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 [Suigura] Ketheldrein Leonhardt :: Excidicium

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Suigura] Ketheldrein Leonhardt :: Excidicium   Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:13 am

Suigura Template
our family is our bonds

the bare beginning
as naked as the day that i was born

Name: Ketheldrein Riva Leonhardt
Titles: Rose of May, Brand of Riva, Black Child, Euclidean Knight
Appearance Age: 24
True Age: 4,000
Gender: Female
Sugiura Class: Knight Sugiura
Origin: Eradication
Alliance: Suigura Hierarchy
our eyes met
and i see the way you're looking at me

Ketheldrein is not denying a very beautiful woman. Standing at a height of five feet and nine inches, she is pretty tall for a girl. However, the way her body is built is a lithe, graceful form. Her shape is mostly as one would expect of perfection, with a hourglass shape on her hips, but she yet, on those delicate seeming shoulders, hold a lot of weight. Her bones are strong, and her muscles are well-developed. If one were to touch her body, they would notice silky soft skin, of a nice peach color, fitting with her family lines. But they would also notice the light hardness, as her muscles are well developed to carry on her body. One of the most prevalent features, compared to the rest of her family, is the fact that Kethel has a seize-able bust size. Reaching around the D-cup and more, considering how shy she is about it, this Leonhardt seems to have gained all of the breast giving genetics. It doesn't seem to impeded Kethel what so however, as she easily adapts and adjusts to the fact that her breasts are larger then normal. She has a beautiful face, and seems to resemble the King so very greatly. In fact, if one were to place her hair in the exact same style, they would note that their faces are exactly the same.

In a sense, this proves Kethel's Leonhardt lineage. She has a nicely shaped face, with naturally pink lips. Her Amethyst gaze is piercing, as it seems to shift into other purple shades. Depending on her current mood, the purple may turn redder or more of a blue shade of it. Her long blonde hair reaches to the back of Kethel's thighs, if she allows it to be loose. However, this is not often ; in a typical style, she keeps her hair done up almost ninety percent of the time. In the style she puts her hair, it is very reminiscent of the King's own hair, and is eerily as if she was a bit taller, boobier version of Arturia. On Kethel's face, there seems to be mostly a more stern expression ; however, she does have many expressions and feelings that run across her face. The most common of these is a sort of grin that forms when she's excited. It shows only some of her teeth, but her eyes sparkle brightly. In a sense, Kethel knows she is beautiful ; her movements are trained to be graceful, even though she is a warrior at heart, rather then a princess. This is reflected in her clothing most times as well, and she is almost never seen without a weapon at near hand.
my heart is beating for you
yet I can't speak the truth for i must lie

Kethel has an immensely complex personality. As a person, she seems to be relatively unstable, perhaps due to the origin that she holds within her. With further messing around with Kakeru Leonhardt, her younger brother, she also now has a branching Origin as well. This does almost no good to her mental and emotional stabilizing, and thus, she is relatively more unstable then the average Sugiura. In fact, Kethel is duly noted amongst the Sugiura for her excessively hot temper, and her fiery passion. This said, Kethel herself refers to certain traits and tendencies to ''modes''. These modes, in general, seem to hold many composing aspects of her personality, and as a whole, comprise the entirety of Kethel. These modes tend to be situational, and often work on the synergy of people. A perfect example is that, even in a court setting, she would still react the same to Kake and Feraki.

Kethel has a few general traits that she seems to keep no matter in which personality mindset she is in. First and foremost? It is her ever present will. She is an extremely stubborn person, and unless she understands things, she may buck and not give ground. However, the girl has an easy comprehension; not necessarily logical, but Kethel is capable of easily assimilating new concepts, ventures and ideals within mere seconds. Her mind is quick, as she often seems to understand things faster then most, and has no trouble applying knowledge she has just learned. The Leonhardt is also known for her purity of heart, as her feelings are always genuine, no matter what she thinks. Her heart is pure in a way that no matter if she loves, or hates, those feelings are just that. Kethel is also known for her overwhelming pride; although initially, she doesn't seem to have much pride, being pretty shameless in most of her attitudes, she actually does. She holds pride in her family the most, and can be easily incited to anger by insulting them. Protective generally of her family, Kethel has demonstrated a strangely unusual technological comprehension. Considering her family's lifestyle, one would assume that they know next to nothing about technology. And in most cases, they would be right. However, Kethel herself seems to cast this to the winds. She has enough technological knowledge to construct an advanced, sentient motorcycle. Of course, she asked for the help of Sensaiki Yuudeshi to help further her motorcycle's abilities, but the base frame, adaptation and software writing was Kethel's own.

She has a fast reading pace, and a fast writing one, and seems to be able to do this in concise, precise manners. This is because Kethel has an easy capacity to remember things; the blonde is capable of remembering some of the weirdest things at times. It's not that she has an eidetic memory, although she's extremely close to it. The blonde actually had done many memory exercises as a child, and learned how to generally adapt to constantly absorb new knowledge, as if that child like sponge of learning things had never cleared. And her absolute stubbornness in learning does help with this. The girl is definitely not afraid to go out and learn something, and loves doing things hands on so to speak. She has a generally kind perspective on things, even if she seems a little bit harsh as a person. She tends to think good of people, regardless of what her other things say, and has unbreakable faith in her family. However, even with the faith, she still has a lightly fragile psyche, remembering being abandoned as a child. This is a fear that Kethel hides; in fact, almost all of Kethel's negative emotions are hidden by her. She dislikes to display her weaknesses, and thus only a few people get to see the actual things that hurt her the most. Unfortunately, the girl has an expressive face when her guard is down, such as around her family. She also has a hard time showing proper love and affection, often resorting to relatively questionable methods to show her feelings. Kethel also has no concept of personal space, having no fear to walk directly into someone's face if she has to. The girl seems to be also sometimes extremely oblivious, depending on what's going on. In all, Kethel's family seems to be an Achille's heel.

