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 [Human] Luce :: The Faerie Queen [Alfar-Vanir/Werebeast][Approved;1-1]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Human] Luce :: The Faerie Queen [Alfar-Vanir/Werebeast][Approved;1-1]   Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:39 pm

The Alfir-Vanir
The Modern Light Fae

The Basics
Little things to make up you

Character Name: Sylzaisalumil Ola'Lysivanna
Nickname: Luce, Sneaky Girl
Appearance Age: 17
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Werebeast Type: Half-Cat, Half-Wolf
Alfar Vanir Type: Elven-Faerie
Alliance: The Faerie Court
Position: Queen of the Faerie Court

The Details
Getting to know the deepest parts of you

Personality: Luce, as Sylzaisalumil calls herself, is a free spirit type of girl. She has a strong stubbornness and doesn't know when to back down. She's very dishonest with herself, particularly about the things she wants; she dislikes having to deal with her own desires when she has so many people around her. A relatively private person, she's often very suspicious of everything around her. Good things never happen, as far as the girl is concerned. That makes it hard for her to accept her position as Queen in good faith, unlike her twin sister, that seems utterly content with it. In fact, you can't tell the two apart until they start using their forms; but even then, it's hard to tell who is who. Luce prefers to sneak away and spend her time playing in the forest, the more rebellious of the two. She hates being ordered around, and she will struggle and fight with anyone that tries to boss her around. Only if they can over-power her, or hold her respect will she listen to people. She has an intense hatred for demons, and seems to almost lose her cool when facing them in battle. She has this sort of energy to herself, like a charisma; although it's beyond her why she was chosen for the queen, when her sister is much more refined. Luce has this sort of charming, devilish smile that people don't realize she has. She's a trickster by nature, loving to play pranks on people that don't know exactly how she is. In fact, she loves joking around.

But the girl can become absolutely serious when she needs to be; this side of her is not very different. But it is definitely a more angry, stronger side, as her very determination becomes almost hard to handle. In fact, it is this determination that she crawled out from under their broken home, whilst her sister was watching on crying. Rin doesn't let herself get beaten easily; she isn't stupid however, and will use tactics when she needs them. She hates using her body for manipulating, and prefers using her force; although she's almost a cute little child compaired to most, she isn't afraid of anything or anyone. Doesn't matter that she's only about 5'4; she will not hold back when fighting. Luce prefers to fight all out, and leave no regrets on the field; she's also the type of person whom will try to compromise when the going gets rough. Although she prefers to make things all neat and tied up, she's no stranger to half-assing to get it done. In fact, Rin easily switches from perfectionist to just getting it out. The Queen also, as unrefined as she is, has the heart of the populace. She loves to talk to the people she cares for, but initially, she might seem distant or cold, or just plain rude. The girl likes to point things out, and make side-comments to just about everything; it's part of her nature as the elder sibbling. She has a good instinct, and a decent knowledge of things going on even before she was an Alfar Vanir.

One could say that, sometimes, there's an almost beast like quality to Luce; but many wonder exactly where it comes from.

History: Luce was born to her mother and father, Lyian and Siaia Ola'Lysivanna, as one of two twins. She was the first born, out of the two. Something strange had happened however; it was like, in the womb, that Luce had taken all of the genetics of her parents from their subrace, from her little sister. In fact, her other twin almost died a few times, and required a spiritual healer to patch up the wounds made by Luce. Her parents gave her the name of Sylzaisalumil, and the small child hated how long it was since birth. But there was something strange with her two parents; where as her sister was left out of it, being relatively human due to Luce ripping out the Were-beast straight out of her sister, she herself held two strains of werebeast, that were mixing oddly. Her father would come to her one night, and tell her that she was a Wolven based Werebeast, because that's what he was; he also told her not to tell her mother, no matter what. A couple hours later, her mother came in, and told Luce that she was a Cattish based Werebeast, because that's what her mother was. She also told her daughter not to mention it to their father. So in essence? Both of her parents were Werebeasts; and Luce herself was a strange cross-hybrid. But in that case? The girl was being trained by both of her parents alternatively. The family was very much kept outside of a lot of knowledge, taking up residence in London. The town was just right for them, as the two girls would go explore. Where as Luce was more of the active type, her sister prefered to be seclured, and learn things that had to do with her mind. But it balanced; when the two girls started school, it made them the most popular there. But they didn't really care; they had each other, and Luce, stronger then the average adult even as a child, was determined to protect her twin sister.

