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 [SUEKI] Hopper, Dywolfer (WIP)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [SUEKI] Hopper, Dywolfer (WIP)   Sun May 26, 2013 2:39 pm


Name: Dywolfer-Couragewolf-Vezem Hopper.
Age: 571 years old.
Gender: Male.
Orientation: The Sanguine Court.
Sexuality: Heterosapien, Straightsapien, Digs-them-chicks-sapien, waffles, reason why separate bathrooms are invented.


Inhumanity to Man - Humanity is something distant to these Sueki that are of ignoble blood, defiled by the night and putrid, vampires so to say. Unlike the contrary stereotype, Dywolfer is fallible and flawed most of all from all his Sueki brethren. His Machiavellian ways woefully undermined by what compounds towards brief and strange eccentric ways as well as rather glossy agendas in which prioritization contradicts one another. He is enemy of mankind no doubt about it, and sees them as nothing more than tools and inferior beings, which further compounds his otherwise supremacist traits. He does well to keep his prideful demeanor hidden when he sees it appropriate but in those instances it varies. Truly does this man stand close to humanity, but truly is he even farther as an alien figure to that which is aged and forever bound to die, whereas he immortal and bound to live a vast life sans to be deceased by unnatural causes.

Machiavellian Pancake - To think that one with overflowing wits and intellect is a man of finer taste is not far away from the truth of Dywolfer, but he suffers from a case of delusions on occasion, megalomania, and at times, the concept of grandeur beyond him. He wishes for the big at times, and for the small, for those do not hold the same value as it does to everyone else. To quote, one man's trash is another man's treasure is completely true with the strange and paradoxical vampire that is Dywolfer. He has his occasions, to quote, would be comparable to James Stuart I of England, the first Scottish king. He is akin to either a wit or a twit, either of those would best encompass him. It is like having a sword that is sharp. Just because he has a good amount of intellect does not mean his cognition is always the sharpest thing out there, for truly laziness is a travesty befallen the man who finds a fancy towards doing things in the most unusual ways, for truly, is he the worst fiend to grace the world. Orthodox manners violated by his way of thinking as he does not conform to societal norms typically, but in true fashion of being who he is, is CAPABLE OF IT, he just ELECTS not to follow it, except when he finds benefit in it, or finds that it's not really worth it. So to summarize, a man complex as the vast great unknowns of space and many unknown elements out there, is all myriad and metaphorically comparable to his mind that fluctuates between such elements, metaphorically speaking.

Death do you part - His views upon the concept of death is as summed up, that he is not rather inclined to die, but he isn't shy of imparting them from their lives and unto the afterlife. There is really no qualms against killing for him really, but it is like a fine wine to be savored, not to embark rampantly and constantly. There is a fine line to it, and he can do it if he wants to, but he chooses NOT TO. Unlike some more depraved Sueki, his bloodlust is more of a means to an ends, than a decadent manner of venting out their needs and darker depravities out into the world. Really, he isn't that much of a sour puss over death, it naturally comes and goes, but that doesn't mean he is in any hurry to actually embrace death, in fact, contrary to his otherwise central beliefs, it is something that he abides with sheer pragmatism. He will impart but never depart, he will take but not give. It is the creed he functions upon, and often when he gives, he expects something for it, or it delves further upon his plan to which it would enact upon what he believes it to be. He has ambition that much is for sure, and he sees it paved by blood and pleasure, both of which not necessarily exclusive to one another, but tools for him to use. It just happens to be a bonus that his existence relies on them to begin with.

Respect - The thing he looks upon best of all is the motto his life goes upon, Tenka Fubu. Something he picked up from reading quotes from Nobunaga Oda, which is rule through military force. Basically he respects strength above all else, and sees power as the ultimate form of strength. There are many facets of strength that he adheres to, and he sees them all one and the same. Wisdom, courage, intelligence, cunning, subterfuge, planning, all of which applies quite well to him. The more well played it is, the more he would be inclined to view it much more favorably. To those under him, he sees them as tools, but for them to adhere point of views would imply that indeed he also respects obedience, to a certain degree. But these ethics and codes are not exactly final or consistent with the man known as the inconsistent Sueki. Nay, he is but an embodiment of chaos, for without chaos there is no progress. Like all else, they are naught but tools to advance themselves forth.

