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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The Theater Master's Song: The Echo of Memory

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Theater Master's Song: The Echo of Memory   Thu May 09, 2013 7:01 pm

The Theater Master's Song
The Echo of Memory Arc
>Protagonist in this side-story is The Theater Master.

>The view and revelation is entirely based upon the insights and discoveries of the characters.

=> Drop In-Drop Out: The characters can voluntarily join and leave the active story as along they posted their leave or entrance with basic reasons like the knowledge of location, politics and social relations.

=> Active Thread List: Keep tabs on the crazy antics of UHCM and his students through a list of threads with status that can be one of these three...
--- AND ---
*** Drum Roll ***

=> Drama and Gags: UHCM is crazier than any grown man with a brain that the teachers would have to endure, but would he be crazier than his students?

=> Discover instead of receiving: Actively, the once vague past of UHCM will grow with newer discoveries interpreted by the characters who discovered them. That means it is not for the author to decide how it would be interpreted, but how the authors of the characters interpreted the discoveries.
"History Title (Character's Name): Description."

For as long as most students knew of U-Sensei, he has been teaching for a few years and he still has a mystery looming around his bumbling charm and the strength that is frequently underestimated. When his profile was looked up, there is barely any entries about his past other than the records that he left Earth to visit other realms to produce theatrical performances for known people like the Kuchiki Clan, the Sugiura Royalty, and more. What was more of a mystery was his enigmatic injury which forces him to frequently use his classic umbrella as a cane, but when he is doing heavy lifting, he is as strong as a horse without using the cane. Around his students and his fellow teachers, he frequently shows a grin of confidence and to delinquents, a fiery willpower, which seems to never douse when attacked. Eventually, that grin will break and something in the past will come back to haunt him and it is up to the people in and outside of Karakura High School to piece together his past and save him from a period of despair.

There is no need to sign in or make an application to join as it is meant to be for anyone who can make an entrance and they are also all free to post a leave to leave the story. This is to keep record of what happened and who came in.

(Player/Author) --- (Character) --- (Status in the Story) --- (Thread Location)

UHCM --- UHCM, The Theater Master --- Active --- Enter the U
Tina --- Rachel Dare --- Active --- Enter the U

Episode #
[TTMS] (Thread Name) === (Status in the Story)
(Location String)
(Characters Involved in List) --- (Status in the Story)

Episode 1
[TTMS] Enter the U Part 1 === ACTIVE
The Living Realm => Karakura Central => Karakura City => Karakura City High
UHCM, the Theater Master --- Active
Rachel Dare --- Active

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The Theater Master's Song: The Echo of Memory
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