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 Tsukiryuu Crow [Shinigami, 0-5++]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Tsukiryuu Crow [Shinigami, 0-5++]   Sun May 19, 2013 6:22 pm

Shinigami Template

    • Name: Crow, Tsukiryuu [Moon Dragon of the Crow family.]
    • Nick Names: Tsuki-chan [Clan Members], Kenshi [People of his Division]
    • Moniker: 黒の剣士 [Kuro no Kenshi] «Black Swordsman»
    • Gender: Male [♂]
    • Appearance Age: 17
    • Age: 50
    • Height: 173 Cm [5'8']
    • Weight: 59 Kg [130 LBS]
    • Affiliation/Rank: [VC of the 3rd Division] Crow Family. [First of the Six Swords]
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual. [Likes Women]

• Appearance Picture:


Determined: He's very determined once he sets his mind to a goal. That means that if there's a goal he needs to do he'll do it at all costs. Save the cheerleader, consider it done. You say he needs to get stronger, he'll get stronger in his own way. He has enough guts to get this shit done. He's a man that gets stuff done, and that's what he wants to do. Get his goals accomplished and be willing to go all the way. This is one of the most prominent traits of his the strong will he has.

Caring: Although he has a very strong will, he's oddly enough caring and soft spoken. In the way that he's willing to go out of his way to help someone and see to that they are okay. He has a deep seated kindness that reaches even to enemies, as long as they don't try it again, but in that case, his strength in caring is based on the fact that he was alone once, and that he was put into a family because of Jaeden getting to him and teaching him more about people and the fact he's faulted and that others are faulted as well.

Soft Spoken: He's more inclined to not talking in situations when he doesn't need to. He's more inclined to let his actions speak for his words. He's not afraid of talking, but it doesn't matter. Tsukiryuu is known for being even still in terms of his words trying to diffuse situations before causing them to go into conflict and strife. This isn't an easy process due to the fact that he's well known for missing things being that he some times just loses his mind in thoughts. It's not a big deal though it does cause some interesting situations for the young Shinigami.

Aloof: The only real negative he has is that he's a bit out there with his thoughts. He doesn't think things through in terms of when he misses something he really misses it unless he's focusing. Which means that he subverts this nearly aloof personality trait. He's not aloof however to people being attracted to him or having a love interest with him. In terms of social events he's not exactly good at being completely there, but one on one, you'll have his attention. In Short he works better on his own or with one other person than a group of people.

Forgiving: One of the major things that makes Tsukiryuu well Tsukiryuu is his gentle heart and the fact he's very forgiving. He's more apt to forgive because he was taught this at a young age from not only Jaeden, but from teachers in the academy. In fact he has been able to forgive most enemies and such from his past in terms of academic rivals and such when they have tried to make his name bad. In short Tsukiryuu has began to control and learn more about what it is to be forgiving, but he even knows that he can't forgive everything unless he can accept it himself.

• Likes: Sword fighting, Training, Crow family, Most Good people, Balance.

• Dislikes: Asthavon Family, Evil People, Disorder, Violent people.

The Past

• History: He doesn't remember his human past he disregarded it, but once he woke up in soul society he was all alone. He wandered as a child, he had sense of spirits and such, but outside of that he seemed normal until he picked up a stick and began swinging it around. He had parents, but he didn't really see them as such. Until one day calamity struck. He was in the Rukongai, and he was training alone, and an attack came from two clans warring in the area, and his parents were killed. Jaeden Crow noticed him out of the chaos, and seeing that he had a damn near similar reaction and looks to his younger days decided that he would adopt him and he'd be his son. In the the night the moon was full and there seemed to be a dragon flying across the surface. Upon seeing that Tsukiryuu called himself that, because in that chaos he had lost his original name. Although, he had gained a new name and a purpose to become stronger. He realized this could only come from lots of training and lots of fighting. Which meant he needed to learn how to fight and no one had really taught him that yet. Until he turned around the age of 12 and began the Academy training. Jaden pushed him into this because he figured it'd be best for him to learn what other shinigami learned not just for self-edification, but so that he could understand and learn.that because he was in a clan it didn't mean he had free reign to be haughty and proud.

