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 Playground Rules (Open to anyone in the 30 day challenge who wants to post)

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Andrew Takahashi
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Subject Post 31PostSubject: Re: Playground Rules (Open to anyone in the 30 day challenge who wants to post)   Sat May 11, 2013 8:51 pm

Got to remember where I am...

Andrew put his blade into the ground, making a random scrawl to remember where he was in case he had gotten lost. But he knew unless the heat died down in the next few minutes there were going to be problems soon. But even in the pitch black he still was able to feel out her presence, utilizing enough of his skill to combat her without moving too much as he held his blade up in a defensive stance as the white hot edge before getting a quick idea. As put his hand on his face and swiped down, creating the stone like mask again and slamming his blade into the earth before shouting,"Bakudou 39, enkosen!" The shield formed in his free hand while he gripped his blade with his other hand. As soon as the maw exploded, the shield exploded as well but he was ready for her. He pulled his weapon from the earth and swung hard against her zanpaktou. He could feel the heat coming off her weapon as he got thrown back from the combined attacks. Sweat poured out of his body, making some of his clothes appear to be coated in salt as he put his weapon into the earth again to give himself the breaking he needed. But there was a reason why he used his Kidō instead of protecting himself with his shikai. As the heated edge started to die down, he got exactly what he needed: a straight line carved into the ground to give a sense of direction of where he was.

As he heard her speak in both a male and female voice, he simply smiled as he clenched his fists. She was right about one thing: in a direct battle of speed he would surely fail. At least it would have been the case if this was a direct battle with speed. His reiatsu started to rise again as he kept his eyes in the darkness for Sherri. The sound of two men came from his mouth, one that was his voice and one deeper and seeming more distant. "I don't make the boast of speed, but there is an advantage to being skilled with Kidō." As he said that his reiatsu channeled into his free hand he felt her out and unleashed a cero. The bright red light coming from his hand matched the red energy that made the deep carvings of his mask glow as well. Eventually the darkness will fall and even her own mask will break too. He just needed to last longer than Sherri.
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Subject Post 32PostSubject: Re: Playground Rules (Open to anyone in the 30 day challenge who wants to post)   Sat May 11, 2013 11:01 pm

The temperature of the sphere went up another fifty degrees as the man held up his arm, preparing his cero. Sherri pushed off towards the side as the cero came her way, just barely making it in time to dodge the attack. She knew she didn't have much time left, she could feel the power which held the dome together weakening. She moved back, now one hundred feet from her opponent, the pointed her sword at him again. Shooting off the black maw of flames once more, she then flash stepped in front of it, keeping it hidden behind her as she moved in front of him, slashing downward at Andrew's chest.

As the maw finally caught up with her, she would flash step behind him just before the maw would have hit her in the back. With a Quick pivot, she made a thrust from behind, aiming at his stomach. Then, she would pull her blade out and flash step away before the maw could make contact with Andrew. Once again out of sight, another maw of black fire would fired upon Andrew's position.

Panting slightly, Sherri readied herself for an attack from Andrew. With a deep breath, she concentrated, and white flames erupted around her, completely enveloping her in a cloak of flames. They stretched to an inch from her body, and their heat was five hundred degrees celsuis, Sherri had finally decided to use her other flame.

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Subject Post 33PostSubject: Re: Playground Rules (Open to anyone in the 30 day challenge who wants to post)   Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:40 pm

His sadistic smile vanished when the arm moved off of the path of his lightning attack, his face became a stoic mask, his mouth set in a firm line, no emotion now. His eyes appeared dulled and lifeless but in the core of his pupils something could be seen, a spark. This spark was nothing but the reflection of the cero that was racing at him, his mind adjusting as quickly as the image appeared in it. He couldn't stop or evade it but he could attempt to stop it, with his own counter attack.

His right hand went up, "Bakudo 7 - Gyokuseki o Hogo, Shield me, protect me, from the reality of what is in front of me!" he shouted quickly, the sentence ending as the glass pane of reiatsu appeared before him, shattering when the cero connected with it, making the wind whip violently around him and obscure his being in a cloud of dust.

When the dust settled he stood in the midst of it, Nactuo in his left hand. His eyes cast down for a second before he looked back up at the woman, the end orbs now alive and sparking with more light it seemed than the cero itself had. "How... invigorating." he said, his sword arm slicing through the air and cleaving what dust was left hovering away making it fall. He was alive now, ready for a good battle, feeling something inside himself break, the barrier that was restraining him. His right hand ran through his white locks before he stepped forward toward the woman. watching her grab the other man's blade he took the moment to rush her exposed flank ad noticed the lack of armor on her backing, she was weak form behind, much like a tank. His pride over took him and he pivoted coming around toward her arm that held the other Shini's sword, his left arm coming up in an arch before he pulled back down. his Zan glowing in the sun like an executioner's axe before rending the head off of the guilty, only this time it was his sword aiming for the apex of her arm, right int he joint, knowing he couldn't severe it even if he wanted too. His mission though was to free his partner so he could attack, wolves did work better in packs after all.

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Subject Post 34PostSubject: Re: Playground Rules (Open to anyone in the 30 day challenge who wants to post)   Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:01 pm

As Carmine initiated his attack, in all honesty, the last thing he was expecting was for the arrancar to grab his blade. Rather then try and use his forward momentum to pull himself free, Carmine decided to make use of her rather poor decision. Flipping himself over his blade, he rested his left food on the back of the arrancar's hand, his right foot several inches short of her shoulder. Clutching the hilt of his Zanpakutō tightly, he sent a steady jolt of electricity through the blade and up her arm. "By all means, feel free to hold on as long as you like," he said nonchalantly. At the rate the electricity flowed, her letting go of the blade would take a bit of effort. The electricity would tighten up her muscles, forcing her to experience the pain either until Carmine ended the flow, or until she managed to shake him free. Which was unlikely, since she wouldn't have motor control with the arm in question.

He was preparing to fire a Kidō at her, but out of the corner of his eye he saw the other shinigami, Carter, making a move towards the arm he'd pinned down. Rather then waste time and breaking his concentration with a Kidō, he decided to try and keep the arm in it's current position, hoping that Carter's strike would leave her worse for wear in the arm department.

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Subject Post 35PostSubject: Re: Playground Rules (Open to anyone in the 30 day challenge who wants to post)   Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:06 pm

Her cero was blocked by the sliding shinigami. She never expected it to hit. He would have had to be a moron to let it blow him away. This showed she might still be able to have fun with them. Just as she turned to her side to look at Carter his buddy spoke. “How about we see who can hold on longer.” She didn't look up at him but smiled at Carter seeing if he could guess what was coming. He could warn his partner. Though she wouldn't give them much time to speak as she started charging a cero from her hand. Though as it fired instead of just one at Carmine it was five coming from one point. They split from that point in a wide pattern. The only way to not be blown away for Carmine was to give up his sword.

Though Lala still had to deal with Carter's attack. If he kept charging at her as she turned she wouldn't beable to instantly grab it because Carter was faster and would be expecting it. She just used her massive armed left arm to block the attack. “This is fun isn't it Carter. Lets see how far you guys can push me.

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Playground Rules (Open to anyone in the 30 day challenge who wants to post)
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