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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Rella   Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:59 am

Name: Rella
Titles: Little Carnage, Demon Princess (self appointed), Rella-Rella
Age: 4,643
Gender: Female
Affiliation/Rank: Shadow Fall

Rella's personality is... well, different. She is quite the little demon, literally. The first thing about Rella's personality is her typical-demonic state of mind. Her particular state of mind in everyday life is that of bringing about pain, destruction and chaos onto the world. That is what she was born from, chaos and pain; she strives for these things in her every day life. It is often found that she is torturing innocent people because of her messed up sense of life. Typically, Rella is a person who wants to see the world burn, in a short sense. The state of mind she is found to be in is this must 'cause chaos and see the world burn. However, it is done in a very cutesy way. As her voice is so high pitched and child like, it ends up sounding like a small child is screaming, "Burn! Die! Kill!" which becomes a disturbing part of her personality. Due to her voice being so high pitched, often the reaction she gets from people and her appearance is that of cuteness. Most people she is around expect her to be a good little girl, that she isn't some messed up and warped demon on the inside. Unfortunately for them, she is.

The most interesting part of Rella's personality and speech, however, is that she constantly talks in third person. Whether it be to talk to herself, to other people or in the middle of a heated battle, she will come out with something like, "Rella thinks you're going to die!" instead of "I think you're going to die!" Her speech is her most flawed aspect of her personality, as she does not know how to censor herself properly. She finds it impossible to hold back her thoughts for the people she is around, if she thinks someone looks ugly? She'll tell them. If she wants to cut someone's eye sockets out? She'll tell them. Ultimately, her thought-to-mouth process hasn't developed. She just blurs out everything she's thinking. Which can become quite a problem when it comes to battle tactics, often giving away her next moving and allowing her mouth to run to the enemy, often mono-logging with her plethora of thoughts. Her mouth is her largest asset when it comes to both combat and social interactions, however. It allows her to give quick and witty remarks on behalf of her own thoughts and sometimes even cause disturbing mental images just through her speech, often describing horrific sites in detail without any second of regret behind her words. That is yet another failure in her personality, she fails to recognise regret and cannot regret any decision she has made. It's not a mentality of, "It's in the past, I can't change it"; it's purely because she can't comprehend regret and what she said was wrong or hurtful against someone. Although - this isn't to say she's emotionless, either. She has plenty of emotions - just can't sense regret or the badness in her words.

Her second and foremost trait that is shown is her sadistic mind set. As said, she enjoys seeing people in pain no matter who she is. As Rella is born of pain and te scarring of other people and the thoughts of this are capable of even hyping her up and getting her excited (or even hungry, weirdly enough.) Blood, in general excites her - even more so when she's the one who inflict the injuries onto her opponents or even allies at times. That's the type of person Rella is, if she doesn't like the person she is faced with, it doesn't matter if they're in an organisation together or anything, if she doesn't like them? She will injure them or her big mouth will run it's course and insult them in some way. As well as this want and need to injure people or see things in pain, once she has killed a person or injured them? She will often find herself bathing in their organs, blood and even their very being. She throws their body around like it's a children toy, her favourite thing to do with a deceased body? Take it and rip it apart, piece by piece, and feeding the rest of the body to her pet demonic dogs which she keeps in her own dormitory within Shadow Fall. Rella, in essence, is bat-shit crazy and doesn't care if other people think she is. She thrives off of it.

While her sadist side is there, it is worth noting her masochist side. What is her masochist side? This side is where she loves the feeling of physical pain being inflicted on herself. It is a weird trait to have as many people would avoid being injured or getting hurt to some extent, but Rella actually loves the feeling of being in a fight and the injuries consuming her. It's like a whole new experience in life, in a way. The way she sees it, pain is just another part of life; and once you accept it and learn how to control it? You become pains master. She see's pain as an emotion rather than a feeling, and to her? Pain is optional. Obviously, you're always going to feel a form of pain, but to recognise this feeling as pain is an optional trait for a human being (or demon in this case) to have. She sees pain as discard-able and expendable. That is the type of demon she was, the Danava demon born of pain, being able to purely shut out pain and have it as a good sensation rather than a terrorising one.

Her deceiving attitude is her most annoying one to be able to come up against. She is quite a little trickster when it comes to everyday life, she will play life-threatening tricks onto people; thinking that it won't kill them and it's just a practical joke. She doesn't have that sense of holding back with her power or jokes, either. If she was to like someone and play a practical joke on them, it could very well be something along the lines of a shotgun bullet into the face. She cannot restrict herself in that regard. Although she does love to play jokes, her overall personality appears to be rather childish. She does not use complicated language and often finds herself to be explaining things in a childish manner, using words that are not sophisticated, but rather simple English. It is a rather large contrast to the absolutely insane part of her personality, however. It's like she's an innocent little child in one moment of her speech, not understanding what anybody is talking about, the next she is spouting some nonsense of that she's going to rip out someone's tongue or slice them open to play with their guts inside their body. Quite an interesting person to be around, as well as a rather dangerous one.

