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 Anastasia El Dante Jaegerjaguez [FINISHED]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Anastasia El Dante Jaegerjaguez [FINISHED]   Wed May 22, 2013 2:28 pm

• Name: Anastasia El Dante Jaegerjaguez
• Short Name: Seiyusosha
• Nickname: Seiyu or Anna
• True Age: 121,974 years old
• Appearance Age: 28 years old
• Gender: Female
• Orientation: The former arrancar scientist once served under the science esapda; Anna is now freelancing working for herself or whoever she chooses to for the right cause.

• Appearance: • Short Name: Anastasia El Dante Jaegerjaguez had a much beautiful figure mostly because from her devouring females most of her life gaining something of a perfect looking arrancar female body. The sadistic former scientist has smooth yet soft skin mostly because of her stealing beauty products forming the skin lotion cocktail for her skin making it smooth and provocative every time. She has known to have long blonde hair which is noticeably trimmed which she'll rarely comb because of her love of experiments. Anna's green eyes are the same eyes are from her hollow years they've remained the same making her look very seductive and dangerous in her actions which can work for her advantage. She has a medium breast size a D-cup really the sadistic arrancar likes getting the much needed attention from men with them or perhaps tricking them. Anna wears green cargo pants, black shirt and a light army flak jacket. She has glasses which she takes off before a fight, and an exaggerated hairstyle consisting of a large forelock. The glasses are not necessary for her to see, and appear to be purely cosmetic.

• Bone Appearance: Anna's remains of her hollow mask consist of the left jawbone

• Hollow Hole: Anna's hollow hole is on her left ankle but she'll keep it hidden really to her it such a turn off for her making it think that it beauty it flawed somehow. Maybe one of the reasons why she wears manacles on her legs.

• Reiatsu Colour: With her unarmed combat & sealed zanpakutō, Anastasia El Dante's reiatsu color is in a pure pitch black color whenever she's angry or fighting at her full strength. However, Anna's reiatsu energy will start surging in her reiatsu color turning pitch black with dark orange lightning sparks when using the full relentless power of her Resurrección form. In her Dues Ex state, Anna's reiatsu is dark black with little dark blue sparking within the reiatsu.

Personality: Anastasia El Dante is always kind-hearted, spirited, happy-go-lucky, and energetic, which sometimes clashes with the more stoic group members. She looks up to espadas as something of a role model, being impressed with her calm level-headed nature. Child-like and playful in many ways, Anna tried to maintain a positive outlook and often refers to gloomy or annoying people as "big meanies". Her cheerful outlook often makes a stark contrast, however, when she is sad or upset, and despite her outwardly happy exterior, she seems to carry some insecurities, particularly when it comes to her own future and what she wants to be. In spite of her dry wit and demeanor, Anastasia El Dante values her friendship with her friends, but only after spending long years travelling to Human world and back to Las Noches by herself, that she is able to express these feelings towards them. Her physical mannerisms are somewhat boyish, perhaps a side effect from her past adventures. But her other persona can changed her in a instant.

Mad Scientist's Dark Side Persona: This is the very reason why she was given the nickaname "The Sadistic Seiyu". This is her dark persona almost having the same characteristics of Dr. Frankenstein combined with Dr. Hebert West. Anna's dark side loves to experiment on a whole lot different things when it comes bodies, techniques, zanpakutos or animals it doesn't matter she become the sadistic woman. However, She's love reading books including medical journals to enhance her intellect making that better of medical/dark scientist. In a sick twist of her persona, Anna gets turned on by pain or by the pain of another the feeling actually sooths her making vigilant perhaps seductive in her actions or fighting an enemy. The screams from her experiments and enemy that she hurting sends chills down her spine making her wants to do it all over again. Whenever the doctor experiments on something she's known to putting her initials into the experiment's leg marking them with her "mark of fate" as she calls it. The crazy part about this is that sometimes she'll wears a blind fold to make it more fun to hear her experiments scream of pain. The self proclaimed scientist of legend loves finding out new things which makes her more dangerous doing everything and anything in her known power into finding out secrets and unknown things. Her dark desire to to create to hollow world build with freaks and monsters at her command but also to have her husband be by her side. She is also tactical, A side effect of her teaching herself to be a scientist. She knows how to pay attention to things and play them out in her head. She is not always right, however, For the most part if she studies someone long enough she can learn to notice patterns and otherwise so that she can avoid attacks coming at her. Along with being tactical she is also a well thought out strategist.

