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 Tsubasa Unabara [Approved 0-2++/ 0-1 in Shikokai]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Tsubasa Unabara [Approved 0-2++/ 0-1 in Shikokai]   Wed 3 Jul - 21:20

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Basic Information

Name: Tsubasa Unabara
Age: 1000
Titles: Demon Eyes Tsubasa, The Pale Horse of the Unabara. Head of the Unabara Clan.
Marital Status: Divorced
Affiliation Unabara Clan, Zero Division
Race:  Shinigami
Appearance: Known for his eyes that look demonic almost even among Shinigami he's known for his very odd eyes, some people speculate that he was a monster when he was a human and got sent here to torment most people. His blonde hair is messy at times and seems to fall into the path of those demonic orbs that he see's with. He has a very athletic build, making him a fine and fit male. He appears to be in his late twenties at the very best estimate. The clothing he wears tends to change depending on what he's doing. Sometimes he'll wear the clothing of a Shinigami, his kimono when wore is a white kimono with red and black checkered trim around his chest. Above that is a coat worn that has black and gold trim . This makes him stand out a bit more then other people whom dress in a more regular way, though the Unabara method seems clear still to those whom look upon the male. Most of the Unabara are well aware based on image when he arrives what his mood is.

Family Matters: Death, the title which was given to the man known as Tsubasa. The name he took shortly after a while, Tsubasa's real name was once Jubei but for some reason it was changed. Jubei Unabara was the name he originally was given. But the way he acted when he was born was so odd that his parents changed his name at the last moment. Unabara were not a fancy people, but they were decent folks in the Zaraki District. It's here though the Demon was born. Tsubasa's parents came whom to a group of bandits having been slaughtered by their son whom was only a couple weeks into his time here. His strength was undeniable, if only they knew what sort of monster was brewing. Tsubasa grew quiet and seemed to be withdrawn from most, he spent days at times focused on sword movements. His clan slowly formed around him, it wasn't known why. Perhaps the mysterious charm was something that few could deny.

Even Damien Crow paid a visit to spar with the young boy whom barely aged beyond his youth. Damien didn't say much on the topic, but he accidentally did something he'd never intended on. His very first pupil was created. The one whom he created may of indeed been the deadliest, not the best as a student. But as a killer he was very good at the things required of him. The quite charisma of the young Tsubasa became clear to those around him, the Unabara clan was known through out the Zaraki District. Even during Ringo's injuries nothing seemed to perplex or bother Tsubasa. For the fact remained that despite Ringo's injuries some cases indicate that Tsubasa was perhaps the greatest member of the Clan's History. Like Damien he founded something, but he unlike Damien did it without doing anything. His powers are considered something that very few have, but he's a balanced killing machine with alot of miles on his belt. Tsubasa Unabara, the Demon of the Clan. The Pale Horse of the clan, Death.


Silent:Silent and known for having very little to go off of, the male is known to say very little to people whom ask him. Some people ponder if any personality exists at all. He seems to be a very quiet and complicated person. His wife left him due to his quiet and very calculating nature. Tsubasa is said to calculate things that are very hard for others, it's believed he's a genius of sorts that is silent about things. His rivalry with Kakeru is one such thing that people don't quiet understand. He posses a strange charisma that is hard to explain, without saying anything at all. He seems to speak volumes to people, the strangest thing about the quiet individual is that he is mostly unreadable. Even some of the best people that can read struggle with trying to figure him out. Those who have known him for hundreds of years still haven't figured out what motivates or drives him. His Clan appears to follow their silent and cool leader with absolute faith.

It's believed when he was younger he used actually show emotions and seemed to speak even, his words have become few as he got older. Some people claim the most he has said to them was one word sometimes two. It's made him an interesting and perhaps very odd individual. Tsubasa's silent and calm nature does carry over to the battlefield, no matter how powerful his enemy is, he seems to be calm and composed with a confidence in himself that isn't ever gone. He's shown a calculating and calm nature that makes him a deadly and wise person despite his quite and unspoken nature. This makes him in turn a very easy person to work with in some cases, though some people believe that Tsubasa is a harder person to work with then most because of how he acts about things. Tsubasa is in some cases perhaps one of the greater leaders because of his quiet and watchful nature, it makes him one of the few people among the Shinigami, whom would be a fascinating Captain or member of the Gotei 13. However it's believed Tsubasa has no interest in such things. For example Tsubasa is straight forward and very blunt without a single edge of holding back.

At Peace: Tsubasa's changes have come through trial and tribulations that most would never undergo. He's changed slowly and found a zen state of peace. He sees things in a calm way and has taken to smoking from a Japanese style pipe these days and has found his peace finally. Tsubasa's nature is relaxed and laid back a sense of peace seem's to come to those around him. Though his old ways are still present and he remain's rather quiet unless needed to speak. His enigmatic ways have helped the Gotei 13 more times, but his children have brought the old Shinigami peace. His presence and growth have been things few others would imagine. His peace has brought him to state of nirvana. Tsubasa's calm wisdom is often applied to most situations where he can provide them. His eyes are much kinder most of the time, but beneath that surface exists the monster within. Tsubasa is still the pale rider if but calmer about the situations around him. He smokes his pipe and normally stay's out of most problems within the world, he feel's he has earned the right to live peacefully. As his family became nobles from farmer's it's been a ;long road that few have the bravery to travel.

Wise:To say Tsubasa is a wise man would be the understatement of the year. Wisdom takes many forms and for him it's no different, he's created the race known as Shinigami Dolls. They are one of the most dangerous creature's ever forged as they simply have so much skill to them. The crafting and design of them is a rather interesting path he took, Mayuri created his own child as well. In some ways it was similar with the way Tsubasa built Tsubaki. She was the first and the oldest of her kind, two hundred years in two weeks. That was the aging process he designed for them specially. It all came together in it's own ways, he has shown wisdom in the later years. More then most would ever dream of making him a dangerous and strong warrior without many to call his equal. Tsubasa's grown into something of a wise and understanding warrior. He's loved and lost and gained it all through nothing, he's much on his mind at all times. Everything must come from something, Tsubasa has earned his place of wisdom.


Nistelkov: The friendship between these two is something few are able to comment on, it's strange to think that anyone would consider Tsubasa a friend with his strange nature. Tsubasa is known to be such a hard person to know, but it seems that Nist is one of the few people whom is aware of just how great Tsubasa is. Some people do get the wrong read of the situation, though Tsubasa doesn't seem to claim Nist as a rival or any such thing. He seem's to have total faith in his skills. But the relationship with Nist and Tsubasa can be described as simply a mean's to an end by many. Tsubasa is known for his power to draw people to him. The question is, is Nist one of the many draw to the mysterious Tsubasa or perhaps something more. Only time will tell what star Nist was born under.

Damien Crow/Soan: He had a match with the male before, when he was younger. Damien was someone whom had trained longer then Tsubasa had ever done. Damien in some ways became a teacher and passed on moves to the young Tsubasa and showed him things that normally one wouldn't teach a young warrior like this man. Damien and him simple crossed blades it wasn't a matter of anything of teaching, the problem was the accelerated learning rate that Tsubasa picked up things. He was able to figured out moves that would take others many years to figure out in a simple day. Tsubasa has a very high rate of learning and understanding it makes him an extremely dangerous warrior. However he has few relationships outside his clan and Nist, this one was simply an accident. Though Damien is aware of how his meddling change the young swordsman into what he would become later. This fact remains simple Damien without meaning to passed on things to someone else by mistake.

Pestilence Unabara: A blood brother someone Tsubasa looked up to in many ways as his older brother. He took much he learned from him and owed him many things. Tsubasa's prowess and skill surpassed him sometime ago, but it was due to his love for his brother. That he did what he did for the punishment, Tsubasa has always worried about his brothers more then anything else. He didn't care about the approval or anything, he was simply protective of his family. It can be surmised that in having to punish Pest, it hurt him in a way few would know. Tsubasa having to punish him tore a hole in his heart that didn't heal till recently. He made promises to never kill or harm his family. Yet here he had to do it to his own brother. In some ways it fixed the problems of people going against him. If a man will rip off his brother's arm and sentence him to life in the Maggot's Nest. It's hard to imagine what Tsubasa would do to someone he didn't love.

Tsunashi Unabara: His younger brother someone he protected very dearly, he was proud in a way when his brother became War. Sad in a way when his blood relative decided he'd had enough blood. Tsunashi chose a path that Tsubasa just couldn't understand at that point in his life. Love and trust with someone outside of the Unabara just couldn't be fathomed to him. He'd been hurt and betrayed to often to see that happiness as anything more then chains. Tsubasa's point of view did change later after his children came along. Tsunashi's happiness was nice something some people were meant to have. It made him look inward more if he would ever have such a thing. Tsubasa was hardly an attractive catch for a woman, in some ways he was like Yamamoto. But his brother's strength and power to find a woman who accepted and made him better. That was truly all that mattered, Tsubasa has a high level of respect for Tsunashi. For going for his dreams no matter what the cost.

Senso Unabara: Senso Unabara the new War, his brother among riders someone who he does care for. Tsubasa is the older of the two and much like before he takes care of his siblings very closely. Though somethings were different, Tsubasa had grown far more calm and in some ways relaxed. He could be a big brother who looked out for not only acted as a cold element of disapproval. Senso is something of a precious new age in Tsubasa's eyes, that one day his son will stand beside guiding them. But for now everything the Unabara stand far are upon War and Death. The other two still don't exist within the rider's as they've both laid down that mantle. Tsunashi's war ended upon meeting his wife, Pest's ended upon being taken from them. Senso is a new and perhaps stronger war in Tsubasa's eyes. He really does embody the rider far more then the blood thirsty nature his brother had. Though they all had that, Tsunashi's just simply went to pure homicide. Tsubasa's very proud of Senso and respects him as a brother above all else, a love exists their like it does for all brothers.

Tetsuya Tachibana/Unabara:


Warriors Focus: Tsubasa's intense training and focus have improved greatly, he's able to see things coming at him and figure out the exact angle they are coming at and intercept with his sword at the speed of sound. Tsubasa's many moves are done while standing still, the focus is a sphere around his person he can tell exactly where something is going to go by looking and focusing in on it. Tsubasa's able to tell if it's a dangerous element coming at his person or something that should be avoided at all costs. The training he's done since the war to improve his focus and mental deduction on such things has been extremely effective. While standing still Tsubasa can move his sword at the speed of sound to deflect or strike targets coming in range. This training has made him an extremely effective fighter in the close range area. Using his focus and skill to tell the exact position an enemy will come in than moving his sword at high speeds to intercept.

Accelerated Learning: Now matter how often his mother and father visit the subject he picked things up at such an insane rate. Some people were better then him at some things, but when it came to combat. Tsubasa's mind could grasp things at such a rate that even experienced fighters claimed he was simply a genius. In his youth when the boy appeared around seven or eight he was capable of killing an entire group of twenty men without any training in swordsmanship or Hakuda. It is recalled of them coming home to him covered in blood and no bodies being around. He'd learned at such a quick rate and realized his powers all to quickly, Tsubasa was a rare gem that couldn't be described as anything less then that. His quiet nature that came after the incident seemed to be more calculating then before. He studied things by watching and did them. He truly was a creature all his own among his family, the Unabara Clan wasn't yet known but soon would be.

Electric Control: One of the reasons why Tsubasa was capable of killing people was he had the power to generate enough Amps to equal near 18 lighting strikes. He could cause people to explode if they weren't careful. He doesn't care for hand to hand and has a harder time with it these days. Making a person simply explode is a tough trick, Tsubasa doesn't have the power to do this very often and tries to avoid doing it when he can. After all most swordsman prefer to fight with their hands. It's something of a matter of pride that comes from being a warrior such as himself. Tsubasa has shown many talents within his manipulation and generation of electrical energy. It's been guessed at what limits he may have, but the truth of the matter is that he is an extremely powerful warrior and is hard to say what limits if any exist for him. Tsubasa has shown his electrical powers to be able to do many things, healing himself is something he's shown to be capable of.

