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 The Truth of Demon Magic [Training]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Truth of Demon Magic [Training]   Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:42 am

Glen silently set in a small building, this would be a building made by Seymour himself to help increase the power of one. And though glen did not have much experience with training I this room, he felt that now would be the best time for him to start in training. As now Glen was without Seymour or anyone else to help him in his training and controlling of his powers. Though Glen had once been told by his father, that a true warrior trains himself to be a great fighter. So Seymour felt that it be best if he take the advice of his father and train among himself. Though Glen was not sure in how he was supposed to train his knew demon powers as well as train his natural Quincy powers. Since all of the things that Glen had done to train before was through the help of Seymour and his Demon magic. But now Glen possessed that Demon magic himself and wondered how he would be able to utilize it to train himself.

Though Glen did figure that if he trained his control in his reishi manipulation and Demon magic he would be able to become more in tune with syncing his two power sets. As Seymour was a big Demon Magic user and as a Quincy Glen focused on manipulating the Reishi around him. And with the help of Seymour Glen had managed to become able to utilize using his arrows with Demon magic, though this was something that was not complete. And Glen figured that if he could manage to completely get both of those powers under his mastery he would become able to truly hang with the best of the Quincy in his family if they still lived. Though Glen figured if he continued his training and mastered his powers he would be able to honor his family name, and maybe one day bring back the Brandt Family.

Glen would start his training by turning on the room, as Seymour had given the room a special feature that would be able to increase the harshness of the training by utilizing different things threw the effects of Demon magic. Glen activated a spell that would limit the amount of reishi in the room. This would be something that would make it hard for a Quincy to fight. As what little Glen did know about his race, he knew that they manipulated the Reishi around them to fight. This meant that the less reishi the less powerful their attacks. Were as more reishi meant that their attacks were stronger and it would be easier for them to manipulate reishi and turn it into their spirit weapon as well as make arrows.

This would make it harder for Glen to try and utilize his Quincy powers in this room. Now to start of Glen put the room on level four. This would be a more simple level as the spell went all the way up to level one hundred making it very hard for any Quincy to use their powers. But now Glen figured that it would be best that he start his training off low at a level that he would surely be able to overcome if he put his mind to it and let everything go blank until he would be able to control and manipulate all of the reishi in the room. Glen would start by sitting right in the dead center of the room and closing his eyes and blanking out his mind till he could only see himself standing in a pitch black space. Though Glen would not be alone is this space for very long. As moments after Glen was able to see himself in the space a man would appear.

Though to most people this would seem like a strange man with his long blue hair and the ways that he dressed. But Glen was easily able to recognize the strange man who had just entered the area with his as no other then Seymour. As there were not many demons like Seymour at least what from Glen knew. As unlike most demons that Glen had met Seymour was one who completely devoted himself into his studies of Demon magic and through that devoted lesson with Demon Magic Glen had become able to use Demon Magic. So Glen did respect Seymour’s use of magic as it has allowed Glen to be able to use a lot of great things.

“Glen I see you have come to visit me, so I take It you want to come and train in your demon magic. As you know if you master the Magic like me you will become an even stronger foe for anyone who steps in your way. But I figure you know all of these things Glen, as you have decided to come and train with me. Though the said part of it is , I am not sure if I will be able to help you in training, as using my Demon Magic powers is a little more than you think. And you have not even yet to start to break into my personal demon spells or summons.

But if you truly want me to help you so that you can become a master of Magic I do have a few things that you could do. First you will need to completely meditate and just let the magic flow through your body. This will help you in getting a filling for the magic so that it will just feel like an expansion of your body. This will make it feel like your magic is just another arm to you and that you are completely connected with one another. Once you can do this then you will have gained increase in your abilities. And after that I will be able to start teaching you a few more advance spells and summons of mine. As well as showing you the truth of what Demon Magic is.


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The Truth of Demon Magic [Training]
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