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 Takumi Inui/Faiz [APPROVED 1-1]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Takumi Inui/Faiz [APPROVED 1-1]   Fri Sep 24, 2010 6:21 am

~Character Theme~

"i won't stray from my path anymore, as i stray, if people die, if fighting is a sin, i'll take it upon myself!"

Name: Takumi Inui/Faiz, the sin-bearing Hero.

Age: 25


Takumi, for his age is quite the attractive young man. He is quite the looker, for a japanese male, Though, if you told him that, he probably wouldn't care one way or another. that's just him. He has a pretty slender and firm build, not very bulky, but not weak either, he's your average skinny boy, but that doesn't mean he isn't strong, in fact he is quite skilled at martial arts, particularly tae-kwando, which he incorporates into his style of fighting, when he fight's as Faiz. He is usually quite agile as well with this normal body of his, being able to dodge most fatal hits even in his human state. there isn't really any problem with his body the way it is. He has long light brown almost a red looking type of hair. which he tends to wear in many stiles, from time to time, from spiky to in a pony tail. on some occasions even braids. he can be quite touchy on his hair, only letting a few people touch it. not like a pre-madonna or anything, in fact he doesn't know many people who'd even wanna hang around him with the attitude he presents. he keeps up with the normal fashion of the world, and doesn't really go for anything too extravagant. in fact, he'd die before wearing anything flamboyant, or even wear suits for that matter. he can be seen wearing Black, Baged clothing, and on some occasions, gray and white, and lots of jeans, varying from Black or Blue.



Takumi is one of those complex males, very complex to be exact, at the beginning of things. he is mostly summed up, as a flat-out loner. He, won't really get to close to people for many reasons, thanks to his background mostly. Takumi always tends to stay to himself at any time he can, and will avoid making friends at any cost possible. Mostly, because he feels if he does get close, he'll either be betrayed, or abandoned as he was, when he started to find out about the cells implanted in his body, that turned him into Wolf-like beast monster. He would seem like a scoundrel, at first. Mostly because he believes relationships, only last so someone can get something out of it. this came from his constant betrayals, in his life. due to him being a monster by the people who knew him. He won't out right and go save anyone, unless his well being is at stake or he gets a benefit in the end, he can be like that on many occasions, however if you show him that you wanna be his friend, and not just someone that will run away from him, he will usually if not most of the time, protect you, he will protect anyone who just accepts him for him, a friend, a confidant. someone he can talk too, when he needs that person in his corner. He isn't super hyperactive about having friends, he just wants to be accepted, and not viewed as that monster, the side of him that has caused him a ever lasting hell throughout his life.

~Low-Self Esteem~
due to all the downfalls in his life, he doesn't have much respect for himself, in fact he feel's he's a flat out loser, and would be better off dead, then to go through the hell he has been going through in his life, from teenager up till young adult now, you won't expect any high and mighty attitude from him, if you insult him more then likely, you maybe might get a snide remark, but if anything he won't even notice you. if you give him a good compliment, it's a certain way you need to go about it, as he'd simply ignore you if you were one of those ditsy type of people, who just spurt out random jibberish. he likes to think that after what he's been through, he can tell if someone is truly genuine with their feelings, or if they're just saying things just to make him feel better. in fact he believes in actions are far better then words. He, just doesn't care for compliments anymore. that's just how he is now, he is the guy you'll mostly hear saying whatever, about almost anything. he doesn't keep himself in the city life, either. unless it's as Faiz. Otherwise, he isn't known to be Mr.bullshit, he will say something as bluntly as it can be said, he also notices when people are fake, mostly his hated enemy, or archrival Kusaka Masato. all in all, he isn't one man to be confident, nor is he one to be the person giving advice, as he believes he isn't all that better off in life himself. It's truly one of the more saddening traits of his personality, as when he was going through the good life, he was the anti-thesis of all of these new personality's.

~Lazy, Yet courageous~
Now, some of Takumi's traits in battle, may usually come across as asinine, and may usually annoy one person or another, is one Lazy type of warrior. in most battles he'll not even show any care for it, unless it really heats his blood. Otherwise he won't give a spec of dust, or even care for battles. he is truly one person who could seem to come across arrogant in a battle, but he doesn't even like fighting to begin with, why does he fight? well that will be explained in his history. He is very lazy, whether it's in battle or out of it. he will usually be seen sleeping, various times at any given place. if something does not interest him, heck if a wave of strippers were in front of him dancing and wooing him. he wouldn't even be interested and would dose off right in front of them. He finds those type of women to be the fake ones of them all. even in battle, when he is hurt, he has quite the pain tolerance, and will usually reply in a nonchalant way of saying. "ow, that hurts" or "Could you please hit harder?" most of the time, takumi's lazy attitude has shown to annoy the ever living hell out of his enemies. without him even knowing he's doing it, but despite this lazy morale of his. he has shown to be courageous and brave for the people who he wants to protect, if you truly show takumi your genuine with his feelings of being a friend, or even lover. He will go through Hell and back, and fire and ice. to protect you, he would never let a friend down, especially if it's a friend for life as well. his bravery is shown only when he feels that you are genuine, if he ever so much as sees or even smells that you'll plan to betray him in the long run, he'll just watch you crash and burn right in front of him.