Metal Control: He can do many things with the metal objects around him, from turning Iron into Mercury with transmutation of the metal. He's capable of bringing metal from the earth forward from whatever minerals that are at his access. Tsubasa's control over the metal around him some people believe to be an odd thing, using the combination of it with his electrical powers shows a rare site that few people can come up with an answer for. He's capable of forming spears and many weapons with metal made of almost any martial that can be thought of. So long as it exists within the realm of metal he's capable of producing something that most people cannot handle without having an extreme problem. He's able to make Railgun's with the metal he gets his hands on, however he can go far faster then what the average railgun can when his Zanpakutō is released. His full extent of control in this hasn't been seen. Tsubasa tends to hold his metal powers back when fighting. The reasoning for this is unknown to all whom know him well enough.

Fading: Tsubasa has shown a rather special power, this one is strange to many. Those on tier with him are able to detect him as are those above him. However Tsubasa's presence tends to disappear from time to time, it's got a time lapse though people do get used to his lack of being in the area. He doesn't tend to be bothered when they see him. This move is something he uses to avoid fighting weaklings or to simply kill them and be done with it. It's something Tsubasa's personality and movements of how he carries himself have given birth too. Though those who look for him and know him are fairly immune to it. The enemies whom do not know him are in for a treat when this man wanders into their territory seeking blood. Tsubasa has shown the great strength to do this and remain unseen by most, this power however does stop working after 30 minutes. (30 posts) This is simply something those new to him must beware.

Radar: Many have claimed this comes at the fault of Damien, Tsubasa through his fight learned how to use a rather strange version of Damien's move. Tsubasa is able to sense things in an instant, be they object or people if they come into a 20 meter range. Hiding or not he is capable of sensing them and pin pointing their location through the electrical energy within the air, using static electricity it allows him to do it even better. This works even greater in the air, he's got this power for the reason of catching those whom are hiding from him. However it also allows him to calculate the exact location of a person and detect them despite how fast they may be moving. Ringo has claimed Tsubasa has eyes in the back of his head due to this, he's capable of following anyone through this method. Tsubasa is known as the Demon for a reason and without a doubt is considered one of the stronger Shinigami whom roam free right now of the Gotei 13.

Master Swordsman: Tsubasa has shown such skill with a sword that many people believe him to be one of the best, his family stated he practiced in the rain for days. Moving slowly through it, going into forms and out of them. He seemed to have a focus that most people didn't have, through this he began gaining skills within the fighting realm of Swordsmanship that many do not have. Tsubasa fights with simple swordsmanship most of the time, however it can be stated among his clan's strange sword styles he's considered a true killer. Tsubasa is capable of doing amazing things with the sword, he's an artist with it and more over. A true killer without equal in his clan at the moment. Tsubasa's pure sword skills make him into a lethal and deadly weapon that can cut through even energy without effort. Tsubasa is known as one of the Unabara's Four Horseman for this reason, however he is also their leader. The title of Death is not given out lightly, however Tsubasa has no interest in titles.

In Tsubasa's hands alone a sword doesn't become anything less then a weapon capable of slaughtering thousands. He's capable of making his weapon feel heavier or lighter on a whim. It's a passive skill due to just the sheer amount of skill the man has with a sword that he is capable of bringing even some true greats down to their knee's. Tsubasa isn't new to the world of fighting and taking things that he wants. Tsubasa's swordsmanship allows him to copy things he see's through his advanced learning of just watching things. It normally takes him a couple posts to figure out a method to do things that shock and wow the people around him. His sword strokes are said to be legendary among even his clan, one stroke of his sword is one paint brush upon the paper of the Mona Lisa. Tsubasa truly does seem to connect with his weapon very well enjoy the use of a sword over something like his hands. The Unabara Clan's Leader and perhaps one of the greatest Swordsman in generations.

Enhanced Speed: Tsubasa has a naturally increased speed that most people are aware of, his electrical powers enhance his vitals better then what one would expect. However his passive powers make him an extremely deadly person to manage. Tsubasa has shown great speed, some people believe he can exceed the fastest paces set by other people. Tsubasa just knows where to move before the other guy which allows him to act. This isn't saying he is the fastest or the greatest in speed. Tsubasa can keep up with fair amounts of fast people without breaking a sweat. His speed is naturally increased by one, meaning if he's an adept he's truly an Advanced. Tsubasa specializes in fighting people in a physical method but is capable of using his energy in a way that few people can match. Now this power doesn't mean Tsubasa is a GM if he is a Master in Speed, Tsubasa simple is capable of showing a great deal of speed that even Ringo acknowledges him as a quick person.

Enhanced Strength: Similar to his great power as a fighter in this way, Tsubasa is equally strong as he is fast. If he's an Adept in strength, he truly is an Advanced. Making him a strong man able to perform some very massive if not extremely deadly powers that are capable of doing things that most people could only dream of. His natural strength and speed make him an exceptional killer when he is dealing with people, Tsubasa has shown a great deal of strength at times, throwing away people that are three to four sizes larger and more muscular then he is. Tsubasa's strength however cannot go past Master into GM. He is however a very strong man capable of fighting against some of the better people whom challenge him as a warrior. Tsubasa has few holes in his warrior's method, using the electrical energy he is able to has given him a far greater offense and defense then most would expect from one his age. And with his learning powers he's never to be treated as a child.

Enhanced Spiritual Pressure: Tsubasa has immense spiritual pressure, to the point he puts shackles on that are hidden beneath his kimono. The shackles are simply used for keeping his immense power in line. Just to make it easier to control. Their is no chain between the two shackles, Tsubasa can easily break them when he does decide to fight all out. However Tsubasa's spiritual pressure was so huge when he was a child that he inflicted damage on people and had put up a mental block to prevent himself from using them all, he's decided to keep up the mental wall, he designed it and built it around his Zanpakutō allowing him and it to communicate with one another. He's shown a great deal of skill in his own ways and due to the massive amount of reiatsu he claims to of spoken to his sword when he was but a small child before the event when he slaughtered the group of men. Tsubasa's nature has evolved and changed due to the great amount of pressure he has.

Enhanced Regeneration: Tsubasa is able to restore lost organs and injuries at an extremely high rate, his power within this field makes him a frightening person to deal with. It's never been looked into on what it would actually take to bring him down. Tsubasa is capable of regenerating the limbs on his body in a fairly quick manner. Tsubasa is capable of using this power on other people if he desires. Not this is what makes him a extremely versatile fighter whom has many choices when fighting enemies whom he comes across, it's unknown how he does fight with people when he decides to do so. Some people believe Tsubasa is one of the more cunning fighters, the truth is simply that the male whom in many cases is known as simply the Pale Enigma isn't someone one can read or come up with an answer for simple, His body is immune to any poison that it comes across, if he's come across it before hand his body learns much like him how to adapt around the poison or seal. Tsubasa uses his Nanobots and Electrical powers to achieve the regeneration that he does, each is capable of more.

Killer Intent This is a power that Tsubasa has shown time and time again, not knowing that the clan had the power of it. Though it's only through tragic means this power is brought forward, for Tsubasa it was the murder of his sister that allowed him. For his daughter she has her own reasons she can use it. Each person bears the weight of a guilt to use this move, they never move forward or backwards at times. But in truth this power is a fierce one, by giving off an aura unlike any reishi or spiritual pressure ever felt. The user is capable of producing an intent to kill that is so real that enemies will feel as though they've been stabbed just in your presence, how this works is the aura comes from their reiatsu and being. So far only two strong users have been produced capable of doing this. The stronger your mental deduction the more powerful the effect of this power. It uses your own power to see against you, making you see more the wiser you are. Though this move still effect's those of an unwise nature. Some are used to the aura of killing that it doesn't rattle them, being stabbed or hit is simply a matter of life. Tsubasa's aura is several times stronger then most due to the traumatic life he's lead. Those of a weak constitution can barely stand next to him when the move is activated. This is a blood release power that they have obtained through suffering.

When the user activates it a red aura covers their body, eyes begin to glow a bloody read and horror seem's to engulf the field around them, people are shown fears that look real when they stare into the eyes of those strong enough. However the only one in clan history able to do it so far is Tsubasa, the guilt of killing his own sister has weighed on his soul for so long that the mark has made him stronger. Tsubasa's use of this move is rare but when used it has effect that are extreme and at some points dangerous. This move doesn't cause harm to the person whom is on the end of it, some can stand their ground with a great unease. But this move does not harm physically. Everything going on is a mental based thing and is stronger for that fact if you are stronger mentally.


Binding Tigers: The kido spell designed to create four tigers that come from where ever Tsubasa wishes, these tigers bite into the arms and legs of the person. They can emerge from the ground or come from the air itself, these are a special binding kido that can create more than simply one or two. His special spell he came up with on his own time. These tigers are used for a binding purpose but can be used as offensive Hadō if need be. The tigers which bite into the enemy can be exploded at will, causing a large amount of damage to the target. Tsubasa simply needs to decide if he wishes for the enemy to be blown up on top of everything else. The amount of energy the tigers explode with is entirely up to him, showing a great amount of control of the kido based element as he trained.

Kido Cuffs: Tsubasa came up with a variation on Damien Crow's move after witnessing it, these cuffs are far more intense than the pair Damien puts on. Like carrying around mountains on your body and energy. These are specially made for those who have reached 0 tier. Tsubasa uses them to teach people and put their bodies in a place they desire them to be. These can hide the energy of those wearing them fairly well and even make it appear they are weaker. These cuffs are much like Damien's invisible, but are far more intense. The practice of putting heavier cuffs on the energy of someone is dangerous and isn't something most would do. Tsubasa's method of training with these heavier cuffs is purely for those he can aid in growing stronger. The tier upgrade will be slow, but if the cuffs are worn for five threads improvements will be seen, this depends on the characters strengths physically and spiritually of course

The Tiger's Mirror: This is the last kido Tsubasa developed, it's a mirror based kido that creates a defensive barrier. Something capable of absorbing the impact of energy based attacks and fire them back on the person. The max amount of kido mirrors are up to four, the blast can be reflected through them and hitting a target. Tsubasa's many methods of fighting developed more after he built this move, training himself endlessly. The power he created with all this was developed for the single purpose of training himself to insane levels, Tsubasa's mirror kido is something fairly rare using the idea of Danku and taking it to the next level. The mirror kido can reflect other kido and bounce them off all the way up to 99 allowing him a great deal of control and freedom with them. Each mirror takes a single turn for one mirror to form than vice versa. If an attack is absorbed by one mirror and no others are made it takes two turns to fire. One to absorb the next to fire it, this is not an instantaneous effect unless two or more are present.

Electric Cage: This is a move that he uses fairly often, it allows him to fight at any place he desires an trap people within and keep those outside of it from fighting. Tsubasa can make the size of his cage miles wide if he wants, he's capable of cutting off a city from the outside at times if he wants. However this takes a tremendous amount of power, the cities size does come into question. He can make it small enough to capture a person within it's confines, the power of the electrical cage shocking them into submission, the amount amps can be controlled by him to the point he could quite literally make someone explode from it. He is not limited to making just cages though. He can make walls of electrical energy and hold people back with his power over the power of Lighting. This makes him a strong and dangerous shinigami among the ranks of his race to be feared by many.

Metal Cage: This in contrast to the other thing he can do, is making a cage of metal it is unknown what kind of metal he'll normally decide that based on what he is dealing with. When shutting down his event only power he'll find a rare metal or design one of his owns by combining many of them, creating a wall that doesn't conduct electricity. However again he can make these walls and even domes of metal when he desires. The thing about this cage is his control over the metal itself is rather impressive, he's capable of making a fine weapon out of the metal shell he is creating, depending on how large he makes it. The size control and metal type are all within his realm of doing, Tsubasa despite his nature is capable of turning things into an interesting fight when he decides to try when dealing with people whom he's fighting. He can transmute it into any kind of metal he can think of when he performs this process, Tsubasa is not known to use metal often when he can help it.