In the Academy he was considered to be pretty dangerous. He had high aptitude in all normal Shinigami skills, all but durability. Although he's not durable in terms of taking consecutive hits He can still hold his own on single targets being able to pick off in simple succession. There wasn't anything too bad about him, but well the fact that he drained his energy pretty quickly. That couldn't of been rectified unless he learned more Kidō and such. So deciding to increase his skills in Kidō and his reserves by training with Tiamat and Iriko to make him more effective with Kidō and help to deepen his reserves. The problem with deepening it was that he didn't know how to effectively. After training with his aunt and uncle he began to learn how to compress his energy and make it last longer, but at the cost it'd make him use more and more and more energy. Although that was a problem, it didn't compare to the pain of when his eyes fully awakened on a training mission that went horribly wrong. It put the fear of death in his heart and soul. That fear began to drive him stronger and forced him to learn more about his eyes of the lunar dragon. His eyes went from their black to a yellow color. The changes were complete in terms of making his skills stronger. After this event Tsukiryuu began to shift from being very vocal to now being very quiet, and purposely aloof in terms of conversation.

In those training moments, once he was a full shinigami, and before his father was kicked out of Soul Society, Tsukiryuu had received a gift from his father. It was a jacket that was made out of dark dragon scale leather. It was very light and strong. Although that gift would be very useful to him the best gift he had received was a sword for his birthday. It was an aqua blue in color, and it looked pretty weak like a crystal sword that would break instantly, but it didn't. In fact it was about on par with srength as his Zanpakutō Elucidator. As he realized he could be so much more powerful if he could use dual wielding, Tsukiryuu began to learn how to dual wield. This came at a cost of not being able to use Kidō in the battle, but he could use his energy on his blades, but this was a very costly usage. If he goes dual sword style it's a very serious battle. Tsukiryuu upon hearing about the Crow that was the captain of the third division, he joined him by goading of his father and family saying that he should learn more under his family. In short Tsukiryuu began to learn more about his past and the Shinigami. Eventually he mastered his shikai to a tee, making it obvious that he had more power than just a normal shinigami. Tsukiryuu knows that he can gain more power, but it will take time. The Fear of Death may have been the original reason why Tsukiryuu got power, but now Tsukiyuu's power is based on the strength of his family and the people he trusts.

Basic Attributes

Sword Mastery: Being that his main form of combat is sword skill and sword combat Tsukiryuu, uses these skills commonly. Also he's known to being able to use single handed swords as strong as someone swinging a two handed sword. Furthermore, the skills that he has with each blade is so engrained into the fiber of his muscles that its almost secondary for him to use a style he learned originally on the fly that became such a realistic style for him. He uses his high strength to supplement his slashes to make them faster. Furthermore, He has a certain specialty with using more than a single sword. He was trained not only in the crow style he began to work on his own skills and he developed in his own style that deviates from the normal style of the Crows. He does know the Crow style, but his own style reflects on the fact he's built for high speed combat in terms of having insane reflexes, but this doesn't mean he can't be beaten in terms of that. It means that his sword play is more on reflex than serious traditional training that probably most of the Crows went through when they were young, since he was adopted into the family from Jaeden.

Dual Sword: Tsukiryuu learned this out of spite of the fact that he needed this. Once he had gained the Dark Repulser from someone forming the blade out of a Crystallized dragon's scales and his Reiatsu fusing the second blade. While in usage however his speed increases going for more high speed slashing. This being stated, his skill with blades are on par with some of the older members, despite his young age compared to the older members. His skill with this is his edge against most of his family because it adds the secondary element of two hand skills. Furthermore, He can handle his blades from reverse grip to normal grip to any type of grips that he needs in a fight, this is a double edged sword because if he uses the wrong grip it could cost him a fight. His Dual sword style is based off of need of getting stronger and faster than normal. The Dual Sword style takes into play his reflexes and his natural speed to a point where he's at his top speed in terms of attacks and defenses for that matter. It's not an easy style to use, but once he mastered this style he began to show how powerful he was as a sword master. His Dual Sword skill is much higher than people realize, he just holds back unless the fight warrants it.

