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 Zero [APPROVED: 0-4++ & 0-3 in last Release]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Zero [APPROVED: 0-4++ & 0-3 in last Release]   Fri May 03, 2013 6:38 pm

Shinigami Template

• Name: Zero
• Nick Name: ZX
• Moniker: Zero-Shiki Assassin.
• Gender: Male
• Appearance Age: 17-19
• Age: 173
• Affiliation/Rank: Kyuubantai no Shosa.
• Sexuality: Heterosexual. [Likes Women.]

• Appearance Description: He normally has long blonde hair, about to his mid-back that's usually blonde, but turned white once he became a shinigami. He's about 145 pounds out of his armor and about 160 in his armor. His armor, is the only true safety he feels he has. His eyes are azure blue outside of battle, and in battle they are an azure green. He's around five foot nine inches tall. If one took off his armor and clothing he'd be lean muscle toned like a martial artist or a runner. When he's not wearing armor he's wearing typical teenager clothes: like studded belts, blue jeans, band tee-shirts. Normally he's in his clothes and has a jacket with room for his badge and other gear like that. Also when he's in normal clothing his hair goes black to look like a normal teenager.

• Appearance Picture: xXxXx

• Human Picture:


• Personality: Duty Bound: He has a one track mind once he's told to do something and will make sure he does it to his abilities. This means in short if his captain said to go kill some one for a crime and had proof that they were guilty, he'd have no qualms about killing. He's all about his duty, doesn't question it normally, unless there's a reason to question it.

Benevolent and True to himself: Although he's bound by duty, Zero is usually kind and respectful, although he tries to keep this to a minimum around other people who would view this as a weakness. Like some from division 11. He also is real with his progress, if he sucked at something he'll admit it. Although, his benevolence is something that's kept to a minimum because of the division he's in, outside of that he's pretty stoic, but he's always honest and true.

Smooth as Ice Baby: Not always, but if he finds the woman attractive enough he'll try to engage her mind in more than one way, to get that little extra when you're cute and flirty to others without damaging the honor and such of a woman. He's smooth in the way that he's not afraid to flirt, say how it is, and have fun. He likes having some fun.

Awkwardness: Even the smoothest operators have phases of awkwardness, and he's no stranger to it. He has times where the awkwardness of meeting an attractive woman makes him even slip up on his coolness. That awkwardness, translates in meeting people as in it's something that he's not used to and so he has to work on that, but he can usually get around it if needed.

• Likes: Honor, Respect, Duty, Shinigami, Humans, Quincy (Some) Dango, Kaibi, Mandu, and bulgogi.

• Dislikes: Dishonor, Lack of Respect, Hollows, Arrancar, Quincy (Some) Running from duty, and people that hate a balanced world.

The Past

• History: When he was a kid he'd learned in school about making armor and fighting for the side of justice. Upon making his armor, which was stylized by the leanness and by the bold red statements of it he became known as the crimson flash, because his armor augmented his speed and his skill with a sword would make him seem like a flash of crimson that was very deadly. Little did he know that his skill with weapons and his armor would make him even more of a threat. Ten years later when he's around 25 years old he's a part of a hunter group of people that take down rouge types of his called reploids, but called irregulars because of the fact they go against the laws of the land often causing problems. While he was battling a particurally strong one he got infected with a certain disease that would affect the people around him. So to make sure he didn't cause problems he'd put himself into suspended animation until there was a cure.

The long war that happened between him going asleep and him awakening was quite a bloody war. There were many losses and tempers flew wildly there was a lot of talk if there was going to be a small scale Armageddon and if he should be awakened so that he could help to remain the often fragile balance of good and evil in the world. The rushed decision to not awaken him was although costly for both sides it also taught them a valuable lesson that people needed to work out differences. Although he wasn't there, the spirit of him strongly ran through the new generations of Irregular Hunters, to keep the peace, and to help justice to remain strong on the lands. The war was called the Fifth Ark, a war based on who had the best technology, and who had the best skills in terms of battle, repair, and in constructing the major super weapons of the world. Good thing it ended peaceably, without people being infected with his poison of sorts.