Railgun: Though this is weaker then the one used by his Zanpakutō this Railgun allows him to take metal from the surrounding area and make it into a weapon of such strength that few people are capable of doing things about it. Tsubasa is known to be an intense killer when it comes to things, he can use the railgun to fire metal projectiles with spiritual pressure across a city, the size and amount of damage he does is all depending on the spread he decides to make with the power in his possession. Railgun is a special spell that is known to be active within his world of magnetic and electrical that seems to go on forever. Tsubasa is capable smart and seems to be a fine fighter when comes down to the process of using this, he doesn't need direct on contact with the object to do this. He is capable of performing it while away from it if he does so desire, Tsubasa's powers are said to be the top echelon of his clan. The Unabara Clan's fatal flawless leader is a deadly man indeed.

Lighting Armor: By using this he is able to accelerate the healing he has by spinning electric energy around his body at such an intensity that he begins to rapidly recover, using the lighting armor though it does have other effects. By covering his body in this he is able to increase his destructive powers into a whole no realm of power that most couldn't begin to fathom even if they tried, the power he taps into when using this is said to be the reason he kills without his Zanpakutō at times. The Lighting armor drastically increases his power, speed, and healing capabilities into a new realm of being. The drastic power and speed increases are used in a way that make him a deadly weapon, his shunpo is one of the few things upgraded due to this. However the Lighting Armor is something he activates on rare fights. Nist has seen this move and commented that it's power makes him a formidable enemy to come across when dealing with the power he brings.

Pure Lighting: Now this is a rare talent that he has, due to his deep understanding of the elements before him. Tsubasa is capable of turning into lighting at a whim. The power to become Light has made Tsubasa easily one of the more deadly people when he comes in, he can turn himself into a simple lighting bolt. Or perhaps a storm coming in. But Tsubasa is known for entering fights by striking down on his enemy as a lighting bolt, the responding explosion of his reatus is said to be fierce enough to defeat most enemies out right. Tsubasa uses the lighting transformation as a simple means of travel, he does acknowledge that doing it during a fight is rather annoying. But he is capable of doing it, when he does this his energy trail disappears for most. Meaning they must weight for him to strike as an electrical current or lighting bolt. Tsubasa cannot do this when he's low on power, this move is something done easily when lots of power are around him.

Recharge: Tsubasa can feed of electrical power in the air or area, to restore his reiatsu and damaged body at the same time. Grant it he requires a vast amount to do a major healing such as organs that may of been broken, his heart or something like that. He uses this fight for long periods and with his powers in tow Tsubasa is known to be one of the better warriors when it comes to fighting for a longer period of time. This has been seen a few times by his clan where he will simply absorb a large amount of static electricity and move on to fight the next enemy. But Tsubasa does dislike using this and claims it's rather annoying for him to recharge like this. But it's something that must done from time to time. Tsubasa is considered one of the few people whom simply have enough power to get by on what he is doing with his strength. Tsubasa uses this near the end of the fight or after so he may remain useful to his allies around him, Tsubasa and his clan are considered long term fighters after all.


Electric Death: Tsubasa is a very skilled fighter within the hand to hand realm unlike most of his clan, he is a capable fighter in both aspects of ranged and close range. Sword or no sword he is capable of using high charges of electrical energy to fry those whom get to close, he can imbue his punches with electric energy. This makes him a fatal enemy for anyone whom may come across the males diverse style of fighting. He is capable of creating electrical projectiles and attacks from his body and making them enhance his fists alone. Causing an electrical static field around his knuckles which act as though a device for him to pour amps into when he's fighting an enemy whom takes him on in the hand to hand realm of things. Tsubasa considers this style of fighting only one method of doing things however, the Electric Death is a single dance of a long night to come for those whom see it.

Kinetic Fist: Much like his kinetic sword style, Tsubasa is capable of using his hands to perform the same task. This makes him a deadly fighter as he can punch holes in buildings and people with his hands, Tsubasa has shown a tremendous amount of skill with his power to perform hakuda and switch to swordsmanship. Using his bare hands he can blast his kinetic force within the body of a person then it will erupt within the form of the persons body. Tsubasa is a simple fighter and in many cases is considered a simple warrior that many people have seen before, the silent Unabara does scare some of those whom are not careful around him. The kinetic fist combined with his electric allow him to kill people in a majority of methods others have yet to come up with. Tsubasa is known for the special skills that he has shown over the years, despite not being a fan of fighting hand to hand he can more then do so when he decides to truly try it shall be an interesting day.


Static Clone: Tsubasa can turn a shunpo clone into static energy leaving behind a special trail of electrical particles he can use for a bigger attack if he wants. Using this gets him out of danger and these particles will stick to whom ever touches them, allowing him to use the clone in a way that most people wouldn't of expected, he can heal a friend with this clone. Or use it as an impressive explosion against enemies whom he comes up against. Tsubasa has used this clone before and isn't pleased about having to do so, allowing him to use this clone but once is dangerous as those whom are enemies get the particles stuck on them will find out. These particles though small and invisible to most who cannot see electrical particles on such a scale will find out. Tsubasa is capable of creating a small Electrical cage or use his zanpakutos many powers to fight against his enemy, this makes him a very hard fighter to read at times.

Electric Step: A move Tsubasa uses to move just a bit faster then most people whom he encounters that are capable of moving fast. This allows him to move at the that is just a bit beyond Shunpo and Sonido. To say he is a capable of doing this with such ease that most of his clan just consider him one of the better killers that has come from the Clan of deadly men. Tsubasa's nature has given form to one other type of shunpo that is rare, perhaps one that the assassins of the 2nd Division would want to see used frequently. Tsubasa is known to be an extremely quick and cunning man, the electric step allows him to use his energy to increase his regular shunpo. This allows him an immense amount of power and movement, he's capable of using this step to create a path of electricity from point A to point B. The step is not one he considers great, their is only one other that Tsubasa keeps for the purpose of allowing him to fight at these remarkable speeds.

Presence Shunpo: This is a special move some others may be able to read it, but during the time where his presence is harder to detect he is capable of using. The shunpo is usable within that time limit and not after, for it's effectiveness will wear off. This shunpo will allow him to close distance and easily come into contact with someone. Tsubasa is a killer and this step is one he uses to play his games with a person. It has no sound when moving and leaves no trail or anything for someone to follow. Tsubasa isn't considered a shunpo Master by any means of the word. His realm of fighting is simply put a dangerous world that few can play in without being extremely careful. Tsubasa has been called a trump card, a demon, perhaps one of the few men whom is good enough to be a true killer of the realm of silence when it comes down to how good he is at sneaking up on people and killing them. This step is simply a means to an end for the talented Shinigami Tsubasa of the Unabara.


Nano Bots: These are a special bots that reside within the body of Tsubasa, these can construct broken things within him these bots are special things that Tsubasa has been given after some travels. They are generated naturally and are small till he uses them for something more then what they appear. They can easily slip across the battle field and provide him with data and information, some people believe these are useless for they can only heal the broken body of their leader so long as electric is nearby. Now the other use of these fine weapons is that he is capable of having them invade a person's body, they will begin to deconstruct the within of a person and silently do damage to a person without leaving much of a trace. Tsubasa reserves this for people whom regenerate, the bots are able to blend in with blood and things like that. Each bot multiples when given some electrical energy, the number is depending on the energy provided to the creatures he controls.

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Zanpakutō Basic Information

Zanpakutō Name: Byakko
Zanpakutō Shikai Name:Inazuma Byakko
Zanpakutō Bankai Name: Byakko Shen
Zanpakutō Shikokai Name: Kami Nishi Byakko
Reiatsu Color: White
Release Command: Feast Byakko
Reiatsu Power: When powering up and unleashing the massive reiatsu within the first couple things that become clear is that the electrical energy around him begins to spark in a savage manner. Tsubasa's calm and cool method of staring at people seem's indicate a deep amount of power he has that sleeps within him. However his electrical power seems to surge all around, those who are unlucky enough to get toasted by the male's reiatsu can claim burns equal to the third degree and beyond. Plus some minor to severe nerve damage that could be a sign of being struck by several amps of lighting. Tsubasa's body is covered in electricity and the massive reiatsu of white lighting that pours around the area is a sign of his absolute strength that Nist has called ruthless. Byakko his Zanpakutō also carries such a ruthless strength that so few can match if he wasn't considered a hero by many. He would be a villain by thousands most likely. The question will always remain why the power he has exists.

Zanpakutō Appearance: Byakko takes the appearance of a large tiger with white fur that seems to be sparking with lightning as his mouth roars like thunder. The creature seems almost alive to the extent that it is a very capable killing machine. Tsubasa and it share a very strange close relationship, one with a little talking in the communication between the two. Byakko has the fierce voice that goes with growing and anger behind it. This Zanpakutō claims to be the mightiest lighting and metal Zanpakutō, though it does acknowledge a few others as worthy enemies. Nist's Zanpakutō to Byakkos words was something he considered a little too close, perhaps because his young master's friend had trouble with a woman. Byakko's nature has become a stern and almost quiet point similar to its master. People do wonder if it was at one point a very outgoing creature which was playing pranks on those around him. His opinion of his master's best friend being an example.

Sealed Power

Static Manipulation: While sealed Tsubasa has shown the power to manipulate the power around his body of the static electricity that is forming around his body and clothing. However, their is more to it than that, Tsubasa is capable of making parts of his body disappear and reappear. This method doesn't bother him or seem to cause pain, by doing this he's messing with his body on the electromagnetic realm of things, however, he can only do it for a short time. Even when in Shikai and bankai his time limit while doing this does come up. Tsubasa can only do this for 2 turns while sealed. His powers are limited to manipulation of static electricity while in sealed form. However, the majority of the problem fighting him is his natural power within the realm of electricity. The static manipulation allows him simply to erase his a piece of his body for a set turn. This only works against Energy based attacks, physical attacks may still strike him.

Static Bomb: This is a move that he is capable of doing, that most cannot see when it comes. For he can from the explosion around just about anything, depending on the amount of static electricity that he has built up. Tsubasa can cause minor to major explosions, some people believe he could do it even inside the body of an enemy while this is possible, if he uses his static clone to do it. Tsubasa could create quite a sizable explosion and take out many people. The size of the explosion he creates is based solely on the amount of static electricity he builds upon a person. He can use several means to do it, however setting them up with a ton from his clone is one method he enjoys the most. This allows him the power to get living bombs made on the spot. Tsubasa is a strange man, some people believe his close range fighting style is the only thing he has. But his Zanpakutō practices a melding of both.

Shikai Powers

Static Manifestation: He brings the static electricity up to such a level all of a sudden with the activation of his Zanpakutō, the air around him and for several miles quickly shows sign of electricity being built up to a point where if he explodes it. He could level an six or seven city blocks. Tsubasa's electrical generation of the static in the air only causes it to build up, most people aren't aware of it being built up. He's capable of cloaking the build up from people's eyes till he's ready to release the blast. Tsubasa's Zanpakutō is considered pure destruction in some cases, this makes him a man whom very few can combat without losing limbs. Tsubasa is known to of done many bad deeds during his time in the Soul Society. However, he did things to keep peace within the world around him. His Shikai is considered a destructive weapon that few people can ever fully acknowledge.

Static Control: Taking control of the magnetic and static electricity within the air, he's capable of changing the electric in the air into anything he desires, from chains to petals. Tsubasa's Zanpakutō is known to be a great deal of versatility that few others have within their realm of power that so many can only call the power of a monster. Tsubasa is capable of taking the static in to heal his injuries, this regeneration also allows him to recover from nearly any injury unless he's out of spiritual pressure. Healing does take him a couple moments, Tsubasa is a very good pretender, however. He's capable of making it look as though he took a fatal injury when he is simply planning and healing. However his control of static is just the beginning of what he is capable of doing, Tsubasa hasn't scratched the surface of his amazing power with this low-level electric trick he pulls to test people out and see if they are worth his time to make him fight for real, by activating his other power.