Loyal. That's another aspect that is found for Rella. Her loyalty is un-wavered, once someone has been able to win her trust and loyalty, she does not break her promises. Due to her mindset, she is loyal to the people at Shadow Fall and allows herself to be consumed by their ways; doing absolutely anything a higher-up order has told her to do. It is a matter of duty, in her eyes. Although, to gain her loyalty and trust... is not a simple task. To gain the trust of Rella is to nearly complete the impossible. For this to happen, a being has to connect with Rella on a same-sadistic level as her; sharing the same mentally deranged thoughts. They don't even have to have the same mindset of being born of pain and scarring, but rather that they can understand the way she is. Unfortunately, against most people, they cannot understand her will to see everyone in pain and the need to bring the world to it's knees. That "some men just want to watch the world burn."

Shifter Appearance Written:
Rella-Rella's shifter appearance is rather similar to her true appearance when it comes to physical looks, only a few things about her differentiating from her true form. In shifter form, her general outfit usually consists of awhite short dress, that are rather baggy looking and are pure white - blindingly white. Just above her small bust, she has a bow tied on the dress, while straps are holding the dress up over his shoulders, connecting around the back of her neck in another knot. Most of her back is open and clear, the dress starting again mid-way down her back. Around each wrist she has a bracelet, on her right wrist she has a pink beaded bracelet, while on her left she has a orange one mixed with stars and beads. The dress is rather short all around, becoming tighter as the dress comes to a close - looking more like sleepwear than actual clothes. On the lower tighter part of the dress, there are buttons which allow her to give her more leg space and to move more freely, rather than having a constantly tight dress.

Her hair is a pure white colour, almost as if it was bleached constantly to be nothing but white. Her hair is extremely long, if let down, going far past her feet - there for often tying it up in pig tails or parting it over each shoulder. Under the dress, she has tights that span from covering her entire feet in a black Lycra like material, running all the way up to just before he crotch area. Her eyes are a deep red with a orange tint to them, as well as horns appearing to be coming out the side of her head, parting her hair. To the untrained eye, it would look like they are a head-ornament, and rather not actual horns.

Rella's skin is rather pale, despite the amount of time she spent in the sun, she never seemed to get burnt or even tanned, and she didn't know why. On the back of her neck, she has a small mark which appears to be a circle like demonic symbol - appearing as if it is a tattoo with thorns rushing out of it and flames encircling it.

True Appearance Picture:


Rella's history is nothing short of an interesting tale, it could go on for as long as the world has existed, if she had piled every last detail of everything she's ever done, tortured or completed in her lifetime. On the day of creation, it was nothing short of a calm day. The trees were whipping in the wind, the cool air crashing over the demons within demon world. It was a normal day there. A flash of red erupted on the area, completely blinding everyone in the area momentarily, almost being a brighter light than if you were to look directly into the sun. Once this faded, Rella was standing there, she was standing there; butt naked with not even a single bit of clothing draping off her. The girl was curled up in a ball on the ground, her body being quite a pale tone. The tone of her body was soon to never change, as she was usually this pale girl with no other light source erupting on her skin, or allowing it to more like. Rella had been born out of nothing, she just erupted through the fabrics of time and appeared in the world; nobody even knows why. She was one of the very few Danava demons who were caused through an abnormal birth, being born purely from the imagination, as well as pain and suffering mindsets of those within the demon world and all around it; bringing her into a physical being. From this moment on, she knew she was born from pain and suffering; that was what she lived for. Death, destruction, chaos. To bring pain to herself, to others and to watch the world burn.

Although, it has come into question quite a bit as to how Rella was capable of taking the appearance that has become so popular with her and her sister. Rella actually considers herself a sister, a twin of someone known as Toki. On her day of birth, she spawned into the world which dragged in the closest person to that particular area and modelled her appearance of them. In this case, it was Toki. Toki was only a high school student at the time, although there was an unexplained reasoning as to why she was chosen out of a crowd of people; and not anyone else. It could just be mere coincidence, but ever since she had spotted Toki as someone who looked identical to her, Rella considered her a sister and that she would be by her side forever end; a twin with a messed up mind purely showing their mellow dramatic side to her sister and nobody else but her. From this point on, she attended school along side her; although didn't enter, simply mocked people from the sides as she waited for Toki to come out. Not so long after, Toki had been killed by unknown means to most people; coming back into reality as a hollowed creature, a creature that preys on the human souls and human bodies. The Hollows were supposedly allied with the Demons, although Rella hadn't actually studied that far into her own race to know about all of that. Upon discovering Toki as a hollow, she followed her; standing by her side even as a Vasto Lorde, through until she finally grew into a full Arrancar - considering her an Arrancar sister.

She was always considered a very weird girl, at that. Rella has spent most of her time, since being created, hunting down demons for the fun of it. Even through her stages of Toki growing into an arrancar, she often found herself to go off without her and killing others for months on end, without any contact. She didn't find and pleasure in killing them at first, but it sort of grew on her. It became part of her, slowly molding into her mind and realising that this is what she was created for; to slaughter. Her imagination abilities, allowing her to physically create items purely from thought, was and still is one of her main instruments in hunting down and hurting her opponents. That was her ultimate goal, see. To hurt those around her. From a young age, Rella had come into contact with a woman, an interesting woman at that. She was known as Claire. At first, Rella, like all other people, she had an interest in just killing her and being done with it. Rella, however, ended up taking a liking to the woman. She was something unique, something amazing. So she abandoned her instincts, eventually considering Claire her only friend, at least for that moment. Even though they were friends, they rarely had anything to do with each other - really the only time they met up with each other was the occasional time they'd see each other out in the world and the second is when their alignments of affiliation coincided with each other. Although, Rella hadn't followed Claire in her path. When she reached her early 3000's, Rella became quickly interested in the demon organization known as Shadow Fall. Almost instantly, she tried to join - being rejected three times as being too much of a threat to the order because of her wild and destructive personality; however eventually was let into the order after the fourth time. This was the start of her path, her journey to become and conquer the world around her.