Skilled Hand to Hand Combat: Although he's a heavy sword user, he has a fair amount of talent in Hand to hand combat, although it's nothing like a Hakuda master, he can hold his own in a fist fight or a brawl. He's deceptively strong although he looks pretty lanky, however underneath that lanky frame is enough muscle and muscle control to make himself able enough to the point where he could in theory take on most Hakuda experts in hand to hand fights, the major down side is that his hand to hand style is mostly on the fly adjustments and movements making him go from an aspect of a street fighter that uses deceptive movements and attacks in and out of battle. This also ties into the fact that his hand to hand style relies on his high amounts of reaction capability that came naturally from training.

High Reserves: Like most of the Crow family he has deep reserves of energy. This means that he doesn't run out as quick, but he can run out. Furthermore, he has mastered controlling his reserves to the point where he has compressed the reserves down to keep them longer than normal and deeper than normal, although he can use it longer, it makes most of his attacks cost a bit more than the average shinigami has to put into an attack. Furthermore, his reserves were trained by his family from all of the Kidō training from Tiamat and Iriko to be pushed to a new limit from his old limits. Although he has deep reserves from training and well him naturally compressing his energy, another theory about the fact that his energy is so deep is because he was naturally born with deep energy and the training helped to make it more stable and last longer.

High Speed Combat (High Reflex): This is mostly based off of the fact his sword style takes so much speed style slashes and high speed combat from the various applications of being a Sword of the Crow family. Unlike Jaeden Crow whose speed is unmatchable, his speed is matchable, but his reflexes is what makes Tsukiryuu dangerous. His high speed reflexes are the main reason that he prefers going high speed. Since his slashes are meant to be high speed from the strength he places into the slashes. His speed is based off his strength and not just pure speed. Furthermore, His Hand to hand style combat is based on not only that he's fast, but what makes his high speed combat so important is that he has the highest hand reaction time. This doesn't mean he can't be hit it means that he has a better chance to reacting faster than the average non speed person reacting to a high speed attack.

High Kidō Skill: Since he's a Crow, he had to learn a fair amount of Kidō from Tiamat, and Iriko (who at the time didn't know his name.) While he learned some Kidō on his own, the most he learned from the combination of both Tiamat's defensive skills, and Iriko's offensive skills. Essentially his high skill came from learning from them. This doesn't mean that he can't learn more, but he's willing to learn more from the other members of the family, or Kidō specialists, because he wants to be able to not only use swords, but his innate energy in attacks making the attacks even more devastating than before. The mixing of his own energy into his Kidō changed his familiarity on just Kidō being something of just reitasu to Kidō being a weapon he can use with his own energy.

Mangetsu(満月): This is the Custom Shunpo Tsukiryuu created to help him keep up with his father during high speed combat exercises. Using either Lunar Energy or Holy Energy he pushes his shunpo to the limit by forcing his body to move faster and more proficiently using the larger source of energy to add more of a burst to the Shunpo making him faster using the extra energy to propel him faster than normal. This comes with a major upside however he can use the energy to leave false signatures of his movements allowing him to help conceal his movements more. This is the shunpo that came out of his father's training at the time. This is his fastest movement possible, being that the energy helps to propel him faster than his normal shunpo will allow him. Since this is his shunpo it normally replaces the garden variety shunpo that most people think he'd use, the most notable trait about when seeing it in action is the black pseudo after image that's created when he moves giving the impression he had not moved in the first place. This Shunpo is considered to be the dash of the moon god, considering how fast and effective it is in and out of combat.

竜眼: 影竜 [Ryuugan: Eiryū]: A gift from the Crow family that awoke out of fear of dying that came about from a mission in the Academy. His eyes exhibit a shining blood red color as they take over the color of the pupils his Zanpakutō and his Transcended weapon began to show changes. His eyes began to see faster and more clearly his perceptions being stronger than normal being able to see farther and deeper than most of the Crow family. For the starter, his Zanpakutō is based off of darkness and lunar aspects. This boosts it to the point where his Zanpakutō skills are pushed to the limit. As in each skill's power and speed are tripled. In Terms of when he uses Dark Repulser the ability of this blade is strengthened to the point of a near Zanpakutō. When this skill is being used however it drains on his energy a lot more than normal because unlike most of the older Crows, he originally didn't activate this at will, and he activated this out of survival instincts. Although this has amazing pluses, it has a severe drain on his body, and his mind due to the strain on his body and mind. Although it's said out of the younger members his eyes have the most fiercest look in them as if he's being possessed by the dragon within him.

