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 A Captain's kindness(PAST RP)

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Although it would perturb many as to how things had escalated to this dangerous point, Unohana had long since discarded her worry. No matter who this individual was standing before her - inherently, in the back of her mind, she could still sense that somewhere deep within, her daughter lay dormant. Of course, if it meant having to duel her to brink of death, then little would be her objection. Perhaps, to a certain degree, Unohana had already envisioned this day would come, a time where she would have to teach Neviah the most pivotal step in life; learning the way of battle.

However, even with the revelation of this nature that Unohana had kept so well hidden, Neviah only seemed eager, excited to venture into whatever Unohana had in store for her. Even so, Unohana was already at a disadvantage before this battle had even commenced. The Art of war came naturally to her, killing someone was as easy as breathing when her skills were concerned, however.... Neviah was someone Unohana could not bring herself to kill.

She would not let her bloodthirst cloud her judgement, even at the expense of losing her own life. Needless to say, even with that singular advantage, Unohana still had all the better chances to win this duel. She was a veteran fighter, a woman who possessed the knowledge of all swordsmanship schools, as well as every sword. She was a swordsman at her heart, there is no doubt that will be her form of combat used in this battle. Neviah, most likely aware that she mustn't fight Unohana at her own game, decided to assume a side combat stance, with one hand at her waist, the other at her front. Generally assuming, the way her body was motioned indicated that she wanted Unohana to execute the first move.

Allowing your opponent to take the initiative equates to raising their percentage of victory during battle - however, Unohana suspected there was more to Neviah than she let on. And should she suffer a grave wound, her peerless skill with healing Kidō would prolong her life no matter how far she was pushed to the edge of death's embrace. Taking a deep breath, Unohana pulled her Zanpakutō - Minazuki - from its rope strap, unsheathing the unusually long yet slender Katana from its slumber, revealing the blade that wished to taste blood, in spite of the fact that Minazuki nursed the wounds of its allies. Even though her Zanpakutō was a Katana, with it's longer than typical size, one would most likely make the common mistake of classifying it as a Nodachi. In any event, it was time to initiate the battle. There was no need for filler. The size of a weapon, the potential scope of the adversary's abilities, and ideals... of all that men fight for and take care to evaluate, not one of them mattered here.

This was to be a dance of death, a play of the finest onslaught, and so, it's only proper that the fair mother of this riveting tale give this banquet a proper opening! Like a bolt of white lightning, Unohana flashed towards Neviah, displaying her skill with the art of flash step. In no way did she reach the level of the ubiquitous---recent addition to the Gotei 13---Yoruichi Shihouin. Even so, her speed was not to be underestimated. Closing the distance between them in one thousandth of a second, Unohana, with her sword raised high as though to touch the heavens themselves, executes a ferocious overhead downward strike.

As her sword races downwards, the sheer power of her fierce slash alone is enough to split the air. And yet, even for all the power placed behind it, Unohana was savvy enough to consider that her attack would miss. Was that out of her hesitation to kill Neviah? Surely not. In all likelihood, Unohana is considering the fact that this 'daughter' of hers has more tricks in her bag that will unravel as the battle proceeds. For now, she would play elementary with Neviah until those secrets were revealed.

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"The fall of Social Structure... I'm just a piece of the puzzle..."
Child of Existence Neviah Clixx-Kimura


Within Neviah's Zanpaktou, Insidious could only watch with Glee. This is what she did to all those who dared attempted to wield her, and that was to tare then down piece by piece. This girl, Neviah, was about to fight her own Mother in a blood bath, and one of them would soon enter a world of distraught at killing the other, it would cause so much pain that Insidious could only imagine the end. Soon, she will watch everything unfold, but Serenity was silent in the fight. She knew, Neviah was strong and would soon come out of this "Malice" ego she was suffering. Then, Insidious might want to rethink what she's doing as Neviah is nothing like the others before them. Neviah is pure, and purity doesn't entirely mean just light or dark. Purity means Integrity, and Neviah will use whatever means she needs to achieve the goal at hand. Neviah will not suffer this deed, and she will survive. It will be alright...

But outside, Neviah, the once pure and shy girl was no more. It was not a blood crazed and manipulative ego that held her possessive. This lass was in the middle of a fight against a blood thirsty tyrant that would remove her head and display it for all to see if she didn't hold the title of "Daughter". Either way, this was her opportunity, as if she wins the fight, killing Unohana, then she'll be upgraded to Captain. A step closer to bringing the Fall of Soul Society from within. Who knows, maybe her kill over Unohana will be so ruthless that she'll be pitted against the 11th Division and take that too? Either way, one individual stood in her way, and it was about to change...

Neviah smiled slyly as she watch Unohana unsheath her blade. Taking mental notice, it's blade was longer than normal. This is what Neviah had hoped for, as her strategy was going to play perfectly. Her father was correct in teaching her specific techniques for these kinds of fights. Hand to hand and stealth tactics were superior with the girl, as she learned then even before holding a sword. This was her bread and butter, the skill that showed she was the REAL Daughter of Ceon Clixx-Kimura. This is what will help her win the fight in the end. Either way, Ceon was also right in one thing, and that was when you take a defensive position with your fighting stance, your opponent tends to attack first, and most of all, from the front. This is what Neviah was counting on, for it now allows precise counter and initiate...

The goal for the first phase of combat, stay within arms reach. Do not allow Unohana to make distance with the blade otherwise you'll fall to reach. Stay close at ALL costs!!

As Unohana appeared from the flash step, it was fast. Neviah knew she wasn't as fast as a Captain, but this is what she was prepared for in the start of the battle. The blade was above, and heading to strike down with aim so true that without a block, parry, or dodge, Neviah would surely be split in half. But that wasn't going to happen now, as Neviah knew exactly the route to take. Quickly side stepping left of the blade, her hand at her waist reached within her blouse grabbing the Kunai tucked deeply within and pulled it out. With a lunge so fast, Neviah practically shunpo'd from the ground she was standing on, she held the kunai outward aiming straight for Unohana's right eye. her left hand, swung outward, as a Scalpel flew into her palm. This was to deflect the inward strike from Unohana and cover her side.

Unohana only has two options from what's happening. Either fly back to dodge, or move to the left to stay outside of Neviah's reach. Either way, Neviah was hoping she'd fly back as the lunge from her shunpo will keep her in arm's reach, but if she goes left, then Neviah will need to quickly counter initiate and get back in there. It won't be hard, but hopefully, one of these two actions will take place, and Neviah can keep estimating the actions to take place, step by step. If so, then she will surely be equal in the fighting ground...


Neviah's Music To Post

Artist: Two Steps From Hell
Song: The Last Stand



Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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A Captain's kindness(PAST RP)
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