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 Clayton Carmine

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Clayton Carmine   Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:07 pm

-Is it wrong to doom the world in order to save a loved one?-

Name: Clayton Carmine
Titles: N/A
Gender: Male
Appearance Age: 26
Age: 323
Affiliation/Rank:Gotei 13

Appearance Description: Standing at a(not so impressive) height of six feet even, Carmine is the tallest among all of his brothers, albeit by no more than a few inches. His actual build is much more daunting than his height, as his early years of constant fighting have given him a solid body mass. Despite his almost slim appearance, he has well defined, though not overly large muscles all over his body, though his pride and joy is his abs. His face is somewhat of a mystery, as he keeps it concealed almost all of the time, only abstaining to remove his coverings when he showers. He wears a gray and white mask-like hood that covers the majority of his face, revealing only his eyes.
Beneath that mask, he wears a black bandanna that covers the lower section of his face beneath his nose and another black bandanna on his forehead. He has short, spiky dark blue hair, with short bangs that hang over the bandanna on his forehead.

Build and size aside, he has somewhat of a calm, endearing voice. He rarely raises his voice outside of the field, and coupled with his gentle mannerisms, being around him can be a very relaxing experience. Because of this, when he was still alive he wasn't short of female admirers. But his most discerning feature is his eyes. Since it's the only real thing on his face that anyone can normally see at any given time, his eyes say a great deal about him. For the most part, his eyes are very inviting. The way his eyes look, people often assume he's smiling beneath his mask. When he's serious, he has the most piercing gaze, that seems to look right through a person. In combat, a combination of both his aura and his eyes can be a frightening experience for whoever is unfortunate enough to be caught on the other end.

His attire consists of a normal Shihakushō, with the remission of sleeves on either side to show of his arms.

Appearance Picture:

Personality: Carmine's personality is strange, considering both his upbringing and his profession. In all actuality, Carmine dislikes the act of fighting; he prefers alternatives to violence whenever possible, but his main problem is that he's a protector. He wants to protect the people who can't protect themselves, and it's that reason that he is always drawn into fighting. As the eldest of four brothers, it was always his job to make sure that his brothers were safe, and often times that lead to combat on their behalf. As far as his normal interactions with people, he can come off as distracted, as if he's not one hundred percent listening to any given conversation, like his surroundings are much more interesting than the people around him, which couldn't be farther than the truth. Its' rare that he gives someone his full attention, so its that much more of a big deal when he does.

Carmine could be considered the strong, silent type. He's often times lost in thought, and will be seen standing in a single place for long periods of time, looking up into the sky. In some cases he's been labeled weird, but his quiet demeanor supports his sometimes lackadaisical behavior. When not given a particular task, Carmine can easily wander about for hours before hunger snaps him back to reality. Because of his antics, some people consider him lazy, or an airhead, but Carmine truly shines when he has something to protect. His normal carefree manner disappears, and he devotes himself to the task at hand. As a Shinigami, he considers the souls he protects as irreplaceable, and would gladly throw his life away to protect them from anyone who would hurt them. As far as taking orders goes, he has no problem with authority, and executes orders quickly and concisely. As a fighter, due to the circumstances of his life as a human, he has a wonderful concept of fighting multiple opponents and how to fight on even ground against them.

Carmine is usually contemplative on what he considers his greatest failure, which was the deaths of both himself and his brothers. His greatest fear is that he will fail to protect the people that matter most to him, and that fear haunts him every day. He strives to make himself stronger under the belief that if he makes himself strong enough, he'll be able to protect everyone, no matter the situation. It was his strong will to protect that eventually lead him into becoming a Shinigami.

Likes: Family, Bacon

Dislikes: Bullies

History: Carmine's story truly begins in middle school. Clayton was the eldest of four brothers(Anthony, Benjamin, and Donovan), who were truly down on their luck. Their mother was killed in a car crash shortly after the youngest son, Benjamin, was born, leaving only the Carmine's father, Everett, to take care of them. However, being the eldest, Clayton took it upon himself to not only look after his brothers when his father couldn't but to also ease the burden on him as well. He took on a part time job after school, and made sure that his brothers were taken care of around the neighborhood. As it were, Benjamin was something of a bully magnet, and Clayton spent much of his time protecting him from neighborhood and school bullies. It was this subsequent fighting that lost Clayton part time job after part time job. Shortly after Clayton graduated from high school, their father grew very ill, and had to stop working. Clayton and Donovan, the two eldest, from then on worked to support their family.

Clayton got a job doing the only thing he could do at the time; fight. He became a street fighter, fighting in bars and local clubs for money, and had earned himself quite the reputation. Likewise, his brothers picked up odd jobs wherever possible, doing whatever they could to try and keep the family afloat. And for a time, they managed like that. They didn't have lots of money, but they had each other, and for Clayton, that was more than enough. Losing both of his parents made him want to hold on to the rest of his family, and he'd made up in his mind that he would do whatever it took to make sure that they stayed together. Unfortunately, their "happiness" wouldn't last forever. Clayton finally had a shot at the big time, a fight that could catapult him into some real money, and he jumped at the chance. The man he had to face was undefeated in over a hundred fights, but even so, Clayton couldn't pass up the chance at the money. It was a long, difficult fight, but against all odds Clayton won. He'd finally won some money for his family, and he thought things would turn around for them, but fate had different plans.

