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 Michael's Breakdown System

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Michael's Breakdown System   Sun May 26, 2013 10:14 pm

Breakdown: Michael, due to some serious changes in his personality and abilities along with the research he has done in the Romania, he realized that every person has a unique reiastu structure, which is held together by something similar to how hydrogen atoms hold together oxygen in water. Using the single ability of Breakdown on an atomic level, and with the correct knowledge of the reiastu structure of a person. This system is very much based on the current tier system, due to the atomically structure of a tier 0 is much stronger and more stable then a tier 2 or even a tier 1. Of course, every race does have a unique set of reiastu structure that ALL races share, expect for Nature Iramasha whose reiastu structure is as unique as the Iramasha themselves. While the research can only begin if Michael has a sample of the reiastu structure, which he can gain though watching the sample being used enough or if he took a blood sample of his opponent, which he can look at later once he gets back to his lab. If Michael spends a week (in real time) this allows Michael to 'increase' the mastery of his Breakdown skill by one. This of course can go the other way, due to people with extremely unique reiastu structures that are ever changing, such as Iramasha and Mana and others that it makes it very difficult for Michael, so much so that it reduces the level of his Breakdown skill by one.

For every full tier ( going from their 4 to 3) decreases Michael's mastery by one as well, due to the fact that he has to put more effort into it to get it done and it goes the other way, if Michael is one full teir higher, he can increase his break down level by one. If he is completely unaware of the race of the person, AKA a new race or person of the same race, this ability will not work.

The system works completely off Michael's tier system and the level of Breakdown mastery he has. Furthermore, once he reaches 0-2 He has to relearn the ability entirely because the sheer amount of skill to control the sheer amount of power that's being used from this ability. In short the more powerful and more intimate he gets with this ability the more he can manipulate this into physical attacks, but this comes at a downside of this will cause him damage because of the nature of this ability being exhibited on his body and then forcing it on to someone elses body.

Beginner Level: Can't use the ability

Adept Level: Ability to stop most basic attacks, such as a basic cero or Kidō with ease, though it requires some focus on Michael's part to be able to do it and a physical focus (such as raising his hand). It also allows the ability to stop more advanced Kidō and Ceros, such as high level Kidō and Grand Ray Cero, with the user of both hands and intense focus.
Advanced: Basic Kidō/Cero ( Without Physical) High Level Kidō/Cero ( With Physical)
Master: High Level Kidō ( With Physical, but less focus) Extremely High level Kidō/Cero ( With Double Physical with intense focus)
Grandmaster: High Level Kidō ( Without Physical) Extremely High Level ( With Physical and focus)
Grandmaster+: Extremely High Level (with focus)

Basic: 1-45
High: 46-90
Extremely High: 91+

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Michael's Breakdown System   Sun May 26, 2013 11:19 pm


Pushing tier up to 0-5.

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Michael's Breakdown System
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