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 Mizuko Ichikawa [APPROVED, 4-4]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Mizuko Ichikawa [APPROVED, 4-4]   Sat Jun 01, 2013 3:05 pm

Name: Mizuko Ichikawa
Titles: None
Gender: Female
Appearance Age: 19
Age: 285
Affiliation/Rank: (I'm not sure what to put here.)

Appearance Description: Mizuko stands about 4'9" tall with light blond hair that falls to about her ears. She has blue eyes that seem water like when you look at them. When she is not in her shinigami uniform she is in a loose fitting pair of black jeans, a loose fitting white shirt that says "Dragons are awesome.", a pair of blue sneakers, and her shoulder bag. She is a bit petite, but can do her part as necessary.

Mizuko's Shinigami outfit looks almost traditional. The top is the normal black with the white underneath. The sleeves flow down her arms to her wrists and somewhat cover her hands a bit as if the top is a little too long. The bottom looks like she is wearing a dress instead of pants like most wear. It is black and goes down to her feet and the white can be seen just barely down at the bottom. She wears white socks and the traditional shoes that everyone else wears. Her Zanpakutō lies on her left hip and she has a white shoulder bag that lies on her left shoulder, the bag falling at her right hip.

Appearance Picture: (If you have one, link a picture of your character.)

Personality: Mizuko is a friendly person once you get to know her. Depending on if your male or female she will treat you differently the first time you meet her. For males, if she feels that you may betray her or hurt her when she first meets you she may seem distant and uncaring. She may ignore or stay away from you unless she needs to follow what you say in order to do her job. If she feels you may be very friendly, she will warm up to you quickly and become a loyal friend. She will be somewhat shy to almost any male she meets till she gets to know them better. She is this way due to the number of times she has been hurt by different males she has meet in her past. If you are a female she will be friendly to you, though may be somewhat shy at first. Once she gets to know you she will become a loyal friend with you as well. She sticks up for any close friends she has and will fight by your side no matter what if you ask her to. Betray her and she will never speak with you again, no matter what. She does not take kindly to those who are out to harm her in any way and will distance herself from you if she feels you are out to harm her. She will, however, give you the benefit of the doubt at first and listen to what you have to say before making her choice.

Likes: Mizuko likes Ramen, Sushi, friends, candy, especially chocolate, and water.

Dislikes: Mizuko dislikes those who betray the Soul Society like she did, being left alone, and those who wish to do her harm.

History: Mizuko awoke one day in the Soul Society. She had no memories of the past and she found it hard survive. She found life there different than was she was used to and struggled to get by. During this time was when she meet Hikaru Shibata. He was in Division 5 and was not a seated member at that time. He felt really bad when he saw her struggling. Though she was not the main reason he had been sent there, he took it upon himself and began to look after her like a brother would a sister. She started off by living in the Kusajishi area of the Rukongai. Hikaru taught her how to survive in that area and basic defence. Some time after that Hikaru was assigned to a different task. Mizuko then ended up joining a group of people who where younger. They kinda looked up to her like she was a sister to them. She taught them the same things that Hikaru had taught her and the group survived together.

To survive she stole food for her and the group. By doing this she became an adept theif. She was able to steal from even the most causious of merchants and not get caught. She was the best one in her group. She was, at one point, almost caught by a member of the Stealth Force. She was able to avoid this by paying for the item with some change she had found one day.

Eventually the group wondered over to another area where this one family lived. It was rumored that they had lots of valuable treasure inside of the house. The younger ones, one day had dared her to steal something from the house. She was not sure she wanted to as she normally only stole what she needed at the time. The younger ones kept begging her and so she did it to keep them quiet. When she first looked around the house she didn't realy find anything special. As she was getting ready to leave she passed by this sword. It didn't look special due to being old looking and a bit rusted. However, something inside her told her to grab it. Just then a member of the household spotted her. She made her way out the window as quick as she could. The family member just missed grabbing her as she left. She ran off and all the person saw was her back. The family, in an attempt to find Mizuko, asked around the area to see if anyone could put a name to the description they had. One of the members of the group knew Mizuko was whom they were asking about and gave them her name. To this day they still search for her, but mainly by name since they don't have much of a description.

Once she was away from the house and out of sight she took a moment to catch her breath and look at the sword. She watched as it changed from a rusted, ugly sword to the beautiful, shiny sword she now carries. It looked like a regular, 24" sword to her. As she looked over the sword she knew, somehow, that she must keep it hidden.