However, considering how fast Kethel adapts to new situations, problems and areas, one could say she's almost capable of anything. That isn't true, but she has a personality that she'll try it at least once or twice, to get it down. Even then, she might just keep going until it's really obviously not possible. Even though Kethel's modes tend to be more cool-headed, the girl is still a very emotional person. She tends to react first, think later. Working mostly on intuition and instinct, Kethel seems to have an almost sharp instinct for certain things. Such as lies, secrets or someone with an ulterior motive. In many ways? This easy way of understanding people's reactions and how they work tend to make others ill at ease. Kethel seems to often point stuff like this out, no matter who it is or what the situation is. She cannot seem to stand flaws that are obviously there, ready to be fixed, and that no one seems to see them. However, if it concerns herself, this scrutinizing radar seems to collapse on itself, and disappear. In a way, Kethel doesn't think of her existence as worthy to be aware of, and concentrates mainly on her family, or people she cares for. Kethel is also known for being rough, and sometimes rude. She doesn't seem to hold back her punches, even when she should, and is very brutally honest. To her, if one doesn't hear the truth, the brutal reality of it, one will never be able to change and improve. Constantly willing to help, even though she hides her own emotions, Kethel seems to have a vibrant expressive way of being.

She likes looking pretty and having a few luxuries; she cannot deny that. She does get quite irritated if she's not allowed to bathe, or at least make herself presentable for a while. At the same time, she has a relatively lax hold on herself. What looks presentable to her, and what it is to others tend to be vastly different concepts. The girl also seems to be quite unique, considering that although she loves to look good, if she is committed to whatever she is doing it doesn't matter. As said early, Kethel doesn't pull her punches; that is meant quite literally. Kethel doesn't seem to understand that her passion, and her intense will may be overwhelming to others. Surprisingly, considering the way she acts at times, Kethel has a high set of morals. Many people don't necessarily understand exactly what Kethel will not do, but the girl is not necessarily afraid to do what most considering morally wrong. However, Kethel has problems with things that seem to be almost bothersome to most. For example, she judges people that choose to hide their real selves for a mask. She also has a hard time understanding people that quit things easily, or people that tend to abandon things that they justify logically. It just seems so ridiculous to her that people are like that, that sometimes it comes out in blunt judgement, and tends to taint her attitude towards seemingly hate. But Kethel doesn't hate, or hold grudges, unless someone has given her a good reason to.

This is the first of Kethel's many modes. It relates to her title as the ''Rose of May'' the best. This one in concept seems to be related mostly to Kethel's personal opinion of herself. She is a lot more studious and quiet in this mode. In fact, one could say she's almost unexpectedly gentle and soft. But the truth of the entire design is beneath the skin; Kethel, in this mode, doubts her very own existence. This said, she is intensely depressive, and tends to push away help more so then normal. Where as before, it is out of pride, now it is out of self-loathing. She seems to be mostly abusive to herself in this state, and relatively leaves herself to be harmed, or hurt in anyway she can think of. Although she may have faith in her family, Kethel doesn't trust their words. In this state, speaking to her, trying to appeal to her via words, works next to nothing. She would rather see actions. This is the side of Kethel that constantly doubts, worries, and even quits at things easily. Almost a 180 of her normal attitude, often many tend to say she is out of character. Yet, this self-loathing gets so intense, to the point where she can become suicidal. The girl is slightly emotionally dependent on her family, and when she gets into this mode? This becomes more then obvious. She cries a lot more as well, and seems to cling to just about any family member that crosses her path. Unfortunately, combined with her almost advanced perception, the girl seems to be capable of manipulating her family members, and generally makes them feel guilty about not taking care of her, or another false failing. She is also often seen as the type of girl, in this mode, to become almost an attention whore. But this is done in such a way that many might consider this almost Yandere-like in nature. This is because she becomes very possessive, and focused on a single target, devoting so many things towards them that eventually, she feels unappreciated and starts lashing out. In general, Kethel doesn't get into this mode often, but it's very stressful in general. She also seems to show signs of an extreme guilt complex.

This mode of Kethel's mind seems to be related to her title as Brand of Riva. This is a mode that few get to see; however, when it comes out, most understand that things are not bad, but very dangerous. Kethel becomes almost completely clinical, and is capable of assembling and disassembling strategies within moments. Her mind becomes almost a tactical machine, as she churns out and forms strategies at the drop of a hat. Even then, she has this easy way of understanding a flow of battle that seems almost unnatural. She is generally calm, but with the right triggers, she can unleash a lot more with her anger. She is not rash, but calculating in this state, to the point that she even factors in her own emotional instability. Unfortunately, she tends to still hold that protective coat to her, and doesn't really regard her life as part of the equation. She tries to the do the most efficient thing in the most morally high way. However, if she needs to? Kethel can discard most human morals in her strategies and go for the most effective methods if need be. She seems to have an unusually high level of charisma, capable of rallying anyone working under her with her sheer force of will. As Arturia's twin, she seems to have adapted the capability of holding her soldiers with her sheer force of will, and carry them into great battles like a king would. With her strategies? This is a great advantage. However, Kethel's emotional understanding seems almost muted when it comes down to it. Although she can calculate reactions based on emotions, she doesn't seem to be effected or even care for them in any such way. Also in this mode, Kethel is almost silent, and only speaks when it is absolutely needed. With this, she has developed an easy to read body language, and seems to be generally willing to jump into fights that she may not be involved in. In general, she seems to seek glory, and does her utmost to always win, showing more of her competitive side. This is Kethel's leader side, and she seems to know this, having no problems assigning orders. She also has utmost faith in those under her, never expecting betrayal and seems to be actually hurt when such a thing happens. Almost innocent in that way, she is also very fair, and seems to resolve disputes quite easily, without much of a regard to the emotional context. If it is material? It can be solved. As such, she tends to be more oblivious to the hearts of others, other then understanding them in a logical way.