About 100 years later he's awoken from his slumber and he's injected with something to stop the disease within him from spreading, but the problem was that after a long time of protecting his armor wasn't as strong and upon facing his last enemy he died. Upon waking up in Soul Society, he began to realize that his skills with his weapon had remained, and that his weapon followed him. Upon that realization he decided to join the soul reapers and help out in what ever way he can. Currently he's applying for the Lieutenant/ or Vice Captain position in the third division to help bolster support and get people helping out as well. When all is said and done, his goals in life were fulfilled and he in his own mind thought that he had died well. So to profile everything down, his goals now are to keep a balance of good and evil in the world, there had to be good and evil because without it the world would be dead and void. He doesn't want a void world, he wants a world filled with truth and justice, just as he lived.

Skill List:

Tenkūha (天空覇Lit , "Heaven's Air Supremacy): Utilizing the new energy creation system creating Tachyons and Kinetic Energy it's created new dash for him that's the fastest movement that Zero can use. It uses the Tachyons to speed him up beyond a speed that he couldn't of imagined. This speed being so fast that it makes him seem like he disappears from the sheer speed he uses. When used with Zero-Shiki style or normal styles he moves so fast it leaves a clean after image that looks super real.

Plasma Release: From using his Zanpakutō so much, and the fact his Kidō is weak, he came up with using his Reishi particles to create the plasma release for himself. He can use it in various ways. One is to make it into a beam (Sort of like the DBZ standard Trunks Burning attack), another is to use it like a fireball. (Think Mega's Fully Charged Blast in the X series.) He can wield it as he imagines it to be used, it's hard to control, but for him he's mastered it. He can make it as he will as long as he has Reishi.

Corruption Release: This isn't a release that he actually controls per say, it's more of the reason why he has deeper energy, since his armor is the way he keeps himself alive, it's also the reason why he's heartless and cold, but the most dangerous part about this system is the fact that it can corrupt the thoughts of Zero making him from his calm nature to unstable to a destructive being if too much corruption is released from the armor from stress or other negative mind factors. The corruption of his soul type a bit allows him to have and use more energy than a typical high leveled Shinigami. He can't corrupt other people, he can only deal with the corruption himself.

Elemental Mastery: Zero is well versed in the elements that the Zero Shiki style allows him to use. Since he's the master of his style, it makes sense that he would have a general mastery over the elements that he constantly is able to cycle through in general. Although he's a master of the elements, It doesn't mean he can't be weak to an element if another is active. He had to master the elements that he's using so that he can be adaptable to most situations.

High Reserves.: As stated before in his corruption release the corrupting nature of his armor corrupted his soul for more energy than normal. He has about five times the normal energy of a normal shinigami of his level. This is burned through sometimes quickly if Zero isn't managing his forms or his attacks properly. It's a large amount for him to manage, but he can due to his ability to shift armor forms. Also he uses the converted energy from the Tachyon Drive that serves as his phantom tech, as another source of energy if necessary, but his main source of energy is from his deep reserves.

High Speed Combat: After Fighting Shadin Yuudeshi ,helped to modify his armor after he lost to him and was unconscious for a while, and Colin Washi who taught him Rapido Avaces, although Zero made his own style different, it became increasingly simple for him to be at not only top speeds that were above the norms, but at the same time be able to react to high speed attacks and counters that if he wasn't trained or had fought Colin or Shadin he'd not of been able to do this.

Fighting Style

Zero-Shiki Style: The Fighting Style that Zero uses in general to take out his low strength in Kidō, and uses his high speed attack and energy usage to make himself better in battle. Zero uses often triple slashes, and high speed movements to counter enemies, dropping defense for sheer ability to parry and evade attacks. He uses his reishi to make the elemental changes to the elements used in each stance. Utilizing simple movements and simple slashes to remove all chance of returning an attack, Zero-Shiki is defined as no return, and the fighting style ensures that there no returns. Based off of styles of fighting that he’s seen and used creating a masterful style of slashes, stabs, and parrying skills that creates a style that’s hard to read when used properly, but that’s always a changing situation and so the way he fights changes depending on person. There’s a myriad of techniques for the Zero-Shiki Stlye. Each are sword based attacks that the Z-Saber or any sword could do practically. Finally there’s a way for Zero to overwhelm with devastatingly strong combo of attacks that seems like there’s no return from it. It also controls the Elemental Functions of Zero’s attacks by each style representing an element of sort.
Innately the Z-Saber is Plasma, Physical, and Spiritual. (normally unless he's using a fighting stance then it changes from Spiritual to the element in use.)