~True Friend~

Something takumi, has always wanted to find in life himself. a true friend, or even lover. someone who will take him for what he is. Not, just from what he looks like at the off set. since many people he knew, he thought they would cherish him, no matter what, but learned things the hard way. he doesn't really search for these type of people, nor does he really ever feel he'll find anyone, in fact, a secret is that Takumi has come to enjoy being Faiz. as he gets that recognition from the people, that he doesn't get as his usual self, though, he see's this as a fake trait. as the only true person that liked him for him was a young orphan girl. most of his friends, had either went away or left him. in one case, his girlfriend had been the first to see him as a monster. and automatically ran away in fear, even going so far as to call people to gun him down. that was really the straw that broke the camel's back for him. that's when he started to question humans in general, not just his girlfriend. just because he changed to a "monster" he was still human at heart, and each time no one noticed that. It really took him down a few knotches, which is why he is the way he is today. but, if he ever got the chance to prove differently, you'd see the old confident takumi's soul that use to be inside this boy's body, instead of the hateful and near uncaring takumi now.

~Apathetic and a non dreamer~

Takumi can be quite the apathetic fellow. if nothing poses a threat to him, this includes his life as Faiz, if he doesn't feel that anything poses a big threat, he will act very nonchalant and won't act very quickly, if anything he'll probably just watch on. sometimes he tends to do that, but not most of the time. he's just not a very hyperactive or happy guy as he once was. so anything that happens, he doesn't really feel it will affect him in the bit. He is also not a man of many dreams, in fact he's a non dreamer. Nothing in life is really good for him anymore, except keeping to himself whenever he can. the entire thought of getting crushed down, is why he doesn't dream a lot about anything, he might wish, here or there, but to ever expect takumi to be a dreamer is a very far fetched idea. It's not what he does anymore. whatever happens happens, that is how he goes about things now. He, is no longer that dreamer he use to be, a man who use to have lots of confidence. and a dream, all of that went out the window when he became altered and turned into a anthromorphic, Wolf beast type Monster. a form, that he's been able to hold, but back then it came out at the most horrible times, and he didn't even know himself what it was. though, he did try to still save humans at first, he was framed at his school, and even half of Karakura. shattering his dreams of still being accepted anywhere, so Takumi no longer dreams or even wishes about most things. and it's sad considering where he use to be quite some years ago, only a few people can pull out this black heart of his and still get some of that old him that still exist's somewhere inside his heart. Which he has closed up in later year's.

Likes: Warm food, nothing too hot or to cold mostly. a actual friend, people who are true to themselves, among other things. beaches, and relaxing, even swimming sometimes when he gets the chance.

Dislikes: Getting into relationships, he mostly dislikes this because, he fears that he'll end up either hurting them, or they'll either end up hurting or betraying him. Any one who's fake and only likes to take compliments to make themselves feel better. if you're reading this Kusaka, Yes you. Awkward situations and many other things.

Fear: Fear's Making Friend's or getting into relationships the most out of anything.


~The Beginning~

Takumi was born in Japan, as the son of a wonderful business man, and Fashion designer Mother, Takeshi and Rine Inui. he was born in one of the most lavished homes, that only middle class people could dream of. He didn't want for much, or even care to act like a spoiled brat, he enjoyed his life for what it was. and was always a happy fellow, growing up he always wanted to share the type of riches he had with his friends, or even lesser people. He was a man of happiness and a man of dreams. You, would rarely ever see him be upset. He always grew up to learn things about others, and even himself. he was someone who wanted for nothing, and gave a lot. His life, was a lovely life, without any worries or troubles in the world, during the age of six. he would go into living a even better life, as he met friends at school, and very nice friends at that, everyone was sweet, courageous and cared for him very much, he had even met a childhood sweetheart, but of course, he had to let her go when his time came for middle school, after leaving his toddler years, he went into middle school, and may have met a few bullies, but he still had that same yearning to live, and enjoy life with a smile on his face. no matter what anyone said, this was the Takumi, no, the inui way. never letting anyone bum your day down, and always making others happy. the way his parents raised him, they were wonderful in teaching him the ways of making others happy and not being selfish or spoiled, and through most of his life, everything was turning out well.

He, did not have a single care or even hurt in the world, life was amazing, and nothing seemed like it would go down hill. Now, skipping a few years up into high school, around the age of fifteen he was a bit popular, around his students, because of the reputation of his parents. but wasn't really a popular guy, or at least that's what he thought about himself. he never did care for that type of high and mighty attitude. it was then he'd meet his lovely highs school sweet heart, Miyako( ) She was beautiful, smart, courageous and just the perfect type of girl for him. they were practically inseparable and gained even more popularity as a couple, though, takumi didn't let that go to his head, he felt that he was just like any normal human being. no trophy guy, or anything of that sort, just normal Inui. He, was enjoying himself with all these new things given to him. a lovely girlfriend, and a popular school life.
Takumi couldn't go any wrong, in life. Later, he'd reach graduation year, with is girlfriend and even planned to engage her. He continued to help out the lesser people around him, and continued to work on making everyone happy. Little did he know, that soon, his life would go from a heaven. to a forsaken hell that he could not imagine, he was in for a surprise and not a good one either. after his graduation, he decided to apply for a college, and even got engaged with his girlfriend, but then, this.... is where everything went down hill.

