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 Jaeden Crow Reborn [Approved; 0-4+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Jaeden Crow Reborn [Approved; 0-4+]   Mon Apr 01, 2013 5:59 pm

Family Matters

• Family: The Crow Families youngest leader in the history of the family, Jaeden's own father had him act a certain way. They lied about his age to keep him in charge of things for a longer period, however Jaeden has since decided that this clan didn't need someone old like that to guide them. He was considered one of the best within the Families large and broad future, the man has believed in his family above all else without even once giving a glimpse of faltering for his clan and even sometimes playing the villain for them, he however learned recently that this wasn't something he needed to do any longer. Jaeden has accepted that his future is his own to do with as he pleases, this Clan and the people within have put trust in the Future he can see. Despite becoming a Vizard, Jaeden hasn't changed in the slightest as the Leader of this amazing faction. He's if anything got better and improved a great deal more, becoming the Hero they deserve. The role of villain was simply a passing task that

Basic Information

• Name: Jaeden Crow
• Age Appearance : Early 20s
• True Age: 500
• Blood Type: O Positive
• Height : One Hundred and Seventy-Three Centimeters (5'8 )
• Weight : One Hundred and Forty Pounds
• Eye Color: Mahogany
•Hair Color: White
• Clan Rank: Clan Head
• Affiliation: Vizard Corps Sector One Leader
•Theme Song:
•Orientation: Straight
•Martial Status : Single
• Appearance : Jaeden during the years when he was holding himself back was known to have a brown hair that was said to resemble the trees of the human world at times. The brown hair and red eyes he had that so resembled the Mahogany coloring seemed to be the most stand out thing the male had about his person. Jaeden's appearance after the clash with Zefonse however was altered severally by the hollowfication and releasing of his burdens and fighting for real. It broke the spell his father long ago placed on him, the spell that would hold back his son's true face till the day he broke his rule. And decided to be his own man, this has changed Jaeden's appearance in hair and facial structure somewhat. White hair that resembles the clouds in the sky, the hair that seemed to resemble the white coloring now showed all over his head. Those once pure bloody eyes had sank into a Mahogany coloring that was so strange that people had rarely seen them. He wears often human clothing rarely as the head of the family he attempts to honor his clan at all times when he is dressing to out places and the like. The clothing of the clan head has changed as well now.

Jaeden's outfit includes now a white coat that goes over a white kimono top, this has allowed him to move freely still as he does battle against the enemies for his family. Around his head is a headband that is worn every once and a while, he does remove it from time to time. Due to he believes it to be a waste of time these days, Jaeden's nature has changed in such a way. He dresses in a classic Japanese type fashion showing his roots as a swordsman far more then one would of ever expected of the former Captain of the Soul Society's Eighth Division. Jaeden's made his transition with ease moving into a newer position of power within the Vizard Corps. He does wear the needed things of a leader of such a position this has not changed Jaeden's way of dressing too much, just the symbol of leadership is worn for Sector One and that is all that he truly does wear from them. His outfit does change sometime however, so the clothing seen may change now and then.

• Background: Jaeden was born into the clan during the war period of the clan, where the clan was still divided into two halves from the time of the man whom formed the clan around the goal of becoming the greatest swordsman. The Clan was roughly built into a family of people who were intensely skilled into swordsmanship. However the egos couldn't live together in harmony, this caused the clan to divide into what it was. Jaeden's own life was made hellish as a child due to the law. That Branch members were sent to fight hollows till they died, this was a practice till the Clan Wars began due to Jaeden's life wasn't taken. It showed he had skills that no one else in the clan could match, including the clan head at the time. Damien's son, he was known as the Dragon of West Rukon because of the strength he had that never seemed to die. Jaeden didn't understand the meaning of the word give up, this concept simply escaped him completely.


• Driven: Jaeden is so driven that he doesn't understand the meaning of the word quit. It's not in the dictionary for the man named Jaeden Crow. His drive was shown against the mighty Zefonse when he came out swinging from his hollowfication, showing his strength in that situation without a doubt or even limit of it. Jaeden's drive and sheer willpower are said be inhuman. It's hard to stop the dragon when he gets rolling, Jaedens family have called him a dragon since he was born and this has thus made him a very dangerous and popular member of the clan. He took the hard road of hiding his age and power for the better part of his 500 years. Claiming and acting older then he was, Jaeden showed a great deal of promise in his fathers eyes. But now that he has awoken and truly come out to rampage among the people of his age, Jaeden's skills are now on display.

