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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Musashi    Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:33 pm

Family Matters

• Minamoto Clan: This clan is dead something people should be well aware of is that no members besides Musashi are alive. This is perhaps the reason for the boy's issues and problems that seem to be extremely common, his lack of support from his famiyl during their time alive has made him a driven member. With a singular focus, to become the greatest in the world. He wants to be the strongest Shinigami ever to live, his dream is big and it's not just one field he wishes to be good at. The boy trains himself in everything and anything, his clan's lost name is simply another factor pushing him forward. Making him drive towards the goal of being someone he's never been. Someone people will acknowledge and know, however his goals take him beyond the simple stations that people consider. Captains and Gotei 13 mean nothing to him.

Basic Information

• Name: Musashi Minamoto
• Age Appearance : 17-20
• Alias: The Tiger of East Rukongai
• Theme Song:
• True Age:700
• Blood Type: O Negative
• Height : Five Feet and Nine Inches
• Weight : One hundred and Thirty Pounds.
• Eye Color: Brown Normally - Red When Reiatsu is activated
•Hair Color: Brown
• Sexual Orientation: Straight
• Affiliation Rank: Shino Academy
•Religion: Himself
• Zodiac Symbol: Tiger
• Appearance: The brown haired male appears to be a warrior by his build. The long brown hair is in a braid that falls down his back, though it appears to be a managed thing that the male has taken good care of. Despite always carrying around the spears of his zanapkuto. Weaaring a red coat without anything else, people may see his body and muscles very easily. The red color he seems to favor a very bright and very bold approach to things. Given the male's personality he's very set on his goal of being the greatest Shinigami to ever live in the land. His skills with the two spears are said to be legendary even at a young age. On his jacket is the symbol of his clan, he wears this rather frequently on his clothing. He has an immense amount of pride, despite his clan's passing. The members of his family are very important to him despite them having all vanished.

He wears a pair of white pants that has an emblem of flames on the legs, the red boots have guards upon the front. These play a part into his fighting style which very few can handle the male's presence let alone the fighting style he brings about. He has a special design for his Zanpakutō, that is worn across his access to the weapons is almost as soon as he desires them. Wearing them across his back in the form of an X. The first thing people will notice about him without a doubt however is the burning passion of the Tiger whom is blossoming slowly into a true Tiger of the Shinigami, he's known for bravery and skills that far surpass any student who's arrived at Shino in centuries, some believe he doesn't truly belong their at all. It has taken several teachers to offer him a work out in terms of warm up. He's a driven and hot blooded man, this makes him very strong presence and coloring show off very often. He will wear the red clothing everywhere he goes.

• Background: Little is known about the boy Musashi and where about he comes from. It's believed highly he hails from the lands of East Rukon, where his clan were well known for somethings. But even among them he was ignored and considered an out cast because of his several problems. These's have lead to severe mental issues that do seem to follow him around as he is hyper and hot blooded. His spiritual pressure is said to be one of the most fierce things for people to be around when dealing with him. He has an amazing amount of power that he cannot control completely, the boy will someday learn it many believe. And most think he may become the greatest Shinigami to live, his power and willpower have no equals. He is one of the most talented and gifted of the clan Minamoto. The Eastern Rukongai will tell little of the boy's up bringing. But will explain that he's always been this way. Hyper and excited about everything, he seems a very interesting character to those who observe him. In his own words he seems to be a case that most shrinks would be interested in. For his fire shall never writhe and die, not before his dreams come true. For his fire will burn like a thousand suns, till they reach the dream and goal that is ahead of him. His courage is said to have no equals either, though background checks can bring forward only so much for people.


• Hot Blooded: This man is ten cylinders running at all times, it seems he's got energy and more and more. It will literally perhaps take a force of will so great to break him that no one has found it yet. He's always yelling out that he Musashi Minamoto will be the greatest Shinigami whom has ever lived. His name will be written among the legends and he will be the king of them all. The Soul King will acknowledge his existence and nothing will stop him. For some reason it seems the desperate attempts to get himself noticed are something the man does with a large amount of passion and force put into the effort he brings forward for this goal along. It's not unlikely this comes from being ignored when he was younger. Even then the fire inside him burned like a wild fire that was able to burn all those whom got to close to the man's area. To say he's a monster among men is simply the fact that most people won't accept.