~Paradise Lost~

on Takumi's way home, he was walking to the street area, to take a train ride home, he was walking through many of the places to get there, until his eyes caught wind of a kid playing with a ball, while his mother was with him. he smiled at the child, and how happy she was to play with her ball. but then, the ball had rolled out into the street, the kid followed while the mother was distracted, for only a split second. Takumi, had to act, he couldn't let her young life, end so badly. So, Takumi jumped out pushing her out of the way of the car and took the hit himself. Everyone was in horror and screamed, as he looked up to see the girl with tears one more time. All he could think was.... "Don't cry now, Your dreams and life can continue" he thought with a smile as he fell into what he thought was going to be his eternal slumber, however, fate wasn't about to let him go. this is when life really took a turn for the worse. Later on in the night, Takumi's body along with others were taken to an experiment of sorts. it was to evolve humans, into a special new type of super human type Beast's. Known as orphenoch. Takumi, And even kiba were too of the people who were subjected to the experiments, and both were revived as well. their bodies, however were not the same. They Were used to store special reiatsu cells, and power into their body. so, they could easily learn to make something of a Shinigami of sorts. their own personal human shinigami. that night, no one really knew of their fates, except that they'd be given new life. However, they didn't predict or even plan on what type of life's they'd live. they just thought that they were all given second chances, by some deity. they were horribly wrong.

The next morning, Takumi was awoke, in the hospital. He, thought he had died, it was strange. he felt completely normal now. He, simply thought that things were normal, and he survived the car crash, by some slight of Chance. after he got up, the doctors released him, and he went back to living his life, as normal. However, he began to feel pains. he didn't know, but they felt like something trying to over take his body. he figured, maybe it was bad bone joint that was messed up, or even something else. even going back to the doctors to see what the problems were. However, they found nothing. Confused by this. he simply decided to live his life normally. However, one day he truly found out what was wrong with him. when he went to his high school reunion. He, had started to turn into a Wolf Like beast, and apparently started to attack the people around at the school. Though, he has no memory of this. when he awoke, he was covered in blood, screaming in horror, he looked around to see that a lot if most of the student's were dead. he ran from the scene, only to meet up with his girlfriend, that night they were going to go on their honey moon. However, Fate destroyed his life once again. Takumi's new found form, had shown it's self once again, and right in front of her too. Takumi tried to stop her from going away, but she was frightened, scared and even went as far as saying, that he was no longer her, lover, that he was a monster and he should just die. With, that..his soul was crushed. she ran off, never to be found again, at least not in japan. And Takumi, Well he was left broken and Shattered.

The next few days, well he went through the same episodes, and again, everyone abandoned him, he was nothing short of what everyone seemed to be calling him, with this form, he didn't know what he was, or what he had become. But, he just wanted someone to be in his corner. No, matter where he turned however, he couldn't be accepted. at least not in his day and age. He, was a monster and there was no sugar coating that. During later years, he had learned how to control it, but by that time it was too late. He, was ashamed and abandoned, coming to wonder how humans really were in his life, and why he bothered to like the people who ran from him, without even giving him a chance, or even accept him. Fear, was one thing but to call him a monster and abandon him was another. He, decided he'd avoid making anymore friends, and abandon any life had had with friends. It, was the end of Takumi, at least as inui, from now on, he wouldn't even care about what happened to humans, or what happened to them in the least, he lived out his months, during his age of 20, as a Loner. He Lived life, to believe that nothing good would come out of it, and that relationships were nothing but a bunch of Bull. he had really changed, from that Takumi, that was first born. he no longer cared for making everyone happy. He, only cared to make himself happy and to be content with whatever he got in life, but little did he know, there would be someone who would accept him, a special someone who's life he once saved. the girls life who he saved from death, is the same life that would end up changing his own...

~A New Found Resolve~

"I Will Fight as a human, for the humans"

During, Takumi's Apparent hell. He, would begin to hear more and more about the heroes of karakura town, and always wondered what it would be like to be a hero. However, he felt no need to protect the same people that rejected him, he was simply living his life, to do whatever he pleased. He,didn't have any need to try and help others. He, was simply avoiding people, and avoiding any type of friendship, in the case that he'd probably be betrayed. he decided, it'd just be better to avoid getting into any relationships at all. it was at this time, that Takumi would meet the same girl, who's life he saved from being hit by the car, when she was just a little girl. he, sighed and avoided her, while she kept following him. Like a lost puppy. He, replied to her annoyed. "Why do you keep following me?" She replied back to him. "you were the one who saved my life, i'm in debt to you mister...." he continued to walk. "you don't owe me anything, now get along..." but then as the two were talking, Takumi sensed a hollow like spiritual pressure, and seen some of them coming after the girl. Without any second thought, he transformed into his Monster Form, and clawed, and hacked through the hollows with quite the ferocity, when he landed down. He looked back at the girl, expecting her to run away, like the others before her. She, was a bit scared but walked up towards him and put a hand to his head. Petting, him and smiling once again. She had a good heart, she ignored the fact that he was a monster and just accepted takumi for who he was.