Metal Manifestation: Tsubasa's Zanpakutō generates metal around him, causing different kinds of metal to form. This power is rare and highly useful for him, he can turn it off or on as he pleases. The metal he forms can be of any makeup or kind, his Zanpakutō simply needs to touch a piece of metal to create it. Tsubasa rarely uses his mental powers as he states that few dogs are worthy of having their barks answered. However, his power to manifest metal in the air around him is something that builds up to what Tsubasa is capable of doing with both powers that he rarely does. Even his best friend hasn't seen him activate his full power, Tsubasa didn't do it when they fought for a simple reason. Why would the desire to kill a friend? Simply put Tsubasa saw no purpose in it and kept hidden his metal powers. The manifesting of the metal can be said to seem like small bits of metal begin forming from his reiatsu, mixing with the electricity that he is generating.

Electric Metal Railgun: Something that comes out very rarely, he doesn't do it for just anyone. Tsubasa turns the metal in the air he has generated and combines it with electricity to the point each piece is explosive enough that if it hits someone. It's like to have enough impact to blow away their entire body. Tsubasa is capable of controlling and shooting these shots from anywhere, he's considered to be in some cases one of the strongest ranged fighters in existence by his clan. Tsubasa considers this merely a warm up. Because just shooting it is stage one, he is capable of forming the metal and electric around his Zanpakutō and can do strange things with it. For example, one point in his life when Tsubasa got serious, he stuck his sword in the ground. It came out from behind the man he was fighting and stabbed him in the back straight through, the blade exploded on impact. Causing massive damage, Tsubasa is a killer without equal in some cases.

Max Power Shikai: Due to Tsubasa's nature he and Byakko have formed a way to hold back, however upon going all out in Shikai. Tsubasa is known for having so much electricity and metal in the air that he could blow up a city. Tsubasa generally holds back due to his way of fighting requiring some form of quiet that few people can do. But upon activating this he acknowledges that quiet is no longer an option. He's kept this hidden from Nist, only because he didn't wish to fight to kill his friend. Tsubasa had so few of them to begin with when this mode is activated. Static electricity in the air has built to the point that Tsubasa's very body is generating so much that he is capable of killing most people. However, it opens up his angles of attack to anywhere and everywhere. Tsubasa is known to make up moves on the spot during combat with some people. Max Power Shikai has only but used twice in his life. Byakko and he found the people amusing enough to go Bankai.

Byakko no Tsubaki: The final move his Zanpakutō spirit wanted to teach him, it's a move usable in all of his sword's forms. Yet something connected to his sister and so his personality wouldn't accept it. Finally after years of denying the fate of what he had done. Tsubasa had accepted it thus was able to learn the Byakko no Tsubaki. This move is a lighting and metal moveable to be used with either one, it allows him to create a fast extending blade from his Zanpakutō, unlike Gin, however, this blade can change directions and explodes when it makes contact with the person it's aimed at. The speed and force of the blade are something very fierce. Tsubasa was known to of worked on this fairly often, the move isn't something special to most but to him it means a lot. As it reminds him of his sister that he killed. The extending hand that reached for the heaven yet died trying. Tsubasa has since accepted his failure in stride and settled to become much stronger as the leader.

Bankai Powers

Lighting Manifestation: Tsubasa can still use the static electricity that he generates passive now. However he's capable of summoning lightning bolts from anywhere he desires, using them sometimes to generate large amounts of lighting that few people have ever seen before. Tsubasa's powers are not perhaps as frightening as some peoples. Tsubasa is capable of using his own body as a Lighting bolt generator, making him able to fire bolts from his hand now. That is simply one point on his body that he has shown the capabilities to fire them from anywhere. However, his lighting bolts are extremely dangerous, inside the electrical energy is pieces of metal that are 2x more explosive than they were in his Shikai at full power. This is why Tsubasa's Bankai is rare, just his normal Bankai power is nearly fatal for those who face him. Tsubasa is considered a demon without an equal among even the people around him.

Metal: Tsubasa doesn't just generate metal anymore, he is capable of making metal appear anywhere he desires within several mile radius. A showing for his monster like reiatsu that pours from him almost as though a demon among Shinigami stands before you. The metal now down to the smallest piece is explosive to those who don't have a hold of Byakko. Unless one is touching it, anything of a metal like nature will explode upon impact for those who aren't careful. Tsubasa is able to manipulate the metal around him, Nist has seen a small portion of his bankai. But not the full product, Tsubasa's Zanpakutō has matured with him since he obtained the weapon so long ago. The metal that is now explosive to the touch is considered one of his few powers that make him an extremely dangerous monster. But there is another power with Bankai that he is capable of using, Tsubasa prefers to use it sparingly when he can help it. Metal and Lighting shall meet all at once to form an end.

The Tiger: Tsubasa takes all the metal and electricity in the area and combines them into several tigers, these creatures move at shunpo speeds above his. And are able to inflict high levels of damage, these explosive tigers will reform from most damage. They allow Tsubasa to simply stand still, though Tsubasa admits one other aspect of fighting with them exists that he doesn't use. Nist himself has never laid eyes on the evil that awaits those who push Tsubasa too far. He's known to be able to go a step further than most people would expect of the Leader of the Unabara. But not one enemy has seen the Final Tiger which he claims that none have shown him to be worthy of its immense power. Tsubasa doesn't speak of it too frequently, the makeup of the Tiger he designs will all depend on his enemy. He is perfectly capable of using custom metals that are effective against other races. Tsubasa claims metals exist on all planes of the world, one merely need to look.

Byakko no Tsubaki: The final move his Zanpakutō spirit waited to teach him, it's a move usable in all of his sword's forms. Yet something connected to his sister and so his personality wouldn't accept it. Finally after years of denying the fate of what he had done. Tsubasa had accepted it thus was able to learn the Byakko no Tsubaki. This move is a lighting and metal move able to be used with either one, it allows him to create a fast extending blade from his Zanpakutō, unlike Gin however this blade can change directions and explodes when it makes contact with the person it's aimed at. The speed and force of the blade is something very fierce. Tsubasa was known to of worked on this fairly often, the move isn't something special to most but to him it means alot. As it reminds him of his sister that he killed. The extending hand that reached for the heaven yet died trying. Tsubasa has since accepted his failure in stride and settled to become much stronger as the leader.


Plasma Generation: A skill Tsubasa learned from sometime ago, he is capable of doing this only within his Shikokai the power of this allows him to generate Plasma pure electrical plasma as his weapon now. The change of his plasma based energy allows him to do quite a bit as a warrior, changing the lighting into this causes massive damage as the Plasma can be generated to the point that he can easily take down large groups, this plasma aura and energy generated by him is acting as a shield for the duration of his Shikokai those whom come close to try and fight will find themselves if they are hit by the Shikokai's power erased from existence itself. They would have to take a huge amount of it in to have this happen, but he has incinerated a person with this as well.

Living Metal: Within Shikokai the Metal is now alive and the Zanpakutō is moving it and acting on it's own accord. However it's possible for Tsubasa to control it as well, the field of created metal is larger now. Covering a hundred mile radius making his metal very dangerous. The explosions are the least of the problems as the smallest amount of the dust like metal created by his Shikokai is capable of leveling a city street. The damage and dangerous nature of the combined power that he and his Zanpakutō share are truly fierce making them a deadly combination. However Tsubasa sports more power and strength then previously stated as he has found a way into the deeper power. Tsubasa's fierce tiger nature is something that came up. The Metal can be any kind making it very useful power as it combines with his Plasma Generation that he has created. Using the metal as he did previously with the Railgun. Now it's far faster and more deadly then one could imagine.

Byakko Unlimited: This is an aura and armor that is created along his sword, creating his appearance as that of a tiger sparking electrical energy of Plasma burning away the existence of things that were too weak to withstand the power that he brought. His combined strength with that of his Zanpakutō. Tsubasa and Byakko's incredible bond is one that is extremely powerful. Among his house it's rare that he obtained the power that only so few would do. Tsubasa's connection with Byakko in this form is said to be at it's fullest extent here. The two share a body almost like that of someone standing right within the other. For this Tsubasa and Byakko fight as a singular being, making their fierce roar felt across the battle. Tsubasa's Speed and Strength are drastically increased for the duration of his Shikokai. If Advanced his Strength is shot to Master and if at Master it's closer to the Grand Master.

The electrical power seems to have enough to suck in other sources of electricity or rather show little to no effect from them. This final truth from him and Byakko is the show of a bond forged by these two since the days that came from the years that have had been spent putting in the deadly fight that has come from the bond only a swordsman can have with his Zanpakutō. Tsubasa's fierce nature is shown more as his hair has changed to White and his eyes cat like with a red glow. This final form of Tsubasa is one that is used so rarely that even Nis his only friend has never seen Tsubasa truly fight out the battle that people would be expecting from him. The Tiger that awaits known simply as the Final Tiger is generated from this form as well. Creating a Plasma and Metal fueled creature that runs and attacks from behind the attacks of the wielder. So when Tsubasa swing's his Zanpakutō a plasma claw with metal claw's will swipe from the direction Tsubasa didn't attack. The Truth of the Tiger awaits those who wish to see it.

Byakko no Tsubaki: The final move his Zanpakutō spirit waited to teach him, it's a move usable in all of his sword's forms. Yet something connected to his sister and so his personality wouldn't accept it. Finally after years of denying the fate of what he had done. Tsubasa had accepted it thus was able to learn the Byakko no Tsubaki. This move is a lighting and metal move able to be used with either one, it allows him to create a fast extending blade from his Zanpakutō, unlike Gin however this blade can change directions and explodes when it makes contact with the person it's aimed at. The speed and force of the blade is something very fierce. Tsubasa was known to of worked on this fairly often, the move isn't something special to most but to him it means alot. As it reminds him of his sister that he killed. The extending hand that reached for the heaven yet died trying. Tsubasa has since accepted his failure in stride and settled to become much stronger as the leader.

2nd Zanpakuto

Zanpakutō Name: Suzaku
Energy Color: Yellow
Zanpakutō Appearance:Suzaku takes on the appearance of a bird, with Photon's flowing around it's body. Each feather is thousands upon thousands of compressed Photon energy. The Zanpakutō spirit is small enough to fit on his shoulder or can be large as several buildings. It's a beautiful bird that would blind most who look upon it's glory. The glowing Suzaku is a beacon of the future and light upon the battlefield. It's glow allows for the world to stand together in a way never before. The best and brightest of the world are shown through the feathers and beauty of this bird. To compare it to other birds would be to do it little justice. Suzaku feel's like a deity upon first glance. Suzaku's warm and caring nature even support this fact fully. Suzaku warm nature is a contrast to that of Byakko who is a cold warrior. But much like his counter part Suzaku plays a part in the grand scheme of things. Making sure that Tsubasa's power is stable and whole. Suzaku's blade takes the form of a wakazashi, allowing for duel wielding from his wielder. This opens many doors as the blade is designed with markings of a tribal nature along the katana blade. They are part of the feather designs from the bird form of his Zanpakutō spirit.

Stabilized Photons:These are a stable version of the Photons that have formed allowing him to control them in all stages. His Zanpakutō has allowed a very large amount by taking moves that were natural to him and turning them into stable moves. The moves that were previously unstable or hard are now stabilized, Suzaku doesn't suffer under the pressure of Photons no matter how large the amount. This allows the sword to fight with him more and grant a greater amount of power for him. He's able to compress Photons through this or create smaller amounts. Photons now are under his control far more and less dangerous, as the blade moves them even should something happen. The energy from these are effective deadly weapons are now fully responsive to the Pale Rider. Smaller moves have become free for him to use that once were gone. Much like Byakko's lightning and other powers grew stronger from this division.