This is a third personality and mental mode of Kethel's. In fact, this one seems to relate to her status as the Arc Unit One. When the girl begins this mind mode, one immediately notices the shift in her personality. She becomes a lot more detached, some might say unfeeling, towards everything. It's like everything shuts down inside of Kethel, and she just acts on base instincts more then anything. This simply means that Kethel has shut out all of her logical thoughts, and reacts only. This is a very dangerous state for not only Kethel, but the people around her, due to the girl not identifying with simple concepts like friend or enemy any longer. In essence, this is when Kethel has been broken; her mind had suffered enough mental damage to the point that her personality breaks,and she is left with simply a sort of blank state as she tries to cope with it mentally. This makes her highly dangerous as she does not judge the use of her force in any way, excessive or not. Her entire being is focused around reactions to herself. If one leaves her alone? She will simply stand there, doing nothing as her mind and heart begin to cope. During this duration, anybody with an ARC System Connection will be able to sense the waves of her mental state. She will become more mechanical, and only follow simple logic. She can listen to others, as long as they have an ARC Unit or are capable of transferring a set of electric signals to Kethel's. But she will only be able to listen to simple commands, and doesn't have any conversational abilities. She is just a machine, as she is forced deep inside of her own inner realm in order to cope with whatever has caused her mentality to shatter. However, her fighting skills are still excellent; in fact, one may call them even better, as she does not have necessary thoughts clouding her head, and she is purely reactionary, meaning her instincts are sharper then a katana. When she does speak, it is a machine like tone, and with machine like words, as if she had let a primary process of her arc unit to take over.

Ketheldren has many modes, but this one is by far the most deadly. This mode, related her augurs as a new-born, refers to her as the Black Child. This said, it's often considered the pre-cursor to her Corrupt form, and is the most identifiable source of her Origin. In this form? Kethel is extremely emotional negatively. Anger, hate, destruction; all of the negative, violent emotions are the most prevalent in her like this. It is often triggered by fighting too long, as she slowly starts to mentally unravel. In a sense, she becomes utterly insane, loving to fight to the highest degree to that the point that she is extremely selfish and possessive of it. She will not hold back, and use every ability she has; this mode shows her extreme competitiveness to the point of killing other people that may walk into her fight. She hates help, she hates anyone that dares interfere, and even more so? She has no problems killing. She loves causing the area to be destroyed, and she loves fighting head on without a damn care in the world. She has a fouler mouth that normal, and typically seems like a down-right bitchy person. When she has this mode and isn't fighting, she seems more rude, arrogant and cocky, and doesn't seem to give a damn care about anything that may or may not harm her. In fact? She says ''bring it on''. Kethel doesn't have a single thought about emotional values of others, or even her own physical state, and simply pushes everything to the extreme. Almost sadistic in nature about the whole thing, she has this almost wild-eyed look that makes her look a little bit psychopathic. She doesn't mind if her opponents get broken or killed; as long as they offered her a good fight. She is extremely chaotic, and may harm friends and enemies alike, if they are strong. She really doesn't care who it is, but she just wants to fight dammit. She also becomes extremely manipulative, and has no problems using emotional, mental or physical weapons against an opponent. A fight is a fight right, no matter what weapons are used.

This last of the current mode seems to have come into existence more recently, but ties in with her title of Euclidean Knight. In a way, Kethel seems to combine aspects of several other modes. However, there is something much more different about this sort of mental state. The girl becomes extremely cold and distant, and is absolutely and utterly loyal to whatever cause she has devoted herself to. She doesn't seem to bend from her morals or will even on emotional matters, and is utterly devoted to doing everything she can. She is not afraid to use force, and many assume this as her courtly attitude. She is almost unreachable, but she does have gentle smile and touches, that often make people wonder. Like this? Kethel seeks to only further increase her family's desires, and is extremely, if not crazily, protective of her siblings. Many of her attitudes in this form resembles a Yandere; she has a hard time swallowing that her siblings may part from her, and clings to her family almost constantly. However, in the presence of others? She is a calm, calculated individual, if not a bit haughty. But she has grace and gentleness when needed, making a great knight. Often she speaks in a very cold tone of voice, much like a teacher, and seems to even have traits of when she was Beldrein, but evolved in some ways. She has no issues in doing what she must, and is absolutely trusting in her family. She welcomes strangers on the surface to their family, but secretly tests them. In fact, this side of Kethel is a little bit more secretive, capable of lying and manipulating in order to do what is needed to be done. Almost like a snake, she finds what openings she can, and then snaps her jaws around her prey. She can also be seen as very voluptuous in her personality, if one were to gain her trust and affection. Almost closely guarded, this is one of Kethel's main attitudes. However, when dealing with courtly matters or work, she seems a lot more ordered, methodical, very much like Kake's Power of Order almost.
the pieces scattered
i understood fate from your lips

The day when Arturia was born is remembered greatly amongs the Sugiura, for it was the birth of a future king. It was a private affair with the King and Queen, Uther Leonhardt and Beatrice ''Bice'' Castiglioni/del Testa de Oro-Leonhardt, and their midwife. The midwife was a bit of softhearted girl, which easily pleased Bice, the mother of the Leonhardt family. It was pretty quiet, but a long affair, as there was the birth of Arturia, but also her sister Ketheldrein. This twin birth was unexpected to say the least, and in most cases many women would have faltered In fact, there were triplets it seems, but Kethel can't seem to get the story straight, since Bice and Arturia seem tight lipped about it. Did it matter? All that was meant to be known is that Bice had a long, and trying childbirth, as the girls were not little light weights. In either case, where there is great light, there is a shadow to follow, as everything remains balanced in some way. Auguries were rolled on the birth of the children, in order to divine their future; and Kethel's future predicted a darkness that would overwhelm her entire being. Even Merlin was surprised at the accuracy of the auguries; as they were of a Sugiura nature, they seemed to be connected in some way to understand, and discover the Origin of one, hence why the midwife, a Magus, was capable of using them efficiently. Uther had decided to have the child murdered. Unbeknownst to the kingdom, they decided to do it now, and in the dead of night as her origin was more then likely too powerful if it was allowed to grow. So Kethel was entrusted to the midwife, whom's name remains murked, and she went out and brought the child through the Western forest. It was a hard decision, but the Magus was the only other person apart from Bice that seemed to comfort Kethel in some way. It was the midwife that named the child, not wanting to think of this poor child as a nameless Leonhardt. Taking a day or two for the travel, she hoped that the child would get to see pieces of the world to take with it. The auguries had said a powerful bond with the family, and a pure heart. But soon, it was time to rid of the child at the convenient location, as it was mapped out by Uther. The area was within Guardian Beast territory, so the child would either be devoured by a ravenous beast, or adopted by some Guardian Beast into a different realm. Did it matter? The witch felt her heart break a bit more, as she slowly laid the child wrapped in a silver and amethyst cloth near the river bank. Taking much longer then she had to, she prayed that a gentle Guardian Beast take pity on the child, voicing that prayer out loud, only the small babe able to hear her.