So the two went through school pretty easily; but it wasn't that nothing was wrong. They had their problems, namely Luce's fighting, and her sister's lack of turning in projects, but the two would end up doing quite alright, getting closer to graduation. That's when everything went to Hell; literally. Out of the blue? The entire city was nuked right out, the Demon Queen Mana taking the city for herself. Both of Luce's parents died in that night; and Luce pushed her sister out of the house, as it collapsed on them. The other girl was crying for her sister, even as demons closed in on her. They figured a house collapsing on a girl would kill her right? Well if it had been anyone but Luce. The girl let out a beast like howl, rising; and even making it out of the debris, and killed the demons that were trying to rape her sister. Scooping up her twin in her arms? She ran out, remembering the feel of demon bloods, and their imploring words to their Queen, Mana. That name would remain burned in the girl's heart. As the elder ran into the forest, she was thinking of how to get out of the country; it wasn't going to work was it? She spent several weeks, hunting for food with her hunter's instincts, as her parents had trained her to be an anti-Supernatural machine. But yet.. there was something off. Seeing an opening on the shore? The girl stole a boat, and put her sibbling in it; but a patrol had caught up to them. In rage, she fought them, but there was too many, as her sister begged her to come back. In a flash, Luce pushed the boat out, and told her sister to go. She wanted to save her loved one more so then anything; and so Luce fought. Eventually, once her sister was far out enough that the demons couldn't see her? The girl ran straight into the water, and swam. This surprised the patrol, and they figured a human would die with her wounds. But again, they underestimated Luce's determination. Swimming to her sister, she crawled in the boat, as they drifted along the currents. The wodden boat was too small and wouldn't last long on the ocean; Luce knew that. So resting for only a few hours, she then put herself back in the water, and began using her strength to push the boat.

She wanted her sister to at least reach shore. And working for tireless hours, the girl was about to give up, when a bright light winked in the sky. Floating on the water, as she was taking a breather, her twin sister asleep, Luce wondered if they could be saved. Her hand reached towards the sky, and she noted that the sparkling light was getting bigger; and then her eyes widenned in fear. Was it an enemy? The girl righted herself, cursing the lack of her powers; but the light flickered brightly, and landed in the boat. Her face was priceless when she saw a fairy; those were only in myths right? The girl climbed back onto the boat, and put herself in between the girl and her twin sister. The fairy laughed at the both of them, and touched the sides of the boat. In moments? They were taken in a weird land, and then out. It scared Luce, as they were on dry land now; the soil was unfamiliar, and the buildings were strange too; but it was land. They could run. Luce was about to grab her sister and run, when the fairy began to talk. She spoke of how her race needed strong people like her; they needed people that had a beautiful will. But they needed people that were willing to join them; they would not force them. But they would give them a shelter, as the Faerie Court would do that for their fledgelings, and even food to eat, whilst teaching them. Luce looked at her sister, and thought. If.. if she agreed, would her sister be included? The fairy answered this thought with yes, until she made her choice. So that night, a week from the destruction of London, Luce let herself become apprenticed to an Alfar Vanir. The apprenticeship was pretty easy; it was like Luce was meant for it. She took to learning this new race like fish did to water; and her twin sister, when she had a chance, joined her too. The two girls quickly came to the point of their task; and theirs was no easy task. They had to return to their home, and pray for their parent's soul. Then the two girls began their trek back to London; however, this time, both could fight rather then just one. Luce easily took out the demons that sought to fight her, and even joined up with an underground resistance, headed by a girl named Rin. The two stayed in that circuit for about half a year, before Luce's sister left to finish her task. But Luce stayed a bit longer, before heading back herself; taking Rin with her, she got the girl pretty much to Japan, as the rest of her Resistance was wiped out. That was all Luce could do; comfort the girl, and help her go where she wanted. But being with the Resistance had helped Luce understand how it was to lose people; and she wanted to help the Alfar Vanir in order to not let them fall to the monstrosities of the demons, of Shadowfall. The girl was pretty angry, and when she became an Alfar Vanir? Her power burst in radiant shades; her anger fueled her will, and her will fueled her strength. It was almost surprising; however, the presiding Mage noticed her Werebeast heritage, and how supressed it was. Although they made Luce the queen? This Mage was training her sister to take her place; that was the only reason Luce even agreed to the Queenship. So for now? She was the Queen of the Court. But soon enough, she would find someone worthy of her.