Stance and Technique list.
Ryuenjin (龍炎刃 "Lit. Flame Dragon Blade"): This is known as the fire/magma stance for ZX’s fighting style. The stance is a major non-Battojutsu stance utilizing the high friction of the winds around his blade to heat up the plasma more efficiently without having to use the sheath to cause a larger friction effect. Furthermore, the stance uses mainly triple slash attacks, and lots of devastating “Heat” based Techniques. Some of the techniques that’s used are using the flame style of the Z-saber. In aerial Combat it changes to a Battojutsu style unique to his style.
-Fire/Heat/Lava Element attack type.

Hyouretsuzan (氷烈斬 “Lit. Ice Fury Slash”): The ice/water stance of Zero's fighting style. He uses another non Battojutsu stance in that he uses the winds around him to cool the blade down into more of an arctic like blade. The attacks are mostly single slash type techniques that are used in contrast to the high speed attacks of Ryuenjin; furthermore, the style is used in aerial combat as a strong counter style that has normal Kenjutsu type attacks. The air is usually wrapped at a cooler temperature to make the Z-Saber colder so it feels like ice cutting against the skin.
-Effect: Ice/Water Element style attacks.

Shippuuga (疾風牙 "Lit. Hurricane Fang”): The high speed version of using extreme amounts of Battojutsu and high speed dashes the Wind style of ZX, and the third of the six styles of ZX. Useful in high speed battles Learned from fighting Colin Washi when he was in bankai state, the speed that's used is combining Shunpo with high speed evasive maneuvers and attacks. While Aerially, it's like he's running on air completely without flying even. It’s used to create a stronger hurricane like wind around the blade. This uses a lot of dashing type slashes.
-Effects: Wind element attack type.

Sōgenmu (双幻夢 "Lit. Twin Phantasms"): This style is used as an dark/time elemental type of concealing movements, although the armor changes and blade color changes does enough for that. In terms of attacks it uses the high speed of Zero to create after images and distortions of his movements. Called the Twin Phantasms, because of the fact it seems like there are two Zeros at once. This is the fourth stance of Zero and considered to be the most devious of the six styles. Continuing with the after images it grants a sort of control of time properties.
-Effects: Darkness in attacks, Time elements in attacks. (Time stopped or sped up depends on ZX's tier and Will Power skills.)

0-Tier: 1 Post of slowing down or speeding up time.
1-Tier: 2 Posts of slowing down or speeding up time.
2-Tier: 3 Posts of slowing down or speeding up time.
3-Tier: 4 Posts of slowing down or speeding up time.
4-Tier: 5 Posts of slowing down or speeding up time.
5-Tier: 6 Posts of slowing down or speeding up time.

Mikazukizan (三日月斬 "Lit. Crescent/Three-Day Moon Crescent”) The Earth/steel/Gravity style of Zero's stances, and this is the fifth of the six stances. The style uses rolling type attacks as well as reflective types of attacks. While in aerial battle rolling slashes are common, also on the ground a buzzsaw like rolling spin attack all around the ground is common as well. Also as well as highly blunt and shield breaking properties.
Effects: Earth, Steel, and Gravity Elements in attacks. (Gravity/reflection effects are based on Will Power and Tier.)

Raijingeki 雷神撃 “Lit. Lightning God Strike”) The final of six styles of Zx, it's used as the Electric/Light release of Zero. This is the last main non battoujutsu stance on the ground using high speed slashes like Shippuga, but with stronger making on lightning, and at the same time blinding users with the brighter light and stronger control on elemental solar power. Aerially it's more of shooting down beams of light and thunderbolts. Finally aerially it doesn't use any battojutsu because it's easier to use large arcing swings for lightning.
Effects: Lightning, and Light (As in Holy) element in attacks.