Mere hours after the midwife left, there was a soldier that heard the cries of the babe. Kethel had begun to make a fuss, having been left alone, and the babe's cries were quite loud in the forest, giving way to a healthy pair of lungs at the least. Arriving, the black haired male saw the cute little thing crying, along with the appearance of a beautiful doll like girl. It was a scene out of a novel to him, as his hand went to his blade, almost hesitant. It was odd because they were in unknown territory after all. ''Brand of Riva.'' she said softly, calling on the male's name. Her tone was soft, gentle and yet had a deep undertone to it. It was a myriad of noises, dancing and flicking on the air, and the male knew that this was a dangerous place if beings like her existed. She had called his name without knowing it, or rather, his title. The male was startled, as he took a step back, from the girl, the blade almost slipping out of it's sheath. ''Do not worry. You sense the evil of the child, do you not?'' she asked him, as he took in a breath, and nodded. The girl knelt, and picked up the small child in her arms, carrying it towards the male. From behind Brand, came a younger brown haired male, carrying a large broadsword. There was a blue orb in the pommel of his blade, as he seemed to be heading straight for Brand, his face a bit serious. Stopping upon seeing the small girl child, he stared, as the orb in his blade glowed. The glow was a strange mix of red and yellow, almost as if curious but angry all at once. ''Ah.. you are here too. Then I beg of you, take this child.'' she asked softly, walking towards the both of them. Her voice was begging, that itself odd; but the small baby girl in the doll like creature's arms wailed a bit louder now, raising it's volume. The cries were of fear, desperate and lonely, almost hungry as well. With a smile, the divine creature stepped back, and tilted her head innocently. ''I will guard over her from the inside.. so raise her well. I understand you have temporal modifications? I wish for her to accomplish her destiny.. so raise her for fifteen years, and then send her back to this place for five. Does that make sense?'' asked the girl. Confused, Brand stared at the male with the broadsword. The brown haired swordsman seemed to think, before nodding slowly, not saying a word. The orb flickered from red to a soft pink, a gentle loving color as the doll like girl smiled towards it.

''Good. Then, this child's name is Ketheldrein Leonhardt. Give her that name when the time comes.'' said the spirit, as it was apparent now. Her body seemed to be almost transparent now, as her eyes seemed to contain ancient wisdom. With a soft kiss on the babe's forehead, the figure dissipated into thin air, leaving nothing but the babe and it's cloth. The two men looked at each other, as if wondering if the events really happened, the babe stirring again, sniffles starting to be heard. It would begin to cry once more. The brown haired male looked a bit confused, running a hand through his hair, before something filled his ears to quiet the babe. With a sigh, as the orb within the blade glittered, and seemed to coo a song, the younger seeming soldier shook his head. ''Still not used to this kind of thing. Come on Brand, let's go. We've got a girl to raise.'' he said, taking the male, the babe, and then heading back into the words. Their travel was a few days, but they slowly took care of the small baby girl, and noted how the evil was fading with the orb's gentle cooing, and how bright the small baby was, learning relatively quickly. In a way, the two males look at each other, before Brand bowed. ''My King, whom shall raise this child?'' he asked, his serious face full of question. The king waved his hand, and smiled as if almost friendly. ''You don't need to be formal. I'd like it to be you of course. I just have a feeling this girl is going to fight a lot.'' said the male, shifting his body again, wary for enemies. With that decided, they walked into a small dirty tower of rocks, and never came out.

When Brand and the King arrived in their kingdom, the people were surprised at the small girl child that had been presented to them as Brand's only daughter. People were confused, but when they saw the small child, but accepted this. The King's inner circle soon knew of the circumstances, and the small girl child was observed by the family. When the children tried to poke the child, they were chided away. Brand then took the girl to his wife, whom fell in love with her delicate blonde hair, and the amazingly gentle eyes that she displayed. In fact, the eye color she originally had was blue; however, they turned a golden colour right in front of the wife's own eyes, as if to reflect a change. Startled, but not afraid, they began to raise the child together. They asked the King to bless the girl with a name, and remembering the girl's true name, he would give the girl the name Beldrein, as to satisfy their own customs. As such, she was blessed by the King, raised to be Brand's only daughter. The bond between Brand, the Warden of Riva, and the King of Riva were strong, as such, the girl got to grow up next to the King's only son and his many daughters. She also had three big brothers to play with, so she was almost never lonely, considering that the King had extended family as well. She wasn't quite sure what was going on, but she enjoyed having many people around her as a child. However, she knew quickly that something was wrong with her personality, when she felt the urge to kill someone that had irritated her. Worried, she went to her father, and asked him what was wrong with her. She was just a child of about five years old, but she knew something was very wrong with her.

That day, Brand took his daughter to the King. The two held council with the adults, the girl sitting in the middle of the room, nervous. In fact, she didn't know that they were testing her. After a few hours of being ignored, the girl's face frowned, and her Origin burst forth, as she got angry, demanding to be told what was going on. The force of her Origin cracked the ground, as she had quickly gained, and controlled her Ischyrions. All the adults stopped, as the King stood up, and softly hugged the girl without fear. This startled her, as her Origin settled down, as she was blinking at him. The male told her that from that on? She would be his apprentice. He established rules for her, and taught her swordsmanship, how to control her body, how to be aware of things around her and how to fight. He also brought her to several places in order for her to adapt to them, and understand that things always change. In a way, he was like her father Brand, but he was also her master at the same time and the girl embraced that. She had to learn how to be graceful, and how to work very hard ; she was also given culture lessons for her mind. She enjoyed those a bit less, as her origin kept pushing her to fight and fight and fight. But she took the time to learn how to preform household chores, on how to charm people and a bunch of other things because her mentor had asked her to. The hard training regiment was painful on a small girl, but soon they noticed how quick she was learning, and how fast she adapted to everything. They felt a sort of pride in their hearts that the girl could become so talented and gifted so shortly. They allowed her plenty of rest, the girl still playing with her younger companions, but her more mature mind soon found some solace within the older children. Particularly the boys, that understood her need to fight, and the girl's need to be strong. It was really hard to associate with girls because Beldrein had such a straight forward attitude. She was loved by all, and the girls managed to make friends with her during culture lessons, showing her a bunch of tricks. The girl found herself interested, and slowly learned how to balance the more testosterone filled side of her mind with some estrogen.

