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 [Human] Natsumiko Yoshiaruiki :: Kethelrae Leonhardt [Approved. 6-0]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Human] Natsumiko Yoshiaruiki :: Kethelrae Leonhardt [Approved. 6-0]   Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:48 am

Natsumiko BOOM!
Kethaelrae Leonhardt

Tutorial Level : Getting the basics down!

• Name: Natsumiko Yoshiaruiki
• Titles: Kethaelrae Leonhardt, Bloodvein
• Age: 16
• Birthday: 17th of June
• Gender: Female
• Race: Powerless Human
• Blood Type: B

• Affiliation/Rank: Karakura Highschool
• Relationships:
-- Yoshiaruiki Shizuka [Twin Sister]
-- Shigeru Ren [Childhood Friend]
-- Akashi Han [Childhood Friend]
-- Yuudeshi Sensaiki [Old Hag]
-- Yuudeshi Kaito [Classmate]

• Theme: HOWLING by Abingdon Boys School [Darker then Black OP1]
• Colour: Deep pink, Dark shades of pink with mixes of light shades.
• Quote: ''Don't give up; don't leave anything like regret behind; you'll end up wanting to go back anyways. Always move forward!''

Level One : Customizing down to the socks!

Body, Hair, Clothes and Accessories!

• Appearance: Natsu is a weird girl; she stands somewhere around 5'8 in height. She isn't short, unlike her twin sister Shizuka, probably due to the experiments that Sensaiki wrung out on her. Natsu isn't fat, but she isn't a super scrawny bitch either; she has some weight on her, and she does carry it like a pro. Her hair is a striking blonde, just like Shizuka's; however, Natsu seems to be a lot darker then her twin's going for a shade of golden blonde that makes her look like a giant golden retriever puppy when she gives dat pout. That hair is extremely long in nature, reaching to the back of her legs; but she tends to tie it up in two giant puffs most of the time, thus making it seem shorter because she fluffs it to boot. Natsu isn't scared of showing off her body; her cleavage is somewhere around C-cup, and her fair skin is a bit more tanned then Shizuka's. In fact, one of the most eye-catching things about her, no pun intended, is her eyes. They seem to be rippled or at least strange in nature; like those eyes had seen madness and come through them towards the steps of today. Their color is primarily blue, but others have noted other colors come to mix into the eyes; more then likely results from the experiments by Sensaiki. One can definitely tell that Natsu looks good; she has a slight muscle structure, and deceptively soft skin, along with her easy smile.

Her style of clothing is pretty loud, and yet extremely fashionable. Shizuka does help put it together, but then Natsu murders any and all sort of disciplined courtesy in her clothing. This includes unbuttoning her school uniform to show the valley of her breasts, wearing collars, having two gaudy hair ties with a weird black and white bear, or a ribbon like Shizuka, wearing braclets, anklets. She even has no problems shortening her skirt to the point that one can stare at her panties if she bends over. The girl has no shame over her body; she looks good and she knows it. She tends to dress herself a bit more eccentric then the other person, but does own some black clothing as required; generally however, Natsu picks out some clothes, and Shizuka fills in the rest with her fashion sense. If left to her own devices, Natsu would wear a plaid skirt with just her bra, and a pg blouse open slung over it. That's how chaotic she can look if Shizuka doesn't take the time to fix her sister up. Natsu does have some scars; one in the middle of her back, similar to Shizuka's slave brand mark, but yet it's incomplete. Otherwise, there are some marks, but aren't visible unless one is pretty close to her skin; like the needle marks in her arms, or the light slashes all over her body from the training. Natsu does have an affinity for makeup, and has no problem wearing any, even to cover up the scars! After all.. she loves to flaunt it!

Traits, Habits, Reactions and Thought Process!