Demon Powers

Natural Demon Traits:

Za Koa Skill Mastery:
When it comes to the art of Za Koa, Rella is said to be one of the highest in skill with such energy and the general properties of it. Unlike most demons, however, she uses Za Koa in different ways as say, a normal demon or another Danava demon would do it. For example, while most demons adept and above possess the ability to use Black Inferno Blast and other demonic abilities like it, Rella is unique in this. Unlike most other demons, especially with Black Inferno Blast, she can manipulate and pump all of that energy it. With this, she can craft the blast of chaotic energy into a physical, solid form - meaning that she can craft it into different weapons or objects. Rella has typically been seen to craft powerful and large scythes out of this energy. Due to her energy manipulation being so incredible over the top, this isn't only limited to Black Inferno Blast. When she strikes with the weapon or object of crafted Black Inferno Blast (using again in this example) it will still have the effect as if the person was to be hit by the blast, acting in all the same ways.

In the same way Rella-Rella has manipulated Black Inferno Blast, Akuma Kyodo can also be manipulated by her intense control over the Za Koa which resides within her body. One may ask, how does one manipulate the ability that resides to defend the body, that acts similar to a Arrancar's Hierro? Well, the way she does this is by shifting the overall protection of her body when this ability is activated to a specific area if she so wished. So, say a sword strike came flying towards her knee cap and she used Akuma Kyodo to defend against a lot of the impact it would have had. By manipulating this energy with her intense mastery of Za Koa, she can shift the accumulated hierro-like protection all to her knee instantly to completely nullify the impact of a strike. She can do this in an instant, yet is usually found useless when it's such a large attack and is forced to use it to cover her whole body or a large area. Given that she can also manipulate it to defend against simple sword strikes and other attacks, if the power or attack is extremely powerful enough, it can shatter through it like any other form of defensive layer like Arrancar's Hierro.

Rella is capable of using all of the abilities and spells listed HERE!

Coding in template By: [THEFROST] Graphics by: Kylekaotikk


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Rella   Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:05 am

Unique Demon Abilities

Instant Demon Magic Crafting:
As suggested by the name, Rella has the opportunity to use all of her Za Koa skill which she has accumulated ever since becoming a physical being, into crafting different magic. She is a very flexible when it comes to her Demon Magic crafting, often being found to tap into different elements among the world and clashing them together to create different kinds of demonic magic instantly. For example, by accumulating all of the energy within her body as well as tapping into the ability known as Black Inferno Blast or another offensive ability, she could combine this with another technique - say, her red rose ability which is heavily telekinesis and speed based; she could easily apply these two forms of magic together and craft a speedy, powerful and manipulative blast of energy into an attack. In short, she can take the properties of one ability and apply it into another, or put it into a completely new technique from elements and powers within her grasp. She can also instantly craft abilities like a fire blast, a water blast; or even something as far fetched as a something that can eat away at any object it touches - tearing it apart. She can also, as said in Za Koa, craft these powerful new demonic abilities into her own arsenal of weapons. There is, generally, no limit to how many she can create at one given time - but if the number exceeds a hundred, it can get extremely hard to maintain and can strain her body quite a bit.

Red rose Oscillation
Red Rose Crisis is a very unique ability which, as a basic ability, is her main focus of attack and her general ability which she uses to fight against most opponents. The flowers on her hair that are coated in a red aura begin to glow even brighter, becoming far brighter than any other thing in the room and break off into the air and float around the battlefield, mostly closer to Rella in general. When Rella does this, they are a bright sparkling red, a few seconds after they go into the air (on comand) she can break off the petals of the flowers and copy the large flower petals to become numerous and more abundant. Rella is capable of using her telekinesis powers to launch these petals through the air at amazing speeds and incredible durability - these petals seemingly indestructible. While they can be hindered or stopped, they are not capable of being completely destroyed.

Now, at first view these petals, even once they've broken off and in the air, may not looking menacing at all. They are capable acting as if it's a punch with a steel object, but it's not as powerful as what follows as Rella's main attack power with these petals. By vibrating through Molecular Oscillation, which is a rather powerful version of vibration. Molecular Oscillation allows Rella to vibrate the molecules and foundations of atoms within her petals to such extreme levels so he can slice through virtually anything. These petals are even capable of slicing through diamond, slipping through an arrancar Hierro virtually like it's butter, and completely splitting it in two. However, of course, it isn't capable of slicing through a Zanpakutō or weapon, completely splitting a blade in two, rendering an opponent unable to fight with that weapon. She can slice through skin like it's butter; and even more, she enjoys it; hence why she is the Danava of pain and scarring.

