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Devil Peak Moutain

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The Demon God's City

The Demon God's City is a massive formation of land that floats high above the skies of Devil Peak Mountain. Unlike most of Demon World, The Demon God's City has an intense barrier will burn, attack, poison, smother, erase or otherwise figure out all types of means to kill intruders trying to enter it. Not only that, but any attack it suffers will directly be fed into demon world and will be sent somewhere else or to enhancement the powers of other demon's briefly within it. Additionally, the magical misma within The Demon God's City is triple that what it is outside. So, if you are not incredibly strong, are apart of Shadow Fall or invited to the Demon God's city; chances are you will not be getting past it's gates.

However, for those who are, you will enter a massive city that seems to be on par with The Moon in terms of technology. There are many futuristic buildings in a white and black color scheme, some streets are paved in silver, there are many royal demon's roaming about without a care in the world and, despite where you are it, it seems like a high-class yet relaxed place. Something totally unexpected for The Demon God's City.

And, within this capital, there is the nerve center of Demon World's Special Forces; Shadow Fall. That in itself has it's own pair of gates going in a full 360 direction and it's own sub-city that only those whom have access to it get to see or access.
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Shadow Fall's Village

If you are allowed pass The Shadow Fall's gates, you will enter a large forest setting with many white clouds spreading throughout the area, lots of lush forest land and many different rock-like areas. However, upon further inspection, you will also notice an assortment of various different modern facilities, futuristic buildings and some ancient temples here and there scattered through out Shadow Fall's Village. Along with that, there are Arrancar's, Demon's and Hollow's constantly coming in and out of here via a large factory in which there is a series of various and mass produced portals leading from different worlds and realms for Shadow Fall's members to report in and to from.

Apart from that, unlike other orgs, most Shadow Org members usely rule amongst themselves or Circle members. It's like a law of the jungle if you are not a high-commanding authority member. Some other Circle Leaders have even been known to give demon's in other sectors orders unknown to that sector's leading person. So, one would be wise to take it somewhat careful around Shadow Fall's base despite it's calming area.
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Devil Peak Moutain Empty
Devil Peak Moutain is a massive mountain that expands for hundreds of miles throughout Demon World. At the top part of it live very high class, royal or rare demon's whom were able to brave the elements below and around it to call it there home. It is said that one of The Demon Queen's luxury centers is located here. Therefore, with beings like this occupying the top, it is actually such a highly dangerous and deadly place to be despite the simply jaw dropping scenery.

This mountain is protected by active members of the merged union between The Arrancar and The Demon's called Shadow Fall. Some members of this group take it upon themselves to guard the mountain as there is actually hidden secrets within it. To what extent? No one really knows. But even without that fact, the high class of royalty taking place here would be more then enough justification. In any case, they all take refuge on five surrounding islands that hover around the mountain like planets. Two of them belong to Arrancar primarily, two of them belong to Demon's only and the largest one is The Demon King's city which now allows Arrancar's and Hollow's alike to access it. Within it also lays the new base of operations where Asheli, Abaddon and Mana together with their Archdukes gather.

Apart from the beefed security, the lower you go into the mountain towards the middle section of the mountain, the more town centers and various villages you run into that go a full 360 around all of the mountain in a ring shape. There many living areas, dozens of towns, and large city areas that resemble a mixture between a Japanese-Edo type setting, a modern day city and a futuristic landscape in one place with it's various Edo-Style buildings, brick and pavement roads, various sky scarpers, some modern technology and things of this nature.

Lastly, once you reach the lower section of this mountain, you will run into a more run down version of the middle part of Devil Peak Mountain that is heavily covered in Bamboo and trees. Once you enter this part, you oddly enough reach a less dangerous part then you might think. Yes, there are criminals, murders, psychos and everything else within this part of the forest; but for any typical demon, this is pretty much child play as there are rarely any strong demon's when you compare the threat level to the mountain. Along with that, there are even some people that choose to protect the lower lands in order to make it a somewhat livable place; so over the years, crime has even went down when compared to the royal sections.
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