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 Dante Rinslet Kumo

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Dante Rinslet Kumo Image4374-1

» Name: Dante Rinslet Kumo
» Titles: Nicknames: Angel, Casper, Cloud.
» Age: 17
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Fishers, Angler

» Appearance Description: Face
Dante is quite the handsome young man. Blue eyes and blonde hair. Wiry in frame, he has lean muscle from swimming and rather broad shoulders as a result of years at practice. He has shoulder length blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. His eyes are the highlight of this young man, as they are such a unique shade of blue they are the first thing people notice. Moving inward from the blueness of his outer irises, lies a hint of orange which can be found scattered around his pupil as if they were miniscule tendrilsl. The orange hue to his eyes are only visible to someone who looks into his eyes long enough, as they are overlooked due to the prominent blue. On the occasion of a smile, a dimple appears on his right cheek, when laughing dimples form on both sides. If we move to his ears we can find that his left ear is pierced, he sports a black stud on most days but is susceptible to change.

He is quite well proportioned. Though he is wiry, he has a lightly toned stomach. A six pack is not quite visible, however, he does have a nice V-shaped waist accompanied by a flat chest and toned arms. Due to swimming so much he lost all the hair on his arms because “chlorine’s a bitch.” On the upper-left area of his back is a small tattoo of a crescent moon covered in part by a cloud that seems to be drifting in front of it. On his lower right back a scar can be seen that looks vaguely like claw marks going diagonal in direction from upper right to lower left. The scar itself is maybe 4 inches long 2 inches wide. His height isn’t in any way special as he is a glorious 5’11. He may have been taller, but he got addicted to coffee in his early youth.

Dante, as was stated previously, has blonde hair that is moderate in length. Some might say it’s straight, some might say its curly, but his mom likes to call it shaggy. Each strand is long, but as he doesn’t care to comb his hair everyday they get tangled with each other giving it a bit of a messy look. Not that people minded it as it was one of his defining features. On any given day he can be seen sporting a gray or black beanie that sits just off the back of head. He didn’t like pulling it all the way to the front because it pushed the hair onto his forehead/his face. Plus he thought it looked cooler that way.

Loose clothes are his preference. He rarely sports tight clothes as he prefers comfort. Don’t confuse him with someone who sacrifices style with comfort. Growing up in the city he learned to keep his fashion sense about him as he prefers to look good to keep up his image. He can be seen wearing long t-shirts that slide to expose one or both shoulders, that’s his prefered style of shirt as he gets hot easily. Plus, he thinks it looks cool. He has plenty of long sleeve shirts/sweaters of that variety. He also likes to wear light hoodies, rarely in any color besides pure white or black. During the spring/summer he never wears close toed shoes, he prefers to wear sandals of any variety, as his feet get hot easily. Inside his house or rather, in someone’s house where he is comfortable he can be seen wearing shorts, otherwise it’s a rare occurrence. His preference for public appearance is jeans. Otherwise he wears sweatpants, but rarely of the track variety, he usually sports the blue kind that you would have to wear at a private school.

» Appearance Picture: (If you have one, link a picture of your character.)


Dante Rinslet Kumo Image4376-1

» Personality:At first glance
Dante is straightforward. Naive, calm, silly, likes to laugh, gentle. These are a few adjectives that blend in a way that make him a unique individual. He was raised well by both his mother and father, to a fault. To make a long story short they spoiled him. He can be a brat at times, especially to people he he sees as close. His mother and father mostly, but they raised him to act well in public. He feels the genuine love and care of his parents as he was raised, so as a testament to them he acts graciously in public and to people he doesn’t know. He is polite, and an absolute gentleman whenever he first meets someone. It is from there that he can go one of two ways, keep one at a distance and continue to be polite, or relax and be himself. Being himself isn’t necessarily bad, though he can be selfish and bratty, he does genuinely care for those he deems his friends. Within that small circle of friends he is as silly and playful as a puppy, as well as having a peerless love of sarcasm. Dante likes to smile, he’ll smile if he’s happy, if he’s upset, if he’s uncomfortable in a situation he has no control over, even if he’s being yelled at by a superior. Smiling is his crutch, though it rarely does him good when he’s in trouble.

As time goes on
No one (not even himself) knows when he became sarcastic. He takes a particular joy in answering questions he deems stupid, with a stupid answer. Dante really doesn’t care for stupid questions. Whenever his parents ask him a question they know to answer to, he answers with either a question or feigns ignorance completely. Much to their chagrin.