Takumi, reverted back to human form and looked at her. "You're not gonna run away?" he asked curiously. the girl blinked and tilted her head. "Why would i run away from you?" Takumi was confused and spoke, a bit caught off guard, he was simply use to that. "Well, you just seen me transform into that back there....most people would've ran away in fear." She, smiled again and patted his head. "it doesn't matter of how a person looks, You saved me through and through, you're good no matter how your appearance is...after all your still human to me" this brought a pang to Takumi's heart. after all the ridicule and Loss, he suffered for this girl to say, that he was still human, made him happy. he was smiling, then looked back at her. "Thank You..." he said with a smile. he held back a bit of a tear. It, was the first..time in a long year, that he was accepted and called a human. he, was happy about it. he smiled and looked back at her. "Hey, What's your name?" he asked, as he pet her head. she smiled and nuzzled his nose a bit. "i am kotobuki! Tsumugi kotobuki" She said with a peaceful nod. he then smiled and looked back. "well, where's your mother and all?" he asked curious about them as well. "Well, My mother died of a disease....and well my father is in'm an orphan child" Kotobuki said with her head down. Takumi then looked back and kneel down to her. "well do you have a friend?" he asked curiously. kotobuki shook her head. "no...ever since i've gotten there, they've picked on me because well my family was better off financially and well they said i don't deserve to be there" Ironic, it seems that she was in a similar case that takumi was. He, then got the idea. "well, since we're both about you and me stick with each other, i may not have much....but well maybe we can find a world, that exist's for people like us..." Kotobuki smiled and nodded at him. "Do you mean it mister? i don't wanna burden you!" she said nervously. Takumi shook his head. "Call me Takumi, and you're not a burden to fact you're the first person who's really accepted me....and for that i'm grateful" and from that day on the two, were quite the Brother and sister to each other. always sticking out for one another. and Takumi Protecting Kotobuki like a little sister.

Later on, when Takumi was about 23, and kotobuki was nearing her young pre-teen years, the two looked onto a screen in the city. to see a organization with New Technological Gears, that could help the humans fight against the hollow's, or even other bad threats. Kotobuki looked up at the screen to see the amazing masked warriors fighting, and kicking and the examples of what it meant to be a true hero. "Hmmmmm" Kotobuki thought, as she nibbled on her small nimble finger. Takumi looked back down at her and blinked. "What are you thinking?" kotobuki looked back at him with a smile. "You Should, become a hero...Takumi..." she said with a genuine smile. Takumi blinked. "A hero?" Kotobuki nodded. "Yeah, to fight for everyone and make them happy! everyone deserves a second chance, and i think...that if you become one of those warriors...well you'll be a hero in their eyes Takumi!" He, chuckled a bit. "Well...heh i'll think about it" a few days later, the Sugiura technology group, brought up a few hand picked men to try out the gears. Takumi applied, and through hard work, and his will to protect kotobuki's wish. he became Faiz, a strong willed warrior, with a cool flare to him. from that day on, he protected kotobuki, from any threats. He was happy to finally get some recognition for once. even if it may have seemed a bit fake. considering at the time most of those people use to run from him. it was still good, that he was accepted either way.

Eventually, Kotobuki would get adopted one day. But, Takumi vowed that from that day forward. He would always, and always protect their memories they had, and never give up with being a Hero. to the people, to anyone in his life. and in general. he would fight as a human from that day forward, he would live his life, with a new found resolve. He, would continue his life, of justice to the people, and eventually he was found by John, one of the leaders of the hajiamatsujiyuu and recruited into his hero group. Meeting even more friends, and people. He would continue his life this way. he...did notice at points that whatever happened to his body, it was always seeming to break down slightly as he sometimes seen his hand turn to gray. and other things like that. he got it treated, but it was always some sort of lingering feeling death would catch him. But, with this new resolve he didn't care he would live his life. to the fullest until he died.