• Personality: Natsu is a fire cracker; that's pretty much the easiest way to describe the overtly active, hyper, and impulsive girl. She can never seem to stay still; she's always looking for the next thing to do, capable of massively doing things as she wants them. It might make her seem flighty or hyper, because she's always so enthusiastic about doing the things she likes. She doesn't necessarily give up easy either; she actually has enough stubbornness to go ahead and fight a giant group of guys regardless of the fact she's just one person. Natsu is very impulsive; she does a lot of things just based on what she's feeling and wants, never really wanting to think things through; she likes to leap ahead and charge, and somehow always believes that everything will be alright. She doesn't have problems with just dropping herself into the midst of things; sometimes, Natsu is like ''punch first, ask questions later!'' which makes utter sense in how she is.

Natsu is rough and tumble type of gal, as it started to become obvious. She ain't afraid to get her hands dirty for the people she likes, loves or owes a favour to; she's pretty loyal actually, despite her seemingly air-headed nature. She can be kind of oblivious seeming, straight out ignoring things that she doesn't like, understand, or other wise wish to know; and she's always jumping into fights, having no problem using strength to get her points across. Natsu is a very determined, straight forward person; she tends to be blunt to the point of making people uncomfortable, having no shame in her body and it's functions, and having no censor bar for her mouth. She broke that thing ages ago; the very raw sexuality that she exudes isn't only geared towards males either. The girl isn't picky by nature, and tends to easily find things to do, people to seduce, and well just in general be herself, regardless of what people think. Her bright disposition is often attractive to many, as she holds a confidence that few can really match.

As spoken of before, Natsu has a confidence that seems to stick out; she isn't afraid of anything, and has no problem of going up against the likes of the strongest players out there just to prove herself. She isn't a push over and doesn't allow herself to be taken advantage of in a fight; she likes to let people notice their own weakness, but her enthusiasm and her love to battle tend to make her a little overbearing; that means she doesn't hold back very often. Natsu only seems to hold back in any fight if one it's a spar and two she doesn't want to kill/debilitate you. Even then, she's pretty rough; she's the type of person to think that the more you get beaten, or abused, or hurt, the stronger you grow as you learn from those experiences. She doesn't really like shaming people, but if she gets into the fight, she will taunt you to no ends. The girl isn't afraid to trash talk you, bully you if she's superior; or anything of the like. In fact, she seems to enjoy it, and perhaps one could think that she likes pushing people towards the end of their capacity in order to make them grow. But nobody's sure since she seems to get a rush out of fighting.

Though few people even realize Natsu's true nature. She is an extremely thoughtful and perceptive individual. Her observation skills are next to bar none; her analytical and awareness of people's emotions is extremely high. The girl is very intelligent; she is getting high grades with next to no effort or study, and doesn't even seem to care. She did deny the offers to skip grades as well; relatively, she seems to prefer sticking with her friends then leaping ahead. Rather, traits of these can be seen in Shizuka; however, beneath the entirety of her easy-going facade, Natsumiko is a girl of a piercing mind, and often acts on instinct rather then fully forming ideas in her head; but that doesn't mean she's a slouch in her mind either. Relatively, she was forced to rapidly develop her analytical abilities and such, in order to survive the brutal experiments that Sensaiki had given her. This makes her hard to trick or trap, since when she reveals how far ahead she planned, many start to get afraid of her. Which saddens her generally, as her high mental prowess makes it difficult to find suitable opponents, thus making her bored.. which she generally disengages by destroying things.

She just likes being in trouble, that's all.

Birth, Child, Teen, Decisions and Service!

• Background: Natsumiko and Shizuka were born to a pair of parents; the two girls were beautiful babies, doing their heritage proud. The human family had migrated from another country a long time ago, and found themselves having deep roots in Japan. However, they still looked like foreigners, these traits making them almost singled out and taunted by people. It didn't bother their parents, and they didn't want their children exposed to such a thing so early; so they were really careful with their kids, to the point that many thought they didn't have any. So when they both died in a car crash, and people entered their home and found the two three year olds, it was a surprise. In fact, the authorities were speechless; since finding two children, that young was more then likely sad. The two girls, twins, were giggling and playing with an officer's finger, when she walked in. Sensaiki Yuudeshi had been a family friend, and named their guardian should the parents die; and thus, she took custody of the two girls, bringing them with her to her lab. This would be the beginning of a new life for the two girls, as their world was going to be turned upside down.