Loyalty: Despite her thoughts, Anastasia El Dante can be a loyal person to the right cause or organization the arrancar can show respect a person or organization who has great power. Trust is another factor if help her, Anna will be neutral hearted. Betrayal....Then she'll stop at nothing to kill the betrayer then search and destroy everything they had. Really It a two way street when it comes to loyalty.

Heavy Drinker: She loves drinking alcoholic beverages whenever it Jack Daniels or her true bottle of elixir which is "sake". Really it helps her forget that she's an arrancar the buzz of any alcoholic or rum beverage gives her an drunken-like state. In this drunk state, Anna can be your best friend or a deadly enemy but she can think straight while she drunk and her spiritual pressure acts kinda of wacky. Even though, Anna a wreck coming out of it the booze woman will sometimes get another drink and start all over again. At times, Seiyu ahve been known to be curious and do things that she's isn't aware of time to time. If somebody can get Anna 1,000% drunk a lot things will happen which you won't even believe the seductive drunk persona can kick in and maybe your have a good time with her. But beware of the dark doberman pincher where she biting people almost similiar to a pitbull and it hurts. Then their the unknown crazy woman who might destroy stuff for stupid reasons.

• History: Anastasia El Dante Jaegerjaguez the former hollow known as Alinasha who was a part of a ruthless hollow group known within Hueco Mundo as the "Violent Five". The group was made of five hollows but Alinasha was a hollow with a silent human past everytime that she would devour a hollow or humans when nobody shinigami around the place. Still everytimes something good happens the hollow would remember little about her human past but it was during a fight with group that the female hollow remembered everything and parts of her human memory returned. She remembered once the hollow known as Alinasha was once Alicia Prescott born and raised within Suffolk County, Massachusetts when people were going crazy during the Salem witch trials. Alicia Ally Prescott the daughter of Angela and Bill Prescott tried hiding her daughter in the basement because of the crazy mob they could have gone nuts and killed everybody during that time. Someone was planning something evil because two strangers were planning to hit the Prescott home and kill the whole family. Everybody believed Alicia's mother was a witch because of her supreme healing knowledge and abilities the hidden truth was some dipshit wanted to marry her and she refused the asshole prick brought false charges. As things were returning back to normal, Alicia's father was attacked by a mob of people and the leader which was leading the mob was Jacob Marley the man responisble for her mother's trouble. Jacob's lies actually convinced some people that Alicia's father was somehow being manipulated by a witch the bastard mob tied him up sentence him to jail which Alicia's mother was next. The neighbors of the family took care of Alicia Prescott hiding her as the mob attacked the Prescott home but it didn't end just there someone ratted on the neighbors and Alicia was captured. The whole family was sentence to death by downing but as their deaths were being carried out some american soldiers proved with hard evidence that the Prescott family weren't witches at all.

Alinasha's past came back to her but because of her new hollow mind she didn't care that was all in the past but something was bothering her it was becoming a nuisance. More times the hollow were seeing more hollow humans appearing around Hueco Mundo, Alinasha old group and some of her friends were defeated by these hollow humans she was wondering whatw as going on. "Where did those hollows get that power from???? Hollow that look like humans unbelievable, Now I want that power" She wanted to obtain greater strength maybe evolving should put her mind at ease it took her many years perhapsa decade but she managed to achieved the adjuches state but that wasn't easy at all. The next phase was becoming a vasto lorde but Alinasha didn't know how to do it she was much at a lost maybe these hollow humans were given this power by something or someone. Years later, Alinasha notices some hollows missing around Hueco Mundo somebody was kidnapping them it was only during her kidnapping that the hollow saw the person face it was a hollow human looking for test subjects for his master. Alinasha refused of course but the hollow human gave her two choices to get tested or die and the second choice wasn't a choice she wanted to take so she finally agreed to become a test subject. She was taken with a few other hollows to some place called Las Noches quickly the hollow was taken science laboratory lair of the place and she was put in a cage wondering what prison this was. Alinasha saw many other hollows that were caged as well wondering what was happening but the experiment were looking for making hollows into these people called Arrancar it was farfetch to her. Then it was finally her turn, Alinasha was let out of her cage and taken to the lab where the scientest began experimentation on her body improving it making her stronger of an hollow then some shinigami appeared. The last part was she was given a choice as weird black ball was glowing within the man's hand telling her that she can be different. Alinasha accepted the guy's terms as this weird black ball was activated, she was transformed with all the enhancements and experimentation done to her. Alinasha was actually transformed completely into arrancar as the person wanted to know her name ans she said while rising to her feet "Anastasia El Dante Jaegerjaguez" she said and the guy's nodded.