• Laid Back: To say the least, Jaeden is laid back about most things and doesn't often apply himself. Jaeden doesn't take things to seriously at times, though he's shown an amazing amount of willpower during his fight with Zefonse. It's believed that he does have the power and prowess to be something more by his peers. Jaeden's laid back nature is what makes him perhaps a great leader. He's shown signs of being similar to Damien and yet so much more then the man would of ever dreamed possible. Jaeden's prowess is something even the former Crow has claimed to be something that is absolutely impressive. The swordsmanship of the laid back man is considered to be a dangerous and yet beautiful thing. It is so like a dance to those watching, The laid back man whom takes so little seriously among the normal life and outside the battle has shown himself to be a skilled demon of a fighter.

• Patient: Jaeden has shown such a deal of patience that most people do not have. He's lead a clan and dealt with living a lie for so long that most people wouldn't even know what the truth was anymore. Jaeden's reality is something that is indeed very frightening and some people would of lost their minds. Jaeden's own father sealed away the beast of his son deep into a sleeping state, though he openly stated that only a part of Jaeden could be sealed. The true form of him was such a monster, that he could compared to some Captains as but a boy. Jaeden's father sealed him and to this extent Jaeden learned a patience that not many men would ever have a need to experience. This has made him a vicious if not cunning fighter whom for all purposes has earned his nicknames. His friends among the old days called him the Sleeping Dragon, because they knew that deep down he was something fierce that hid away the true power.

• A Great Leader: Jaeden is perhaps the most natural leader in the world, even sealed up as he was by his father. The Male's power was something so fierce as a leader, that he could guide the boys whom were with him to a life of living. Jaeden's strength was something so deep that he moved those around him, they knew he was great and would become only greater. They wanted to follow him and see what would come of the man's ascension to greatness. The Leadership he has played has made him willing to be anything, a villain to a hero. Jaeden has played both roles for the people he cares for most, deciding he would do anything he had to do to protect those dear. When Zefonse ripped them away, he unknowingly ripped away the shackles that bound the Sleeping Dragon within Jaeden. Now the true leader he was always meant to be had come to full show. Jaeden is now perhaps one of the greatest leaders whom the world would know given sometime he will be truly fantastic and soon the Crow Clan will make their names know world wide as they become perhaps the most gifted sword wielders in the world from then on, Jaeden has opened the gates to the Kingdom.


•Tsurugi sono Rijekuto : Simply known as the Sword that Rejects it's power is something so amazing that Jaeden has learned to shut off people's Zanpakutō, Arrancar releases and other such powers. Grant it the shutting off of such a thing does take him a moment of focus, their isn't truly a limit to what he can turn off. Jaeden's sheer skills drive things into simple swordsmanship fights. Jaeden can only use this move ten times per thread and till Jaeden's will says otherwise the power turned off in question will not reactive. Unless Jaeden is knocked out. Not he can't take people out of their shikai or Bankai. He can stop powers from them however from working around him. As stated upon knocking him out or him leaving the required radius of 50 miles the effect will disappear and everything will return to normal. The Sword that Rejects was perfect after the battle with Zefonse.

• Unlimited Blades : This is the style the Crows took from him when they learned, the power to make an extreme slash when they swung their sword. That was nearly invisible, him being the master of this sword art is able to do more then just that. The max he can make per slash is five blades coming from any angle selected, however he doesn't do this style to often. The slashes are visible compared to the Crow clans, however his also cut deeper and he's able to form them fairly freely within one another. Each swing requires him to figure out what he plans to do before he does so. This style focuses on taking enemies by surprise and catching them off guard, something he's shown an extreme skill at doing with it. The male sports a very versatile fighting style able to deal with many and few at the same time. Damien passed on the true arts to Jaeden, believing this child would carry on the will of the Crows. Teaching him one other style to add on top of this one.

• Unlimited Speed : This style is more built on using his speed to go after a person, the final of the Unlimited arts he designed. This one isn't used very often by him, he claims the speed it generates allows him to fight at hyper speeds. And due to his eyes powers he's able to do this style without worrying too much. Using this form he's able to make multiple forms of himself, the max of which is six. Using this form is something that he generally avoids doing when he can help the situation, fighting like this has always annoyed him to no end. Damien believes this style has little use, but is merely trying to get more enjoyment from his fights. The speed style deals with such fast movements the sword's blade disappears from time to time. Accelerating the blade speed while inflicting damages to the enemy at such a speed that is hard to keep track of. However some people may be able to read this form better then others, however this will all come down to tier again. Damien claimed that Jaeden after training this style seemed to be the first master of it he'd ever encountered. This very art form was built for the man. Jaeden's mastery has allowed him to increase his shunpo and general speed by one when using this.