Sensaiki began to run some experiments; she gave the girls training for combat that even grown adults would be jealous of, taking the time to teach them subjects like anatomy and what not. However, she began to notice that the two were entirely twins; so she began to shape up different regimens. Originally, her plan was to use the harder stuff on Shizuka, and then soft on Natsumiko; however the latter intercepted an experiment, and demanded that she be put in the place of her sister. Noting this, Sensaiki began to switch it up in between the two. This meant that Shizuka got softer, book related training, but still had a lot of practicals, and that Natsumiko gained intense physical training, but still using books as well. It was a sort of gambit to see if different raising environments could affect twins; however, her plan was not as simple as that. In fact, she was training these girls for an important few purposes, and she told them as such. One; she wanted them to be worthy of their Leonhardt heritages, naming them, by following the pattern in Ketheldrein's name, like she did with Firvanna. Thus, Shizuka would become Firanis Leonhardt, and Natsukmiko would become Kethaelrae Leonhardt. The two girls kept their original names as well, but this was one of their purposes. And their only one that matched together.

Natsumiko was pulled aside by Sensaiki; the woman wanted her to beat Kaito. The Yuudeshi felt he would become too weak; and she wanted Natsumiko to be the source of strength that made him stronger. She wanted the girl to become a violent tempest, and shape Kaito into a stronger man. The woman did let them go to school at the appropriate age, making sure to strictly punish them if they showed hints of their abilities, as children are wont to do. But she was delighted when the two made friends; with one Shigeru Ren and Akashi Han. These two became absolute pillars in the girl's lives, even though they were forced to keep quiet about the experiments that they were going through out of shame and belief that they were going to leave if they were told. So the girls lived happy lives at school for the most part; and then came home, and were willingly engaging in their experiments, slowly seeing that it did benefit them. But Sensaiki's sub-training had begun to word; a chasm developed in between the twins. Where as Natsumiko was extremely combat oriented, Shizuka was the opposite. She was a relatively healer type, which made things interesting for the Yuudeshi, as she further twinked with this information. By using the Yuudeshi network, and the ARC System networks, she began to develop a new system; perhaps one that would be her greatest yet.

However to do this, she needed lots of cooperation, as she began testing a drug, aligning it with the system. The girls were the first ones to truly experience it; and they were the only ones to survive. There was only one reason; and that was because they were strong. Natsumiko took the brunt of the experiments, always hiding things from Shizuka; but one day, the other could no longer stand to the side, and begged to join her twin, wanting to be able to give Natsu more freedom. The elder sister felt disgruntled, but she could not deny the other's free will. As such, Shizuka began to follow her around and the girl tried her best to follow along Natsu; although she wasn't as good as her sister, she worked well in tandem with her, when others would not. The day where one of the dams broke down is when Shizuka and Natsumiko were captured; they didn't torture the girls, but forced a slave brand onto Shizuka, causing her to howl in pain. Natsu, unable to take it, drew upon herself and activated the experiment that they had been under; her eyes turned a shade of red, as she proceeded to try and slaughter everyone. However, she was outnumbered, and was pinned to the ground; that's when the blade sliced into her back, foregoing the need to use a brand. The pain her sister went through awakened Shizuka; her own eyes became red and she proceeded to murder the ones antagonizing her sister. The two limped home, and were not at school for several days, prompting a worried visit by Ren and Han.

They found the two girls in critical states, maintained by Sensaiki's technology. But they were not told of why, and thus could only speculate. But the girls held hands.together, and never seemed to let go. They awakened a few days later, and had to reassure their two friends that they were indeed fine. Natsumiko felt herself become more distant mentally, but hid this by being loud and boisterous; she did admire Ren for his straight forward care. She wanted to make him proud, and thus didn't let herself get down by anything. She did the best she could, always struggling past her own mental doubts, regardless of the people around her. She did hate Sensaiki a bit for forcing them to live this life, resenting her despite Shizuka saying she was thankful. Natsu was just glad her own strength was good enough. However one day, their enemies targeted their friends. Angry, the girls attacked; however, Shizuka was severely injured, as one of them slashed from the mid of her neck all the way to the space in between her shoulders. Natsu thought that her sister was going to die, but she had a surprise; Han had managed to hold down the wound until she could administer treatment for it. It was an unbelievable thing; and from then on, she felt more respect for the male. Ren had fought valiantly by her side, which truly shone in her eyes.