Photon Laser: A high density laser beam sent out from his sword or finger, it allows him to compress Photons into a extremely fast moving laser. It can pierce through multiple targets before stopping. The speed of the laser is extremely fast, allowing him to move far faster with his attacks. The laser can be fired from three things, his eyes, fingers, or blade. Allowing a large amount of options to attack with, Tsubasa and Suzaku fight as one at all times. Except when using Byakko's powers, this strength is not given to Tsubasa during that time period. The high density of the beam is able to cut through objects fairly well as well. It's more slicing through burning through everything in it's path with ultra fast moving light rays compressed into a direction. This is something Tsubasa likes to use as he finds the power very useful and free for him. It provides him an edge as nobody knows about this Zanpakutō's powers yet aside from Shadin and Tsubasa.

Photon Barrier:This invisible wall of fast moving light is created for both offense and defense. Those who run into it will find themselves hurting, the wall doesn't allow things to pass it. The Photon aspect of the thin compressed Photons make it extremely hard to handle. But should someone run into the near invisible field they will be wounded with severe burns. In worst case they will die from injuries of passing through the barrier. This barrier serves to stop physical and energy attacks. Allowing Tsubasa a means to protect himself, Photon based attacks shot through the barrier are stronger. Making them more potent as they take from the barrier's Photons and grow with the ones they have. This wall is but a single move that has formed in Tsubasa's tools since he learned to control it. Photon Barrier can be shaped in many forms but commonly is shaped in a wall in front of him. Tsubasa has been known to make a full barrier around himself in rare situations training with it.

Photon Bird: Tsubasa forms highly compressed birds of Photonic energy, these are extremely dangerous. One fifth of a super nova in power is the best way to describe the destructive force one bird holds. Tsubasa forms them by hyper compressing Photons and then sending them out. Upon reaching the destination, the Photon's are released all at once in a massive explosion of blades and light everywhere. The number of attacks released by this cannot be counted or followed, the bird moves slowly making it easy to intercept. However upon being stopped the energy is released. So a field or something must be put up, Tsubasa used it only in the training grounds. Claiming that it was to dangerous to release the full power of this on anyone not prepared for it. Tsubasa hopes a day never comes when he'll need to use this. But should it ever arise that sad day in life, he will be ready to release this destroyer. It takes him one turn to compress and this has a three turn cool down.

Photon Blade: Infusing his blade with raw photon powers he sends energy through the weapon creating a shunko blade effect with pure Photon energy. Tsubasa's blade is able to wipe out a large city with a single stroke when this is used at full power. He can only do it once every ten posts however making the blade a rather costly move. It's not something he generally opens with, his photonic blade is much stronger then the Shunko Blade. The photon can be fired different ways from the blade, the most basic is a simple sword stroke downwards. Though he can thrust the blade forward and a send a forward beam blast of great destructive force out at an enemy. Tsubasa's photon blade is an impressive show of how he thinks and develops strategy on the spot. This move is one of many that came to him during the battle with the dragon. Tsubasa's photons are able to be used in ways similar to this and even further. Tsubasa has developed himself into a fine warrior by growing within battle and thinking outside the box. Tsubasa's skill in Photonsaren't limited to simply his blade either.

Photon Boaster: Tsubasa figured out that he can apply the Photons to his body and attacks, that he can begin to use them to increase the over all speed or strength of his attack or movements. Tsubasa has used it already to push himself and bring his shunpo speed up drastically. Boasting depends on his physical body's limitations, his body does heal overtime and he can use the boast to increase his regeneration speeds. Tsubasa's Photon energy can be used freely in this way. Without much trouble, his prowess as a swordsman and warrior show fully in his precise and controlled method of using this. Tsubasa's aged well and become wise in his age able to predict and think in ways nobody would imagine. Kido is another element that can be boasted through his photons. The size of the boast depends on how much damage Tsubasa seeks to do, he normally restrains his attacks. Learning that through experience his power must be handled with care to eliminate the threat and move on.

Photon Canon: This is a move similar to that of kido, Tsubasa points out a hand and fires a massive amount of Photon based energy into a beam. The power of his attack can be scaled down to a single finger or his entire hand. Tsubasa's control is something precise with this as well, showing a means and method to his madness. Tsubasa can use it in other ways, that are less honorable. The canon may be fired from his eyes or mouth if need be during a battle. This move is a rather simple one that is used merely as a firing method to bring down his foes. It's size and depth can be controlled freely as Tsubasa can fire this much like the lightning and metal he's so fond of using. Tsubasa's overall control and precise nature make him a challenging enemy to those that desire a confrontation with him. Tsubasa's Photon Canon can have other things put into it, making it similar to a railgun. Allowing him to use it to railgun objects or be a pure blast.

Photon Armor: The invisible armor around his body is made of Photon particles. Tsubasa's frame is bathed in them and kept safe by the particles around his frame. Though the hiding of them isn't perfect and some with enough focus could see them if they looked hard enough. Or had the proper means to look at them. (I.E Shadin and his computer.) When someone comes into contact with Tsubasa's armor it causes whatever touched the field to dissolve into dust. Tsubasa can lower the shield at any time and which will allow him to defend. The Photon armor isn't perfect as it doesn't protect against energy based attacks or long range powers. Only melee based enemies will have a struggle with it. Tsubasa normally leaves it alone passively till he decides it must be turned off. His body generates the photons naturally allowing his form to create this armor. The armor can be turned from armor into a blast if desired. It takes all the photon energy around him and fires it, the blast is devastating in damage and size.

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Like most stories, the beginning is the key to understanding. Tsubasa wasn't born a murderer or an assassin, he was born a happy child. Who was outspoken and kind, however, something did linger in his mind. A voice that called out to him from even his youngest of age. Tsubasa was said to have an I.Q that was so high that to claim him to be a genius alone would be considered a low rating. Tsubasa' strategy and calculating nature seemed to evolve as he watched. His parents remember him being happy and outspoken for many years, despite living within the District of killers, thieves and so on. Tsubasa by all claims was a normal child, until one faithful day where he changed. A group of twenty individuals came to raid his home when his parents were away. Tsubasa's powers were released at this time, Tsubasa claimed that he'd been hiding them for his parent's sake. He wanted them to enjoy an ideal child. But it seemed he couldn't hide it any longer, some people think this was just a sign of how far ahead he was. He formed a mental block by himself and could deconstruct and rebuild it at will. Tsubasa slaughtered the twenty people effortlessly at the age of Eight in appearance. It's known that no bodies were seen, blood stained everything. Tsubasa sat quietly not speaking or smiling.

As his childhood went on his feats of amazing strength only improved, showing signs of his genius from a young age. Tsubasa swore he would protect his family, which for some reason began to grow rapidly. The Unabara Clan an unknown family from the district of vipers. Tsubasa became the Leader of the Clan at a fairly youthful age. His skill and power to lead were astonishing, he said very little to nothing but people did follow and respect him. Tsubasa made his own Zanpakutō when he was only eleven years old. Creating it on his own without help from the Shinigami Academy, making him a rare gem. Tsubasa's feats of strength only continued, he crafted strategies for fighting out numbered and showed his genius intellect more as time went on. As he continued to grow, Tsubasa showed his strength as well he began hiding some of his powers unless he was away from eyes. Designing a place special that hid his reiatsu and allowed him to train his Zanpakutō and his skills. Tsubasa had a great deal of understanding for his Zanpakutō's powers.

His followers only continued to grow, the young child had a way of motivating people at the age of Eleven in appearance. It was around this time he would meet his best friend for many years, Nist and he fought of course. Nist met him at his younger age when he was still fairly young, the two had a matched that took several hours before the conclusion was met that was a draw. Another famous warrior would fight him soon, Damien fought Tsubasa despite his youthful nature. Tsubasa was able to fight as his equal and showed a great deal of cunning, his fast learning rate seemed to only show more as he went on. Tsubasa's strength was becoming something respected to the point people stopped questioning him, he had an unwavering confidence in himself that was something to aspire to for those who didn't know him well enough. Tsubasa's next act would cement him as a child without equal in the terms of his skills. Some compare him to some of the greatest names that are spoken among them.

Tsubasa was getting ready for a war in the North Rukongai with another clan, however, he told his clan and Nist to stay back. Tsubasa took a walk, something he rarely did. His clan was out numbered ten to one and the odds looked bad for anyone who didn't have faith in him. Tsubasa walked through the camp and killed one thousand people without being noticed at any point in time. His name as Death of the Four Horseman was brought forward without any hold by his clan. Tsubasa hasn't created the titles the clan itself decided to name him this. Tsubasa's skills as an assassin are of a master level. Tsubasa does knowledge his Zanpakutō's bankai and other forms are not suitable for such things. Tsubasa had cemented himself firmly as the one his clan would trust no matter what, not one person has doubted him since that day hundreds upon hundreds of years ago. His strength has improved since then and he's been polished even greater then anyone could imagine.

Tsubasa spent the rest of his time as a child training and practicing swordsmanship, learning the art of death while killing from shadows. Tsubasa's skills seemed to only grow and expand as he exited childhood into his teenage years. Most clans were too frightened to fight him, due to his actions the last time. Tsubasa was able to freely engage people as he pleased. But he decided the Unabara clan would stop its fights, for now, he wanted them to prepare for something he sensed would be an issue soon. Tsubasa was looking several hundred, perhaps thousand years ahead. He could tell the clan would need to prepare for what was to come even as a child. His crimson gaze seemed to stretch on forever even among Shinigami. Tsubasa had desired to face the Former Head Captain before he'd passed away. Tsubasa hasn't been all that interested in challenges anymore, he more or less lost a goal he'd set for himself in the future to defeat the former Head Captain Yamamoto some day. That was a goal Tsubasa had but never got to realize.


As his youth faded more, Tsubasa showed signs of being a practical and very wise leader for his clan. Expanding when needed too, but also careful about some details. His friendship with Nist seemed to only expand over the years as the two seemed to grow more. Tsubasa wasn't known for his nature of speaking. Even Nist didn't hear more than four words a day sometimes, Tsubasa just wasn't a talking sort. He only spoke when angry it was a strange sort of person to deal with. Tsubasa liked the quiet nature of things and would have enjoyed things to remain that way for him. Tsubasa's strength in battle had been shown, but it was his fierce strength outside that would really prove him as a strong and perhaps great leader of the Unabara Clan. Tsubasa hadn't asked for this, but it was something he'd been given. So he would attend to it as though the sheep of a flock. Tsubasa designed fighting styles and strategies for his clan that made them effective killers.

He also designed policies that some people considered to be amazing thoughts, Tsubasa perhaps one of the few genius people whom may have been an amazing person. Tsubasa is currently capable of speaking all languages within the living world. He's well educated, spending his time studying tactics and things to strength his mind and body. He spends days reading books and other days he'll spend outside practicing swordsmanship and philosophy of the sword. Tsubasa is a far deeper person then most would know, his writing is said to be amazing as are the artistic works he is capable of painting. Tsubasa is considered a master of the crafts he decides to touch, the colors and such he can create for a picture are sometimes just amazing. Tsubasa's teenage years were spent studying and growing into a fine man, he is knowledgeable on all subjects. Some people believe that his mind is the most deadly weapon the young man has besides his skill.

Tsubasa and Nist grew more and more in the years they spent, Tsubasa does trust Nist but doesn't show more than he has too. Nist perhaps doesn't know about the strength that Tsubasa's mind has. The only reason is the lack of speech Tsubasa seems to have, he only shows his patience for the ideas that are deserving of it. The Unabara clan soon had a structure that few other clans did and it was built around a fine system. Ringo is one of the younger children who came in after Tsubasa built the system and had aged into an adult. However, his entire clan is fully aware their leader is a genius among the ranks of whatever he decides to do. Tsubasa is a fearless man, capable of doing great things is the claim of his clan. As the teenager seemed to grow and understand things that few others did, he was able to decode some of the harder things to understand and find points of view that very few could argue with. Nist like his friend most likely was growing well, Tsubasa wasn't known to be anything but an elite.