Beldrein was brought aside when she was twelve one day, and was asked to touch the swords, until one suited her. The girl was confused at first, and touched the first sword, finding herself disgusted with it. Her gaze landed on the King, her mentor, and he nodded. The second blade was just like that, if not worse. Surprised, as Beldrein was never a picky person, she touched many of the blades; but none suited her. They all felt gross and weird, and just unnatural, and those there at the ceremony winced at the cacophony that had come out of the girl's touches. This was a coming of age ceremony, as she was to pick a sword to represent her life as a knight. And what seemed to make things worse is that the girl was uncertain of which one was the best. None had rung out with a beautiful tune, and the people were confused at this. The King, although Beldrein had never thought to learn of his name, walked up to her, and put a hand on her shoulder. She was startled by the fact her mentor had taken such authority of her, and trusted him to guide her safely. So the blonde let him walk her towards his great sword, as it lay on the throne. Softly, he brought her hand to the Orb that lay in his great broadsword. The people almost began to panic, Brand's face worried even remembering how the Orb took care of the girl on their way here, twelve years ago. After all, everyone, even the girl, knew that the Orb would burn all of those that it found unworthy. But curious all the same, and trusting her mentor explicitly, she touched it. It seemed to purr, turning a soft pink on the touch of her hand. Everyone was surprised, their eyes wide, as they watched, and heard the Orb sound like a small kitten.. Popping it out of the blade, the male let the girl hold it in her hands, as she cuddled it close to her body.

''Just let your heart free.'' he said to her softly. She knew that it felt warm against her, and she trusted her mentor. The Orb was almost reassuring, as she let out a soft, gentle breath. Nodding towards her teacher, she closed her eyes. A big flash of light blinded the area, but once it was gone, there was a blade floating in front of Beldrein. For a moment, she had thought she had seen a strange doll like figure within that light. She gave in a small breath, as she looked curiously at the King, whom took the Orb out of her hands. In her hands, there was a small jewel, with the same feeling as the Orb. With an innate understanding of what happened, she placed the jewel in the hilt of the sword, and drew it. Amazed by the blade, the song of it rang out in the hall, making everyone look with surprised wonder. The girl was from then on slowly taught in the ways of her blade, exploring the powers she could gain with it. Then, without warning, her fifteenth birthday had snuck up on her, and everyone threw a party. A few boys even tried to kill the really beautiful girl, but she shyly pushed them all away. That was the day she was told that she had to leave this place, and venture forth towards another place. That she had to find her destiny since it was not here, with them. It saddened the girl immensely, as her father, had passed away recently. So as a gift, and an homage to him, they named her ''Brand of Riva.'' and with her new title, she was sent towards the Leonhardt castle. Her guide was the King himself, as he guided her to the woods where they found her. In the woods, there was a simply grave with a tiny cross, as if to signify someone had died here. Beldrein didn't ask, but the King gave her a map, and told her were to go to get to the castle. And thus, she parted from her mentor, and began a long, two day journey towards the Leonhardt castle.

Beldrein arrived at the Leonhardt castle, tired and hungry. But she was here, as the King had ordered her to be. The girl felt a strange, connecting bond to this place, but didn't seem to think much of it. She patiently waited until a guard noticed her. Once she had been noticed? The girl was brought inside of the castle, and slowly questioned. Although the guards did not want to bother the King and Queen, Beldrein had a missive from the land she was from. They could not ignore a messenger, possibly diplomatic, that had found their way into Suigura territory; what's more? She herself was a Sugiura. The girl was brought in an audience with the King and Queen. She was very formal, and cultured, was Beldrein, as Brand's wife had taught her. The blonde spoke gently, and yet she missed an important piece of the puzzle that Aura had constructed; her real name. Therefore? Beldrein's fate took an entirely different course then it should have. The King seemed to be slightly receptive, but it was the Queen, Bice, that seemed the most interested in Beldrein. As they read the missive, they learned that the King of Riva wished to place his student Beldrein under their tutelage, so that she may become a brighter, better person.

So with a gracious smile, Bice welcomed Beldrein, and made her a hand Maiden. It was around this time that Bice was a bit exhausted with all of her children, managing her husband and the country. Their nanny had recently left her post due to illness. So in essence, Beldrein's test was to take care of the children. Which was easy for the girl in a sense; the moment she had laid eyes on Arturia, she knew that the small boy was actually a female. When she told Bice this, the girl was surprised; as Beldrein had seen through Merlin's own enchantments, including some of her own that had been laid before hand. This was the only hint of Beldrein's true power, and with grace, the Queen accepted that. Deciding almost rashly, she brought the girl towards the newborns. Feraki and Kake lay there, small and innocent, had instantly won Beldrein's heart. With a gentle, sweet smile, she put herself to work, managing the three children easily. Within a year, she had proven herself to be quite trustworthy. So from time to time, she was allowed to help out with the other Leonhardts, those that were excluded from the happy royal family, such as Hana and Kyirelisihel. However, Beldrein's main role was to aid with Arturia's growth, and along with Feraki and Kake's own upbringing. The maid was quite intensive; she helped Arturia with everything that was domestic, such as bathing, clothing, feeding, and even to the point of cleaning up after Arturia. She did this of her own will, and sometimes the small girl was frustrated at the maid. But Beldrein did what she thought was good. However, her true pride and joy? Feraki and Kake; after three years of being by their side day by day, Bice almost handed over their entire lives to Beldrein, leaving her a few instructions. For one? Kake was to be trained to fight when he hit the age of 8; for he was to become a knight. And Feraki was to learn how to care for people, as her talents seemed to be focused in healing and social matters. Beldrein held no objections, as she had teachings in both aspects, and could easily fufill the role of teacher. As this was decided, Beldrein became the primary care-giver for Kake and Feraki.