Even as she grew stronger, she could feel the instincts of the beast within her. She wanted to move into the world, to find that part of her that was missing; her Werebeast instincts were crying for it's mate. That's why Luce keeps sneaking out; and she knows, one day, she will find the mate that her other self needs. But she had a lot of duties to do until then. She hasn't discovered much of her powers or her forms, but she knows that when the time is right? She will find them very useful.

The Powers
The reasons you are still in this fight even now.

Racial Powers: Here, you would put what the character's racial powers are. Alfar Vanir can have a human anima stone, but nothing more; they have their own custom powers as a race. You may also create sub-race type powers (for example, creating racial powers involved with the Dwarf's own ability) as long as they make sense.

-- Werebeast Traits --
Luce has some Werebeast traits; however, they are more supressed for the most part. Each trait is slightly edited to show what exactly it applies to Luce. However, when she is around another Werebeast, her other side begins to awaken; this means that her transformations can only be used then, and the true power of her Werebeast blood can only be used in the company of others. Although, the more active her were beast blood, the harder it is for her to use her Alfar Vanir abilties.

Feral Instinct They have a greater instinct then any of the others perhaps. The feral knowledge they gain from the other half helps them gain a better idea, their senses of hearing and smell are far above average. This doesn't just leave them to human senses, they can smell and detect spiritual energy. Things like that trigger on the radar for them without any problems what so ever. This fact remains fruitful that they are able to detect these things with the slightest amount of effort. This allows them a great degree of Feral instinct in and out of their animal form. :: Luce has a great amount of this, however, it is mostly subconcious. In fact, she can smell, see and hear better then an average human; but not as much as a Werebeast in human form, due to the Alfar Vanir in her, and also the fact she had surpressed her other half for a long time.

SurvivabilityThis is something that everyone down to the Bears has a great deal of power into. The powers that they have to stay alive and go without eating is beyond the regular. Unlike the cousins that people came up with known as Vampires. The Were's don't require so much feeding, they are also able to take amazing amounts of punishment and regrow lost limbs and organs with a fair amount of time. Some are extremely skilled at staying alive tot he extent the loss of a single vital organ can be minor to them, however this like all things takes time. They can make more from what they had lost during the time of it's missing when they do this they will become true monsters again. They may take a huge amount of punishment and may come back stronger at times before of it. :: Luce's ability in this is a little less then normal; although she can surive things, she isn't as adept as a Werebeast in it. However, it only works mostly, when she recieves particularly threatening injuries, as Luce dislikes using this. Such cases were when her house fell down ontop of her, or when she was pushing herself on the night they escaped Britain. So this triggers usually in very dead end situations.

Animal Skin Their skin isn't quite the same as the every run of the mill human, they have a much more sleek and tough flesh then someone would expect when changing forms more over then anything. Their skin is like armor in some cases, in others it also such fluid movement that one would say they were more graceful then the most agile dancer in the world. The skin allows them some far greater skills and resistance to metals and spiritual attacks. (Cero, Hell Blast, etc) This skin is stronger when fully transformed and thus gives them a greater power in the form they have taken. Their Human body has 50% Resistance to physical and spiritual attacks. It will jump to 80% when in full form. :: In fact, Luce has this skill in full form. It seems strange, but she is made to resist things, and jump in the midst of an utter battle.