The question was raised if Tsubasa should enter the Shino Academy to test his strength, Tsubasa didn't see a reason to do it. Most Shinigami skills was a second nature to him. He studied them all and attempted to do his best to master them, Tsubasa was an excellent user of Kidō magic and was said to be capable of using any spell he saw upon seeing it just once. His growth as a champion among champions was something few people couldn't help but acknowledge in his clan. Though the question was left to him, what would he do if he went through the Academy of the Shinigami? Tsubasa didn't really care about that sort of thing, he had a fair education on most of the topics they taught and saw little reason to do that. Besides it was his clan's thoughts that often animated the situations around him, however, he pondered about somethings every once and a while. Tsubasa seemed able to do anything he set his mind to, the male could play the piano as well among his many talents.


As he finally left childhood and had left his mark on the Unabara Clan, he began to set out to impress the rest. Tsubasa has been said to have an intellect near that of Kisuke Urahara's, but Tsubasa does decline this. He's such a fast and quite learner among some of the better members who are around him. Tsubasa's roots as an assassin show often with his fighting style. He seems to keep in mind things like that when dealing with enemies. While he is a talented Kidō and fighter all around, Tsubasa does prefer an up close exchange to that of a long range. He claims it's harder to hold back at a distance then it is up close. He showed this to one enemy who had a group of Menos at a high level attack him. Tsubasa merely shot through them as though they were mere fodder, this allowed him to obliterate the creatures without a second thought. Tsubasa's motives and some people from his past have asked him what he plans to do next with his life.

His artistic skills and creative talents that lay hidden beneath the surface alone are things worth touching on. Tsubasa has studied the works of both Mayuri and Kisuke Urahara closely, taking what he could form both members of the Research and Development, they both are fascinating men in his eyes. Tsubasa finds the skill of each very interesting, one of the divisions he'd pry be capable of leading is the 12th as many people have asked. Tsubasa does what he desires however, this makes him a strong and somewhat dominating man at times. His quiet nature is something that people find hard to grasp, he spends his days now as an adult writing out calculations that most men even Nist cannot understand. Only a select few can follow him, his matured nature has effected his Zanpakutō as both have grown to be powerful and deadly enemies to those who try. Tsubasa has been working on a Manuscript about the way of the warrior, the novel is one he wrote as he got older, it has blossomed into a best seller.

Tsubasa's nature to touch things and understand them makes him a talented inventor by nature. Tsubasa does invent things form time to time, but to doubt his skills as a warrior would be the undoing of those who attempt to fight him. Tsubasa is known to be a strong and cunning fighter now as an adult, his strength of mind has caught up with his massive reiatsu at last. Byakko and he hold a special bond above the average bond, but lately, something has been on the mind of the successful Tsubasa. The Human World seems to be in a severe amount of damage from the constant fighting, it bothers him slightly. Tsubasa has settled it to himself, he will fight whomever he must protect the innocent souls. However Tsubasa will do it in his own way, he doesn't care if he becomes a villain in the process. To protect what is important sometimes we dawn the mask of a villain. Tsubasa has accepted it, he doesn't mind looking like the villain if he must for a time. For a mask is but a mask that one dawns.

Tsubasa's genius within Kidō is still growing which some people do find fascinating because he doesn't seem the type to go in for such things. Tsubasa's nature of learning has him an extremely complex fighter that is deceiving to most people who come across him. Tsubasa has strangely enough not joined anyone just yet, he's kept himself off the field of fighting against or for anyone yet. He's been getting ready and setting everything up, his clan isn't aware of what's going on in their leader's mind. Tsubasa has been preparing them for hundreds of years for a single object, the days are drawing near as the genius prepares himself for it. Tsubasa has spent his days as an adult practicing the arts and becoming a very talented young man with many skills as there are stars in the sky. Tsubasa shall only grow more as the journey continues on, it's unlikely the Unabara Prodigy shall ever fall short from the path he has chosen, the only question is what will he do next?

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Unabara Lotus

The Seven Lotus of the Unabara: These are special moves developed by the Unabara Clan. They are used for swordplay overall and most the clan is capable of using it. However, that said the special moves take at least five threads to get an adept understanding of them. Much more is needed just to master the Lotus themselves. These are moves designed and perfected out by the Clan's Leader. Tsubasa has refined them from the form they were in to make them usable by most of the Clan. Now that said it does take training and the right amount of skill for some of these. Lower skilled people who haven't prepared their bodies well enough will fail the Initial Lotus. While others who succeed in this endeavor will find themselves on the way to others. The Unabara Lotus are considered some of the hardest moves within Swordsmanship. The Forms are first taught to those who wish to learn the Lotus. The style of the Unabara Lotus has first formed a long time ago. But due to the nature of the style, it wasn't something just anyone could do. They weren't suitable for the novice swordsman that the Unabara Clan had within its ranks. However thanks to Tsubasa's teaching skills he was able to create a program and other methods to bring them back. While Kierudo is based on the style itself. The raw form was something Tsubasa himself said wasn't suitable for using in combat just yet. Now that he has made the needed adjustments it's ready for usage.

The Four Forms: The Four Forms are a very simple Unabara custom that have been taught to the fighters. Sword Forms that can be switched at the drop of a hat. It doesn't take much to adjust footwork or move in a way to do so. They are in a way the training guide to learning the Lotus. When you've mastered the Four you are ready for the Lotus. So far in the Clan history, only Tsubasa has Mastered all Four of them equally. His practical use of the four of them is extremely precise. The styles flex in and out of the Lotus and each one causes different effects to the Lotus. The Lotus are extensions of the Forms and allow them to come out in different ways. By executing the First Lotus with one form you can get a totally different outcome than another. The benefit of this style is that it can be changed by the user. The Lotus and its powers can have very different meanings depending on the wielder. Each of the Four Forms will take at least a thread to get a beginner concept of how to use them. Five to Six threads to figure out how to use them effectively.

First Form: This is the first form taught for basic understanding of swordplay. Tsubasa often does introductions to them as he brings people in. The first tests for Kierudo play a part of the First Form. The first form exercises the use of precise swordplay. The level of control required to use the First Form is often times extreme. But this form is the one taught first as an introduction to the Forms. At the early stages of learning the user learns control above all else. Learning to control their power effectively with the sword. While the beginners will struggle to control the blade. The Adept will be slightly more elegant in the use of the sword. Advanced users will benefit from being able to control their blades to the point of stopping a blade from a centimeter. Once they reach Mastery of the First Form the control of their blade is extremely potent. They are able to generate blows of great force from sudden locations. However, much training is needed to reach mastery of the First Form.

Second Form:The Defensive Form known for it's absolute defense. While the word absolute is used it's not really all that impressive. Users are taught to create a three hundred and sixty-degree sphere around them. By doing this they are taught to defend within that area. Not sudden movements, they are taught to waste nothing. The movements are precise and conserve energy, the specialty of this style is to conserve your energy. By teaching the wielder to shrug off monster blows. They become capable fighters able to endure an insane amount of fights. But the Second Form Preaches good Footwork as much as Bladework. The Second Form is said to be one of the harder ones for people to master. Counter Attacking and Defensive Forms are all that are present in this form. Mastering the aspects of the Blade are perhaps one of the few things that make a wielder more dangerous than one could imagine.

Third Form: This Form is from the Sheath at all times. Meaning it's done from the draw phase before anything else. Now the draw phase is known as the beginning phase in this style. The user is capable of producing insane speed with their blows. But thinking only one style of draw exists is a mistake most make. Large blades are capable of producing this effect as well. By using the Third Form they can catch their enemy off guard. Combining it with the Lotus effects allows for a sneaky attack. This style can be used in different locations as the Sheath location isn't always in the sheath. For example, let's say a buster sword is used. The quick draw will come from their back or side in a thrust motion. This leaves creativity open when using the Third Form. While this style is rarely Mastered by many as they view it useless. A Master does presently live off the Third Form.

Fourth Form: The Final and hardest form to learn of them all. Only one person has ever mastered this form in particular. This Form practices dual blade usage. But by using the other forms while wielding the two blades. Some users do replace the blade with their sheath. Using whatever they can to produce an effect of it. Those rare few who do wield two blades are extremely deadly. This style uses a fast acrobatic style at times. But in the right hands, it can be slow or precise as well. While the Fourth Form specializes in two blades it does also mentor the idea of the other forms. Thus upon mastery of this Form, the user learns they can use the other forms while wielding two. The main goal of the Fourth Form is to teach the wielders how to use both hands effectively. While this sword form does focus on Dual wielding as it's focus. The ones who truly master it will become destroyers on a battlefield. This form is the hardest to Master because it goes against the other three forms to an extent. By teaching it's wielder to embrace the second blade and understand how to move or position it. Whereas before it was a singular focus on a sword. The training for any of the forms is hard, but to get the basics. Two threads are required with an additional one just to learn how to use it effectively in combat. Mastering it will take several threads of lessons from a Master of it himself. This style is not made for everyone and teaches an explosiveness and fighting as though feral. The very few capable of even executing a beginner status of this style. Are written down in legend among the Clan. However, many say only one has ever mastered the Forms completely. Tsubasa's Mastery over them is said to be beyond Perfect. He's able to wield both of his Zanpakutō and effectively combine or mix his forms together. Learning to do this will take ten threads. For those interested in learning how he does this feat of his.

Crimson Lotus-Initial Lotus: This is the first lotus known as the Crimson Lotus. It's opening a gate that is extremely hard to do. While it comes in different forms depending on the form used. The First Lotus is generally the same concept in a single move. The user first must have skills with the forms and be capable. But also, a master in strength is needed at least. The rest comes from the skill of the user. By swinging their blade with as much power and force as they can muster. The precise control creates a shockwave of gravity outwards. This pushes against people with amazing force. The kinetic power is enough to cut through buildings. By applying the first form the user is capable of doing this feat from any strike. They can do it from large or small swings of the blade. This control allows them to also control or change the angle of the lotus. Making it an adaptable sword move. In the second form the user performs this as a defensive measure. This sword strike cuts through the energy attacks sent at them. Bouncing them back against the enemy in question with overwhelming force. However, it is possible for it to be taken over if the enemy is stronger. It also can be canceled out sometimes by their power meeting in the right way. The Third Form uses it in a method that comes from a draw stance. This version of the Crimson Lotus is different from the others. The user's body becomes the tool for the force. Using the quick draw and power of their step to send massive force towards a single target. And finally, the Fourth Form the user is able to send out massive kinetic blows by swinging both blades and sending them different directions.

Blue Lotus-Second Lotus: The Second Lotus or the Blue one relies on different skills. Spell based powers that allow the user to perform some feats. Kierudo's illusion spell is based on this one as well. This Lotus requires an Advanced or higher in Kido or a form of magic. The user flicks their blade's edge sending out a ringing sound. This sound goes through the area and cuts up the enemies who hear it. However there is more to it, the spell works through this means. When the target hears the sound their body reacts to it as though it's been cut. Thus, an injury appears on the body like they'd been cut. They haven't truly been cut or wounded and if they've high enough Mental Deduction or focus they'll know. It is true that this can be used outside of just it's illusion practice. And doesn't change the forms very much. The Blue Lotus is the only spell based move in the artform. However if the user creates the right sound frequency they can cause their enemies eardrums to rupture. This move is highly reliant on the enemies hearing the blade. Tsubasa's version is updated however and does require more skills. This one is the older version and does have its own practical uses. While it isn't perfect it does have room for improvement for those that desire too. But as a swordsman, this is more to get an edge on a strong enemy. The Unabara styles use underhanded means at times. And this is merely one of them that happens to be present. All the others are legitimate sword techniques. That were designed for the purpose of killing the enemies. The Blue Lotus isn't favored by many Unabara but has saved lives. Its downfall is in the fact you have to hear it for anything to happen. And some warriors can see through the illusion of wounds.