• Unlimited Sage : This style is the one Jaeden had crafted on his own, each student whom becomes a member of the Unlimited Style gives something back to the school. This will allow each user the chance to train and become better for each style. Jaeden's design of this art allows use of the Elements into singular style, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water. His electrical reiatsu allows him to create such things with a single swing. However using the elements does come easily for Jaeden he seems to struggle with water based objects, however the Unlimited Sage allows him to use a fine mix of all the Unlimited Styles into one, this form allows him to slice clean through mountains if need be. Jaeden's skills get an increase from his general knowledge of his spiritual pressure and everything. This style was built to use Seiryu's electrical energy with it.

• Ryuzaki no Ryu : This style's name means the Sleeping Dragon in some cases. Jaeden had developed the art himself, showing himself to be a great swordsman taking and combining everything he learned from years of fighting and studying things that happened to him during his time before being a Captain. Jaeden developed the sleeping Dragon style as not what one would believe to be a power style. This style accelerates the blade speed to super sonic speeds, causing the attacks to be large and hard to call at times. Because the user himself is accelerating to these speeds. The Sleeping Dragon allows for Jaeden to move at almost mirage like levels of speed, giving him an extremely powerful speed increase. This is often used combining Damien's Unlimited Speed style giving JAeden a far larger grasp of things then people would expect from the young man. The super sonic sword style is very dangerous.

•Ryuzaki no Kai : The Sleeping Tiger is the other style built by Jaeden after his fight with the man known as Zefonse. This allowed him to grow a great deal, Jaeden learn to cut things on the cellular level meaning atoms and such are things he can cut to cause very high amounts of damage, for if one slices something like this a certain way they can cause mass destruction. However the Ryuzaki no Kai form Jaeden claims is incomplete, but it allows him to cause such explosive damage that he can break through barrier and other such things with ease depending on their strength.


•Illusion Step: Jaeden is able to perform a step without even leaving his starting position, making it appear as though a secondary as moved forward and is about to slice the person before him. Now though an illusion the special skill between the two is, Jaeden can switch places with his doubles and change locations. This special talent of his makes him a dangerous Shunpo Master, he's shown a great deal of skill when developing his own moves for such things. Making doubles and fakes of himself seems to be a talent of his that has been unseen for too long.

•Tengu Step: Jaeden developed this ironic move based on his last name, upon contact he will burst into Crows. After his fight with Zefonse, Jaeden learned how to use this move more frequently then one would ever realize. Now this shunpo move allows him to go between the Crows that come out, or have them reform and remake him. Jaeden's mastery of this art has made him specially talented. He's considered an expert on both Shunpo and Zanjutsu, however his skills are known to be extremely strong in both arts. The Crows will either flock around the one hitting them causing a distraction for Jaeden to attack from the blind spots.

•Crow Step: Jaeden has been shown able to change between the doubles he can create with his shunpo skills. Able to change on a dime between them, grant it it is on cool down for every other post. Making the power something Jaeden cannot tap into often without using a great deal of time and energy. Jaeden's shunpo doubles are said to be among the most fierce, he can only make fur at most and is considered one of the few who can do that many with his special talent.


• The Dragon's Eye: Byakko: The Dragon of the West in the Crow Clan is known to house the eye of Byakko. This is more or less a move the user is able to tap into, this allows him to increase somethings that most people wouldn't be able to increase. Jaeden is said to house the being of the White Dragon Byakko. Often known as the Dragon of the West. The power of this move will be listed below, Byakko is allowing the user to speed up and go into an insane amount of speed. Where they are able to use their speed as a weapon, by moving their wrist in a circle in some cases they can create small tornado's. These feats are possible and more, the stages of Byakko are considerably more powerful then the regular Crow eye, those using this are able to do many things. But some push it even further, the current user of this special move is known as Jaeden Crow. The man whom saved the Crows from themselves.

• Increased Speed: Some people may not understand, however Jaeden's already great speed is improved based on what version of Byakko he activates. The Generations of Byakko have gone up to three, using them does take some toll on his eyes. Making them sore and having to close them up afterwards, using this move does cause some temporary loss of vision, nothing that is forever however. The speed increases go as follow, First Generation Byakko will show the increase of speed by one. Second Generation Byakko will increase it by two. And Third will increase it by one, these increases do take a toll and must activated slowly for the user to adjust.