Environment Bonus Much like the wild beasts when they feel truly at home in a place it's like being able to use everything to your advantage down to the aspects of fear that comes from knowing you are the prey before the hunter as he stalks you in the shadows. It's the same fear they may put out, when in such a place that is similar to home. They are able to truly become monsters of the world and show people the type of fear that they rarely will ever come across. When in this environment they will show greater speed then others in it, depending on method of travel. For when an animal is hunting on it's home turf it's very likely they will have the home field advantage.

Were-Enviornment: Due to Luce's Alfar Vanir nature, this includes all nature. In fact, she has this in full capacity, as it is naturally enhanced by the Alfar-Vanir nature. This means that when in nature, Luce is a very dangerous being; as long as the area is not made of active human constructs, such as a city. In fact, as long as there's more nature then man-made constructs, Luce will thrive. Nature includes rock, as there is underground life in the soil. This makes her at an advantage almost anywhere, and thus very hard to counter when engaged in a fight.

Enhanced Strength The Animal like fury that comes with this power is said to give a werewolf the power to bench press a semi-truck with a single arm. This power is something that is amazingly great. However this enhanced power only gets this strong when in the hands of the Wolfs, The cats gain such a different presence of power that it's frightening. They are indeed strong, making them dangerous before all mortals and creatures that they encounter that aren't correctly ready for the fight to come from the beasts that come out to play in the darkest dreams of this world. :: Luce has more strength then the average human, and even a bit more then the average were-cat. In fact, her strength balances out with a stronger were-cat and a weaker were-wolf, due to the mixed were-blood inside of her.

Enhanced Speed Now the subtle yet graceful poise of the feline comes into play here, they are considered to be faster then most werewolves. Some are built more into speed which allows them decent practice keeping up. The two are very different animals, the cat's graceful poise showing it's deadly nature in the speed that it has. The power to prowl and come forward from shadows making it a dangerous and deadly foe for those foolish enough to face down the cat. The wolves are faster then humans and some creatures they encounter. But the two races being depicted to for examples sake are simply examples. Lions for example may tap into power instead of speed, each is free to dance as they please. :: Luce has this much like her strength; however, she is about a stronger wolf in strength and a weaker cat in speed. However, this is purely off her werebonuses; her total speed is a bit higher then average, due to the mixture of her Alfar Vanir traits.

Ferocity This is a skill that makes the animal come out even more, when backed into a corner and nearly dead limiters are removed from their body. They no longer will acknowledge pain, only the blood of the enemy before them. They become machines of war ready to kill and rip things to pieces that lay before them, this makes them extremely dangerous killers. The Ferocity will engage and remove whatever human trace that is holding them back from play. It will become an animal out for killing, with common sense intact by a small amount. This will allow them to kill without feeling anything, the amount of power when this mode is engaged will depend greatly on the creature put into Ferocity.

Were-Ferocity: Luce is actually immune to most of the Ferocity's effects; she can keep her senses, and doesn't go berserk, unlike most werebeasts. In fact, this is what is surprising; she can even take advantage of her Ferocity. Although she does not transform due to the Ferocity, unless another Werebeast is nearby, Luce can easily enhance her abilities by using the moon's cycle or dangerous situations. She does lose a lot of her inhibitions however; if previously, she was afraid of hurting someone, she would no longer hold back, and other such things. She becomes more cunning, and has no problems fighting to the tooth and nail; she uses the Wolf's pack reasoning, and fierce fearlessness, to the Cat's teasing trickery and the pride that they hold, in order to make a fighting style that makes her truly unique amongst Werebeasts. When Luce sinks into Ferocity? Most people like to vacate. However, the girl has an additional trigger, due to keeping her mind whilst in Ferocity; any strong emotional state can trigger this mode.

-- Alfar Vanir General Traits --
Luce's sub-race is mainly the Alfar Vanir race; however, she does have elements from her Werebeast heritage and her human heritage. But her Alfar Vanir race is an Elven Fairy; typically speaking, she has attributes of the elves, along with fairies. She has inherited the Alfar Vanir traits, and has some Elven and Fairy based as well.