Emerald Lotus-Third Lotus: This is a special move used by some but requires immense training. Master Weapon Skill or Zanjutsu is required to perform it. The Emerald Lotus focuses on something very fascinating. Indirectly wounding the enemies. It uses the force of the blow but sends a shockwave of cutting energy. Past the block attempt to slice the foe, making it wrong to block it. The injuries aren't generally fatal and experienced warriors won't budge. Or can at the very least read it well enough to avoid injury. In the first form, the user can control the direction of the shockwave. Making them able to direct which way it will end up going. This is limited however as they need to hit something solid for this to work. The Second Form does this by defending and creating the effect of the injury. The force of the enemies blow is put back on them by deflecting its force towards them. The Third Form is able to create a large backlash by sending speed and power into the quick draw. The Fourth form is capable of doing this with both blades at the same time or different time points.

Purple Lotus-Fourth Lotus: This Lotus involves a ton of footwork so the user must be excellent in that regard. Shunpo or General Speed Master is required for this. This method is known to be tiring but the user of it shoots around the battlefield at high speeds. Cutting down enemies with extreme speed, the purpose was to fight multiple foes at a time. By adjusting to this form the user can defend faster in the second form. Cut precisely while moving at high speeds in the first. In the third form, they are able to draw faster and use a proper posture in the stance. And in the Fourth, the user gets to show off some speed with their blades moving about quickly. This style is and was designed to be used against more than one enemy. Purple Lotus while it does work the stamina over of those who try and use it. It does have benefits as it will allow the user much better footwork overall.

Silver Lotus Dance-Fifth Lotus: This is a special move that doesn't benefit from forms as it takes it's own. The user crouches a bit and brings their blade upwards. Putting their blade in a thrusting motion to begin the Sliver Lotus Dance. Master Strength, Speed, and Zanjutsu or Weapon Skills are needed for it. This move is highly demanding and doesn't allow room for errors. By shooting forward and thrusting the blade outwards in a stabbing motion. The user sends a huge amount of force out. Capable of taking chunks out of buildings if not dodged properly. The cutting and piercing power of it can be controlled based on their movement. This is a single sword move and cannot be done with two. Nor does it benefit from the forms. The Dances aren't able to benefit from forms at all. This is partly because they are very difficult to master in general. Learning them requires a great deal of practice which is why they are last. The Silver Lotus Dance requires mastery of the original four to use.

Black Lotus Dance: This requires mastery of all the other Lotus to use. This is a counter attack stance which the user enters them into a battle trance. By doing this they go into a hypersensitive state of combat awareness. Able to perform in seconds with extremely precise and deadly movements. The Black Lotus Dance is something always moving forward and seeming to fade in and out of sight. As the user is moving their feet around quickly with little room for breaking. However, this is just the beginning of the Black Lotus Dance's start point. The user grips their sword and prepares to move at the first sign of action. The Counter Stance of the Black Lotus goes on the Offensive after it's warmed up, By moving at extremely high speed in this battle like trance. They generate insane amounts of power. Blocking a blow from them can break bones and cause extreme damage alone. However, some warriors with high-level strength can handle trading with them.

White Lotus Dance-Seventh Form: The only form that is mostly used by duel wielding only.This form requires a Grand Master in General Speed or Shunpo. A Grand Master is also required in Zanjutsu or Weapon Skills to pull it off. To date, only one person has mastered this being Tsubasa himself. The user becomes a white ghost upon the battlefield. By combining the knowledge of the Lotus moves. They move around the battlefield almost as though dancing across it. This form is extremely hard to follow, as it has no set form. In fact, it's form can change at the drop of a dime. Making it extremely hard to follow as it's able to perform the other lotus while doing this. The user's only normally seen as a portion of white clothing they wear. It's like a blur moving around the battlefield. It's a very hard move to perform as any slip-ups can cost an inexperienced user. Making sure to use proper footwork is important but not nearly as how you hold or wield your sword during it. Some who have seen this before claim the sword disappears completely. That's because once it begins the blade is never still at any time. It's in constant motion making attempts to kill the enemy. While it can be dodged or counter-attacked. The White Lotus is the most demanding form in the entire school for the Unabara. Attacking with relentless aggression making them a extremely fast blur on the field. While certain enemies will spot them coming the changing speeds and such is normally enough to catch most off guard.


Shizukana Korosu 静かな殺す: Using his sword in this method Tsubasa is able to perform what his clan calls the silent killing method, he's both a good assassin and up front fighter when it comes to things. But when he decides to assassinate someone, this sword style is brought forward. When moving his weapon it's as though no resistance is existing upon the blade. This allows him to make clean soundless strokes with his sword, using this his body stops making sounds making him simply a soundless enemy whom can very easily sneak up upon those who do not expect the man. Tsubasa's killing methods are very different from some of his clan. He has walked through an enemy camp using this style alone. He is able to kill people with this move who have a very bad sense of direction and other things. Some demons are known to of died to this style alone. Tsubasa is known to be one of the few who does have a style selected for Demons Specially.

God's Hand: This sword style serves one purpose only, it's my job is to kill Demons and Hollows. This sword style has the effect of causing extreme damage to those of such a nature, grant it the style is one Tsubasa only uses when he decides to fight a demon or a hollow. This sword form combines the purity of his Zanpakutō with the skills he's mastered. Nist can be blamed for this, he's learned Light's purity thanks to Nist. Being best friends with him did have it's advantages that allowed him to make a style like this. The way this sword art works is very simple, if they regenerate he is capable of slowing the regeneration down. Due to the fact this sword style cleaves the energy Demons use specially, it doesn't do this for hollows however. Demons use a special form of energy and due to this he was able to create a style nearly designed to kill them specially. Tsubasa is well aware of the weak points ona demon's body as well, this style exploits it.

Unabara No Kotesu: Tsubasa is able to absolutely copy all the Unabara styles with a flawless nature that makes him their leader, perhaps akin to his great learning that he took. His style of fighting makes him dangerous, for unlike his clan members. He can combine the moves that they use, it makes him a fatal fighter. Their are few he cannot mimic to perfection, he's able to bring his sword strokes to the speed of sound effortlessly. Tsubasa didn't really consider the power much of anything, the fact of the matter is. He can move a tad faster then sound when dealing with this form of style. Kotesu allows him to use powers around him and turn them into fatal swordsmanship that few others can mimic or even copy when they try. He's known to have an extremely weird way of fighting but this is simply one thing learned and brought forward by his years of swordsmanship training that he went through. Tsubasa is a capable and frightening member of his clan capable of many things.

Kinetic Sword Style: Tsubasa is the only one known able to use his sword in this method, he's able to create a kinetic impact with his sword due to the power he can get despite his soft sword style. He's able to bring a kinetic energy down and slice into a person's body, now this isn't the full purpose of his swordsmanship. Tsubasa is able to make his swordsmanship completely like this, using his full body as a weapon of kinetic energy. One swing and he could slice through several buildings, Tsubasa is known for a destructive nature that is rarely seen even among those whom know him best. The other interesting thing about this style is that Tsubasa can cut someone and then cause their body to explode from within the inside of their body. Unabara call him the Kinetic killer, this is why he is known as one of the few whom have earned the title of Death in his clan's short history. The Kinetic sword style is effective against most and the destruction is something dangerous.

Sonic Boom: This style isn't much like the others, he normally keeps up with a silent method of killing. This sword style is when the quiet method of things no longer function the way he desires. So Tsubasa decides to fight by having his weapon create such large shock waves that the sound is capable of causing massive damage to those whom are near by. Using this simple method of fighting he's capable of inflicting massive damage into waves of enemies, the reason why death was given to Tsubasa was simple, He could kill so many people at once and could do it while not bothering to release his Zanpakutō or even bothering to remove the shackles he claims are so those close don't get wiped out by his massive reiatsu that he contains. However he hasn't been very aware of the fact his massive reiatsu already can deal even more damage then what a person would original expect of a man whom held back. He didn't do it for himself but those around him.

T.S.U.B.A.S.A: This sword style is unreadable, Tsubasa is known to use pure swordsmanship in this aspect. The style is one another member of his clan did figure out, howveer Unabara Ringo only learned it to the point of making simple melee deadly with a sword. Tsubasa is able to use it within his hand to hand and most of his body movements. Tsubasa does acknowledge the young Reaper's skill but cannot help but take things he's seen develop them into a further and more dangerous method. Tsubasa is capable of fighting at high speeds in this form and changing moves in an instance, unlike Ringo though he isn't able to use it as flawlessly. Tsubasa does show a great amount of skill in this form that allows him to fight at extreme levels that some would acknowledge as the deadly methods that he has come forward with from his own methods of dancing and killing people with the weapon known simply as the sword. The unreadable man simply smiles and brings death upon the world.

Lighting Blade: Tsubasa is able to use extreme amounts of lighting with his swordsmanship, this naturally allows him to fight very differently. Sometimes he is capable of using lighting energy attacks with his sword and he is able to perform things such as Rail guns without much effort, Tsubasa is considered one of the strongest whom roams about the field and around the world. Tsubasa brings his weapon down rarely, but his lighting combined style both provides a defense and offense. This style is very hard to fight with melee as the field of electric that is circulating across the body of Tsubasa is enough to electrocute most anyone whom gets in the way of the amps going around his frame. He channels enough of the energy into his sword to cause massive damage to those whom are caught by the lighting in his sword and around his body. Tsubasa uses this only for the strongest of enemies who's strength he acknowledges as a swordsman and a warrior from the bottom of his heart.

Shunko Blade Tsubasa picked it up due to his tremendous skill in kido and as he prefers to settle matters with his sword over anything else, he crafted a method to cover it on his blade. The destructive force is so strong in shikai it could destroy half a city, the power is great however and his Zanpakutō cannot handle the sheer strain. The limit of using it is only twice a thread. However the high output of damage is insane, this however does mean Tsubasa is capable of using Shunko on a far greater scale and can make a less concentrated version around his body and such for fighting kido users though he won't as it goes against his ascetic of fighting to some degree, though if he does do it a massive amount of damage will come from it though no where near on par with the Shunko Blade. The power of this move is one reason Tsubasa never used it since he killed his sister. The Shunko Blade is a move he will only use when he must or if the enemy is someone he respects enough to no longer hold back and take the gloves off so to speak.

Perfect Shunko Blade: This is the perfected form of Tsubasa's shunko blade move, he having moved past his sister's death by a small amount decided to perfect the move. Using this training he created and found his element in the art, while many believed it would be flames that Tsubasa had nothing but destruction in him, that his power was that which destroyed everything. But much like his reiatsu and Zanpakutō his element in shunko is that of Lighting. When activated the lighting destroys everything around him, he's able to control it now without stressing his Zanpakutō out. A full body can last for twenty turns now, increasing his destructive power and force to a far greater amount. Tsubasa's final training to perfect Shunko made him an excellent combatant in using the form, being one of the only ones who didn't lead the 2nd Division to finally complete his training in the form. Using it around his Zanpakutō only for large scale attacks.


Information on Kierudo: The brain child of Tsubasa Unabara, crafted from his one thousand years of killing. This sword style is devoted to the art of killing, combining the greatest moves of swordplay Tsubasa's mind of a killer could devise. Few people have experienced the power of this style that Tsubasa has been developing since the days of old. He believed that his journey hadn't been complete yet so he had no right to make a style. Now he understands what must happen and he has devoted himself to the ideal of it. That a killer could be a hero, he would show the world the style that killed could be used for justice. For the future of the Gotei 13, he decided to finally finish the Kierudo Style and show the world his finished product soon. This style is open and has no set stance or form, allowing the wielder to use the practices Tsubasa does into a form to kill those who would face them. Learning this style is possible but passing it on will have a cost, the person taking up the Kierudo style must make the next step of it. Allowing the form to grow, each person is required to chose someone worthy of taking the mantle up. Those who hold this will be killers, they will be the ones who embrace killing as an art form. Their is no one move or one law of swordplay to Kierudo it's all about how you deliver the blow to extinguish the light from the eyes of your foes. Succession is handled in a special way depending on each teacher, Tsubasa's way may be different from others. However this form will live on for as long killing does exist.