Beldrein had a strange thirst for knowledge, and when she was not seen with Kake and Feraki, or helping Arturia, or some other royal duty, she was often found in the library, learning of various things. Assimilating all the knowledge she could find, Beldrein had become known in the Royal Library. In fact, she had selected most of the books for Hana and Kyirelisihel to read. She noted their reading rate, and spoke to Jarrod and Kyire's caretaker. She gave them the things to bring, and even baked sweets for the lonely girls. In some capacity, she had begun to care immensely for them. So she did what she could to ease their pain; even support Jarrod in what he could do, creating openings for him to spend a little more time with Hana. After all, Beldrein understood what it was like to be alone; in some way, she had never forgotten the long hours she had spend by herself, crying in the woods when she was just a babe. She never forgot that terror of being utterly alone and abandoned; and it still lay in her heart. She refused to have anyone else feel the same. This applied to Feraki and Kake. Somehow, the two munchkins found out that Beldrein celebrated her birthday on the same day as Arturia. Where as for Arturia, banquets would be held and more so showered with affection, Beldrein's own turning of age was unnoticed. However, the twins, since they found out, had from then on tried to bake a cake themselves, and even crafted presents. Beldrein was genuinely touched by the two's utter determination to celebrate her birthday, and even though she scolded them, it was with a smile. They didn't stop trying, no matter how much she scolded them. It was a gentle, fun life, as Beldrein had a warmth in her heart that was much greater then at Riva.

Then, Kake turned eight years old; and that was the day Beldrein became more then his Oneesan, as he was fond of calling her. She became his mentor. The girl asked him to meet her on the training field. There she stood, her red coloured maid outfit fluttering in the light. But her eyes were not of the kind, gentle Oneesan he was used to; they were cold, and powerful. Yet, even with that, her touches, her movements were gentle, as she spent an entire year teaching him how to properly hold a sword. However, she noticed when he swung, that the typical Western sword had almost no power like it was intended to. The maid thought for a minute, and acquired an eastern sword, a Bokuto. It was a practice sword, for the Katana; and the moment she had showed him how to use it? His aptitude for it was like a chemical reaction. Instant and powerful. Satisfied, Beldrein began to teach him how to use it. At this time, she also had time for Feraki, teaching her medicinal tips and what not. Often, Beldrein crammed all the information, and practice she needed before-hand, as some of these things, she had to expand on for herself. It was interesting, as she was learning a weapon, and then teaching it almost imidiately afterwards. But this was a good train of thought, as they entered a sort of symmetry. Beldrein knew she would be his instructor for several decades, if not centuries, as she was meant to guide him and lead him towards a new, brighter tomorrow. Beldrein had begun soft, and taught the basics for around forty-one years or so. The girl had wandered the halls, and heard a strange howling. Instantly recognizing the voice as Hana, although they had never met, Beldrein stayed near the corridor all night, listening, and wishing there was something she could do to ease the pain that the girl had felt.

That's when she decided to train Kake more seriously. As soon as the fifty year mark hit? Beldrein's training ramped up instantly. Kake was forced to fight her on a daily basis. With minimal effort, she almost killed him. Then he began to adapt - to survive. But Beldrein still beat him every time, become very strict and harsh with him, and having no fear to stop any pride from forming. Bice once came with concerns towards Beldrein's cold, and extremist attitude, but the maid had just explained her process towards the Queen. After that? There was no more interference. The girl easily let Kake become focused on his training, since she gave him a challenge; best her, or even make her kneel, and she would teach him something of his choice. The girl waited for him to do so, and trained him still, keeping her gentle patience with Feraki. She did take care of the baby Alicia, however, she watched as the girl was spoiled by the court unlike many of the other siblings. During this period of time, Beldrein would often take Kake, and wander into the human world, learning some of their things whilst training him even there. There was a sort of feeling to these trips, like missions, as she would often take Feraki with them as well. It was like the three were an inseparable trio.

One day she had to teach him something more. He seemed to be getting in way over his head with Alicia. Hana had been officially welcomed into the family, and Beldrein was brought towards Kake. He asked her a seemingly innocent question. ''Where do babies come from?'' Beldrein found herself frozen in place. And she researched; for three days, she locked herself out of all her duties, even worrying Kake and Feraki, that couldn't find her. She studied.. and felt extremely embarrassed. Because all this time, their fights had caused them to touch each, and be so close to each other. Over time? Beldrein's feelings had gone to admiration, and then a different kind of love that she felt for Kake. That realization alone made her entire world spin on it's head. But it was her duty as his instructor to teach him what he wanted to know. But to stave it off, she gave the condition she had before. Make her kneel. And thus, the two began to fight in utter earnest, as Beldrein still held herself back to some degree. And that was her fatal mistake; Kake had managed to beat her for the first time in over five centuries. Admitting her defeat, she sighed, and brought him to her room to treat. And there, she began to teach him of children, and sexual reproduction. It was relatively easy; he seemed to understand fast, and didn't ask many questions. It was embarassing for Beldrein though, considering she herself had not thought of such things ever.

Then, Kake asked one thing. ''Show me.'' It was without warning, and Beldrein was trapped. She couldn't say no; that was her duty. But her heart was screaming against it, considering that she had seen the relationship between him and Alicia more times then she could count. The jealousy that sprung inside of her chest then was easily squashed. She had a duty to maintain. She could not hold, or even bank on these feelings for Kake. Thus? She agreed and gave him something nobody else ever had, or would; her virginity. It was afterwards, as he shivered against her, that she realized that he hadn't done this with Alicia. Despite her squashing, her feelings soared in happiness. Yet, she kept them hidden still, veiling them in her bosom even as Kake and Alicia started to kiss. It hurt her heart, but she didn't mind it as much, as she knew she had all his firsts. Therefore, Alicia held nothing on her. The girl was called into a position as a great knight, with Kake serving under her as an apprentice. She was the Euclidean Knight. The girl took on many missions, as the royal family blossomed more, and she loved them all. In a strange way, she was almost an honourary family member, as she had remained with them, unwavering for centuries.