Compressed oscillation
Compressed oscillation is another ability which Rella has come into contact with once she has found the foundation of her magic centre and her intense control over the energies both within and externally to her body. In the same way that the oscillation of her flowers floating through the air to slice apart the enemy, the compressed Oscillation works in the same way. Just by simply imagining it, she can, at will, summon that energy of molecular oscillation to vibrate at intense speeds to appear at any moment in the air to coat an object in it. So, for example, if she picked up a large building or a tree, coating the object in the oscillation of molecules and tear through almost any object, as she does with her flowers. However, it is far more effective with her flowers due to the speed and such, but she is capable of doing this. Rella, not only with other objects, can also use this molecular oscillation to the air around her fist and vibrate them so much, that if she were to launch a punch or kick towards the enemy, it could easily tear into the skin or even act as a sword strike with her palms.

Origin Powers

First Origin Name: Cross-species Magic

First Origin Power:
As suggested by the name, from Rella's past, she has had many experiences with the different types of magic and ways it can be used amongst all races. Due to her origin being over the magic within the world, she has been able to tap into the shinigami knowledge of Kidō at an advanced level and craft her own mix of magic between them. She can also use this to tap into another species version of a 'step'. For example, she could tap into the Arrancar/Hollows energy and perform a Sonido or a Quincies Hirenkyaku. This is a rather interesting origin power, however. Rather than having a simple fire, water or other element based origin - Rella literally takes the concept of otherworldly magic from past experiences and uses it to her advantage.

First Origin Abilities:
Demon Crafting
As mentioned earlier in her Instant Demon Crafting Magic ability, she can tap into her knowledge/understand of the arts of Hollow and Shinigami alike, therefore allowing her to combine attacks such as a cero in conjunction with a Bakudo #4, Hainawa and wrap the enemy target in a cero energy and whilst constricted around them, blasting them into oblivion. She can do this with any form of magic ability within the world, due to her magic origin behind the essentials of al magic, she can even go as far as a Cero Oscuras based Hadō 90, black coffin and completely add an extra punch to an attack. The demon crafting ability isn't only just for offensive capabilities, though. While she can also use it for defence, she can craft such an ability like Bakudo 80: Danku and add a Black Inferno Blast effect to that, so when they punch the barrier or strike it, a large explosion would erupt from the contact as well as all other effects it would normally have.

Generally, there is no limit to what she can mix together when it comes to the different magic's of the world. She can also manipulate these attacks into different shapes, therefore also allowing a wider spread or more refined area of impact. The first origin of hers is a very powerful one, and it's not something that should be taken lightly among any people. However, due to her vast magical ability - she lacks it in other areas such as durability and physical strength. Although, she is still not weak in these area, she's just at the lower level of those on the same tier in physical strength. Her cross species magic is also her strongest asset when it comes to her powers, as if all of her magic.

However, due to her demon crafting relying heavily on other species magic such as shinigami and Arrancar, her versions of the magic is not as power as the original thing. However, through adding it into her different forms of using it, such as crafting it into weapons, is much more useful. Say, an arrancar of the same tier as Rella used a cero - Rella's own cero would be a little less effective and damaging than their cero - if it was normal. And while she can utilise cero oscuras, even this is weaker than most other cero oscuras attacks of those of the same tier. However, the power of these cross-magic energy blasts are not something to be trifled with, they are still extremely destructively powerful - even despite her tiny disadvantage with magic.

Second Origin name: Pain and Scarring

Second Origin Power:
Pain and scarring is one of the deepest emotions of Rella and she is built and created around the idea of pain and scarring, suffering itself. The main reason her origin power is intense is a very interesting thing, because her general being is based around it - she has been found to manipulate most of her thoughts and reactions to thing on it. Rather, it's not a power that obtains abilities as per say, but being born from such pain and scarring is one power that develops over time to form itself into a physical being. Rella's second Origin is, essentially, her whole being. Unlike most other Origins of Danava demons, she is capable of utilising this pain and suffering into different movements of power - shifting a lot of her power into different areas of assault or defence. Mentioned below is the capabilities of such a power.

Second Origin Capabilities:

Pain diversion
The pain and suffering ideas of Rella's origin is a very unique and yet quite diverse one. The whole idea of it is rather confusing, but say Rella had a sword slash coming simply at her body - she could stand there and take the slash, slicing down as normal; however she can use her pain origin to transfer the damage of this ability to another living organism in the area - as long as it's not a player-based character. However, she can only do such things with non-reiatsu based attacks. So, a simple sword slash, or a stand alone punch with no extreme power behind it - could easily be directed into something like a tree or an NPC (specific ones like off in the background, a civilian or mutant in the wastelands). This is her main trait of defence from simple strikes, so she can use it to not only cause more pain and suffering among others - but protect herself from basic strikes. This said, she doesn't use it all the time and has a two post cool-down.

Atma Vatou

Atma Vatou Name: Itami hābesuta (Pain Harvester)

Atma Vatou activation phrase:
"Itami hābesuta, God of pain and misery, bring forth the blood of thou enemies, Atma Vatou!"

Atma Vatou Appearance:
The appearance of Rella's Atma Vatou is a rather unique one - it doesn't appear in many forms or physical beings, it's something built within her own body. Rather, her Atma Vantou is an illusion based tactic, as well as damaging. Her Atma Vatou can cause the pain and suffering of a persons nightmare or terrifying image to manifest itself into a form right before them. Through such an ability, Rella can cause fear instilled in the opponent by showing them people being torn apart, torture scenes, adapting this to each person the more she learns about them - so she able of showing each person their worst fears. For example, if Rella were to manifest an illusion of Kin dying, or Kin being destroyed or tortured somehow, to Claire (Moose's character) it could in still not just pain, but fear. Although, Rella obviously cannot know each persons fear by simply looking at them - so this Atma Vatou power usually comes into play in different forms. For example, the more the opponent talks to her - and spills out more information about their fears or their strength, she could adapt around this and create gruesomely real illusionary tactics.