Note: These skills have to be used during the time that Dragon's Eyes are active.

Dragon Manifestation: This is an unusual thing that has happened to Tsukiryuu. When the first time he manifested this was around when he was a child and first awakened his Dragon eyes, without knowing his dragon was sealed away so that he could grow up normally without destroying square miles because of the dragons protective nature. Upon Fighting Iriko again, he awoke the Dragon realizing the need for the Dragon to return one and two, the power that the dragon awoke in him allows him to summon it out like a Zanpakutō spirit. This comes at a cost of his life force in the thread being weakened a bit, but the Dragon has the ability to attack with Shadows and manipulate them into attacks and dodges and the like. This is the most powerful manifestation of the Dragon being that while it's released, the dragon can act on its own and do what it needs to protect Tsukiryuu from being killed. This means that the Dragon can also be defeated too, but in that case Tsukiryuu can't use his Dragon eyes again in that thread being that the source of the eyes are caused by the Dragon's existence, and once it's defeated it needs to recuperate making it temporarily "lose" existence. He can only use this once in a thread due to the large amount of energy needed to draw this out of him and the fact that it's a giant dragon taking up large amounts of energy.

Note: Dragon looks like this. Note, This is the only exception when Tsukiryuu is forcefully awakened into his Dragon eyes.

Shadow Energy: While Dragon Eyes are activated, Tsukiryuu opens up a reserve to use his eyes to their fullest extent, this is called Shadow Energy, which the Dragon of the Shadows, the dragon that was actually sealed into Tsukiryuu as a child. He just manipulates and uses the Energy called Shadow Energy which is based off of his eyes and the Dragon associated with it. While this energy is the normally compressed energy that he has, its limiters are removed and he can fully use the energy to the extreme that it's supposed to be used. The skills are difficult to use outside of Dragon's eye activation. This energy helps to fuel all moves during Dragon's Eye activation, Since the dragon has fully awakened with Tsukiryuu he has access to the full extent of Shadow energy allowing him to use every bit of Shadow energy like it was his own, on the downside that it drains a bit more than normal due to the ephemeral nature of the Shadow energy's existence. This skill allows him to also manipulate the Shadows created naturally by releasing his Dragon eyes. What this means is that his dragon is the source of his Shadow energy and the shadows that he can manipulate by converting some of the shadow energy into actual shadows.

Shadow Step: Using the Shadow energy as a basis now, Tsukiryuu focuses his mind and uses the shadows to conceal his movements using that concealment to create a shunpo that uses the shadows to speed him up. While this is a dangerous thing to do due to the fact that if he's not careful he could cancel out his own technique. There's the major upside that it makes him faster moving and able to conceal some of his movements from before. This doesn't mean someone with a visual enhancing ability can't see him, but it means that once he starts using it, it's harder to see than normal creating a change in his style of fighting and in the style of how he manipulates the shadows in movements changing him from his normal steps to high speed concealed movements.

Eclipse: Using Shadow Energy upon his Zanpakutō mainly and by extension he can use this during dual wield, but lunar energy is converted into the holy state of Dark Repulser, using the energy, He powers up his body allowing it to power his attacks adding that edge of his dragon manifestation. While Eclipse is active, he can place much more energy into attacks that use energy and not have them blow up in his face, as a secondary effect it adds the element of lunar to the attacks making each attack Zanpakutō/Shadow or Holy/Shadow. While this is active the main down side is the constant drain on his body to use more energy. Also it makes him a less stable emotionally and that makes also his decisions on his attacks more and more wild and less tactical than he would be normally. Note this allows him to power up his energy attacks. If he uses this he has to keep this on for the entire duration of Dragon Eyes.