~as a Wolf Beast~

Takumi's body was altered, during an experiment when he was near death, after saving the life of a boy, from being hit by a car. He, was taken in by a special group of doctor's who had injected a huge amount of what seemed to be cells that powered reiatsu inside his body, which as a result, did not kill him, but instead he began to turn into a wolf like monster, with claws and legs with a spiky shaped armored form. this charge of Spiritual pressure inside his body, had ultimately caused his life span to lower down, by quite a bit. thus his life expectancy is unknown, even with the current science, most would not expect him to live for very long. he had come to get even more spiritiual pressure as days went on. after, removing himself from humans, he would later take the reiatsu from shinigami by killing them then taking any remains they had left, to add to his body. Thus, he learned to fight, if he needed too. as he was not viewed by humans right at that time. in fact, nobody really accepted him anymore. and he simply decided to live by himself, it should be noted that in this form, he is quite strong and powerful. His Enhanced reiatsu gives him heightened senses, amazing speed, and very powerful and decimating strength. Sharp claw's, and he is able to form his reiatsu into certain shapes to attack from many directions. he also has quite the bite when he opens his mouth, as his fangs have the power of 1000 sharp blades piercing the skin, when you're hit by them, making him a formidable opponent in this form.

Techniques as a wolf beast:

Claw's of Hell- By, jumping into four directions around the opponent, he is able to create four speeding after images of himself, then appear on top of them, with quite a fast burst of speed, he can send the speeding momentum gained into his claws, in his feet or fist down on the opponent's body, often causing them to cut deep, almost like a butter knife, effectively cutting off opponent's with weak skin, and also being capable of cutting through strong steel surfaces as well. it's quite gruesome as well, as when he jumps off, he takes the pieces of the skin or even bone with him, causing quite the blood shower around him.

Fang Strizer- By gathering up a large wave of reiatsu, in his area he can power up blue energy around his claws, or even claws on his feet. he can produce fang slashing attacks that have as much power as a getsuga tenshou, if not greater at the opponents from many direction's, however he can only fire ten at a time, he usually has to take a few cool down's to access more of these Fangs.

Mighty Jump- Mighty Jump Allows for a Huge, Almost Air-Pulsing 1 mile from his jump to another to land a huge momentum carried Claw slash at the opponent's face, or even chest. Landing down in the area, from the jump can cause a bit of an earthquake to happen around Takumi's Area.

Wolf Roar- A Loud and powerful, almost bone crushing sound wave can be created From Takumi's Mouth, in wolf beast form. these are capable of leveling a few city blocks, at full power. if half power, only one or two people at a time.

Cross Fang- Cross Fang, is a precise X-Shaped Shock wave, created through the air by Takumi in this state, it's capable of causing so much high wave wind friction, that it can cut through the bones of an opponent with one precise cut. if they have hardened skin, they'll only feel half of the effect, and it depends on how much time takumi can gain to perform it.

But, it should be noted that, Takumi does not fight only in this wolf beast form, there is t he Special Gear, he acquired from the hajiamatsujiyuu and Sugiura People, Known as one of the Gears of the King. the one he gained was of the hero, he fights as for the people of the City. Faiz.



Once transformation is completed, the Faiz Armor has several key features in its design to offer protection to the user in this case, takumi. Like the other three-four King gears , the Faiz gear armor manifest's it's self when the Faiz Driver generates reiatsu .A glowing substance generated the soft Sol Foam suit, Sol Metal armor, and Fullmetal Lung chest armor by traveling through the red "Photon Streams" that end at the "Photon Terminals" at the gauntlets and Power Anklet greaves. The right Anklet has a Energy Holster that the Faiz Pointer can be connected to. The helmet is unique due to its Global Feeler antenna, which could link up to Hajiamatsujiyuu networks, and the Ultimate Finder visor that gives Faiz incredible vision to see in the darkness—giving the illusion of a glowing eye and a limited amount of x-ray vision.

The Faiz gear, allows for Takumi to utilize his Stored reiatsu, inside his body and generate it out through the Faiz Armor, giving it quite the powerful push, to allow him to fight against a strong number of opponent, out of all of the kings gears, the Faiz gear is the most weakest of the three kings gears, however it has better capability and can adapt to the changes and upgrades it is given. making Takumi quite a formidable opponent, as Faiz. As such, not only was he given the Faiz gear, he was given a altitude of items and equipment, to work with to help adapt with the Faiz gear, Even a Support Mecha, Known as Auto-vaijin, which at most times can turn into a portable Motorcycle for him, at any given time as well. as well as firing off multiple gun shots, in it's Mecha Form. to perform most specials, and final finishers, Takumi has to put codes in through the phone to Generate out these Attacks. through the Faiz gear, if he is weakened or his reiatsu is low. it usually powers down and dissolves.

~Faiz Phone~

Designated "SB-555P", the Faiz Phone cellphone device serves as the control unit of the Faiz Gear. It is the primary storage place for a Mission Memory as a transgenerator powering the Faiz Gear or the Faiz Axel Form by dialing the activation code. When the phone is transformed into Phone Blaster Mode, it can be used for long range attacks, with the Faiz Pointer used to boost its abilities. It is also capable of functioning as a normal cell phone.

~Faiz Memory~

A small metallic card key with the Faiz symbol on it, the Mission Memory can be inserted into certain Faiz Gear weapons, turning the item into a powerful weapon. it works as a powerful reiatsu generator, that helps to power up strong waves of powerful reiatsu Attacks. or energy discharge attacks.

