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 Hadelinde [NPC WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Hadelinde [NPC WIP]   Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:44 pm

Name: Hadelinde

Age: Zero Years

Gender: Female

Personality: Hadelinde's personality was literally constructed under Nozomi's discretion, set to be introverted, melancholic, loyal, calm, and serious, while also hiding a vast intelligence behind that mask. Of course, with Nozomi having created Hadelinde, the obedience received by the creation is incredibly useful; thus, when it comes to orders and decisions made by Nozomi, Hadelinde takes them as unquestionable and immaculate, genuinely respecting them as such without anything inhibiting her thought process. The introversion—and by extension the quietness and melancholic air about her—was birthed out of this loyalty inserted into her personality, and Nozomi kept it because it was already easy to stabilize it, she did not try to modify it and simply kept it present. Given Hadelinde was meant to be used mostly in combat situations, an extrovert's personality would not be beneficial for the android. To emphasize this, Nozomi gave her more sober traits that meshed well with the personality. Finally, thanks to the immense amount of space contained within Hadelinde's mind, Nozomi was able to store masses of knowledge and intelligence within her to maximize her efficiency. For safety, most of the information is practical and on a need-to-know basis, to preserve Nozomi's own secrets and intel.

Appearance: [See Image]
Hadelinde is as appears in the image at the top of this post, made of synthesized materials designed for specific reasons. Within is almost completely hollow, as if Hadelinde was but a suit of armor that one could fit in. However, within the top half of the helmet is the 'brain' of this entity that gives it its individuality. For those capable of detecting spiritual essence, Hadelinde can be seen to have an ethereal body filling in the armor. This body is humanoid in form, but is near completely nondescript. It seems to be made out of mysterious pure white spiritual particles; no descript face, no descript muscles, no descript organs... just reishi. Hadelinde has a metallic voice that clearly sounds muffled through the metal helmet of hers; it exudes from her 'face' despite the lack of a mouth. Her eyes are a special case against this, glowing brighter than the rest of the body so that they are even visible through the darkness cast by the helmet. Hadelinde is exactly twelve feet tall and weighs three-hundred and twenty-four pounds.

Tier: 1-1
Race: Android

Brief History: There... literally is no history behind this entity yet, for Hadelinde was just an android recently created by Nozomi's hands. With her vast knowledge and her technopathic abilities, she has managed to create an artificial intelligence with equal capability to an organic mind without sacrificing the advantages of a cybernetic mind, such as the insane processing speed or ability to think purely on logic and deduction rather than emotion. Then, after figuring out a way to manufacture a soul, Hadelinde was created in Nozomi's personal workshop, outfitted with instruments, weapons, and technologies to specifically assist its creator.

Associated Character: Nozomi

Basic Powers:

Alter-Excore: Through a lot of experimentation and tinkering, Nozomi has granted Hadelinde the power of the Excore. Of course, with the Excore's power being beyond logic and reality, it was impossible to manufacture a replica. Instead, through the use of a permanent Garganta, she has opened up a rift within the heart of Hadelinde through which the Excore's power can flow and thus empower her. Thus, she possesses the same abilities revolving around the enigmatic generator and its signature energy. This is also what keeps Hadelinde's pseudo-soul stable. She is capable of the more advanced abilities because of her high intelligence, but in general Hadelinde cannot rival Nozomi nor Xaser in terms of overall strength. All the properties besides this remain the same for the Excore otherwise:

The Reishi created by the Excore has special properties beyond the norm, the first being the corruption or conversion of any other type of energy it interacts with. When making contact with foreign energies, the Excore's energies, dubbed Onikagahi (Demonic Radiance), will begin to overtake the foreign energy and assimilate it into more Onikagahi with its superior density and volume. The rate is slower against high-tiered Reiatsu, and it also decreases in speed the further away from the Excore that is is; opponents who are higher tiered in terms of power are capable fighting back through willpower and masterful control of their own energy.The other exception seen is any attempt to invade a foreign soul itself, which requires special methods. When interacting with the environment, Onikagahi weaves into the air and physical objects, which plays into a great many sub-techniques. Onikagahi is visible only to those with skill invested in spiritual sensory, but just in dense formations. It can be thinned out to hide from the view of all but the keenest of sensors.