The smallest inside jokes with his friends make him burst with laughter, as they like to come up with them. He isn’t as sarcastic with his closest friends because they rarely ask him stupid questions, they usually stop themselves before they do. He connects with people easily, he is very good at picking up subtle psychological idiosyncrasies within people. He learned how by watching his father, a psychologist, and decides fully on whether or not to trust somebody by the small things they do as opposed to their words. He does like to play mind games with people, but he chooses who he plays with wisely as he would hate to burn a bridge permanently. Given all these things, he’s still just a teenager, there are plenty of times that he questions things. Even himself, as he does act out in occasional rebellion i.e his tattoo. One day he could feel lonely, and another day he is full of confidence. He often wonders if there is something wrong with him psychologically, but he never bothers to ask his dad for a diagnosis. He’s too scared. It also doesn’t help that he’s adopted. The last thing he wanted was for his parents to think they adopted psychological mess of a child.

The ladies
Dante be lovin the bitches. He has particularly good luck with girls, to date he’s had about 6 girlfriends from 5th to 11th grade and a few girls here or there he forgot. Before he moved, he was above average, as he had a nice frame and those “gorgeous” blue eyes. He himself is aware of the power his eyes hold and likes to use them for less than pure purposes. He can be a horn ball, sometimes to a fault but it’s only proven to be a real problem once or twice. Most girls notice his looks and fall for his personality as he is warm and gentle when it comes to girls, at first. However, he is also friends with plenty of women. If he didn’t treat them so well he figured they wouldn’t end up liking him, so he eventually falls to being a jerk to them and playfully teasing them. Sadly, that tends to come across as flirting more often than he’d like.

One would think that with his luck with women, he would be confident with them. False. Even though he knows he looks good, he isn’t confident enough with himself to strike up conversation with them. He hates the idea of being full of himself so he always lets the opposite sex start talking. So he should he at least good at talking to them right? False. Wrong again. He can be awkward when talking to women he thinks are beautiful, however, if they are just friends he jokes around in comfort.

His Appearance
He prides himself on his appearance. There’s nothing he loves more than earning the looks of girls when he walks down the street. He does his best to wear stylish clothes and is rarely seen without looking like he came out of a magazine. He hates sweating so it isn’t surprising that he takes at least 2 showers a day. 3 in the summer to keep cool. His parents drilled the importance of hygiene into his tiny head from a young age, so his teeth are pearly white and his skin is 100% clear.

Dante has a very strong sense of who he is. He likes who he is for a better part of the time, and will wholeheartedly stand for something he believes in. In this sense he is quite stubborn, and will rarely back down. Unless he is, in his mind proven wrong, or understands his mistake. He thinks in his head that he is a good person, but, in his heart he isn’t sure. This causes internal conflict from time to time, but he usually has a good sense of what’s right and wrong. More often than not he can be found rooting for the underdog of any situation. In contrast, Dante does still get confused about himself. He has a strong sense of what he stands for and what he’s like, but he doesn’t always think that he is good enough. He doesn’t try to change, but just because he knows who he is, doesn’t always mean he’s happy with it.

Vivid Dreamer
Every once in awhile Dante will have one of a few recurring dreams. The first of these dreams is the reason behind his tattoo. He gets a realistic experience of floating in mid air on his back hundreds of feet in the sky. The only thing he can see is a pale white crescent moon covered in part by one thin cloud that seems to be passing in front of it. He’s been getting this dream ever since he was born and has chalked up the reason to being his love for the moon. The next is a dream of a stormy night, he is behind a window staring into the dark sky as thunder bellows and lightning strikes the sky. There is an opening in the clouds as if it was the eye of the storm and right through it he can see a full moon. His favorite weather is thunderstorms and sun showers, as such he finds this to also be a favorite of his. Lastly there’s a dream of him falling from the sky, falling into what seems to be water. However, he always wakes up just before hitting the surface, he has a great dislike for this dream. As he has a fear of falling, not so much heights. He discards this dream as a nightmare.

Dante has a pretty good understanding of people and why they act the way they do. He sympathizes with people to an almost ridiculous level, as he prefers to put himself in other peoples shoes, which leads him to being patient with other people. His personal understanding is that, “Everybody does something for a reason.” Everyones views do not align and everyone else's, and happiness is caused by different things from person to person. Through these understandings he is able to fabricate lies or as he likes to refer to them as “Modified truths,” to suit a specific need with a specific person. He is quite good at lying, when he picked up this habit, he can’t remember. Lying is almost second nature to him and he does it with a straight face 100% of the time.

