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 Night at the Beach (Private)

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Subject Post 91PostSubject: Re: Night at the Beach (Private)   Sat Mar 12, 2011 3:16 pm

Kamira noticed some people passing by as they made their way onwards, some even stopped to speak to Rokudo. Kamira stayed quiet tht whole time of course, she thought it would have been rude if she suddenly jumped in the conversation or something like that. She smiled polietely but got distracted by everything else and eventually her eyes and attention dirfted to something else. Then there was a few people that came up to him and asked who she was. She introdused herself but right after, she head this person ask him if she was Rokudo's girlfriend. Kamira blushed a bit and a small smile creeped up on her face, but restrained it a bit as she listened to what his answer would be.

"I believe her to be, at least in my eyes."

He told them before they left. Kamira blushed a little more as she looked up at him a bit with a warm smile before looking away as her blush grew a little more. Her first boyfriend...that thought coursed through her thoughts for a few moments until they continued walkin on,

"Gijouhei is basically our word for Captain, it means i am the leader of a squad, meaning i am the strongest one in my squad, basically. As for my room ill be glad to show you."

He explained to her, to be honest she was too taken by this place to even notice that they called him that, but when he explained it, it caught her attention.
"Oh wow, really? Thats so awesome!" She said with a huge grin on. They soon reached his room, she had to admit, she imagined his room as some huge marble Roman-temple like room. She wasnt dissapointed when she saw it, that she wasnt, she liked it, it was really warm and homey, comfortable...somewhere livable. If his place were spotless and all fance roman-temple like, she'd have to wonder how he lived like that.

"This is my room, it's a little bit of a mess."

"Hum? It's not really messy, its...homey"
She giggled and looked at him before scanning his room again, she almost instantly felt comfortable being there. Then he walked over to his little kitchen area and asked:

"Would you like anything to drink?"

She thought for a moment, "What do you have?" She asked walking a little bit more into his room. Then he took some bottle out, she tilted her head and raised an eyebrow, it had no lable on it and she couldnt see what was in it, she looked up at him questioningly.

"It's coke, i have Coke, some wine if you want some or some water that i have in the other room."

She giggled and shook her ehad a little bit as she walked over to the kitchen, where he was. "I'll take some coke then" She said with a smile, he pointed in a direction adn she followed his gesture out past the living room to this guarden like area. Her smile never left.

"How often to you get to stay home here? Do you usually go out on a lot of missions?"
She asked, walking over to the guarden, admiering it.


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Subject Post 92PostSubject: Re: Night at the Beach (Private)   Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:47 pm

half a year later...
Over 7 pages of content.
Endless numbers of paragraphs from both side.
And, at long last, this thread is ARCHIVED!
Congratulations for having the biggest RP thread on Platinum Hearts.

Smiley face
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Night at the Beach (Private)
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