Kierudo no Tsukuyomi The only move that uses an illusion of a strange nature, the first step of this is lighting one's sword up with energy. Kierudo no Tsukuyomi allows the user to create a light on the blade that glows brightly the color of their reiatsu. Using this if the enemy looks into the light the illusion begins, this depends highly upon the target's mental deduction as if they are smart enough and realize that an illusion is taken place they will get out instantly. However the illusion is not a one moment illusion. It starts in the mind letting the user play simple tricks, but the illusion does appear to fade away on it's own. Making it appear as though the enemy has gotten out of it right after the turn it's been used. However at this point the mind has been freed. But the body has not, the body is under the influence of the illusion for the next five turns. This illusion is something simple that allows the user to face his enemies and gain openings. This move is highly requiring the user to be good at kido, this way they can create the light required to perform it. Master Level kido is required to perform this along with Advanced or higher zanjutsu.

Now the way the illusions function is very simple, by looking at the blade the light hits the eyes and travels to the brain. The first set of illusions can be victory over Tsubasa and can seem long a ten minute nightmare at times for those not prepared or high enough in Mental deduction. Masters are trapped for one turn and those below that are in for three max. After that the illusion hits the body if they've not escaped, making it so their body is completely jumbled. The brain is aware and the illusion seems to of been broken, this process takes one turn to complete. Allowing the brains signals to be scrambled. Now the limit of these illusions is fairly simple, the most he can do is make you appear to of died. However this has no translation to your real body once that happens the illusion concludes.

Kierudo no Kitanashi: This move is one of a special nature, the user can destroy an entire city with it if their Zanjutsu is Grand Master. Half if Master, the power of the strike is all creating the perfect sword swing. It's named after Tsubasa's daughter Kita, who is perfect in his eyes. He developed this on the principal of the perfect sword strike. Combining elements of all styles to form a perfect movement without needless movements. This wasn't requiring a strong power to come out of the swing, the movement wasn't slow though it could be. The sword swing combined elements of everything and could destroy everything in front of the user due to the sheer force. Using this requires Master Zanjutsu and Master strength, to reach levels of it being effective. This is simply the move that Tsubasa created for the purpose of using his full strength to destroy an enemy without remorse. Kierudo no Kitanashi the perfect swing, much like the perfect cherry blossom. Tsubasa didn't have the regular childhood and the way to immortalize his children was through swordsmanship. Creating the Kierudo art of killing is his way to show them he cares. This single sword stroke can come at an angle, it is but one strike instead of a large amount. Allowing the user to be deadly with one move.

Kierudo no Chidori: The dancing blade, this style allows the user to move their blade so quickly that it disappears. It's extremely fast and able to become an absolute death blow for enemies. Tsubasa has claimed he can perform a thousand sword strikes with this. Moving his hand so rapidly that his arms and sword vanish becoming invisible. Tsubasa named this one after his daughter who was always moving. Chidori danced like a petal through the storm, this move of the style is the hardest for the user must be quick. Precise sword strikes at high speeds are hard to perform, but this style demands blows that can kill. The other requirement is simply that the user be extremely good within Zanjutsu. Grand Masters are capable of performing similar to Tsubasa. Everything requires the user to be precise and understand swordsmanship like he does. Tsubasa believes passing this style on may not be possible due to how it's skills are built around him.

Kierudo no Tsukasa: The final move requires you be a Master of speed, strength, Kido, and Zanjutsu. Using the final move of Kierudo is combining the previous moves into a single move, creating an illusion followed by a sword strike so quickly the eye cannot follow. The sword strike created unleashes the devastation of the powerful Kitanashi strike along with the speed of the Chidori. Creating the perfect sword move in Tsubasa's eyes, this is the final move allowing him to finish an enemy off with absolute death. However it's not perfect as Tsubasa comments only being able to perform this feat two times a fight. It's a highly stressful and hard move that requires a very high amount of skill to perform and the user above all else must bare the burden of whatever comes. Tsubasa's sword style does have a final move but it's more of a move developed from his practices at footwork. This single sword stroke has an untold amount of damage, due to the speed and power being so intense.

Kierudo no Tsubaki: This is not so much a sword move as the foot work used by Tsubasa when executing the style. It's designed and requires a master level in shunpo and speed to execute it properly. The footwork he performs when using this allows him to create solid doubles instantly, the max number he can form is around seven. Tsubasa has shown to use Tsubaki when fleshing out his enemies now, trying to give form to his tactics and create more openings so he may finish off his enemies. Tsubaki allows him to directly go into his next move be it one of the other Kierudo forms or something else. But using this stepping method makes it possible for the user to both disappear and become an assassin if need be for a moment. It allows them to become one with the surroundings and embrace the wind and reality for what it is. Kieruo no Tsubaki is the move Tsubasa decided to add on to the style. What would it become later was something only fate could decree, his final task was the creation of it all.

Kierudo Amaterasu: This sword move was designed with the purpose of incapacitating enemies with little effort. It creates a sound upon impact that rings out. Those who hear the sound have their nerves and body slammed. It's like being hit by several forms of movement sickness at once. Tsubasa's sound wave can knock people out who are extremely weak to it. Tsubasa does prefer to remain out of using such tactics. But Amaterasu allows him to execute his enemies without much fuss. This move is not going to knock out all the time some people of great strength can overcome it. However they will be handling after effects of the Amaterasu. Which will include extreme dizziness with some trouble seeing, most motor skills will be damaged for a while. This damage can be healed but will take four turns for people with excellent healing. As this attack even targets the area in charge of healing. Finally those of a lesser healing will take six turns at least to recover from the effects of this attack on the senses.

Kierudo Izanagi. This is a move designed to extend his attack, it's able to apply many moves. But it's sister move the Izanami is combined with it often. Izanagi is used to create a long distance attack and set enemies up for several moves. The slash distance of the move is large and can go up to a mile wide if used with it's full power. Now one would expect this to hamper the movement of Tsubasa. However he can make the swing and go back to fast compact blows instantly. This long range attack was designed to attack enemies without being seen. The blow coming from it is completely kinetic, allowing him to attack an enemy virtually invisibly. Izanagi however is only a stage one attack that allows him to figure out his enemy, when combined with Izanami is it truly finished.

Kierudo Izanami: This is the form used after the use of Izanagi, what happens when Izanami is activated is rather special. Kinetic needles explode from the attack of Izanagi and rupture things within the body. Imagine thousands of kinetic needles exploding in a barrage against your body. This move may be shaped freely allowing him to shape it into projectiles of kinetic force. What makes it special is it's a long ranged kinetic sword move. Allowing him to end attacks or block many projectiles with a single slash of his sword. The distance depends on the amount of force he puts into the attack using Izanami. However this but a single move allowing him to act freely once again.

Kierudo Susanoo: This is an art form that surpasses most of his moves. Susanoo is something Tsubasa decided to make. This move was designed with a single purpose, it combines the efforts of his training. This sword move destroys things at the molecular level that is due to the way it's used. Tsubasa vibrates the blade at such a high speed that the weapon hums. When this happens when he strikes the sword cuts into the molecules of the target. This isn't limited to just the target either energy may be cut as well. Tsubasa's Susasnoo move can be used several ways and combines the element of using it within his hand to hand skills. Tsubasa can use this around his entire body for an extra punch when needed. This form is used as Kierudo's second to last move, making him extremely dangerous. Tsubasa grows and becomes stronger as time progresses and allows him to become great. Tsubasa's Susanoo is merely a single trick of many that were created.

Kierudo Shukuchi: This move is an upgrade to the stepping method. Rather Tsubasa found a way to move much faster, he taps his toe on the ground gently with his sandal. Measuring and calculating the distance, he shoots off. What happens next is he accelerates his body to the point of it completely vanishing. As he starts stepping the ground erupts as the steps cause massive impact. Moving like this he can catch up with most anything instantly. Or get out of combat with great speed. Tsubasa's Shukuchi method is something he decided was needed. He thought his speed was far to slow for the great prowess Khala had. Tsubasa has devoted himself to mastering the Sword. Though mastering himself came first, Tsubasa's Shukuchi is extremely fast. Some may be able to detect it through different means. However detecting and reacting are two different matters entirely. While this is by no means fast as light, it's just short of traveling at that speed. It's faster then sound however as he does move that quickly with the Shukuchi.

Kierudo Sokuza Aseru: The move he came up with to deal with situations that require an instant answer. He sheaths his sword, designing this sword to deal with single target enemies. He unsheathes the sword and uses the Shukuchi at the same time, Tsubasa's acceleration allows him to bring the blade out and cut so quickly. That it is absolutely painless, zero blood is spilled due to the sheer speed of the cut. It's said if he cut an enemy with killing intent they would die without a single shred of pain. Tsubasa's final move allowed him to find a place he was comfortable with as a swordsman. This gave him a good place to stand as a per swordsman. Tsubasa's final move here is made to settle battles in an instant without anything held back. This move cannot be influenced by most of the other Kierudo forms. As it's already at it's peak and meant to be used for defeating enemies. Tsubasa considers this a last resort normally, but can execute it fairly often. Due to the form used it's hard to judge it as he can extend the attack distance if need be.

Event Only

Killer Cyclone: This event only move is something he activates so rarely that because the massive level of destruction is off the charts, some people believe this is the reason why Tsubasa isn't capable of being called much more then a destruction. Spinning metal and electrical energy from the surroundings upon it's release, the dangerous power seems to spin and form into a giant cyclone around as it slowly builds on size. It's very possible for this to get large enough to cover an entire country if it's left alone, stopping it is simple as making sure it has nothing to feed off of. The cyclone if he allows it can feed off the electrical energy he generates passively. This allows him to feed it at the start, but soon enough the sande turning into glass as it's spun with metal at such a speed that the power of this object can cut some of the strongest of men in half. Tsubasa doesn't use it often, but this equalizer is one reason he's considered a humanoid disaster on the field of battle.

Nist himself hasn't yet seen this power, Tsubasa avoids using his metal in conjunction with his powers due to the fact he is well aware of how much danger this move can put people in. This move will only stop when it runs out of energy, it will start small and continue growing in size. Within this spinning vortex, shards of metal and fire are likely. Electrical lighting will vaporize most anyone whom is to far away from Tsubasa. Tsubasa can guard those within it was a special magnetic field that he created to repel the effect. The inside of this giant destroyer doesn't bother him in the slightest, Tsubasa uses this only in emergencies he is not interested in destroying entire cities and taking them out in a blood stained war. Depending on the size and growth rate of this, it will be very large. Below the growth rate can be listed if it's continued in feeding. Within ten posts it will cover an entire city..Twenty Posts two cities, after a day it's possible depending on the state that the entire state will be covered.

Tsubasa has called this move the Grim Reaper's Hand, it's as though it stretched out and ripped the souls away without caring about whom or what they were. His crimson gaze is the last thing anyone remembers. Tsubasa despite his dislike of this move if pushed or knowing his enemy will be strong will use it, he is capable of disappearing within the fog of static and metal. The pieces of metal are fully under his control as is the electricity within the field. Tsubasa's fighting area can something be large as a city. The fight within the Deadly vortex can only go so many ways, Tsubasa has designed this move knowing someday he may be fighting alone. However he can shut it down with a metal walls and contain it so long as the size doesn't get to big for him do so. Tsubasa states it could most likely go into four states of a country within 4 days making it no longer in his realm of control.

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Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Grand Master
  • Strength: Master
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Racial Skills
  • Hoho:Grand Master
  • Kidō: Master
  • Zanjutsu: Grand Master
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance:Advanced
  • Focus: Grand Master

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[adm]OK! After talking with other staff members, and making sure of the decision we've made, we've come to the conclusion of allowing Tsubasa with a 0-1 in his Shikokai. If anyone has a problem with this, contact me, Kyle, or Frost. Enjoy, Pale Rider![/adm]
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Tsubasa Unabara [Approved 0-2++/ 0-1 in Shikokai]
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