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 Terada, Otojiro (WiP)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Terada, Otojiro (WiP)   Wed May 22, 2013 10:29 am

"Peace must be bought at minimal cost. One should never be willing to pay any more than is necessary."

Basic Information

- Name: Terada, Otojiro "Jiiro"
- Titles: Blade of the Five, Five-Element Sage, WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOI--
- Gender: Male
- Appearance Age: 27
- Age: We don't know, and Otojiro refuses to admit anything.
- Affiliation/Rank: Gotei 13

- Appearance Picture:



- Personality: Jiiro is the sort of person who would run into a battlefield alone, expressly to save an ally who had been surrounded and left for dead by his betters. He takes a stance of 'nobody left behind, nobody left alive'--he will make sure as many of his allies as possible survive, while also leaving behind nothing but corpses when he is finished with the enemy. He'll make exceptions for particularly powerful foes--he enjoys a good fight just as much as the next guy--but this is really only against opponents who he had some semblance of trouble against.

As such, he sees himself as Soul Society's 'Hammer of Justice'. He will strike down their enemies without any prejudice. He will destroy their legions and protect the people from those who would seek to destroy his. He is the ultimate protector of his people, and even if he must become a monster... he will still do as he must. Because of this he has become very disconnected from close personal contact. As a monster he does not deserve to care for anyone, or to have anyone to care for. He is merely a tool to be used and disposed of--why should he have a personality? This has left him with a very distorted and selfless world-view. One that needs to be changed as soon as possible.

He does love. He does care. He does actually have emotions--he's just not in touch with them. He can act happy or sad as he needs to, but whether he actually feels that way is dependant on just what is happening. He believes that love should not be taken by a single person, and shares the love where he can. Romance is certainly not a dead option for this man--it's just that monogamy is about as likely as a dead raccoon popping out of his ass. As well as that, getting through to him is just as likely and potentially easier than finding a dead raccoon in his ass.

- Other Abilities:

Kidō Master: In line with his control over the major elements of the world, Otojiro has gained extremely powerful control and understanding of how Kidō works. As well as this, being the Captain-Commander requires something of a knowledge of Kidō anyway--as well as a personal,

- Reiatsu Color: The color of his Reiatsu depends on which mode his Zanpakutō is in. When in Steel, his Reiatsu is silver. When in Fire, his Reiatsu is red. When in Water, his Reiatsu is blue. When in Air, his Reiatsu is green. When in Earth, his Reiatsu is brown.

- Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Amekaze (雨風, lit. Rain and Wind)

- Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Amakaze has an interesting appearance, no matter what direction you look upon her from. When one first gazes upon her, she appears to be a large ball of mercury--with multiple different colors spreading all over her form as if they were that of a rainbow. However, this is only the appearance that she takes upon when called on while Jiiro's Zanpakutō is in its Steel Forme.

When Jiiro has changed his Zanpakutō into its other forms, she takes on the appearance of a beautiful young woman with long hair and eyes that match the color of the element that Jiiro is channelling.

In either form, she speaks with a graceful tone of Japanese. She is soft-spoken and direct with her words, and they can seem quite venomous to the wrong people. She simply chooses not to have a proper opinion on anyone until she has had time to gauge their intentions. She trusts Jiiro completely with her power, and would not hesitate to put a good word in--this is only because they share similar morals. They both wish to see peace and unity, but would also be willing to do anything necessary to get that.

- Inner World: It's hard to describe Otojiro's inner world. To put it simply enough--it is a maelstrom--a swirling mass of energies of all the different elements. One step in the wrong direction would be enough to ruin you completely, and the air around you seems to almost wish to rip away at your flesh. if you look in one direction, you may see the images projected of another--the area seems to be an endless illusion of power and energy that has no end. Otojiro only appears before his spirit within a very small area of this place--it made fighting for his Shikokai almost impossible to do.

- Zanpakutō Appearance: No matter what form Jiiro's Zanpakutō takes while he's fighting in his Shikai, there will always be a very similar appearance between each of them.

- Shikai Information: It should be known that Jiiro's Zanpakutō is in a constant-release Shikai form. This means that he has no sealed state. As well as this, he can be said to technically have five Shikai forms--each of them relating to a different element. These elements can be announced with a different release phrase, and he can change them effectively at will, though only doing one change per round. When not in battle or just entering battle, it holds the form of Steel. Each release holds the name of its element type, along with 'Sword of'.

