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 Maiden Of The Sea

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Maiden Of The Sea    Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:10 am

A girl walked out of the sea.. literally she walked straight out of the sea somewhere in America, the whole place it was covered in ruins, full of nothing but ash a mortar.. fires expanding beyond what the eye could see.. .. the earth the sea her sea was covered in blood.. raging before the tide.. she could feel it.. many died hundreds died here.. no.. cities died.. she could feel the stain of their blood .. tainting the sea, filling it up with absolutely nothing.. but death the sea was crying in all of these deaths, everything was no more. What had caused such madness, such despair to the planet to everything, what had caused everything to transpire here like it did, was there really no other option then the bloodied path. . that happened here?!? She the girl just stared a hand clutching her heart wounds from a battle that shook her soul, slowly healing they had seemed to turn back time, twitching .. . and turning closed back and back the clock went , as she looked slowly around the destroyed landscape, her eyes widening as she tried to make sense of the situation. . what had happened..

“..The ocean is crying who could have caused so many deaths here. . . . this is . . . Total genocide what .. . caused everything to die like this.. !!”

This girl murmured voice trembling with fear, as she slowly looked about the destruction , what had she come into , that world would allow such destruction. This was absurd, all this death un-needed, yet it had happened anyways a violent storm which seemed to have only just passed, for this saturation of blood hadn’t even fully disappeared from the tide , causing a phenomenon “red tide” however it was from blood and not actually from algae. It made the girl sick to her stomach, she honestly wanted to retch at the incomprehensible scale of malice and destruction but it was something more, the despair that literally had saturated this air, it just was not right there was too much pain, too much suffering here.. bodies littered the ground yet she seemed to feel something .. deep inside her heart. Something that said that this was okay, this was how the world was supposed to be kill or be killed, survival of the strongest .

“N-NO! that’s not right, everything in this damned planet deserves to have a chance at living! “

The girl collapsed hands gripping her head eyes opened wide like little pin-tipped blue dots in the center of a sea of white, she was shaking quaking taking in the horrible sight, yet she couldn’t stop herself from looking at it. The- the blood, the sea of indiscriminate slaughtered red, of the sheep that had been slaughtered by the oncoming pack of wolves, nothing eaten just killed for being there. Genocide.. no it was something different this was just madness.. the stench of death and despair, it made her want to choke .. just choke. Around now the voice in her head said, it was the destiny of the weak to be butchered by the strong, it had been that was since the beginning, and always would be that way. So there was no use to cry over it, or get discouraged for weakness, equated solely to an early demise. If she wanted to live, the voice scolded her, saying that she should just keep going indifferent to the plea’s of others and the death of many, for the world is a cold place, not a place for kind hearted souls.

“ It’s not right! It’s Just Not Right! I can’t accept a way of thinking that condones the mass murder of innocent souls like this!”

The voice in her head had merely commented asking her if what it said was wrong, if the thoughts that it said had not been the easiest course of action. The voice persisted asking her if she wanted to live in a state of sadness, weighed down by things that she could not control, or if she wanted to get stronger, to live, and become a being of the world that could ride above the wave. These questions raised in her mind echoed all around, as fires blew into a frenzy from the winds, the smell of blood and salt the mixed cries of the sea, the dead wildlife of the sea, the sickening ecosystems that had been burned and destroyed the world was crying from this the destruction here.. she felt it the sea was crying it was crying at all this senseless bloodshed, the pain that it felt was unfathomable like its amazing depths, it was roaring.. free and untamed.. wanting closure wanting to be able to go back to normal.

“..It may be right, However I do not want to think that I am a heartless.. scoundrel, a little bastard that only kills and not loves”

The voice in her head laughed, and spoke once more, the words clear as day, and very much mocking while she had hunched further over rain expanding down from the uncertainty the bloody rain covered in a lot of acid from the damage done to the ecosystem buildings hissed from the rain, as she heart the words her eyes widened more, body shaking full of uncertainty and revulsion yet strange glee at how the world was, conflicting emotions that raged roaring each one wanting to be the dominating force, a battle field of the heart, one such as fickle and warped as her own. She opened her eyes slowly looking up at the sky then at the sea.. her eyes narrowing into the pin needled blue dots in the sea of endless white in the eye, her mouth opening, her lips parting.. the sky was split by a deranged scream one of frustration and one of pure fright and sadness, of rage and hatred.. but mostly of confusion and frustration, buildings windows the ones left.. within the mile shattering from the sound waves.. which seemed to amplify within the rain. . . as if the rain was sympathizing with her .. lonely and torn soul.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Maiden Of The Sea    Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:39 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Maiden Of The Sea
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