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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 [Ziamichi-Demon] Kagari Asthavon :: WIP

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Ziamichi-Demon] Kagari Asthavon :: WIP   Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:23 pm

Hikotere Ashtavon
Arcana of the Riding Skies ; Misery

First Breath
From caste to loyalty.

☨ Name: Hikotere Ashtavon
☨ Alternate Names: Kiviel Iahhal, Kagari Kawaguchi, Chariot, Hiko-chan
☨ Titles: Misery ; Arcana of the Riding Skies
☨ Age: Somewhere over 410 years old.
☨ Gender: Female
☨ Affiliation/Rank: (Shadowfall)
First Elder Sister (Asthavon Family)
(Karakura High)

First Glance
To the eyes that divine meanings.

The Primary vision of the self

☨ Apperance: Hiko has no changed her apperance upon becoming a demon; in fact, she has the same fluffy like blonde-orange shaded hair, and the same golden-orange eyes that she had in her life. Her frame reaches somewhere around 5'4, not very tall at all for an elder sister. In fact, she appeared to be relatively short in general; perhaps it was by choice; or perhaps Hiko never really obtained growth genes. In fact, her entire body seems childish in nature, despite the obvious caucasian traits she had inherited with her hair color. The girl has next to no bust, barely filling an A-cup size, as she has a slight hip shape but nothing more. She is able to be defined as a girl, but if she should cut her hair and change her clothes, that might become otherwise. The girl doesn't like wearing shoes, as she often simply downs a white night gown with long sleeves. She can wear a school uniform as required by her school, but other times she generally sticks to this appearance when found by others. She doesn't change it much, and just generally remains as such she appears. This is perhaps an attempt, however subtle, by Hiko to remind her sister Mana of their past. There are several marks on the girl's body; one is on her heart, and another is on her lower back. Both of these are Ziamichi seals, surprisingly enough. She has a single scar sitting on the pit of her stomach, where she had let herself get dragged to hell with her sister.

The Secondary mind of the self

☨ Personality: People in general think Hiko odd; she seems to be quiet, but when she starts speaking, it's often to point out things that people tend to dislike, such as their weaknesses. She doesn't necessarily speak in riddles, but very rarely she offers the entirety of what she knows. She tends to be present fragments of her knowledge, and expects others to understand or even follow it. This might make Hiko a little bit difficult to understand, as she seems to be utterly random, and yet haughty all at once. However, if one were to listen to her words, they would find an extremely intelligent young woman, capable of understanding and perceiving a great many of things. This high intelligent, and perception into others make her often very distant from them in general, even if she cares for them. This is probably due to the fact that she can see the inherent flaws in people, and often has to keep her mouth shut in order to not offend them or start a fight. Those that do get to hear her often will often be able to take her piercingly blunt views, and understand that she means them no harm, but simple good.

Hiko, even as blunt and as perhaps not necessarily judgmental, but forwarding as she is, wishes to help others more so then cause them harm. Many do wonder how she became a demon with such an attitude; she doesn't often go and raise hell on her volition; inherently she is a good person, wishing to aid and improve others. However, if she can tell the flaws of others, she can certainly know her own; and that is her love. Hiko's love is not necessarily typical, as she can become something much like a yandere. This means that simply, Hiko can become overboard with her love; much like how Mana can stalk people, so can Hiko. She is extremely possessive of the things she loves, having gone to such lengths as eradicating demons for talking bad about some of the people hse loves. Generally, Hiko may seem passive, and even non-aggressive, but she will step in if she finds that someone infringes on what's hers.

But this doesn't mean that Hiko is a push-over; if she feels threatened, or pushed, she has no hesitance in fighting; this was easily found out when a gang of demons tried to jump her. She has no mercy on those that would show none; generally, her more passive, and good oriented nature wouldn't allow her to outright kill. But if forced to, she will do so. She prefers beating and leaving them to stew in their defeats; perhaps the competitive side of her nature does help this. Hiko can become extremely competitive, often finding fun in beating others and proving herself superior. This can easily go to the wrong side depending on the opponent. To her, such things as pride or shame are only tools for her to obtain what she wants; and although passive generally, Hiko does like to fight from time to time. She doesn't necessarily hold back unless she judges it necessary; much like a teacher, she prefers to make others reflect, and grow from their encounters with her.

However, if one thing Hiko is known for, it's her apathetic sensibility. The girl has next to no emotions, but understands and does feel a majority of them; she just has enough control to force them to submit to her in most cases. As touched on earlier, her possessive streak may lead to extreme wrath like behaviors; such as when someone touched one of her friends, she deigned herself to break their spine. Generally, Hiko's jealous rampages show the more demonic side to her; vindictive, destructive, precise, coldly rational, and not necessarily sadistic, but not really held back by morals either. She has a good head on her shoulders, able to be rational when many others fall into the madness around her; in fact, this is due to her apathetic ability, as she doesn't necessarily allow herself to feel many emotions. Many have commented that the girl looks dead to them; which can be a good metaphor for her emotional state. Hiko has known to be subtle with her hatreds, as she easily mentally, emotionally and socially shuts out people from her world, and inflicts damage on them from these circles of they dare interfere with her.

Hiko's feelings come to a crux mostly for her family; namely Mana. She eradicated an entire force of demon when they talked badly about Mana; and did the same for Strength, these two being the closest to her heart. As Mana accepts others into their family, she isn't necessarily against them, but holds apathetic regards to them until they have earned her care. She is not guarded per say, as her loyalty is strong enough to even submit an angel in herself in order to become a demon, but overwhelm said demon and absorb him into herself as well. She has a strong will when it comes to doing things for her family, and will stop at nothing to do what she needs to do for them. This dedication may look almost like single handed foolhardy actions from her, but yet, they don't realize that in fact, it makes her infinitely stronger for it.

The Tertiary past of the self

☨ History --

Materialistic Inheritance
The steps of the before and after

Gifts from a life long past

☨ Natural Abilities: (What type of powers come naturally to the Demon? This can be, in addition to, their natural abilities and up to four other abilities)

Gifts from the touch of Hell.

☨ Unique Abilities: (What type of special abilties, attack's or powers does your demon have? Be clear on what they can do!)

Extension of the being
Steps towards the full cycle within

The bonds within family and love

☨ Asthavon Princess State: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)

A Knight for the King-Queen's Service

☨ Knight of Demons State: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)

From the West, corrupted by demons

☨ Akuma Byakko State: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)

To colour the world - the friend's touch

☨ Miss Yellow State: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: [Ziamichi-Demon] Kagari Asthavon :: WIP   Fri May 16, 2014 1:02 pm

Well, looks like you're never coming back so I'm going to remove this from Old WIP and put this into the Archives. If you wish to have it put back into WIP then please just post here.

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[Ziamichi-Demon] Kagari Asthavon :: WIP
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