Onikagahi energy is like an infection; a flood of corruption that spreads out from the source into whatever it can infest. The constant release of Onikagahi from the Excore is what makes this possible, then relies on the discretion of the host to let it loose and keep it flowing. This 'infection' can be maintained from miles away, and will work its way into any non-powered individual or object no matter its type. Foreign energies in the way will gradually be overtaken and assimilated, only increasing the rate of spread. There are different methods of injection, but this is the most commonly used and easiest route to take to carry it out. Now, once Onikagahi imbues into something, it can affect it in a wide variety of ways depending on what it is:

  • Manipulate — This regards nearly anything, from air to fire, terrain to plant life, and more; all as long as Onikagahi can get into it. It is a telekinetic dominion over the object, granting whoever possesses the Excore the ability to move the afflicted objects with their mind. Its limits rely majorly on what the user's mind can imagine, however complex it may be, For example, molding a flame into a fireball and subsequently launching it into a certain direction is easy to accomplish and completely possible with this ability. Yet something as complex as grinding up a boulder into dust and manipulating the individual particles into a million different directions is just as doable, as long as the user can comprehend and execute the action in their mind. This manipulation is highly free-form, but unfortunately only deals in motion.

  • Gravitate — A dense field of Onikagahi spread through the air can greatly alter the gravity affecting a certain area, whether increasing or decreasing its scale. Gravity can be completely nullified even, while in the opposite direction it could be possible to crush a building under immense pressure, and beyond. It, referring to the penultimate strength that can be achieved with gravity, all depends on the user's proximity to the affected area, as well as the amount of Onikagahi present there. It gets better, as the direction of gravity can be shifted in different directions.

  • Repulse — Very similar to 'Gravitate', though at the same time relatively different. This ability doesn't utilize gravity, for one, and instead uses raw kinetic force. Additionally, there seems to be no applicable target for the Onikagahi, and relies on the Reishi within the host's body. Without a second's warning, kinetic force can be projected from any or all points of their body, either at a constant expulsion or in one sudden burst, with each their own advantages. The constant variant turns the user into something completely opposite a black hole, repelling all objects from the origin with increasing strength the closer said object is. If it cannot, it will simply slow the affected objects as much as possible. The alternative is a sudden pulse of kinetic force that maintains its full power regardless of the distance it has traveled, but can only go up to one-hundred meters maximum. Also, since all the kinetic energy is condensed into one wave, it has a much stronger kick to it, and is nigh impossible to push past the wave. Unprepared victims of the attack can suffer great blunt damage, for the wave is undetectable aside of a slight distortion of light.

  • Temper — This ability affects temperatures of imbued objects, and more or less correlates with just as many types of objects as 'Manipulate' does. It's really simple: At a rate of one-hundred degress a post, the user can alter the temperatures of any object imbued with Onikagahi down to one degree Kelvin at its lowest, and up to two-thousand degrees Kelvin tops. There are many exceptions, however: liquids can only change at fifty degrees a post and gasses only at twenty-five a post, whereas fire itself can change at up to two-hundred degrees a post due to its nature.

  • Eat — Some things just need to be destroyed; when regarding solids with Onikagahi, the energy can be used to break down the affected objects into even more energy for the Demonic Radiance to assimilate into itself. This process is slow compared to the other abilities, however, and can only be executed over a certain volume of five cubed meters per post. While in effect, the victim objects will be seen to burn away with a bright blue energy.

  • Control — This ability works on living things or souls with no capability in using Reishi (unpowered beings). It allows the user to essentially assert mental domination over the afflicted entities. This can also be used upon those with powers, but only in highly conditional situations. First the difficulty of infusing Onikagahi into their body must be achieved, and then their will must be beaten down and made to submit in a clash of minds. Luckily, in such a case, the Excore's host will have the advantage with their overwhelming Reiatsu to assist them. A blue energy will burn in the victims' eyes as the only indication that they are being controlled.

  • Harden — It is a common ability to be able to use Reishi to increase the durability of one's body; this is simply taking it to the next level. This ability can affect any solid imbued with Onikagahi and increase its density, weight, durability, hardness, and ever other synonym for defensible beyound any known material. It's capability to stop attacks is a reflection of the user's level of power.

  • Enhance — The only reason Xaser stands up to others is because of the Excore, for his natural physical abilities are terrible. This is the ability that has been covering for his weaknesses this entire time, and it is a utilization of Onikagahi within oneself to greatly enhance one's speed or strength relative to the amount of Reishi imbued into certain parts of the body. For as long as this ability can be held, the user can improve their speed and/or strength to rival beings of the same tier who are well-endowed in the physical department. That means skyscraper toppling blows and gale-producing speeds.

  • Silence | Amplify — As is known, sound in a type of material wave that can vibrate at certain frequencies and travel through all states of matter to transmit certain noises. And thus as it is material, it can be manipulated. By imbuing Onikagahi energy into the mediums that sound can travel through, she can affect the waves concretely. She can completely halt the vibrations that attempt to move through it, thus creating an area of silence. She can also manipulate the volume and even amplify it staggeringly if she desires, composing a deafening scream from a mere whisper.