About a year after she took the sword she met one of the members of the family in a dark alley. They had asked her to return the sword back to them. She told them she would not hand over the blade and the person got mad. The person went to attack but she was able to get away quickly. She knew that they only knew her by her name name and not her face. Due to this she decided to use the name Umi Ryuuzki for a time to keep the sword safe. Due to her constant moving around she's never really had a place to call home. She has for the most part kept the sword hidden from the family. She joined the Academy about 2 years later in hopes to learn to usel the sword and obtain it's power.

During her time in the Academy she found that normally Shinigami don't get the Zanpakutō's the way she did. The family she stole it from was hoping that someone in that family would be the next wielder. Instead the sword seemed to call out to her in hopes to form a bond with Mizuko. It was shortly after finding this out that she went back to using her real name and stoped hiding. She also hoped that someday a member of that family would find her so that she can tell them what happened and hoped that they, and her, can come to an agreement.

After she learned more about her sword she soon learned about Jinzen. She attempted to use this for many years, trying different areas and diffrent positions. One day, fustrated with classes, she ran up to the roof of the school and just sat there. She layed the sword on her lap and brought her legs up to her chest. That was when she began to cry fromm the fustration. After a bit of time she realized she was no longer on the roof of the school, but in a deep cave. Shocked, she looked around and soon met Selece. Though he would not tell her his name, at first, they eventually began to talk and Mizuko soon was able to call upon Selece. She had graduated the Academy before learning her swords name however.

Her life in the Academy was simple. She make a few friends, most of whom she lost contact with upon graduation. She did well in her studies, working hard with the others. Mizuko was able to hold her own in each of the areas, having a bit of trouble when it came to learning Kidō. She would later excell in it, leaning she seemed to like water or ice based attacks. She exceled in swordsmanship as well due in part to her past as a fencer. She was not aware of this past as it was when she was alive, but she did seem to take to it quite easy.

While in the Academy she had made a few friends. One, Atsushi Kujo, became very close to her. In fact, she fell in love with him. The love was not to last however. He seemed to be drawn in by the evil that was with the Arrancar. During the great war she was finally able to catch up with him. He then told her the reason why he is with the Arrancar. He said that he was part of the Kujo clan. The Kujo clan was once one of the noble familys. When he and his sister were younger the family mansion was raided. He and his sister watched the slaughter of all the members of thier family. He said that he and his sister struggled after that and that he was mad at the Gotei 13 since it was the members of the Gotei 13 that killed his family. He said that he was joining with a powerful group that took him in to get stronger so he would be able to defeat everyone. Mizuko felt bad for him. She wanted to help him so bad she would do anything. It was then that she joined him saying she was following her heart.

Mizuko stayed out of the fighting for the most part, trying to figure out where she belonged. Was it with Atsushi or with the Shinigami. After going back and forth between the two groups during the fighting she finally decided on staying with Atsushi, that was till he was killed by the Shinigami. This was still deep in the middle of The Blue Moon War. Seeing Atsushi killed before her eyes upset Mizuko greatly. She felt a little betrayed by the Soul Society. Due to this she ran off, right in the middle of the battle.

Not much is know about what happened in the three years Mizuko was gone from the Soul Society. Mizuko trained hard during most the time and ended up knocking herself out at one point, causing her memory loss. Due to this the only amount of time Mizuko is aware of is the 3 months it took her to get back to the Soul Society. During the 3 year gap she was gone Mizuko did train and worked hard. She was so devastated by what had happened since Atsushi was her whole life at that point. It broke her heart to see him killed. Since then she has not been able to get close to any other male person for fear the same thing will happen again. The only person she can get close to is Hikaru because she see's him more as a brother figure than someone she could spend the rest of her life with.

During the 3 months she was traveling back to the Soul Society she found herself in plenty of fights. During one fight she seemed to be out numbered. She was using her Shikai to fight off the attackers. A young looking man came around and helped her to finish the fight. This person seemed to have some strange powers. He wielded fire as if it was a part of him. His name was Hotaka Aoki. Hotaka seemed interested in Mizuko and felt she may have more power to her than what she seems. He began to tell her about Hatsuden. They spent some time talking a little at an inn, mostly about what Hatsuden is and a little about what it can do. The next morning Mizuko wanted to see if Hotaka would help her develop her powers. He spent about a month helping her to draw out the power of Hatsuden. Eventually one day she looked around and could not find him. She found out that he checked out in the middle of the night leaving Mizuko there to wonder more about her power, Hatsuden. It was also at this time she realized that she had a tattoo on the back of her right calf. She knew this had something to do with her Hatsuden ability, but nothing more than that.