Street Savvy
Dante isn’t the most intelligent fellow when it comes to academia. He refuses to apply himself, not because he thinks its not worth it, but because it doesn’t come to him as easy as other things do. Sticking to what comes easy to him is his preference, and that would be people. He can be very manipulative, he is by nature a problem solver, but by no means a genius.

He can be judgemental(based on appearance), heavily so, though he won’t show it. He is particularly good at hiding his disdain. If he doesn’t like something he WILL whine and complain, usually to no avail. He is easily put down on some matters, like things he doesn’t completely understand, or academics. He is highly self-conscious if something isn’t right with his appearance he can become pretty upset. He can come across as pompous, though he really hates it. There’s nothing he hates more than overconfidence, or bragging, he likes to keep to himself. He cares very much about what people think about him. Every once in awhile he goes into a slight depression at something someone says, usually unintentionally. Curiosity is one of his worst flaws. If there is something he wants to know, he HAS to know. He has been known to annoy people to the point of no return when he obsesses over information he wants access to. This comes from a deep seated subconscious belief that he is entitled to know everything. This comes from his thirst for learning trivial things. Things such as school work rarely interest him. But mysteries peak his interest, ghost stories, wonders of the world, unexplained mysteries. All of these things have lead to his desire for the truth.

Naivety is also one of this boys flaws, as he is one of the most trusting people. He trusts strangers and believes that everyone around him is good at heart. There is a difference between him trusting strangers, and trusting friends. He doesn’t believe that strangers would lie to him, and as such he gives them his trust. Its only due to luck that to this day, no one has taken advantage of him or seriously hurt him.

He sometimes gets easily bored. When this happens a few things can occur, he can either get depressed if no one is around, or he will find someone to mess with. Though this is more of a trivial flaw, it usually leads to self reflection.

Depression is something Dante struggles with on and off. It happens every so often as a result of self consciousness. Though this depression isn’t any different than what most teenagers go through. After a depression he tends to learn things about himself and comes out with a positive, but this isn’t always the case.

The pride that can be seen as a good thing, can be a hindrance just as easily. He rarely asks anyone for help and sometimes looks down on others for doing so. He hates the idea of not being able to do things for himself and not being of any use in situations he would rather help in. That doesn’t mean he won’t come up with excuses. When he’s wrong and doesn’t believe that it is his fault, he makes sure to get across why he isn’t wrong. Even though most of the time he is pretty wrong.

Adopted: Dante was adopted, which he blames a lot of his personal problems on. Such as the self consciousness he tends to struggle with. For his own sake, he tries to forget that he is in fact adopted and discards the fact almost entirely.


Dante Rinslet Kumo Image4378-1

» Background: Birth
Little is known about Dante’s actual birth... all that is known as that when he arrived at the orphanage he had a note with two words. Dante and Rinslet. So the people at the adoption agency decided to name him Dante, and kept Rinslet in reserve as his middle name. Most adults were captivated by his eyes and decided they did in fact want to adopt him; however, as an infant Dante would throw such unholy tantrums, that he would be taken back. This occurred for little over a year, and as soon as Dante turned 1 year old two people came had stepped into the agency and he became attached on site. Their names were Saichi Kumo and Lily Kumo. Saichi was of japanese descent, standing at 5’9 he looked pretty average. The only thing that stood out about him was his warm smile. Lily could have been confused for a lot of things. She had light brown skin and curly brown hair that went just below her shoulders. She had a pretty face and big round brown eyes. Though she was of Brazilian descent she was raised in America. They were a young, newly married couple that were looking to adopt a child. There was nothing wrong with either of their reproductive systems, Lily just didn’t want to become pregnant at any point in her life. Saichi being as blindly in love with her as he was had no qualms about adopting a child. There was a lesser known reason as to why she had wanted to adopt a child.

One rainy day 2 years prior to his adoption. Lily was driving in a rush to get home from work. She was excited to see her boyfriend, Saichi, as he had planned a romantic evening for the two. Her boss had kept her late that day. Incidentally she had a project due that day but someone had called in sick and she had to do their share. On her way home she had glanced into the passengers seat at her phone that had started ringing. Seeing as it was her boyfriend she put the car on hold, she was only 10 minutes away. As she turned back to pay attention to the road, lightning had struck the road in front of her causing her to turn abruptly. Losing control of her car she had crashed into a tree at 50 miles per hour. She felt she should have died on that day. As she awoke she saw a sizeable arc of light. A “wingless” angel descended as she likes to remember. His long blonde hair had defied gravity as he fell, it gracefully fell around his body which was adorning a white cloak, nothing more. He was beautiful, almost as if he were a woman. He radiated gracefulness with each step being as even and confident as the last. His movements betrayed the thought of floating or levitation. As he walked to the drivers side, his hands seemingly phased through the door, pulling Lily out, as she remembers it. She may just as well have gone through the window, she was pretty shocked at the moment. The only thing she could make out from the warmth of his hands was “Adopt him.” After she heard that she blacked out, upon awakening at the hospital the only thing she can remember that day were those words ringing in her head. Ever since that day, the idea of adoption has been in the back of her mind. The moment she saw Dante she was reminded of the angel. From there on she called him Angel.