  • Darken | Illuminate — Light is a type of radiation that moves at stunning speeds, known as the visible spectrum for a normal human eye; as such, it is light that allows the naked eye to see. Still, it is a concrete wavelength that can be manipulated as many other objects can by Onikagahi energy. The method in which it performs this process is strange, yet similar to Silence | Amplify. By casting Onikagahi over a certain area and issuing this command, the light that travels through it in any direction will go through a filter. In order to darken the area, the 'filter' will eat up the light energy (as it is one of many forms of energy) and transmute it into Onikagahi energy, thus creating the desired effect. In reverse, the 'filter' can sacrifice Onikagahi energy by converting it back into light form and passing it along with the light rays that pass through the area, thus brightening and enhancing the area. From complete pitch black darkness to searingly blinding light, this is a useful technique.

  • Reversal — This ability targets an opposing technique or movement, and hits it with a spiral of Onikagahi of perfectly opposite speed and energy to it. This ability requires one of Hadelinde's hands to be within a foot of the energy of the targeted technique or the targeted person, and unleash a burst of her opposing energy as a universal counterspell that completely neutralizes the ability. It affects all varieties, from passive enhancements to outright attacks. The alternate effect of this ability can even be released onto an opponent to completely neutralize their movements and any powers they were channeling at the time, rending momentum and paralyzing them for a short time.

Cero: The Cero is a highly powerful and relatively swift energy blast that can be fired from various body parts, such as the mouth, tongue, hand, or fingers. Reishi is collected into a spherical shape near the body part, and condensed for a duration. The attack will require three-fourths of a second to be charged before firing, but the speed of the blast and range make up well for it. With a capability of travelling at one-hundred and fifty meters per second for up to two-hundred and fifty meters away, it is already quite far-reaching without a great width of up to twenty-meters. Still, even so powerful attack is quite common for a Vasto Lorde, and is used as a generic ability to greatly damage rather than obliterate. This is usable by Hadelinde as it was one of the abilities Nozomi passed on from the Hollow within her; she can charge and fire up to three of these Ceros at any given time, and they take on a pure black color with a snow white corona to represent.

Cero Kouu: This is a variant of the typical Cero that splits the one collective blast into a massive strike array of smaller blasts. It's like firing a machine gun with missiles as the primary ammunition: instead of charging up one ball of Reishi, many many small projectiles will simply exude from Hadelinde before blasting off at a speed of one-hundred and fifty meters per second, for it doesn't take much time at all to form these projectiles. While in flight, the missiles will actually be directed by the user's mind, capable of slightly adjusting their trajectories to hit their intended targets. And when hitting a target, they detonate into small energetic explosion three meters in radius, superheating anything within the blast and most likely incinerating it. Stronger foes can take one and be okay, but this is a technique that can fire off roughly ten missiles per second at a constant rate, proving difficult if multiples hit their targets. This is usable by Hadelinde due to Nozomi passing on some of her Hollow powers.

Sonido: This is a high-speed movement technique that allows Hadelinde to move faster than the eye can follow for a split second, and is an indicator of Hollow powers. The focal point that determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main point of the technique the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps. This approach to the Sonido technique is much more voluminous than the norm, however, by collecting an increased amount of spiritual energy into the technique. He can blast off with such visceral speed that it will create a high-pitched sonic boom through the battlefield, disrupting the inner ear of those too close to the origin, disorienting them, and pushing them away with the sheer force released by the move. Also, if this Sonido is utilized on a destructible surface, a load of debris will be kicked up from the initial area. In the end, Hadelinde's speed will actually outrun the sonic boom to save himself from harming himself. In his fully released form, Hadelinde's Sonido is so fast and so wild that his displacement will also create a vacuum in his wake. Any object near the vacuum will be sucked toward the origin with a nearly unstoppable force until the void is filled. And generally being caught means being crushed by the unstoppable force. Durability plays no part in defending against this pseudo attack; the best option is to avoid close proximity at all, or at least keep out of the epicenter of the vacuum.

Technopathic: This ability deals completely with the mental manipulation of objects to create interesting technology on a whim, as its name literally suggests. This is primarily used to craft contraptions, weapons, or other inventions far beyond the scope of human capability through mental thought, as long as the materials are there. In other words, if all the parts to a rocket launcher are scattered on the ground in the same general area in no particular pattern or order, Hadelinde can Technokinetically craft the weapon with thought alone and a general idea of the final product. Additionally, by imbuing weapons with her own signature Reishi, Hadelinde can enchant weapons with magical effects that can't be accomplished with technology alone. With intense studies and much literature reading, has taught herself the art of mechanics and technology and can build a device for almost any situation with ease. Similarly, she can use this ability to take apart other objects to their base components, and enhance them.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Hadelinde [NPC WIP]   Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:41 am

Old WIP.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Hadelinde [NPC WIP]   Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:18 am

Archiving this as apart of my clean up of Old Wip

If you wish for this to be moved back to old wip please feel free to post within this thread

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Hadelinde [NPC WIP]
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