For many years, Anna served under the scientist arrancar doing a lot of experiments and treating the sick/wounded Arrancar that hurt in battle she loved it. She felt like for the very time that she was making a difference but during some espada's healing she was beaten trying the heal the espada and something happen to her it may have been with her experimentation. Anna's began developing a dark persona which she would change completely she was known to some people as "The Sadistic Seiyu" but the sadistic and inhumane experiments she began doing to some hollows even some shinigami she was known to be ruthless. This got so out of control that her superior used soem experimentation which locked her dark side away which required a human sacrifice the arrancar scientist officer found a perfect subject. The subject was named Hisagi La Vega a teenage runaway which some espada found actually a hollow was about to have him for lunch but track of the human meal within Las Noches's desert. The scientist began experimentation placing some of the human emotions and some chi powers to actually calm down Anna's dark side which finally created a purple tattoo on her body sealing away her dark side. Most people thought the dark side was contained but actually a slight malfunction took place yet her dark side was contained but it split her soul into two. Their was actually another hollow nobody has knew what happen really tried hard to keep this a secret trying to find someway to reverse this but then she thought it must be nice to have a daughter. When her soul was torn, he asked the newly formed arrancar if she had a name. She said her name was Akasha El Dante and asked if Anna had a name despite the fact that they were both the same person. Anna told her everything and then threw her a cloth to wrap herself up in. As Akasha asked her on what would they do now, Anna answered that they could do anything. Akasha then asked where would they go and Anna simply responded 'anywhere'. Anna then assured Akasha that no matter what, they would stick together.

Anna tried keeping Akasha a secret doing a lot of missions for Las Noches and becoming much of an healer for the arrancar group until a fraccion was saw something weird. Anna was helping a hollow girl called her daughter which led to Akasha been trained to be a fraccion, Anna didn't like this one bit because she was a just a kid. The headmaster in charge didn't like Anna's attitude and put her through a punishment phase where she was imprisoned in a Caja Negacion until she learned her manners. Anna thought this wasn't for her and her so-called daughter the moment she leaves this prison that was when both her and Akasha were going to leave Hueco Mundo. But it was too late, An high ranked arrancar actually performed Akasha's execution informing the boss the deed was before Anna was freed from the Caja prison. A fraccion told Anna what happen to Akasha and then the arrancar was in emotional pain hearing such news it felt like a piece of her died but her superiors gave her a harsh punishment. She tried doing missions agin but the thought of her so-called daguhter been killed like that always put her into a emotional phase putting her into some turmoil over the choices she was making. For hours, Anna would train within the ground of Las Noches until her skills and abilities were good enough learning her resereccion but time after time, she felt like a slave. She wanted to become an espada but the more that the arrancar thought about her time within this place the more that she wanted to leave the thought of being ruled by another was unsettling even for her. During a unauthorized attack but some stronger Arrancar into Karakura town, Anna departured from Las Noches thinking this wasn't for her. If she wanted to become an espada then she'll become on her own the memories of her dark human past guided her to the road of good intentions even thought their might be Hell to pay. Anna was going to have to deal with it the former evil hollow wanted to become a good respected human they made given her the tools of evil but the arrancar was going to do things her way. Anastasia El Dante started learning on her own after stealing some stuff from the science labs on Las Noches, She thought that everything can be achieved with great will and determination. She opened an garganta being a little blinded by the sunlight by started opening her eyes thinking maybe this was a punishment. Anna started regaining his sight looking around leaving the portal at the garganta closed the arrancar was in Karakura town but things have changed. This was the start of a new beginning....