•First, Second, and Third Generation: As one may of guessed their exists three forms of the fearsome eye known as Byakko. Byakko increases the speed of the user to insane levels making them grow stronger. However during the first and second generation. Really nothing chances that can be noticed of importance. Jaeden's body is cloaked in blue electrical aura like cloak. This will simply absorb impacts while increasing his speed to a far higher level. Now during the third, some believe that the white eyes and dragon like pupils show signs of a full Third Generation take over from Jaeden. This allows him to make the aura of lighting take the form of a dragon avatar. Which can be used to attack from almost any angle, the defense is increased to a high level allowing him to defend and attack. Byakko however when going into the third does have some visual pain, the user can only hold it up for ten turns. Upon that their eyes will shut and not be able to be opened in that thread again without being healed. Healing is required to use it again.

•Activation: The activating of the eyes is simple, the user merely states which one they want and then activate. This can be done mentally if desired some people do not require it to be activated by any form at all.

•Mantra: This special gift he got is making his intuition almost through the rough, he's able to intuitively pick up on things others wouldn't of otherwise noticed. However that's not all this done by a long shot. This allows him to find people and sense them far faster then the average person could with this move he is almost got like a constant radar going off in his head, all his senses are heightened to a very high level. Making him able to read objects and even people attempting to hide for him, though for them he will need to focus for a moment or so to locate them. This allows him to break through methods like Kyokko and sense the person, not by reiatsu or other means can it be explained, this radar is used for detecting invisible enemies mostly. Allowing him to locate them and attack them as soon as he is required. The Intuition increase is simply his power to see things coming, it makes it harder to deceive him with pathetic tricks like illusions. He's able to see clearly through them to the user behind the moves. Mantra is constantly active for him, this power can also pick up on emotions on the surface. However, it may be tuned out if someone desires to tune it out. Emotions are not of a combative nature so often are tuned out by the user unless he deems it worth listening too. Some levels of people may be able to hide from his Mantra, though no one has yet the possibilities are out there for it to happen of course. if for example, say someone's zanapkuto granted them absolute invisibility from all forms of detection, then this move wouldn't be able to detect them. Simple as that, though this would be a double edged sword. Because to believe this is something he needs to find people isn't always true. Other secrets lay beneath the surface of Damien, just waiting to be brought to the light of day for others to see. Perhaps you will be the first to see them. Damien has passed this skill on to one, Jaeden Crow.

•Haoshoku: This move is a passive one, that he can activate if he desires though and turn off freely. Depending on his current tier, he will be able to do a very interesting trick. NPCs within a 50 yard radius will be blasted by a special type of spiritual pressure move he's developed using his pressure as a weapon. It commonly will knock them out or almost do so, some may be able to resist this. A guide is going to bade made on how it effects people of tiers lower then him. Keep in mind however all this depends on his current tier.However those lower then him do not have to be concerned about being knocked out, if they lack any form of spiritual resistance and pressure and are 100% normal then yes they would. The chance of being overwhelmed by his immense power is considered something that people have had trouble with for a long time. This skill allows him to simply hit people with his pressure as a weapon, normally it only works once. Tier 0 are mostly immune from the effects of this. Those below it must be careful, however again it depends on the tier of Damien at the time. Damien did comment that Jaeden would only be able to pry knock out seventy thousand at his current skill, he would pry grow greater over time.

Tier Effects
1 Alerted and somewhat winded by the impact, similar simply being hit by a pressure of a Captain, this effect can rattle somewhat. However it rarely does.
2 The effects of the power do tend to hit those of Two slightly harder, upon impact the person will experience shaking as though their body is letting them know of a fear. The shaking will simply last for five turns before ending, they will experience some trouble breathing but nothing severe.
3Here things get a tad worse for the person whom is struck by the power, they will feel as though all the air was just knocked out of them. As though being punched in the gut without any muscles or warning. Getting all the wind knocked out of you at once. Depending on person they may be able to get back up sooner, normally it's 1-2 turns to get up. 5 turns to completely recover from the effects.
4-5 These suffer some of the worst impact from the move, all senses are hit and jarred As though they are standing in the middle of a bomb impact. They will sometimes be knocked out by the power, extreme dizziness fainting and things of that nature are known to happen when hit by this power at this stage. Most Npcs will rank blow this, they are the common guy you see walking in and causing havoc along side someone . Like extra hollows or bad guys, this move will instantly most times knock them out. This has been the list, I hope you enjoyed it.

•The Dragons Eyes: The Clan the Crows are known for this power, it allows them to see things on a greater scale then others, Jaeden's eyes have grown so much he can see things on the cellular level allowing him to detect and cut things like atoms with ease. Jaeden's skills and prowess with the eyes that read all sword moves have improved to a greater degree. His eyes now are able to see through most moves and if he is able to, he may copy them or make a version of them himself. Jaeden's powers are in such a way that he is able to perform some of the most insane moves with these eyes that even the most normal of people cannot perform.