Bond of Elements: All Alfar Vanir are associated with elements. Due to their myriad of types, they are not as a race, associated to a single element. However, in general, the race of the Alfar Vanir will touch to them on their race; for example, so called Elves would have in general, a more association to magic where as a Dwarf would be tied to steel and earth. Each race is different and many have choices. The bond to that element allows them to communicate with any creature that falls under it's dominion; for example, Elves could speak to nature itself, along with enchanted or legendary creatures, and Dwarves could be to underground animals like moles, or such things.

Harmony of Nature: All Alfar Vanir are attuned to nature in itself; much like their were-cousins. They gain passively more capability within nature based environments then cities. As such, fighting an Alfar Vanir in the forest is much harder then fighting them within a building. The stronger this ability is, the more the Alfar Vanir could do; their adaptibility could be from simply being able to not make a sound, into communicating with the animals to preform a large attack in itself. Those extremely attuned will be able to speak with the very earth itself.

The Mists: All Alfar Vanir have a special mode of transportation; this realm is called ''The Mist.'' Why? Because it is a realm that connects all Alfar Vanir to time, space and dimensions. In essence, the Mist allows an Alfar Vanir to be any time, and any place. Now, this is definitely dangerous; as those that wander too far in the Mist may never come out, or could actually end up in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Only those that have Royal Blood in their veins may be able to use The Mist to go through time; otherwise, normal Alfar Vanir tend to lose themselves and become nothing more then a Preta Youkai. The Mist holds great power into which no one can tap; it is the seams of Existence, to be fair, on the borders of reality and imagination. This is for grand modes of transportation; in battle, the Alfar Vanir can use this something similar to a Shunpo, and yet not. It allows the Alfar Vanir to dissipate, and then gather their energy in another location in mere seconds, if not less. But this takes a large amount of control, and thus, most just use The Mist as a gateway.

Energos: Alfar Vanir are much more sensitive to different types of energy then many other races. They can easily sense energies, and basically can work as extremely advanced sensors. In fact? They are probably the best to do so, since they can get a load of information off waves of energy, like some can do with radiowaves or what not. In a sense, people are radio programs, their energy are the waves, and the Alfar Vanir are the receptors. This makes them, in essence, almost impossible to trick with just surpressing one's energy. But in a bigger sense, they are gifted at telling whom is what. Those that are extremely gifted can turn this off if needed.

Wisdom of the Ages: The Alfar Vanir are long-lived. They have a recorded history of over several thousand years, and even stories from times above that. They are not any slouches, and often have observers in every community, trying to understand humans and others as the Fae had done for a long time. They hold a many knowledge together, and have a great sense of figuring things out. And some of the Alfar Vanir are positively ancient in themselves; this makes the race in itself a bit higher on the intelligence scale then the average human. In fact, many Alfar Vanir that have merged in the human race are known as great minds, such as scientists or famous artists. But an Alfar Vanir will seek knowledge, to increase their race's records. This is possible via a mind link to a giant hive, that gathers and collects information only. That means what one Alfar Vanir learns and stores it withing the Mind? Another can withdraw and learn as well, making the race capable of learning various things from one another.

The Gifts of Magic: The Alfar Vanir, being all humanoid type of Fae, are incredibly diverse. They all hold some magic within them, due to a bond with elements, however, this all produces itself in different ways. Luce, due to her duality, is very unique; she inherited the detail absorbing eyes of the Elves, their light and speedy build, and their affinity to using magic. But she also inherited the Fairy's nature to trick, their soft translucent wings, their ability to change her shape, and their affinity for the magical arts. This makes a lot of things slipped in together, often creating a mess for Luce to figure out what goes where, along with her were-beast traits.

-- Alfar Vanir Type Traits --
These traits are based off of her Gifts of Magic traits; along with these, they elaborate exactly the effects of the were beast traits that inflict on them.

Sight of the Elves: Luce has gained the Elves' enhanced sight. Combined with her werebeast traits, this sight is bolstered immensely. Luce can observe something that occurs up to around 5 miles, with clear vision. Compairable to a bird, Luca can observe details up to 3 miles. However, this does not mean it is always active; in a way, she can focus her sight to go up to that distance. Normally, she can focus and de-focus her eyes, to adjust her vision; but at her lowest setting, she can pick up things by sight that most humans can't even percieve. This basically allows her to pick up fine visual traits, as she automatically adjusts her sight whenever she is in an area. Due to her other natures, she can also use several scopes of sight; thermal, from her werebeast side, spiritual signatures, which allows her to work on spiritual aspects along with low-light and night-visions. This means that in most cases, Luce can adjust her sight to each situations.