- Bankai Information: Unlike Shikai, not only are each of the Bankai appearances of Jiiro's Zanpakutō all completely different and unlike the others, the one that he releases into is set by the element of his choice at the time. This means that he needs to be very specific as to which element he has chosen before releasing his Bankai form. Each release holds the name of its element type, along with 'Illusion of'.

Steel Release: Kōton

- Shikai Release: Forge, Hagane no Tsurugi!

- Shikai Description: While in Steel Form, Jiiro's Zanpakutō appears as a very simple steel blade. It appears to have no distinguishing markings that make it look any different to any other basic blades. Instead, it seems to have a very small electric charge flickering around it, arcing between random places upon the blade. When in this form, Jiiro has a silvery sheen to his Reiatsu.

- Shikai Abilities:
Qualities of Steel - Passive: When in this form, Jiiro's Zanpakutō is at its most honed. It has the power to easily cut through most simplistic substances with minimal force. It is also at its quickest and most powerful for general swordsmanship. If you're looking for a battle of swords, then this is the form that you should look for. Every time the blade collides with something, it discharges a relatively average amount of electrical energy. Because it lacks a great deal of ability-power, it has no abilities and instead relies on Jiiro's swordsmanship.

- Bankai Description: The Illusion of Steel is activated by Jiiro going onto (or already being upon) one or two knee(s). He places the tip of the weapon on the ground, pushing it slowly into the earth with a shout of the release's name. After about a second, Jiiro will stand up with the weapon still stuck into the ground, before stamping down with another shout. The ground will rumble and shake for a moment, before the weapon launches itself out of the ground and back into his hand--but the ground will not stop shaking. As the ground continues to shake, large walls of iron will split the earth and grow up approximately fifteen feet into the sky. Once they reach their full height, the ground stops shaking and his Bankai is ready.

- Bankai Abilities:
Illusory Steel - Passive: The passive abilities from the previous release remain, however they are also increased in strength. The honing makes it possible for him to cut through an unreleased Zanpakutō--Shikai can be sliced through with a bit of difficulty, but Bankai is impossible. His speed and reflexes increase exponentially. The arcing with each cut increases in damage.

Draining the Wall: None of Jiiro's abilities while in this form use any spiritual energy. Instead, they take away from the wall itself--so once the wall is depleted, Jiiro's bankai will end and he will either be forced to power up to Shikokai, or leave Bankai. Because of this, they don't have any cooldowns--but he has to consistently keep an eye on the remaining material. The amount of material left in the wall will be shown in-thread. The rest of the battle deals with swordsmanship.

Iron Spears: By designating an area of the wall and a direction, Jiiro can fire off several long spears out of the wall at a high speed from that location. This ability uses 2% of the wall's material stocks.

Defensive Wall: Placing his hands onto the ground, a wall can be quickly forged right in front of Jiiro's position. This wall has three different sizes, and will nullify a single attack/ability. This nullification only applies to the area of the wall, so a large-scale ability may still deal damage around the wall and reach him. The three different sizes use 2/4/6 percent of the wall's material respectively.

Swords Dance: Jiiro can create multiple swords that float around his body and are fired at enemies of his choice. He can create up to twenty swords at once. The swords each deal moderate piercing damage on collision. Each sword uses 1% of the material on creation.

Fire Release: Katon

- Shikai Release: Incinerate, Hi no Tsurugi!

- Shikai Description: While in fire form, the blade of Jiiro's Zanpakutō changes into a deep red color. A constant fire is emanating from the blade of the sword, heating up the atmosphere near it and distorting the air above it. It feels cold to Jiiro. While using this form, Jiiro's Reiatsu has a red glow to it, and seems to distort as if it were a heat wave.

- Shikai Abilities:
Qualities of Fire - Passive: Out of all of Jiiro's forms, the Fire form has the highest damage potential--it deals large amounts of burst damage on-hit. Every time Jiiro swings the blade, a wave of fire is produced that travels forwards over a short distance--dealing fire damage to everything in its path. The blade itself burns at 67000 degrees Celsius. Upon collision, the fire of the weapon has the potential to leave lasting burns--or even set its target on fire. This form is strong against earth-element opponents, weak against water-element opponents and fire-element attacks are completely nullified.