~Phone Blaster~

When, Utilizing this mode, the phone, will say "Blast Mode" after entering the code, for blast mode, Takumi can Fire up a barrage or myriad of Laser Beamed Shots, from many directions of the opponent, if a bit time to get his standing, he can even gather up power and reiatsu to fire Bigger shots of Laser energy at the opponent

~Faiz Pointer~

Designated as "SB-555L", The Faiz Pointer is designed for specific compatibility with the Faiz Mission Memory, attached to either Power Anklet and allowing Faiz to execute his Powerful Finisher, a Powerful Energy Drill that can vibrate as fast as a Quincy's seele Schneider if not faster, called the Crimson Smash, producing an energy drill around his foot while executing the deathblow. Since, this is used as a means of a finisher, It is quite deadly if you take it head on. Capable of going right through the body with a cutting speed so precise and quick, you don't even see it coming, as he sends a piercing kick along with the drill through the body, it can literally leave the opponent in dust, however they can survive, but they will still feel the strong and powerful effects and damage of the crimson smash, as it slowly will deteriorate at the body, if it is continued.

While in Axel Form, the Exceed Charge attack is enhanced into the Axel Crimson Smash, allowing Takumi to either shoot multiple energy drills to one enemy, or shoot individual ones to multiple enemies.

While in Blaster Form, the Exceed Charge is enhanced into the Blaster Crimson Smash.

~Jet Sliger~

The SB-VX0 Jet Sliger is Faiz's Special, reserve Support vehicle, although Faiz uses another Support vehicle, which is his main Vehicle/Mecha.

The Jet Sliger's unique design gives it unparalleled speed, maneuverability and firepower for a vehicle of its size. However, its open cockpit yields little defense, intended to be operated by one wearing a Kamen Rider Gear, providing its own protection. It has 5 powerful jet engines that can drive it forward at speeds approaching 1300 km/h and 3 large maneuvering thrusters on each side to allow speedy turns or fast sideways movement. Its wheels can rotate 90° left or right on their axis, allowing the Jet Sliger to drive sideways or spin 360° on the spot. It is also able to fly, hover and travel underwater, but it loses much of its maneuverability when doing so. It can also be operated on it's own.

The Jet Sliger also mounts an impressive array of weapons. It has a high powered Photon Cannon mounted above the front wheel, and a concealed missile rack on either side of the cannon. Each missile rack fires 8 multistage sidewinder mini-missiles, that in turn split into a further 8 micro-missiles (64 in total) with a range of 1000 meters. This is combined with its open cockpit design that not only facilitates rapid mounting and dismounting , but also allows Takumi to use his personal weapons too. This feature can also be seen as a weakness, as it leaves the pilot (less important, since it was designed to be piloted by those wearing heavily armored King Gears) and the control interface vulnerable.

a Video for Reference of what the Jet Sliger's capabilities are.

~Vehicle Mode~

~Battle Mode~

~Auto Vaijin~

Auto Vaijin, is Faiz's Main Support Mecha and works as a Vehicle Bike as well. it has limited AL, but is quite smart on it's own, and follows the orders of Takumi down to a knot, meaning if someone attacks his friends using his Faiz Gear. The, Auto Vajin, also sports the Faiz Edge, a weapon takumi uses to slice through his opponents with precise, and damaging cuts, often meant to be finishing blows or killing blows. The System, is filled with artillery weaponry, mostly bullets, and is capable of mid air use, able to fly in the sky and hover around, coming at very convenient times, however it can become quite clumsy in some cases, often shooting Takumi himself. and other bystanders, if their not careful, but over all this robotic companion serves as a very strong help and force, for takumi. when he really needs it in those near death situations.

~Faiz Edge~
Designated as "SB-555H", the Faiz Edge is a one-handed lightsaber-like weapon whose blade was made of Sol Glass. It can be used to initiate the Sparkle Cut, where Faiz fires an anti-gravity pulse along the ground (which can immobilize ground-based enemies by levitating them in the air) and overcharged the energy in the blade, allowing it to perform more powerful cuts. The damage is not caused by the blade itself, but by the energy that it discharged once in contact with the target.

While in Axel Form, the Exceed Charge attack is enhanced into the Axel Sparkle Cut, allowing Faiz to slash multiple enemies while running through them.

While in Blaster Form, the Exceed Charge attack is enhanced into the Blaster Sparkle Cut.

~Faiz Shot~

This device, designated "SB-555C", resembles a knuckle duster, is constructed in the shape of a digital camera. The Faiz Shot is designed for specific compatibility with the Faiz Mission Memory, transforming into an energy powered knuckle-duster that Faiz can use his Grand Impact punch attack. While in Axel Form, the Exceed Charge attack is enhanced into the Axel Grand Impact, with Faiz using his enhanced speed to punch multiple enemies while running through them.