However, this isn't the only thing that Rella can manipulate with her ability of illusions. While they are illusions, she can make them physical beings. She can manipulate and create the illusion into a physical being to fight or attempt to attack her opponent in some way. However, while this is an effective way of destroying people by their own fears and suffering, the illusion can be completely destroyed by a simple attack, which would then fade into shadow and disappear from sight. The physical being isn't limited to just their normal appearance however. She can twist the properties of the illusion and make different physical features to it once it's solidified. So, for example, she could materialise a character like Hakai or Zin and slowly disfigure their appearance, twist their jaws inside out - whatever she so chose to do. She could even, like Alucard in a way, twist the appearances of them so much that she can make them ten times the normal size them, shifting their head into shark jaws, bloodied and sharp to them materialise and attempt to rip the opponent apart in a single bite. Generally, there isn't a limit to how many illusions she can summon in a battle - but generally once a person has been able to connect with their fears and overcome them, she usually drops all illusionary tactics.

Atma Vatou Abilities:

Imaginable construction:
Her imaginable construction is something that has developed in a further form of her Atma Vatou. While her Atma Vatou has the ability to be able to summon and conjure up the person fears or different people in a physical sense, she also has the ability to craft any object she so desires. For example, the imaginable construction is her most wide-reaching ability over all other of her powers, beside her in depth magic. It is a rather interesting ability that had developed over period of being a Danava Demon. This ability allows her to conjure up different types of torture, pain and physical creations within her imagination. As stated by the name, Rella is capable of constructing these imaginable ideas within her head. In a short way of saying she can create imaginable items, if she can imagine it? She can create it. Although she has to have a physical representation of what it looks like within her mind to be actually able to conjure it. Typically, there are different methods behind constructing items which are able to use, not only in combat, but in general use for items in social or mature related threads. Her Atma Vatou takes the surrounding spiritual particles (reishi) from within the air and grasping from her own reiatsu to be able to tap into the knowledge of her imagination and illusionary tactics of her Atma Vatou, and then applies this knowledge into the energy she has absorbed purely for this creation tactic. The Atma Vatou condenses the spiritual partciles together to cause a reaction, converting them into thought processes and transferring that into a physical being or object through her power. Not only this, but her Atma Vatou imagination construction has methods (as mentioned) into the practices of her power. Below they will be stated.

The methods mentioned are taken into four stages of power. Almost, in a way, the creation of her imaginary tactics has four tiers of power to the items she can create through her imagination construction ability of her Atma Vatou. The hierarchy of power goes from highest number to lowest, lowest representing the most powerful tier of Rella's imagination construction. Rella's fourth tier of imagination construction is the weakest form of all her imagination constructs. In more depth, the construction of this fourth tier is as simple as it comes - the imagination construction for this takes the least amount of focus with reishi and condensation of particles. Basically, this tier allows Rella to create items which have no dramatic effect on the battle or without a large significance of power needed behind the construction. For example, the fourth tier of creation can create items such as simple Katana's, broad swords, shields, even as far as something like a building. The general reasoning why it's her weakest form of imagination construction is because it just becomes a typical item or being with no reiatsu based or internal power to the item. It is a simply as the item would appear to look, no hidden reiatsu behind it or even traces of spiritual essence, this goes for demonic energies as well.

The third tier of power is a more interesting one, which is then followed by more powerful creations in the later tiers. Unlike the first imagination construction, she is capable of creating items with a spiritual essence to them. So, in it's simplest form, she is capable of creating items with the essence of reiatsu to them. This could manifest itself into a wondrous amount of ways, being able to give items such as a sword or a spear a spiritual essence to it. Typically, the essence of the creation can be shown through a green fog that lightly illuminates around the object. The object is now, essentially, a item of spiritual decent; meaning, that this essence that has transferred from her body of absorbing spiritual particles has been put into the object or creation; essentially creating a spawn of Rella herself. As it was once a part of her, she considers these objects part of her own body - they are one with her. This particular third pathway of construction is used to take down beings of spiritual decent who do not pose much of a threat compared to her later tiers of Atma Vatou power. Rella's imaginable objects are also capable of mixing this in with her amazing cross-species magic and intense magic knowledge of most races magic abilities. For example, she could take her knowledge of cross-species magic from her origins power and use a soukatsui to apply that into the blade of a katana, making the next strike she uses with this sword capable of burning and exploding upon contact with her opponent. Basically, it acts, rather than striking a large area, a concise attack all being aimed into once location on the opponent. Almost immediately after striking, the Kidō added to the object will explode (depending on the type of Kidō it is). This is generally based around surprise more than anything else. Bascially, the third tier of imagination construction has enough reiatsu and a spiritual essence to it to be able to withstand the power of other reiatsu based abilities and condense it into the sword for a time being.