Voluminous Defense: By taking in and releasing a large amount of flames from his body, Jiiro is capable of creating a temporary shield around himself that defends against most spiritual attacks--and anyone who attempts to move through the shield is dealt fire damage. Obviously, water-based attacks will destroy parts of the shield, while it is almost completely invulnerable to earth-based attacks. The shield lasts for three rounds, at the most. It then has a two rounds cooldown.

Reishi Burner: With this ability, Jiiro can reduce the amount of damage his general attacks do. In return for this drop in damage, he leaves a mark on their body where the weapon touches--it appears in the form of a red butterfly. For the next five rounds, the amount of expended Reishi by the target with the mark is increased by 10%. There can be up to five marks on the opponent at once, and each stack additively. The mark cannot be erased, but its effects can be minimized by reducing Reishi usage to the bare minimum necessary. Jiiro can only place one of these marks per round, no matter whom he tries to place them upon. This ability-mode lasts for as long as necessary; he simply needs to deactivate it in a single post.

Burst of Flame: A simple expulsion of fire from Jiiro's body that deals less damage the further away you are from him. The force of the fire will knock back the closest opponents. Can be used once in a round, has a two round cooldown.

- Bankai Description: The Illusion of Fire is released with the shout of the form's name. The fire that emanates from his Zanpakutō will suddenly burst outwards and grow in intensity. You thought that his Reiatsu distorted the air in Shikai? When he hits Bankai, the fabric of reality itself appears to be distorting around him--it isn't really doing that, but it's a nice touch. His eyes turn a deep red, and his skin itself seems to have cracks in it as if it is molten rock. He no longer carries a sword, instead having to focus on using hand-to-hand.

- Bankai Abilities:
Qualities of Fire - Passive: Jiiro retains the previous passive ability--however this passive has greatly increased in power. Each attack from him creates a large fire attack that bursts forwards and deals a lot of damage to anything in its path. He loses the stability of his sword, but has more dexterous attack possibilities. As well as this, he now leaves trails of fire wherever he walks--and is completely immune to fire damage. However, his weakness to water is amplified--as is his strength against earth. His nullification of fire is improved to the point of his being capable of absorbing the energy from said attacks. He also retains all of his Shikai abilities.

Burn Flux: Out of the abilities that Jiiro has at his disposal within his Bankai, this is probably the weakest. A quick jab combo with explosive tendencies, each hit deals a minor amount of fire damage--but he can hit them up to ten times in a single post.

Reishi Igniter: This may sound similar to Reishi Burner--but there are some severe differences between them. This is a simple fireball attack that Jiiro can throw at his opponent. Upon collision it'll explode, but the opponent won't feel any heat at that time. However, an invisible mark will be left above that opponent that only Jiiro can see. The next time that opponent uses an ability that uses their Reishi--it'll be activated. Not only will that ability be interrupted, their body will also immediately burst into flames, dealing large amounts of fire damage against them. This burning lasts only for a few seconds and dissipates quickly. The mark is a one-time use, and can only be used once on an opponent in a thread.

Afterburner: By turning his hands behind or beneath him, Jiiro becomes capable of flight by using superheated air to propel himself. He can also use this to propel himself forwards to quickly assault an enemy--the distance travelled is far less than Shunpo, but the travel is at a higher speed and has more force behind it upon collision. Anyone behind Jiiro when he uses this ability will be damaged by the backburn.

Piller of Flame: After designating an area of ground in front of him, Jiiro creates a large burst of fire that shoots directly upwards. The force of the flames knocks the target into the air as well as damaging them. This can be used once every two rounds. The diameter of the pillar is about 3 metres.

Sear: Jiiro throws a fireball at an opponent. This fireball deals fire-based damage. This is really all that it does. He can use it up to five times in a post per round.

Cataclysm: When he speaks the command, the entirety of Jiiro's body starts to emanate a large amount of additional heat. At this point, anything within five metres of him will feel plentiful amounts of heat, consistently radiating outwards. For this first round, nothing else will happen--Jiiro is quite capable of fighting just as usual. However, as the round progresses back to Jiiro's post once more, the heat will start to feel close to stifling. In this second post, the heat will double in range, and almost appear to start igniting spontaneously around him. At this point, Jiiro has two choices--both of them equally as devastating.