• Charismatic : Some leaders bring about the moral by simply being calm and standing there. This isn't the case for Musashi, he's able to stand in place rarely, he's able to bring the men's moral so high with his speeches that almost no one can match the man's fire within his words. But it's not just that, he seems to be so set on his goal that nothing among heaven nor hell will stop him from becoming great. It doesn't matter what he must give, his arms, his legs he drives men and women to work harder. He brings about such a great strength that people naturally want to follow him. He's not someone that many can follow, though they deeply desire too. Only the strong may stand before him, even then it's a challenge. But following him is a greater one, for he is in firm belief that one can beat a million if they are strong enough. And he will become that instrument of justice that all will know his name and of him. That no one will not know the name of Musashi Minamoto.

•Passionate : Hot Blooded and Passionate fires burn within his body above and beyond those of anyone else. He's the guy you want in every movie whom just has that factor of passion for what he is after, the clearness of his goal and dreams seem so vivid for those whom look. That it's clear he's something special, showing signs of passionate flames for the smallest things at times. However this doesn't mean he's compassionate, strangely enough he seems to be very driven towards certain things. He's not a man that can be reasoned with by anyone whom tries.This is the simple facts, those who are driven by the fires within will not be put out by any flood of this world. They are going to burn brightly and ignite this entire world into a flurry of flames that will burn the whole place down. Musashi is the type of person whom will show his passions and has a strict way of doing things that make him very different from most people that are around him when he's doing this

• Battle Savvy : Where as most people are smart one way or another, Musashi only seems to have gained extreme battle senses, he understands basic things very well. But it's like putting someone in a school for many years and expecting them to master one subject, he was put into a life style where he mastered the subject of war and battle. Those are the things he understands best. However this doesn't mean he's stupid in other situations. He is still learning a good deal yet and could learn so much more if given the proper chance. However Musashi seems to be the type of man whom has a great deal of fire burning inside him. He's a happy and laughing person, you will never see this man even on a battlefield where hundreds have been beaten will he lose this ideal. The only thing that matters is the dream he has set before, this dream will come before everything else and he will become the greatest Shinigami to ever live, this goal drives him and burns deep for every battle and everything is a learning experience.

• Beliefs : He believes firmly in the path before him, that everything else is but a task to be completely surpassed. His dream and goal are the things that drive this young man forward, this goal is something he grabbed due to being left alone for such a long time. But it's not just become a goal, it's become such a belief that he can overcome anything that nothing will stop him from reaching his destiny of becoming one of the greatest shinigami ever. His belief and strength of mind link to his goal as they seem to all come down to the single fact that, he will not bow, he will not surrender without a fight. This man will show no backing down for anyone, his drive and will to fight are absolutely amazing and seem to be able to burn through the fabric of time and fate that people believe to be etched in time for them all. This is the simply fact, his beliefs, his willpower, they are strong and will not bow for anyone at all. His will is above that of most without even trying.


• Courage: He loves people and those who can muster the courage to do things that no one else can, it's something that deeply moves him when he see's it. Courage is the driving force of all people he believes, that those who hold this, may overcome everything that stands before them. igniting their fire within their chest and overcoming the fear and darkness that this hellish world provides them. He loves courage it's one of those things that allows him to roar like a Tiger and charge the unbeatable odds. The odds are never unbeatable so long as people have courage and can push forward, this allows them to become truly strong even above the average weakness that people would expect them to be overcome by. Courage allows people to overcome the gaps of power that nothing else will allow.

• Fighting: He loves fighting, the very thought of a challenging fight is something that this young man enjoys so very much. The man that is Musashi cannot help but get overly excited by the very idea of a good fight, his skills and powers within the art of fighting are very high. But his drive to be the best that has ever been is something the male will not ever let go of. His fighting desire, the reason he brings his spears and let's his spirit light up the battlefield is that his enemies and allies alike may know the truth, that he is going to be the greatest warrior whom ever lived. He will be the greatest Shinigami alive, this is the truth and you better believe it. Musashi loves fights for this reason, small ones, big ones, any will really do to pass the time. The man has gained so many strange skills that some people would wonder if they are truly gifts that worth mentioning to those whom look upon them at first.. This allows a simple fact, he will be the greatest linger on.

