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 TerrorByte [concept, wip]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: TerrorByte [concept, wip]   Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:46 am

Human Name: Sakura Haro
Title/Internet Alias: TerrorByte
Age: 72
Gender: Female
Affiliation: none


Sakura Haro was born to two hard working humans in Karakura town in the year 2342. Due to their working taking up much of her parent’s time, Sakura was raised by a nanny before delving in to computers when she was just eight years old. Her natural curiosity pushed her to learn everything should could about the machines, both about their hardware and software. By the time she was thirteen, she was well known online as the hacker going by the alias ‘TerrorByte’. While most of her hacking incursions were just simple pranks, she was extremely skilled, which helped her avoid being detected and caught. As her skills progessed further and further though, she found herself feeling less challenged and each hack becoming far more boring than the previous.

However, it was when she finally attempted to break in to the Yuudeshi Network that she met her match. No matter what she tried, she could not gain entrance in to the that network. Instead of frustrating her though, this finally gave her a push to do more, to go beyond where she was now. Her hacking skills once against soared beyond where they were. However, Sakura realized that she might not complete her dream during her lifetime, and thus started working on a way around it. Eventually she figured out how to translate her mind, soul, and body, her entire being, in to data on a computer. With that figured out, she created humanoid robots controlled by a remote program, took some of her blood and put it in a giant freezer to preserve it, before uploading herself on to her computer. Now in the system, she uploaded herself to various online areas as backups in order to make sure she wouldn’t be removed accidentally. Then she had her robots, which she called the dummy system, destroy the machine she had used to upload herself, before working on making more of themselves.

Now living on the internet, it was far too easy for TerrorByte, as she always referred to herself, to fake wire transfers from a random bank account to her own, using this money to support the development of her dummy robots, along with creating clones of herself along with adding digital electronics to their minds in order to control them from the internet. Now with her army of clones and robots, TerrorByte is ready to be known to the world.


Host System

File Name(s): Terror-Byte.core, Sakura.pers, Terror-Byte.sys

Viral Tendencies: To preserve herself in case of an attempt to erase her from the system she has copied her code in to many important files and other places where it would be impossible to wipe them. This, along with a small program that checks to make sure she is running at all times that is hosted on a small, extremely well protected server, makes it impossible to remove her from the system.

Dummy Control: Dummies are humanoid robot based creations based on phantom tech. They are not alive at all, and will only activate when a copy of Dummy-Control.sys and Dummy.pers are uploaded to its datacenter. She has complete control of the dummies once these files are within it, and until she terminates the connection with the dummy, at which point those two files are completely wiped from the system.

The Sakura System: The next advancement after Dummies, this system has only been created recently, and is the reason for the sudden upsurge from almost no activity to a huge amount. This system started with clones of sakura, created from a small dna sample she preserved of herself. Their brains have been tampered with, allowing her to download files in to their heads in order to control them in a similar way as the dummies. However, the major difference between the sakura system and the dummies is that she can upload her own files (Terror-Byte.core, Sakura.pers, and Terror-Byte.sys) or files made to control the clones from the internet (Clone-Control.sys, Sakura-Clone.pers, and Clone-Core.sys).


Dummy Systems

Files: Dummy-Control.sys, Dummy.pers, Dummy-Core.sys

Hardware Basics: The dummy system is split in to several parts in order to be able to make more powerful parts and test them with the current models. This is accomplished by putting most of the processing hardware and power control hardware (except some auxiliary hardware) in to a single set up called the dummy frame. The dummy frame also contains a "spine", which is a bundle of data connection buses which allow it to communicate and control the other parts of the dummy. From there the dummy is separated in to the torso, the arms, and the legs, each controlling the hardware within it while being controlled by the frame via the data buses.

Dummy Frame: This is the main operating part of the system, the part that controls the rest of the system. The frame refers to the head, spine, and heart areas, all of which play important roles in maintaining the dummy. In the hear area is a power control system which allows the dummies operate indefinitely. The head contains the control unit, made up of the main processing elements and the components which maintain the connection to Sakura on the internet. What would be considered the spine on humans contains a bundle of data connection buses which connect to the other parts of the dummy in order to control them.

Base Torso: The basic torso for dummies, it contains a few components to help with the power system and the transfer of data to the other systems, as well as forming a protective shell over these components. The armored shell is made of an alloy which combines steel, titanium, and small amounts of various other metals, making it fairly lightweight while also providing a large amount of protection. Under this is three layers of titanium mesh, giving additional protection.

Base Arms: Made from a steel-titanium alloy, this arm is completely identical to the human arm, though the nails on the hands resemble claws more then human nails.

Base Legs: Made of the same steel-titanium alloy, the legs are completely identical to a human arm in function, though like the rest of the dummy system's body it is far stronger then the average human.

General Skills: Being a machine and not a living being, the dummy system has far better strength, general speed, and durability then the average human. Compared to the Sakura System, the dummy system has these skills boosted by 1.


The Sakura System

Files: Clone-Control.sys, Sakura-Clone.pers, Clone-Core.sys

The creation: The sakura system is based off the dummy system, but in this case she didn't try to take control of a robotic system. Using some of her dna she had preserved she cloned herself, and then modifying their brains with digital electronics in order to connect them to the internet and allow Sakura to take control of them.

Unique Properties: The sakura system is far more complex then the dummy system, and faces unique challenges, as well as the fact that it has a unique benefit compared to the dummy system. The sakura system clones are human based, and as such Sakura can download her own data in to these clones in order to take direct control over them. However, when she does do this she leaves the internet, and therefore all her dummies will temporarily go offline, and any other sakura clones will go in to hibernation.

The weakness of the sakura system is the data usage in commanding them while she is in the internet. She can only control up to 3 clones at a time, though this doesn't affect her ability to control the dummies. Also, the combination of being a clone and having their brains modified has greatly shortened their life times, and clones don't usually live more then 20 years, whether active or not.

General Skills: Due to being direct clones of herself, the Sakura System clones have the same general skills as she does.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: TerrorByte [concept, wip]   Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:44 pm

Moved to Old WIP.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: TerrorByte [concept, wip]   Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:19 am

Archiving this as apart of my clean up of Old Wip

If you wish for this to be moved back to old wip please feel free to post within this thread

Staff Help Thread


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TerrorByte [concept, wip]
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