Pyroclasm: The first state of Cataclysm. By focussing all of his pyrotic energies into the centre of his body, Jiiro can effectively turn himself into a living bomb. As he does this, the stony texture begins to fade from his skin, and he starts to look like normal once more. Because he is placing all of his energies into once place, he drops to his knees--movement becomes heavily restricted as this cocktail of pyrotic energy starts to grow and expand. It is not an assured suicide--in fact, Jiiro makes sure that he has some way of surviving beforehand. But the moment he speaks the command, the energies inside of his body are immediately released for everyone within range to feel. Friend, foe, nobody is safe. The damage dealt by this ability is crippling to most opponents--it can kill a lot of weaker enemies with the general amount of force and heat behind it. The explosive radius is approximately 500 metres--and it lasts for almost an entire post before fading away and leaving an injured Otojiro in its centre. He can still move and fight--but he's locked into Steel Shikai for the rest of the fight. This is a last resort move that cannot lead into further battle.

Dragon's Claw: If Pyroclasm is a defensive last resort, then the Dragon's Claw is an ultimate melee showdown. After the time necessary to activate Cataclysm, Jiiro's skin almost completely harden into shimmering scales--it's almost as if the molten texture had finally set into something new. The scales are of the deepest black, spreading all over Jiiro's arms, legs and upon his back. His stomach is fleshy, but the skin is still harder than usual. His fingers grow claws from the ends, and his teeth grow sharp. Completely channelling the spirit of fire, Otojiro takes upon the form of a Dragon. He loses access to the rest of his Bankai abilities, instead gaining a couple of new ones to use in battle. In exchange for this, however, he also gains a great deal of attack speed and physical damage. This form lasts for a maximum of ten rounds, before thrusting him violently back into Fire Shikai.

Wings of Dragon: Firstly, Otojiro gains the ability to create wings out of the fire itself, having full flight capabilities. He can move at a relatively high speed.

Breath of Dragon: Otojiro has the ability to breath a cone of fire directly forwards, dealing some fire damage to all opponents. He can use this multiple times per round.

Water Release: Suiton

- Shikai Release: Dive, Mizu no Tsurugi!

- Shikai Description: When within its Water Form, Jiiro's Zanpakutō has the appearance of a glassy sword with condensation lining the edges. It is cool to the touch, with a glossy sheen. His Reiatsu is blue-colored, and anyone near him will feel cooler than usual. A nigh-infinite amount of water will drip off of the tip on occasion.

- Shikai Abilities:
Qualities of Water - Passive: Out of all of his Zanpakutō's releases, it is safest to say that Mizu no Tsurugi is the support segment of the weapon. The water that drips off of the weapon itself is capable of healing most wounds, even ones that have been caused by the weapon's blade. As such, the Water Release of Otojiro's shikai is almost completely battle incapable, though it is occasionally used as a torture device on certain beings. The healing is totally null on opponents who use Earth, and damages Fire-based targets further.

Distorted Flow: Most of the abilities on the Mizu no Tsurugi are either passive, or benefit others that aren't Otojiro. This is another passive ability; and serves to confuse and distort the images that others have of Otojiro. While he is within the Water Shikai of his Zanpakutō, Otojiro's presence is constantly distorted. Parts of it feel weaker, and parts of it feel stronger. As well as this, anyone who previously had a bead on his location via the usage of his Reiatsu will find themselves unable to consistently keep up with his movements. It will almost be nigh on impossible to start tracking him if you hadn't been previously. This lasts for a singular post outside of Water Shikai.

Improved Heal: While Mizu no Tsurugi is capable of passively healing wounds, it is difficult to heal more than small wounds with basic movements. Because of that need, there is also a secondary heal--an active ability that Otojiro can activate at any time to cleanse a target with soothing waters. These waters wash over their wounds and provide both average healing and a relief from the pain. When covered with these waters, the target's wounds will be healed by 50%. Improved Heal has no cooldown, but every time the heal is used on the same target, the healing is reduced by 75%. After three rounds, the potency of the heal will be at full on that target once more.

Quick Defense: A healer is still liable to be attacked. With this, it's a lot less likely. Whenever his body feels that it is in life-threatening danger, this automatic defense mechanism will kick in. The attack will seem to collide against him, but his body will disappear into a puddle of water momentarily before reforming nearby.

- Bankai Description: The Illusion of Water is released with Otojiro raising the weapon up into the air and letting it melt down upon him. As it falls to the ground, a large torrent of water begins to collect up around his body, spinning and moving in the direction that his hands do. The torrent then subsides somewhat, collecting in a large pool that seems to move with him--the pool itself is extremely shallow, though Otojiro seems to be able to glean an infinite amount of water out of the pool for use with his abilities.