Draco Meteor: Using Shadow energy and focusing his reiatsu into a focal point, Tsukiryuu generate a large amount of energy into calling meteors from space down upon the area. Using this attack has a large AoE Each meteor has a mile of AOE, but the major downside is that if Tsukiryuu isn't in a safe area, or he gets hit, the Meteors will be unstable and can cause damage to him or even blow him up in their AOE since they are pummeling the ground violently. He can only use this twice and it only lasts that one turn during Dragon Eyes, because of the sheer amount of energy being unleashed and the strain on his will and body during release of energy. This takes a quarter of his energy pool when in usage due to the fact he's dropping meteors in the area.

Astral: This allows him to use his Shadow Energy to the limits. Releasing all limiters on his body allowing him to temporarily double his speed, Strength, Sword skill, Hakuda, Sword Skill, and Kidō, but his Endurance takes a big hit. His body emits a ghostly grey/black glow. to show the awakening of his eyes. His physical body has it limits and well if those limits are pushed, his body will shut down from the strain on it. He can only sustain this for a short amount of time. If used with Eclipse the time is shortened by half, because of the strain on his body and mind being in full usage during the Dragon Eyes, if this is used like Eclipse this has to remain on the entire time the eyes are active.

Fighting Style
Aincrad Style: Utilizing his Zanpakutō or Dark Repulser he focuses his reiatsu into his swords making them able to take more damage than normal, and to be able to dish out more damage because of the energy put in. Also he has a single sword style where he's able to use kicks in between slashes making him more used to using everything in a battle. In Terms of using Kidō, he mostly can skip most Kidō without doing incantations. He learned this from training with Tiamat and Iriko who are the experts of Kidō that he knows of currently. This can be augmented even farther with dual sword style. This came out of the fact that he knew that he was pretty handy with a single blade, and adding a second one made him even more dangerous. This allowed him to go from just hard slashes to dual slashes that could be made for overwhelming balance instead of just overwhelming power. The balance of this style came from training with the Academy, training with his various family members, finally training by himself shaped this from a normal fighting style or just generalities of the academy and Crows to his own style with his own flair creating a complete style that makes this fighting style so distinct from other persons who may use a similar style of fighting. This is the perfected style of Tsukiryuu Crow.

Unique Weapon

Weapon Name: Dark Repulser [ダークリパルサー]

Weapon Description: Dark Repulser is an aqua-colored sword made of a rare and unique type of crystalline ingot. It's handle is a darker color than the rest of the blade and is completely straight. It leads up to a hand guard that is exactly perpendicular to the handle and is designed to look like a pair of conjoined dagger blades. At the center of the hand guard is a large aquamarine gem. The blade itself is a deep aqua color, the base of the blade has a light-aqua attachment that causes the blade to have a natural indentation when one traces its length due to the angle that the attachment bends at. In terms of weight it's lighter than Elucidator which is a pretty light sword, but it's considered to be a heavy single handed sword.

Weapon Origin: This was a custom weapon crafted in mind to be used with the dual wielding skill of Tsukiryuu. This was made out of a rare and very unique type of Crystalline Ingot, making the weapon very rare, and very powerful. Since it's such a unique weapon, the blacksmith who made the weapon placed her initials inside of the handle wrapping of the blade. Furthermore, the Crystaline Ingot is imbued with his Reiatsu making the blade a lot more stronger than it would be without his Shinigami Reiatsu. The black smith was a good friend of his and once she made the blade in mind of knowing what Tsukiryuu would be using the sword for, and she knew that he'd be using it extensively and made it strong enough to endure the serve amount of damage it'd take from battles he's been taking.

Abilities: The blade has a very special type of energy that leaks out of it making it a holy type of weapon. The Crystalline Ingot that had formed the blade made it so that it would be against the evils of this world, namely made to destroy the Evilss. This blade can't purify like Elucidator can since it's his Zanpakutō, but it can purify evil so to speak. This blade is a holy weapon created to destroy evil. He can use this in conjunction with his Zanpakutō adding the holy element to the used skill of the Zanpakutō. Outside of that, if he uses the blade on his own Dark Repulser is able of emitting beams of light that can be projectile based, or power up slashes into the point where they can break other weapons, if he's strong enough and they aren't Zanpakutous or something like Zanpakutō like a sacred weapon. Note he has to be strong enough and able to put enough energy into his attack to break the weapon. This has to be again following that it's not a sacred weapon like a Zanpakutō or a weapon of that class and or is bonded to the soul in such a way that it wouldn't break.