It was now a thousand years since she had arrived at the Leonhardt castle; and it was the day that Beldrein began to teach Kake about Origin Training. They began to work on it for a decade, slowly understanding what an Origin was, and how one was to access it. Although Beldrein had never shown her entire power, even in her fights with Kake, there was this underlying sense that she was powerful. This was because one day, an assassin tried to kill Feraki, for hosting the demon that had attacked the castle at her birth. This assassin wanted to release the demon, and purify Feraki's tainted soul. As Feraki was being choked to death, Kake started to violently react, due to his twin bond. He managed to choke out Feraki's name, and the word Danger. Without any hesitation, Beldrein sensed where Feraki was, and instantly warped to her location, as she saw the assassin. Without warning, the blonde grabbed the male, and threw him against the wall, as Kake arrived without warning. ''Take her outside.'' she had said to her student. He looked like he was about to protest, but Beldrein let some of her wrath, the strong pressure of her energy, leak out a fraction. ''NOW.'' she emphasized. As such, Kake took Feraki and left the room, even as the guards, and the Queen began to arrive. The assassin's scream were of bloody murder, and the Queen opened the door, regardless of the warnings. The would be murderer was dropped at her feet, and Beldrein walked coldly past her. ''I took care of it. He's ready for questioning and will be co-operative.'' was all the girl said, before disappearing for a week afterwards. When she re-appeared, she resumed her duties as if she had never left, and no one mentioned the incident since.

However, this was on the day that Kake unlocked his Origin's ability, Power of Order. The minute his eyes glowed green, the power being used, Beldrein's insides twisted. Backing off to catch her breath, Feraki that was observing, seemed to be worried. Kake was calm however, under the influence of his origin. The well crafted mask broke a sliver, as a burst of power was unleashed from Beldrein. Her own Origin, Eradication, had broken free due to the influence of Kake's Origin, the utterly opposite Order. As such, their clash became an actual fight; there was no holding back like Beldrein did. Not that she cared; she wanted to kill him, the one of order, to rid the world of such filth! Her anger, her rage, and her Origin drove her to be massively destructive; several times, she had almost killed him, even as she eradicated the area around them. The fight went on for three hours, before something strange happened; Kake, still learning, screwed up. This was when Beldrein began to move in, ready to execute him. Feraki threw herself forward, and grabbed their hands, crying for them to stop. And, Beldrein couldn't explain this, but a feeling of absolute peace came over her. Her Origin was smoothed, as if Balanced, which is when Feraki's own power became obvious. In a way? This cemented the trio further, as Beldrein fainted then, and was out for three days. When she woke, she wasn't sure what had happened, but knew that something had been opened inside of her. Something that might of been better left closed.

The first time she had the dream, she felt like it was special. She was in a strange world; it was a forest meadow, with a white bed in the center of it. Floating a few inches off the bed was simply a small, girlish figure. Her hair and dress were floating elegantly, as there was even a floating teddy bear. Beldrein took the bear, and gave it to the girl. Slowly, the girl's eyes opened, and the girl heard a word. Ketheldrein. She woke instantly afterwards, sweating a bit. It had surprised her, these dreams, but they began to become more frequent as the years went by. One day, she had that dream, but the girl was no on the bed. Instead, she took Beldrein's hand, and walked her out into the woods. For miles and miles, they walked, passing so many landscapes. The little girl's hand felt so nice, and so warm inside of Beldrein's, and she felt strange.. but trust of this creature. Soon, they entered a weird realm; one made of entirely ice. It felt strange, almost as if life itself would be drained if it touched this ice. In the middle of this field, there sat a throne; a beautiful girl, with silvery white hair, and beautifully mesmerizing blue eyes, seemed to wait for them. Beldrein was confused, as the speech between the two girls escaped her, but they both looked at her. And another instant, she had seen a beautiful Katana. Her heart skipped a beat at seeing it, and the snow girl smiled. Beldrein smiled, as she felt her heart be at peace, and her mind in order. The girl took her hand, and brought her to another area. Much like the last, it was however full of flames. The Kitsune eared girl on the throne was happily smiling, and talking earnestly, as Beldrein just seemed to relax more. Order and Balance; that's what these two were to be, along with Aura's Purification. Beldrein knew she could easily handel multiple contracts. So seeing the beautiful red Katana, the girl felt her heart skip another beat. They were truly beautiful blades. At the two girls, Aura had extended her hand, and fed Beldrein an icicle and a flame. But she woke up from that dream, her body tingling with excitement.

That day, she took Feraki and Kake, and went into the woods, to find a clearing she had seen just before waking up. The three searched for a week, until Beldrein had found it. The twins looked at her curiously, as the girl picked up the swords. She looked at her siblings, and saw something; and in that split second, she handed Feraki the red blade, and Kake the blue blade. For a single moment, she had felt at the height of the world. And all of a sudden, it felt like a piece of her was robbed. But the smiles on Kake and Feraki's face made that emptiness easier to bear; she shoved it away, and indulged in her love for them. However, since their last fight, Beldrein had not fought Kake. She had begun to take her distance, letting him learn new things. However, her dreams were becoming chaotic, and she often suffered from chronic headaches. It was painful, but she seemed to have herself an okay life, within the Royal's Family gentle mantle.

One day, she asked for a vacation. The human world had advanced in technology, as it was the year 1991. Beldrein asked for her to be allowed to go to the human world, and study the new technology for a decade or three. Granting the permission, she left Kake and Feraki her address, along with Arturia as well, and left for the human world. Arturia had a motorcycle she had brought back from the human world.. and often, Beldrein would sneak a joy ride on it. She loved the feel of the bike, the thrumming power in between her thighs. The girl, when she arrived in the human world, bought her own motorcycle, and began to study technology. As it began to advance at a rapid pace, Beldrein kept up with the intensity. She wanted to learn; and as such, she found herself meeting a scientist at a convention. Her name? Sensaiki Yuudeshi. That name of a famous clan in Japan, that was known for their technological advancements, and even more so their scientific experiments, was pretty much almost guaranteed for Beldrein's interest. As such? Beldrein followed Sensaiki back to Japan, without telling anyone, and agreed to help Sensaiki research something quite unique. That was to say, a source of nearly limitless energy, that was not manipulable by any race, due to the fact that the energy itself was quite unique.

