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 Joe Sharp

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Joe Sharp   Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:02 pm


  • Item Name: Joe Sharp, sometimes called the Monsuta Blade
  • Item Type: Weapon specific to Stefan Soan
  • Used For:Offensive
  • Item Description:

    Joe Sharp is a very long odachi, measuring in at five feet eight inches long from end to end. The blade itself is four feet ten inches long with the hilt being ten inches long. Joe Sharp is a rather plain looking odachi, it's hilt being all black with the standard Japanese pattern, it's tsuba being relatively plain as well being black, round, and having two ovals cut out of it. At the butt end of the hilt is a short chain with a small black piece of metal connected to it. The scabbard is all black and rather simple with a chain hanging off of it to go around Stefan's body, and the blade of Joe Sharp is simple too. Despite looking rather simple and boring, Joe is actually a pretty dangerous weapon. First off, the blade is extremely durable, nearly as durable as Stefan's own Zanpakutō making it very difficult to even scratch. Also, it possesses absolutely tremendous cutting power, so much so that is said to have been able to cut rivers and streams in half, as well as being able to cut straight through steel rather easily and smoothly. It's sheer cutting power is probably it's single best feature, which could possibly be explained by it's increased weight as a rather large odachi, though perhaps it also has a supernatural explanation. Joe Sharp has two main abilities, both of which could be considered as very dangerous, and thus why Stefan even bothers using it. The primary ability is being able to extend the blade at extremely high speeds to a maximum length of about two hundred meters long, as well as being able to shrink to a minimum of ten inches long, though the odachi length is it's standard form. Joe's second ability has to do with changing it's own weight at will and near instantly. Joe can become a minimum of a single gram in weight, making it as light as a feather, or can increase it's own weight to a maximum of one hundred thousand kilograms, or 220 462.262 pounds , easily being heavy enough to crush even absolutely gigantic objects or foes, as well as giving it a lot of weight to throw around as power. When combined, these abilities can be extremely dangerous indeed but the increased weight can be pretty heavy even to Stefan, which exhausts him physically after using the weapon for a long time. The absolute maximum length of time he can wield Joe at maximum weight is seven posts, but his arms will usually begin to give out after five.
  • Obtained From: As being not only a grandmaster swordsman, Stefan also happens to be an extremely skilled swordsmith and as such was able to create this weapon by himself (using the resources of the Monsuta, of course)

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Joe Sharp   Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:31 pm

FIne. Approved Weapon.

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Moved into archived

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Joe Sharp
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