The second tier of power is yet another step up from her previous state of imagination construction. The second tier has a even larger amount of power stored within the object she creates, essentially having all of the same properties which the previous state had - being able to put different types of attacks into the object for striking, etcetera. The main power or capability the second tier of imagination power can offer is an interesting concept - it's capable of creating objects which have derived from inner being of Rella herself. You see, Rella's power origin is based on cross-species magic and pain and suffering among the people she fights or comes into contact with. From her origin, it is capable of selecting out different demonic crafting abilities and place them within a spiritual being. As mentioned earlier, her Atma Vatou can solidify humanoid figures and deform them while they still maintaining a lively figure. Rella's second tier isn't... well, the same. While she can create the lively figures and develop them into physical beings, unlike her first Atma Vatou ability, she can craft them to withstand hits from an extreme level. They come in different waves of power, crafting many different types of monster like figures for her imagination construction, which are stated below.

Born of suffering:
The Born of suffering is one of the imagination compounds which Rella is capable of summoning. The born of suffering itself takes on the appearance of a large wolf, around four foot high measured from the height of it's back, being able to stand on equal footing with some short people within the universe. The wolf, interestingly, has an exo-skeleton, meaning that the skeletal structure of the wolf appears to be on the outside of the body. On the beasts head, it has a large skull which is extremely hard to crack, running down it's mane appears to be sharped skeletal barbs which are capable of latching themselves onto the opponents. The back of the wolf is spiked like the mane, except to a larger extent. These wolf bones are extremely sharp, capable of piercing the body of anyone who touches them, even if it is only lightly. The paws of the beast are the greatest weapon the Wolf of Suffering can offer against it's opponents. The wolf of suffering is capable of crushing, not only bones, but even structures by the pure amount of strength that these beings can pump out through their paws and strikes. The tier of these wolves are based at 4-1.

Born of Blood:
The born of blood is the second strongest character in which Rella is able to summon to the battlefield to fight along side her with her imaginary construction ability. The being stands at ten feet tall, towering over most of his opponents with relative ease. His appearance is essentially a large, muscular being who has the head of a lion over-grown on his face, a long gray mane dangling down over his humanoid body. Spread out on his back, there appears to be two rather large wings which are capable of holding him afloat in the air. Born of Blood also has a large spike appearing over his right inner eblow, stretching out which is made completely of bone; the same as the Born of Suffering wolf, being able to impale someone with relative ease, slipping in like it was butter. On his head, he also has rather large spikes appearing from his skull, almost acting as a large group of horns. His entire body is read, including his long tail which runs longer than his body, often holding it up in the air. Born of Blood's power relies on his gauntlet of hands which have blood constantly seeping from them. One swipe from these hands, and you could have the ground torn up and the very earth ripped from beneath your feet. Not only this, but his wings act as sort of wind barriers. So, for example, he could launch of highly compressed slashes of wind at the opponent, attempting to cut them open and crush them into the dust that way. His tier is that of 2-3+, nothing to be trifled with. Capable of rivalling that of even a vice-captain level. Although, they could still best him rather easily as he is a figment of Rella's tortured imagination. To conjure up this being, it takes precise skill and power and can drain her if she is not careful in how many she creates at one given time.

Born of Pain:
Born of pain is the final stage of Rella's second imagination construction. While it is not as powerful as the final tier of construction, it is the main front she uses against enemies without having to break the barrier between second tier of construction and the final tier. The being that comes into physical power appears to be that of an extremely large demonic being, standing on four legs and massive wings exposing out of it's back. A single toe is enough to cover the entire body of a regular sized human. Born of Pain is her most powerful second-tier summon, giving her a major leverage without straining her body too much from her imaginary construction. While Born of Pain's size is beyond huge, it isn't a very fast thinker. It acts slow as well as it's movements, but it's power when able to make contact can shatter many of buildings behind the building it shattered. Due to it's large size, it's often used to destroy cities for Rella's gain and even destroy tough opponents without breaking into tier 1 imagination construction. The large wings on it's back is capable of being used to shield itself from attacks, their is also a purple aura floating around them. As well as this, it is capable of using it's very... interestingly shaped tail, ancient looking tail at that, to swipe and kill enemies with tremendous force that way. The tier of this Born of Pain monster is 1-3, although this monster is an all out assault type figure.

The final tier:
And finally, tier one imagination construction. The final construction which Rella can create is her most diverse and interesting one. Her imaginary constructs for this tier isn't through summoning or illusions at all, it couldn't even be considered construction of her imagination at all. Rather, this construction of tier is run through he left eye. Rella's left eye, in all forms, is seen as a yellow clock - hands pointing to different times depending on the time zones she is in, having a constant clock within her body to access. Simply, this imagination construct tier one allows Rella to warp time. Time is the main concept which she can warp in this. As Rella's left eye is found to be a yellow clock, it is capable of decelerating time and speeding it up around certain objects. For example, say she kicked a rock or shot a piece of magic at an enemy; she could manipulate the time around that attack to either make it go faster or slower. This idea is that it speeds up time to appear at it's destination faster than to what the attack normally would. Through this time warping, though, she can only warp herself and physical objects. Any motion of an opponents body or object they have a hold of, she cannot warp. However, if an enemy was to fire a Kidō at her, she could either speed up the time of that Kidō or even decelerate it so much to fire it back at the enemy. What one must understand about this ability, however, is that she cannot warp natural unique abilities, Zanpakutō abilities or any type of races form abilities. If someone was to shoot a fire-ball at them and it is a part of their shikai or bankai, Rella could not time-warp that item as it is a personal belonging of another character. The brief history about her time warp is that she activated her imagination to give herself this ability, however she couldn't stabalise it enough so she ended up with this eye forever, being able to activate it whenever she wanted. Not a bad side effect, really.