Natsumiko was always making random plans, and causing trouble; although she looked and acted like a delinquent, she was rather high in the school's grades. She always hung out with Shizuka, Ren and Han, always being by their side. The girl was one of a kind, and their lives continued as such in middle school; until their second year, when a new transfer student arrived. Kaito Yuudeshi; Sensaiki's relative, and the one she had an imperative to beat, strengthen, and protect, had arrived. However, he steadily rejected them, and it hurt Shizuka the most; she was a sensitive girl still, then. Natsu however, didn't take no for an answer, and forced herself in his life; one drop kick at a time. She often pushed Kaito around, but she defended him right quick when some bullies mocked him; what Kaito didn't know is that Natsumiko's later half of fights in middle school were mostly because she was defending him. Although Han and Ren probably noticed, Natsu was definitely determined into bringing Kaito into their own world; and thus, she was a sun that kept trying to drag a stubborn planet.. which could be amusing. Though she hopes he'll stop it, and just open up, worried about how Shizuka was reacting more and more colder to what he had done. Maybe she was mad. Just a little.

Natsu made it to high school, and looks at life as a big adventure; no time to waste, let's get things done! She had a naughty grin, and more so, she had a lot of time to burn.

Power Select
Level Two : Pick and choose combat options!

• Human Capacities: Natsumiko has a much higher grade of human power then most; the experiments carried out on her body allowed it to advance to a higher state of human being; she does not possess an ounce of spiritual power however, and this is all using the human body's natural capabilities. They have been enhanced using drugs and training however. Natsumiko is like her sister; her eyes turn a deep red when she's engaged in combat.

Martial Master: Natsumiko, having been trained in mostly combat, always preferred to fight hand to hand, or with her body. She likes the feel of contact; so although she might not necessarily have a specific martial art mastered, she hybrids several elements from many of them. Although this might make her look sloppy and unrefined, one can't deny how strong she is in close combat due to such capability. Her movements are quick, vicious, and generally hold power in them; so she is a good up close fighter, preferring quick strikes over grappling, but still holding a strong affinity for grappling. Generally, you let Natsu get in close, and you regret it rather quickly.

Blade Master: Natsumiko is trained in various form of combat; and although she prefers using her body first, she was forced to learn how to use a weapon at the least. She choose bladed weapons; including but not limited to, knives, swords, axes, polearms; if it has a bladed edge? She's probably good with it. This makes her vastly intimidating, as the moment she picks up a bladed weapon, she can easily make mince-meant out of people. Relatively, she isn't the expert in any category, such as Kenjutsu or Axes, but she can still hold her own with the weapons against practiced users, and specializes in mostly using the weapons in a way to compliment her own straight forward fighting. Relatively, don't give her a bladed weapon; it won't end well for you.

Tactical Intelligence: Natsumiko is extremely perceptive; she can easily tell the area around her, and use it to her advantage. She is also capable of making strategies within mere moments, and not often leaving room for errors, as she makes counters to counter the counter's counter. It's really hard to trap her, as mentioned in her personality, due to the fact that she can easily read patterns and has a massive amount of general knowledge. She can tell what people tend to think, react, and are about to do; therefore it makes it much, much easier for her to slip into the advantage, simply because she often uses that person's own self against them. And she has no problems about being dirty with her tactics either. And that include sexual stunts.

Serial Experiements: Natsumiko recieved the brunt of the experiements that Sensaiki was aiming to give to the two sisters; her tough internal will and determination allowed her to become more enhanced. Natsu's natural affinity towards combat was enhanced with these experiements, along with the forced development of her analytical perception and tactical mind. Natsu also has no ability to detect, sense or see spirits. She is a regular girl, except her body is twinked to do a lot of things a normal human can't.. by her own choice.

