sosu a few post ago and it should now be taking effect across most of the areas. It has been augmented and shielded from outside interference by Mana's own influence and her energy is slowly crippling the city. All 0 tiers need to read this thread quote.

Quote :
"The Kuro Sosu is a massive generator that is used to create a homefield advantage for it's members. It will be placed under each city of the Kokuryuteshi's choosing while the masses are busy fighting off the most obvious threats above ground. Guarded by some of the most powerful beings in the Kokuryuteshi and thousands upon thousands of soldiers, The Kuro Sosu is a massive twenty mile wide fleet of Super Computer's that make up the Kuro Sosu's brain, machinery and brain dead beings meant to power the generator itself that was created by Sapphire Cross. However, the objects within it are held within a white organic sphere that is made from the flesh of thousands of dead hollow, demon's and other beings with some of the best defensive abilities.

So, at first, it will appear to be nothing but a massive white sphere. However, once it is rooted underneath the center of each city, it will be activated by Kin remotely or by a commander. Once they are activated, the sphere with open silently and thousands of black tentacles will begin to root themselves across the entire city as a massive black dome will briefly be seen engulfing the city for a short time. After that point, an enormous black tower will emerge in the center of town. Next, The Kuro Sosu will begin to give the home field advantage to all Kokuryuteshi and some of their alias during the course of this thread thanks to the memory by the Super Computer's.

It begins by having the tentacles appear in almost every single inch of the city as they will absorb reitsu, devour living begins, spread the energy they have already collected to all allies on the battlefield and anything else that can be used for energy. It will also begin to drain the Earth of it's resources in order to support itself and make it stronger.

This isn't the last ability of the Kuro Sosu, however. Thanks to having the homefield advantage, it will emit a poisonous air mixed with nanobots that will weaken the abilities of all of their enemies. The nanobots will be synced with the super computer's inside of the Kuro Sosu and make sure the Kokuryuteshi or it's allies are not effected by this. It will also attempt to steal energy from all opposing forces to feed to the Kuro Sosu.

There is also a full power mode that will give it the ability to attempt to make 0 tiers of each side self-destruct by making the ability go out of control when one tries to use one's abilities during it's activation. The higher your ability Level is the more likely it is fatal when you use your powers. The only SURE way to escape it's effects it to evacuate the city and it will seemly disappear. This will only effect 0 tiers, all beings below will simply suffer some sort of fatigue or weakening.

The Kuro Sosu's will also begin to create an underground network that watches everything that happens on Earth and give real time battle information to all Kokuryuteshi and it's allies. This network will also be used to drain the resources, reitsu and energy of Earth even further to power them.

These Sphere's will also create multiple crystallized gems that will be used to give serious enhancements to the Kokuryuteshi's stronger members. Theoretically, applying the crystal's essence to selected members, one can boost their powers. Exposing the crystal to the commanders who choose to partake in this experiment, and to another members who have the same will; they can achieve higher levels of power when exposed to certain factors like the Kuro Sosu; One can cause a field resonance through the Kuro Sosu thereby causing the resonance to power-up the commanders, allowing the achievement of more powerful members with enhanced abilities. In some cases, it may even create 0-1's.

The Kuro Sosu will also be able to mass produce many demonic beings, weakened clones of specific Kokuryuteshi members and even attack by itself by using the tentacles to fire energy blast. All in all, this is one of the more powerful tools the Kokuryuteshi has in it's army.


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Operation Blood Updates: The Kuro Sosu Has Gone Into Event
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