Chaos - Musashi Miyamoto talks of five elements, that which are fire, wind, water, earth and the void. Those which are all applicable to Dywolfer. He is as passionate as fire, to never persevere in spite of the odds and always keep his enthusiasm that kindles like a never ending flame, he is as fleeting as the wind, to always strive and move on whilst avoiding the brunt of what may incline to do him harm, unmoving like the earth, always there in vast quantity, to keep unto his ultimate objective which at times makes him for a stubborn person, and as of yet, water. The quality in which he is not one to oppose directly but to move around an obstacle, or to merely use what energy they had built up against them, for even the strongest rock is made undone by water. Then pops the void, nothingness. The embodiment of all those qualities he has undone, the ultimate freedom, like eternity, equally just as unfathomable to those that are mortal, and those with human perception. But in that sense, it is like the Heavens, the ability to communicate and to think creatively, to not adhere to a form and to let loose feelings of which he'd follow on a hunch, intuition, or analysis. The options are vast to Dywolfer, and he is free to pursue them. It doesn't help that he is well versed in his favorite book of all times, Legend of the Five Rings.

To further illustrate upon the five points, Earth for Dywolfer is the embodiment of tradition, the ability to remain unchanged in the face of progress or rather more specifically, the calamity of turmoil and chaos. To always remain consistently true to his character regardless the odds, and to be confident when it matters and when it counts in the scope of mental scapes. He has long been confident and overcame his fear to strive to save his own life, having come in danger in some occasion of having once made carnal love to a Vampire Hunter without even knowing she was one, and neither did she have knowledge of him. It was a conundrum but he remained steadfast and cool under pressure, had he changed in demeanor it would've attracted unwanted attention to him.

In other times comes the other embodiment that delves far within his psyche, but nonetheless has a far lasting presence is water. He is like that which is without form, conforming to the circumstances that is most appropriate to the situation. To be defensive and flexible in the situation that merits that response of course, and to assume the form appropriate in regards to what would be the best moment to do so. He has displayed this once before by dropping his pride whilst given a decision between exposing his existence through saving a fellow Sueki, or to abandon them and persevere far longer in the scope of things. He opted for the latter as the Sueki was caught in a crossfire between Hollows and Vampire Hunters, both of whom had slain him in place whilst Dywolfer had left undetected, thus in the larger picture unhindered and unknown. This may make him ruthless in practice, but also makes him aloof as well and enigmatic, but it is not to say he conforms to this always, and he is not a perfect adherent of this philosophy as all else of the five elements.

Fire meanwhile... it represents Dywolfer's drive and passion. To be going always forward and remain optimistic in spite of bleak times. The embodiment of his own aspirations to be manifest and also sexual energy that never tires out, which comes naturally to a Sueki such as he. It goes to say that it is more akin to a candle light surrounded by the dark, flickering which shows at times sporadic moments of laziness that occur in his life. Truly so lazy is he, that he had sat at his couch while watching a movie instead of opting for the more exciting adventure of actually going out to infiltrate a human settlement, seduce the administrator, coax the information out of her and to leave. As he'd put it, adventure time, that Cartoon Network show, was far more important than serving the needs of Sueki by subterfuge and reconnaissance, which had costed the life of his the predecessor to his latest minion, as she had died given how woefully underpowered she was, among many many many many MANY other Sueki minions that were UNFORTUNATE enough to be Dywolfer's minion, as he had neglected them and often forgot to feed them. Which goes to show, his passion is NOT that great.

What is wind for Dywolfer is freedom that is vast and wide, or rather just his nonconforming apathy to societal regards as he sees it more as a tool. The horizon that takes him afar is his master, as he is open minded towards strange things, except to certain decadent people that he loathes with a lot of hate. But further it explores the themes within Dywolfer that he learns, that he grows as the age goes on and becomes wiser all for it. But in wisdom also comes arrogance of age which is true of the vampire.