•Heightened Senses: When Jaeden was young he was taught to fight without his eyes completely, so in some ways it's believed he's blind at times when he keeps his eyes closed. Jaeden however can fight with or without them unlike his enemies whom are not used to this ideal at times. Jaeden's blind fighting has allowed him to grow in the other senses to such an insane degree that the leader of the Crow clan is in some cases considered god like, but he believes his clan underestimates his skills and doesn't see him for what he is. Simply a swordsman whom has grown a good deal in his life, showing great skill and such is something simply that comes from training the way they do.


•Zanapkuto Name: Seiryu

•Reiasu Color: Blue

•Zanapkuto Personality: Seiryu has always known about the block put on Jaeden and only recently told the boy about it in a training session allowing him to know the full extent of things, Seiryu cares about Jaeden as though a best friend and father. The two have a bond so deep that if someone were to attempt to take Seiryu and use it the blade's power would be cut to that of perhaps just a regular weapon without anything special about it. Seiryu is a loyal and fiercely devoted weapon, never wanting to holding to Jaeden back. It's true power was for so long tied down because of Jaeden's father and now after the issue with Zefonse it's been freed and given the power to do what it must. Allowing Jaeden to have even greater power at his disposal when fighting is all Seiryu cares about. He only wants to fight along Side Jaeden for as long as he can.

•Innerworld: This place is a giant valley were storms are constant, lighting strikes so often that it may as well be something of a daily damaging amount. Jaeden's world often is around one pillar of earth in the middle of the place, hiding under it he watches as Seiryu rages about the landscape and seems to strike wildly. This has made him a far greater man then most would of expected, from living with his Zanpakutō and his true powers shackled by a Kidō spell his farther used. This spell would last till Jaeden did something that showed he would not listen to reason anymore and needed to fight to live. His father had a great deal of foresight in this aspect.

•Zanpakutō Appearance: Seiryu takes two forms when he pleases, the Dragon takes the form of a giant dragon so large it would take up the entire sky once free. However this is just one form, a handsome man with light blue hair. His eyes storm cloud gray as though his eyes are of the very skies and seem to have such storm like coloring he can take in anything that comes from the world. Seiryu's body seems light and almost able to step on the clouds themselves with the gentle and yet almost dangerous powers that are able to destroy those not careful.

•Sealed Powers: Seiryu's True Sealed powers were something far more fierce then what anyone would ever realize, Jaeden is able to use the electrical currents to magnetize things big and small, however that's just the tip of the iceberg for what Seiryu in his sealed form can do. By taking the electrical energy in the air, Seiryu is able to extend and sharpen it's cutting power, the weapon can do something similar to what Gin Ichimaru used to do when he extended his weapon, however the blade can arc out several directions making it a fine and powerful weapon. Jaeden rarely used it due to his powers being locked down still by his fathers seal.

•Shikai Release Command: Unleash yourself Seiryu

•Shikai Powers: Seiryu's true power is something far more fierce then what anyone would of ever guessed. The weapon allows Jaeden 100% control over lighting but that's not all it does, it shoots electrical energy into Jaeden's body making it appear as though Armor of Lighting is around him, those who get close to him are said to get hit by so much electrical current that they are almost instantly fried by the electrical currents, now this armor does have a secondary effect. It allows Jaeden to move at increased speeds, letting him move much faster then what people would ever of guessed him capable of. Jaeden's speed while in shikai is said to be so fierce that some of the fastest cannot keep up with him. Now keep in mind Jaeden's shikai allows him to do almost anything with the Lighting that he desires, which will include the following. Projectiles, close range engagement weapons even calling bolts down on enemies. Speed and Shunpo increased by 1

•Bankai Powers: Jaeden's body again takes in a large amount fo electrical energy going into his frame now, now he's able to hide the electrical energy around his body which is so great now that those whom get to close will see their weapons act as lighting rods and feel the full force of the electrical current. Jaeden's Zanpakutō also grants him a power increase all around. Everything goes up by one for him now, making Jaeden a fierce fighter yet again. His electrical control is so great now as well that summoning down lighting bolts are said to be so simple that he can easily call down a barrage of bolts at the speed of shunpos, one below him of course. But at this level of power the sheer amount of bolts he can summon is insane. Jaeden's true Bankai is considered to be extremely dangerous. It's defense and attack powers are both growing and will continue to grow.