The man that he defeated had a lot of money riding on him, and his fight manager wasn't happy about losing out on all of that money. So shortly after Clayton's victory, he had his house burned down. After such a difficult fight, Clayton was in no shape to move, and couldn't escape the house. His brothers, loyal to the core, refused to leave them, and that night they all died in the fire. The police labeled the fire an accident, and no one was punished, for even if they found evidence of arson, they had no real suspects. His brothers passed on easily enough, but Clayton's rage at his family's death fixated him to the spot. After several months, the house was rebuilt and a new family moved in, but still Clayton lingered, until eventually he became a hollow. It wasn't long after that he fought a shinigami and was subsequently killed, finally sending him on to the Soul Society.

Coming to the Soul Society, his biggest regret was that he was unable to move on immediately. Because of his stubbornness, he was unable to cross over with his brothers, and as the Rukon district was so large, he was unable to find them or his parents. For almost 300 years, he wandered around like a zombie, discouraged by his inability to find his family and angry at himself for causing the situation he was in. One day while wandering around, he felt an unfamiliar sensation, one that he hadn't felt in such a long time that he'd forgotten what it was. It wasn't until several hours later that he began to pass out that he realized that he was hungry. Fortunately, a passing stranger saw him laid out on the side of the road, and offered him a bit of food. As Clayton wolfed down the food, the man jokingly said that the last time he'd seen somebody devouring food like that, they wound up as a shinigami. Perplexed, Clayton inquired about shinigami, and got the whole story from him about shinigami and their duties. He then realized that it was a shinigami who had saved him back on earth and sent him to the Soul Society. He made up in his mind then that he'd found a new purpose.

From then on, he strived to cultivate his budding spiritual power and become a shinigami. After a few years, his dream finally came true and he was admitted into the Shinigami Academy. After 10 years of hard work, Clayton graduated from the Academy, and joined the 3rd squad of the Gotei 13.


Reiatsu Color: Blue

Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Yūgana Shōmei

Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Standing at 5'10" Yugana Shomei has the eyes of battle hardened warrior. He has silver hair pulled back into a ponytail, and long bangs that hang down on either side of his face. He has amber colored eyes and a face in a permanent scowl. His attire consists of a blue and white sleeveless shirt and long white pants. He has blue gloves and wraps his calves with bandages. His personality almost directly contrasts with that of his owner's, while Carmine is calm and composed, Yugana Shomei is loud and rude.

Inner World:

Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance : An average zanpaktou in length, of around 63.5 centimeters, not including the handle. The guard is a simple circle, with two oval like indentations on either side of the handle.

Release: Strike swiftly from the Heavens, Yūgana Shōmei!

Shikai Description: (Depends on if I get my reserve. If not, I'll leave this blank)

Shikai Abilities: (Depends on if I get my reserve. If not, I'll leave this blank)

Bankai Description: (You may fill out your Bankai Description, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

Bankai Abilities: (You may fill out your Bankai Powers, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)




General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


Roleplay Sample: Carmine stood in the center of the briefing room, a shinigami on either side of the door, and an addition two standing directly behind him. He had been stripped of his zanpaktou, stood waiting patiently as his captain rifled through a list of papers laid out on his desk. Occasionally, his captain would look up at him, but Carmine was determined not to meet his gaze, instead staring aimlessly out of the window that was behind the captain's seat. After several more minutes of shuffling through papers, his captain said, leaning forward onto his desk. "Carmine, I don't know what I'm going to do with you..." Carmine remained silent, his attention fixated on the hell butterfly that floated by the window. "I mean, this is the third time in the last six months that we're having to have this conversation," his captain continued. "I've received another requisition to you stripped of your post and relieved of duty from my Vice Captain, and for the same reason; disobeying the direct order of a commanding officer," he said, patting the papers on his desk. Still, Carmine remained silent, casually raising a hand up to slip underneath the hood that obscured his face to scratch his chin.

"If it were anyone else Carmine, if anyone else had had this many problems with my Lieutenant, I wouldn't have hesitated to do it. But your a good officer Carmine, and I never have any other problems with you. You're well liked and respected in the squad, and you don't have any other trouble with other officers. This isn't you. But something HAS to be done. I can't let this continue. But before I make my decision, I'd like to hear your side of the story." For a moment, Carmine said nothing, before shrugging his shoulders. He finally switched his gaze to his captain, and his expression, while mostly unreadable, was blank. "Can't think of anything to say for myself sir," he said, his voice slightly muffled. "I heard the order to retreat, but I decided that protecting a fallen comrade was worth the risk." His captain didn't speak for a moment, resting both elbows on his desk and clasping his hands together. He lowered his head until his gaze just barely looked over his hands. "I see. Is that all you have to say for yourself?"

"Yes. I won't apologize or make excuses. The lives of my comrades is worth more to me than any punishment that can be delivered." Having said his piece, Carmine calmly looked out of the window again. On the outside he was calm, but on the inside, he was racked with turmoil. He honestly hadn't even thought about his actions at the time. He was part of a squad that had gone to dispatch an abnormally large group of hollows, and they'd been ordered to retreat to await reinforcments. Normally he would have complied, but one of the group was too injured to escape. Disobeying orders, he'd turned to defend him, incurring serious injuries but holding them off long enough for reinforcements. For a moment, his captain's brow furrowed, a sad expression crossing his face, before it hardened again.

"Very well. I've made my decision. You are to be transferred to a new division, effective immediately. I will inform you of your new squad within a few days. Dismissed." His captain returned to his papers, as Carmine's gaze snapped back towards him. He was expecting to be kicked from the Gotei 13 altogether, but his captain had taken pity on him after all. He flooded with relief, exhaling a breath he wasn't aware he'd been holding. For a moment he was frozen in the spot, but clasping his hands at his side, he bowed deeply. "Thank you..." he said softly. His captain did not respond, but Carmine turned and was escorted from the room.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Clayton Carmine   Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:54 am

This is Duplicate App so Arching since his app is approved in the SHinigami Apps.

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Clayton Carmine
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