As time passed, Mizuko still does not remember what happened during the 3 years she was away from the Soul Society. She has grown a bit mentally and phycially, but not in height. her. She remained in her room for a very long time after the last battle, many months to be specific. It took her new Captain, Jaynura, to get her out of her room. Eventually she got over her depression and she began to enjoy her job more. At times when she is in the Soul Society and alone in her room her mind did wander back to her friends, all of whom had passed on. To work out her feelings she wrote down in a book how she felt and what memories she had. To this day she has filled 3 books and is working on a fourth.


Reiatsu Color: Light Blue

Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Selece

Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Selece is a large, blue dragon. He stands about 10 feet tall and has a wing spand of about 20 feet. His underbelly is a cream color and he looks a bit intimidating at first. He has an alternate view he uses in which he appears to be a large, mechanical robot. He is, however, very much able to control himself The robot like Selece is about 6'5" tall. His amour is blue and silver in color and he mainly uses this version of himself when he is training with Mizuko.

Inner World: Mizkuo’s inner world is like a cave where Selece lays. There is a walkway in the middle surrounded by two pools of water. There is a door that leads outside that leads to a large, never ending lake. Most of the interactions happen in the main room which is in the cave. All is colored blue and green. (see picture above.)

Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance : Looks like a normal sword like everyone carries. It's 24" in length. The blade is a duel sided blade with a blue guard and hilt. The sheath is a midnight blue and can sometimes seem as if it is flowing like water does.

Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities: Hatsuden

Ability Use/Effect:Mizuko has the ability to control water and can use the water in the air. This does use spirit energy and prolonged use does wear her out. The control of the water normally is for defence but can be used in offence as well. The use of water only lessens the damage taken, depending on type and strengh of the attack. If the attack is water based it may do no damage at all depending on what tier the attacker is. For attack, it can varry from an annoying sting (Like a spit wad hit) to a bruse depending on her mood for the most part. When she uses this attack her eyes glow a sapphire blue. This takes one post to charge before use, unless she is very angry then it can be right away. Mizuko also does not have the ability to control other water users attacks. She is able to use the water in the area to make her own attacks, just not the water from the enemy.

Release: (What you have to say in order to release into Shikai. Try to be original please!)

Shikai Description: (Your character or your sword's new appearance. The appearance is totally up to you.)

Shikai Abilities: (What are the abilities your Shikai has? Do not overpower your shikai.)

Bankai Description: (You may fill out your Bankai Description, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

Bankai Abilities: (You may fill out your Bankai Powers, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)


PhatomTech: (Does your character have a PhatomTech brain installed? If so, you'll be able to qualify for upgrade at the Cybermind or add other Cybernetic parts to your character to make them stronger. Click here for more information about Phantom Tech)

Phantom Tech Abilities: (What can your character do with his or her's add-ons? This applies to any upgrades your character has gotten from places like The Cybermind as well.)

Phantom Tech Powers: (This refers to things outside of Add-ons unlike Abilities. What Phantom Tech Powers are, in a sense, is basically what kind of power did your character gain from having a Cyberbrain? For example, Shadin Yuudeshi gained Imaginary Computation with his Cybernetic upgrades and has the ability to bring tangible things into existence with his computers Quantum Calculations.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


Roleplay Sample:

It seemed to be the typical morning for Hikaru. He woke up and followed the same routine as he always did. He'd get up, wash, and get dressed. All seemed well in his life. This was about to change, however.

Hikaru had finished up his breakfast and went out to the sparing area where he'd be sparing with his Captain and Vice Captain as was his usual routine. His Captain, however, had an assignment for him.

Hikaru, just the person I wanted to see. I've got an assignment for you. I don't know how long it will last but you must report to me weekly on the status of your mission.

But I've never been given a mission before. Why start now?

I've been under pressure to give you a mission. I feel this one may be very easy for you and, should certain things happen, things will be easy to explain and be taken care off. Are you ready for the details of this mission?

Yes Captain. I'll do my best to complete the mission with no incidents.

There have been reported incidents in the Roukongi of hollow attacks centered in one area. You are to go to that area and see if this truly is a hollow, or something else. If it is a hollow you are to take it out at once. If not, see what you can do. There have been rumors that the hollow is actually a person who changes to a hollow. This is why I selected you for this mission. You and your hollow powers can help me out if this is a person.

Yes sir Captain sir. I won't let you down and will work to bring everything back under control.