Hollow Powers

•Hollow Name: Azael

•Hollow Personality: This creature came along during Jaeden's Captainship as the leader of Eighth, but instead of trusting other people with the problem he was having and much to the respect of the creature, Jaeden faced him alone swearing never to use him or his powers unless problems were so bad. Azael has the most respect for Jaeden to a level that is almost insane, it's believed that the hollow let Jaeden have his body long before Zefonse even asked. However one cannot be sure, Jaeden's true powers are something that even Azael cannot help but acknowledge Jaeden's power, he believes he will become a god among Shinigami someday and respects him without question.

•Hollow Appearance: His hollow wears a Robe of black that covers his entire form, all that can be seen from the humanoid is the right eye, the creature's eyes are crimson and give the enemies a true scare. The being appears to be almost completely human, though one cannot tell with it's figure hidden behind the mask. Even Jaeden doesn't know what's hidden behind the creature's mask, all that remains known is it's hands are chained.

•Hollow Mask: Jaeden's mask has markings that are truly odd, making most people question what it's like but the fact it covers his face chin and all is the more interesting puzzle. The mask fits almost snuggling his face close as he seems to remain close to the mask, Jaeden can put this on without using his hand and has shown such a great amount of skill in doing so that most people wouldn't be aware of him putting it on and off. Jaeden's hollow, Seiryu, and himself are in a perfect balance that doesn't seem possible most of the time. The three are willing to work together for the same end, this makes them extremely dangerous.

•Speed Increase: One of Four powers Jaeden gets from his mask, these four powers make his mask one of the most dangerous that has been seen in sometime. When putting it on, Jaeden's speed which is already great gets pushed into a new level, when this happens his speed which is now like teleporting almost is so fast that he's able to keep up with fast people such as Shadin. Jaeden however can only do this for so long, as the speed allows him to move at high levels and does take a toll on his body, The speed does damage him sometimes if he's not careful, when he first used it he broken his shoulder from the force of the speed he took off with.

•Kamui: Jaeden is able to tear into the reality of the world allowing him to open portals up that can go where ever he pleases, allowing him to hide things for later or send things into a realm and get them later. Jaeden can go in and out of these types of portals, it doesn't take much for him to use this however Jaeden's unwillingness to use his mask is something very few men would have. Jaeden's hollows respect comes from the fact he avoids using his powers often when he can help it. Jaeden's portals or voids are able to house someone till he comes to get them. Meaning he could put someone in one to heal, now Jaeden is able to use this one every other turn, the size and such all depend on the energy put in.

•High Regeneration: Jaeden has shown extremely high speed generation in this form, able to rebuild destroyed organs that were damages. The reason for this is because of the speed that the mask gives, if this didn't come with it. The user would most certainly die from the sheer amount of force they generated when moving, this would keep them going and allow them to fight on through the pain no matter how bad it was. Jaeden can regrow limbs and muscles in one turn, organs in two and some believe this makes him immortal, but this does take a tool to use. As Jaeden must use energy to rebuild whatever was damaged.

•Black Lighting : Jaeden's other power now this one is obvious, but his once blue lighting has turned black with a blue outline. Now Jaeden is able to mark lighting appear where ever he is gazing at the moment, if he focuses hard enough he can channel it into one area. Jaeden can kill by just being stationary and not moving, his eyes though hidden under the strange mask are able to follow and direct lighting, though Jaeden truly doesn't need two orbs to fight an enemy. Jaeden's lighting again protects his body to an extent making it very hard to engage him at times.

• Resurrection Appearance: Jaeden's mask still appears to be able to be removed, though it cannot it's become attached to his face. On his wrists shackles appear, as they seem to be something to hold him back a little bit, these can be removed if he decides to take things seriously. His form is drapped in what appears to be a black robe, the lighting coming from him seems tos park all over as he looks on with evil intent. Jaeden rarely would use this even as a means to an end, his lighting is something few people have encountered in this form. No markings can be seen, if anything Jaeden still appears very human which is an odd thing.

•Resurrection Powers: Jaeden can now tap into his speed powers without worry, his body can handle the strain in this form allowing him to go faster then he did with the mask on. Because in this form yet another speed increase is given to the male, making him even faster. Perhaps the reason why his frame remained human with little changes, the power up to his speed and such allows Jaeden to really appear to be teleporting around the field. It does seem to make him a nightmare to deal with in some cases. His previous powers do come into play still. Jaeden is still growing in this aspect, so new powers may come along someday.