- Bankai Abilities: (You may fill out your Bankai Powers, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

Air Release: Fūton

- Shikai Release: Collide, Kaze no Tsurugi!

- Shikai Description: In Air form, Otojiro's Zanpakutō is actually very similar in appearance to that of Steel Form. If there were any real differences between Air and Steel, it would be that the appearance of Air Shikai is far sleeker and smoother, as well as being made of a material that doesn't appear metallic. Other than that, Air form has no distinctive appearance traits.

- Shikai Abilities:

Qualities of Air - Passive: The Air Release of Otojiro's Shikai is probably the most unusual of all of his releases. While the other forms have distinctive roles and purposes, the Kaze no Tsurugi is quite subtle in its uses. While in this form, Otojiro's speed is passively increased in all forms, and he seems to create small gusts with each motion. Although there are no major appearance traits on the weapon itself, the field created around it by this next ability changes the appearance completely.

Shattered Visage: The Shattered Visage is another passive ability, and takes the form of a large torrent of wind that constantly circles the outside of the Zanpakutō. The wind is so thick and powerful it starts to distort the light that travels through it, creating a multi-faceted image of his Zanpakutō. He can manipulate this at will, causing the weapon to appear larger or smaller, depending on the case. The wind also acts as a buffer layer--the Zanpakutō cannot cut while this is active.

Blade of the Wind King: In order to use his Zanpakutō as a weapon while in this form, Otojiro has to do one of two things. Firstly, he can release the wind around the weapon temporarily. This allows for a more focussed cut. However, this is not only temporary, but far from the maximum potential that Otojiro can take up from the winds around his weapon. This is where the Blade of the Wind King comes from. Instead of dissipating the winds, Otojiro takes the winds up and forces them into a larger blade. Measuring at four times the size of the basic Shikai form, the weapon is almost completely invisible, save for the weapon's base and the occasional distortion of images that the wind shows. Although it may seem like an unwieldy size, the addition of the wind grants several new abilities for Otojiro to use.

- Bankai Description: (You may fill out your Bankai Description, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

- Bankai Abilities:

Qualities of Air - Passive:

Spirit Visage:

Phantom Dancer:

Earth Release: Doton

- Shikai Release: Smash, Tsuchi no Tsurugi!

- Shikai Description: While in Earth Form, Jiiro's Zanpakutō seems to be made of a roughly-hewn stone. It has cracks over the blade, and feels cold to the touch. It doesn't appear to have much cutting potential, and in fact seems to be more useful as a club more than anything else. Jiiro's Reiatsu has a brown color to it, and feels at its heaviest while in this form.

- Shikai Abilities:

Qualities of Earth - Passive: The Earth Release of Jiiro's Zanpakutō is average when it comes to attacking potential--but it most certainly comes into its own when you consider its defensive power. The weapon itself is weak when it comes to cutting; its power is best used for beating away potential attackers.

- Bankai Description: (You may fill out your Bankai Description, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

- Bankai Abilities: (You may fill out your Bankai Powers, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)


Otojiro's Shikokai presently has no name, something that some would argue limits its power. Several people would find this to be a worry--but Otojiro has no worries about it. When in any single Bankai form, he speaks the command:


After speaking this command, the weapon that he is presently using disappears completely, leaving behind nothing but a soft mist that flows around his body. Depending on his release, the mist could be any one of five colors; but this color eventually starts to fade and meld in with the rest of the colors around it. As it melds and changes, it begins to spin faster and faster around his body, eventually creating a tumultuous roar and disappearing. Once it has disappeared, everything seems to be done--there are no special features that Jiiro has when he's using his Shikokai. In fact, it almost appears that everything is gone--but this really is not the case.

Pre-Shikokai, Jiiro has access to five known elements. These elements are known as 'bases', and have the potential to be further combined if need be. Each of these elements has its own special trait and representation, as well as further possibility when it comes to battle.

