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 The Birth Of The Demon Dog King: Enter The Return of Koichi Iramashsa!

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Birth Of The Demon Dog King: Enter The Return of Koichi Iramashsa!   Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:36 pm

Date: This takes place sometime around Jan 3rd, 2413.
However, Koichi has been out here for nearly a year to train.
Also, play the fucking posting music while reading.

Song: Gods Gift - Artist: Shiro Sagisu - Word Count: 2021
The endless desert of the wastelands was essentially a no-man's land. It's where those who wish to be forgotten rest their heads, it's home to those whom wish to stay hidden from whatever former life they may have had, it's where endless swarms of thugs and heroes alike come to wage life or death battles and it's held up by the survival of the fittest. Only the bravest of the brave venture out here, the lawless of the lawless come to commit horrendous acts and where those who have a death wish come to pit themselves against the elements. And for a certain Iramasha? He's called this place home for a long duration of time over the past year.

The sounds of an endless chain of yells, groans, grunts and explosions could be heard as hundreds of thousands of Demon's, Arrancar's, Hollow's were converging into one location within this section of the wastelands. It was a dense collection of these monsters of the night, but there seemed to be only one force whom was facing off against this nightmarish collection of beast by himself. What's more, the man even had sealed his full potential off from being used against these menacing abominations of nature; pushing his physical strength, stamina, speed, durability, perception and mental fortitude to their utmost limits.

Thus, as the winds began to lash around the twenty mile radius like a horrid hurricane, the skies steadily darken as the landscape became more apocalyptic in nature. Booming waves of thunder rocked the very Earth itself to the core, endless strikes of lightning had flashed throughout the sky which had opened the floodgates for the rain from the heavens themselves began to fall like a torrential downpour which represented the constant fight for his life the likes of Koichi Iramasha had faced since his disappearance. Up until this brutal point, The Iramasha Guard leader had needed to fade away into obscurity for a duration of time. From what he can remember before his final and confidential mission he had given himself, he had been a very broken man prior to his venture into the pits of hell on Earth and beyond. The sorrows of his past was catching up to him and he had recently become a father of five. This much is clear to him. He knew he felt dilemma of doubting his strength was plaguing his mind, constantly wondering if he was strong enough to protect the Iramasha clan from this upcoming war and attempting to sort out the inner workings of his mind to prevent horrors of the past from tormenting him in the present.

Throughout his frequent days of nearly non-stop fighting, he had burned tried to valiantly to burn through the scars of his past that laid deeply rooted inside of his mind; using the heinous pain he felt blazing throughout every fiber of his being to push himself to his limits and beyond. He recalls many days where he had even envisioned many of the masses of meat whom had dared to fight him in this enraged state as various people form his past. Some day's, these flocks of never ending beast had represented his father: Ketsu Iramasha. The unforgiving nature of these monsters, the disconnection they had to any form of compassion, the lack of acknowledgement of his will to never give up against their cruel odds and daunting power they had over him had driven Koichi insane some weeks. It drove him mad that he could never get through to them, never have them realize his strength and never come to an understanding or even acceptance of his nature. NOTHING! THEY HAD GIVEN HIM ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

And when all that was left was the void itself, it seemed another ghost of his past found it appropriate to play mind games with him in his states of weaknesses. During weeks where his stamina and endurance had started dull, he could feel the never ending grip that the likes of Selena had placed him in; the hooks of bondage she encased this damned dog for a bulk his length life span that reached into the hundreds of years. Her laughter, her facades, her manipulation, her mockery of him, her control over his life and the ability to take everything that he held near and dear to his heart and crush into a million unsalvageable pieces into the vast cosmos of this endless torrent of emptiness; treating his love, treating his compassion, TREATING HIS LOYALTY, TREATING HIS VERY LIFE THAT HE HAD GIVEN UP IN PLACE OF HIS OWN GOD FORSAKEN MOTHER FOR HER AS IF IT WERE NOTHING MORE THEN A JOKE, A PLAY THING AND SOMETHING TO BE EASILY CRUMBLED UP AND THROWN AWAY LIKE YESTERDAY'S TRASH

These thoughts, these horrible never ending thoughts, they had driven him into a hysterical rage that had reminded him of his relationship with his siblings. As delusions of these bonds by blood had been instilled inside of Koichi's mind during his more enraged weeks of this non-stop hell, he had shifted from one kinsmen to the next in these reoccurring apparitions of his mind's enigma; with the first of them representing Ren Iramasha. While the days mulled on during his hallucination of her in these fiends, they had began to symbolize the constant mocking of his efforts, the frequent beat downs of the fruits from his labor and the overall sense that they were better then Koichi because they were more skilled and outnumbered.