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength:Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Racial Skills
  • Power Augmentation Advanced
  • Cero: Advanced
  • Mask Protection:: Advanced
  • Hollow Control: Master

  • Hoho: Grand Master
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu:Master
  • Hakuda:Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction:Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced


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First Arc; Birth of a Dragon

Jaeden was born to Mizuki Crow and Kazuya Crow. The mother and father both were impressed with their child in his first moments of birth, they instantly knew he was going to be special. Jaeden showed signs of greatness early on, Mizuki and Kazuya were both concerned as one should be when their child in the Branch family shows such deadly skills. Jaeden was showing signs of being a true swordsman at the young age of one. His father was frightened and so he had Jaeden's powers sealed, the boys hair used to be white like snow. His Mahogany eyes remained, but his hair turned brown slowly. Letting the color of white that once was drain. His nature seemed to change ever so slightly, something that the father was warned about. Because sealing the amount of power away that was would lock everything. His Zanpakutō, his hollow, things they would never know about.

Jaeden's childhood was simple and fun at times, but he was picked on by the main house often. Told he would die, someday he would pay for it. He had a single friend, her name was Rin Crow. She was fun little girl who was full of fire. She could scare even the most well let's say strong adult. Rin was a fireball of personality, she was going to be sent out with Jaeden one day to fight till they died. This was known, his father thought perhaps he could save Jaeden if he locked away the Dragon. Shackling it's power that was so great that even he trembled at the first sight of it. Jaeden and Rin played together remaining close as they seemed to try and avoid the Main House. The two were a fierce pair, the Main House sent their best to test them as children. Jaeden and Rin killed them all, it wasn't something that anyone ever learned about. It was spread that those swordsman simply left. But the fact remained that they were able to kill trained professionals just on a slight amount of skill.

It was decided about five years later when Jaeden was ten that he Rin and several other children were going out their to die. They were sent out, but the strangest thing happened. Jaeden's friends and he were living and killing hollows without an effort, Menos Grande Gillians were losing to mere children. Jaeden directed them and lead them as a true Leader, at the age of ten he was showing the promise of leader capable of bringing about change in a level that no one would ever truly understand. They fought for days without rest, showing stamina that few had. But it was their that it happened, something worse then a gillian appeared and it tore them apart. Jaeden lost himself in rage, consumed by it he killed the creature. Striking it down and several others, while he sat wounded and bloody at his friend and only love Rin's side. He picked her up and began to walk back, the others had died but he remained. Not letting go of the one precious person in his life, Jaeden killed thousands of hollows on his way back. He only used one arm to do it when he began this.

The Dragon's Fury was evident, Jaeden didn't stop their it seemed his rage had been triggered and Jaeden would avenge those people his peers without fail. He went to the main house slaughtering them all, he killed thousands of them in a single night. The Main House members barely escaped with their lives intact. Jaeden had brought about such pain that no one would ever forget, he hadn't realized it at the time but the entire Branch Family had begun fighting with him. He'd killed two hundred Main House members in a single evening. Jaeden wept openly as he knew it wouldn't bring Rin back, his father Kazuya thanked god his son had stopped. The War of the Crows was going to begin soon and Jaeden would play a role in this for the rest of his life No one would be ready for how much of the Dragons Fury would be felt, his eyes of such a strange color seemed to burn with fury as he readied himself for it.

Second Arc; War of Crows

Shortly after the fight against the hollows, Jaeden decided he would wage a war and end this Main House and Branch Family system. Still only ten years old he began his war against the Main House, this war would last for the better part of Five Hundred Years. Jaeden's father spread rumors that his son was really Two Thousand Years old as a tactic, it was to make people fear him on the enemy side and respect him on their side. Jaeden hated the idea of lying to people, but it worked and he decided to obey his father. Kazuya sighed of a relief when he learned his son would listen to him. Jaeden's training began and the things his father forbid him to do went up, the styles he made were not allowed. His father ordered him to remain in the normal style, the truth was Kazuya was fearful of his sons powers. He was cared that Jaeden would kill this entire clan. Kazuya was known to be a great seal user and Kidō specialist.

His spell lasted five hundred years after all. Jaeden waged this war without end, he'd never before fought like this. He fought in wars and won, known for his strength when fighting against hundreds of enemies twice his age. This made him a fierce swordsman even more, the war of the Crow Clan was something bloody and the stories hit several of the people around the Rukongai. They were a skillful bunch of people whom did do things differently, Jaeden showed the eyes of a tactical mind. He picked spots were people wouldn't be in harm, he moved the location of battles and made his enemy go where he wanted them. He pushed them back over and over, before he finally managed to draw the enemy into ambushes and so on. Jaeden's skills were something so frightening that upon the last battle the Main House made a choice they would regret for the rest of their lives.