~Forms/System Power ups~

Ability perimeters
Punching power: 3.75 t
Kicking power: 7.5t
Maximum jump height: 52.5m
Maximum speed: 100m/0.0058 seconds
Axel Grand Impact: 25.5t
Axel Crimson Smash: 52.5t

~Axel Form~

The Axel Form, of the Faiz Gear/system, is utilized when Takumi uses, the axel watch, as Faiz. removing the regular faiz mission memory, he replaces it with the Axel Memory in it's place. By doing this, the chest plates on the Faiz Armor, with the Faiz Axel watch attached, transferring the Axel Memory from it to the Faiz Driver. When this is complete, the Full Metal Lung chest plates will rise out of their recesses and rotate from the scapula to form shoulder pads and reveal the Faiz Core in the center of the chest. turning his armor, from Black and red, to fulll Black with white lines, and red eyes in the helmet, in this form, Takumi can go at the speed of Sound, as well as having a good boost in all of physical power as well, making his attacks stronger. the only downside is that this form can only be maintained for 10 seconds(about 1 oe 2 post minimum), before the faiz armor returns to normal. in which, the gear, will usually say, "Time out" at the beginning it's always shown saying, "Start up". this form usually fatigues Takumi, and has never been used twice in succession. It's a Quick Running form, which can give him quite the immense force of speed. the speed is so amazing, that it can also keep up, other fast speed user's and can exceed flash step by quite a mile, this is a potent form, and good for a short time.

Ability perimeters
Punching power: 4t
Kicking power: 8t
Maximum jump height: 55m
Maximum speed: 100m/5 seconds
Blaster Grand Impact: 8t
Blaster Crimson Smash: 30t

~Blaster Form~

Blaster Form is the most powerful form of the Faiz Gear, the amount of Photon Blood, and Even reiatsu that the Faiz Gear produces increases to the extreme where it overflows from the Photon Streams and spread itself over the Sol Foam and the Sol Metal, changing their color to red. Faiz also receives a new, more powerful, set of Full Metal Lung with a backpack like device attached to it called 'Photon Field Floater that releases constant waves of Photon energy to give Faiz Blaster flying capacities. By focusing the release pattern however, the thrusters of the Photon Field Floater can be used as powerful reiatsu energy shooters called Bloody Cannons. In Blaster Form, Faiz inputs all his codes directly on the Faiz Blaster. Instead of the Phone. This Form is strong, and gives Takumi a boost, in all of his reiatsu powered Attacks, making them even more powerful and destructive to opponents. His, Accel Speed, has now raised to where he can use the speed of sound, without having to power down. Becoming even faster, not only this upgrade, but many of his other equipment can get an upgrade from this form, it's defenses are raised quite well, as when hitting it, it feels like hitting titanium armor, or even denser type of metals. Allowing Takumi, both speed and defense, with Endurance and Attack working in unison, to give him the best type of capabilities in this form. however, this form can only be used, three times in succession. in the same given day, if used past that limit, Takumi's body slowly breaks down, from the usage of this form.

Techniques as Faiz:

Crimson Smash: One of Takumi's Strongest Finishers. The Crimson Smash, is executed by an exceed charge. Once, Takumi hits the number in the phone. He will have the reiatsu siphon out through the faiz pointer located on his Leg, then will run forward and do a high back flip through the air. Kicking his feet forward a Huge Red energy Drill will Blast out through the Faiz Pointer, in front of the opponent, which takumi can often use is a surprise attack if an opponent is running towards him. The Energy Drill will vibrate and spin with a fast and punishing speed, as it hit's the opponent's chest, once that's complete Takumi Will Burst forward with a piercing Flying side Kick through the Drill as well, seemingly going right through the opponent, as he appears behind them, their body will literally start having blue fire come around it, as the Symbol of Faiz appears behind them, once the symbol is finished appearing, their body will literally be crushed into Pieces, effectively killing them, in most cases their body turns to dust. in some cases they are quite stunned. it depends on the opponent takumi is facing, stronger opponents can block off the drills, or if the drill has already gone through, you can negate the effect of being crushed, by slashing the symbol. though your body will still feel pain from the drill it's self.

Grand Impact: Grand Impact, is used when Takumi uses the faiz shot, and inputs the number, for another exceed charge, Attack. By, putting the Faiz shot on one of his hands, a powerful reiatsu energy will siphon out through his arm's armor. and out through the Faiz Shot, when this happens Takumi will either do a number of things, Run towards the opponent, or usually catch them off guard. He will then Slam the Knuckle duster into the opponent's heart, or even Stomach, Sending a powerful Condensed Wave, of photon type energy, down into the opponent's body, or vital point. they will be engulfed in the same blue fire, while the symbol appears once again, to crush their body into pieces.

Sparkle Cut: This move is utilized when Takumi uses the Faiz Edge, and powering it up with another exceed charge special. he will then have the light saber glow like a light saber, then siphon powerful reiatsu waves through the Saber, then fire a anti-gravity Pulse at the opponent from the saber and through the ground, which can immobilize ground based opponents by levitating them through the air. He will then run towards them and discharge powerful and incinerating energy from the Saber, and slash his opponents back and forth Causing a big amount of damage to their body. the damage isn't caused by the blade, but rather by the energy it discharges when the Blade is slashing.

