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 REMATCH~! The Moon's Rays Fall on a Blood-Stained Winter's Night!

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: REMATCH~! The Moon's Rays Fall on a Blood-Stained Winter's Night!   Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:20 am


Moonie demanded of the man before him, his right eye twitching slightly, although he was still smiling. "Beating people is lame! It's boring! What's so great about making your opponent unable to fight you?!" He demanded of the man, as his battle aura began to grow even greater. "Voi, it would, but not enough!" He shouted back in reply as for it making him happy, as Michael appeared in front of the Moon Iramasha, leaving his blade there. "VOOOI!" Moonie roared, throwing Mun downwards as the blade clashed into the other, his smile immensely large as he shattered the blade, as it exploded outwards all around Moonie in a sphere of blood.

"...Voi…" Moonie said in wonder, looking about all around him. Without warning, a chain shot around his body, and he didn't even begin to struggle as more of the chains shot out, feeling their barbs beginning to stab into him, a smile covering his face as he felt them stabbing into him, his mouth opening as he began to laugh, extremely heartily, the sheer force of his laughter keeping the blood from shooting down his throat. He continued to laugh as the massive blast began to shine, getting more and more intense, Moonie feeling his flesh beginning to fade away, his laughter the only thing able to be heard of the male as he was totally and utterly consumed in the massive blast, as at last the massive blast turned black around him, cracking and falling away.

"Voi. Moon God's Purity.

Moon God."

An immensely deep, ancient voice stated simply, as without warning Moonie became visible to Micheal. His entire body, every bit of his flesh had bee ripped away, causing damage the likes of which the Moon Iramasha had never suffered before, his precious blood staying together only as a result of the pressure of the now cracked dome, as Moonie brought up his hands to bear in front of his body, as a small crevice appeared around his completely black head, in something that could only be described in a smile, as without warning a massive drop of blood descended from his body, descending downwards, as his entire body suddenly lit on fire, before the purple and black blood changed forms, changing into a shining, sterling substance, with what looked like tiny lights, almost like stars in the night sky appearing on his body. Slowly, the man began to look up at Michael, smiling broadly at the male. "Voi. I want to fight you, for you. Not for anyone else. Now that you're out of energy, I can finally do that!!" He shouted joyously, as the male shot forwards, knowing that his own defenses had mostly been eradicated, as he slammed hard into Micheal's body.

His right hand struck forwards, slamming firmly into Micheal's stomach, or trying to.
"Moon God's Smash!"
He roared out, throwing his hand backwards again as he smiled, the only thing keeping his body running was pure adrenaline, and he knew that that was the only thing that was going to get Michael up and running again strong enough to fight back, as Moonie threw his left hand forwards.
"Moon God's Smash!"
He said again, cackling as he took a step back, smiling as he held his fist backwards, throwing his fist straight forwards.


He roared out, as the massive attack slammed into Micheal, most likely sending him flyign as Moonie's most powerful basic punch slammed into the male, and Moonie stood there afterwards, both fists raised in a position ready to do battle, his smile immensely wide. "Voi! Come on!" He told Michael happily, obviously meaning to get down and turning it into a simple fist fight, something the likes of which neither of their powers would get involved in, something where two fighters, two battlers could just let rip on one another without any other outside interference, as fighters, duelists, friends, brothers-in-battle, and rivals.


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: REMATCH~! The Moon's Rays Fall on a Blood-Stained Winter's Night!   Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:51 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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REMATCH~! The Moon's Rays Fall on a Blood-Stained Winter's Night!
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