Equipment & Weapons
Dagon Dagger: This dagger is 9.14 in. 420 J2 stainless steel, single-edged blade. Extra blades and pommel blade are false-edged. Solid metal handle with a black chrome finish, textured acrylic handgrips with antique red finish. Overall length of 16.75 in.
Kunai[13]: It is a black dagger designed for thrusting and stabbing, though it can still do some damage if thrown despite not being designed for it, and is about the length of one's hand. Anna has about 13 of them.
Weapons Belt: A specialized belt which helps her carry her weapons. It holds her Zanpakutō, her dagon dagger and 13 kunais.
Arrancarized Gigai: The scientific & arrancar version to a shinigami's gigai. This is an artificial body which allows Arrancar to remain in the Human World and interact with Humans. The sealed energies started working into her body wrapping herself into a cocoon and then she breaks out and she within her gigai with she can't use his zankaputo like a normal arrancar would but she can use her cero and sonido powers. Yet whenever, Anna wants to leave her gigai body the body would turn into water wapor returning back into her normal state.

• Sealed Zanpakutô: The steel blade Zanpakutō is differentially tempered using the traditional claying method which produces a HRC60 edge and HRC40 back. This allows for superior edge holding and cutting ability while allowing the blade to absorb the shock of a blow. The hamon (temper line) and hada (folding pattern) are very prominent. The koshirae (fittings) are all made from blackened bronze and detailed in gold. The tsuba (guard) is made from blackened iron with a 'stalking tiger' motif. The same is of the finest ray skin while the tsuka-ito (handle wrap) and sageo (scabbard cord) are made from top-quality japanese cotton.

• Racial Abilities:

• Unique Abilities: High Spiritual Power: Being a former arrancar scientist, Anna is known to have a high level of spiritual energy. Yet her spiritual energy is black.

Highly Trained Swordsmen Specialist: She was trained by high ranked Arrancar. Anastasia El Dante has become an experienced swordsmen specialist. She was shown to face off against an espada becoming highly proficent with her sealed zanpakutō. Anna was able to face against a strong arrancar when she was young but easily was defeated. Growing up, Anna was shown to fight at an espada's or shingami captain level her mastery of his zanpakutō weapon was through her solo trainings. She was striving to become a protector to her kind and her daughter pull his full focus when fighting with sealed weapon. Anna is also know to empower her weapon able to give off black energy slashes with his blade.

Skilled Marksmenship: Being a former arrancar, Anna was skillful in using gun or Zanpakutō slashes and bow-n-arrow type weapons on the battlefield the arrancar trained constantly perfecting him and focus when attacking with different weapons. Anna uses both precision and focused accuracy mind when using a gun and timed sword attacks in battle. This is similar to how a marksman gains skill, and hits the target more frequently. Anna has showed great accuracy, able to kill Hollows and other warriors instantly using one or many bullets/sword slashes depending on their defense.

Experienced Healer: Anastasia El Dante was trained by another arrancar scientist into using many healing techniques and recouperation skills in the science lab. Through learning, reading books and studying different skils, Anna has learned different healing powers to prolong her fights or her training. From becoming an arrancar scientist, Anna become somewhat smart into using known healing and herbal techniques into healing herself and healing other people. Her knowledge of scientific anatomy is great enough that upon examination of Arrancar cutting them up or other test subjects. Anna could tell if someone is playing games or not.

• Resereccion Name: Infiernosoldado

• Resereccion Release Phrase: "Terminate Infiernosoldado"

• Release Actions: Anastasia El Dante gets into her fighting sword stance her spiritual pressure shoots like a volcano all around her. Anna puts the Zanpakutō closes to her chest almost and does something of a sword praying and then her spiritual pressure is released it by saying the release phrase. Infiernosoldado unleashes a black and little red mass burst of spiritual energy, which falls around Anna as black/red rain. Once this is all done, Anna is within her Resereccion state as her spiritual energy calms downs as black spiritual energy pulsates around her then finally dies down.

• Resereccion Appearance:

• Resereccion Abilities: Augmented Strength: In her Reserección form, Anastasia El Dante's strength is augmentedly stronger because of the long decades she spent training improving her brute strength with her transformed state growing through deadly trainings. Anastasia El Dante can actually slam a person to the ground hard actually breaking an enemy shoulder's completely. She can actually attack enemies who are strong in this form. The arrancar can actually block bankai and perhaps stronger attacks but the arrancar isn't invincible, Anastasia El Dante can be killed.