Rapido Avaces (Quick Bird): Originally Colin Washi showed him this technique of his to help Zero because of his high priority on speed, and the fact Colin didn't want Zero to become useless to the Shinigami. Zero reluctantly began to learn this technique, but once he learned it helped him to become stronger, and more able to handle attacks that would of normally crippled him when he didn't know this attack. Colin uses his speed and blood to make this technique work. Zero on the other hand uses the energy and the manipulation of Tachyons and their fields for his own variant of Rapido Avaces. His principles on it involves using the fields of the Tachyons to manipulate them into boosting his speed further past his normal limit. Also when he applies the attack to a normal attack he causes an explosion effect unlike Colin's sheer amount of speed causing disintegration effect. In short the way he uses this is that he manipulates the tachyonic fields around him to speed up a part of him or his entirety, and using that speed he uses the unstable nature of Tachyons and if he hits something with it, it's like getting hit with a sonic boom type explosion. Zero's natural affinity to high speed explosions helps him to force him to go all out. Rapido Avaces is his way of getting around some of the weaknesses of not having an expansive amount of Kidō at all.

Effects on Zanpakutō:
Sealed: In sealed, R.A causes his attacks to be faster, and harder to see. in terms of speed it makes after images much more rapidly than the Sogenmu stance that he takes when he normally moves around. Also if someone is hit by his blade it feels like they are getting hit by explosions and his sword at the same time. Also his speed is buffed so that he naturally moves at a shunpo like speed. The dangerous thing is that he could blow his limbs off if he's not careful.

Shikai: In Shikai, Zero's attacks are faster, and they keep the consistent explosion mechanic. What's different is that his Shikai attacks themselves have a stronger AoE because of the infusion of the Tachyons to improve the speed and explosive range, The only time this is different is on Rekkoha, which causes the attack to have quadruple the amount of beams flying off around Zero, and the AoE is tripled. Zero's natural speed is pushed to nearly passing his shunpo's limit, but again this is dangerous due to the nature of Tachyons. He could potentially destroy his internal organs by the blasts of R.A and his Shikai. Zero's normal armor can't really handle the blasts for too long during Shikai.

Bankai: In Bankai, Zero's attacks are boosted to their fastest that the armor will allow. The AoE's are naturally tripled, all but Ittou Ryoudan: Genmurei. In the case of Ittou Ryoudan, The basic of one blade is tripled into three blades at once making this attack not only at the fastest amount, but the most dangerous, because it throwing out triple the normal amount of Genmurei. His speed is nearly at the limit of a boosted shunpo, due to the tachyons. Furthermore, he naturally seemingly blurs as he moves. Furthermore, he's able to react to high speed battle at an abnormal amount of calmness and focus. During Bankai and RA, Zero's life is threatened seriously, because of the tripled AoE and their power of attacks are so much more dangerous that Zero's Armor can't possibly handle the blasts in it's normal or Dual state.

Shikokai: In Shikokai, Zero's Physical Speed, Shunpo Speed, Attack Speed, Attack Power and Attack Area of Effect are quintupled naturally.All of his Shikokai attacks are quadrupled in effectiveness. In Terms of speed, he's pushing past his limits which is very dangerous on himself, because once he goes into Shikokai and Rapido Avaces, if he's not careful he could blow himself up and leave no chance for recovery by the fourth division, or any healer that could heal him. The attacks that Zero uses something more than just his tachyons, it uses his life force into the attacks. He's placing his all into the attacks, and Rapido Avaces allows him to channel all of himself into his attacks, which is dangerous because he could kill himself.

Effects on Form:

Normal: In Normal form Rapido Avaces is at it's weakest because of the limitations of the normal form on using Tachyons in their fullest extent. While he's using it normal form it lacks the real power of RA can really give into an attack, usually he'd never use it in Normal form. Although if he uses it and it fucks up he could break his armor to survive, but even then that's a dangerous game. This is the slowest of the forms during Rapido Avaces.

Neutral: If Neutral/human form is active then Rapido Avaces can be at its strongest because of the fact there's no restrictions and he can fully manipulate the effects of RA upon his body and weapon with no recourse of being restricted. The major down side is that lack of restrictions, because it makes it harder for him to control some of the more advanced operations of the technique. While he's using it his speed is at the max because of the lack of restrictions, but this reward comes with a risk, if Zero isn't careful with his control of RA, he could kill himself with RA and this form very easily.

Dual: During Dual form, his gun shows attributes of Rapido Avaces, where the bullets are so fast they are hard to see, and have such a punch they could easily destroy a tall building with a shot. In terms of speed, this is the second slowest form of Rapido avaces because of the focus on dual weaponry and offensive makes him have to sacrifice speed, for more control and precision. This form is a bit less rugged than Normal form, but it can still get destroyed pretty easily if he's not careful.