Diverse Paths

Aliṅgana State Appearance:
Typically, Rella's appearance once entered into the Alingana state is by far her most normal form. By 'normal form', Rella typically does not change in appearance all that much to her normal appearance. The only significant difference in appearance for her Alingana state is her overwhelming purple and pink aura that surrounds her. This rather has a new power behind it rather than the typical basis of appearance, it signifies a new ascended state that gives her a new tactic of battle, which will be stated below. The focus of this appearance is not very demonic, it's rather meant to keep the normal, innocent looking figure of Rella. Essentially, it's meant to look as if she hasn't changed at all - perhaps allowing the opponent to be drawn into a false sense of security and power when fighting her.

Aliṅgana State Powers:
Alingana state powers and the first and foremost of her forms, she is able to utilise this form in an abundance of ways. However, the way she uses them are different than just typical powerhouse or demon ways. Rella's state of Alingana is rather interesting, however. It does allow her to stabilise and balance a lot more of her abilities out more effectively, as will be explained later in the powers. Rella's main focus with her new appearance is so out-maneuver her opponent, gaining a rather significant speed boost when she enters this state.

Speed boost:
The speed boost gained once she enters the Alingana state is one of her most intense and interesting abilities. The main focus of this ability is to increase her speed to incredible levels - even without using the accelerated time-warping of her Atma Vatou. The speed boost allows her, without any form of shunpo or sonido, to be able to run at close to 500 miles per hour instantly. No build up, simply rushing straight into a five hundred mile per hour rush of energy. Speed is a very reliant factor in all of her states, which gives her a overall leverage when it comes to a physical fight; as she lacks the physical strength to fight someone on the same level. Although, her speed, especially in Alingana state, allows her use her fast motion and movements to add that extra punch to an attack in which it would normally lack.

Purple aura:
From the energies within her body, this aura is erupted to surround her body in a rather interesting way. The aura described, outlining her body, is not just a typical appearance based item, rather, it has a much more useful purpose. Due to the immense power that is contained within her own body, the main silent ability is that the power and reiatsu that is contained within herself and demonic states are released, it compresses Rella's high density reiatsu into a even more dense field of force. The ability does not raise Rella's reiatsu any more than it would a normal person activating their an equivalent state, rather it makes the air and spiritual pressure in a close proximity (around one metres) to Rella so dense, that some weak to medium strengthed strikes would barely have any effect on him from other abilities or attacks in general. To significantly have a chance at injuring her, a medium to large amount of force must be applied to get your attack to do much damage. Not only this, but for a lot of Kidō and magic based attacks, once it hits the dense reiatsu around her body, is often nullifies simple attacks such as 'sho' or Byakurai. However, once it gets into more powerful Kidō attacks, it reduces the amount of impact it may have on her body. This effect of the Kidō can slowly wear away in certain areas of his dense reiatsu, after many hits weakening his compressed reiatsu in a certain area. It is known to nullify a lot of energy based attacks like the Kidō, as well. Kidō from one to twenty would have absolutely no effect on Rella at all. From 21 - 50, it would have a nullified effect, still being hit but feeling the pain and force of it, just not to full extent. Where as 50+ Kidō would have a full scale effect on her. However, that nullifying information is only relevant and accurate if he was fighting an opponent of the same tier as her. Rather, it only will nullify completely low level Kidō for a person as well equipped in magic as her.

However, this purple aura has another way of defence based on it. The aura floating around her body is found to be extremely heated, almost as hot as the inside of a volcano. Although, she can adjust the heat of the aura around her. The aura can become super-heated at her will, to not only fend off enemies that are equipped in magic, but to burn the opponent if they try to strike her bare-handed. This technique is a rather helpful one, and can act as a counter-attack based move. It is ultimately her best defence in Alingana state. Although, it must be noted that Rella's field of purple miasma is only covering her body for one strike per post. For example, if the enemy was to punch her aura, it'd burn their hand from the heat (unless they tanked it). However, one they had struck the field with a physical attack, it would fade away for the rest of that post; meaning that each time it's struck? It momentarily breaks. This isn't to say it's useful against all hand to hand combatants as some have higher durability than others or can withstand those same extreme temperatures. It's something that's defence based, but offensive at the same time.

Reality/Physics warping:
This technique is probably one of Rella's most disturbingly interesting abilities while in Alingana state. Basically, the reality or physics warping is an ability which allows Rella to manipulate the physics and reality of her own body and an object of her choosing. For example, if someone was to throw or shoot an object at a building, she could warp the physics of that building to be able to stretch, going with the force of the attack and be bendy. There are many possibilities with this reality and physics warping, it's one of her most adaptable techniques and physics encompasses the entire world. She can manipulate the ground, trees and any other being as long as it's not a person. She cannot manipulate the body of another character or their items, however. This is particularly possible for Rella to be able to warp the ground beneath her feet to shrink into a hole and become stretchy, avoiding attacks through this.