• Eating: He loves food, some people who have seen him eating are said to be frightened by the sight of it. It's nothing the faint of heart should ever see. He loves food, most anything but has this issue with onions that cannot be explained. He seems to react very poorly to them, claiming they ruin all food they touch. He's gone as far as to call them to thing evil came up with to block his training. He doesn't seem a man of complex tastes either, Ramen, or simple things like that will easily take him in without any effort. This remains an almost constant fact as he proceeds to eat everything he wants, however the amazing thing if anything is at this. Is that he gains almost zero weight from all of this. Not an ounce of fat has ever been seen on his form, despite his savage if not almost utterly unrefined method of eating. The amount he puts down could bankrupt an entire noble family with in an hour, this ungodly power of eating is surely the one gift he holds.

• Honor: Musashi loves honor and the code behind it, he finds it to be a principal he can get behind very often. For he believes his legacy must be built upon the foundations of honor, truth, and justice. So people will remember his burning legacy of fire he leaves behind for them. His beliefs in honor are so strong, Musashi will not ever strike an enemy from behind without letting them know he is there. It's an odd quirk, however he will do so once a fights begun. He doesn't believe in stabbing people in the back, it's something he will never do not for anyone or anything. He's personally considered to be one of the most honorable men in the world, he will repay his debt no matter what the cost is. He doesn't believe in letting his debts go unsettled by any means. This is the way he has always been and always will be, debts to even the most vile will be upheld however he does seem to claim he will claim their heads sometimes if he feels they deserve it afterwards. His honor only dictates so many things at times.

•His Zanpakutō : He does love his sword, the duel spears are the absolute perfect weapon for him in anything else that could of come to him. His sword itself wasn't perhaps even sure what to think of him or what it had gotten stuck with as a wielder when he was picked for the owner of the blade. He takes extremely good care of this weapon, washing and cleaning it with extreme desire, it can be stated that his relationship with the sword is above average. The two have such a close nature that cannot even be brought upon knowledge of the others. The fact of the matter is that Musashi is one of the most devoted men to his Zanpakutō, it has devoted itself to his dream of being the greatest Shinigami to ever live. He has set his goal and mind on this path that he has chosen. The Zanpakutō and he will not be stopped by simple means, the boy with so much spirit that people cannot stand him is going to make a splash in this world.


•Dishonor : He hates the idea of himself or anyone being dishonored, he finds the very thought sickening. However he won't try to change the way they have been dishonored, he will simply challenge them in a fight and hope to restore their honor that way. Musashi is a simple man and he doesn't understand at times that such simple things don't restore one's honor, he doesn't grasp the concept that Honor isn't something so easily repaired by a fight with him. However he is well into the thought that he will be the greatest Shinigami to ever live. He doesn't see anything even his own losses as more then goals to reach this end. He doesn't appear to gather that dishonor is something people learn to live with, his beliefs can be called naive at times. Along with the fact the boy and we use this word because aat this time that's what he is like. When dishonor is brought forward, he will clearly state he will be great with or without his honor.

•Cowards: He hates cowards with a passion, he tries his best to explain to them that such actions are not fitting warriors who will be legends among his legend. However few are uplifted by him, he's just not aware that people who stand before things that are bigger then them are normally frightened by it. He's never known this fear, though to say he's not been scared isn't correct. He's felt fear, but he has so much courage that he will fight to overcome any odds he faces. His fire doesn't stop it's burning for anyone, fear is something he will not stop for. Fear and cowards may desire to break before this path, but he will not and this is simple and straight forward. Facts are that he will not bow or break before anyone, he will reach his dreams and no cowards or fools will stop him from becoming the greatest Shinigami to ever live. He plans to be the best, Cowards will become hero's with courage in his path if they simply follow him towards destiny.