Nightmare: Nightmare form during Rapido Avaces is possibly the most offensive and speed balanced of all the forms due to the restrictions that are released and at the same time the fact that nightmare form allows him full access to his energy. While Nightmare form has the best in terms of that balance, it's really defensively lacking, and at the same time he begins his descent into madness which makes his attacks have a staggering amount of variability in being strong or weak because of the lack of mental control during this form.

Overload: Possibly the most overwhelming usage and abuse of the power of Rapido Avaces goes to overload form. It's sheer amount of power and ability to craft the tachyons to his whim is one extreme capability, The fact he's willing to take the most amount of pain during Overload because of the lack of emotional control is another setback or pro depending on the situation, although he'd never really use Rapido Avaces in this form if he did, then he'd possibly have more than enough reason to try to kill himself and the person or persons with him at the same time. Since it's that unstable the nature of Rapido Avaces that he exhibits follows that same route.


Normal Form: This is the normal form that Zero takes, typically it's with his armor on. While this form is activated it deals with all things related to his armor and augmenting his high skill with Zanjutsu and high speed attacks. Typically when he's in this form, it doesn't affect him how much Reiatsu he's leaking out at one time. Although this is normal form it doesn't mean he cant' be in Neutral form before Normal. This is just the form that people mostly see.

Neutral Form If and When Zero Armor breaks it does this to keep his life, and then it starts to regenerate the armor. It takes about two turns to reform the normal Zero Armor, if used with Nightmare Armor, it takes four turns to regenerate that armor. His weapon returns to the sealed state, and without armor, he's a bit faster, and still can use Tenkyuha. This is his lightest form in battle, because he doesn't have armor on him it makes him more agile. During Neutral form, he can use Zero-Shiki in a hand to hand style. He can also be in this form naturally, but when that's the case there's no time needed to put on his armor. (This form is also known as Human form)

Dual Form Image: Dual Form
"Releasing restraint on Z-Buster."

Dual Form Desciption: Dual form utilizes the Z-Buster a handgun that Zero had on him that was created from the same parts as the Z-Saber (his Zanpakutō.). While this form is active he uses both the Gun and Z-Saber, neglecting to use any Kidō in this form, allowing him to use the gun as his form of long range attack. Depending on what stance is used from Zero-Shiki style, it'll change the bullet type to that element or related elements. His armor changes from the normal Red to a brighter orange scheme. This drains on his energy pretty well, and at the same time it leaves him with no open hands, and unable to use Kidō.

Nightmare Form Image:Nightmare Zero
"Zero Nightmare activate."
Nightmare Form: Nightmare form allows him to use the corruption within his body to create the Nightmare Armor, which allows him to boost his Z-Saber skills to no end. Allowing him to stream his Zanjutsu attacks, and Z-saber skills back to back with no problems. Also his armor turns from a red into a Black color. His eyes go from green to a soulless blue with no pupils. At this form he's considered to have the most control over his Zanjutsu, also he can use Kidō in conjutnction with his Z-saber. The major draw back of this form is the major energy draw, and the emotional strain on his consciousness, if he can't control his consciousness because of the severe amounts of emotional strain when he uses this form then he has a fail safe built in.

Overload Form Image: Zero Nightmare
"Warning! Corrupt level maxium! Overload immenent. Sub-routing routines."

Overload Form: Overload form takes over if Nightmare or Normal form becomes too unstable by his mind, or if he has enough corruption from using his skills, in the rare case he goes willingly into full corruption state, he retains some control over his emotional structure. Once this form takes over however, he can use Kidō without even incantation. Overload form uses all weapons that Zero has on him at one time. His attacks are loaded with such dark corrupted energy that they go from a normally purifying attacks that shinigami are known for to a destructive based attacks that intends to destroy what's there instead of resonating and peacefully sending the energy away. He can fight with or without his Zanpakutō in this state summoning more than just carrying it like usual. This form has the shortest amount of duration because of the sheer amount of energy usage it costs, and the fact that he's not in a right state of mind affects the fluctuations of his attacks causing them to be way over powered and not controlled. This form loses the ability to shift from elements, but he gains the usage of his corruption element, that allows him to add so much more energy into his attacks. His armor shifts to a more savage looking white armor. His breast plate is mix of black with intricate red designs on it. This form came about after Shadin had worked on Zero after Zero's subsequent defeat at Shadin's hands.