Augmented Sonido: Anastasia El Dante started teaching herself how to use sonido within her resereccion form it proven to have better results within training and on the battlefield. Her Sonido speeds are augmented. Anna is shown to used her sonido speeds along with her reflexes to gain the upperhand on a enemy or find ways to outmanuever them. Anastasia El Dante has become fast enough to outrun her own energy attacks, allowing her to strike and enhance them or launch simultaneous attacks like her cero attacks. She's been known to use her agility to dodge or break-free from cage-like, sticky attacks and deadly situations. Anna have enough speed to match and espada's sonido for a brief amount of time.

Highly Trained Arrancar Combatant: Even though hollows trained her when she was young hollow growing up. Anna started teaching himself of how to use the ways of combat, She started becoming proficent in her battles against both hollows and shinigami. Anastasia El Dante is almost lethal in using punches and kicks making her a fine combatant. Another succesdful factor is the enemy movements it maybe hard to do at times but by reading the enemy's movements by their routine or their style of fighting. Anna can use it measure what attack she can use or counter their attack with something powerful. As for submission moves, Anna was well trained in using submission moves forcing enemies into interrogation or immobilizing them so they won't be able to move. With her submissive skills, Anna can actually break or pop bones depending on her strength of the submission hold. She is skilled enough to even hold his own against stronger & powerful opponents yet it has her share problems as well. Anastasia El Dante maybe trained in combat but he isn't an expert...

Arrancarized Metal Claws: Anastasia El Dante like arrancarized metal claws on her hands and her feet which can be used for slashing and gutting people when she gets angry or wanting to kill something. She can extend them for longer slashes even retract them when friends are around. Stronger enemies may feel 50% of the attack if it blocked by barrier or strong defensives. Anna can use her cero power to empower her claws with energy to do certain energy slashing attacks as well.

Gran Rey Cero: This is a Cero that only high ranked Arrancar are capable of using. It is performed by mixing an espada's own blood with the Cero. The result is a Cero with a much greater attack power and speed as well as a change of color unique to the espada. It is also many times more powerful than a normal Cero, capable of disturbing the fabric of space, it also seems to spin like a razor upon release as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power. It is a drastically potent Cero, used only by the espada themselves.

Enhanced Hierro: Anna's resereccion hierro is completely pitch black hierro. It's an super enhancement of her original hierro ability which can able to block medium and strong based attacks. If maybe able to block somes powerful attacks depending on the enemy's power but if too many attacks comes her way then her hierro would break.

Enhanced Bala: This is an enhanced version of the orginal technique which hardens Anna's reiatsu and releases it in a swift yet stronger blast. While similar in function to a Cero, the technique is near similiar to Cero. In addition, it possesses a higher concussive force than a typical powered Cero does. A Enhanced Bala's ultimate speed and power varies depending on Anna using it; while the power of Anna's version is equated with a particularly powerful super punch.

Enhanced Pesquisa: Her unique ability to measure and locate spiritual pressure at much faster speed then a regular pesquisa. Enhanced Pesquisa functions similarly to super sonar, through a radiating pulse sent outwards from Anna which reacts to sources of reiatsu within a certain quick proximity, allowing Anna to determine the location of any sensed individuals and granting them an indication of how powerful they actually are.

Garganta: This is how Arrancar and Hollows are able to move in and out from Hueco Mundo. A spiritual pathway connecting the Arrancar's world Hueco Mundo to other worlds. Besides the World of the Living and Soul Society, it can open the gates of the Dangai. A turbulence of Reishi blows within Garganta. To move through it, travelers must create footholds using the Reishi. {Garganta's Special Ability: Garganta Broadcast: A visual broadcast similar to a television screen, created by using individual Garganta portals. Anna uses this technique to show the current predicament of any friends or enemies fighting their respective battles. It is unknown if she could create as many as desired, or if five broadcasts were her limit.}

Caja Negacion: A special cube-shaped device which simulates the effects of Negacion, given to members of the Espada by the leader with the intention that it be used as a form of punishment against their Fracción to trap them permanently in an alternate dimension, if deemed necessary. The cube, when used on a subject, traps them in an alternate dimension from which there is no escape; however, this assumes it's being used as intended. More powerful Arrancar, namely the Espada themselves, can escape, given enough time.