So it was a dangerous energy, this Carnelian energy. But Beldrein was immensely curious, so she agreed, as long as Sensaiki taught her things with mechanics as well. The partnership was luscious; at least until around 2010. Sensaiki needed to test the bond on a living experiment, of a humanoid nature. Beldrein instantly denied involving anyone else. So to make sure that all damage could be repaired? Sensaiki took a genetic sample of Beldrein. Then the volunteer entered the machine, and allowed herself to be hooked up to the system that the Yuudeshi had created for this. It was very dangerous, but slowly, the release vats were open, and the harnessing of Carnelian energy began. Beldrein was forced to remain in the set up for five hours, before the energy began to pour into the tank. She began to feel it's initial composition, and slowly, the tank was full. The girl was left there for a full 48 hours, Sensaiki leaving the premises. That's how long it would remain contain, before it exploded; that was the rule last time. So Beldrein was left with an unknown source of energy for sustenance, and only a few machines allowing her to adapt it to her body. It was almost too dangerous for her to remain there, but the girl had volunteered. Better her then some innocent standby, right? The girl remained in the tube for the full 48 hours. However, when there was no explosion, Sensaiki returned to the area. All of the Carnelian energy had been absorbed by Beldrein, and she seemed stable. So the Yuudeshi released the restrictions on the girl. For a moment, there seemed to be a strange flicker, but it settled. That was when Beldrein knew her break was over; she had to return to the Suigura lands.

Upon returning, she greeted Kake, whom was instantly happy to have her back. During the next two years, they renewed their bond, and seemed to be getting along well. But a missive from the Yuudeshi clan, address to Beldrein, came in. The Suigura's were on even terms with the Yuudeshi, the East more so then the West, due to Shadin Yuudeshi marrying Midori Suigura of the Royal Eastern Family. So it was surprising to receive a request. Beldrein read it, and called in Kake. There was strange activity on the border of a forest near the Sugiura lands, and she wanted him to investigate it. She would give him three days to complete it. Eager, he left, going towards the source. Beldrein wasn't sure what to make of the message Sensaiki gave her. But she felt confident. The next three days, she was busy in her work. For some odd reason, Feraki refused to come out of her room. By day four, Beldrein went to search for Kake. She made it to the area where the mission was, and followed his trail into the Outlands. The girl was sure he was strong enough to handle whatever was out there right? She wandered a bit, and then found this strange blonde haired girl, that was crying over Kake's katana. There was blood on her clothes, and it was also scattered everywhere. There was no signs of Kake.

Beldrein had lost control; her Origin took over, and she instantly became Mailua, Beldrein's alter. Her rampage destroyed the area; her loss of control was almost insane, as the pulses of power echoed across the land. Within moments, Mailua had completed her mission, and brought forth Beldrein's origin; Eradication, in the form of a black beast. At that moment, Aura had awakened, and calmed the Beast with her song. However, something strange was also reacting; a secondary power had risen. Discarding both the Guardian Beast and the Origin, this power lurked. The blonde girl gasped, and her eyes blanked out. ''Taishou Ninshiki.'' was the two words she spoke. Beldrein repeated them back, mechanically. That was the ARC System that Beldrein had begun had activated. Her unit, Aza, had sprung to the surface, and took over her alter completely. The alter, Mailua, forced herself to merge with the origin, and became the Black Beast herself. Right after, Aza began to attack the other ARC System Unit present, Tyth. Their fight destroyed what remained of the area.

Yukianesa glowed with Kake's aura. The girl quickly shoved the sword into Aza's hands, and the secondary chain reaction was instant. From the shards of Kuzunoha, and Yukianesa in Beldrein's soul, came forth another weapon of the same class. Arcus Diabolus, Bolverk. Beldrein's true form was sealed, and she was granted a base form, due to having to hide her strength in total from everyone. The mental and emotional stress put on her body, mind, and soul was too much. Beldrein passed out, leaving the mysterious girl to carry the elder back to the castle. When the maid awoke, almost three weeks later, she found herself being attended to by none other then Bice herself. With a soft smile, the mother of the King tended to the maid that had served her all these years. Almost in tears, Beldrein let out her feelings, telling the former Queen everything. And kindly, motherly almost, Bice gave Beldrein some advice. It was a gentle, almost touching moment; and Beldrein felt like it was right. She couldn't understand, but there was tears in her eyes and love in her heart. She felt so wonderful, that when Bice asked Beldrein to attend the Sacred Sword Ceremonies, she agreed. It was a private family affair; only the Leonhardts, and Beldrein were present.

This confused the girl, as Bice stood up, and smiling, gave everyone their holy weapons. One that didn't receive any was Alicia. Even Beldrein got a weapon; Fragarach, the Sword of Air. It was a holy class weapon, actually almost exactly similar to Arturia's Excalibur, but weaker. The girl was confused, as Bice smiled softly. ''My dearest children, this is your sister, Ketheldrein Leonhardt.'' she simply said, pointing to Beldrein. Every one of them would know the name; it was the name of Arturia's twin sister that died. That in itself was shocking; and more so to Kethel, considering her now abnormal feelings for Kake. She then buried that to the bottom of her heart, ignoring it. Most of her family was hesitant, but Kethel just smiled, and accepted everyone into her heart. She also realized that her love for Kake was too much, and thus decided to love all of her family in the way she did him. The girl then brought herself towards the human world, and the out lands constantly, seeking for any trace of Kake, refusing to wield any other weapon then Yukianesa during this time. This search, training, and almost manic desire to find her now little brother spanned over 400 years.

Until that one day.
And with the end of the beginning, comes a new dawn
but with the dawn, comes further war

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As the war begins you remain
waiting, almost hungrily for the things that I wish to show you
Basic Powers
the sword and shield I wield

the skills i refined
to carve myself my own path

Origin: Eradication:

Split Origin: Order:

Contagion of Eradication:

the armory I forged
to protect the things I held dear


the spells i memorized
to use when all was lost within everything


that isn't the final line yet, there's still much more.
it begins to take it's toll

a beckoned run away leisure

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Well, looks like you're never coming back so I'm going to remove this from Old WIP and put this into the Archives. If you wish to have it put back into WIP then please just post here.

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