Holy Energy: This is the energy that resulted when the Cystralized Ingot and Tsukiryuu's energy were placed into the creation of the blade. This energy helps to power up the blade by allowing it to use the Zanpakutō skills with Dark Repulser. While it's not as purifying as the normal Zanpakutō. This however allows his sword to deal with the darker side of things allowing it in a sense to purify in terms of evil and darkness, and not a soul purify as if he was using a Zanpakutō. This also allows the sword to gain the holy element that it's famous for. The main problem is that since it's Holy energy it can cause damage to Tsukiryuu himself since the nature of his dragon eyes and Zanpakutō are dark based. This causes an uneasy amount of finesse, because he can't just let it all go if he's using his dragon eyes, he has to reign in the amount of energy being poured out. Also when he dual wields it's possible if the blades clash that an element of Dark and Light are shot out causing a pseudo chaotic type blast in that case the energy has to be balanced. Holy energy reinforces the blade making it much harder to break, because the energy is purifying the abnormalities that the blade would normally exhibit if it didn't have this kind of energy.

Custom Armor
Name: Coato no Kuroryuu
Translation: Coat of the Black Dragon
Ability: This is the jacket he gained from Jaeden Crow as a gift for becoming the First Sword out of the Six Swords. The Jacket is created to be generally elemental proof [As in Fire, Water etc.] due to the strength of the scales of the dragon killed to create the jacket. However this Jacket of his can break down from enough attacks to the point it will shatter then need reforming If it breaks down it takes 2-3 turns to break down. The coat is black in color, and as such it's representative of not only the black dragon, but his dragon eye of the lunar dragon. Furthermore, his Coat of the Black Dragon was not only a gift, but a way for Jaeden to protect his adopted son from damage from not just enemies but from his family who tends to have many trivial disputes. Furthermore, it can break like any armor, but this one will repair itself in 2-3 posts from gathering reishi and reforming the particles into the Jacket and this causes the jacket to reform from the times it has broken from wear and tear and battle. Also, outside of battle it takes a small bit of energy to perform maintenance on the coat to keep it up. In short it's a very well made leather jacket. It's black in color, with a few belts that help to hold the jacket on his body in the heat of battle when the winds are blowing strong, the belts are made out of the same material as the coat itself.

Custom Seal
炎無線 | Honoo Musen | Flame Radio
-- This is a seal that Tiamat has developed, as if a counter part to Iriko's Kihou Tsuushin. In simple terms, it work much like the aforementioned; however, instead of bubbles, it applies to flames. Such as candles, burners, stoves, etc. As long as it's fire, it can used as a point of communication, which makes it really, really handy in pre-technological suited areas, such as the Gotei or the Suigura Realms. Relatively, the seal is formatted on the right side of the neck, opposite of Iriko's. It marks down on the person's very soul, allowing this ability to remain even if the seal becomes inactive. The seal keeps itself active by the user's choice, and simply takes a tiny fraction of Reiatsu, so minimal that it can even be placed on a 6 tier. The only person that is aware of the seal is the applier, and the one wearing it. Also, it acts much like radio towers, sending signals back and forth in-between the seals. It can be interrupted, but exactly how is not yet defined. Relatively, it cannot be placed without permission either. Tiamat can selectively turn hers off, much like one would do with a cellphone per say. She can also pick up signals as long as a person is within ten feet of a flame, so sometimes, it makes things awkward.

It also has another use; it has heat resistance built into it. That means that people can touch Tiamat at no matter what heat she is, and not get affected negatively by it. It also allows it on Tiamat herself, and any other fire user, to control their own surface skin heat; as in to reduce it from harming others, or themselves with the immense amount of heat that may overwhelm them. It can help also, on their own heat resistance towards the nature of other fire attacks; nothing extreme, as the only complete heat nullification.