Sangre Hilo: Pitch Black Energy needles capable of ensnaring victims, and at the behest of their struggling. The attack started with a energy ball being formed in Anna's hand and dark like needles are spit up enslaring an enemy. It can easily block with defensive barrier or stronger attack.

Sangre Estampido : Anna raises her hand toward the opponent and forms a big, darken-black energy sphere. Then, Anna fires the attack at her opponent by drawing her hand a little backwards, only to thrust it forward at high speed. The Shadow Bomb flies at the opponent in form of a big, black ball with a short, red flaming tail, inflicting a huge amount of damage. Stronger enemies can block or dodge this attack it won't do much damage if it hit them.

Sangre-Cinético: This refers to moving objects from one place to another without using physical contact. It also means re-shaping of objects using the mind's energies. This starts when Anna focus on something with her right hand then her dark energy picks up the object and throws it leaving little traces of blood when it does. The dark kinetic energy has both close and far range. Anna can only use it three times because of the mental energy drain leaving a massive headache. It will take her 1 post to recover if she used it for lifting big objects like giant boulders, yet also it completely stop a medium or strong based sized attack coming her way.

Pincharcalor-Lanza: The power of the arrancar's energy to generate a long weapon similiar to her zanpakutō as her hand will start glowing with black spiritual energy. Anna creates a long bladed spiked spear creating it from pure energy, she can imbue it with black flame energy which it glows black. The number of spears that she can spawn at once is about eleven each spear have the twice the strength of normal shikai weapon. Who knows if their strong then bankai weapon & attacks??? Anna can control the direction of spear or spears with a wave of hand. Yet their deadly stronger then an sealed state zanpakutō in battle yet that proven to weaker to much stronger/powerful shikai based attacks. Each spear has energy strength of arrancar's cero or Hadō #33 which takes some of the arrancar's energy to make it into a longer spear. It wouldn't stand a chance against bankai due to testing it can stand attacks higher based Kidō.
Spear Description/Weaknesses
One Black Spear: A blazing black spear with dark red markings. Making one of them wouldn't drain her at all, Really the only pain that he would feel just a energy bee sting when creating the white spears. Anna's would just pea sized fatigue which is nothing to fear about.
Two Dark Blue Spears: Two dark blue spears with black markings. Making one of them wouldn't drain her at all, Really the only pain that he would feel just four energy bee stings at once when creating the dark blue spears. Anna's would just a small headache fatigue which is nothing to fear about because it would go away in time.
Four Dark Red Spears: Four blazing dark red spears with black markings. Anna's fatique wouldn't be serious just that it only four swords that she creating with her dark spiritual power. Anna would only feel something medium sized headache it would drain some power from her but it would be minimum like a woodpecker knocking on her noggin for a while.
Fourteen Black Spears: Fourteen blazing black spears with dark red markings. The Arrancar fatique would be very serious because the energy creation from the black spears will cause the arrancar to breath a lot harder. But the attack power of the black spears would be very strong but also it can do a lot of harm then good to the arrancar. Because it only fourteen spears that can be created with her dark spiritual energy. Anna would only feel something medium sized headache, hot flashes + like some of wind been taken out of her it would drain some power from her but it would be a whole lot

Pinchar Attacks
Lanza Arma: When using two dark blue spears they can both transform by fusing them together with her spiritual energy forming a double blade spear lance. Anna can use as weapon that is very long and sharp when attacking with it. The power of the Lanza Arma can be used for both offensive and perhaps defensive purposes but it can be broken by too many strong enemy attacks.
Lanza Arma's Special Ability: A energy string is generated from the tip of the spear whip can be used like a bull whip. When this spiritual energy whip hits it had the force of being hit with strong metal bull-like chain. This can do some damage to an enemy but due it power this ability can be used three times due to it power consumption.
La Raza: A machine gun blaze. All fourteen spears come out once attacking the enemy in single file almost like bullets hitting at once. When each spear pierces enemy flesh or something solid it gives a mini bomb explosion which does medium or great damage. Each bladed spear has the same speed as it user so whatever the speed of the arrancar is the same of each spear when attacking enemy. This attack can be block depending on the enemy strength. Defensive powers like hierro can be able to defend against it but it won't last the burning power of the spear will start to penetrate the skin or defensive power.
La Serrar: The chainsaw blade ring. The white spears form a ring around her which spins fast similiar to a fast super fan in horizontal fashion, which can be used offensively or defensively. The bladed spears spin like a circle when the user within the center of that circle the depending on her speed is how much spinning power the attack has. The problem is that she can only use the attack about twice becase the attack in spiritual pressure drainer. Anna doesn't call it a benefit because the attack hurt her as well if touched they spin forming a circle which keeps Anna safe in the center.