-- 0001: Strength
Natsumiko's strength is ridiculously larger then a typical human being. She can lift cars, and flip them with relative ease, as long as she uses two hands; and she can also crack a mountain with a round house kick. In general, her strenght is super strong, making her more then easily capable of dragging others out of their small confines, and even scaring others by the sheer amount of strength she has. This is due to experiements on her muscle mass, changing it's composition; to her, a Beginner level strenght is more of an adept level of strength and so on. This is due to her muscles being inherently changed into becoming stronger; thus it makes it easier for Natsu to crush things per say.

-- 0002: Speed
Natsu is relatively fast for a human being; her speed is generally in the top althelete tier. And yet, she is about a bit lower then Shizuka in speed; where as Shizuka is good a sudden burst of speed, Natsu tends to have a general overall speed increase; however, what she is best known for is not a burst of speed per say, but rather the capability of being able to go from 0 to her maximum speed in mere miliseconds. This makes her extremely dangerous, considering that a single one of her punches can go from a decent human speed to dangerous fast. It helps to increase the strength of her impacts by adding a bit of momentum to them. She generally gets high scores with althletic abilities, but generally tends to keep her speed at average, rarely using the afore-mentioned edition of her speed, since it places a large strain on her body.

-- 003: Reaction
Natsumiko's reaction speed is relatively immense; she can easily take in, gauge and react in a much faster pace then the average human, making her very dangerous. Relatively, she can use all of her capabilities to help in her defense, and often tends to be able to redirect or dodge incoming strikes. Relatively, this capability allows her to use her tactical intelligence to a great expanse, hence the whole counter line. She can think on the fly and analyze things in rapid fire moments, thus making it easier for her to think, just and then more forward with the plans she needs to attack with. Generally, Natsu's reaction capability is so good she can juggle 20-30 balls and doesn't seem stressed. Sure some speed helps there.. but she can judge where they will land and how high she needs to throw them up and such. It can give her headaches from time to time.-

-- 004: Regeneration
Natsumiko's healing ability has been severely boosted up; due to the fact that she's fighting on the front lines, her body's healing capability increased over time. Relatively, considering that Shizuka's damage range is high, one would assume that Natsu's is even higher; and they are right. In fact, her healing ability is almost super human; she heals from pretty deep cuts in minutes, which allows her to ignore most of the damage done to her in mid battle even; though it is harder to heal crossed over injuries, Natsu's healing capability allows her to take herself into a fight, break her arm, set it, and have it healed a mere post later. Relatively, this is one of her best capabilities, as it allows her to tank things like you wouldn't believe; all because her body is able to heal itself at an extremely advanced rate. She does get hunger pains, because it takes a lot of food to fuel that system.

-- 005: Reflexes
Natsumiko's reflexes are much higher then the normal average; in fact, she seems to be able to fight even when unconscious, her reflexes being much higher then the norm. The problem is that Natsu often reflexes first, and has a hard time trying to stop herself from immediately reacting, even from a playful tap; so sometimes she has to overwrite her own reflexes to manual reactions, else wise she may hurt people. Generally, her reflexes are suppressed when she's out of a fight; she lets them go when she is in a battle, which allows her more or less, to counter many things without thinking about it. But this means it can react to help from allies as well. She tends to try and fight without others, considering she has taken down Shizuka when her reflexes thought she was a threat before. Relatively, Natsumiko's reflexes are great that it allows her to fight on a level with many others.

Skills, Specialties, Weapons and Armor!

• Equipment/Weapons: -

Log In
Level Three : Final compression and now done!

• Roleplay Sample: -

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Master
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master


a beckoned run away leisure

List; Comm; Perm;Temp

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Will Skills
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  • Mental Deduction: Advanced.
  • Pain Endurance:Advanced.
  • Focus: Master.

Comments/Notes: Your General skills are allowed up to a 1-5 tier.
Tier: 6-0.

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Due to prolongued inactivity and a missing activity check, this is being sent to the inactive characters section.
In order to claim your character back, feel free to post in the link below.

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Archiving because at this point it's pretty clear that this member has left.

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[Human] Natsumiko Yoshiaruiki :: Kethelrae Leonhardt [Approved. 6-0]
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