Furious with these projections, he had pressed on further to find phantasm's of even the likes of Katashi in them. The perpetual black cloud of death that loomed over him by the sheer power these freaks had driven him even more mad to overcome this storm, the taunts, the guilt trips and the habitual need to watch over ones back would simply force him to become more perceptive and overcome more.

Days turned into minutes, but visions of Azure Iramasha even played out throughout the never ending battlefield. Helpless radiated from these minions, and although Koichi had desired to reach out to them, there was nothing more he could do then simply keep on the path he could. To endure, to be strong, to be bold and to never fall prey...he couldn't let this hold him down. It is at this point where his drive, his determination, his motivation and all that wanted him to succeed brought about more positive figments of his mind.

Throughout stronger weeks where he was more in control of himself, the illusions of Hanako, Alice, Inuyasha and the three other bodies that were his children had been alongside The Demon Dog King the whole time. As, even though his body had pushed to the edge, he still needed to keep plowing through the tens of millions of beast he had slain in his ever expanding path to reach his home world from this hellish world. He had to do it, he must do it, he could do it and HE WILL DO IT! THERE WAS NOTHING STOPPING HIM BUT HIS OWN DOUBT! THE BODY CAN BE BROKEN, BUT THE SPIRIT CAN NEVER DIE UNLESS ONES CONVICTIONS ALLOW IT!

Screaming that logic for as long as he could, he could keep fighting his confused, bloody and mangled haze as he fought tirelessly, in his sealed and injuries state, to surpass his limits and come out of all of this a stronger a man, an Iramasha capable of holding his royal blood line with the appropriate strength and becoming a soul mate that Hanako could come to love even more then she already did; giving the kids the father figure he had always wanted from his own accursed excuse for a dad. So it must succeed, it can succeed, it will succeed AND IT WON'T FAIL! These words were now, even at this very moment, screaming throughout Koichi's mind. He had been knocked to the ground so many times, he no longer cared rather or not he failed. So long as he had endured, so long as he had the power to rise back to his feet and if he can keep the fight going; IT WOULD NOT MATTER! THEY WILL NOT BREAK HIS SPIRIT! HE IS A ROYAL IRAMASHA WITH EVERYTHING TO LIVE FOR! A FAMILY, A WIFE, KIDS, FRIENDS, A COMMUNITY THAT LOVES HIM! HE. CANNOT. WILL NOT. SHALL NOT. PERISH HERE!

So in a blindingly rage, as these delusions had all broken into the physical world around him, Koichi had left out an ungodly scream like no other he has released from the depths of his body, mind, heart and soul. This was it, this was his breaking point. No more. No fucking more. Through the decayed bones, through the burned flesh, through the bloody vision, through the holes in his body; HE WOULD USE ALL OF THIS TO MAKE HIM STRONGER! THE MORE YOU HURT HIM? THE MORE IT EMPOWERS HIM! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! This was all Koichi could scream inside out as he had went on a ballistic blitz against the last million fools who had opposed them. His physical force, in this otherworldly mental state, would not be broken. He would go on, he would prevail and he would break them down piece by piece the way life has done to Koichi's very sense of being so many times before. Grinding bones to dust, laying waste to thousands of bodies and blazing through the gorge of freaks that crawled out of the woodwork; NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THESE MAGGOTS COULD STOP HIM!