Base Elements:

Lightning (Steel): The Lightning element represents Speed. Attacks that contain the Lightning element are faster than most attacks. Otojiro can infuse his muscles with Lightning energy in order to further increase his reflex times at the cost of reduced stamina. Conflicts with Earth and Air

Water: The Water element represents Balance. Attacks that carry the Water element have balancing potential; and can be used both offensively and defensively--it is the most versatile element, but also lacks any specific advantage. Conflicts with Fire and Earth

Air: The Air element represents Accuracy. Although attacks used with the Air element are not the most powerful, it is difficult for them to miss when correctly aimed, and have the potential to cut through even the most difficult-to-aim places. Conflicts with Lightning and Fire

Fire: The Fire element represents Destruction. Attacks with Fire are difficult to aim accurately, and not very fast on their own. However, the amount of damage they can deal is phenomenal, and they have the potential to rip through defences with little effort. Conflicts with Air and Water

Earth: The Earth element represents Stability. Earth-based attacks deal mediocre damage, but it makes an exceptional defensive fixture, as well as the base for Infusions. Conflicts with Water and Lightning.

Once the Base Elements have been understood, there become two separate ways to deal with these elements; each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The first (and easiest) way to use each of these five elements is known as Infusion. When Otojiro uses Infusion, he takes up to three elements and combines their powers to give the most benefit. One such example of this is the Infusion of Fire and Earth to create a flaming projectile bomb--adding Air to this mix gives it more 'oomph', as it were. Note the conflicts--they don't matter too much in infusing elements.

However, this is far from the most versatile ability that Jiiro can use in Shikokai. Outside of the five elements that he has in Base, he also has access to his 'Combination' ability--Otojiro can combine one of the Base Elements with another (non-conflicting) element and create a new one. This gives him up to ten elements in total that he can use in his infusions.

Combined Elements:

Ice: The Ice element is created by combining Water and Air. Although the state of Water can be changed into Ice normally, that created Ice only lasts for a short time. The Ice created through this combination lasts forever--it will never melt, only shatter--and can therefore be used to fight in situations requiring some form of stable weapon. It has its power in being a suitable base for further Infusions.

Storm: The Storm element is created by combining Water and Lightning. As an extremely unstable element, it has difficulty being infused with other elements--but when it is, it is the catalyst for powerful chain reactions that can deal tons of damage. Otojiro needs to be careful not to set this one off to early. It is designed to chain elemental damage over a large area, creating a 'zoning' effect when attached to a proper base.

Lava: The Lava element is created from the combination of Fire and Earth. It is the slowest of Jiiro's elements, but also has large damage potential--it can spread over a great area, causing burning damage and eventually hardening into a powerful stone. The Lava element is good for traps, since it will always harden three rounds after being exposed to air. Jiiro can speed up this process by infusing it with Air and creating a Lava bomb that spreads and almost immediately hardens.

Blaze: The Blaze element is created by combining Fire and Lightning. This is a highly volatile element with massive damage potential. It readily infuses with other elements, and makes a good weapon provided it has a stable base.

Sand: The Sand element is created in combination of Air and Earth. Not designed for large attacks, the Sand element is good when used to spread out an attack over a large area. Elements readily move between Sand particles, and it can make a good shroud.

Each of these combination elements can also be infused with either one Base Element, or one Combination Element. Otojiro has a large stock of energy for Infusions at his disposal, and cooldowns aren't an issue when it comes to creating attacks--he simply needs to exercise caution. His Shikokai has an eight-round time limit, before thrusting him back into Steel Shikai. After using Shikokai, he is capable of changing elements, but not releasing the element's respective Bankai.

Of course, there must always be a special attack that trumps all.

Fūrinkazan (also known as Quadruple Giga): A four-line mantra precedes this attack, which takes in four of Jiiro's five elements (Lightning is once again replaced by Steel for the sake of weaponization) to create a powerful attack. He takes at least half a post to prepare and fire off this attack-and must follow the mantra exactly in order to fully charge it--any distractions putting him off will end the attack. He first re-summons what appears to be his Steel Shikai. The attack preparations are then as follows:

"Let my rapidity be that of the wind."

Once this line is spoken, the air begins to whip up around his body, creating a vortex that surrounds him. A burst of wind is released and becomes visible on the blade, rising up from the hilt.

"Let my calmness be that of the water."

From Jiiro at its centre, several waves appear to come outwards from Jiiro, despite there being no water on the ground--if there is, nothing changes. A flowing blast of water rushes up the weapon from its hilt.

"Let me raid and plunder like the fire."

Upon speaking this line, a burst of fire will blast upwards from the ground, completely covering Otojiro and appearing to distort the air around him. The weapon seems to add a burning flame to its arsenal.

"Let me be immovable, like the earth itself."

Finally, the ground starts to rumble and shake as Jiiro stands completely still. Small rocks and stones appear to levitate around the weapon, spinning as if orbiting the steel blade.

