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 New Blood & Something New{Asmodeus}

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: New Blood & Something New{Asmodeus}   Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:34 pm

Chris hasn't been having good luck into finding stronger opponents since the vizard corps exile him out of the ground just because of his negative attitude still he been having his share of bad luck. This was a very strange feeling the vizard was having because it was first time ever since discovering that he had both hollow and shinigami powers insid of him that he ever felt alone. However, Chris managed to defeat some low level Arrancar within Hueco Mundo they were kinda weak then he expected them they maybe talk tough but action speak loouder than words still the vizard will have to be on his ground from now on. The Arrancar that he defeated were associated with Shadowfall the group that he hated with a passion their was no doubt evil still lives within that group, Chris won't sleep until that group has been defeated and dismantle. But something was bothering him thwe most and it was a bad feeling two months ago, Chris managed to defeat a hollow who was picking on a nice woman that he liked. She died during the battle but she never really deserved it wondering how more people are going to suffer if these hollows aren't taken care of and fast meaning his job and more importantly his mission wasn't done. As long as he stood with his clear mind and kindness among things then nothing will break him the only friend in his mind was his Zanpakutō and his inner hollow maybe in time, he'll gain friends. The girl's funeral was going to be today seeing a lot of cyber cars passing him by havign some sort of cyber funeral flag on each car this was really was a time of sadness but this was a temporary setback. In his mind, Whoever this girl was she was already a spirit and now someone by now should be doing a soul burial which will allow her to enter the spiritual realm instead of heaven. If the konso was done in time then that girl will be given a second chance at life but she'll never get th chance to say goodbye to her friends even her family just like him his past still haunts him to this day. A former superhero now transformed into a powerful spiritual warrior well the vizard wasn't going to let such doubt cloud his judgement meaning the vizard will have a lot of obstacles coming his day. No matter how painful they were and any regrets the vizard might have about what he should have done to prevent it. "No, I mustn't let this get to me this is just doubt as a former shinigami pain can be controlled and forgotten but this solution isn't a concrete one the pain is always there...I must find strength that is the only option for me now" He thought. Chris started walking away the vizard had made up his mind the guy was going to take the fight them to this evil hoping that he wil survived and defeat this poison & bloodshed once and for all. The vizard was determine with all his power that he'll single handlely bring Shadowfall and anybody like them down to their knees and burn their organizations to the damn ground. However, Chris thought facing them all would be suicide and it would land a quick death if he were to follow through on his goal this needed to plan a bit better facing a member one by one and taken them down slowly yet silently.

"Yes that will work maybe but using that strategy it can work but the higher ones the ones who run the organizations might be a problem meaning if push comes to shove.....I'll need help" He thought. He must deal with them one step at a time still that was the best course of action in his mind still the vizard couldn't advertise that he wanted to fight a member of Shadowfall. Chris needed to bring a message to them stating that he wants to pick a fight the best way was beating Arrancar associated with the group and hopefully one of their best or a weakling will show up then the fight begins. Chris wanted to test his skills on the mad demon would defeated him before the one known as Eric Zarathos fighting that berserker again would be the ultimate challenge telling him if he needed more training. Now into the message some Arrancar were moving about unseen by the humans now the vizard needed to find the right one to pick a fight with and send his message to a Shadowfall members. He grabs one by the pant leg and slams him to the ground wondering what the hell just happen as he tries to fight the vizard, Chris uses the Curse Seal power enhacing his body and power. The arrancar was crying even screaming for help the hollow man couldn't believe how powerful the vizard was begging for his life this was just music to his vizard ears as he grabs the arrancar's arm and breaks it. Now it was time to question this fool into finding some members of Shadowfall and beating them into bloody pulp just like the arrancar as the vizard started with his questioning. "SHUT UP....I'm a devil vizard who is looking to smash some Shadowfall members are you aware for such members since you and your arrancar friends have been hanging around those evil warmongers....They control most of lands on this planet my dream is to change all that bringing to dark dreams to an end.....Now where can I find a member of Shadowfall or are we going to play doctor some more starting with your face????" He said.

All the arrancar knew some people by the names Mana and Ashlei was running the whole thing their powers were unstoppable and that they should be fucked with at all. This isn't what he wanted but the vizard saw the fear in the arrancar's face yet this fool was telling the truth so two ladies were running Shadowfall that was new info to him then the vizard become stronger. Now he needed to figure out what he wanted to do with this arrancar maybe even make an example out of him......

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: New Blood & Something New{Asmodeus}   Thu Mar 21, 2013 7:33 pm