•Big Talkers: Their are times he hates people who dance around behind the veil of words, not even making sense at times himself though. He simply makes his sentence known when he is dealing with people, he's known to be an excited man whom has made his dream very clear to those around him. He will be the King, the one King of Shinigami that has never existed outside the Soul King. His teachers believe him to be simply mad or did till they crossed blades with him. His power is immense so even the big words they used to explain to him that he is going to fail this goal don't exist in his mind. Musashi has this thing about people who talk to much, though it's funny since he speaks his mind and will tell a person how it is very quickly. This is just the way he is after all, his dream comes before anything else. And he will do whatever it takes tor each the goal he is after. Young he may be but the words of the old who cannot reach for that Kingdom will never reach him or burn out his fire.

• Quitters: People who give up piss him off to no end, such cowards are things he cannot accept. Musashi's dictionary while being a bit odd, isn't able to function or understand the word quit or give up. Those things will happen if he dies only, he joined the Shino Academy to make a point. That he would be the king, this is the fact that he has stood by his entire life. He doesn't care about small things like those who wish to give up. Musashi isn't impressed or caring about those whom can get on the easy life ideals, he believes people should never quit even when it looks the worse. Life is supposed to be hard and challenging, so quitting is something only weak pathetic cowards do. And not ever will Musashi accept the idea of giving in. He is one who shall become legend in his mind, nothing else will matter about his path to becoming the greatest, he is willing to wait thousands of years if he must to become the king. But it will happen and nothing shall stop him.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Musashi    Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:29 am

Passive Powers

•On Fire: This comes from such great spiritual pressure and his clan's passive gift. Being the last of them he has an amazing talent, his body is literally three hundred times hotter then anyone would expect. This is quite literally the reason people cannot touch him or get close to him for long periods of time. As he gets more serious the heat goes up, this can cause aa good deal of tiring out for those around him. It seems due to the nature of the skill he's gained what some would call a immunity to it. Those who are near him will feel as though the water in their bodies is being drained. Shinigami and beings who don't have such issue will just feel the feeling of it. The heat he gives off will increase as time goes on, till it hits the max level of heat. This is only possible when he has been fighting constantly, most fighters will try to not let him keep moving.

Those who are foolish enough to fight him could very well get incinerated by the heat, Npc's only will face this issue. He's able to burn away their very beings by walking passed them. Depending on his tier he will have effects on most of the classes that he comes across. Some people will be able to handle this longer then others, however his heat output will go up causing his body to light on fire. Musashi's spirit is literally burning at all times, he's able to incinerate almost everything that comes in his path. The power of the Tiger of East Rukongai, it's something people will never forget. However his tier will play a large part in the effects this power will have. For example if an enemy is 0 and so is he, he can make the person sweaty and somewhat tired after six posts. If they are 2 and he's 0 they will feel an immense amount of heat. And 6 posts in they will feel as though alot of fluids have left their bodies. This power is what makes him a dangerous enemy many believe. Below I will list a sheet on how it works hopefully this will prove interesting to you.

Tier Effects
0 As stated previously this will depend on his current tier, if he is below them the fire will at most be annoying, but if equal to or greater then. The heat will cause sweating and will make the person feel as though water has been out of reach for a long period.
1Things get a little worse for those whom fight him in a long period at this level, they will find his heat to be rather intense and will lose energy once per turn if the class is truly heated up. By energy I mean stamina since his power takes away stamina for others from the sheer heat.
2 The heat now has grown even more intense and harder to handle for them, the people will feel extreme sweating and in some cases dizziness from the heat. However Musashi has no control over this factor that comes in.
3 At this level again people will suffer greater problems, however dizziness and such are hardly the problem anymore, of course they will get slight burns from being below 10 meters in distance to him. The heat put out will burn them not kill however, sort of like an intense sunburn.
4 This level will perhaps have it the second hardest among them all. The tiers t this level will feel intense heat and sometimes feel as though their bodies are on fire in some places, they will experience some of the power that 3 does rarely.
5-6 They will experience the heat of all the previous effects combined, fighting him at this stage is unwise. Npcs unless extremely strong will simply die from the power out right, the heat will cause them to catch on fire that the male gives off from his body.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Musashi    Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:44 pm

This is a little bit too old dear!
It was moved into old wip! You can still edit/post in it, just let us know with This thread when you're done!

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Musashi    Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:16 am

Archiving this as apart of my clean up of Old Wip

If you wish for this to be moved back to old wip please feel free to post within this thread

Staff Help Thread


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