At this point, Otojiro shouts the name of the attack--he usually says "Quadruple Giga!"--and lunges forwards, each of the elements combining and being thrown forwards in a powerful and sundering attack. The damage dealt by this ability is generally phenomenal; and it usually causes large ruptures in the earth and surroundings that are in front of Otojiro. Due to its destructive nature, it is reserved for the most powerful of enemies and the most expendable of surroundings. Once this has been activated and used, Otojiro immediately falls back into Steel Shikai, unable to use anything bar that for the rest of the thread.


What, you thought it'd be left at Shikokai? No chance. Well, this isn't a form, per se. It's not really even something Otojiro can activate on his own. He wouldn't dare attempt to activate this on his own; as it's more of a last resort than anything else.

Most Shinigami, especially at Captain-level or above, tend to have very stable Reishi patterns. Their internalized energy flows relatively nicely between them and their Zanpakutō, and there are few discrepancies. Unfortunately, Otojiro isn't like this. His Zanpakutō and its energies are, at their very core, unstable. While this has exponentially increased the amount of strength he can use, it comes at a cost--his Zanpakutō should never be allowed to break in combat, for the result can only be called catastrophic.

The moment the Zanpakutō is broken, everything dies down and Otojiro appears to go silent. After that moment, the energies within his body start to escape and shoot out every which way. In exchange for complete and utter control of his abilities to an even higher degree than Shikokai, Otojiro goes mad and ignores everything but his target.


"I ask of you; I beg of you..."

Bodies lay around where he stood, the ripped uniforms of Shinigami present underneath the falling rain. He was on both knees, staring downwards at his hands--hands stained with red. He wasn't sure what had happened; though he knew that he hadn't killed these men and women. The culprits were hovering around, waiting for him to attempt to defend himself--they were many and numerous, and sure that they would be able to kill him whenever they felt.

"I just want to know your name. I just want you to fight alongside me."

It had been a short battle. They had swarmed over the menial group of Shinigami; Terada Otojiro being one of the newest additions to the group. As a member of the Tenth Division, he had been certain that he would be of some assistance--but the Hollow ambushed them without even a moment's notice. There had been no traces of them; they were completely invisible and struck from the shadows. The first man had easily fallen, and the rest broke ranks in an attempt to gather themselves up from the superior force. However, it had been to no avail; Otojiro watched all of them fall in front of his eyes--even his closest friend was dead and staring up towards the sky.

"I had friends, allies, everything taken from me--yet you still won't give me this chance?"

Tears continued to fall down his cheeks, the man trying his hardest to keep his composure in the torrential rain. It was difficult, but he finally gathered himself enough to get to his feet, staring the leader in its eyes. An Arrancar stood there before him, readying its blade in preparation for the last-ditch attempt at a fight. He reached for the Asauchi at his hip, and bit his bottom lip. Drawing it from its sheathe, he would hold it at his side with a stoic expression. The beast understood, and motioned for its allies to wait until the end. "You and me. That's all."

"I've been looking for you for all this time. At least grant me this one thing."

His right foot turned to a certain degree, and he suddenly pushed himself from his position, launching towards the Arrancar with a shout. Their blades clashed, and Otojiro immediately felt the power difference between the two of them. He understood that he had lost by merely choosing to fight. His strength, his pressure, his power in general--they were all far lower than that of his opponent. The beast grinned at him. It grinned, and started to push harder. Otojiro's eyes widened; it had been holding back most of its power, and it had still managed to overpower his push completely. Jiiro's feet held fast, slowly sinking into the earth as he was pushed backwards from the sheer force of his opponent's strength. He could've tried another target; but he had been a fool and gone for their leader. He wasn't strong. He wasn't anything--a mere nameless Shinigami about to become another statistic.

"I am loyal to you. Loyal to myself. Please, the stars must have more than this available to me. Just let me survive!"

The power was becoming too much. His body felt like it was about to break from the pressure. Everything was going white, and his vision was beginning to fade. He grit his teeth and attempted to bring out every reserve of energy he had, but the Arrancar was still matching it no matter what. Without Shikai, his power was nothing. Without that name, he couldn't do anything. He was outmatched in every way possible--and he loathed it. He wanted power. He wanted to protect. He wanted to be certain that he didn't lose another friend like that. The Arrancar released the pressure momentarily, before reaching around with a muscular arm and gripping Otojiro by the throat. A guttural growl was accompanied by words--speaking of torture and pain, the Arrancar lifted Otojiro into the air and raised its blade up to his face, drawing it along and creating a cut.