Although Rella is capable doing this with objects; another great aspect of this is being able to do it with her own body. She can allow herself to run vertically on walls, upside down, mid air, anything. She can also use this to change the physics of her body structure, being able to bend her body to almost impossible levels, such as making her body completely flexible by warping her own bodies reality. Through this, she can also shift the appearance of her own being while in Alingana state as she can warp her own appearances reality. This is, quite possibly, the most weird technique in her arsenal of powers, as it can even perhaps allow her to take even for extreme blow from her enemies. Although, hand in hand with her speed; this manipulation is perhaps the most useful.

From this physics warping and changing on realities in an enviromental way, she is also capable of shifting the gravity to her will The gravity manipulation technique is, obviously, Rella's way of manipulating the Gravity around her. Rella, in this form, can change the gravity of the space around her. She can create dense areas of higher gravity than others, while a few metres away will be a completely normal gravity level like the rest of the world. Many of her powers in Alingana state are based around the idea of defensive purposes so she can use her original unique abilities to a higher form. The gravity manipulation is particularly useful when physical objects have come into play, being able to drop them to the floor instantly before they even touch her. Gravity manipulations main purpose? To allow Rella to avoid more moves than she previously could. Due to her low pain-threshold levels, she isn't capable of taking as much damage as most others in the universe of this time period. She has a fragile body, although, this doesn't mean she is a completely weak person who can't withstand pain. In fact, she thrives off it, as said in her personality.

Unlike reality and physics warping, Rella can increase the gravity around an opponent; except not ON them. So, she can make it lighter or heavier in terms of around their body, just not their organs, bones or structure in general. This gravity manipulation is among the most useful for allies, as well; making her an excellent support type character. The support based side of Rella has become from this being able to make allies attacks fall heavier on an opponent. For example, say her ally trust their sword down on an enemies shoulder; Rella is capable of adding gravity to that attack to make it fall harsher and dig deeper into the opponents skin - as well as fall faster. And while she can make the gravity lighter and heavier, she can changed the direction of the gravity. Rather than simply going towards the earth's magnetic-pull, she can make the gravity heavier in one area to force objects to fall to the right, if she made the gravity shift in that direction. The same goes for the left and other directions.

Although this is a powerful technique and can be tough to fight against, especially if they're up against Rella at a lower tier, although it does have weaknesses as all abilities do. With enough of the owns person reiatsu to be enforced outwards and enough physical strength, the opponent is capable of breaking the heavy gravity on them. Although, it isn't just used against the enemy directly. Say there was an object in the air, say a plane or a piece of a rubble falling, Rella (along with her time warping ability) could be able to make that piece fall faster through accelerating the time and gravity of it, making it seemingly hit the ground instantly, because it travels faster than the eye can see into the ground. This can also work, not only from above, but from ground level if she picks up items. Quite possibly her most useful technique once she goes into Alingana state.


Unnata Release Appearance:
In a similar fashion to her shifter appearance, she still has many of the same features that can be seen in her shifter appearance. Rella's true appearance is quite interesting, however. Still in her true form, her skin is highly pale as always, while her red eyes are now far more illuminated and lively. Her, rather ironically, heavenly white hair flowed the tiniest bit longer than her previous state; held up in high pig tails rather comfortably. Throughout her entire hair, there can be found ties of roses and black ribbon, the roses a very vibrant and illuminating red, while the ribbons were a pitch black cloth, mainly two of these on either pig tail. As well as this, on the front of her head, she wears a crown like piece which is actually a part of her body, a solidified thing that is sharp and sticking out of her head into the air, just after her forehead.

Her outfit is also rather unique and interesting, different largely from her previous form's appearance. Around her neck, she has one of those flower ribbons which are largely red and black tied around her neck. From here, her shoulders are completely bare with nothing covering them - half way don her biceps are where he clothes begin again. At the start, there are the rose like flowers shrouding out from it, then going into the black cloth yet again - slowly unwinding into a very colourful pattern of red. Both of these are around either arm. Her chest is also rather bare until it reaches her bust, going into the black silk with a red flower looking material running down the middle. The black splits in half and goes into white, acting now as a dress similar in colour to her previous states dress. The red and black on the dress acts as an overcoat piece of clothing, except it is always attached over the dress. The back of the coat also goes back down all the way to the heels of her feet, while the sleeves of her hands drag down a bit, too. Around her waist, a golden chain is also tighed up with the coat, on either side of her body almost looking like suspenders hanging loosely at her side, up against her waist.

From here, Rella has thigh high, jagged stockings, running up her thin thighs and stopping half way. Her shoes are also rather interesting, they are a majority white, with a red line running straight down the middle of each shoe - as they reached the bottom it had a diamond shape at the top of her feet. The top of the boots were folded down, revealing the softy fluffy coating on the inside of the shoe - to be red and comfortable with black clothed outlining.

As for her more demonic appearance while in true form, she still has the dark looking horns that are similar to a rams horns, which are curved over her face. From her back, the dangling bits that drag down to her feet from her coat are also one of her more demonic things out of appearance. At her will, she can switch these draped cloth looking materials to become very large wings, sprouting out and being able to flap with them, for easy flying and even useful in her powers. Her wings are rather interesting, too; they are torn in places and rips to add more to the demonic appearance. The wings edges are coated in black, which are also very sharp and extremely hardy - physically impossible to break. When she switches from wings to hanging overcoat, a red aura that looks similar in appearance and properties to that of lightning. It zaps rather quickly before letting out a burst of demonic energy into the air - which are then seen to be curled up behind her body. When it comes to true form, this is as demonic looking as he gets.


Unnata Release Powers:

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