-Note: Tsuki's Seal that Tiamat placed on him is placed on the lower part of his neck so that it's not readily visible.

Phantom Tech

Phantom Tech Name: Nerve Gear
Phantom Tech Description: It's built into the brain of Tsukiryuu, it's not visible until he accesses it then it looks like it's a computer game screen of stats an d such being compiled at the same time it looks like it functions as a means of calling, storing information, and recalling information.

Phantom Tech Ability: The Nerve Gear for Tsukiryuu has many functions one is to compile the people he meets storing their names and everything that he's seen of that person. The longer he knows a person and sees them the more he can know. It's a built in internal network able to compile all of this data. Furthermore, it allows him to access and review the data. It serves as a way to get in contact with him since he normally doesn't carry a cell phone on him. This is an ultra-compact and small chip in the brain since he was considered to be on the more high tech end of Shinigami Phantom Tech.


• Reiatsu Color: Light blue with hints of black during his Dragon Eyes form.

• Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Kurohime [Black Princess]
• Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

• Inner World:

• Sealed Zanpakutôs Appearance :

• Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities: In Sealed form it's able to reflect magic attacks back to the origin. Furthermore, the stronger the Weapon Skill of Tsukiryuu is, the more able he can not only reflect the attack back, but at the same time add his own energy into the attack effectively making the counter much stronger than normal. However if used in dual blades the more energy he puts into the blades the more he can force more energy out of the attacks. The more energy he can place into his attacks the better and stronger the reflections can get. Outside of that the Zanpakutō is nearly impossible to break by sheer strength. During Dual wield, Dark Repulser takes on the properties of being nearly impossible to break by sheer strength.

• Shikai Name: Eludicator [エリュシデータ]
• Shikai Description: Elucidatior is a pitch black sword, evenly balanced. It has a black handle connected to a hand guard that is longer on the right side. Attached to this elongated area of the hand-guard is part of Elucidator's obsidian blade so as to better aid the user in retaining their grip on the sword when it is being used. The blade is completely black like the rest of the sword and said blade is outlined in a light gray. A small cross is embroidered on the flat of the blade, just beneath the tip.

• Shikai Abilities:

Darkness Release: Allows Tsukiryuu to tap into the dark nature of his blade and release the energy in a multitude of ways, one is being that he can use it to strengthen attacks. As in he swings, and the force behind the swing is stronger causing the swing to have more impact. The Second way is that he can use the darkness to be used in magical ways as in using it as beams and such. The Final way is minor severing of bonds. As in breaking ties to weapons that are special but are not in the way of Zanpakutō's For him to break ties with weapon or to break the weapon itself, he has to be stronger, and his magic has to be stronger as well.

Impact Slash: Charging a large amount of energy into the blade Tsukiryuu's Reiatsu appears on the blade covering it in a blue representation of his blade. Tsukiryuu swings his blade releasing the energy on the blade making the slash much more stronger and more faster using the energy to help him break through guards. The amount of energy placed in dictates how much output the blade can release at that time. That being said, there's always a limit to how much it can release before it will explode in his face. This takes finesse and great control as well because of the fact he can make it dangerous for himself.

Battle Healing: This allows Tsukiryuu to heal on the fly and at the same time keep himself able to keep fighting which is helpful since he's prone to being attacked constantly being that he's a part of an organization that tends to be in sticky situations typically. This doesn't mean he can't die, but it helps to slow down his death if possible, and allows him to regenerate from wounds inflicted in the heat of battle, but it has limits, he can't just LOL regen from all limbs being blown off or something being of that severity. He has to heal wounds like stabs, slashes, cuts, burns, and such. As long as it's not completely severed it can be healed, but it takes longer to heal and repair himself from the more damage that Tsukiryuu takes in a battle.

Impact Blast: This skill is based on the manipulation of his Shikai and his energy allowing him to create a beam out of his open hand or off of the blade. While this is a very basic range attack the specialty of this is that more energy he puts into the blast the more stronger it gets. This has a limit since if he puts too much energy the attack can blow up in his face causing damage to himself. He can use this once per post unless he uses more than one blast in a post then he has to cool down a post due to the release energy being larger than normal than in Shikai.