Slash, dash, crash and mash; that was the name of this mangled game and he was going to play this twisted game until he had won it. Row after row, yell after yell, punch after punch; he had ripped through this army single-handedly with his bare hands, with his newly found willpower and with the endurance to survive being pushed to the brink of the edge and coming back a much stronger being for it. No mind games, no physical pain, no limitations, no single person; NOT EVEN GOD HIMSELF WOULD STOP THIS GOAL FROM BEING MADE! TO SEE HIS FAMILY HAPPY, TO SEE THIS WORLD PROTECTED, TO FINALLY MAKE IT BACK TO HIS HOME; THIS WAS HIS GOAL TO MAKE IT OUT OF THIS NIGHTMARE! TO THROW AWAY THE CLOUDS OF DESPAIR AND BASK INTO THE RAYS OF SUNSHINE THAT WAS HOPE! DAMMIT, HE WAS GOING TO FIND HIS HAPPINESS ONCE AGAIN AND HE WAS GOING TO USE THE BLOOD OF THESE FREAKS TO FORGE IT!

Thence, as these creatures had finally been reduced in a sufficient number, the end was drawing, the storm was easing up and there was nothing left to do but prepare himself for the last line of forces. As he stood upon a a large mountain of hundreds, if not, millions of corpses; Koichi had been victorious in his conquest to empower his physical being, to strengthen his mind and to fulfill his purpose in this life. While breathing heavily, coughing up copious amounts of his body; he stood his fucking ground and marked his territory like the alpha dog he was. HE WAS THE KING OF DOGS, AND NO ONE WAS GOING TO STRIP A KING OF HIS LIVELIHOOD FOR LONG AS THIS FLESH IS RADIATES LIFE, HIS HEART BEATS THAT OF RESOLVE AND HIS WILL TO FIGHT WAS READY TO PIT HIMSELF TO THE POTENTIAL END OF HIS VERY BEING!

This...all of all this...was for this very moment as he stood upon the wastelands and watched the skies ease up...was this the end of it all? Could this finally bring the change the he had desired...? There was no telling what could come next, but Koichi was going to brace for whatever was coming as best he could in this new state of mind....

A new start...for a new a new land....that was going to be his story...and he was damn well going to stick to it this time around.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Birth Of The Demon Dog King: Enter The Return of Koichi Iramashsa!   Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:51 pm

Hanako Shikijou Junior
0-2+ Human Female

A well capable fighter and a member of Karakura Defenders, Hanako came from a very wealthy family that was slaughtered by a terrorist, leaving her and her father as the only survivors of the massacre. With her beloved Iramasha, Koichi, she was quite adventurous for a rich girl and often try to find some adventures of saving the world and stopping bad guys, but would suspend her recklessness to care for those who she cared the most.

It has been a year and Hanako was as lost as a newborn in her own home. Malaysia was traumatic since despite her allies' attempt to help her fight against the Demon Queen, she feels that void that separates her from her allies. A scar that has not closed in a very long time as along Caveman remains alive in her memories. She wants revenge on him and she would throw everything away to make sure that man is dead. However, when thinking about that, she keeps imagining her family, her dog boy. The planet calls out to her about conflicts in more places than Malaysia, but the one thing she wants to know is where. Where was her King of the Hounds of Hell? While she was tending to her pub, Hanako receives a call from her father. The strange thing was her father was quite preemptive as to send a shuttle to her location and above her pub. Following her father's wishes, Hanako takes a shuttle with her kids since she cannot leave them alone and the kids would like to see their grandfather.

Instead of going to Minatumi City, the shuttle takes Hanako and her kids to a Dreadnought-Class Japanese Air Force Airship called the Baka-No-Gotei or "Idiot of the Court Guards." There, Hanako was escorted to her quarters to handle the kids before going to the bridge, where her father awaits. Upon arrival, Naoki, her father was sitting on the captain's chair as the crew are dedicated to going west. "Welcome, Ako-chan. You know it is your mother's ship, but it is passed down to you and me because technically, this ship does not belong to the Japanese Air Force; it belongs to the Shikijou Family." Naoki speaks as his voice was quite powerful. "What is it, father? You did not bring the entire dreadnought over Karakura without a good reason." Hanako replies with a casual tone. "Precisely. I learned of your husband's location and I find it very rude that I did not get to meet my own son-in-law personally and privately." Naoki answers to Hanako as he smiles as if he was a businessman gaining a major stock from the leaders of many countries. "Koichi? Where was he? Why hasn't he show himself before?" Hanako speaks with a surprised tone; it may be a trick for something that convenient to come from an unusual place and time. Nevertheless, Hanako trusts Naoki with her life since he saved her while she was no more than a Disney Princess; unable to fend for herself and scared when something life threatening is going on. That was over ten years ago and now Hanako is helped once again by her father. "Yes, Koichi is spotted in a wasteland, though his power level did not spike until a few moments ago. Our satellite did not pick it up due to its threshold that discerns between demon lords who are laying siege or just a passing Iramasha Royalty. We are on route as we speak and do not worry about your sons and daughters, we made the Baka-No-Gotei capable of laying siege upon the Kuro Suso due to the Malaysian data collecting on that tower." Naoki mentions as he allows Hanako to watch the flight to the wasteland.