Haste of the Elves: Luce's body is actually pretty thin, and aero dynamic. This gives her a natural ability of movement; however this is further compounded by slightly hollow bones, and her werebeast traits. In essence? Luce's speed easily rivals, at it's base nature, the movement of an Advanced Shunpo user. Even masters have a hard time keep up with the raw speed that Luce actually has by nature. Her speed is sometimes too fast for even Luce to keep up; so often, she limits her speed so that she doesn't over shoot herself. In fact, the girl has yet to really tap into her utterly full potential; and this speed could be used in flight, if the wings she used had enough ability to withstand those kinds of speed.

Tongue of the Elves: Luce's elven part allows her access to the ancient elven language, and many other abilities involving the words spoken. In fact, Luce can communicate to animals, nature itself and enchanted creatures, and is often instantly liked by them due to not only her magical, but her nature-bound feeling. In a sense, Luce is pretty much someone that these creatures can trust, due to her being on their side. With this skill, Luce could possibly even calm a raging Guardian Beast or a Beast Sugiura, which is why the Alfar Vanir have light contact with them due to being able to tame their most wild members. Also, this gift allows Luce to even be able to pick up on tongues almost instantly; as the race has been around a long time, there are many stored languages that Luce can learn in a mere day.

Fairy Perception: Luce's Fairy side, less prominent then her elven one, is still capable of great things. In fact, Luce can see into the hearts of people; simply put? She can look into a person's words, and be able to tell if it is the truth or if it is a lie. This ability works on the convinction of the speaker; therefore, if they know they are lying, Luce can tell. If they are not lying, or convinced they aren't, Luce will think of it as the truth. In a way, this allows her to read the heart of those she meets, to gauge their intentions. However, currently, she cannot use this on anyone of a higher tier then she is, due to their energy murking her sight.

Fairy Wings: Luce has wings that she can sprout in any form; these wings are translucent and insect like in nature. They allow her to fly, considering how weightless she is. The girl can easily float or clear long distances, due to the fact that her wings are relatively made for such things. She can flutter, and glide with them naturally, as these types of wings are generally made for a close ground movement. However, Luce's wings are currently a bit fragile, only allowing her to go up to a fifth story building; but that is still stronger then most wings. So she could have the potential to make them even stronger; but how? Luce isn't sure how that works quite yet.

Magic: Luce has an affinity as an Elf and a Fairy to use different types of magic. These magic tend to move in the elements of healing, support, light and her own personal element Earth. This magic can be used mostly along the Soul Sorcery aspect; however? There are other aspects as well. The Alfar Vanir magic can be used with any energy; so as long as there's an energy source, and the steps are done right? The magic can be used. Although, Luce prefers to keep to Soul Sorcery, as it requires a lot less preperation for it. In either case, she can use these elements in a flexible manner, and can even incorperate further traits the more she explores them individually. But at the moment? This is the basics of her magical elements.

-- Soul Evolution Traits --
These traits are the basic of what the sub-race are; therefore, they can use some power from it, and Luce had developed quite a bit of it before she had to leave London. In fact, she had even unlocked her Soul Evolution Form; however, due to the conversion, these were lost. She did keep her anima Stone and her other things gained from the Soul Evolution.

Soul Dash: Luce's use of Soul Dash is extremely flawed; why? As Soul Dash is meant to increase perception, reactions, movement and adaptation, Luce only uses it for a pure speed bonus, much like a Sonido or a Shunpo. This is why it is flawed; she hasn't really explored the full depths of her Soul Dash. However, her speed can increase even further when using this; and even though she hasn't full control of it, some of the other attributes leak out. Simply put, Luce can easily analyze and deduce how her muscles work, and how much they can handle in generally, letting her understand damage she recieved on a much higher level. And she can increase her speed immensely above her already high limits, but the biggest problem is for her right now, to control it, and not lose herself to the whirling effects of the speed. So even if her Soul Dash is flawed in nature currently, she is still not to be under-estimated, considering she can fuse this into her attacks, spells, and other various areas in her body.