10 years old

Dante’s life had been good. He belonged to a middle class family, his father was a psychologist that owned his own office. His mother volunteered most of her time at non profit organizations. And he was a pretty smart kid. He picked up on the english and japanese language rather quickly. His mother couldn’t teach him how to speak her native language because she only knew english. He was naturally bad at arithmetic, but when it came to words he was a connoisseur. He had made a few close friends but he did go through his bullying phase. He usually ignored it, but sometimes it got to him, more often than not he could discard what they said. As he knew who he was, the only thing he didn’t like, was that he looked nothing like his parents.

Every time there was a school event no one in his family looked similar. This earned some teasing from the ignorant bullies in his grade, he figured out he was adopted long before his parents told him. Even though he told his parents it didn’t bother him, somewhere deep down inside he had always wondered who his real parents were. Why did they leave him, did they not want him anymore? Was something wrong with him? He would think about this every so often, even to this day. Though in his head, he knew that those thoughts he had probably weren’t true. But he had hated the idea of never knowing for sure.


Things were suddenly starting to go downhill. His father had lost his job for reasons he didn’t understand. His parents were stressing out as they were suddenly in debt. It turns out his father had trusted a long time friend with the number to his bank account one day, and with that information he took all of his money and skipped the country. The only thing that kept them from going completely bankrupt/homeless was his grandfather, who had a place for them to stay, in Minatumi harbor. At first the idea of moving didn’t bother Dante, but then the idea of losing his closest friends crept on him. And on moving day, he had a slight falling out with his parents. That was the start of everything. As soon as they landed in Tokyo where they stayed for a few days, Dante went and got a tattoo on impulse, using some money he had saved up from his part time job as a lifeguard and swim instructor. He missed being the first captain of the high school team that was only a junior. This was due to his talent as a swimmer. As a fighter, he wasn’t very gifted, but he was quite the fast swimmer.

As they were on the train towards Minatumi, he started thinking, that maybe starting all over again, wouldn’t be so bad. He wanted to give it a try, however, he had no idea what minatumi was like. Frankly, he had never heard of the place. Part of him wished he could have stayed in Tokyo. He had liked it there, there was so much knowledge of fashion, and so many beautiful people. He had felt at home there, even though as far as he could tell he wasn’t japanese in the slightest. He had learned the etiquette from his father, and was raised in the mannerisms of a japanese person so the more he thought about it the more it made sense to him. People there were much more polite than people in America, they were genuinely nicer. The tattoo artist was surprised when he heard Dante speaking perfect japanese. He looked across to the seat in front of him, his eyes steadily examining the two people who raised him. His father, in a few short weeks, had gone from thick black hair, to salt and pepper. His face was now sprinkled with wrinkles that betrayed his actual age. The man was in his early 40’s, but there were now permanent creases in his forehead, as well as wrinkles around the corners of his mouth. One might guess that they were laugh lines, but the sad reality was that they were caused from constant grimaces.

His mom on the other hand, somehow kept her beauty. She looked almost as young as the day she went and adopted her “Angel.” Her hair still fell down her shoulders with a graceful elegance. Her face was flawless, as there was not a hint of worry on around her. As a matter of fact, the more he looked at her, the more he felt at ease. It was almost as if there was an aura of calming around her. The scenery whizzed by as they approached their destination. A burning sensation was starting to fill his eyes, taking this as a warning from his body he allowed them to shut and was whisked away into a dream that he had constantly been blessed with. Not knowing that upon awaking, his life would never be the same.

Present Day

Dante has little understanding of the DEPTH-Com. All he knows is over the past few months he’s become a rather useful asset, for a gang known as the fishers. He never thought his life would turn out like this, it was as if he was thrown into a movie. Here he was in the middle of a turf war, doing what he could so that he and his parents could get by. He made a few friends at the dock, they called him casper. Apparently a little kid had a read a book, and his eyes had reminded him of the ghost. Dante didn’t mind though, as he had preferred it over being called Cloud back in the states. Apparently his last name meant cloud in japanese, which he knew but never drew the connection to looking like him. Cloud was a character in a game that he had never played, he wasn’t a gamer, and he didn’t really partake in the anime/manga part of the japanese culture. He didn’t like it. He preferred being social, but those were all thoughts of the past now. His new life left no room for being social.