"Please... I just want to know your name."

"Then you shall have it."

His body tensed, and he felt a lingering feeling as if he had been struck by lightning. Grinning at the new prospect, he held his Asauchi down by his side and closed his eyes. "Forge." The weapon glowed softly, but he knew that he wasn't done. "Forge, Incinerate, Dive, Collide, Smash! Amekaze, grant me your power!" The light that had emanated softly from the weapon would then grow outwards, blinding the Arrancar and pushing him back, causing him to release the Shinigami from his clutches. Otojiro fell to the ground and landed on one knee as the Arrancar stepped back and pointed at the black-haired Shinigami. A command was issued, and they charged.

"Incinerate, Hi no Tsurugi!" The steely glow of his weapon turned red, and he launched himself at the nearest Hollow. With a scream, it was lost in a mass of flames. As he turned to face the second, he swung his blade in an arc, taking another three with him. This power was new to him, but he enjoyed it. Hollow after Hollow fell to his attacks, and he realized how weak they were. They were mere pawns, being thrown at Otojiro by the Arrancar. They were a mob; a rabble--his company had only lost because they themselves were undisciplined. He could defeat them if he took them on one-by-one, separating each beast from its allies.

Every time a Hollow was targeted, he made sure to send the rest of them back with a burst of flames. After that Hollow was dispatched, he took on the next, and the next, and then the last would fall. All that was left was the Arrancar, flames dripping from the end of his Zanpakutō as he grinned. "The tables, they have turned, hmmm? Forge, Hagane no Tsurugi." The weapon changed back to its steely form, and he lunged at the Arrancar who had taken him down so easily before. Their swords clashed, and Jiiro felt that it was easier than previously--he had more of his power available to him, but he was nowhere near at that point where he could use it properly. It showed--although the undisciplined Hollow had easily fallen, he couldn't quite get through the defences of that Arrancar. "You are a foolish beast." It taunted him as he continued to push against it, but nothing would work. He couldn't get through, and he was eventually pushed back by the monster. As Otojiro landed upon his back, it held its sword at his throat in preparation to execute him--but pulled the weapon away at the last second. "Get stronger. Find me again. I will kill you at your best, not at your worst. Never forget my face, for I will never forget the mark I've left upon yours." With that last statement, he disappeared, leaving Otojiro laying upon the ground in waiting.


He recalled this lake from his past; a place that he and his old friend had liked to go to while they had been young and foolish. The waters shimmered before his eyes, lit up by the sun, high in the sky. He dipped a hand into the crystal-clear sheen--it was smooth and cool. As he moved his fingers around the liquid, he started to reminisce.

"Jii-nee. What did you call me here for?" The man turned his head, standing up and smiling kindly.

"O-oh, Akane-chan. There you are." He took a quick scan of her features; watching up and down and noticing all of the little things. She was exceedingly beautiful, and he wondered what based god had disallowed him from gathering up the courage to ask her on a date. Oh, well. He continued to give her the kind smile; closing his eyes briefly before turning away and sighing softly. "I'm leaving the Tenth Division." He heard her gasp. He'd been by her side ever since they'd left the Shino Academy. They were the best of friends; as inseparable as brother and sister. She had been the first on the scene after he'd received his Shikai--he was thankful for her presence at every turn. So to be leaving her alone...

"Why?" He knew that would've been the inevitable question. He didn't know how to answer it, either. The Zanpakutō was slung over his shoulder, and he looked back at her. There were several answers he could give; though he decided that this one was the most useful to him.

"The First Division wants me in their ranks. I tried to reason with them, but they wouldn't take no for an answer. They say that my Zanpakutō has untapped potential; that the elements could become useful to the cause," He sighed, "So I gave them an ultimatum: You come, or I don't." He almost heard her cry in joy--he was sure that she had just risen her mood to the roof. "Is this what you want?" He saw her nod, and she launched herself at him--hugging him and pressing her lips against his. His eyes widened, and he pulled back slightly.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" He blinked and smiled kindly at her. This would be a good transfer.


Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


Roleplay Sample

- Roleplay Sample: (Please show us how you role play by either posting a previous post from another site or creating a new one. We do this so we know your RP skill. If you already have an accepted, you need not do another RP sample)

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Terada, Otojiro (WiP)
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