Upon reaching the stratospheric orbital height over the wasteland, the airship is capable of not disturbing the air current while above the cloud, allowing it to sneak behind enemy lines and take down key locations with the power of a dreadnought. "Sir, we are approaching the point charlie. Pitching back to activate hover mode over Koichi's hot zone." The helmsman calls out as Naoki nods and turns to the gunnery chief. "Set XAGA to controlled wash out. Overclock the heat sinks and aim the cannons toward the demonic essences around the Iramasha. Do not fire upon them until I say so. Also, have the TARN ready to do counter fire upon demons who are coming at us. Hanako, you make sure Koichi survives and gets to meet me in person and privately." Naoki commands before dismissing Hanako to go rescue the lone Iramasha. Hanako nods and runs to the docking bay for the drop. Upon leaving for the drop, Hanako receives a FMD or "Flare Mini-Disc" which is a computer capable of firing up a radar within the distance that makes Eurasia look small without firing up awareness because a traditional flare gun in only used if there is no enemies around while the FMD can be used to allow stealth forces to call in attacks without blowing their location wide open. As instructed, green means clear while red means attack.

The choice vehicle for the drop? Her hover bike that is custom fitted with twin circular gyroscopic stabilizers as wheel base inside the actual wheel while fueled by materialized reiatsu called, "Glow." In short, Hanako can fuel her own hover bike with her own powers by the means of channeling power. Upon take off, Hanako starts off with a wheelie from start to out of the bay and into the sky, where she can be seen falling through the clouds and riding down the air with the wheels glowing with the power that allows it to fly. Engines revving up as she glides her way down to Koichi while in her attire recognizable as the outfit that she wore when they first met; a black tank-top with a golden eagle, a pair of stonewashed jeans and a pair of work boots with steel toes. Grasping onto the handles with her hands armored in a pair of fighting gloves, Hanako can see the battle and the reason for the long lost. Koichi was fighting against the demons and training himself to become more than what he used to be. By the time she can see the battle is ending, Hanako descends behind him and lands gently, knowing his adrenaline must be high enough that he will retaliate violently if she surprise him. Upon landing, Hanako stops the hover bike and kick over to her right, where she comfortably sits on her hover bike and waits for Koichi to notice her.

Hanako looks around at the demons and monsters that are now dead, judging by the number, it is a good chunk out of Mana's army. That would be a hit on their faith upon Mana, even with Hanako's survival on top of some failures that Mana experienced as the leader. Hanako smiles as she calls out, "Hey, dog-boy! You're hoping to take on Queen Bitch's army on your own without me? You took out a good chunk of her army already." Hanako calls out to Koichi with a casual tone that he can recognize on top of her voice. Seeing every being of Koichi's body, Hanako is very certain that Koichi could have a nostalgic moment of seeing her as the one girl who changed his life in exchange of helping her with her escape from the bad guys. Her legs crossed casually while she leans on the hover bike with her hands on the bike. Hanako was expecting that Koichi would be very happy to see her once again after all the fighting. "It is not easy to find you, even for my father who has as much eyes in the sky as Shadin." Hanako speaks as she puts the backpack aside and onto the bike. The pink hair ribbon was still tied around her arm as a memorabilia of her loss and a promise. She pulls out the FMD and clicks it on to show green to the airship. That signals it to descend because it is cleared. From there on, the FMD is stashed into her backpack so it can be reset by a TARN operative.