He was an Angler. It was his job. He was proud of it. His task was to cause chaos and general uproar. He got to make himself different disguises, he got to do things he never thought he would get away with, he got to cause TROUBLE. He hated to admit it, but he had loved his new lifestyle. He was always bored at school but it was so expected of society for him to go that he never thought of life without it. He had no idea that there was this side to him. Some days he got to relax, other days he got to attend meetings, and at least once a week he was doing something to piss soldiers off. When it came down to it, that was the only reason he did the things he did. For fun. He hadn’t cared for exactly what the fights were about. He couldn’t.

When he had arrived at the Slums he was greeted by his grandpa, who he had only met once and loved him ever since. His grandpa was tall, muscular, 60 year old man. With a hearty smile, scars and a long white beard. He was way too strong for his age, and Dante respected him for that. His grandfather was one of the best Skinners in his opinions, regardless of his age. Standing at a huge 6’1, he always found himself looking up to him in more ways than one. His grandfather had a strong dislike for both spirits and the militia. Being as such, he takes great pleasure in being a skinner. he never understood why his grandpa hated the idea of spirits, he could guess why he hated the militia though. Everyone hated the militia. The only reason Dante didn’t follow his grandfathers hatred for the Sympathizers, would be his mother.

Dante’s mother had secretly loved the sympathizers. She told this to no one but Dante. She still loved her husband with all of her heart, so she wouldn’t cause a problem in the marriage to something that wasn’t all too important to her. He had always did his best for her, and he hadn’t changed his ways yet. So she confided in Dante, about the night of the car crash. How an “angel” descended from the sky, and saved her from the wreckage. What really stuck with him was, “If I didn’t trust the spirits... you wouldn’t be here.” Those were the words that plunged through his heart like a knife with a double serrated edge. He suddenly felt as if he owed the spirits. A great confusion followed soon after, it was as if he betrayed his grandfather.

After a few weeks the thoughts went away, and his grandfather took him to get his ear pierced. “You look too soft boy. This should give you a bit more of an edge. Hohoho...” his grandfather bellowed, Dante thought it made him look more feminine. But he couldn’t give up the chance to spend time with his grandfather.

His father had become more of a civilian. Much to his grandfathers Chagrin, his father was quite fragile. He stayed in the background doing menial things, and helped strategize when it came to meetings. Otherwise, he was not of much use, as he didn’t like to fight, and he couldn’t swim. Dante wondered how his grandfather and father differed so much, his grandfather simply stated that Saichi took after his mom's side of the family. They were all book smart, and it was rare to see someone from that line being athletic. Dante’s mom had started something of a small daycare. But she never charged anyone, she enjoyed watching/feeding the kids with what little they had. The community saw this and decided to pitch in to at least help with the food. Thanks to this Dante has become friends with a number of children on the dock. He didn’t mind kids, he certainly didn’t like them, but they had their moments, so he couldn’t hate them.

To this day Dante is an angler, keeping the militia on its toes. His wish, however, is to ultimately squash the militia. He’s constantly training doing 10 push ups a day and 100 crunches, but it hasn’t made him any stronger. With the way that he is he can’t do anything ground breaking within the Fishers alliance, but one day he hopes to change that. His only question, is how.


Dante Rinslet Kumo Image5626-1

» Human Capacities: The Fishers Background: You're able to swim and hide in harbours and in the water due to your knowledge of how the docks and such are made.

Angler: He's an angler fisher, not only you know how to do the technique of fishing and know how to drive a boat, you are frequently asked to join an ambush party to stop their primary threat, the Minatumi Militia in defense of the dockyard of the slums. He has the ability to lure people into clever traps and ambushes can make a big difference between being massacred or being the one massacring the enemies. His lure can distract the enemy for a while, creating crowd control. (Dante can not see spirits as of yet)

» Equipment/Weapons: None as of yet.

Dante Rinslet Kumo Image4380-1

See Skill Sheet for More Information

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


Dante Rinslet Kumo Image4379-1

» Roleplay Sample: (Please create a sample of how you role play in this section by either creating a RP sample with this character OR pasting something you have written in the past. If you have already made an accepted character, you need not go through this)

Dante Rinslet Kumo Moz-screenshot-26Dante Rinslet Kumo 27626-boneschainsdantedevil_may_crygunmonochromeshort_hairtattoovirus-ac74_artist

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