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 Pages focus training thread

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Pages focus training thread   June 12th 2013, 6:48 am

Pages Focus Training Thread

Exhaling Page stood in the center of a rigged fighting field that he had spent the past few hours setting up, looking forward his eyes opened slightly, the first aid kit, was on standby so that he would be able to live if he fucked this up, yet he didn’t particularly seem to be that worried at the moment, he just rather seemed like for the most part he was getting excited. Focusing on keeping himself Calm, he was working towards allowing himself to get stronger, the prize was not really being extremely powerful but instead.. it was for the betterment of himself, to get stronger that was the goal here, the thing that he honestly wanted to do so as he moved forward he worked on focusing on the details around him, how it was going on, and around where it was about to happen His eyes slowly slid from side to side, the wind was blowing, tree’s where creaking almost like the tree’s honestly just had been waiting for such an occasion although that was likely incorrect for the most part, as he had come to this place, not the other way around. So now he blindfolded himself, letting his senses take over.

So as he moved forward Page tripped the first part a little wire which seemed to be leading up to a even bigger wire, which was why as this was tripped he quickly ducked, a tree branch was coming out from the side, sweeping at him with deadly speed involved that was going to be a problem to deal with if he hadn’t have dodged it, his nose barely dodged it, as it slid over the Rustling of the blindfold in the wind was intense, he felt time slowing down, the familiar rush of adrenaline behind it, was intense and amazing for the most part, his hair was flying around while he had took a deep breath, the next part though was about to happen, the tree branch which slid by had impacted yet another wire, which when tripped it set up another tree which slung forward like a battering ram tied to vines, descending on him and yet he stood there immobile exhaling slowly, calming himself, and letting his senses reach out, his heart beat loud in his ears, and the whooshing coming closer.

Page moved kicking up his feet going into the air, head tilting towards the log as he flipped over it, slowly his soles of his shoes landing with a clatter on the wooden surface knives having been released from the tree’s above, which he had heard only from an audible kind of roar which seemed of course to blot out the sounds of everything else, though he caught it in time, his feet moving in a crisscrossed dance weaving between the knives, some of which smacked into him , cutting into the skin causing lacerations and bleeding, the two knives that fired last cut the logs bindings sending it down with a clatter as he fell in mid , air his hair moving up, and hands going behind his head to touch the log the pads being enough for him to push off, into the air, as a tree branch came forward swinging at him, this time only his focus allowed him to barely avoid it , the stinging smash of the branch on his hand was clearly there.

His hands moved out grasping the flipping branch slowly while hollows began to come in hordes, amidst the maze, he had heard the roars which punctuated the night, as calmly as he could after he waited, his muscles tensing almost as if he could sense this was far from over, and he was right a cero came flying through at high speeds and he had quickly moved to the side by almost in a twirl fashion sliding to the side, one foot over the other, while another hollow seemed to have come in from the side he was dancing towards, his hand swiping out, and if nothing else but because he was using his mental deduction and focus, slowly he was able to avoid it by falling to the ground hands behind his head planting on the ground, the outstretched claw missing by mere inches, then he rolled to the side, as another hollow foot came crashing down, only then to roll towards another horde, keeping calm slowly he struck his elbow out, hand pressing on the ground straightening his arm ram rod to do a one handed hand stand, break dance style almost as his feet scissor kicked out into two hollows sending them into tree’s then doing a spinning dismount as a cero skimmed his back side, noticeably it left a red mark, burns on the skin eminent, though he landed in the same spot that he had been before, moving quickly to the side, as a fist swung to hit only empty air.
Forward that was the direction that his foot traveled next, into a hollow though he had brought his other foot forward as the one hit the hollow in the gut, he was using this time his speed, pushing it trying to get more out of it, as his other foot landed on the body seconds after the first did, forcing his body to flip while the hollow went jetting like a rocket back into the company that was present, without much of a doubt, Page then landed light on his feet, sweat on his face, while he was perfecting his skill on focusing with his reaction time spinning as he heard the swoosh of another hand, palm conjuring up a single blade, Ein, which cut straight through the hand as he spun like a ballerina foot jerking into the body of that hand, sending the hollow cartwheeling through the air to smash into the ground not before they tumbled into another tree though, breaking quite a few of them actually.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Pages focus training thread   October 5th 2015, 2:53 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Pages focus training thread
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