•Bankai Name: Elucidator + 20
Bankai Description: Elucidatior +20 is a pitch black sword, evenly balanced. It has a black handle connected to a hand guard that is longer on the right side. Attached to this elongated area of the hand-guard is part of Elucidator's obsidian blade so as to better aid the user in retaining their grip on the sword when it is being used. The blade is completely black like the rest of the sword and said blade is outlined in a light gray. A small cross is embroidered on the flat of the blade, just beneath the tip. The most notable change is that blade has a darker sheen than the shikai and the grey is a bit more shinier than the original Elucidator.

Passive Skill:

Sword Art Continuance: Tsukiryuu can use his Shikai attacks in Bankai and they are double the effectiveness as long as they have double the cost of usage and cool down. Also, the blade is much harder to break than Shikai, unless you have overwhelming strength and the right way to break it, someone isn't going to be able to break the sword.


Shadow Release: As the blade releases into its stronger form so does the darkness of the blade shaping from just darkness to Shadow release, in this case not only does his attacks exhibit a darkness, but even his movements begin to shift from normal Shinigami into something that uses the shadows to conceal movements. As in he seemingly disappears into the shadows for that moment. It's not something that's simple to notice because of the usage of the darkness to conceal movements is a huge step up from simply adapting the darkness in Shikai. This comes with a setback the more he uses the concealing of movements the less stable the attacks become causing more and more blind attacks. Darkness release can slightly mess with bonds, whereas Shadow release can break down stronger bonds, but never something soul linked like a Zanpakutō. The Stronger his Magic or Zanjutsu is the stronger the ability his attack can be. Although this has obvious limits, if they were pushed to those limits his Zanpakutō will revert back into Sealed in an instant. This is a fail safe of the Bankai, because in the heat of battle Tsukiryuu loses himself into the battle allowing him to keep battle.

Shadow Slash: Using the Shadow magic on the blade of Eludicator, Tsukiryuu swings his blade out using the shadow magic to launch a large crescent arc of shadow energy that can pierce through guards as long as his Zanjutsu is high enough to do this. The Slash can be any type of slash, but after 100M the attack will fizzle out from lack of energy to keep propelling the attack. This attack can be prepared at any time, but it takes a bit of charging to ensure that it can go all the way. He can use this multiple times per a post, but if he does it has a cool down of a post between usages where he does more than one attack in a post.

Shadow Parry: Using the Shadow energy as a shield Tsukiryuu places it into his blade using it to block. Once he blocks he explodes the energy off of his blade and uses it to knock an attack back or a chain of attacks to derail them. As long as he is strong enough to knock them back then he can knock it back. This has limits obviously, He can't knock every attack back, and this costs a lot more energy than Shadow Slash. Also there's a per turn cool down so he can't just spam this if he can't block or counter normally. This is for serious attacks, not stuff he can just brush off. or parry away normally.

Shadow Blast: Generating a lot of energy into his hand or hands, Tsukiryuu can generate a large beam or blasts of energy (like Ceros) into his hand and shoot them at a target, if the blast hits it has an AoE of 175M due to the large amount of energy being released. Unlike Shadow Slash where it's a crescent of energy that pierces, this is sought to destroy what's behind the person. This attack can be dangerous to the user because of the AoE and the energy natures being of a darker nature being able to cause corruption of his own self not just the area around him from the blast. He can use this attack once per every other post due the sheer amount of power being released in that part. It's not an easy attack due to the formation of energy.

The Skill Sheets

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept.
  • General Speed: Master.
  • Strength: Advanced.
  • Weapon Skill: Master.

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master.
  • Kidō: Advanced.
  • Zanjutsu: Master.
  • Hakuda: Adept.

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced.
  • Mental Deduction: Adept.
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced.
  • Focus: Advanced


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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: N/A

Tier: 1-3++


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Upon his request, I'm going to go ahead and move this character into the inactive character section of the site. Whenever he is ready, he can pick it back up.


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Tsukiryuu Crow [Shinigami, 0-5++]
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