Soul Detection: Luce had average Soul Detection; however, when she got converted to an Alfar Vanir? This went through the roof. Using the race's Energos, her Soul Detection is now on par with Master's, even hinting on that Grand Master level. This makes Luce very dangerous; she can sense things on a level that most would be afraid of, and is not easily tricked, as she sees more then one kind of energy. In fact, she can even tell minute details in various energies, like how strong they are, what alignment it is, and even perhaps personal characteristics like elements, and development. This makes Luce almost impossible to sneak on; however, she can willingly shut it off. Sometimes, Luce can be caught staring into the sky, as if seeing something, but nobody can tell what. As such, rumours have developped that she could see into things that nobody wished for her to see; and perhaps they might be right, as from time to time, she catches glimpses of other realms, and even past/future. However, these mere flashes never contain enough to be informative, unless she trains this to an even higher level.

Soul Force: Luce's Soul Force seems to be blending with her Alfar Vanir characteristics. As such, she can easily channel her element propreties in quick to use fashions, by using the Soul Force that humans can. This allows her to easily adapt her Alfar Vanir spells into Soul Force as well. This helps bypass a lot of the spell requirements, and give an instant outlet for Luce's spells; however, these are naturally weaker to spiritual based attacks then physical, unlike her actual spells. In essence, her Soul Force is able to channel her Alfar Vanir characteristic into a much more spiritual essence. In fact, Luce can now have two realms of attack; physical, and spiritual. This allows her to adapt from one area to the next, and even perhaps learn tricks from others that weild the same elements, by looking at how they're doing it, and adapting it. There's not much else dealing with this, as she hadn't explored it per say.

Anima Stone: Landgemirce is the name of Luce's anima stone. It is an inner Anima stone, so it remains inside of her body. It is basically a Limiter; as Luce has a lot of power, her anima stone functioned as limiting her power, and herself, in order to protect herself from the over-usage of her powers. It basically allows her to lower or up her attributes, depending on how much her body can take; this is done subconciously. However, she can use it conciously as well, to surpass her current limits. In all, it is a stone that mainly works on adjusting her levels and prevents Luce from going into over-drives or even killing herself by using her powers in a way that she isn't ready for yet.

Custom Powers: -

The Aesir Shifts
The states that scratch towards Faedom

Aesir Shift Vanir:

Aesir Shift Alfar:

Aesir Shift Fae:

The Lycanthropic Forms
The beasts that lay within my heart

Animal Form:



Partial Transformation:

ChangingThey are able to take on a beast of a form that can come from the full moon depending on the youth, they will suffer from the fact that they are unable to resist the special powers the moon brings forward. Changing them into their true form, all general stats in this form are brought up to a higher level and this will give them a greater deal of power beyond what one would expect. All Humans whom become this will be able to gain this, however newer werewolves will lose their senses as will other species. Basically they become a fur covered killing machine with only the sense to obey an Alpha which could be anyone from the King of Wolves to the King of Cats, it will all depend on the situation.

Changing Form:

The Extras
Whatever is left for you to do

Roleplay Sample: -

Skill Sheets:

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Alfar Vanir Skill Sheet
  • Bond of Elements: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Harmony of Nature: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • The Mists: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Gift of Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

  • Wereism: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Energy Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Beast Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Ferocity: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Sorcery: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Dash: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Detection: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

a beckoned run away leisure

List; Comm; Perm;Temp
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: [Human] Luce :: The Faerie Queen [Alfar-Vanir/Werebeast][Approved;1-1]   Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:14 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [o]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [o]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Tier: 1-1

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Didn't realize there was a board for these things, so imma move her to the correct place.

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This character is being placed into the archives due to failure to post in the activity check. If you wish to revive this character just post here.

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moving to archives
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[Human] Luce :: The Faerie Queen [Alfar-Vanir/Werebeast][Approved;1-1]
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