• Dues Ex Name: Máquinacaballero

• Dues Ex Release Phrase: "Activate Máquinacaballero"

• Dues Ex Release Actions: Anastasia El Dante gets into her fighting stance then presses on her left pinky finger and bends it backward as a large amount of spiritual pressure is released. Anna's ress goes another transformation as the Dues Ex is activated and her spiritual power is an outpouring amount of dark red energy. Once this is all done, Anna is within her Dues Ex state as her spiritual energy calms downs as dark red spiritual energy pulsates around her then finally dies down.

• Dues Ex Appearance:

• Dues Ex Abilities: Highly Great Spiritual Power: After being experimented on, Anna within her Dues Ex state been known have very large amounts of spiritual power she isn't the same league with an espada in segunda etapa or stronger bankai abilities of the shinigami race. But she a little powerful then in her original ress form. She been to handle her own against some stronger opponents perhaps even shinigami captains. It almost like a super volcano when people gets near her the dark combination of both her dark spiritual power and little heat. It been known her enemies sweat a lot, also causing weaker opponents to have some hot flashes also wearing down their vision.

Resereccion Abilities: From her Dues Ex enhancements, Anna has noticed she can use many of her resereccion abilities from her original resereccion form. The only two differences about them are most of the ress attacks are most cover in metal when she uses them and second difference being the attacks are 30% more stronger. An example would be her Lanza spears will be metal coated improving the spear power and it piercing power of the tip of the weapon. This is really because the attack is imbue with silver energies improving the attack power having more control with them making her a deadly fighter.

Immense Strength: In her Dues Ex Reserección form, Anastasia El Dante's physical strength is greatly augmented stronger because of many enhancements and experimentations that was done to her body ascension from hollow to arrancar. Anastasia El Dante can actually super slam a person to the ground damn hard actually destroying an enemy shoulder's completely. She can actually attack enemies who are strong in this form. The arrancar can actually block bankai many times then her original ress and perhaps stronger attacks but the arrancar isn't invincible, Anastasia El Dante can be killed.

Metal Flight: With her metal wings, Anastasia El Dante has the ability of flying to different places whenever she wants do so. An Dues Ex arrancar needs to fly to soar to become one with the wind with her Dues Ex power can travel anywhere she wants.

Ojo Viga: A standard multi-directional eye lasers which has the same power as Hadō #33. This can be defeated by a stronger form of Kidō or strong based attack.

Doble Guadaña: Scythe blades that extend from the armor's forearms; they can bend and lengthen at will, extending into meter-long scythes. These blades vibrate at an high frequency allowing them to cut through attacks, body damage even body parts if possible even on the user's strength. They can strong strength as a Zanpakutō in shikai state or bankai state. A flaw of the blades are flaw is corrosive liquids and strong ass explosions can destroy even weaken them on contact. In they can be destroyed by stronger attacks depending on the enemy's strength.

Armadura Garra-Acuchillar: A claw slash attack. Anna claws started glowing from her fingers they'll extend giving off an metal energy slash attack which weak but fastlike attack but it causing damage. It can be blocked by armor or stronglike defense. Anna can use this every 2 posts and has the similiar strength to bala but doubled and different.

Augmented Armadura Garra-Acuchillar: An augmented double version to Armadura Garra-Acuchillar which her hands will actually grow as with her claws. Anna's claws will start turning dark black unleashing energy from each claw tip. When delivered an supreme metal energy slash faster and stronger then the original. Stronger enemies will feel the pain of the attack while weaker opponents will have their skin rip off from the sharp metal claws of the arrancar.

(Leave the skills alone until the application is approved. You can then go back and add them if you want to)

General Skills

  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills

  • Perquisa: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sonido: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero/Bala: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hierro: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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Archiving this as apart of my clean up of Old Wip

If you wish for this to be moved back to old wip please feel free to post within this thread

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Anastasia El Dante Jaegerjaguez [FINISHED]
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