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 Face Claim-

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Face Claim-   Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:26 am

Just going to throw in the one time i ever asked Aivee to share a Face Claim she said no.


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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: Face Claim-   Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:22 am

Can we not act like civilized people and talk this out in a peaceful tone?

I'm not going to make some long, over-drawn and overdramatic post like I've seen from the last rows of post following my first post in this thread. In fact, I do not have much of the patience to read through some of these longer post made in this thread.

My darlings, I still hold the original stance I had when I first came into this thread. Do you know why? Because I am entitled to my opinion. No matter how unconventional, unpopular or otherworldly it may seem, you can't expect the entire world to have the same set of values, thoughts or morals as you do. I care not how passionate some of these people are in this thread, I only came here to state my opinion on the matter and possibly see if staff could clarify or some sort of compromise could be made.

I do not understand some of the aggression I've seen after the people defending Aivee came in. I'm well aware the first series of people whom came to Aivee's aid were her friends, such as Kakeru/JJ/Crow and so forth. However, you guys are staff and should act more like it in this thread. Why would an advisor, someone whose task is to work with people in the community, violently thrash about in the thread without a single regard to what his job was suppose to be?

We are not attacking Aivee, for if we were, I'm fairly certain I'd be more vicious in my nature about it. I will express that I am NOT happy with the attacks Blank received. However, after speaking with her, I AM glad you DID apologize to her in a PC. Otherwise, I would have torn you a new asshole myself. Worse than anything I've done to Dai's wonderful butt, that I can assure.

I'd also like to say I'm getting more informed as I make my way back to being active on this site. Maybe it was the wrong approach in the way Shizuo had made this thread, but two wrongs do not make a right, my friends. Looking at the poll results in the thread, do you not think that perhaps members are not properly informed? If a large majority of people are feeling this way, maybe there should more education done in a peaceful manner?

I understand full well how people can get riled up over various issues on this site, but the way in which this situation has exploded has gone past the bar of ridiculousness and into the realm of sheer stupidity.

Moving on, is there any CONCRETE resolution being made from this thread? We've heard people moan, we've heard people shout, we've seen insults thrown about and we've certainly seen one too many excessive post with nothing but filler. Yet, what I have not seen, is a satisfying conclusion to this thread.

In my view I believe all sides should come together, realize there is no divide and work together as fellow members to make this work. After re-reading the faceclaim following Frost's claims of making "bold red post", I think more measures should be put in place to make people more aware of these rules. Thusly, I will support some of the measures Frost suggested and hope you guys in the positions of power within staff work things out to come out with a resolution that will ease tensions here.

All in all, this is an issue that has grown to be an eyesore and we need to get this solved very soon, my friends.


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Subject Post 23PostSubject: Re: Face Claim-   Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:07 am



This has indeed turned into quite the eyesore for the site. It's quite an eye-opener for myself to see everyone getting this riled up over something like face claim. It tells me I need to do more to resolve the issue on both sides, figure out a way to end this peacefully and to move on from it in a professional manner. I've heard those from the opposition who do not support these massive face claims, and I've heard those on the side of defending people whom have these large collections of characters.

However, in the spirit of Platinum Hearts, I never intended to impose many creative restrictions on the site. I've always wanted this place to be a free world, a realm of where anything is possible within the urgent guidelines of our site's foundation. If you wanted to have a hundred characters? I usually welcomed that in the past. Logistically speaking, I doubted many would go that far, but if people desire to do that, then they have the creative right to do so in my mind.

Furthermore, this site was always meant to be extremely flexible and susceptible to change at any moment. It's what made us good, it's what allowed us to stay in business this long and what will allow us to continue to function in the future as these other sites die off one by one. It is why I originally suggested my improvements to face claims, because I felt it was simply something that could be adjusted to show some sort of consideration on my part for those whom had the issue of mass-face claiming.

And, on the reverse side, I would not impose on Aiv's right to have that many characters either. As I could never phantom taking away someone's characters unless they've: stolen the characters from another site, had someone else write the character for them without permission or otherwise broke the laws or rules of Platinum Hearts and warranted removal. It's why I don't even feel right when people suggested removing various peoples tiers in the past. As I don't believe in stripping someone of their hard work when I'm in my RIGHT sane mind like I am when I'm typing this.

Honestly, it pains me as a Head Admin to see all of this being so heavily disrupted. Each time something like this occurs, I attempt to discern rather or not the structure of this place has been set-up in the correct manner, if the people whom I put in charge within the various positions in staff are fit to do their job, if the community itself is the issue or if there is something I could have done better.

In spite of that, I think I've come to the hard conclusion that Betwix and others were looking for in this thread. At the end of the day, a choice is going to have to be made. And my choice is going to be in favor of keeping with the spirit of this site, even if it may be mangled up and twisted together by my own decisions in the past.

Thus, I'll discuss with staff the possibility of the improvements I put out there in addition to enforcing the more obvious nature of Face Claims. Which is, in other words, to impose THE BOLD RED TEXT curiosity so no one can miss this in the future; along with clearly laying out the conditions of her, AND people like JJ/Shirou/Tsubine in the future.

Not only that, but you all will knock all of this bickering now that I've made my course. I do not want to see anymore insults flying, I expect to see apologies made and tensions eased from this event on the site. I haven't much of patience myself, as everyone who seen my condition degrade over the months can tell, so I don't want to see others going down that path either. We are meant to support each other in a time of need, not tear each other apart like this.

It's why I've been some aspects of this case because I can understand full well some of the mistakes from every party in this thread, including myself, have made during the duration of this debacle. I can understand Kakeru's frustration with someone he loves being targeted,I understand the reverse feeling Betwix/Blank get for defending each other in a similar matter, I understand the general feeling of unrest members might feel for those whom don't have a strong knowledge of how our rules are set-up and why they may perceive it as new members being shut-out of a fair chance to have their needed facelaims; I also understand UHCm's cause to stand in the neutral party to get everyone to think of what their doing and Aiv's need to defend herself while in the middle of this whole shitstorm.

At long last, I can get it. It's the reason I'm stepping in now and just making the decision for everyone after reading everything in this thread from all parties and coming to a conclusion that will attempt to satisfy all parties and move forward from this incident in a positive way. So let's let bygones be bygones, release our frustrations and let the calm winds of relief enter our pours after all of this venting. We understand something might not be right, but this just isn't the way to go about it and I swear as my title as Head Admin I will do whatever it takes to correct this issue.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and I will be locking this thread, moving it to archives in a short while and resolving this matter.


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Face Claim-
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