• Reiatsu Color: Deep blue with flickers of black.

• Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Casval Rem Deikun
• Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

• Inner World:

• Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance : A deep blue solid plasma blade hidden within a sheath made custom to hold the reishi particles inside. The handle is white with a black inlay similar to a katana with no hand guard. Once the handle is removed from the hilt it shows the plasma blade hidden within. (Shortly put Blade is solid plasma.)

• Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities: The blade is able to slice through materials that are normally harder to slice through, he can charge the blade up and slam it down to cause a plasma rift of energy to shoot forward. Also, he can use the gun he has called the Zero Buster, and it can charge it's shots as well making it capable of small shots to medium sized rounds (Almost like a tank shell.) To large shots that are highly explosive and fueled by his energy. (These ones think of Fully Charged ZX shots from Megaman ZX)


• Shikai Release: "Z-saber."

• Shikai Description: The normally blue blade of Zero turns green is the first change, secondly the handle goes into a white color scheme, Finally he's also able speed up the charge rates of his Z-Saber and Z-Buster so that it takes less time to do so. His hair if it's not blond at that moment in time becomes blond and reaches mid back.

• Shikai Abilities:

『幻夢零・改 (Genmurei-Kai) [Phantasm Zero-Revised]: A strong black and white plasma crescent capable of breaking through guards. It can go in straight paths with slight curves. Nothing over one hundred and eighty degrees of a turn. It's limited by how much power he has at that current time It's the weakest and most toolbox move that he has, he can bend the shape of the plasma crescent, but more elegant or refined the attack is the more draining it is. it's still the least draining attack.

二元的電化爆破 (Nigenteki Denka Bakuha)[Explosive Double Blast]: He generates from the his weapon's plasma energy two large black and white plasma blasts from one of his hands then a crescent beam from his sword behind the two original blast plasma beams to seriously wound. This attack drains him more than the Genmurei-Kai, although it's not as piercing as Gen it packs more of a wallop in terms punch and stagger rates, but the combo if all three hits is sure to cause a good amount of damage, not on par with Rekkoha, but it'll knock people down a peg or two.

落鳳 (Rekkoha)[Rending Light Supremacy/Splitting Light Command]: Final move of the Shikai that's arguably the strongest, channeling the energy from his Z-Saber, he focuses his blade into the ground upon slamming it into the ground a series of ten beams shoot out from the epicenter around him. It's said to be as graceful as the flame of a phoenix that spreads out and destroys. It's the most draining attack of the shikai capable of taking all energy from him and forcing him to leave or faint if abused.


•Bankai Name: 覚醒ゼロ
Bankai Romanization: Kakusei Zero
Bankai: Translation Awakened Zero.
Awakening: “Kakusei.”

Bankai Description: The Z-Saber and Z-buster gain charges at near instantenous timing allowing him to charge up his attacks to their limits. His Z-Saber shifts colors from green to a darker violet in color, the force of attack

Ittou Ryoudan: Genmurei: (Art of Single Stroke Kill: Phantasm Zero) A double Crescent attack that's as tall as 78.00 Meters. that has the potential to break through guards, considered one of his fastest attacks. The history Is that Ittou Ryoudan, is the ultimate quick-draw attack to kill foes in a single stroke. Some people think it’s the strongest manifestation of his skill over Genmueri: Kai that proves control over his skill of a Zanpakutō Master. Ittou Ryoudan: is considered to be the most deadliest of attacks for Zero, in reality though, it's the weakest of his bankai, but the fastest attack in his arsenal, and the second most draining of each attacks, Furthermore, he can control the speed of the crescent blades he's creating to any speed within his logical amount of control.

Kōsoku kaunta [High speed Counter): It's a counter where he generates a shield, that flashes for a second, if the shield is hit he will try to quick-draw through the person and for a second capture them in a plasma type dungeon for a second then cap his blade unsealing the dungeon causing damage. This skill is not only powerful and the mastery of Dual Crescent Blast, it’s also considered his mastery of battojutsu. (Note for Kokuujin, the attack for the quick draw to work must hit the shield that turn, otherwise it's null, and can leave an opening. This is the strongest Counter attack of his and the least draining of his attacks, and potentially the most toolbox of his bankai.