Then what cometh is the void. The highest energy and most obvious, the creativity most rife within the immortal vessel that is of Dywolfer, the ability to think, the ability to be innovative and inventive. A dynamic and most stellar aspect that lacks an end in sight, for all his years that he has grown, this is an aspect to which personifies him. No borders that cannot be crossed exist in his realm, that perhaps one day he shall even grasp the stars to be that of his bidding in what mad scramble he doth garbs himself in the air of madness. Insanity a trait that one requires to have huge expectations as he would madly grin to himself over what lofty goals he would drab himself in. Dywolfer a man that wishes to overcome his limitation as he is like that, a void. An unfathomable idea to those that are shortlived, but to those immortal, comprehensible and easily reckoned with.

Albion - The end of it all is that he is long lived and lurid, paying no heed to pomp, that perhaps one day he shall be entitled towards what he awaits patiently. An idea, intangible as it may be, achieved not and yet drawing even closer at the advent of space travel, that had brought those apes, the humans, to land on the moon, ever so closer to realizes his dreams. His dreams of a world where Sueki need not hide under the shadows from the tyranny of the sun, but to roam free. The true freedom to never pay heed to anything but the whims of whomever so wishes so. It is a limitation, an impracticality, and a huge detriment to those that are of the nightkin like he. Modern technology bridging the gap from that which was once thought magical and science together. Truly bringing about thoughts as Dywolfer consolidates what thoughts he had of those times that went past and appropriately adapted to those moments to know and see how the world he inhabits fares.


To those that dwell within the abyss, to gaze upon it, does the abyss gaze back into them. A paleness ripples from every surface of Dywolfer's skin as he is pale, unmolested by the crude and scorching hands of the sun as it goes to great care to show he is a handsome man brimming with comely youth. Uncharacteristic of what age he truly harbors from within as a consort to that of the night. Alabaster pastes his entire complexion, milky in texture whilst his face is well groomed and narrow. His eyes shielded and veiled with a mask as it is not for mere mortals to see. His face lacking any facial hair as he is often clean shaven, but on occasions has been known to sport a stubble as a result of personal grooming lacking in such departments.

In a way, it is compared to and alluded to the color that dwells from the crimson of blood does he hair draw inspiration, hence the moniker of bloodletter Dywolfer. Enslaved to the texture that draws forth the essence of what makes light to be perceived as such, the hair can be burgundy or dark enough to be mistaken for brown but in such instances of a lack of brightness to draw forth such inclusion. It sweeps back, striding from his crown and hind, finding itself held in place by gel that gives it a somewhat greasy exterior as it were the material used to keep it so, lest it draw down and lose its defiance of gravity.

His arms are well proportioned with muscles that denotes his athletic build, his fingers spidery and thin as each print are smooth to the touch, and yet cold without warmth. Yet it is concealed within a set of gloves, padded extra with thickness and yet sleek enough to present enough dexterity within the user's feats. A gauntlet of black steel, the makings and metallurgy unknown, are worn and protect his wrists and forearm, stretching forth all the way to his plumed and puffy shirt of olden designs, if only to be veiled by his small cape drab over the shoulders of three wide slits of pauldron pairs.

And by what black blouse he wears, platemail cuirass is worn protecting his chest and back. Embossed with finer details that give it a pleasing detail to those that observe its presence whilst he remains comfy underneath. His subtle internal body temperature makes him so that Vezem is not struck with sheer heat as to sweat horribly, whilst also it remains comfy his fine material shirt of soft threads are comfortable to wear. Underneath is his chest, still consistent with his complexion while remaining statuesque, 14 abs are present on him which denotes his well exercised muscle portions whilst he is healthy, ant not a fatass in any regards.

Racial Powers: (What abilities does the Sueki race grant them?

Unique Powers: (Do you have any powers usable out of Umbra State that is not directly linked to the Sueki?

Umbra State Appearance: (What do they look like in their Umbra State?)
Umbra State Abilities: (What powers and abilities can you use in this state?)

History: (Explain their past in paragraphs)
Roleplay Sample: (Write an RP to show us what you can do)

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Sueki Skills
  • Shadow Affinity: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Umbra Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Dependencies: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sexual Amplifications: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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[SUEKI] Hopper, Dywolfer (WIP)
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