They decided to kill Kazuya and Mizuki, slaying both of them in the belief that Jaeden's skills were something that were from them. His mother had been pregnant when slain, making a miscarriage happen. The Dragon's Fury was something coming up again, Jaeden killed the pregnant wife of the Main House Leader. Whom asked him why, his age when this happened was around Three Hundred. Jaeden's days of youth were gone and he became what one would call a dangerous man. He killed in anger, though it wasn't like he lost his nerve or became someone or something else. The Dragon simply avenged his people without giving up, however someday the fury that he gave out wouldn't be enough. Jaeden's brown hair would be forgotten someday and he would never forget the days of War. All because a friend was taken from him, justice seemed served in the end. Jaeden's final battle with the Main House Head was one that seemed to last forever, he fought for days with the man. They both exchanged blows for what seemed like days, but finally Jaeden took the upper hand and killed the elder of the Main House. Thus ended the War of Crows, blood and thousands of the clan were dead by the end of it.

Third Arc;A Captain is Born and Killed

Jaeden under the words of his friend the former Siren Captain Kaminari took a job as the leader of Squad Eight. His first mission he got threatened by Central 46, that his age and family would be shown to be killers and slain unless he did the task. He tried his best to hide it, but when he needed to pick people. He ended up picking Kaminari and someone else named Shinji though Jaeden wasn't able to remember the boys name. He didn't really care, it was here his friend and he were left without a means to figure things out any further. Jaeden seemed to be lost, missions that came and went were constant. After that man whom was his former was declared a traitor he was sent in to do the job himself to the Zaraki district. Jaeden did the mission with a great deal of heart break. His world seemed ever changing and ever evolving .
Kimiko and his vice Captain, those two were the most interesting of people. Jaeden swore he would guard them no matter what it took. Jaeden was on a mission with Kimiko when the female got hurt by his Zanpakutō, he decided to take her to the Fourth Division. Showing signs of his Kidō skills when he decided that he'd done enough damage, he set the female down and left her there. Jaeden seemed to be in a depression, Shunsui Kyoraku did his best to encourage his replacement that things were alright. Jaeden and the former Captain spoke very frequently and Jaeden trained with him a couple times. Shunsui figured out he was sealed as well, commenting that being shackled wasn't good for the health. Jaeden learned from these sessions that he wasn't alone, him and Seiryu had another friend within. Azael rested within him, the hollow got him hurt badly at one mission which Jaeden was covering for his Squad. He no longer wanted them to be involved in clan matters.

He was badly hurt to the extent that Kaminari had seen him and decided she would have a match with him, Jaeden had to acknowledge her powers of combat. He studied her and got the feeling that his powers weren't at their best right then. Azael was taking to much power to control, it wasn't easy keeping the beast within him back and trying to fight her was an even harder task then that. Jaeden wasn't even at half his full power when he fought her. Feeling his form had suffered greatly from fighting her, she seemed to have a grudge against those whom considered her like a friend. He never did understand it, but Jaeden's carrier as a Captain was remembered by his men and Kyoraku. They kept in mind that he was a fine leader and put others before himself constantly, it was what lead to him becoming what he did. Jaeden had managed to take control of Azael before his battle with Zefonse, he made a couple choices upon speaking with those within himself. That Jaeden would be leaving the Gotei 13 and he would make it look as though he hollowfied.

When it happened against Zefonse, Jaeden felt the time was ripe to do it. He knew Zefonse would be able to shut down that form, he could make it look official at least. The hollow even took control to make it look realistic. Jaeden had decided however within his inner world that this had gone far enough, he would follow his farther no longer. And when this choice was made after he took a beating that no man should, the seal that once held the Dragon back broke in half. Jaeden's memory of things is foggy at best and he cannot remember what happened. But it was after the battle he joined the Vizard Corps because a former Captain is such a skilled creature for anyone to have. Jaeden cannot remember details from his fight with Zefonse, his memories are still recovering from the sheer damage taken. He trained with the founder of his family Damien Crow. The very first Crow to walk, he learned and surpassed his teacher with ease.

The Dragon's Journey would only continue forward from here on.

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I'll be reapproving Jaeden at 0-4+. Keep in mind Jaeden's Ressureccion isn't at maximum power yet, it's below average. Compare it to Renji's canon Bankai in terms of where it's at.

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Arching Due to Request.
[1:32:56 AM] Crow: Put em up, or erase them.
[1:33:11 AM] Crow: I was going to come back one day and erase a couples text anyways.

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Asking for him to be brought back, but I will be redoing his profile and updating some things that are off in my opinion.

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Jaeden Crow Reborn [Approved; 0-4+]
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