With that being said Hikaru had returned to his room. He gathered everything he thought he would need for this mission and took off. The Captain of Division 5 had given Hikaru a packet of information before leaving to his room. Inside the packet was a map showing the location of where the attacks have been taking place. Hikaru became a bit excited. His parents had a home not far away. He felt this would be the best place to start off and would make this his base of operations till the mission was finished. Once he had everything he may need he took off. It was mid-day by the time he reached his house.

As Hikaru walked in he realized just how dusty the place was. He'd not been there in quiet sometime. The house was a beautiful Victorian home that had 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It had one large kitchen with a dinning area, a den, and a living room. In the back was a spacious porch with a swinging chair on it. The house overlooked a beautiful lake off in the distance. Since the house was rather dusty Hikaru took a bit of time to clean up a bit. He then headed out to look for this person they called a hollow.

Hikaru walked through the Rukongi area where the map had shown the hollow had shown up. He was about to give up on his search for the day when he heard people yelling something about a hollow. He ran towards the direction that the people were running away from. He knew this must be what he was after. Upon arriving he saw what looked to be a hollow, but it seemed like it was human as well. The hollow standing before him looked human in nature, but was also dragon like. She had a long tail that resembles a dragon’s tail. On her hands and feet where claws for scratching. Her body was covered in blue scales from head to foot. Her face seemed dragon like as well. She had the snout of a dragon, her ears where on top of her head rather than where they normally would be, and her eyes were yellow with slits down the middle. Hikaru walked up to the hollow/human and attempted to speak with it, thinking that he'd try to calm her down first. It only threw him against the wall. He quickly recovered and drew his Zanpakutō. He then charged in, attempting to hit it with his sword. She blocked and was about to swipe at him with her clawed hand. Hikaru ducked and, when he stood back up, delivered a swift but hard kick to her mid-section. This seemed to have done the trick since it did knock her out. Once she was knocked out she reverted back to normal, but naked. Felling it best not to leave her here as she was, Hikaru picked her up and took her back to his house.

It was a few hours later when the girl finally woke up. Hikaru was by her side. He had so many questions, and was sure she had many questions herself. He first made sure she was comfortable and was not thirsty. After that, he began to ask her some questions.

Welcome to my home. My name is Hikaru Shibata. I found you in need of some assistance and brought you here. What is your name?

Mizuko Ichikawa. Why are you helping me?

Becaue you needed help Mizuko. How long have you been able to do what is was I saw you do?

I don't really know what your talking about. All I know is that one minute I'm getting really upset and the next thing I know, I wake up with a small headache and no memory of what happened to me.

I see. Maybe I can help you with that, if that is alright with you. I can help you to where you won't blank out any more. I'll even try to see if I can cure you.

That would be wonderful. Thank you Hikaru.

From that day on Hikaru helped Mizuko to be better at controlling her other side. Eventually, due to her lack of control, Hikaru and Captain Aizen locked the hollow side away, wiping out some of Mizuko's memories in the process. This is why Mizuko actually thinks she is newer to the Soul Society than she really is.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Mizuko Ichikawa [APPROVED, 4-4]   Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:22 pm

I believe I am finished.
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Mizuko Ichikawa [APPROVED, 4-4]   Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:36 pm

Do not worry nya! The Pawesome Aikuko-Nya is here!
This applications is minesh, nya~! So's let's get down to the ameowzing checking nya!

Applicashion Checklist nya~
  • Namezies Nya~ [X]
  • Appropriateded Age Nya~ [X]
  • Gender Nya~ [X]
  • Appearancu Presented Nya~ [X]
  • Appearancu Described-nya in Appropriateded Lengthzies OR Picturies is Visible Nya~ [X]
  • Appearancu is Not Claimeded Nya~ [X]
  • 10 sentencus for personalites Nya~ [X]
  • Histomi is of appropriateded lengthzies Nya~ [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered Nya~! [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough Nya~! [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person Nya~ [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow) Nyaaaan~ [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) Myan~? [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences Myan~! [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Beginner

[b][center][u]Will Skills[/u][/b][/center]
[list][*][b]Willpower/Determination:[/b] Beginner
[*][b]Mental Deduction:[/b] Beginner
[*][b]Pain Endurance:[/b] Adept
[*][b]Focus:[/b] Beginner

Comments/Notes: Welcome to the site nyan~ I hope you enjoy it~
Tier: 4-4

a beckoned run away leisure

List; Comm; Perm;Temp
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Mizuko Ichikawa [APPROVED, 4-4]   Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:29 am

As part of my little clean up of the application section i will be moving this app to inactives. ask staff to move it back to approve or refer to This Thread
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Mizuko Ichikawa [APPROVED, 4-4]
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