Blaze Shot: Takumi can gather up, Energy Blast's Through his Phone. Depending on how much time he gathers, he can fire out a Blast, comparable to that of a Cero. if quick shot's, it will usually cause small burns on the skin, and send the opponent back a few miles. if fired in quick succession it will feel like thousands upon thousands of small bees stinging you back and forth. it becomes annoying painful. by using the exceed charge, he can fire a huge Red Blast through the phone, with the power of a gran rey cero, or even a Getsuga tenshou, but this often is only used in special situations. since, using these types of shots, affect him using the full power of his other attacks.

Accel Crimson Smash: When using the accel watch, Takumi can use a new form of the crimson smash. once, he gains the speed of sound. through the Accel form, he can perform up to 5 Crimson Smash, Energy drills. Causing the opponent become confused, with all of the coinciding powerful Drills Hitting their body. Often Finishing them off in a matter of minutes, or at least causing a big amount of damage to their body, in a case of setting their body in blue flames, while the faiz symbol appears behind them once again, finishing the job and crushing their body into bits and pieces. He, is often fatigued after using the accel crimson smash, Mostly, used as a formidable quick finisher, for weaker opponents. or a number of enemies.

Accel Sparkle Cut: he will fire a bigger anti-gravity pulse in each direction from the opponent, then levitate them up, in a huge field, then speed towards the opponent quickly and discharge energy from the Faiz Edge, and slashing at the opponent with precise and powerful cuts. causing quite the deep amount of damage to the opponent's body, capable of causing a stunning effect to the opponent's body, or cut their body, very deep.

Accel Grand Impact: Takumi can raise the strength of the Grand impact attack, and with his speed of sound, the Faiz Shot, can now have the weight of 30 tons of sheer, concentrated, raw energy. go down on the opponent's body and crush their entire body into pieces, or even break bones in the body, from the direct hit, he can hit at least five times, before the ten seconds, of accel form are complete.

Blaster Crimson Smash: the Strongest of the Crimson Smash Attacks. this is capable of obliterating the opponent, with one fatal and huge swoop, by gathering up energy, Takumi will Fly up into the sky and create a huge red energy drill, that is comparable of a Gran Rey cero, Mixed in with the momentum in the sky, he then has the Drill Hit the opponent directly from above, as he kicks through it and creates a large 2000 meter radius explosion, with lots of energy discharging from it, hell, it even knocks Takumi back, once he performs it. leaving lots of damage in it's wake. the opponent will either be very damaged, to the point where they can't walk, or even be dead. it can go either way depending on the type of opponent's he's Facing.

Bloody Cannons: When in Blaster Mode, Takumi gains two canon like shooters, mounted on his shoulders. this replaces his gun shots, when he puts his phone into the blast mode. Takumi can fire these shots in quick succession, and even gather up golden energy, and fire it out through his shoulders. he can gather up enough of it, to fire off a powerful blast with the explosive energy of a small atom bomb. however, he'll be sent back by the energy released, and off balance at that.

Gold Blaster Wave; Faiz, Will Fire powerful energy waves, with the capabilities of leveling large opponents, by firing huge golden blast's from the Blaster, at the opponent and causing a massive amount of damage to the area he's in, within at least 1000 meters of his area, the Blast's have the power of a gran rey cero, at full power. and when fired in quick succession, the power of a normal cero, respectively.

Blaster Grand Impact: Takumi Gathers up a huge powerful wave of condensed and concussive energy, through the Faiz Shot, then flies down at at least 3000 mph, slamming the Faiz shot, into a vital part of the opponent's body. he can often, debilitate the opponent, break an important nerve in the body, or even paralyze them all together, depending on the strength of the opponent, they wouldn't survive this powerful blow, without taking at least some amount of damage, if they took the full brunt, they'd probably slowly have the body deteriorate from, the damage or even have internal bleeding, from the momentum and power. he can perform this, with ease now that he's in the blaster form.

Blaster Sparkle Cut: Instead of using the Faiz edge, the Faiz Blaster, works as a Sword weapon, by generating golden energy out through the Blaster, he can fire off aerial shock waves from many directions. as well as fly through and slice the opponents body, in half or even stab through their bodies, by using his photon blaster jet pack, he can speed past through them and cut them as well. he can also perform a powerful version of the sparkle cut, by swinging a large anti-gravitational Pulse, at the opponent, almost like pillars surrounding them from every direction, while going through and slashing the opponent back and forth. until they are no more.

All Shot; while in blaster form, Takumi can fly up into the sky and spin around while holding the faiz blaster, and gathering up, a big condensed wave of reishi, he can fire off a huge Blast of golden energy, which can split up into 10 blast's, each with the power of a cero at the opponent, usually causing a wide spread explosion, and usually hitting the opponent with deadly accuracy.

Rp Sample: >nope.avi


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1-1, Approved~

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Reapproved, Same tier~


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Re approved. Same tier

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Takumi Inui/Faiz [APPROVED 1-1]
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