Faineru Kyouten (Final Heaven): He slams his blade into the ground utilizing the mastery of his Z-Saber, Causes a bullet rain of plasma type bullets around him at any direction in a radius of forty meters. The Rain of beams can be fatal if caught too long into the AOE, which if you're caught you can survive if you can out dodge the attacks, must be faster than him for this to work. Also if one is fast enough they can dodge the attack by getting out of range, or hitting him before he can do the attack. This attack is the mastered form of Rekkoha, which only sends ten beams, this is his most exhausting attack seeing that the AOE is pretty expansive. This is the strongest attack of his arsenal, and considered to be the ultimate attack of his Bankai, it's also the most draining of the three attacks.

Shikōkai (至高解; Supreme Release
Shikōkai Name: Z-Saber Mk.III

Shikōkai Translation: Zero Saber Mark III.

Shikōkai Description: The Z-Saber goes for it's final transformation unleashing it's full power, the blade goes from a deep violet into a pitch black color. The Z-Buster's bullets are naturally full charged, and if charged another step, it shoots double the full charge shots. The Z-saber's slicing range goes from a katana like length to able enough to slice well over a mile. If Zero charges the Z-saber, it creates a triple beam explosion when he normally slams the blade down to cause the first beam hitting the ground and the absurd amount of energy being released by Shikokai. This is also the most dangerous form, because this is the first time that Zero can use his own life energy into his attacks, which helps to make them stronger.

Shikōkai Abilities:

Genmurei (Phantasm Zero): Zero quickly releases then sheaths his blade. The act of this is called battojutsu, but when Zero does it. He seemingly disappears as if he moved his blade so fast that it disappeared. What happens is that he launches a super powered and blinding Genmurei-kai, at the fullest limit. That it's hard to see, and the punch it packs is enough that it can take out an entire square block of a town at full power and focus. Of the Shikokai attacks, this is the most offensive being that it has the strongest AoE and power out of the techniques.

Tenretsujin, Heaven Rending Blade): Using a tachyonic field he creates a strong barrier of tachyons that once it's hit it breaks Zero uses the unstable tachyons and makes a blade out of the broken tachyons and forms them around the Z-Saber then he swings the blade as it can reach nearly a mile. It's the blade that is supposedly able to reach the heavens so to speak. Once it hits a target it explodes the tachyons that were around the blade. As they explode they cause an AoE as large as the blade was, so the larger the blade the larger the AoE.

Zero-Shiki (No Return): Zero has a fghting style called Zero-Shiki, and during the usage of the fighting style he can utilize series of elements as long he's in that stance. This releases all restraints and allows him to shift through stances and their respective elements with no problems. While this is active Zero-Shiki's effects double, and he's able to tolerate the rapid amount of changing of the elements that he's using. This doesn't allow him to do fusion of elements, this allows him to rapidly shift stances if necessary because of the fact that shifting stances in a battle is a pain to deal with. As with switching elements, he's still vulnerable to the weakness of the opposing element. This also allows consistent unrestricted use of Tenkuuha in battle, and when it's used with Zero-Shiki, it leaves many after images.

Phantom Tech
• Phantom Tech: Tachyon Drive

• Phantom Tech Abilities: 3 Step Harmonizer Function (Gauntlets, Sword, and Armor) Kinetic Back-Feed system Derives the kinetic energy generated by Tachyons as a power source when not harnessing the Tachyons directly. This in short means that the energy created by the Tachyon Drive is used as a power source first then used in various applications.

• Phantom Tech Powers: Creates the Tachyons used in and out of battle, Able to Siphon the reactive energy around him without problem. Can be used in battle for eight posts before needing a three post cool-down. The synchronization with his Gauntlets, Armor, and Sword allows him to balance out the usage of the energy created and used. He can just use the energy not only to just create more energy for him to use, he can use it as an offensive means of combat, namely when using Rapido Avaces is one example of him using the Tachyons offensively.

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced.
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced.

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Adept.
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda:Adept.

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced.
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced.
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced.
  • Focus:Master


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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

Comments/Notes: I don't see anything that put me off, so I'll go ahead and give it the approval it needs to be upgraded

Tier: 0-4++ (0-3 in Shikōkai)


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Upon his request, I'm going to go ahead and move this character into the inactive character section of the site. Whenever he is ready, he can pick it back up.


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Zero [APPROVED: 0-4++ & 0-3 in last Release]
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